Military Mom Talk Radio welcomes Michael Russer of Live Outrageously, Chris Kerney of Military Vet Jobs, and Author Nancy B. Kennedy

Michael J. Russer continues his series with Military Mom Talk Radio regarding "Change". 

Michael is an author, coach and speaker for the Live Outrageously movement. He strives to help military families and their friends navigate through change, transition and adjusting to a new normal.

With 40 years of corporate, entrepreneurial and life skills experience, he can shed new light onto one of the most common aspects of military life: change.

Chris Kerney of shares their suite of services that help companies nationwide connect with Military Veterans. acknowledges the value of the technical skill, leadership, and diversity that represent Military Veterans. As a veteran owned organization, we know the unique work experience and qualifications veterans can bring to the workplace. We offer job seekers a community of support and connections to employers seeking qualified, veteran candidates. Our site is free to all members of the military in every branch of the service. Qualified candidates can even sign up using their Facebook logins. We work to connect employers to Military Veterans and their families.

To learn more about our site, please visit

Nancy B. Kennedy worked in newspapers for many years, including a stint as an editor for Dow Jones's pioneering computer news service in the 1980s. As a financial writer, she worked for many newspapers and magazines, including the New York Times and the online Wall Street Journal, and for the financial services firm Merrill Lynch. As an editor she has worked for such well-respected publishing houses as Princeton University Press and Ecco Press.

Nancy is the author of Miracles and Moments of Grace which brings together fifty heartfelt and inspiring first-person stories from our nation's military chaplains.

These faith-filled men and women cherish their role as spiritual advisers to our country's three million active and reserve duty military personnel. Whether fulfilling their military calling in combat situations or in humanitarian missions, deployed or stateside, military chaplains are eyewitnesses to amazing displays of divine intervention, both in small moments of grace and through miracles of breathtaking wonder.

The chaplains' stories come straight from the headlines: Military chaplains were in Beirut when a truck bomb leveled a military barracks in 1983. They were at the bombing of the Khobar Towers complex in Saudi Arabia in 1996. They were in Mosul, Iraq, when a dining tent filled to capacity with soldiers was bombed in 2004. They were at the Pentagon and the Twin Towers during the 9/11 attacks.

In telling these stories from military chaplains-stories that speak of everything from the loneliness of a Christmas spent far from home to the terror of facing an armed homicidal soldier-this book makes it clear: Military chaplains face some of the darkest moments of the human experience and bring the light of faith with them.

You can read more of Nancy's work and reach her through e-mail at her website:

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