March 22 M$M Guest, John Giordanno, Author, Speaker

John GiordannoJohn Giordano draws on his own personal experiences as well as his vast academic achievements to pen a tome that only he could. In his popular new book: Proven Holistic Treatment for Addiction and Chronic Relapse, Giordano brings a new level of understanding to – and the treatment of addiction by combining traditional medicine with a holistic approach.


The author is a recovering addict with over 24 years of continuous abstinence from all addictive substances. He is the Executive Director of Clinical Services and a therapist at G & G Holistic Addiction Treatment Center – a 62 bed, JCAHO accredited facility in North Miami Beach – a facility he founded. That said, John relates to his audience in a way that very few people can. His life experiences provided the inspiration for this very important work.


The author first became exposed to eastern medicine as a teenager training for a national Karate Championship bout. He immediately recognized the benefits and continues to study eastern medical philosophies to this day. While recovering from his own addictions, Giordano found that traditional addiction treatment protocols fell short in his case. By adding a holistic component to his traditional addiction treatment program, John found a smoother path to recovery. He has been clean ever sense.  


Mr. Giordano quickly theorized that “if it worked so well for me, why not everyone else?” John introduced his holistic approach to addiction treatment at a time when eastern medicine was an unknown and considered taboo. His persistence helped usher eastern medical philosophies into the mainstream of addiction treatment. Proven Holistic Treatment


Giordano was so moved by the overwhelming positive results from his program that he felt compelled to share his holistic advances to addiction treatment with other addicts and their families. “Proven Holistic Treatment for Addiction and Chronic Relapse” outlines the fundamental program being used so successfully today at G & G Holistic Addiction Treatment Center.


The author wrote this warm-hearted informative book as though he was talking one-on-one with the reader. His compassion for fellow addicts radiates on every page. Speaking as a recovering addict and an astute counselor, the author anticipates and addresses every concern an addict could have. John lays-out the pitfalls one will face on their journey and provides a realistic plan to recovery. Giordano stresses the importance of spiritual harmony to an individual’s wellbeing. He effectively communicates the ‘how to’ of treating the whole person – body, mind and spirit.


“Proven Holistic Treatment for Addiction & Chronic Relapse” has changed the landscape of addiction treatment. Administrators at treatment facilities across the country are realizing the positive impact of Giordano’s approach. They are adopting the author’s core principles and implementing many of his protocols. The book is required reading of their staff. 


John dedicates his book, as he has dedicated his life, to those lost souls who are tormented by their addictions and associated destructive behaviors that they may find their way home to a happy and joyous life. This is a very important book that should be read by every addict, their families and loved ones.


THE BOOK: Proven Holistic Treatment for Addiction & Chronic Relapse


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