The Million $ Mindset Quiz, February 7, 2011

The Million Dollar MindsetGot Attitude? What is your personal style; your attitude about life and business and how you project it to the world? How do people respond when you walk into a room? Does your energy portray optimism and hope, doom and gloom, or somewhere in between? Do you see yourself (and your business) as a victim of circumstances or do you shape and mold your business and your attitude into a vessel that will thrive in any storm?

Each time we go out into public we have the opportunity to experience the energy of others and to project our own. There are people we’re drawn to and there are those whose attitude and energy may prompt us to leave the party early. What is it about their beliefs, attitude and actions that create the difference? Why do those with the more positive energy usually exude success?

Although our thoughts and beliefs are internal, they create our external energy as well. We are like magnets, drawn to those who are like-minded and those who demonstrate something in their energy that we aspire to.

So, how can a positive attitude parlay itself into business success? Because, as Buddha said, “As we think, so we become”. Your thoughts dictate much of life’s outcome.

Hopefully, you will see my list of mindset questions as examples of a Million Dollar Mindset. Are you going into 2011 full strength ahead as a success-minded solopreneur? 

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