Highroad to Humanity Podcasts

Tuesday 15th of January 2019
Lynn B Robinson enlightens us with her weath of experience and knowledge of life after deatth. She teaches us how to communicate with our loved ones after they have passed on. In Lynns New Book:To The End And On," A Guide to the Impossibly Possible" she tells wonderful stories of communication with the afterlife that will make you believe.The book also guides people who have dyeing loved ones and what signs to look for when someone is dyeing that they are communicating with the other side.
Sunday 6th of January 2019
This weeks true story- Don't Froget to Ask. Nancy's guest this week is Les Jensen. He tells his own story of how he came to a place of love. His New Book is Titled: Forgiven Sinner, God's Last Savior. It is an eye opener to finding the light inside of us all. Thanks for coming on the show Les. Visit my website to www.NancyYearout.com to sign up for intuitive coaching with me and watch cool videos full of good infromation. thanks for tuning in to my show, High Road to Humanity.