3-16-15, Spring Clean Your Mind to Make Room for Success and Happiness.

Spring Cleaning for the Mind

Spring seems to have an uncanny ability to awaken us to the clutter and cobwebs that gather over the months of winter hibernation. Basements gone unnoticed, windows sorely in need a good washing all somehow seem to jump up and scream, “clean me!” when the weather warms.

This time of doing tasks that don’t take much thought is a good opportunity to review what spring cleaning may be beneficial to your mind. When we refuse to let go of old patterns, family dramas, insults, judgments, etc., we are using up all that good space up in our minds to keep recreating a reality we didn’t like then and probably like even less now. So how about doing a spring cleaning to take stock of the beliefs you have about yourself and your world to see if they still fit? Do they make you a happier and better person? 

Today on The Million Dollar Mindset Radio, your host and success coach, Marla Tabaka, will help you to create an inventory list of the clutter in your head. You’ll learn how to clear it and make room for the shiny and new. You’ll have an inventory of “cleaning supplies” and a method to improve your life and business.

“The more beliefs that you remove from your inner space, the more room there is for new energy.” Wayne Dyer 

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