Wednesday 7th of April 2021
Great show with Sen. Connie Johnson! We discuss everything from the Democratic Party and voters in Oklahoma to justice reform and women's rights. We also discuss how to utilize the upcoming governor's election in Oklahoma to promote a true People's platform. This show is also available on Livestream at Red State Revolt on Facebook.
Tuesday 30th of March 2021
Mark Faulk is joined by dedicated Community Advocate Sara Bana, we open with her speaking at today's OK County Jail Trust meeting and then discuss the inhumane treatment of those held in the county jail, which has led to numerous deaths and years of rampant mistreatment of those confined in County. Bedbugs, roaches, black mold, medical neglect, raw sewage in cells, overcrowding, this is a crisis that will not go quietly away.
Wednesday 24th of March 2021
Mark's guest today is Rev. Christine Byrd, one of Oklahoma Democratic Party's most knowledgeable and dedicated icons. Christine announces her candidacy for State Chair of the OK Democratic Party, we discuss Oklahoma politics at the local, county, and state levels and what needs to happen to unite the Democratic Party and win over Oklahoma voters.
Wednesday 17th of March 2021
What's it like being the first nonbinary, Muslim POC ever in the conservative-dominated Oklahoma State Legislature? We are joined by Oklahoma Rep. Mauree Turner, who shares their experiences as an incoming legislator. Rep. Turner also talks about the plethora of unconstitutional and harmful bills being pushed through this session.
Wednesday 10th of March 2021
We had Oklahoma State Rep. Mauree Turner scheduled, but she was kept late (yet again) in legislative session. Instead, I talked about self-care and why we are still struggling even as we (hopefully) near the end of the pandemic. Racism caused by blood sugar levels, police charged with manslaughter in two OKC killings, pandemic protocol abandoned in Oklahoma, yes, there are plenty of things to stress us all out. Breathe in, breathe out.
Sunday 28th of February 2021
We are joined by Greg Johnson, owner of the legendary Blue Door, an Oklahoma City music venue for almost 30 years. Steeped in music and not afraid to be political in a red state, we discuss music and politics, as well as how he has survived a year of being closed during the pandemic. The good news is, the Blue Door will return, hopefully late this year.
Wednesday 24th of February 2021
What will it take to turn Oklahoma from Republican to Democrat? We are joined by Alicia Andrews, who is running for re-election as OK Democratic Party State Chair. We talk about state vs. local politics, rural vs. urban, and Democratic values vs. Republican promises, along with a host of other timely topics. For more information about upcoming ODP elections, go to:
Wednesday 10th of February 2021
Red State Revolt is joined by Political Analyst Crystal Davis,we discuss the recent municipal elections in Oklahoma and the OKC metro area. What went wrong, and how can we do better moving forward? All politics are local.
Tuesday 2nd of February 2021
Thank you OKC Council Ward 4 candidate Sam Wargin Grimaldo for being on Red State Revolt! We discuss a variety of issues, including gentrification, police accountability, education, the pandemic, and public transportation. Sean Cummings called in around 5:45 before hosting a Facebook Live event at 6:30 on his personal page. DON'T FORGET TO VOTE TUESDAY! Sam Wargin Grimaldo
Wednesday 27th of January 2021
We discuss the importance of municipal elections to bring about change in Oklahoma, and talk about the upcoming Feb. 9th municipal elections in OKC and Edmond, as well as updates on COVID-19 and stimulus packages. For the second half of the show we are joined by Megan Scott, candidate for OKC Council in the crowded 9 person Ward 1 election. She talks about her approach to building a government that supports ALL of its citizens, and not just those with privilege and power, as well as her thoughts on combatting homelessness, mental health issues, police violence, and other keys issues in Oklahoma City.
Wednesday 13th of January 2021
We are joined by Senator Connie Johnson and filmmaker Jaybe Holiday as we put 2020 to rest and discuss what has already happened in the first two weeks of 2021, and what needs to happen next in Oklahoma and America. COVID, Capitol right wing extremists terrorist attacks, vaccines, voting, civil rights, drug reform, we cover it all in our first show of 2021.
Wednesday 16th of December 2020
For our last show of 2020, we are joined by Sean Cummings, business owner and community advocate. After an update on yet another record week of COVID-19 cases and vaccine news, we discuss the successful 6-month battle to return CARES Act money to OK County businesses and people struggling because of the pandemic, as well as Sean's announcement that he is running for State Chair of the Oklahoma Democratic Party.
Tuesday 1st of December 2020
My guests are Sara Bana and Adriana Laws, we have an in-depth discussion about the excessive violence perpetrated by the OKC Police Department, and specifically the case of police killing 15 year-old Stavian Rodriguez. Our city is consistently 2nd in the nation in police killing their citizens, and Oklahoma is 1st in the nation in incarceration. It's all interconnected: police violence, corrupt prosecutors, school-to-prison pipeline, mass incarceration, a broken justice system, poverty, and the lack of resources for those in need.
Wednesday 18th of November 2020
We talk about recent events in Oklahoma, from record numbers of COVID victims, OKC police still indiscriminately killing citizens, and CARES Act money finally making its way to those in need in OK County. Victor Gorin calls in to give us a little hope when it comes to Oklahoma politics.
Saturday 31st of October 2020
We are joined by Charles de Coune, candidate for Oklahoma County Court Clerk, we discuss important issues to OK County, including how county money is spent, the current lack of transparency in OK County government, and the BLM movement. This is a important interview for those of you who haven't voted yet! Check out Charles' website at
Wednesday 14th of October 2020
In the first half of the show, Mark Faulk breaks down all the candidates, state questions, judges' elections, and OKC municipal questions. In the second half, Mark is Joined by Moral Monday activist Chris Johnson as we discuss OK County Commissioner Kevin Calvey and the controversy of kicking ICE out of the County Jail. Do the County Commissioners or the Jail Trust have the authority to decide whether ICE stays or leaves?
Wednesday 7th of October 2020
With guests Sen. Connie Johnson, and Adriana Laws with the Collegiate Freedom and Justice Coalition. We discuss everything from justice reform to upcoming elections. It's a little noisy in there, you can also watch it on LiveStream at
Wednesday 9th of September 2020
We discuss Spencer's campaign to unseat incumbent Brian Maughan, beginning with the theft in broad daylight of nearly $40 million in CARES Act money orchestrated by Maughan and fellow commissioner Kevin Calvey. With Oklahoma listed 4th in the nation for financial distress, it's clear that the majority of that money could have been used to help those in need (as it was earmarked for), instead of being used to remodel the lobby at the County Jail. We also discuss the need for a new jail and better accountability of county expenditures. VOTE NOVEMBER 3rd or VOTE EARLY!
Wednesday 26th of August 2020
Mark Faulk is joined by activist Jess Eddy, founder of Whites Against Racism (WAR). We discuss upcoming events, the recent activist movement on Oklahoma City, and how white allies can become more involved in direct action by our black and brown brothers and sisters that is actually bringing about real change.
Thursday 23rd of July 2020
We are joined by teacher/activists Nadine Gallagher and Amanda Jeffers. We discuss the various plans being introduced by Oklahoma school districts, how teachers and administrators are coping with the risks involved, and what parents and student can do to be prepared and stay safe this coming school year in the age of COVID-19.
Thursday 9th of July 2020
Mark Faulk is joined by Brenda Golden with the Society to Protect Indigenous Rights & Indigenous Treaties. We discuss their upcoming sit-in at the Oklahoma Land Run Memorial on Saturday, July 11th at 200 Centennial Ave., and the Supreme Court decision that effectively restores over half of Oklahoma to Tribal reservations. S.P.I.R.I.T. works to educate the Oklahoma public school system on the factual and truthful history of the removal and relocation of 39+ tribes to Indian Territory.
Thursday 25th of June 2020
Host Mark Faulk opens the show with a rant on the lack of action by Oklahoma's governor and mayors in the midst of a huge COVID-19 spike. He is joined by Adriana Isis with The Collegiate Freedom and Justice Coalition to discuss the renewed fight against police aggression and violence and for increased civil rights for People of Color. We close with a discussion on diversity of tactics: how grassroots activism must include a political revolution as well.
Thursday 18th of June 2020
Mark Faulk discusses Mayor David Holt's handling of the police budget, or as the Mayor likes to call it: "eliminating the police." We are ioined by guest Jaybe Holiday, who gives us real talk about Juneteenth, the Trump rally in Tulsa, the COVID spike, and the upcoming election. And don't forget the gun show in Tulsa this weekend as well. What could possibly go wrong? Everything.
Thursday 4th of June 2020
Mark Faulk discusses recent protests in Oklahoma City, including the arrest of 27 peaceful protestors the first night of protesting, including RSR host Mark Faulk. Activist Jess Eddy (also arrested the first evening of protests) calls in for the second half of the show. We discuss ongoing issues of violence with OKCPD.
Tuesday 19th of May 2020
We are joined by Mauree Turner, Democratic candidate for House District 88 in Oklahoma, She is challenging incumbent Jason Dunnington to represent the most progressive seat in the Oklahoma legislature. We talk about her reasons for running and her positions on the issues, and what sets her apart from her fellow Democrat. Mark Faulk closes with a discussion of the importance of voting in the midst of a pandemic, so that we can do better in future crises.
Wednesday 13th of May 2020
We are joined by U.S. Senate candidate Elysabeth Britt, who is challenging incumbent Jim Inhofe and 3 other primary opponents. We discuss her position on the issues, as well as the challenges of running during a pandemic. I open the show discussing the dire straits of our country, and the need for all of us to rise up and take our country back.
Wednesday 6th of May 2020
