Don’t Give Up! Encouragement for Leaders with Pastor James Dill
James and Linda Dill smile together as Pastor James recounts touching stories about shepherding others and finding the right mentor.Pastor James Dill with his beloved wife and champion, Linda. Yep,we really love these two!!

Don’t give up! That’s the advice James Dill enthusiastically gives to lay leaders, pastors and their families. Founder of Shepherd’s Heart, Pastor James and his wife, Linda, began ministry in the 1970s. He shared one story after another with me in a recent interview for Fireside Talk Radio.

He shares about a small, but beloved church, where they served. No growth. No new interest in Jesus Christ. Weary with struggling, he reached his wit’s end. One afternoon, he walked into the tiny sanctuary and looked out an open window.  

“I just began to cry. Very seldom do I get emotional like that,” he recalls. “But the Lord spoke to me gently and told me an exact direction. He shared with me exactly what I needed to do to correct the things that were going wrong with my church and myself.”

Don’t Give Up

Within a year, God blessed the little church and it began to grow quickly. Soon they went from 125 in attendance on Sundays (and nobody accepting Christ) to 1300 in attendance. Each Sunday was a joy-filled celebration as people experienced salvation at the alter of the vibrant, growing congregation.

With so many years of ministry, Pastor James understands the pressure pastors and their families can face. In fact, all families face pressures! (If your family is in need of wisdom and help for your aging parent, click here.)

To all those who work in light of a calling, he says, “Don’t give up!” He sees the interwoven connection between churches and leaders who serve in nonprofits. Healthy leadership in church means healthier communities.

“Probably the highlight (in any calling) is the intervention of Jesus Christ, the Son of God in the times of crisis. It (the Bible) says, ‘In the times of trouble, God will hide us in his pavilion.’ 

He said, ‘Come unto me all ye that labor and I will give you rest.’ That’s applicable not only to the pastors, but it is applicable to every one that is a born again child of God.

As we talked, James shared amazing stories, like living in the Sunday school classrooms with his family. You’ll love what he says about his sweet and amazing wife! For more of his stories, click here.

We LOVE to hear from YOU!

When have you felt like giving up? How do you say, Don’t give up to other leaders? What encouragement really hits the spot for you?

For Christmas Giving: Books! Yay!!

Since I promised to share, here are some of my favorite books for Christmas giving. With delight, I sincerely hope this makes your shopping easier! (Nobody pays me for recommendations, these are just some of the ones under my tree this year.)

For Kids: 

Want to share the marvel of God’s creation with your grands? Dinosaur Devotions made it into my grandkiddos’ stockings. Filled with dinosaur facts and fun pictures, older kids will love it for independent study. Written with her dinosaur-loving daughter in mind, Michelle Medlock Adams calls this book “a project of the heart.” To add our interview with Michelle to any of your gift books, click here.

For History Lovers and Men Who Love Battle Stories:

Now don’t miss Danny Sessums’s new 2-volume set of fabulous first-source A Force to Be Reckoned With. Also, Dann’s books make a great gift for research-loving writers. With a few clicks you can download Danny’s own personal stories and wisdom on Fireside Talk Radio to include in your gift to a history-loving friend!

For Gals:

For an inspiring devotion, Michelle and Bethany’s book, Platinum Faith: Live Brilliant, Be Resilient, & Know Your Worth. Happily for me, Michelle and I connected through our mutual friends at Elk Lake Publishing. (For more positive insight from other Elk Lake authors, click here.)

Also, remember to look for historic novels from Sandra Melville Hart. For more, click here to find the interview we did together or her mom’s pumpkin pie recipe. As a personal touch to your gift, you can download our interview and include it with any of her entertaining historical fiction.

For more about Catherine’s hallmark-friendly romance books or to discover more fiction and nonfiction from our friends at CrossRiver Mediaclick here.

I’m wishing you a cuddly Christmas with those you love and a good book!

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