Judy Davis, The Direction Diva, and author Judy Brizendine, Stunned By Grief, join Sandra Beck and Robin Boyd on Military Mom Talk Radio, Sept. 29

Known by military spouses around the world as The Direction Diva, Judy Davis is a motivational speaker, lifestyle blogger, military life consultant, co-founder of Living Thru Crisis and author of Right Side Up (A spouses guide for navigating the emotional side of military life).

A military spouse herself, Judy specializes in advocating and supporting the Military community while sharing T.I.P.s (Tools, Information, and Perspective) to help military families become stronger.  Whether it is at a Living Thru Crisis seminar, at a Direction Diva event or in the pages of her new book Right Side Up, Judy’s “One Moment at a Time” philosophy is revolutionary and empowers those she touches with hope and coping strategies to help ease the challenges of the ever changing military lifestyle.

She says, “By focusing on the emotional side of military life rather than the logistics, I help military dependents see that this lifestyle can be an opportunity rather than a burden even in the most difficult circumstances.” No matter if you are a veteran spouse or new to the ranks, Judy can help you find your way.

For more inspiration and to read Judy's blog, visit www.thedirectiondiva.com.

Judy_Brizendine_Guest_Headshot_2055176Judy Brizendine—author, blogger, and speaker—is a woman with a passionate mission that developed through a tragic loss.  The statement, “Out of your deepest pain comes your greatest gift,” describes her experience.

Judy was a military wife for over twenty years.  In 1998, her husband died suddenly on a mountain bike ride, and her grief journey changed her life, perspective, and career.

Because she was painfully unprepared to face grief—just as most of us are—she is committed to easing your struggle to understand and deal with loss.  Her Stunned By Grief book and journal gently guide you through the chaos of grief in a personal, revealing, and practical way.  Readers have discovered a source of sanity, solutions, validation, and life-changing support in Stunned By Grief.

Judy’s goal is to connect with you in such a way that you’ll see you can make it through profound loss and discover a new sense of hope and direction.

For more information about Judy, visit www.stunnedbygrief.com.

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