Community activist Paula Sophia is recovering from one of the more severe cases of COVID-19 I've seen in OKC. We discuss how to recognize when you or a loved one has it, how to deal with it when they (or you) have COVID-19, and how to lower the risk of catching it. This is real, and it is serious! One correction from the show: I said that Oklahoma SB 210, now signed into law, would allow absentee voters to send a photocopy of an ID instead of having to get their absentee ballot notarized. That is ONLY during a pandemic. Otherwise, we're right back where we started: NOTARY REQUIRED IN OKLAHOMA FOR ALL ABSENTEE BALLOTS!
Wednesday 29th of April 2020
Thank you, HD 94 Rep. Andy Fugate for helping us maneuver Oklahoma's unemployment system, voting by mail and other intricacies of pandemic Oklahoma.
Wednesday 22nd of April 2020
We are joined by Oklahoma State Democratic Party Chair Alicia Andrews and ODP Executive Director Scott Hamilton as we discuss Democratic politics in a pandemic, Biden vs. Trump and personal choice, and the importance of voting in state, county, and city elections.
Wednesday 8th of April 2020
One day after Bernie Sanders suspends his campaign, we are joined by three of the hardest working Bernie volunteers in Oklahoma, Rio Byerly, Nadine Gallagher, and Amanda Volner. We discuss Bernie's unexpected announcement, whether Biden will even make it to the finish line as the Democratic Party nominee, if our three guests (and millions who are currently disillusioned with party politics as usual) will officially leave the Democratic Party, and if a third party is becoming a viable alternative.
Wednesday 1st of April 2020
Mark Faulk discusses the COVID-19 pandemic, how we have failed and are still failing in our approach to helping those most in need, along with practical advice on how to receive stimulus money. We are joined by Mary Francis, who, along with many other discouraged Americans, is ready for a third party movement and an environmental revolution.
Tuesday 24th of March 2020
Red State Revolt welcomes OKC Ward 2 Councilman James Cooper to the coronavirus pandemic in OKC and Oklahoma, and what the State, City, and its allies are doing to minimize the harm caused by this once-in-a-century pandemic. Also, host Mark Faulk announces the results of his own test for COVID-19 after a nine day wait and 13 days in quarantine.
Tuesday 17th of March 2020
Join Mark Faulk after 7 days in quarantine, while he waits for results from being tested last Tuesday for CORVID-19 (coronavirus). Already confirmed to have strep, he has pointers and a patient's perspective on how to stay disinfected and sane in uncertain times and the age of social distancing.
Wednesday 4th of March 2020
Mark Faulk opens the show with a breakdown of the seismic shift in the Democratic primary, then we're joined by our guest Friday Chamberlain, internationally known model, actor, and now beekeeper in California. Their story represents everything that is both right and wrong with America, the land of both opportunity and tragedy. It's not just those standing closest to the cliff that are threatened by our broken healthcare system.
Wednesday 26th of February 2020
We are joined by Dr. Ed Shadid to discuss Super Tuesday (vote like your life depends on it), the pandemic coronavirus and how to prepare for it, and the 1/8 cent OKC Parks Initiative to create a designated revenue for all 150 city parks, to build restrooms, facilities, low cost and free programs for the arts, music, sports, theater, yoga, maybe even eventually rebuild our water parks.
Wednesday 19th of February 2020
Our guest is Oklahoma's own Rev. Jesse Jackson. After technical difficulties early on (sorry about that), we discuss everything from Trump to Bernie to the Democratic Party status quo, and the potential for another '68 Chicago Convention if the DNC power brokers try to rig the election.
Wednesday 12th of February 2020
Flying solo this week, Mark Faulk discusses the difference between buying an election and building a revolution. We get into Bloomberg's destructive tenure as mayor of NYC, Bernie bros, and speaking truth to power.
Tuesday 4th of February 2020
Mark's guests are Kim Gibson and Derenda Hancock, co-founders of co-founders of We Engage, a reproductive justice nonprofit in Jackson, MS. We discuss current legislation that will criminalize abortion in Oklahoma, the continual assault on abortion clinics throught the country and Roe v. Wade, and how right-wing extremists are using God to trump the Constitution. We also talk about an upcoming pro-choice protest at the Oklahoma State Capitol.
Sunday 2nd of February 2020
We are joined by activist Tangerine Bolen, founder of Revolution Truth and Dr. Peter Cohen, anthropologist and founder of Humanity for Palestine. We discuss the battle between the neoliberal power structure in both parties and the grassroots, people driven movement of the Bernie Sanders campaign, and how it could affect the future of America, among other topics.
Wednesday 15th of January 2020
Tune in as I lay out the strengths of the top tier Democratic Presidential candidates, the national polling, state polling in the first four states (and Oklahoma), and my unscientific predictions on the outcome of the first four states and Oklahoma. I also break down the process of how states elect delegates, and how our nominee will be elected at the national convention. It's not as simple as you might think.
Wednesday 8th of January 2020
We are joined by guests Sara Bana, Serena Prammanasudh, Cynthia Jrab, and August Guidry who discuss serious ongoing issues at OK County Jail, including neglect (and worse) of juveniles held there. We also talk about the County's direct relationship with ICE, and possible solutions to our decades long jail problem.
Wednesday 18th of December 2019
After losing too many close friends and Oklahoma activists, we put 2019 to rest and look forward to what could be one of the most important years in American history. We are joined by Nadine Gallagher, who calls in to discuss homelessness in OKC and how we can help.
Wednesday 11th of December 2019
OKC Councilman James Cooper and OKC activist Steve Hunt join us to talk about the just approved MAPS 4 sales tax, where much is promised but nothing is set in stone. Will we get what we need, or just what the millionaires want?
Tuesday 12th of November 2019
Mark Faulk begins the show with "Dear..." a new segment calling out anyone who needs a reality check. Today's segment was "Dear Democrats". We are joined by activist and owner of Nappy Roots Books Camille Landry to discuss open carry without a license in Oklahoma and the almost certain consequences, especially to people of color.
Wednesday 30th of October 2019
We are joined by environmental activists Matthew Salcido and Gant Roberson, co-founders of Environmental Justice Coalition of Oklahoma. We discuss the urgency of the global environmental crisis that we face, direct action, and how we as activists and even people looking to get involved can contribute to the efforts to save the world.
Wednesday 23rd of October 2019
It's an open mic show! Nadine Gallagher calls in to discuss the media's tendency to dismiss Bernie Sanders as a viable candidate, and his post-health scare remarkable comeback. Jaybe Holiday calls in to talk about upcoming events and the ongoing battle to end police violence in Oklahoma and across America.
Wednesday 16th of October 2019
Live in the Living Room. We are joined by social justice activists Grace Franklin, A Jafar Cooper, and Sheri Dickerson, as we discuss the ever-escalating crisis of police violence against people of color. #BlackLivesMatter #OKCArtists4Justice
Wednesday 9th of October 2019
We are joined by guests Vicki Esters-Lewis and Troy Lewis, parents of Isaiah Lewis, and Sheri Dickerson, Executive Director of Black Lives Matter OK. This will be their first public appearance since OK County District Attorney David Prater decided NOT to prosecute the Edmond Police officers who shot and killed 17-year-old Isaiah Lewis, while he was unarmed and naked.Our hearts are with them as they deal with unimaginable tragedy.
Wednesday 7th of August 2019
Co-Hosts Mark Faulk and Cate Howell are joined by Nadine Gallagher as we discuss the demise of Oklahoma and America. Good times.
Thursday 18th of July 2019
Tuesday 9th of July 2019
In an especially titillating episode, we veer off from politics and talk nonmonogamy and polyamory with special guest Janet W. Hardy, coauthor of the groundbreaking book The Ethical Slut (among many others). We talk jealousy, She's Gotta Have It, out-of-body experiences, and an incident involving fisting. Download one of our most entertaining episodes yet!
Thursday 4th of July 2019
Tuesday 25th of June 2019
We are joined by Josh Visnaw, Oklahoma Campaign Coordinator for the Bernie Sanders, to discuss the Bernie 2020 campaign in depth, and Oklahoma in particular. Bernie is the first Democratic candidate on the ground with paid staff in Oklahoma.
Wednesday 19th of June 2019
Les U. Knight, "finder" of the Voluntary Human Extinction Movement, joins us to discuss what exactly his mission is and why he and his collective of likeminded people have evaluated that the world would be better off without more humans.
Wednesday 12th of June 2019
Nadine Gallagher, former chair of CD 5, joins us to discuss what happened at the Oklahoma Democratic Party State Convention and why we and several others are filing formal challenges to the DNC.
Wednesday 5th of June 2019
Ed Shadid and host Mark Faulk discuss the initiative petition process in Oklahoma City (and how you can get involved), the changing demographics of our city council, and the disconnect between our elected officials and the progressive populace in OKC. Later, I talk about this weekend's historic election of new state officers for the Oklahoma Democratic Party.
Tuesday 21st of May 2019
Host Mark Faulk is joined by Jess Eddy and Levi Hilliard, victims of sexual harassment from former OU President David Boren and/or VP Tripp Hall. We expose the the culture of sexual coercion, bribery, and corruption within the OU administration, and discuss what should (and might) happen next.
Monday 13th of May 2019
After an opening update of the Isaiah Lewis shooting in Edmond, Oklahoma, we are joined by Jonathon Simon, election forensics expert and author of Code Red: Computerized Elections and the War on American Democracy. We discuss the upcoming 2020 election and the likelihood that there will be vote tampering of electronic voting systems.
Wednesday 8th of May 2019
We are joined by Christine Byrd, one of three announced candidates for State Chair of the Oklahoma Democratic Party, who resigned days ago after serving 12 years at ODP in a variety of positions, most recently as State Outreach Director. We discuss everything from her plans to turn the party around to racism, unity, and rural Democrats.
Tuesday 30th of April 2019
We are joined by hip hop artist and activist Jabee Williams, filmmaker/activist Jaybe Holiday, and social justice activists Grace Franklin and A. Jafar Cooper with OKC Artists for Justice join us to discuss the senseless killing of 17 year-old teenager Isaiah Lewis and the culture of police violence that exists in Oklahoma and across America. Isaiah's uncle Paul Tramble calls in to talk about Isaiah's life and the many unanswered questions about his death. What now?
Tuesday 23rd of April 2019
I spend the greater part of the hour talking about the presidential primaries and calling out status quo Democrats for once again working to discredit liberal Democrats who now make over half of Democrats in America. #WeAreTheMainstream.
Wednesday 17th of April 2019
Alicia Andrews joins us to discuss her candidacy for Oklahoma Democratic Party Chair, and former Oklahoma Gubernatorial candidate Chris Powell talks about catastrophic issues at the OK County Jail and how to solve them.
Wednesday 10th of April 2019
Live in the living room, we have a lively discussion with former OK Democratic Party employee and OK County Democratic Party secretary Christine Faulkner about the events at the County Convention and the future of the Democratic Party.
Tuesday 26th of March 2019
After an extremely disturbing racist, transphobic, xenophobic, anti-indigenous, and anti-Asian graffiti incident at Oklahoma Democratic and Oklahoma County Democratic Headquarters, we invited BLM Executive Director and ODP Chair candidate Sheri Dickerson over to discuss the day's events, which included both of us and dozens of others cleaning up Nazi and white supremacist graffiti all afternoon, then ended with an in-depth discussion about racism in OKC and throughout Oklahoma. New Freedom Oklahoma ED Allie Shinn (who we will have back as a guest on a future show) stopped by for a few minutes as well.
Tuesday 19th of March 2019
Former mayoral candidate and local activist Steve Hunt joins us to discuss OKC municipal politics, including MAPs 4, recent (and future) city council elections, and his candidacy that was cut short by a questionable technicality.
Sunday 17th of February 2019
Call it what you want, the OKC Public Schools Pathway to Greatness plan has sparked controversy across all demographics in our community. Mark Faulk attended the presentation of the final choice to be voted on March 4th. Spoiler alert: it's Plan B, 15 schools closing, many others being moved around like musical chairs. But as always, the devil is in the details. ALSO: our first article posted on, written by Cate Wilde. Read it here:
Tuesday 12th of February 2019
In a slam dunk show, Black Lives Matter OK Executive Director Sheri Dickerson joins us to discuss the Pathway to Privatization, the incident regarding Shay White, a KKK member, and the Equality Center, and -- big announcement right here on RSR -- her candidacy for Oklahoma Democratic Party Chair.
Sunday 27th of January 2019
In our continuing coverage of the Oklahoma City municipal elections of 2019, we welcome Ward 2 candidate Mike Dover, long time Executive Director of Variety Health Center. The election is February 12th, VOTE!
Wednesday 23rd of January 2019
In our continuing coverage of the Oklahoma City municipal elections of 2019, we welcome mental health services worker and advocate JoBeth Hamon on first, running for Ward 6 (currently occupied by homeless-hater Meg Salyer). After that, James Cooper, candidate for Ward 2 (currently occupied by recurring guest and progressive champ Dr. Ed Shadid), joins us for a candid discussion regarding campaign finance concerns and his vision for the city.
Wednesday 16th of January 2019
2-for-1 Thursday with OKC Council Ward 6 candidate Jim Holman and Ward 5 candidate Kristina Hull. We discuss the some of the issues that matter to OKC voters. The primary election for OKC City Council (as well as most municipal elections around the state) is February 12. VOTE!!!
Wednesday 9th of January 2019
This is our first episode interviewing a few Oklahoma City Council Candidates before the election on February 12. Lauren Durmus, candidate for Ward 8, is our first guest of the series. She is running against conservative incumbent Mark Stonecipher. Listen to the podcast or watch the Facebook livestream!
Tuesday 1st of January 2019
We say goodbye to 2018, mourning the bad while celebrating the involvement and triumphs of the thousands of women who helped change the face of American politics, hopefully forever. Susan Smith, Chair of the Kiowa County Democrats calls in to discuss the challenges of rebooting the Democratic Party in rural counties in Oklahoma, lessons which can be applied to any rural areas in our slowly evolving state.
Wednesday 12th of December 2018
Red State Revolt begins it's coverage of the 2019 municipal elections with Bethany City Council candidate Amanda Sandoval. Mark opens with a discussion about the recent cracks on Wall Street and who really profits from the stock market, and closes with comments about charter schools and local control.
Wednesday 5th of December 2018
Hear the updates of the upcoming city council races and a surprise special guest in the second segment: Casey Holcomb, candidate for Ward 3 in Norman. In an attempt to "convert Norman" in preparation for the "Great Transition", his platform includes converting the city to the metric system and escalating the war on the poor -- all in the name of the "Most High".
Monday 26th of November 2018
With OKC Public Schools discussing the potential closing of several neighborhood schools, upcoming filings for school board elections, a Republican Party County chair calling for abolishing public education altogether, and yet another pro-privatization governor, Oklahoma is in a war to save public education.
Wednesday 7th of November 2018
We break down the Oklahoma election results, discuss why Oklahoma County and CD5 outperformed the rest of the state, and why prominent Democrats chose to endorse Republicans.
Tuesday 30th of October 2018
We discuss the all-important Nov.t midterm election with Our Revolution OK Outreach & Communications Chair Rena Guay and OROK endorsed Oklahoma legislature candidates Amanda Jeffers and Zach Pearson. Oklahoma has a solid slate of progressive candidates running for office this year, and voting is more important than ever.
Wednesday 24th of October 2018
Join us with guest Jordan Redman, political operative and researcher, as she breaks down the judicial races coming up on the November 6 ballot. The full document can be read here.
Tuesday 2nd of October 2018
We talk about the importance of the upcoming Nov. 6th election, called by Dan Rather "the most important midterm election in the history of America". Mark Myles, the Red State Revolt endorsed Democratic candidate for Attorney General, calls in for the second half of the show to update our viewers on his campaign.
Wednesday 26th of September 2018
While the Brett Kavanaugh Supreme Court nomination is on everyone's mind, Deon Devon Osborne, young advocate and filmmaker, joins us to discuss criminal justice reform, police oversight, and retroactive sentencing for SQ 788.
Wednesday 5th of September 2018
This week, we discuss Buddhism and how elevating social consciousness can change the world with SGI Buddhists Dianna Freeland and Earl Cook. The Lipns of Justice Festival this month seeks to gather 50,000 young people to become warriors for justice. Livestream available on Facebook.
Wednesday 22nd of August 2018
Our pre-runoff show in which we discuss upcoming races. Guest Crystal Davis joins us by phone.
Wednesday 15th of August 2018
Dr. Daniela Busciglio, founder of DFB Consulting, sits down with us to talk about the psychology and neuroscience of political messaging and its practical applications. The Right so far has dominated the narrative with messaging techniques, but the Left has a golden opportunity during this election cycle -- if we are ready to employ effective tactics. Find out from a linguistics expert what techniques we can use to win our elections.
Thursday 9th of August 2018
Our Live in the Living Room guests this week are Nikki Nice, candidate for OKC Council Ward 7, and John Bilbury, her campaign manager. Nikki hosts a talk radio show and is an active member of multiple organizations designed to uplift the community. She has our full support and endorsement. Please visit her site, volunteer, and donate what you can at
Thursday 2nd of August 2018
Mark is "in a mood" this episode, first railing against Harold Hamm and every other alleged "pro-business" entity that threw tens of thousands of dollars into the anti-788 group. Victor, our favorite regular caller, calls in for clarification about the intent of these groups, and Mark explains how the scheme is all connected.
Then, Proud Boys are back with a goal to find common ground. Glenn Girone acts as a representative to discuss the issues with Mark. Privatization schemes, corporate welfare, and extortion of labor are all debated and discussed in the second half of the show.
Thursday 26th of July 2018
This episode, we were thrilled to welcome Sara Cunningham, author and founder of Free Mom Hugs, a new nonprofit dedicated to "educating families, church and civil leaders, and not only affirming the value of the LGBTQ+ community, but celebrating it." Sara tells us her fascinating story of being a Christian mother who had to overcome her own ingrained biases in order to fully love and accept her gay son, Parker. This week, she went viral and made national headlines by volunteering to be a stand-in mom for any LGBTQ+ individual whose actual mom won't attend their wedding. You can support Sara and Free Mom Hugs on their Facebook page or by taking home a copy of Sara's book, "How We Sleep At Night: A Mother's Memoir".
Thursday 19th of July 2018
In this episode, Proud Boys, a "fraternal organization of Western chauvinists who are definitely NOT aggressive jingoists emboldening violence against 'non-patriots'" gets to have a representative on the show. We were going to have Andrew Duncombe, AKA Black Rebel, AKA Black Confederate Enthusiast on to talk about all that, but he wasn't available at the time of broadcast. So instead, we have JL, who interviewed David Hogg about gun control one time. Things get weird. After that, Mark and Matt from Red Dirt Defense, a Leftist activist and outreach group, run through those arguments and attitudes with a fine-tooth comb.
Thursday 12th of July 2018
In this episode, we talk with Crystal Davis about what's going on with the 788 obstructionist regulations that will definitely be going to court.
Thursday 28th of June 2018
Following an intense and interesting primary election, one of our absolute favorite recurring guests Ashley Nicole McCray, Indigenous activist and academic, joins us Live in the Living Room to discuss her stunning upset in a 4-way election for Corporation Commissioner and the historic implications of her candidacy.
Then, at the halfway mark, we bring on Shay White from House District 77 by phone to talk about her rigorous campaign and the missed opportunity to elect a progressive woman of color who represents the values and demographics of north Tulsa.
Thursday 21st of June 2018
Welcome to the Pride 2018 edition of Red State Revolt!
With our esteemed guest Lori Honeycutt, president of nonprofit OKC Pride, we cover the recent resignation of Freedom Oklahoma Executive Director Troy Stevenson, the origination of Pride starting with the Stonewall Uprising, and the tumultuous relationship between the LGBTQ2 community and the entire Republican Party.

RETRACTION: In our Pride show, it was mentioned that we had spoken with someone from Women Lead, but this was a misunderstanding. The individual we've been in communications with is not an employee of Women Lead but is associated with Freedom Oklahoma. We apologize for the error.
Thursday 14th of June 2018
Red State Revolt welcomes Kendra Horn, our final interview in the Congressional District 5 Democratic Primary series. We discuss the changing tide among rank-and-file Republicans and the candidate's stance on some progressive issues. She expresses that we must hold Republican leadership accountable for the way they have treated the LGBTQ2 community, and what can expect from her in Washington.
Thursday 7th of June 2018
June 6th was the anniversary of Robert F. Kennedy's assassination. Mark is inspired by a revelation he wants to share with everyone.

From Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr:

"First, I must confess that over the past few years I have been gravely disappointed with the white moderate. I have almost reached the regrettable conclusion that the Negro’s great stumbling block in his stride toward freedom is not the White Citizen’s Council-er or the Ku Klux Klanner, but the white moderate, who is more devoted to “order” than to justice; who prefers a negative peace which is the absence of tension to a positive peace which is the presence of justice; who constantly says: “I agree with you in the goal you seek, but I cannot agree with your methods of direct action”; who paternalistically believes he can set the timetable for another man’s freedom; who lives by a mythical concept of time and who constantly advises the Negro to wait for a “more convenient season.” Shallow understanding from people of good will is more frustrating than absolute misunderstanding from people of ill will. Lukewarm acceptance is much more bewildering than outright rejection."
Thursday 24th of May 2018
We're happy to welcome Ed Porter to the show to discuss his campaign and progressive message.
Thursday 17th of May 2018
Great show with our guest Chuck Tyler, discussing Democratic strategies going into the 2018 elections. Check out him out at
Thursday 3rd of May 2018
Mark Faulk discusses the issues and the upcoming Oklahoma Congressional District 5 primary with Democratic candidate Tom Guild.
Thursday 26th of April 2018
Join us for our first installment of our Congressional District 5 Democratic primary series! We start with guest Elysabeth Britt, transgender military veteran with a background in social services and a comprehensive plan for Congress. We address the issues and strategy, but also the missed opportunity of a major LGBTQ organization to further the cause of equal representation. You can view her website here. Download now and catch us next week for our next guest! NEW TIME is from 5PM to 6PM CST!
Thursday 12th of April 2018
Candidate filing week! We have so far a RECORD number of candidates filing (with every single seat in Oklahoma County filled - no Republican will go unchallenged in OK County for this cycle). The Blue Wave is real, and it's washing over Oklahoma at a rapid time.
Thursday 5th of April 2018
Tyson Meade, musical influence to Kurt Cobain and Billy Corgan, throws his hat in the ring for the 5th Congressional District race and announces it HERE first, on Red State Revolt. Find out more about his views and his plans for the race.
Thursday 29th of March 2018
Election theft expert Jonathan Simon is back on Red State Revolt to warn us that the misgivings of 2016 was just the beginning. Now we've entered scenario that doesn't seem to have much opportunity for a positive outcome -- unless we take action now. Or years ago.
Thursday 22nd of March 2018
Christine Byrd, longtime Oklahoma Democratic Party employee and stalwart and candidate for Senate 48 in Oklahoma, opens up about her past experiences and personal trials and tribulations, her campaign for the senate, and issues of race in the progressive community in Oklahoma. A fierce and outspoken warrior for all Oklahomans, Christine is the epitome of what a representative of the People should look like.
Thursday 15th of March 2018
Two high school student activists, MyKaela Salcido and Kennedy Denton, join us to discuss the March For Our Lives and National School Walkout to demand gun law reform and end gun violence against our youth. The march on the capitol is March 24 at 11 am at the OK County Election Board. We expect to see you there.
Thursday 1st of March 2018
Joining us for this episode are Ellen Stackable, the Executive Director of Poetic Justice, and Abby Woodhead, longtime volunteer. The nonprofit seeks to improve the lives of incarcerated women by encouraging the creation of and publishing their original poetry and spoken word. They are touring the state right now and seek to show their documentary, Grey Matters, in all 77 counties before the general election in November.

Please like their social media pages, Poetic Justice and Into the Heartland, and visit their website ( You can donate to their efforts and buy their poetry books on Etsy.
Thursday 22nd of February 2018
Sara Bana, advocate with Ending Violence Everywhere (EVE), discusses the culture of violence in Oklahoma and the United States in light of the tragic school shooting in Florida that killed 17 people this week.
Thursday 15th of February 2018
Join our guest Steve Hunt as we discuss what's next for progressivism in Oklahoma City with new mayor David Holt.
Thursday 8th of February 2018
Brett Dickerson of Oklahoma City Free Press shares his perspective on the OKC mayor's race, Step Up Oklahoma, and the importance of ownership in journalism.
Thursday 25th of January 2018
In a fascinating dialogue of current events, Mark welcomes Kyle Callard, a parent of a student of John Rex Elementary Charter School. The parents have formed a resistance to have Kirk Humphreys removed from the board based on his recent homophobic, sexist, and racist remarks. We discuss the plan moving forward to get rid of Kirk Humphreys.
Thursday 18th of January 2018
New guest Norman city council member Stephen Tyler Holman details his experience as the general manager of The Friendly Market, a glass pipe shop that was illegally raided and subjected to civil asset forfeiture at the hands of the Norman PD.
Thursday 11th of January 2018
2018 is the year of Revolt in Oklahoma. Download to hear about what you can do to help and find out what others are doing to make our state a better place.
Thursday 21st of December 2017
Mark Faulk has just been appointed chair of the Oklahoma County Democratic Party. Join the conversation with 5th District chair Nadine Gallagher as we discuss our plans for molding the party into one of action versus one of good intentions.
Thursday 14th of December 2017
Join the conversation with Scott Carr of Native America Action to find out more about what's going on in the Native community and what we can do to help.
Thursday 7th of December 2017
Open Mic Show with callers Retired Marine John Pettyjohn, SD 27 candidate Amber Jensen, and sexual assault survivor Pamela Smtih. Thank you all for making this a great show!
Thursday 30th of November 2017
Our guest is Allison Ikley-Freeman, who made national headlines when she won the Oklahoma Senate 37 seat in a special election. We discuss the strategy behind her monumental victory, how it can replicated in future elections in Oklahoma, and the challenges she will face in Oklahoma's dysfunctional legislature. I open with a purposely vague overview of how the rights of Oklahomans to petition their government are being threatened, and close with a rant intended to move Oklahomans and Americans to action.
Thursday 16th of November 2017
Chris Powell, Libertarian candidate for governor, joins us to dischss the 2 party system and the challenges and opportunities facing the Libertarian party.
Thursday 2nd of November 2017
Thursday 26th of October 2017
In this edition of Red State Revolt, special guests Executive Director of Freedom Oklahoma Troy Stevenson and Democratic Party 5th District Chair Nadine Gallagher return to our studio to discuss the current budget deal on the table, Scott Inman dropping out of the gubernatorial race, the mayoral race, and more.
Thursday 12th of October 2017
On our FIRST edition of Red State Women, Cate Wilde hosts a compelling conversation between two powerful and active women of color:

Sara Bana, an Iranian "child of war" and a founding member of a number of coalitions, namely E.V.E. (Ending Violence Everywhere) and P.A.C.T. Initiative (Police And Community Trust), seeking to create transparency and accountability between law enforcement and the people.

Ashley McCray, a Lakota and Absentee Shawnee activist leading the charge of Indigenous communities to combat white settler terrorism in the form of destructive oil pipelines.

Hear what these incredible women are doing in your backyard.
Thursday 5th of October 2017
Don Hudman, executive director of Areawide Aging Agency, talks advocacy, activism, and aging with Mark Faulk. By 2030, 1 in 5 people will be over 65, and we are in no way prepared for the amount of care they will need.
Thursday 14th of September 2017
On this edition of Red State Revolt Open Mic, we discuss grassroots activism, boycotts, and effective ways to organize. JL Jones joins us to discuss his upcoming benefit show for Connie Johnson, progressive gubernatorial candidate for 2018. September 18th is a community meeting with Braum's and supporters of Classen Circle. September 28th is the Planning Commission meeting at the city council at 1:30p. Join us and take a stand for our community.
Thursday 7th of September 2017
On first is Jacob Rosecrants, teacher and candidate for HD 46, and we discuss his plans for a big win this coming Tuesday, September 12 and what he'll accomplish when sworn into the legislature. Then, Dr. Ed Shadid joins us again to discuss the Save OKC Schools initiative petition, a half-percent income tax increase to fund a four-year bonus for teachers and support staff.
Thursday 24th of August 2017
Live in the studio with Troy Stevenson, we talk about the Oklahoma County Sheriff's election (and yes, one of our candidates said "Black is nothing more than a color in a box of crayons"), racism and homophobia in America, and how how to focus on what we CAN do vs. what we have no control over. I discuss the ballot initiative and how YOU can get involved in helping.
Thursday 10th of August 2017
Our dear friend Elijah MothershedBey joins us again to discuss the upcoming Drumbeat Festival and other ways to get active in the community.
Thursday 3rd of August 2017
Crystal Davis joins us again to go over the newly released ethics reports of 2018 elections.
Thursday 20th of July 2017
Dr. Ed Shadid joins us again for an interesting take on the Braum's-Classen Circle debacle, but also raises awareness on the $100 million n corporate welfare Oklahoma City is shilling -- oops, I meant shelling -- out to Omni Hotels. Tune in. You don't want to miss this.
Thursday 13th of July 2017
LIVE from a protest to Save Classen Circle, Mark stands up against the predatory behavior of Red Oak Properties and Braum's for applying to demolish The HiLo, Drunken Fry, Charlie's Records, Classen Grill, Grease Trap Gallery, and several apartments within the old Donnay Building at 50th and Classen.

