Love Has No Rules


Love Has No Rules


                "Love." What a word. Eskimos, it is said, distinguish two hundred different kinds of snow, each with its own name. Perhaps we can take a cue from them and cash in on our word love, replacing it with dozens of more specific concepts. It would baffle us, inspire us, give us sleepless nights, but at least we might be able to communicate with each other more clearly about the love we feel in our hearts for one another.

As we travel our path in life there is one thing that becomes quite clear, we are all searching for happiness and a sense of fulfillment within ourselves.  Many people are searching for the answer to fill the void, the emptiness inside of themselves. The treasure they are all looking for is within their heart and soul. The greatest gift we have been given is the present of love!  Love is what truly fulfills us and is everlasting and remains forever true.  Many of us try to fill ourselves up with material things or status but are not able to fill this void. The reason is that the true secret to happiness is not material items, money or fame, its love, true love with no conditions.

 Love often finds us when we are at a time in our life when we need it the most. It happens when you least expect it to. Love comes to you when you are putting out that love vibration. This is when your perfect match shows up.  A frequency that is unique only to you and that special person here on earth. You may meet the man or woman of your dreams at the local coffee shop or at the grocery store or maybe the park or on eHarmony for that matter. When true love does find us, it catches us off guard, bites us and infects us with the love bug.

            This has been the case throughout history. There are numerous stories of people who have been fortunate to find unconditional love in their life.  When making this discovery their lives are forever changed. Some express this magnificent feeling with a poem or a song. Some shout it out loud from the rooftops and tell the world when they experience the love vibration within their heart for the first time.   

How is it that we do find each other? I believe that we are attracted to each other by our soul's vibration. The love vibration is felt throughout the universe and you are a part of it too. You put out a specific vibration and attract that matching vibration back to yourself.

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I feel blessed to do the work that I love, as an intuitive life coach, author, inspirational speaker and radio host. My spiritual work has enabled me to help many people to live the life they desire! This work has brought me great joy and inspired me to do even more!

My faith in the Lord is what motivates me to be a messenger to others. I have learned many things thus far in my lifetime and would like to share this knowledge with you!

 I feel that it is very important that I share my spiritual findings with you because I realize that if I had been given this wisdom in my early days different choices may have been made as a result. Although every day is a learning experience my hope is that on High Road to Humanity (Podcast) and in my Magazine articles, Books and Videos, I can share some of those life changing secrets with you. The goal is for this wisdom to flourish to those who want to get on that High Road a little bit quicker and enjoy a much smoother ride!

Throughout the years my spiritual education has grown. My formal training has come through many invaluable religious and spiritual teachers, in New Mexico, Michigan, California and Mexico and real-life experiences!

My intuitive abilities through mediation and prayer have enhanced my gifts. My schooling encompasses hands on energy healing with an Aztec healer from Mexico as well as intuitive coaching and public speaking.

I am the Owner and Qualifying Broker of The Harville Estates Real Estate & Development LLC, Owner of Energy Girl Publishing LLC., and author of, Wake Up! The Universe Is Speaking to You, featured monthly article in The Eden Magazine. I host a weekly Podcast High Road to Humanity every Wednesday where my guests share their wisdom.

I am happily married to the love of my life. We are blessed with two wonderful daughters and three fabulous grand children who keep us both young.

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  • Owner and Qualifying Broker of The Harville Estates Real Estate & Development LLC
  • Owner of Energy Girl Publishing LLC. 
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Througout the years I have enhanced my own my intuitve abiblites through meditation and prayer, and faith in God thus obtaining many invaluable tools for life. The tibetan monks have influenced my teachings greatly as had Billy Graham and Edgar Cacey and Louise Hay. My gifts include intutive card readings, Intuitive Life Coaching and speaking my wisdom to help others. May the Lord bless you and keep you always.