Our Children’s Reading List: To Censor or Not to Censor

Our children’s reading list: when should we censor? When should we NOT censor our children’s reading list? As an educator, an avid reader, and a mommy to two kiddos, Anna Krafve Pierce challenged me to think deeper about how parents decide what their kids get to read or watch.

Anna and I spent a happy afternoon with two beautiful friends recently trying to create ideas for book covers. (More on that below.) Cynthia and Alex, what a blessing you both are!
In case you missed our conversation, I’m making it easy for you to click above to listen in or click here to find more podcasts from sweet Anna.

Scandalous to Christians

Personally, I wanted the big books influencing our culture on my children’s reading list. Hold the big books, read them, and examine them for yourselves. That was my message to my kids.

Anna and I agree often. But not always. My mom used to say, “We taught our kids to think for themselves and were surprised when they didn’t agree with us.”

Trust Your Parental Gut

When I put Anna on the spot to find out if she agreed with me about censorship, lo and behold, she did not. What Mom asks her daughter spontaneously on air if she agrees with her parenting! (To receive our free weekly interviews about companionship and authentic conversation, click here.)

“It’s tricky,” she responded. (Don’t ya love how she gave me a gentle clue she was about to offer me correction! For more on starting tough conversations, click here.

“I censored my kids’ books for the first time recently,” she explained. “I would not want to expose my kids to something on purpose that would tempt them.” She read a ton herself. But she says stories from adults who are open about their life struggles causes her to be alert with her own kids.

Our Children’s Reading List: Censor With Understanding

Parents need to trust their gut when it feels like a book might be wrong for their child, according to Anna. Each child has different frailties and tolerances.

“Each child’s heart is different. If you notice your child worrying about a story, it’s time to rethink the book’s message.” For instance, with toddlers Anna suggests paying close attention to stories about ghosts or fairies. Yuo can find more of her perspective about if and when (and how) to censor your child's book selections, by listening in on our conversation. Anna and I both love books. Don't miss this delightful educator's practical encouragement!

Coming Soon: Beauty Beyond Bones

I confess, Beauty Beyond Bones’ Caralyn used the word, prudent, when I interviewed her. I’ve been obsessing about the word ever since. If you’ve missed her amazing blog BeautyBeyondBones, you’re in for a treat. Caralyn began her blog to document her battle with the eating disorder, anorexia. 

Chain-breaker? Freedom fighter? You are going to love this champion as much as I do. Watch for her wonderful, victorious wisdom right here soon. I can’t wait to share Caralyn insight with you, dear reader. Don’t you just love the way reading brings us together!

Book Cover Preview! Yay! Double Yay!

A young couple is engaged in an intimate conversation.

Next, we want to send a big shout out to the amazing Derinda Babcock. Thank you, Derinda, for creating a beautiful cover for our first Camp Krafve book. 

In The Well, The Art of Drawing Out Authentic Conversations we share over 40 principles Jesus exemplified in his community-changing conversation with a lone woman. The book comes out in March. I can hardly wait!

To see my very own author page on Elk Lake’s author list, click here. There, I mention Janet McHenry, Martha Hook,  John Trent and Josh McDowell, to name a few of the influential authors in my life.

Thank you, Derinda, for all your hard work and creativity! To find the books this accomplished artist and author has written herself, click here. For more from Elk Lake Publishing, click here.

The Adventure of Reading

Every book is a world of adventure. Sparking your child’s imagination to love books is a treat you don’t want to miss. (To sign up for our weekly blogs chalk full of creative ideas, click here.)

Does your child resist reading for fun? Is reading a chore? For more about people we love who learned read for fun late in life, click on our conversation embedded above. (To find all our podcasts, click here.)

Reading is an excellent way to travel the globe and imagine a better world, especially when reading with kiddos we love.

May we pray together!

Father, you granted us an amazing capacity to communicate. Books give us one way to share ideas. When we pray, we converse with you. Because you love companionship with us, you designed us for community. You surround us with talented and faithful people. You know our frailties and love us unconditionally with joy. All this happens because of your divine and sacrificial love. We praise you. Help us know the best, brightest ideas to pass on to the next generation. Bless us now because that is your heart’s desire. In Jesus’s name. Amen.

We LOVE to hear from you!

Do you let your kids read the books typically censored by other Christians? Do you let them read the dumbed down, funny stuff that passes as children’s literature? (Is that a loaded question or what? Feel free to disagree with me. My kids do it all the time!) What about abridged versions of the classics, how do you share the classics with your kids and grands?

Cathy Krafve, Columnist, Speaker, Blogger, Podcaster, and Christian Writer, invites your stories, ideas, and questions at CathyKrafve.com. Truth with a Texas Twang.

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