Thursday 6th of July 2017
In one of our most popular and controversial shows, Troy Stevenson, executive director of Freedom Oklahoma, joins us to discuss his reason for publicly changing his registration from Democrat to Independent and getting a full page story on it in the Daily Oklahoman. This show plus an extra half hour of discussion is available on Facebook livestream.

Thursday 22nd of June 2017
Find out what's being done and what you can do in Oklahoma City to help homeless and at-risk youth. Jamie Caves, board chair and executive director of Sisu Youth Services updates us on the grand opening scheduled for August 13.
Thursday 15th of June 2017
HISTORY: LARRY YARBROUGH IS A FREE MAN. After living 23 years behind bars for a crime he didn't commit, he is now the FIRST nonviolent offender with a Life Without Parole sentence to be released. Overjoyed doesn't cover the emotions we've experienced. May it be an example to follow for the roughly 50 other nonviolent Life prisoners. Let's keep this movement going.


Stop obsessing over him.

Get out and do something meaningful. You don't have to go far in Oklahoma.

Which brings us to our guest, newly elected Chair of the Oklahoma Democratic Party, Anna Langthorn. We discuss her first month as the youngest state chair in Oklahoma history, upcoming special elections, and the direction of the Party.

The times, they are-changin'. Get right or get left.
Thursday 25th of May 2017
It's been one hell of a week. From Larry Yarbrough finally being freed to the shocking results of the State Convention to nearly getting arrested at the state capitol to the completely unconstitutional midnight revenue measures passed by the legislature.

This week, Tom Taylor, political scientist and consultant, joins us to discuss the importance of appealing to the progressive base of the Democratic Party, not just for ideology, but for strategy. One of the most enlightening discussions on the show.

Thursday 18th of May 2017
Mark Henricksen joins us again, this time as our final candidate for state chair of the Democratic Party. The state convention is this Saturday. We would encourage all delegates to listen to all four candidate podcasts for a well-rounded grasp on their issues and backgrounds. Red State Revolt, after deliberation, ultimately endorses Mark Henricksen for chair.
Thursday 11th of May 2017
Mike Workman joins us to discuss his background in politics and plans to move the Democratic Party forward should he get elected.
Thursday 4th of May 2017
Annastacia Langthorn, 24 years old with an impressive résumé, surprises us with her firm commitment to progressive ideals and ideas to move the party in a positive direction. She also addresses rumors regarding her association with Skyfire Media.
Thursday 27th of April 2017
Sarah Baker, candidate for chair of the Oklahoma Democratic Party, details her plan to move the party forward, contrasts what separates get from the other candidates, and dispels rumors and misconceptions.
Thursday 30th of March 2017
No, not THAT Jesse Jackson.

Rev. Jesse Jackson, newly elected chair of the Oklahoma County Democratic Party, answers listener questions about the madness that went down at the Oklahoma County Convention on March 25th. We have the chance to do it right this time, so tune in to find out more details.

The reconvene will be Saturday, April 8th, 10am, at the East Sixth Street Christian Church.
Thursday 16th of March 2017
Ralph Shortey has just been charged with three child prostitution charges. The hypocrisy of the GOP and the legislature in general cannot stand.
Thursday 9th of March 2017
Close down public schools to make way for charter schools. Abandon moral values based on a poll. Blue lives matter, black lives don't. Protesters will be imprisoned.

This is the state we live in right now.

What are you going to do about it?

See you at the march against DAPL this Saturday, March 11th.
Thursday 2nd of March 2017
Our guest for this episode is Joe Poe with the Oklahoma City Pow Wow Club who will be holding a march against the Dakota Access Pipeline on March 11th.

Two bills, HB 1123 and 2128, have passed through the House. They have gone to the Senate. The content of these bills will criminalize nonviolent protesting and anyone who dares to speak out of line.

It was drafted with the Water Protectors of Standing Rock in mind, but here, it will give the State license to lock up and fine anyone who participates in civil disobedience.

This is blatant disregard for our First Amendment rights. This is blatant disregard to every single protest movement in this state.


Thursday 23rd of February 2017
David Hall joins us again to combat the charter school takeover in Oklahoma. We take a closer look into specific lawmakers backed by hundreds of thousands of DeVos's dollars pushing bills negatively affecting only public schools, watchdog groups hosting the first annual "School Choice Summit" sponsored by a Koch-funded Super PAC, and how there seems to be a strategic plan ensuring that "school choice" is no longer our choice.

Thursday 16th of February 2017
Paula Lewis, real progressive for OKC School Board Chair, explains to us in detail how unilaterally testing our children without discerning differences between upbringing and resources sets our most vulnerable up for failure and for the school-to-prison pipeline. She has progressive and grassroots support, but she needs you to join the movement to change our public education system. The next election is April 4th. See you at the polls.

Thursday 9th of February 2017
Betsy DeVos has been confirmed as Secretary of Education, and despite more than a thousand calls opposing it, both of our state senators, James Lankford and Jim Inhofe, voted in favor of her confirmation. It's easy to wonder what the point of it all is. It's a marathon, not a sprint -- but marathons are exhausting.

However, we are activating a grassroots movement to make real change happen in this state. You must be a part of it. We need you.

Listen to Mark Henricksen's ideas for the future of the Oklahoma Democratic Party and what he plans to do as its chair. We are focusing on getting back to our roots. We must stop the hemorrhaging and reckless betrayal of our values if this party is even worth saving at all.

  • VOTE in your City Council and School Board elections this Tuesday, Feb. 14 -- and do it BY MAIL.
  • BOYCOTT the Koch Brothers and their products made by GEORGIA PACIFIC:
    • Angel Soft
    • Brawny
    • Dixie
    • Mardi Gras Napkins
    • Quilted Northern
    • Sparkle
  • Aid the recruitment of qualified candidates to run against Inhofe and Lankford.
  • Check back in for more actions.
Thursday 2nd of February 2017
Marilyn Rainwater is running in a special election for HD 28. We discuss extreme poverty in rural Oklahoma and the lack of decent healthcare. Seminole has become the battleground for corporate charter schools. She is the voice that the people need to fight for them. Join us at a fundraising event at Vito's Ristorante on Monday from 6-8PM.

Also, David Glover of guides Faulk through the process as he signs up to vote by mail. Takes three minutes.

  • Sign up to vote by mail.
  • Help us get Marilyn Rainwater elected to the state legislature.
Thursday 19th of January 2017
It's 2017 -- the year that Democracy in America will be tested and threatened more than it ever has in recent history; the year that President Trump begins to flex his fascist fingers and show us exactly how far he intends to take this power.

Oklahoma is the bedrock of oppression in the United States. We have natural disasters that are caused by corporate greed and neglect. We have the second highest incarceration rate in a nation that holds a quarter of the world's prisoners. Our jail cells have become subhuman storage for the mentally ill, our most vulnerable citizens. We are hurling headfirst into the destruction and privatization of prisons, education, mental health, drug treatment, and anything else from which corporations can profit.

Therefore, we must be the front lines of the revolution.

This show is taking on a new name, and with it, a new responsibility. Where Red State Radio began as a passive commentary on the oppression and injustice in our state, it is now an active participant in the resistance as RED STATE REVOLT.

Mark Henricksen returns to discuss the Democratic Party: where we went wrong and what we can do in the future to be true to our message, gain support, and facilitate effective change in the legislature and among our base. We need voices for real change in this state and in this party, and Mark Henricksen is an invaluable advocate.

