Sharon Silver of Proactive Parenting and Lisa Detres join Military Mom Talk Radio with Sandra Beck and Robin Boyd, November 3

Sharon Silver of Proactive Parenting and Lisa Detres join Military Mom Talk Radio with Sandra Beck and Robin Boyd, November 3

sharonsilverAfter a long day filled with power struggles, Sharon Silver’s light bulb moment came when she reached out to give her 3 yr. old son a hug and he pulled away from her assuming she was going to spank him. Crushed, she realized she’d turned her beautiful child’s trust in her, into fear of her, and she never spanked again! Then it dawned on her—she had a problem. How was she supposed to make it clear that misbehavior, lack of cooperation and disrespect was not okay?

This problem turned out to be a great gift; it forced her to become a parent educator and find ways to respond to her children instead of reacting to them. Audiences love Sharon’s practical do-able tips and ideas for responding, not reacting, to the daily issues that arise when parenting.

Silver is an educator, author, speaker, and blogger. She blends her 5 certifications in parenting with research-based early childhood development, introspective empowering philosophies, and 29 years of teaching practical parenting skills to help parents focus on raising kids, not just correcting behavior.

Sharon is the author of two books, Stop Reacting and Start Responding and Why is Yelling My Go-To Tool? and contributor to Parents Ask, Experts Answer. Silver’s books are unique in the parenting world because they include a child’s point of view, a crucial component for success.

As the founder of Proactive Parenting, based in San Francisco CA, Sharon has been an online radio and TV host, a weekly blogger for PopSugar, Circle of Moms and Life 360, a guest on The Oprah Winfrey Show, Fox News, and been interviewed by Parenting magazine, CNN Health, as well as countless radio, newspapers and blogs.

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Lisa1RLisa Detres frequents Military Mom Talk Radio with her insight on faith and spirituality.  Lisa is a pastor’s wife, writer, and mother of four children who works as an author in Oregon. Her oldest son, Augustin, is currently serving in the Army.

Lisa grew up in Denver, Colorado and followed her dreams of working in the garment industry to California. It is there where she met her husband, Al and earned a Bachelor’s degree in Fashion Design. She worked in the garment industry for several years and then went into business for herself so she could spend more time with her family. She earned an MBA while caring for her family, running her own business and home schooling three of her children.

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