1-20-15 -- Change Your Energy, Grow Your Business

The body's powerful energy

We all know what it’s like to feel “off kilter” or “out of balance,” but when those experiences lead to big mistakes, depression, anger, or fear, it’s time to figure out what’s going on.

Our body is a vessel of moving energy. When that energy isn’t flowing freely it’s like a dam being closed in a body of water-- all movement stops. When your energy movement stops it affects everything in your life, including your business.

Today your host, business coach Marla Tabaka, talks about human energy and how to detect its movement in your body. If you and your business aren’t as successful as you’d like, you may find some surprising facts in this episode of Million Dollar Mindset Radio.


See Marla's article at Inc.com for the outline of today's discusssion.

For more help with your business make sure to see Marla's articles at Inc. magazine online. 


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Marla also shares her business and life insights and solutions at Inc. Magazine Online. Join her there  to learn business building tips, more about creating your Million Dollar Mindset, and more!

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