As we transition into this new role as organizers against oppression, we have a mission for all of our listeners: Next Thursday, January 26th, 2017, corporate leaders and politicians, including our Lt. Governor and heir apparent Todd Lamb will host what they affectionately call the Oklahoma School Choice Summit, during which they will discuss and propagandize charter schools, vouchers, and other avenues for systematically dismantling public education on behalf of the oligarchy. We strongly oppose these measures, and we encourage everyone to acquire as many free tickets as possible in order to Occupy Education. Information can be found on Facebook through the Red State Revolt page. See you there, fellow dissidents.
Thursday 29th of December 2016
Join Mark as he lays 2016 to rest, and calls for unity going into the New Year. The show might start out a little on the depressing side, but like traumatic events, in the end we brush ourselves off with a little help from some music from Robin Carty, who passed away in February of this year. Also, a call from our favorite regular, Victor Gorin. He'll make you smile through the tears.
Thursday 8th of December 2016
After voters defeated charter school funding and vouchers, will our legislators properly fund education, or will they continue to open the floodgates for the charter school takeover? Our guest David Samuel Hall, nonprofit and social services consultant, joins us to explain the exponential growth of charter schools and the next scam, which involves insidious backdoor funding called "neo-vouchers".
Thursday 1st of December 2016
Paula Sophia joins us to discuss the very real fears and situations that the LGBT community, especially the transgender members, and other marginalized communities are facing with the reality of a Donald Trump presidency. Listen and learn how we can protect and take care of each other going forward.
Thursday 17th of November 2016
Serena Blaiz saves the day! Unfortunately, Paula Sophia was unable to make it on the show today, but we pass the time discussing corrupt corporatism and civil disobedience. Then, longtime activist Serena Blaiz calls in to rouse us to action and get President Obama to commute the sentence of Chelsea Manning, an Oklahoma whistleblower serving an egregious sentence. Click here to sign the White House petition.
Thursday 10th of November 2016
President Trump. Well, shit.

Dr. Ed Shadid and I discuss where we go from here and how important it is to make change on the local level. We can move forward if we stick together and support each other through this difficult time.
Thursday 3rd of November 2016
This is our final Ballot Box Breakdown and special pre-election show where we go over every State Question on the ballot and explain in simple terms what they are and why we're voting for or against them. The election is November 8th, 2016 -- get informed and get out and vote!
Thursday 27th of October 2016
Our last State Question: The controversial SQ 792, a constitutional amendment that would allow grocery stores to sell strong beer and wine. First, we speak to John-Martin Beebe, a supporter of the measure as a consumer of Oklahoma. Then we discuss the arguments against it with Bryan Kerr, president of the Retail Liquor Association of Oklahoma. Both sides make strong points, but we at Red State have decided to vote no on the measure.
Thursday 20th of October 2016
Our special guests on this show are Abraham J. Bonowitz with the Think Twice OK campaign and Frank Thompson, former superintendent of Oregon State Penitentiary turned nationally death penalty abolitionist. We discuss the horrible consequences of State Question 776, which would enshrine the death penalty in the state constitution, and the impracticality of the death penalty in general. Then, we go through a rundown of all of the state questions we've covered to date and our opinion on whether or not they should pass.

CORRECTION: SJR 31, the legislation that created SQ 776, passed unanimously 44-0 in the Oklahoma Senate. I erroneously said that Sen. Kay Floyd voted for SJR 31, but she instead was one of three senators who abstained from voting on that legislation. My apologies for that error. - Mark Faulk
Thursday 6th of October 2016
For this edition of Ballot Box Breakdown, Crystal Davis is our first guest speaker on the horribly declining numbers in the Democratic Party -- and what we're doing wrong to galvanize a voter base.

Then, we welcome Mary Newcome Hatch, passionate candidate from House District 54, and we discuss Occupy OKC, income equality, corporate welfare, and the constitutionality, or lack thereof, of SQ 790, the proposed measure to repeal an amendment from the constitution expressing that no public money can be used for religious purposes.
Thursday 29th of September 2016
During the first half of this episode, Mark expressly punctuates that, despite relentless outcry and disapproval, he will NOT back down on his opposition to SQ 779, the penny sales tax measure set for the ballot this November. Anyone who dissents or would like to have a voice in the discussion, you're encouraged to attend a noon luncheon at the Oklahoma County Democratic Party Headquarters tomorrow (September 30th, 2016) where Mark will be the keynote speaker making the case against 779.

Then, Dan Myers, candidate in House District 81, joins us to discuss another important ballot proposal: SQ 780 and 781, the potential justice reform measures supported by Kris Steele, former House speaker and champion for real reform. This is a tricky issue because justice reform movements in the past have proven to be so easily corruptible, so Mark confides that he has some reservations set aside, but overall is happy to see the measure move through.
Thursday 22nd of September 2016
We cover a lot of ground in this edition of Red State Radio. Following the aftermath of the Terence Crutcher slaying in Tulsa and the breaking news of a manslaughter charge filed against the police officer who murdered him, the need for civil disobedience has grown exponentially. When will the people of Oklahoma take a real stand and collectively say not only that we support our black community in solidarity, but that we won't take the violence anymore?

Then, we welcome the return of Jonathan Simon, author of CODE RED: Computerized Election Theft and the New American Century. He issues us a warning and call to action to prevent the combustion of distrust in the American governmental system by reforming the election process in a way that keeps the vote counts in view of the voters.

After that, Billy Hinton, candidate for House District 32, comes on to discuss his campaign, the economy, and most importantly State Question 777, the so-called "Right to Farm" bill that's being shoved onto the ballot this November.

The implications of the vague language of State Question 777 will give large agricultural corporations virtual immunity from any kind of regulation sought after by the people. Despite this, the arguments in favor are generally based in fear of a nonexistent threat to lenient local farming practices. The reality is that if this passes, local farms will be devoured and destroyed by the monopoly of giant, corporate factory farms, and, constitutionally, no one will be able to defend against it. We adamantly oppose this measure.

Check out Oklahomans for Food, Farm & Family to find resources about the bill and learn ways to help.
Thursday 15th of September 2016
In the second part of our breakdown of the proposed penny sales tax, we bring it full circle. We dispel the rose-tinted myths around charter schools, and then we wrestle with the complicated nature of both sides of this bill with our favorite caller, Victor Gorin. For the second half, we welcome Nick Singer, legislative and political organizer for the Oklahoma Education Association and supporter of SQ 779. We go back and forth about the relationship between this bill and charter schools, which strip the rights of teachers and the process of collective bargaining.

State Question 779 is a constitutionally mandated regressive tax that will place an impossible burden on the poor. It is being pushed through and heavily funded by pro-charter, anti-teacher, anti-union organizations, such as Stand for Children and The Walton Foundation. The doors to corporate charter schools and the takeover of our public education system have been knocked down. This measure will end up doing teachers more harm than good.

Despite the difficult situations surrounding this bill and the fact that our educators desperately need a raise, we have come to the conclusion that we are opposed to this measure.
Thursday 8th of September 2016
This episode of Red State gets controversial -- and confrontational. For the entire hour, we debate the pros and cons of State Question 779: the penny sales tax proposed on behalf of teachers and public schools. While it's been acknowledged that this will be a regressive tax that will disproportionately impact the poor, some other things haven't been acknowledged -- like, for instance, the fact that one virtual charter school alone will receive $3.7 million dollars out of the allocated funds (a charter school that, by the way, has been the subject of an ongoing investigation of fraud by the OSBI).

First, Elise Robillard, president of The Education Association of Moore and member of the board of directors of the Oklahoma Education Association, calls in to argue in favor of the sales tax and to separate it from charter schools, despite its astronomical funding from corporate interests and avid support from Stand for Children, a pro-charter school, anti-union organization.

Then, Marilyn Rainwater, candidate for House District 28, shares her insights on why we need to fight tooth and nail against it before both the intended and unintended consequences come to fruition.

If you were hoping to learn more about this regressive tax, we've got both sides of the argument right here. Don't miss out.

