Sassy Faith: Walking in Platinum Faith with Michelle Medlock Adams
Michelle Medlock Adams: Sassy Faith on CathyKrafve.comPlatinum Faith Co-Author, Michelle Medlock Adams wowed me with her sassy attitude about faith!

Who ever heard of sassy faith?! Yet, talking with Michelle Medlock Adams sure put some sassy faith spring in my step. Sign me up for more of this sassy faith Michelle talks about!

With joyful energy, Michelle offers insight for how to be victorious, even on days when we all feel like a hot mess. An award-winning journalist and best-selling author, she joined me recently to talk about putting the sassy in our faith as we pursue Platinum Faith. If you’re a mommy or grandmom, you’ll especially love what she said about spending time with youngsters!

To hear more of her story including how to keep praying for grandson Bear and his family, click here or go to Fireside Talk Radio.

#1 Start Your Day with the One who Loves You

First thing in the morning, she recommends a simple act of faith.

“I don’t mean you have to go in your prayer closet. Although, you probably will want to hide in your closet sometimes just to get some privacy! I don’t think I went to the bathroom by myself for like ten years,” laughs Michelle.

When your feet hit the floor, begin your morning with a prayerful thank you to God, according to Michelle. By committing our day to God first, we invite him to line up our steps according to his plan for our day. (Personally, I think this approach helps me be a little more chill when unexpected stuff happens, as it frequently does at my house!)

“It seems like when you acknowledge the Holy Spirit—acknowledge the Lord—first thing in the morning as a mom, the whole day goes smoother,” Michelle says.

#2 Enjoy the Little Moments 

Even as a proponent of sassy faith, she still understands the pressure modern moms face. Laughing, she shares about a recent lunch with her own grown daughter. (With over 90 books, to find more from Michelle, click here.)

“I forgot my phone and you’d have thought I forgot my arm!” recalls Michelle, who recommends turning off phones—no matter the age of your children! 

Then, she offered a tender incentive especially for young mommies. “When you’re with your children, be present,” she says. “When they’re little they say the cutest things. So, don’t miss those days.” 

# 3 Speak God’s Word Over Them

Weaving in promises memorized from the Scriptures as we talked together, Michelle epitomizes the sassy faith she espouses. Boldly proclaim God’s word over every aspect of her family and life, she says. Michelle emphasizes the importance of encouraging our children and grandchildren in the Lord every single day.

“Things are not always butterflies and sunshine and bluebirds on your shoulder. We all have those days,” says Michelle. She has favorite prayers she’s drawn from Scripture. “I begin to say those promises that are all of ours.” (Michele shared so much more than I could include here. Find our fun interviews by clicking here.)

Sassy Faith

“No one likes to wait. But, there’s no such thing as drive-through faith. I’ve found out over the years his timing is rarely my timing. There’s always a waiting time,” says Michelle. 

“That’s when you have to put on those sassy faith britches and just stand and know God is working,” she says, quoting Ephesians 6:13. “I’m telling you, that’s the only kind of faith to have!”

“My SUV must be the most sanctified SUV in Indiana! People think I’m talking on my phone, but I’m talking to God,” laughs Michelle. “When I finish one of those sessions and get out of my SUV, I tell you I’m a different person!”

To hear Michelle talk about how God unfolded her book writing success, click on our podcast. For more from Michelle about growing your own sasy, platinum faith, click here.

My personal thanks to Michelle for the interview. She truly blessed me with her timely words on faith, words I personally need to hear. I hope you will listen in, too, dear friend. 

In the midst of busy holiday preparations, may God bless you with quiet moment with HIM, the only Holy One!

May we pray together?

Dear Father in heaven, Oh how we love you! You are the one who draws us to sit and be still in your presence. Our hearts seek you. Often we find you in a thousand small daily unfolding miracles, if only we just pay attention to you! Have mercy on us and teach us to look to you. Help us trust you with a faith that sparkles and withstands pressure. Give us resolve to stand against our enemy, the deceiver. Teach us to love truth and speak it over all those we love in our families and communities. As families come together over the holidays, give us your grace and joy. Fill us to overflowing with your Spirit. Teach us to love. In Jesus’s name. Amen.

For Christmas Giving: Books! Yay!!

I promised to share my favorite books for Christmas giving this month along the way. So, here’s a few favorites to make your shopping easier! (Nobody pays me for recommendations, these are just some of the ones under my tree this year.)

For Kids: 

Dinosaur Devotions made it into my grandkiddos’ stockings. Filled with dinosaur facts and fun pictures, older kids will love it for independent study. It’s also a perfect way to share the marvel of God’s creation with toddlers. Written with her dinosaur-loving daughter in mind, Michelle calls this book “a project of the heart.” Pet lovers might also enjoy The Little Angel gets a Big Job, with proceeds benefiting the White River Humane Society in Lawrence County, Indiana. In a wonderful application of art and community, there’s I Love You the Mostest, proceeds benefiting Riboflavin Transporter Deficiency Type2 (RTD).  

For History Lovers and Men Who Love Battle Stories:

Don’t miss Danny Sessums’s new 2-volume set of fabulous first-source A Force to Be Reckoned With. With a few clicks you can download Danny’s own personal stories and wisdom on Fireside Talk Radio to include in your gift to a history-loving friend!

For Gals:

For an inspiring devotion, Michelle and Bethany’s book, Platinum Faith: Live Brilliant, Be Resilient, & Know Your Worth. I connected with Michelle through our mutual friends at Elk Lake Publishing. (For more positive insight from other Elk Lake authors, click here.)

Don’t forget to look for historic novels from Sandra Melville Hart. For more, click here to find the interview we did together or her mom’s pumpkin pie recipe. You can download our interview and include it as a personal touch to your gift of any of her entertaining historical fiction.

Next up, I’m highlighting some dear author friends who write historical fiction and hallmark-friendly romance novels. Over the holidays, my Christmas gift to myself is to snuggle in with hot chocolate and a just-for-fun book. Stay tuned for some of my top picks in the coming weeks. (For more fiction and nonfiction from our friends at CrossRiver Mediaclick here.)

We LOVE to hear from YOU!

What prayers are you praying over your children and grandchildren? When you draw near to the Lord, how does that look? What best communicates God’s love to you today?


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