Tuesday 5th of August 2014
We all come to that place of knowing that things need to change and that we need to re-tweek our lives, but how we go about this is not quite so easy or simple. The fact of the matter is that change is inevitable … don’t you just love hearing that when you are up to your eyes in confusion and not knowing what is happening, why it’s happening or which way to turn to find a little relief!!! But the truth of the matter is I guess … change is inevitable, and the sooner we come to terms with this concept, the better we will be able to ride the roller coaster of emotions that are associated with change! The fact of the matter is that we are all going through a re-tweeking at this present time … no one has been left untouched in one way shape or form … at a personal level, a community level or at a global level. That’s what happens when a planet moves into a new Great Age. On this week's Nature Spirits Speak show I will be sharing with you some very practical steps you can take in the re-tweeking process ... hints and tips that are simple and easy, and help you to find success. For more wonderful ways to empower yourself and create successful outcomes please visit: www.geraldineteggelove.com
Tuesday 29th of July 2014
Well, the answer to this question is definitely YES and YES! How can it be anything but yes, as we all have the power to choose the path we walk in this life-time – we all have free will! For some in our communities, giving up is not an option and they continue to persevere no matter what! But sadly for others it means giving up on life and on ever finding happiness. Now, there can be any number of emotions that people experience when losing someone close to them … sadness, anger, a feeling of betrayal, and often helplessness. Is it possible to find our way through these emotions? On this week’s show I have a beautiful guest Lois McCulloch who is not only finding her own happiness, but is also inspiring so many others do the same! As you will discover during our discussion around finding happiness, Lois is a lady with a wealth of wisdom. Lois speaks from personal experience as we discuss that finding happiness from a place of the deepest grief may be very challenging ... but always possible if we choose to do so!
Tuesday 22nd of July 2014
So often I hear from clients … “if I knew what my uniqueness was, I would be happy to live it … but I don’t!” Well, I have to be lovingly blunt here and say, yes, everyone knows his or her uniqueness, but they have pushed it aside or under for so long that they have come to believe that it no longer exists. Or, they have been put down or made to feel less than they are for such a long time, that to even think about their uniqueness is virtually impossible! It is so sad to see someone who just cannot even contemplate the idea that may have something very special to offer this world … yes, self esteem and self worth seem to be taking quite a beating in our society today! On this week's Nature Spirits Speak I hope that you begin to see that you can find that unique YOU, and find the courage to live the real YOU! Believe me, the benefits are truly amazing and well worth the effort! Listen in to discover the 5 simple steps that will have you stepping into your uniqueness and flying through life in the most magical ways! Yes, today could be the beginning of a brand new magnificent you ... are you ready for the ride of YOUR life? For more messages from the Spirit In Nature: www.naturespiritsspeak.com
Tuesday 8th of July 2014
So you have a fabulous idea for a book, or you have had the urge to write for a very long time but you just haven’t been able to get started. Maybe people have said to you …”You should write your story, or should write your memoirs, or whatever it may be” … and you think to yourself, that’s all well and good, but where do you begin? Perhaps you are one of those beautiful people who have great plans but just can’t seem to put pen to paper to get things started … and you are just not sure why! I hear so many people say, I have been thinking about writing a book, but I just never seem to get around to it! So you keep promising yourself that you will write someday ... but not sure when! My question to all of these beautiful souls is, “What is the real reason why you are putting it off?” My next question is, "How will you feel if you don’t write that book or whatever it is that you have been promising to do for years." Will you be one of those who, in their last few years on this planet, are telling everyone how disappointed they are that they never achieved their dream? So what is the big secret to becoming a successful writer? This is the million dollar question! I am sure that what I share with you today will assist you to become not only become a writer, but a truly successful one! For more symbolism in nature: www.naturespiritsspeak.com
Tuesday 1st of July 2014
Animals are the most wonderful teachers and guides. The wise of our society have always taught that the key to understanding how our Universe works is to create a relationship with all in Nature. For many, the best way to begin creating this connection is through animals. We all know only too well the language of our pets – dogs, cats, horses, pigs, mice, birds, etc, etc. We understand their unique language and we learn to listen to this. Well, guess what? All creatures have a language, and as we study the animals that come into our lives, we expand our knowledge and understanding of how this Universe operates! Great way to go! How can animals possibly have a wisdom that is greater than humans … please remember that animals don’t have the hang-ups or the negative perceptions and beliefs that we seem to love to hold onto and carry through our lives. They live in total harmony with all that surrounds them, and are happy to allow life to unfold in beautiful and natural ways. Each of them accept their uniqueness. Each listen to the guidance given by Mother Nature and happily follow the path laid out for them. Each are filled with the same Universal energy that flows through all things. Is it any wonder that animals have a wisdom to share that can assist all who listen to their guidance? Today, we will be discussing how you can discover your Animal Totems!
Tuesday 24th of June 2014
On this week's Nature Spirits Speak, discuss how Mother's cope after having been forced to give up their child for adoption. Do they ever really heal this enormous hole in their heart, or do they just push the loss down deep inside with the hope that one day it might mend? On this show, I chat with one such mother, Barbara D Hayward, and find out how she has managed to bear her greatest heartache, and how it has impacted on her life. This is one story you really do not want to miss ... truly heart warming and inspirational. My Guest: Barbara D. Hayward is a Story Teller, a Practical Mystic, Spiritual AdvisorClairvoyant/Medium and Author.
Tuesday 17th of June 2014
Have you ever found yourself asking: "Is this ever going to happen? Am I doing this right? Is all this stuff that I read about just made up or can I really create what I want in my life?" Or perhaps you have found yourself saying, "It’s just not happening! Things seem to work out for other people but definitely not for me! I’m just over trying to do this everyday and not seeing results! It doesn’t seem to matter how hard I work on this … it just doesn’t seem to happen!" Well, believe me I have said all of these … and more!!! I know from first-hand experience that waiting for a dream to become a reality can be at times, a rather harrowing experience!! I seem to have been waiting a life time for some of my dreams to come true! But they have, and I know without a doubt that there are still lots more on their way to me as I grow in belief that I can create anything that I desire. Life has now become sooo exciting as I learn more and more that Divine timing is the perfect timing in accomplishing anything in this physical reality! I have come to understand that truly, everything does come to she who waits patiently. On this week's show, I give you lots of ways to help you get through this difficult time of waiting so that you don't give up on your dreams and you actually see them become a reality! For more Nature Spirit Symbolism: www.naturespiritsspeak.com
Tuesday 3rd of June 2014
if you feel as if you are living in a rut or that your life is not going as well as you would like it too, then maybe it is time for you to discover how to take your life from ordinary to extraordinary! Well, Mother Nature has some incredible advice for you on this week's show … but, of course, it is up to you to either take it on board or let it go through to the keeper! My advice would be to listen very closely to what she has to offer, because I know without a doubt that it was this advice that took me from a place of complete depression and disaster, to living a peace filled, happy, and prosperous life … and loving it! WooHoo! We are going to take you through the 7 simple steps which will have your life moving from the ordinary to the extraordinary! The Spirit in Nature will also be sharing with you a beautiful meditation which will help you to open up to the idea that this is possible for all to achieve ... even if you have never done it before. I would love to have you join me and hear the steps that will have you taking the ride of your life!
Tuesday 27th of May 2014
Since ancient times, the horse has symbolised power and freedom. We can only imagine how truly exhilarating and freeing it must have felt for the first men who climbed on the back of a horse and raced across the open plains. Humanity made a huge leap forward when we finally recognised the power and freedom that the horse could bring. Horses are amazing teachers if we would only take the time to watch their actions, and listen to their unspoken language. By connecting to their wisdom and allowing horses to share all they have to offer, the riding experience will become truly enjoyable. On this week's show we hear from 2 extremely talented people ... Steve Halfpenny of Silversand Horsemanship Centre (Horse whispering expert) and Helen Sharp who is a trainer for Silversand. Both handle horses with complete love and care - they create the most wonderful unity between themselves and their horses. This is certainly a gift, but it is a gift that can be developed by all who wish to create that oneness between horse and owner.If you own a horse or any pet for that matter, it would certainly be worth listening to the secrets shared on how to create a wonderful relationship with your very best animal friend.
Tuesday 20th of May 2014
In this amazing time in history, we have the ability to perform feats of magic in creating our heart’s desires. Right now we have the ability to stretch into the quantum field and in the blink of an eye, perform what most would consider impossible! The fact of the matter is though, that for most of us, the concept of quantum anything seems virtually impossible … why? Well for starters, unless you happen to be a quantum physicist, the mechanics of quantum can be just a tad confusing, and secondly, our 3 dimensional minds find it quite difficult to wrap themselves around this concept! The other issue is that the word quantum has become such a catch phrase of so many, that it has kind of lost its meaning. According to the dictionary, taking a quantum leap is a sudden large increase or advance … so I am presuming that this sudden large increase or advance can happen in any area of our life. But once again, for most of us who have been struggling with just getting through today, this seems totally off the radar … maybe a slow tiny shuffle forwards is about all we can muster right now!!! But what if I could help you move that shuffle to a large step … and then to a leap … and then to … well maybe even a quantum leap – would that be of help? On this week's Nature Spirits Speak Radio, that's exactly what we have discussed!
Tuesday 13th of May 2014
This amazing technique increases Focus, Reduces Stress and Promotes Health and Happiness in Children and Adults alike! My guest today is a beautiful lady – Heidi Thompson. Heidi teaches a simple exercise called 'Breath Awareness' which helps children and adults feel more calm and focused … and a great deal more! I for one am very happy to learn techniques that reduce stress and bring a calmness to my life. So Breath Awareness … what is it exactly, how does it differ from other techniques such as yoga, and what other benefits does it have for us in today’s world? Well, with Heidi’s assistance, we learn how ‘Breath Awareness’ can not only reduce stress, but also how it helps in the overcoming of addictions, and assists in creativity. Heidi shares with us hints and tips on ways we can put this fabulous technique into practice on a daily basis, and see incredible results.
Thursday 1st of May 2014
Have you ever asked someone for their opinion on a pressing question only to be asked in return, “what is your heart saying?” or they simply reply with a statement of “go with your heart”. Have you ever had that feeling inside that something was not quite right? Have you ever had the feeling that you just have to go with an idea even though it doesn’t really make sense at the time? Have you ever been pondering the answer to a problem only to suddenly have an idea just flash into your mind? Well, this is your intuition at work. It is your unconscious mind or the spiritual part of you, speaking to you. As you grow in understanding of this, you will begin to realize the amazing power you have at your finger tips!!! You don’t need to take special lessons or training in how to use it; the only thing you need to do is raise your awareness about it and set your intention to harness it. … oh no, there’s that Intention word again!!! “The only real valuable thing is intuition” Albert Einstein. Intuition is a natural process - we all have the gift!!! To help us make better use of this wonderful gift, I have a fabulous guest today, Pamela Cummins, who is a very talented psychic and certainly well equipped to guide us on the use of our intuition.
Tuesday 29th of April 2014
To help us unravel the ongoing issue of finding that elusive work/life balance, I have the most wonderful guest on this podcast, Angela Counsel. Angela is an expert in the field, and I know can help us all to find that balance that we all crave - you know, finding time for family, career, friends, sporting activities, and still remaining sane and finding quality time for self. Angela explains how we go about bringing some sort of sense to our lives whilst juggling all the must do’s, and still look after ourselves in ways that will still see us healthy, happy and enjoying life? We also discuss some very simple, easy and practical ways we can begin putting this into action in our lives.
Tuesday 22nd of April 2014
On this podcast I discuss with Bente Hansen the in and outs of ‘Conscious Living’ … what this actually means, the practical ways of making this a reality in our day to day living, and the amazing benefits it can bring to our lives. Yes, big topic – huge outcomes not only for the individual, but also for our world as a whole. We all have a responsibility to become consciously aware of what we add to ‘the field’ – the field of consciousness that is in a constant state of expansion … creating, growing and becoming. When we choose to live consciously, we choose to better not only our own lives, but the lives of past, present and future generations. This is certainly not something to shrug off or take lightly, but a choice that has the ability to open the floodgates to living true abundance.
Tuesday 15th of April 2014
Finding that wonderful partner to share our lives with can be quite a tricky thing … People tell me it is so much harder these days compared to when I was young and dreaming of finding the perfect man with whom to share my life. Well, I know there will be lots of people who may say I don’t know what I am talking about, but I would have to disagree! Yes, times have definitely changed, and people do not meet in the same way as they once did … or do they? Where to start? Manifesting love is the same as manifesting anything else we want in our lives, except for one rather big exception! Finding love in all the right places takes going on a journey of self discovery. If you are not prepared to do this, then you will continue to find love in all the wrong places and be left wondering why. This Nature Spirits Speak shares the secrets to finding our perfect love, and then keeping it! I am going to share with you the steps to find that beautiful soul who is also looking for you – whether that be male or female? Once you find that perfect relationship, it is time to look at how you are going to ensure it lasts a lifetime. This is really quite simple if you follow what I call the 6 L's! Find out how these MUST do's will have you living happily ever after! For more information: www.naturespiritsspeak.com or www.geraldineteggelove.com
Tuesday 1st of April 2014
This podcast is going to be quite challenging for many of us … but if we wish to move forward with our lives and create those dreams we have been longing for and working towards, then actually taking action on what I share with you today is critical! So many times in our lives we see repeated patterns of things that we really want to say goodbye too … but instead, we sit and say to ourselves, why is does this keep happening, or why am I drawing these experiences or people into my life over and over again? There must be something I can do to get off this merry-go-round that takes me back to the same old same old!!! The same negative relationships, the same health issues, the same career path, the same negative experiences! Some people say that it is part of our life journey to go through what we see as negative experiences … but I say, do we have to experience them over and over again? I mean to say, not sure about you, but once is enough for me, and I don’t need to go back and do it all again thank you very much! So what can we do about this? The trick is, to find out what our emotional needs are, and then learn to fulfill these needs in far more positive ways. On today's show we will look at: what are our emotional needs, how we feed our emotional needs, how we recognise that we are fulfilling an emotional need in a not so positive way, and the steps we can take to turn things around and fulfill our emotional needs in positive ways on a daily basis.
Tuesday 25th of March 2014
Can we really create change when sitting in the depths of despair not knowing how we are going to get through the day let alone the next week or month or year? The answer is a resounding YES! How do we accomplish this? By exploring every possible avenue available to us, and finding the method of healing that empowers us to move beyond our challenges and struggles and into a new and exciting way of life. Yes, life is full of challenges and one who knows this from first-hand experience is my guest for today … Ellie Peterson! Ellie has an amazing story to tell, and the most wonderful, unique method of healing which has empowered many to create the changes they wished to see in their lives: Meditative Movements! This may just be the technique that inspires you create the change you have been longing for ... be empowered and listen.
Tuesday 18th of March 2014
In our changing world, life for many is becoming more challenging than ever before! The sad reality is that the way people are coping with the stresses of life is by hitting out those around them … not necessarily with physical abuse, but in a way that can quite often have much greater long term negative effects. I am referring to emotional abuse which has become rife in all age groups. and in so many personal and work place relationships. Our guest today is an expert in helping those affected by emotional abuse to stand in their power and, as she says, ‘Choose to be Incredible’! Victoria Rei not only has a wonderful story to tell, but is also here today to assist anyone who may be the victim of emotional abuse, by sharing winning strategies that will help them to take back their power. Feeling trapped or bullied can be truly debilitating, and a feeling that we do not have to accept for our life. We all deserve to be happy and confidently living our Truth.
Tuesday 11th of March 2014
How do we go about bridging the gap between the medical & the Spiritual worlds and ensuring we have the best healing possible? To help us with this, quite often controversial question, I have a beautiful guest – Carolyn Green The 'Energy Nurse' who is going to share with us firstly the importance of this, and then help us with simple and practical steps that we can take to bring the 2 together. Whilst living busy lives, we all tend to forget to set priorities in our lives, and create healthy boundaries that assures we are taking care of ourselves. Today we are going to learn how we can actually bridge the gap between medical and spiritual healing, and empower ourselves with the ability to take care of not only our physical bodies, but also our spiritual and emotional bodies. So where do we begin? A great place to start is by loving ourselves enough to slow down the busyness of our lives, breathe a little deeper for just a few moments each day and contemplate our energy levels. Our energy levels are the true indicators of how we are travelling!
Tuesday 4th of March 2014
Emotional healing is the absolute key to changing our lives in amazing ways – the challenge is to find a technique that is simple and easy to use. A technique that we can put into practice every day without necessarily having to run off to a practitioner for expert guidance … and technique that is not going to cost us the earth … and more importantly, a technique that truly works! Is this possible I hear you ask? Well, yes it is! This simple technique is called EFT - Emotional Freedom Technique, and on this podcast you are going to be hearing all about this from my expert guest John Freedom.
Tuesday 25th of February 2014
Have you ever wondered why you become so emotional at the sound of your National anthem, or why certain music brings a smile to your heart and other music makes you want to get up and dance, or why some music brings you to tears and allows you to feel the saddest of emotions? Just as the Shamanistic healer enters the spirit world through chanting and dance to heal the patient, it is through our use of music and sound that we connect with the Source of all things - the world of the Great Spirit where true healing takes place… miracles in fact! To help us understand how this all works, I have a beautiful and inspiring guest today, Jill Mattson, who is an expert in the field of Music and Sound healing. I can’t wait to share with you her wonderful hints & tips which I know will help all of us to 'fast track our way to healing emotionally, physically and spiritually.
Tuesday 18th of February 2014
Time management in this beautiful Golden age that we have just entered … the Age of Aquarius! Okay, hands up all those who feel like there are just not enough hours in the day to do what needs to be done? Keep your hand up if you feel you are working harder and longer hours than ever before, but still not managing to get through all that needs to be done for the day? I am guessing there are more hands raised than lowered! LOL Yes, I know exactly what you mean … I think I need this radio show today more than anyone else!!! I know I don’t have the constraints of children any more, but even so, I seem to be busier than ever and quite often feeling totally overwhelmed at what has to be achieved in a set time frame. So is there an answer to this madness? Yes, there is … but it does take a shift in our perception of life, and how we go about the activities we feel are essential to our everyday living. On today's show I am going to share with you what I see as some of the practical things we can do to ease the pressure of ‘Not Enough Time’, and how we go about this managing of our time, and still be aware of living in the now. I also share with you the 7 secrets to not necessarily finding more time, but the 7 secrets to enabling us to complete our tasks in the time we have … and still have a little left over for rest and play. For more info please visit: www.naturespirits speak.com
Tuesday 4th of February 2014
Today we are going to talk about a tried and true recipe for ongoing success! I am sure if you check in with any highly successful person – whether that be in business, relationships, finances, family, general emotional well being, or a million other possibilities – they will all tell you the same thing. They may use slightly different words or terms, but it will all come down to the same basic recipe for success. Within this recipe is 1 essential ingredient – and if you leave out this essential ingredient, then usually whatever you are ‘cooking up’ so to speak, will not necessarily turn out a flop, but including this will bring far greater and more ongoing success. So what is this amazing essential ingredient? It is finding time each and everyday for quiet contemplation or meditation. On this podcast we help you with simple easy ways to make meditation a daily practice in your life ... and reap incredible results.
Tuesday 28th of January 2014
If you love feathers, love finding feathers, or feathers seem to constantly drift into your life … then this podcast is definitely for you! But, even if none of these things seem to happen, then maybe after listening, we will have you out walking searching for those beautiful little drops of magic called feathers. Now I am sure that all of us, at some time or other have picked up a feather, and even if we were unaware of its symbolism, have somehow connected to its energy. We have probably just held it in our hands, perhaps stroked it through our fingers, admired its amazing beauty, and felt quite excited at having found it … for some – like yours truly – this may happen every day, and for others it may take you back to your childhood LOL Come on think back a little! You may think that yes, feathers are very sweet, but what have they got to do with me? Besides, I don’t really have the time or the energy to be out looking for feathers! So today, I am going to help you understand why others love to find feathers, pick them up, take them home and truly cherish them. By sharing with you some of the symbolism of feathers and what they actually mean for you in your life, you will be very surprised at how feathers can truly change your way of looking at life! WooHoo! We are going to ... Discover the meaning of Feather Magic! The colour symbolism found in Feathers. How a Feather can answer your question, bring you hope and a way forward. And how to read or hear the message in the Feather.
Wednesday 22nd of January 2014
Wouldn’t that be great I hear you say! But, it’s just not possible … there are bills to pay, rent or house payments, food, school fees, etc etc, so I really have to continue at what I’m doing (even though I’m unhappy doing it) or we will go under! Yes, I know all this because I have been there myself at one point or other in my life. The real issue here is … and I know this may sound very harsh … that these are just the excuses we keep telling ourselves and even more importantly, believing! So is it really possible to do what we love and love what we do? The answer is a resounding YES! And on today’s show I have a fabulous, inspiring guest who is going to help us understand this - Heather McClosky-Beck. Heather has a wealth of information to share with us that will propel each and everyone of us towards this end. Just imagine being able to do this every single day … well, Heather is going to help us make this a reality! WooHoo!
Wednesday 15th of January 2014
We all love to set goals we wish to achieve during the year ahead, and I am sure 2014 is no exception. The trick is in taking the steps necessary in order to accomplish these goals and dreams. It would be great if we could just whizz outside and wish upon a star and have everything come true. The fantastic news is ... we CAN! What does this really mean and, if it is possible, then how do we do this? We accomplish this by following a very simple 5 step process. Within this process is the secret step that most people don't even know about ... but putting this secret into practise as quickly as you can, will bring amazing results. So join me this week to discover how you can make your dreams come true.
Wednesday 8th of January 2014
So what does this year hold for you … I thought that a great way to start the year and discover some interesting facts about the year ahead on a personal basis was to look at our individual number through the eyes of Numerology. My guest today will tell you that the numbers never lie, so I think it is certainly worth listening to see how Numerology can assist us. You see we all have a very special number which is related to … of course … to our birth date. This date has great significance not only in the world of astrology, but also in Numerology. So today I am interviewing well known and highly successful numerologist, Henry Conlan. Henry has some really fabulous things to share with us today … very practical information that we can use to help us understand how we can work with the year ahead to make it a truly successful one. WooHoo!
Tuesday 17th of December 2013
Past Life Regression Therapy is a fabulous way to help you heal. Sometimes there are issues in our lives that just seem to NOT want to go away! Try as we may, the same old problem raises its head. We go through every possible healing modality that was ever created or thought of to address the issue, but the problem still remains. So what can we do? Well, sometimes the issues we face are so deeply embedded that it takes going back into the original experience that caused us the problem in the first place. This was the time we took on certain beliefs or perceptions about our lives … negative beliefs and perceptions that we are still holding onto today. To assist our understanding and our healing, on this podcast we discuss: • Past Life Regression therapy • What this is and how it works • What it may mean for your life, and how it may be the answer to your personal healing
Tuesday 10th of December 2013
We can all do with a little help in this journey of life and who better to help than those beautiful beings from the Angelic Realms.We have discussed this topic before on Nature Spirits Speak, but today we are going to search a little deeper. On this podcast you hear lots of helpful information which will assist you to create your very own Angel Board of Directors. This magnificent team of Angels will assist you in overcoming those challenges and struggles you may be facing or experiencing, and attach wings to our dreams! With my wonderful guest Angel Lady Terrie Marie, we discuss: • The practical benefits of having an Angelic Board of Directors • How can someone design an executive Board of Directors made up of Angels • What is the simplest way of activating our Board of Directors • Introduce a few angels and their specialties • And discover how angels relate to our chakras If you love connecting to the Angelic realm, then this is a not to be missed podcast!
Tuesday 3rd of December 2013
Lack of self esteem and self worth are the 2 greatest problems of 99% of the population suffering from ongoing issues! That is quite a big statement to make … yes, it is, but it is also very true! I see this constantly with my clients … and the reason I can recognise it, is that I experienced this very same problem for many years, and I am still finding that I have to sometimes grab hold of myself and give a good old shake to wake myself up to the truth. On this podcast I am interviewing a wonderful lady, Chris McKee, who has a great deal of fabulous information to share in assisting us to do just that! WooHoo!. Chris is truly an expert in helping us to understand how to take those practical steps we need to take when choosing to move forwards with our lives. If you answer yes to any of these questions, then this is a show you cannot miss! • How many of you accept 2nd best in your relationships, career, business success, health, etc? • How many times a day do you put yourself down? • How many of you can accept a compliment? • How many times a day do you tell yourself you will do something, but fail to take action for fear you may look silly or you may be wrong? • How many of you agonise over what you will wear each day and how it is going to look? • How many of you would love to ask a question or make a suggestion during a meeting but are just too embarrassed to do so?
Tuesday 26th of November 2013
What is your body saying to you? And if you think your body can’t speak and doesn’t really have a say in what you do … think again!! Our bodies will go along nicely until one day it says enough is enough … and then believe me, if you don’t take the time to stop and listen, well, you are in for a shock!! LOL Well, I also have a wonderful and inspiring woman as guest on this Nature Spirits Speak Radio, Angela Counsel, who is an expert naturopath, wellbeing counselor & much more! Angela assists in really understanding how our body speaks to us … and the times we really need to listen. I think with the busyness of life at the moment, this could be vital information for us to hear and take on board. We will be discussing: What is Body Speak? Why does our body need to speak to us? How do we start to interpret what our body is saying?
Tuesday 19th of November 2013
Have you ever wished that you had a magic wand that enabled you to perform miracles? Have you ever looked at others and wondered how they seem to make all their dreams come true, and you are still wishing and waiting? Well, your wish is my command! On this week's Nature Spirits Speak, I am going to share with you the secrets to becoming the most wonderful manifestor that this world has ever seen. I am going to share with you a very simple 7 step process, that if followed daily, will enable you to rub your very own Aladdin's lamp and have your genie appear. WooHoo! The only thing for you to do after learning these secret steps, is to figure out what you truly desire!
Tuesday 12th of November 2013
Losing a child is tragic ... a heart wrenching experience that can take hold of parents lives and drop them into the deepest depression and despair. On this week’s show, I have with me a beautiful lady, Tova Gold, who knows only too well the grief associated with losing children. Not only has Tova a truly inspiring story to share, but is also going to help us understand a little more about ‘Twin to Twin Transfusion Syndrome’. Over time, Tova discovered ways to overcome the depression that accompanied the incredible loss she suffered. She now inspires thousands globally through what she calls ‘Finding My Muchness’! This is all about sharing with others how to find their way through the challenges of life and move forward in the most delightful and extraordinary ways! I am just so excited to be chatting with Tova.
Tuesday 22nd of October 2013
Life can be tough! Life can be an absolute struggle! Is it really possible to turn things around, and what is the secret to doing this? On this week's show we are going to look to life coaching as a way to put a halt to struggle and despair ... and deepen your understanding of how Life Coaching can really help you to "Step into Fun, Freedom, Laughter & Joy"(Pauline Daniel) I know I can hear many saying, well you have no idea what’s going on in my life at present, you don’t understand the circumstances, and there is no way on this earth that I could possibly crawl my way, or drag myself there, let alone step into fun, laughter, happiness and joy! It simply is not possible. Well, the thing is, no, I don’t know your circumstances, and I don’t know what’s going on in your life, but I do know without a doubt that there are immutable laws of this Universe, that if followed with focus, trust and perseverance, anything in your life can be changed. You can create a happier life in no time at all.
Tuesday 15th of October 2013
Do you dream? Believe it or not, everybody dreams ... some of us remember and some of us don't ... but we do all dream. I am sure we have all at one point in time, woken up and just had to tell our friends about a dream we have just experienced, hoping that someone can shed some light on its meaning. Interpreting Dreams is what this Nature Spirits Speak Radio show is all about ... with my expert guest Rose Inserra, we are going to be discussing: - what are our dreams all about? - how do we interpret them? - are they all about the characters within the dream, or are they about us? - what are the most common dreams and what do they mean? - dreams about dying ... what do they really mean? - dreams about flying ... what do they really mean? Such a fun and informative show in which you will be truly pleasantly surprised! No more concerns about those unnerving dreams.
Tuesday 1st of October 2013
So many tell us that healing can be a simple process … well this just wasn’t the case for me! I felt that life had dealt me quite a few rather difficult blows, and healing myself from all of this was not something that I could do myself … it was not going to be simple and definitely not easy!! I searched high and low for anybody who could heal me of whatever needed to be healed, until one beautiful moment in time when I realised that I had the power to heal myself! Others could assist this process, but I was the one who had to make the decision to heal, and by doing this, I had already begun the process! WooHoo!! To help us with this, I have a wonderful and inspiring woman as guest on this show, Wendy Joy, helps us really understand this concept. Wendy is an extremely gifted healer with so much wisdom to share. We discuss: ‘Energy Healing’ and what this means! How we figure out the underlying cause of the problems we are having! How to clear our energy and remove the blocks! How our beliefs factor in the healing process, and ‘Distance healing’, and how it works.
Tuesday 24th of September 2013
So what is a miracle? Well, if we go to the dictionary, we read that a miracle is an extraordinary event which has no natural explanation … a little of the supernatural powers at work! I not only think, but know without a doubt, that we have all experienced miracles in our lives! Sometimes though, we just have to learn how to recognise them. To help us with this, I have a wonderful and inspiring woman as guest on my show today, Leah Carey, who is going to help us really understand this concept. Leah is a lady with an extraordinary story to tell … having spent over two decades struggling with chronic depression, to now assisting others to find their very own miracles. We are going to be discussing depression and how to not only cope with this, but to use it as a spring board to creating a wonderful fulfilling life. We are also going to be discussing the ways in which you can recognise the miracles that surround you every single day … even how to create your very own!
Tuesday 17th of September 2013
For all those beautiful souls who love connecting to their Angels, this Nature Spirits Speak radio show is definitely for you. It is also for all those who would love to know how to Create Your Angel Dream Team and what this means for you in your life ... and your Success! I also chat with a wonderful and inspiring woman as guest, Angel Lady Terrie Marie, who helps us not only understand this concept, but also helps us to put together our very own Angel Dream Team. This magnificent team of Angels will assist us in our journey here on planet earth, and attach wings to our dreams! We discuss: • The main purpose of Angels and how they work in your life • What is an Angel Dream Team? • Why is it important to know how to activate your Angel Dream Team? • What can your Angel Dream Team do for you? • What are 3 Angel-centered strategies for raising your “wealth-frequency” and accelerating your income? • How can someone design an executive Board of Directors made up of Angels? And lots more!
Tuesday 10th of September 2013
On today's Nature Spirits Speak we are going to be discussing how to activate our Spiritual abilities, and how connect with Nature Spirits and our Spiritual Guides. To assist us today I have a wonderful and inspiring woman as guest, Dr Lesley Phillips, who is going to help me in uncovering ways in which we can communicate with those in the spiritual realms. As you all know, I love to combine science and spirituality, and Dr Phillips is certainly one who is qualified to assist us in doing just this.
Tuesday 3rd of September 2013
How do we survive a money meltdown & recover bigger and better then ever! I have a wonderful and inspiring woman as guest on my show today, Cheryl Maloney. Cheryl certainly knows a great deal when it comes finding a way through financial challenges, and this comes through her personal experience of life. She is going to share with us today, some of the ways in which she put her life back together, and set out on her road to recovery again after losing it all and a bit more! I will chat to Cheryl about: The reasons for losing the money What practical steps did she take to get herself financially stable again? What were the biggest challenges? What did she discover that needed to be changed within the way she lived in order for her life to move on?
Tuesday 27th of August 2013
A baby boomer is a person who was born during the demographic Post–World War II baby boom between the years 1946 and 1964. Many of these baby boomers are now finding themselves facing retirement without the means to survive financially and struggling to make sense of their lives. Many are discovering that the only way to overcome the challenges and struggles is to reinvent themselves as entrepreneurs. On today's show we are going to be discussing this huge topic ... 2nd Act Boomers - who are they, and how are they learning to survive challenging & difficult times? What we can all learn from Baby boomers regards reinventing ourselves as entreprepuers? What strategies or steps can we use in order to get our passions from hobby status, to becoming financially rewarding?
Tuesday 20th of August 2013
Any time of the year is a great time to stop and take stock of what you have actually achieved since setting those wonderful goals at the beginning of this year, and also a great time to take some simple, proven steps towards achieving each and every one of these.You want successful outcomes? Following these 6 wonderful steps will certainly bring you success! The FLIGHT Plan program is a fabulous way to do this, using simple, easy steps. Why this name? Well, the word FLIGHT actually becomes an acronym for making sure you are really on track to achieving all you set out to achieve for 2013. F: Figure L: Learn I: initiate G: Generate H: Harness T: Thoughts In this podcast, I share with you what this word FLIGHT means in the context of you achieving all your goals and dreams.
Wednesday 14th of August 2013
What on earth have ladybugs got to do with being an entrepreneur? On this show I share with you all the symbolism around this little creature and how it relates to anyone who is willing to embrace the challenges of life and continue working towards their goals and dreams. I also introduce and interview my fabulous entrepreneurial guest: Mary Cimiluca. We discuss: What makes an entrepreneur. How to become an entrepreneur. The 6 crucial steps to become the producer of your own documentaries. What are the challenges or the pitfalls of movie making. How to fund your movie. And a whole heap more!
Wednesday 10th of July 2013
I know that without a doubt, if you are living on this planet … at some point in time you will be facing a fear … and wondering how to overcome it! Without exception, we all have fears! They hold us back from becoming the best we can be. They hold us back from achieving our dreams, and if not addressed, they can be the cause of a great number of illnesses which we really don't wish to experience.In order to succeed, we want to face our fears head on and then step right through them or around them so we can be, do or have all that our heart's desire. So on this podcast I am going to do the very best I can in helping you with some very practical steps to do just that! We will look at: So what is FEAR? How do I know what it is that I FEAR? And the big one: How do I let go of my FEARS and move on to success? I will be sharing with 7 amazing practical steps you can take to remove the blockages that stand in your way of achieving your dreams. These will help you to climb YOUR wall of FEAR, stand on the top of it and shout to world ... I can do it & I have done it!!! WooHoo!
Tuesday 25th of June 2013
Having been through an immense time of challenge myself … losing it all financially and a bit more, and not knowing how I was going to survive … with everyday being an enormous struggle to just put food on the table and pay the rent! I cried so many tears of despair and anguish not knowing which way to turn, until I discovered that all I really needed to do was to turn inward and find my truth. I had the power at my fingertips to change my world in the most wonderful ways. If you are currently experiencing challenges, please take heart for I am here to tell you, that things can and do change, and you can and will find the light at the end of the tunnel!! For me, and thousands of others before me, out of those bleakest of times have grown the most magical opportunities. I would have to say that life has become a miracle, and the same can happen for you. Today, my guest Cheryl Maloney, is going to help us make sense of these difficult times and share with us the steps we can take to move forward with our lives.
Tuesday 18th of June 2013
The Secrets to Weight Loss! No! This is not just sharing with you another diet fad! To get to the truth around weight loss, I am interviewing an expert in the field of health and well being, Angela Counsel, who has a great deal of fabulous information to share. Angela is truly an expert in helping us to understand this issue whether we have just a little to lose or a lot! We will be covering issues such as ... Why people gain weight … what are the underlying reasons for this? What would be the most common reasons for people not being successful at losing the weight? What can we do in practical terms to ensure we reach our goal weight? All this and more on this Nature Spirits Speak podcast.
Tuesday 11th of June 2013
How do we do this without turning ourselves inside out, staying awake at night thinking & planning, running ourselves ragged, feeling tired and worn out or creating illnesses within our bodies through stress and anxiety. The answer is really quite simple, but one that we quite often either don’t know about, or have forgotten to put into action in our lives! Get to know the Laws of this Universe, and begin to work in harmony with them rather than against them!!! For those of you who have never heard about these secret Laws … you are in for an exciting journey. For those who say, I have heard all this before but it just didn’t work for me … well, all I can say is that it does work, and quite often it is just a matter of tweeking things a little to see amazing results! What if you heard the secret gem today which took you flying towards your goals and dreams? Speaking from experience, working in harmony with the laws of the Universe rather than against them, have brought nothing but magical outcomes for me in my life! The trick was to put aside my old beliefs and perceptions and become open to the possibilities. It was only then that wonderful and life changing ideas, opportunities and success began to appear in abundance! These Laws have been in place since the beginning of time, and regardless of the challenges we may face personally or globally, they are still in operation in our lives and the whole of the Universe. We can change our reality and find prosperity and success in any area of our lives - It is THE LAW!
Tuesday 4th of June 2013
On this Nature Spirits Speak podcast we talk about connecting to the amazing Golden Age energy which can bring massive beneficial changes to all areas of your life!Here are just a few ... Everything flows easily and effortlessly and you become the instant manifester that you have always wished you could be … abundance is yours! Healing takes place at the deepest levels … emotional healing at its best. Your body glows with health and well being … and this is not just the fresh air on your face and filling your lungs!! LOL You feel younger and more vibrant … having more energy than you have ever had before Your mind becomes clear and receptive to new ideas and opportunities You begin to build a relationship of co-operation with everything around you … life becomes peaceful and balanced You live by your inner guidance system … your intuition You have a knowing about things so decisions are made simple, with wonderful results You become a shining example of what it is to be truly healthy, wealthy and wise How do we actually connect with this? Well, this is what we discuss on this Nature Spirits Speak show, as well as sharing the very practical steps you can take in order to achieve brilliant results! Success at last!!
Tuesday 28th of May 2013
This all sounds wonderful, but in practical terms what does it really mean? Well, that’s exactly what you will discover on this Nature Spirits Speak radio show. No, we are not going to hear about a brand new airline or something, we are going to hear how we can pick ourselves up from whatever challenges and struggles we may be facing or enduring, and fly right through them, over them, or whatever we need to do in order to create enormous success in every area of our lives!!! On this show we are using the symbolism of the eagle to help us understand how to change our reality … how to transform our lives from lack to abundance, from imbalance to balance, from fear to strength and courage, from illness to health & well being, etc, etc! In order to not only survive but truly thrive in this life, there a few essential steps that we need to take ... if we can take these steps, amazing changes will occur in our lives and we will be reeling from magical outcomes. The metaphysical symbolism of the eagle is truly wonderful and if taken on board, the results can be quite staggering. During this podcast we will consider… The symbolic association with change, balance between earth and sky, water, the eagle feather, how we speak and vision! All will be focused around helping you to move onwards and upwards towards your success, well being and happiness.
Tuesday 21st of May 2013
The How's & Why's of Social Media! On this Nature Spirits Speak Radio show, we discuss the benefits of having a Social Media presence, if there are particular Social Media sites that are a must, Social Media etiquette, and how to successfully build numbers on your Social Media sites. To give you the very best of information, Katrina Kavvalos is my expert guest who shares with us some of her secrets to building a fabulous Social Media platform which can then be used in so may ways to creat buzz around your business, product or service.
Tuesday 14th of May 2013
New World Children are appearing on our planet each and every day as beautiful little beings with an extra special purpose driven life. On this Nature Spirits Speak podcast, help people get to know and understand a little more about the children who are assisting in the shift from one world order to the next ... Indigo, Crystal and Rainbow children. We will take a look at who they are, how to recognise them and how to help them in their journey here on our planet. The experts say that the Indigo/Crystal phenomenon is the next step in our evolution as a human species. But in saying this, it is great to know that because of our moving into the Golden Age, and more and more people focusing on spiritual growth, in many ways we are all becoming more like the Indigo and Crystal people. These beautiful souls are here to show us the way forward as we continue with the transition to the next stage of our growth and evolution.
Tuesday 7th of May 2013
On this Nature Spirits Speak Show I interview a beautiful lady who is a supersonic business/marketing coach with a great deal of fabulous information to share. Ally Loprete is truly an expert in the area of getting yourself seen and getting yourself heard! This is a show not to be missed as Ally shares with us ... Some of the absolute musts in being successful at getting ourselves out into the market place How important it is to find our uniqueness How a business coach can assist you in marketing your gifts What you need to look for in a business coach What a business/marketing coach looks for in a client Ally Loprete: Known as the Work/Life Balance Parenting expert, Ally Loprete’s career began when she founded the widely popular OurMilkMoney.com, an online search directory that lists the products and services of thousands of self-employed parents in more than 120 cities across the US….. And we are going to hear more about this during our time with Ally today. Ally has become a nationally recognized personality through her widely popular internet radio show, THIS LITTLE PARENT STAYED HOME, where she is diligently chipping away at her mission to help 1 million parents bring their personal careers home.
Tuesday 23rd of April 2013
We are all busy people, and trying to maintain balance with health, happiness and success can be quite a challenge! But learning how you can become the healthy, energetic, fun loving person you were meant to be, can be quite a simple process when you know how … even if you have never done this before! On this show, I am interviewing a beautiful lady who is a naturopath, and is going to share with us fabulous information about what we might call … Super Foods... including chocolate! Angela will also be giving us recipes that not only boost your health, but also make your mouth water! After you have listened to Angela, you will understand that eating healthy can also mean eating deliciously. WooHoo!
Tuesday 16th of April 2013
This Nature Spirits Speak show discusses Colour Therapy and the important role it can play in bringing about healing in our lives. I am interview a beautiful friend, an expert in Aura-Soma and its power to heal - Jenette Youngman. Jenette has some really fabulous things to share with us today … very practical information that we can use to help us understand how we can find the answers to some of those niggling questions we have about our lives, and move forward with ease and grace. WooHoo! What are the effects of becoming conscious of colour? What can I learn about myself and how can it help me to grow spiritually? Are there any negative colours? What are the ways we can use colour in our lives to enhance our everyday living?
Tuesday 9th of April 2013
Numerology - Life by the Numbers Everyone is different, and we all have different needs when it comes to figuring out where we are headed and the best way of getting there! Numerology is another source of information that just may suit you, and help you unravel some of those questions you have about why certain things are happening … or not happening … right in this moment. My guest today will tell you that the numbers never lie, so I think it is certainly worth listening to see how Numerology can assist us. We will discuss: What is Numerology? How can a knowledge of this ancient system help us? How can we work out our very own number and what this means? Plus heaps more!
Tuesday 2nd of April 2013
Today on Nature Spirits Speak, we are going to be chatting about how everything is connected to everything else… yes, even those individuals that you would not put at the top of your friendship list!!! LOL And of course, it is not just people that we are all connected to, but everything around us, over us and under our feet! We are connected to every tiny thing in this amazing Universe. This can be quite a tricky thing to understand and accept … but at long last, science and spirituality both now agree that yes, we are all connected by energy and vibration. You will discover that you are not alone on this journey, and everything you do is heard and felt by the whole of the planet and the cosmos … and the whole of the Universe responds to your vibration. You will understand the importance of treating everyone and everything on our planet with respect and love, bringing into your life far more happiness, health and wealth than you ever imagined! You see, we are all vibration and energy! My Guest is Indigenous Australian, Rachel Shields.
Tuesday 26th of March 2013
Healing with Plant Medicine! Finding Natural Remedies for stings, bites, burns, stress, headaches, colds, ... and a million and 1 other everyday illnesses, is really very simple, and extremely cost effective! Mother Nature’s pharmacy includes hundreds of medicinal plants and herbs that can be used for the healing of so many of our ills and spills! In this show I look at all those plants that you probably have growing somewhere in the garden, or your neighbours garden, or growing wild somewhere where you walk, and explain which plants to use, what these plants offer in the way of healing for our mind, body and spirit, and how to use them! I also explain easy ways of making herbal teas. And there are one or two little surprises along the way!
Tuesday 19th of March 2013
Becoming a Magician? This does sound a little out there doesn’t it … but you know, we are the magician in every moment of every day! Now obviously, I am not talking black magic or anything here … far from it!! The magic I am talking about are those wonderful little things we can do to bring amazing new life into our own world, and into the world at large. Sometimes we live in a trance, but this is a spell of our own making. We become caught in a web of misconceptions … a mistaken belief that our lives can only be lived in struggle and lack. This is so far from their Truth. We actually have so many wonderful tools right at our fingertips which will assist us in reaching our dreams and desires. On today's show, we will be covering a number of these such as crystals, metaphysical spells, astrology, readings and more.
Tuesday 12th of March 2013
Yes, you too can have the most wonderful and exciting serendipities and synchronicities happen in your life everyday! Once you grasp an understanding of the metaphysical meaning of these words, and then how to use them in your life, you have now discovered a long lost secret that the ancients have used since the beginning of time. This secret can truly create all the serendipities and synchronicities that you have ever wished for, or could ever desire in the future. In this show, we look at these in a very easy to understand way … the simplest way to see how this happens is by using a scenario, and today we are going to take the scenario of finding that perfect partner in our lives. Now if you already have this wonderful person in your life, then you can just relate all that I am about to share to your very own need.
Tuesday 5th of March 2013
This particular Nature Spirits Speak Radio Show, is all about using the ancient art of Feng Shui to assist us in balancing the energies within us and around us so that we can live happier, healthier and more prosperous lives. A expert Feng Shui consultant shares her expertise in the areas of Feng Shui and Chinese Astrology, and why this may be of importance to you, and how you can put the principles into practice in your life. We will look at... What is Feng Shui? A little of its history What have flying stars got to do with Feng Shui? And of course ... lots of hints and tips on how to use Feng Shui to improve your life.
Tuesday 26th of February 2013
On today's Nature Spirits Speak Radio show, we are going to combine knowledge of the all important Universal Law, with all the practical steps needed to be successful in getting your homebased business off the ground. We are going to take a look at: the what’s, the where’s, the when’s, the why’s and the how’s. And yes, because of my own type of work, I will be focusing on helping those who wish to start a business that is in some way spiritually based. But in saying that, please understand that everything I share with you today, can be used to start any business that you may have in mind. We will look at: how we work in conjunction with the Laws of the Universe, the initial planning stages, the steps you need to take to get started, a low cost way to market yourself and your products, and what you may need to grow within yourself in order to be successful. I know this sounds an incredible amount to cover, but I hope, in the time that we have together, you will begin to understand that you can do it, and it is possible for you to succeed! Please understand that I am not a business expert as such, but I have begun my own spiritually based business from scratch, with a zero budget … and I have had success in the most wonderful, fulfilling ways. So today, I share with you from the heart my own experiences of what worked and what didn’t!
Tuesday 19th of February 2013
So how on earth do you do this? How do you get through the grief and the depression? How do you, in the midst of these debilitating emotions, begin to put some sort of meaning back into your life? Well, these are the questions that we will be answering today. If you are struggling with grief and depression, my heart goes out to you, and I hope that today’s show can give you hope, and some practical strategies to move out of that state and back into finding a ray of sunshine that will begin to light up your life.
Tuesday 12th of February 2013
Is instant manifestation really possible? And how can we achieve it? Well, it has been done before, but usually by those who have been taught the ways of the ancients. So yes, it is possible, and is becoming more and more possible as we move further into the new age … the golden age. So unless you have fully remembered the secret knowledge, we do have quite a bit of work to do before this becomes a reality in our lives. In order for us to begin to understand this concept, and to actually believe that this is possible, we really need to take a look at our Universe and the way we work within this Universe. We must understand that our physical reality may not be quite as it seems, and that what we may see as our reality, may be just a matter of how we view the world. Science is now telling us that our world as we see it is really just an illusion, and that we have the power to change anything just by changing our intent, our focus, and our belief. On this podcast, you discover how to do just that!
Tuesday 5th of February 2013
Becoming an Author ... Sharing Your Uniqueness! Becoming an Author is a fabulous way to share your uniqueness and help you to shine! The shining I am talking about can be anything from being on a stage sharing your writing with thousands, to writing your memoirs to leave for your children, to writing a how to do it book around your special talent or your favourite hobby, or a million and 1 other possibilities. Today, I will be discussing with my expert guest Rose Inserra:How to get started as an author, the basic steps along the way, how to find a writing coach and what a writing coach does to assist the process. We will also discuss self publishing Vs finding a publishing house.
Tuesday 29th of January 2013
The Golden Age So what is the ‘Golden Age’ and what impact does this have on the world, and on us as individuals? This podcast takes out a lot of the jargon and gives you a simple explanation of what is happening on planet earth at this point in time. This is a time of moving from the way things have been to the way they are going to be in the not too distant future. Scientists and historians can now tell us that every ancient mystical text describes the 6th Great Age as a Utopia or a Golden Age. How exciting is that??? But how this Golden Age comes into being, really depends how we handle this change and whether or not we all work as one to bring about peace and harmony. It all depends on each and every one of us doing our bit to raise the consciousness of this planet.
Tuesday 22nd of January 2013
Creating Magical Vibrations of Love! Let’s face it … we all go through stuff in our lives, and quite often we get so caught up in this negative stuff that we end up sitting in it for far too long!! Then the challenge becomes how to lift ourselves out of this negative energy or vibration and move on. Well, on today’s show, we will be sharing with you how to shake off these negative vibes, lift your self into very happy places. This magical energy of love will change your life in so many amazing ways and attract all the people, opportunities, circumstances, and anything else you may need to start whizzing down that road to whatever it is that you desire ... I can already see you popping the champagne to celebrate your arrival!! WooHoo!
Tuesday 15th of January 2013
What is the secret formula to achieving goals, dreams or desires? Yes, there is a Secret Formula, and on this Nature Spirit Speaks radio show I share with listeners this amazing formula to achieve 'Magic Wand Goals'. What are the magic wand goals? Magic wand goals are those dreams and desires that you would love to see happen in your life … if all you had to do was wave a magic wand over yourself and have them happen. Well, you do have that wand, and I explain the secret formula to getting your wand doing loop the loops and sparkling with magic.
Tuesday 8th of January 2013
Do you find balancing everything in your life a challenge and a chore? How do we go about bringing some sort of sense to our lives when trying to balance all the things that we do, and still look after ourselves in ways that will definitely guarantee an improvement in how we live. And what are some very easy and practical ways we can begin doing this? That’s exactly what we discuss on this week's Nature Spirits Speak radio show.
Tuesday 18th of December 2012
Weaving Our Web! What does this mean exactly? We have all begun to spin our web of life whether we know about this or not! Weaving our web simply means pulling together all that we are in this moment, all that we have learned so far in this journey, and all the practical steps we know that we need to take so that the world begins to see our very shiny, sparkling web. Sounds sooooo simple doesn’t it!On this show, I also interview a web builder who gives wonderful, practical advice on how to work the World Wide Web, and fast track you towards achieving your goals and dreams.
Friday 14th of December 2012
Wouldn’t it be great to give ourselves a gift which gives us a huge boost into next year … a step ahead of so many others! On this podcast, I am sharing with you a gift that we quite often do not really want to accept! This gift does not cost a single cent in terms of money, but it is a gift that will bring you a lifetime of happiness and prosperity. So what is this gift? Tune in and find out!!!
Tuesday 4th of December 2012
The Signs are Everywhere! Astrology and more... We are constantly looking and asking for signs that may assist us in our journey towards our dreams and goals, but sometimes these signs seem to be hiding and are so hard to find! Well on this week's show, we are going to help you discover a number of ways to have those signs and secret messages appear so clearly that you cannot possibly miss them. Just imagine having the path laid out before you, the lights on high beam, and all you need to do is follow your personal map!
Tuesday 27th of November 2012
If you are over the challenges and struggles of life, and are ready to give up! Well don't, because on this Nature Spirits Speak show you will discover 7 fabulous solutions that will definitely have you on the road to recovery ... and to living a happy, healthy and empowered life! What is causing those nagging issues that just keep on re-appearing in my life? Why is it when I try to think positively that everything just goes wrong? How can I stop my life from falling down around me? If you have been asking yourself these very same questions, then maybe it is time for you to hear the solutions that really work.The question now becomes, are you going to wait until your soul cries out in desperation? Or are you ready to face the challenges and struggles, and gently embrace them as the perfect signposts which point you in the direction of your brilliance and your happiness. If you are experiencing one problem after another, then it is time to stop and listen to your heart! When you allow your path to be guided by your heart, life will surely become a magical journey filled with blessings you cannot even imagine with your physical mind.
Tuesday 20th of November 2012
For every CHOICE we make there is a consequence!We can of course, stumble through life thinking we don't have a choice, and remain imprisoned by circumstances, people, or our very own thinking! Well, on today's show, I would love to dispel that myth and help you to see that you actually have an infinite number of amazing possibilities at our fingertips ... you just need to how to make different CHOICES!
Tuesday 13th of November 2012
Discover the Metaphysical Symbolism of Feathers! On this week's Nature Spirit Radio Show, I share with you the mystical and magical messages that come to you when Mother Nature bestows on you the wonderful gift of a feather.Unlock the secrets to: What are Feather Nature Spirits? The symbolism of their colors, how to connect to the messages, how to decipher the message, how to put it into action in your life, ... and lots more!
Tuesday 6th of November 2012
If you have been frustrated with your life, and floundering with trying to find how to bring about more wealth, health and happiness into your life, then you might be closer than you think! Quite often, the key to ongoing success is very close at hand. On this Radio Show, discover how to build the strongest foundations to success! Learn from a highly successful business coach ... how to discover your true values, how these impact your life,and how to change your values when necessary!
Tuesday 30th of October 2012
Do You Love Yourself Enough? You will discover the answer on this week's Nature Spirits Speak Radio Show. Sometimes we all need a little assistance in deepening our understanding of how we can begin to love ourselves in ways that allow us to manifest our dreams bigger, better and faster! You will discover ... -where you sit in the 'LOVE YOURSELF' stakes -why it is of the utmost importance to have SELF LOVE -and 7 brilliant and fun ways to truly begin to love yourself
Tuesday 23rd of October 2012
On this Nature Spirits Speak Radio show we discuss all things dreams! It's about unraveling all those frequently asked questions such as: Does everyone dream? What do my dreams mean for me in my life? How can I remember my dreams? What are the most common dreams and what do they mean? To assist with all these questions, I introduce a fabulous guest, Rose Inserra, who is an expert on interpreting dreams and explaining how we go about hearing our dreams and remembering them.
Tuesday 16th of October 2012
What on earth does this mean? Well, this Nature Spirits Speak show is all about sharing with you the ways in which you can look at every situation in your life and find the gift, so that regardless of what is going on around you, you can still put a smile on your face, a spring in your step, and a giggle in your heart! That's right ... how to find the ZIG IN THE ZAG! I know this is a huge ask if you are going through incredible challenges and struggles in your life, but believe me, I do understand and will take you through this process step by easy step.
Tuesday 9th of October 2012
Dispel the Myths Around MEDITATION & Change Your Life! How to find your happy place and make your heart sing like never before! So how do you make your heart sing? On this Nature Spirits Speak Show, I share with you some of the what's, the why's, the when's and how's of Meditation. We break through and dispel some of the myths around meditation, and bring it back to a very simple process which will, in turn, enable you to see unbelievable change in every area of your life! I also be share with you the fabulous benefits in making the practice of meditation an important part of your daily routine.
Tuesday 2nd of October 2012
How to get it ... and keep it!!! When I began my journey out of financial disaster, depression and fear, my big questions were all about this 'growing on the inside' thing that people kept telling me about!!! ... and worse still, insisted on me putting into practise! So I decided that if I was going to do this, then I needed to have some questions answered ... and fast! What does it actually mean to grow on the inside? Why did I need to do this? Why can't I just go out there and make it happen? On this week's Nature Spirits Speak Show, I cover each of these questions and help you to understand that it is not only a good idea to grow within, but also essential to growing your prosperity.
Tuesday 25th of September 2012
Imagine having your very own Magic Wand! How many times have you sat daydreaming of wonderful things and places, etc, and wished that you had a magic wand that you could just wave over yourself, and have all these dreams just appear in front of you in a flash? The exciting truth is, that you do hold that magic wand within you right now! A huge part of having this wand work for you is 'Letting Go and Letting God! On this Nature Spirits Speak Radio Show I share with you the 7 simple steps to Let Go & Let God, which allows you to begin waving your wand!
Thursday 20th of September 2012
Who in this world could do with a little more money in her or his life? If you have answered this question with a resounding "YES", or even a tiny whispered "yes", then this week's Nature Spirits Speak podcast is for you!, I am sharing with you 9 fabulous fun ways to begin the process of manifesting whatever quantity of money you are desiring.
Tuesday 11th of September 2012
So what is my LIFE PURPOSE? And, if I don't know, how do I figure it out? These are the questions I have been asked a million times over by my clients. My advice has been ... well, we better figure it out before you are sent reeling into it!!! What do I mean by that? Sometimes we keep putting it off and putting it off until there comes the time when our soul refuses to let us put it off any longer. That's when our lives get turned on their heads and we are left wondering what on earth is happening! On this week's Nature Spirits Speak, I share with you the simple but effective ways to discover your gift ... YOUR PURPOSE!
Friday 7th of September 2012
Are you ready for more prosperity in your life but not sure how to go about claiming it? Well, on this Nature Spirits Speak Radio Show, I will be sharing with you the 7 tried and true steps that you can take to make this a reality! These are the steps that took me from out of the depths of financial despair, and into living my dreams. It took quite a deal of spiritual growth for me to finally understand that, firstly, wealth, happiness and health were already here for me, and secondly, that I could actually put in a claim to the Universe any time I felt the need ... receive it ... and KEEP IT!!
Tuesday 28th of August 2012
Did you know that only 2% of people truly succeed 'big time' in this life ... and all of them have achieved their success through learning PERSISTENCE. This week on Nature Spirits Speak, I share with you the 6 reasons why most people fail to succeed, and then the 7 most powerful ways of how to grow your persistence until you reach the mountaintop of your dreams. Believe me, I have had to learn this key to success massively over the last few years! The number of times that I have thrown my hands in the air and screamed to the world, 'I give up!' The number of times I have cried tears of frustration and despair! But, after each moment of 'giving up', I knew that I had to just pick myself up one more time, and take one more step towards my powerful desire, believing without a doubt that if I had been given the desire, then I would also be given the means by which to succeed. If I was serious about creating true prosperity in my life ... then I was going to have to learn PERSISTENCE, and keep on keeping on!
Tuesday 21st of August 2012
Yes! Kiss those negative emotions goodbye, and begin to live a life of health, wealth and happiness! Just as the Shamanistic healer enters the spirit world through chanting and dance to heal the patient, it is through our use of music and song that we connect with the Source of all things ... the world of the Great Spirit where true healing takes place. Music is our link between the physical and spiritual worlds, and has the power to produce healing miracles. This podcast from Nature Spirits Speak, shares with you the 9 steps to Emotional Healing. How you too can finally rid yourself of those negative emotions that tie you to a life of stress, anxiety, fear and depression! It is time to live health, wealth and happiness! WooHoo!
Tuesday 14th of August 2012
To get we must first give! What does this mean exactly? Well, in this wonderful world there are Universal Laws that we must abided by whether we like them or not! The truth is, that if we want wonderful things to appear in our life, we must give first … and then we get back!!! The Law of Compensation is one of those MUST KNOW laws, and in this podcast you learn the secrets of using this law to produce miracles in your life!
Tuesday 7th of August 2012
We are all constantly seeing things in our minds eye and then experiencing the results in our physical world ...sometimes these are positive experiences, and sometimes they are quite the opposite! If you would like to visualize, create and experience your heart felt dreams, then you really need to listen to and discover the Secret Ingredients that make your manifestations sizzle with success here on Nature Spirits Speak Radio Show!
Tuesday 31st of July 2012
Do you realise that you have the most amazing power right at your finger tips? It's called your INTUITION. In this show, Geraldine shares with you 7 ways of tapping into this gift and getting the long awaited answers to all those pressing questions. If you have ever had a feeling inside that something was not quite right ... or you have had a feeling that you just had to go with an idea even though it didn't really make sense! Well, this has been your intuition at work. It is your unconscious mind or the spiritual part of of you, speaking to you. With the help of Nature Spirits, you too can grow your intuitive powers.
Tuesday 24th of July 2012
As Peter pan discovered, thinking happy thoughts was the magic to enable him to fly! But as we know, sometimes being happy can be quite a challenge, particularly if we are going through trying times in our lives. In this show you will not only discover 7 amazing benefits of finding happiness, but also the 3 most wonderful, practical ways of putting happiness back into your life. So get ready to fly!
Tuesday 17th of July 2012
Nature Spirit brings to you some fabulous ideas of how we can change those pesky little negative thoughts, that keep us chained to worry, stress, and fear, into positive thoughts where every day is filled with magic … and we can begin right in this very moment!
Tuesday 10th of July 2012
Introduction to metaphysical and emotional healing through interaction with Nature Spirit. Geraldine discusses the questions ... How do I begin every day? Is the sky of my life lit up with colours of passion, excitement and joy, or do I just drag yesterday into today? She then gives the practical steps to take in order to see today and everyday as a brand new beginning.