Military Mom Talk Radio Welcomes Fuzzy Manning of PTS Alternative Therapy

Military Mom Talk Radio hosted by Sandra Beck and Robin Boyd, and produced by Rick Swanson, welcomes Fuzzy Manning a provider of PTS Alternative Therapy.

Fuzzy Manning is an:

  • International speaker & Clinician on PTS Alternative Therapy
  • Navy veteran who served during Vietnam
  • Medical Intuitive and Urban Shaman with over 30 years experience
  • Studied & practiced Ayurvedic, Chinese, and Aboriginal Medicine for over 30 years
  • Energy & Integrative Medicine that I learned in 28 countries over 35 years
  • Shiatsu Master for over 30 years
  • BS degree in Education & Psychology

  • Post Traumatic Stress (PTS):

 Crosses all education, social economic, & cultural barriers
 Infects & erodes personal lives & lives of families
 Devastates communities as well as nations
 Creates an emotionally charged hell for veterans & families
 Tears families apart caring for invisible wounds of loved ones
PTS Treatment:

  • Provides 12,000 year old alternative therapies
  • Treats veterans & their families as one unit
  • Answers questions & offers individualized solutions
  • Offers a Story Corner & Veteran's Corner
  • Collaborates with other Veteran Resources

Fuzzy Manning Can Be reached at:

phone: 313-882-6827
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