Boots to Loafers - John Phillips, 21Jul2015

Boots to Loafers:  Finding Your New True North.  

Finding your new place in this crazy world is critically important for personal success and well-being.  We've all heard about the challenges of military transitions, but we think you may not have heard the perspective and no-nonsense guidance of John Phillips.  With little fanfare and great presence, John will discuss the good, the bad, and the ugly - plus the unnecessary - to make the best transition possible for your entire family.

John Phillips is a transition expert, who has put his experience to practical use through his organization Boots to Loafers and the book by the same name.  The three phases of Finding Your New True North are Transition, Transformation, Integration.  He says, "You may experience each of these to different degrees depending on your choices, circumstances, goals, and surrounding environment."  His philosophy is strong:  "Always remember brothers and sisters in arms, never sell yourself short - you know more than you think you do.  Hooah!"

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