When a Loved Ones Spirit Departs Can We Still Connect?

Welcome Lynn B. Robinson to the High Road this week with her New Book; Loving TO The End... and On. No doubt many would think it strange that a professor emerita-after a distinguished career in marketing and international business at the University of South Alabama, including running her own successful management consulting firm-would now devote her life to, among many other interests, death. She certainly wasn't ready for it herself, but the time had come to overcome her surprise and trepidation at "receiving" messages from family, friends, and strangers who were no longer alive in physical bodies. Embracing the probability that she really does connect in some way to those who no longer inhabit physical bodies, she wrote her first book: Coming Out of Your Psychic Closet: How to Unlock Your Naturally Intuitive Self. Lynn was overjoyed by the response. Many readers shared the ways intuition had guided their careers, while others remarked on how it had helped them find their life partners. Lynn's book confirmed what she already knew had to be a compelling case for the value of intuition in our lives. Even more, the responses expanded her awareness of the power of, and the hunger for, continuing love with those who "die," who leave their physical bodies. When Lynn became involved with the IANDS organization (International Association for Near Death Studies, near the Duke University campus), she recognized her relationship to those seeking understanding and validation, although not an experiencer herself. The stories of love in and out of body can challenge or validate, depending on one's point of view or experience. She soon established a local group of IANDS in her own community and continues to facilitate monthly meetings to encourage others to find or establish ways to learn from and interact with people who are curious and willing to examine possibilities. As Lynn matured and experienced the deaths of family and friends, quite naturally she had more and more personal experiences of existence beyond death. She became a hospice volunteer. She observed ways that the dying process was made joyful for families and ways it was not. She shared these observations with others who had a similar interest, one being a dean of nursing at a nearby university. Their friendship ultimately led to Lynn's wish to help others have positive end-of-life experiences. And especially, it led to Lynn's emphasis on love: never-ending, available, and enriching. Lynn is able to inspire and to entertain with a combination of affectionate, personal stories and selected research about death and dying. In this, her second book, she encourages you to remember your own stories and coaches you in ways to improve those yet to come. Mostly, as she has always done, she wants you to recognize and seize your chances to love audaciously now and let what is to come play itself out. Sometimes, she says, you'll need to extend, to do differently, or, for a moment, put aside your disbelief. Lynn also encourages everyone to share personal examples of what may seem "impossibly possibe.


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