Nov 1, Gain the Insider's Edge With a New Image, Margaret Batting

Margaret BattingAfter 15 years spent working for Fortune 500 companies, Margaret Batting felt it was time for a personal change — it was time to do something that combined her passion for fashion, education and well-being with her desire to inspire others to create positive change in their lives.

So in 2008, Margaret launched Elevé, a corporate image consulting business. As a Certified Image Consultant and Reach Personal Brand Strategist, Margaret works with clients to enhance their professional image and personal brand so they can achieve success. Her clients look to her as a communications expert, an image and fashion advisor, wardrobe planner, personal stylist and inspirational motivator.

Margaret recently led an Oprah-goes-corporate-style business makeover with Leading Women of Southern New England, helping to transform the images (and lives) of these Rhode Island business women.

On today’s show you will learn

  • The biggest image mistakes people make that hold them back
  • The most important rules of making a favorable first impression
  • Why your image is your Brand
  • Details that will set you apart                       
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