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Friday 22nd of September 2017
Craig von Buseck shares Harry S. Truman's role in the rebirth of Israel. INSP TV
Friday 15th of September 2017
What happens when you've lost everything? Guest, Darlene Franklin, shares how she lost her independence, her agent, and her publishing company when she moved into a nursing home only to become more successful afterward.
Friday 8th of September 2017
Lit Up host, Angela Breidenbach, visits with expert, Jane S. Daly, on the success of aging authors
Friday 1st of September 2017
How can authors get books into retail stores? Today on Lit Up, Angela Breidenbach interviews Kirk Blank president of the Munce Group and the MTL Magazine about retailing, books, the Christian Product Expo events, and what the Munce Group does with authors and retailers.
Friday 25th of August 2017
Lit Up #talkradio host, Angela Breidenbach, interviews April McGowan on how to write real life into your book. How to write personal, family, and friends experiences into fiction or non-fiction and keep your relationships. Also on iTunes.
Friday 18th of August 2017
Angela Breidenbach interviews Lauralee Bliss on Lit Up #talkradio about adding adventure to your story through on the spot research. How to research for fiction or non-fiction, and hiking the Appalachian Trail and riding the Trail of the Hiawatha as research for their novellas in the Second Chance Brides Collection from Barbour Books.
Friday 11th of August 2017
Lit Up host, Angela Breidenbach, visits with guest, Becky Harling, about how to talk so people listen. Smart communication tools for business and personal use.
Friday 4th of August 2017
Lit Up with Angela Breidenbach visits with Andrea Boeshaar about overcoming the fear of failure.
Friday 28th of July 2017
What is IngramSpark? How do I use IngramSpark? What do I need to know to sell more books on IngramSpark? Indie publishing on IngramSpark
Friday 21st of July 2017
The 10 Commandments of Screenwriting with Lit Up! guest, Brian Bird.During his 30-year career in Hollywood, Brian Bird’s writing and producing work comprises -dozen films and 250 episodes of network television. He is founding partner with Michael Landon Jr. of Believe Pictures, most recently responsible for five seasons of the hit Hallmark Channel original TV series When Calls the Heart, along with cultivating the birth and growth of an ardent fan movement for the show – The Hearties.
Friday 14th of July 2017
Learn how to write novellas with Lit Up guest, Debby Lee.
Friday 7th of July 2017
Kathleen Freeman visits Lit Up with Angela Breidenbach to discuss how to bring setting and animals to life in stories.
Friday 30th of June 2017
Lit Up! guest Diana Lesire Brandmeyer discusses her journey from traditional to hybrid author with host, Angela Breidenbach. Diana's expertise in AMS ads gets shared.
Friday 23rd of June 2017
Angela Breidenbach interviews new author Mary A. Mills to help answer her questions on building a platform, getting an agent, and publisher as well as the option of going indie. Also on iTunes
Friday 16th of June 2017
Angela Breidenbach of Lit Up interviews Susan Thomas, founder of The Dramatic Pen Press and prolific author of interactive mystery party games and biblical fiction. Awesome copyright tips for those wanting to publish. Amazing intergenerational ideas for parties, events, and fundraisers for your group.
Friday 9th of June 2017
Angela Breidenbach interviews guest Jenna Victoria on Lit Up. Writing and having a voice while battling cancer.
Friday 2nd of June 2017
Guests: Virginia Smith, Sherry Kyle
Friday 26th of May 2017
Guest: Mark Leslie Lefvre of Kobo and
Friday 19th of May 2017
Angela Breidenbach, host of Lit Up, interviews Janet Perez Eckles, bi-lingual (Spanish and English) author and speaker. We discuss her book, Simply Salsa: Dancing at God's Fiesta, how she survived multiple tragedies of blindness and marital infidelity and the murder of her son, and Janet's favorite writing tools for efficiency and a professional work environment. Also on iTunes. Find out more about Janet Perez Eckles, her books, and her speaking at: Find out more about host, Angela Breidenbach, and her books at:
Friday 12th of May 2017
Guest Jennifer Vander Klipp Show Notes: Angela Breidenbach of Lit Up! talk radio discusses the elements of professional editing with author, Pencildancer, and professional editor, Jennifer Vander Klipp. Learn about Jennifer's latest novel, Protective Custody. Also on iTunes. Find more about Jennifer's editing business: Tandem Services, Publishing Services and Creative Projects Management Discover more about Angela Breidenbach, and her books, at
Friday 5th of May 2017
Liz Tolsma, Using Scrivener to write Angela Breidenbach, bestselling author, interviews Liz Tolsma about her latest book, Matchmaker Brides, and how she uses Scrivener as a tool to speed up and organize her writing process. Also on iTunes. Liz Tolsma's books: Matchmaker Brides Rails to Love Second Chance Brides, Aug 2017 Learn more about host, Angela Breidenbach, and her books:
Friday 28th of April 2017
Angela Breidenbach of Lit Up! talks with Dr. Ted Baehr about writing for Hollywood and JD DeWitt about Connecting Writers with Hollywood. Also on iTunes. Find out more about Dr. Baehr: Find out more about JD DeWitt: Find out more about Angela: