6-15-15 -- 8 Ways to be Amazingly Charismatic

A Charismatic Richard Branson

If you asked most people they would say that charisma means having a nice personality--but there's much more to it. Charisma is the transference of enthusiasm. That means having the passion, energy, and spirit to share so that others feel the same. It's practically contagious

Why is charisma important? People are not only attracted to those who have presence, but when you rank higher on the charisma scale, they are more likely to believe in you, your mission, and what you stand for. In fact, venture capitalists’ rule of thumb is to bet on the leader, not the idea. Charisma can be a decisive factor in all things significant to success. 

In this episode of Million Dollar Mindset, Marla is going to share her intentional journey toward increased charisma,  how it's made her life fuller and more fun, and 8 things you can do to let your charismatic self stand out from the crowd.

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