Military Mom Talk Radio welcomes Marcella Stretch of PODS, Bob Calvert of Talking With Heroes, and small business advice from Autumn Arnold

Marcella Stretch is the founder of Parents of Deployed Service Members Facebook Support Group also known as PODS. She is a military mom of 2 Veterans and has experienced the deployment of one son in 2009-2010 to Iraq.  As things stand now, she expects to experience another deployment next year to Afghanistan with her other son.

PODS provides support to other Parents going thru the uncertainty of deployment by sharing information that would make their experience a little smoother.   The group is comprised of military parents of deployed service members dealing with first, second or even third deployments. This group was created on Facebook September 26, 2009  and has grown to over 1,200 members.

This group is open to all parents, grandparents, god-parents, step-parents, mothers/fathers-in-law, and surrogate parents of deployed service-members of ALL branches of service.

They not only support our troops by sending them care packages and birthday cards, they are also a strong support to each other.

For more information, Search Parents of Deployed Service-Members on Facebook.

Talking with Heroes is an Online Talk Show Program thatgives military personnel an opportunity to share about the positive work they do worldwide. Guests include leaders from military support and veterans groups, ministries, companies, entertainers and others who support our troops and their families. The program is not about politics.

On Our Eight Trips (five) to Iraq and (three) to Afghanistan our brave men and women talk about what they have been doing do to help the people. In 2010 we were with Ft Benning and Ft Carson Army soldiers, North Dakota National Guard in Kalsu, Garry Owen and Basra, Iraq plus at the US Embassy in Baghdad. We were in Nuristan and Panjshir Provinces in Afghanistan.  

In July and August of 2011 I we went back to Iraq for the fifth time and to Afghanistan for the third time. All of America can WATCH unedited footage of Interviews with our troops, missions we went on, inside an Aid Station, Inside a Soldier run DFAC (dining facility), inside Enduring Faith Chapel in Afghanistan, inside a Chinook and a Blackhawk and more!

Hundreds of Videos in You Tube size episodes are on

These videos are also on a New DVD Book Series which will soon include a unique fund raising program.

Autumn Arnold is a single mom of two small children, and was looking for some serious help.  Plagued with depression, fatigue, heartburn, and high blood pressure, she found a nutrition program that after only two weeks of starting the program, saw a great imporvement in her heartburn and high blood pressure and her energy shot through the roof.  But the best part, she says, is that she has lost 33 pounds and gone from a size 20 to a size 14 and still going.  

As a massage therapist for 10 years, Autumn spent eleven months to plan and open the doors to her own Nutrition Club and has been open for one year six months.  She feels she is changing lives with health and wealth and loving every minute of it!!!


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