Full text of SQ 779 can be found here.
The OSSBA's projected allocation of 779 funds to each district and entity can be found here.
Thursday 1st of September 2016
The death penalty is already a controversial issue, but on this piece of our Ballot Box Breakdown series, we discuss why State Question 776 raises the stakes to a whole new level in Oklahoma, proposing to amend the Bill of Rights so that capital punishment is constitutionally mandated -- and can be carried out by any means necessary. Our favorite regular, Connie Johnson, gives us the rundown and discusses other measures of justice reform for Oklahoma.
Thursday 25th of August 2016
Kevin McDonald joins us for our post-runoff show to discuss his Republican opponent, Adam Pugh, and to talk about some of the major issues facing our state and where his experience and expertise makes him the ideal candidate to face those challenges. Also, Elijah Malachi calls in to entice us with details about the Drumbeat Festival on Saturday, August 27th in Kermet Plaza.
Thursday 18th of August 2016
Libertarian candidate for county clerk, Chris Powell, comes on to discuss with us the importance of giving the populace more than two corrupt parties to choose from -- but not without some debate over the issues, of course.
Thursday 11th of August 2016
Today's guests are Crystal Davis, calling in to discuss the runoff race between Tom Guild and Al McAffrey, and Serena Blaiz to share some information on the Faith and War event tomorrow night. But in light of the recent news regarding Norman charter schools, you can expect some heavy discussion regarding the future of our state's education.
Thursday 4th of August 2016
Following the controversial DNC, our guest this episode is Connie Johnson, outspoken voice of the people within the Oklahoma Democratic Party. We set the record straight regarding recent events within the ODP and the media coverage of them, and make plans for Berniecrats to reclaim the message. Mark Maxey calls in to discuss moving Oklahoma further to the left.
Thursday 28th of July 2016
In today's show, after inviting Hillary supporters to call in and have a discussion (to no avail, leaving me to run through the Clintons' harmful legacy), we launch the first episode of our new series. BALLOT BOX BREAKDOWN is our weekly assessment of all of the State Questions, both potential and approved, in line for the ballot this November. For the second half of the show, we will welcome a guest representing a ballot measure to lay out the facts and make the case for or against each proposal, giving our listeners the opportunity to draw their own conclusions and approach the ballot box informed and ready to cast their votes.

Our first Breakdown guest is Joe Dorman, board member of Oklahomans for Health and vocal supporter of SQ 788, the petition currently circulating to get medical marijuana on the ballot. We discuss the wide array of benefits that would result from this measure, and then we get into a little talk of political aspirations as well.
Thursday 21st of July 2016
In this show, we visit with filmmaker Melody Brooke about SURJ (Showing Up for Racial Justice), and how white America can do their part to support the black community and end police violence. During the second half, friend and co-conspirator Sean Cummings calls in from Cleveland as he covers the Republican National Convention with his son Kyle for Red Dirt Report.
Thursday 7th of July 2016
Okay, so I vent a little on this show, police violence is getting worse every day, and it's not by accident. This stream of consciousness rant will connect the entire scheme, from money to politics to bad policy to violent law enforcement to private prisons. This has been fomenting for decades, if not centuries. My guest Joshua Harris-Till talks about his quest to win in Oklahoma's 2nd Congressional District. Getting a Black Democrat elected to national office in Oklahoma isn't as unlikely as one might think. With your help, it can be done.
Thursday 30th of June 2016
In our post-election show, we congratulate the progressive candidates who won the primary, give serious props to those who didn't, and evaluate the differences between Al McAffrey and Tom Guild, who will head to a runoff in August for Congressional District 5. All in all, a great night for progressives in Oklahoma!
Thursday 23rd of June 2016
Since the state primary is next week, we shout out some of the candidates that we endorse, talk issues, and get out the info you need to go vote on Tuesday. Then, we welcome Jeff Ferguson, opposing Democratic candidate in HD 101 to shed some light on some of the controversy hanging over his candidacy.
Thursday 16th of June 2016
Guns, guns, guns. In light of the Orlando massacre at the Pulse nightclub, it's hard not to talk about guns -- namely, how easy it is to get one without an ID or a background check. However, we also continue our Reclaiming Oklahoma series with Cheryl Mooneyham-Hessman, a progressive candidate from District 101.
Thursday 9th of June 2016
Continuing our Candidate Spotlight series, we are thrilled to welcome Collin Walke, Democratic candidate running for House District 87 on a platform that champions public schools, women's rights, LGBT rights, and progressive tax reforms. The election is June 28th, 2016 -- be sure to vote and support the candidates who are fighting against the Republican machine!
We also throw back to another podcast entitled The Other Big Short with Jonathan Simon where we compare Wall Street stock fraud with the voter suppression and election theft tactics taking place during this presidential election season.
Thursday 2nd of June 2016
Today, we welcome Mike Mason, Republican candidate for Senate District 45, to talk about some of the issues on his platform, primarily justice reform, public education, gun regulation, and women's right to choose. We don't agree on everything, but it's refreshing to hear a different viewpoint from a rational member of the Republican party. We also throw out the names of some candidates who we support in the upcoming election season. We need to step up our game and help out everyone we can in order to take back this state and get going on the right track.
Thursday 26th of May 2016
Today's topic: the future of our city and our state. With our favorite City Councilperson Dr. Ed Shadid, we assess where we are now and where we have the potential to go.
The main players: Mary Fallin, exceptionally gifted at delivering what her puppet masters want; the transgender bathroom bills, brilliant diversions from the wholesale robbery of our most disenfranchised citizens; the oppressive religious fanatic, Paul Blair, running against Kevin McDonald for Senate District 41; the massive city council election in March 2017 that could flip the future of OKC on its head; and the MAPS 4 and GO Bond initiatives that could either vastly improve or systematically starve our city.
We need to put out the prejudicial and discriminatory fires being set against the LGBTQ community, but we also need to stop the runaway freight train that is our legislature and those who control it. The only way to fight a system that is sucking the life out of all of us is for all of us to stand up and push back together. Let's get informed. Let's get involved. Let's change our future. Email Dr. Shadid at or call him at 405-297-2402. Share this podcast and get the word out. This could be our last chance to save the state for a long time.
Thursday 19th of May 2016
A difficult show unravels as guests Serena Blaiz, Victor Gorin, and Dennis Will all contribute to the heavy conversation of Larry Yarbrough's parole denial this past Tuesday. A bridge collapse at NW Expressway and May, the passage of a reprehensible bill that would make abortion a felony, the unlicensed, untrained gun owners being able to open carry, and a missionary who raped African orphans getting a less severe prison sentence than Larry Yarbrough all set the tone for this particular hour, and all add up to a passionate plea with the community to get involved in any way with the changing of our state.
Wednesday 11th of May 2016
After two weeks away, Red State is back with a vengeance.
First, we explain the insanity that is our lawmakers' relationships with gun safety: many legislators, including our State House Democratic Minority Leader, Scott Inman, voted to pass a bill that would allow for unlicensed, untrained gun owners to openly carry their firearms in public -- but it's forbidden to carry arms at the State Capitol. However, apparently several legislators literally bypass security and are armed during session! You can't make this up, folks. So we decided to call the Highway Patrol office and demand arrests to be made at the State Capitol, and we did it right on the air.
After that, we have an excellent conversation with Kevin McDonald, candidate for State Senate District 41 and District Teacher of the Year award recipient. We discuss what brought us to the crisis we're in now, why so many educators have flooded the ranks of political candidacy, and how to campaign for progressive change in a district formerly occupied by the Republican nightmare of Clark Jolley.
Support KMac for State Senate and let's encourage more like him to fill up the seats and flip the legislature.
Thursday 14th of April 2016
I am a plaintiff in a lawsuit filed by the ACLU OK against Oklahoma City for the broad, sweeping anti-panhandling ordinance. Dozens of educators are running for office. Wyatt McGuire, young candidate for House District 97, comes on to talk a little bit about the budget crisis and how all of the alleged solutions disproportionately affect the poor. The times, they are a-changin'.
Thursday 7th of April 2016
In this phenomenal show, our guest Jonathan Simon, author of CODE RED: Computerized Election Theft and The New American Century, deconstructs the electronic voting system that has been proven countless times to leave every election vulnerable to fraud. Similar to stock market fraud, it doesn't take much to bring the whole system down while somebody else reaps the benefits.
Buy the book here.
Thursday 17th of March 2016
"Maybe I shouldn't have had that extra cup of coffee today, because I feel like starting a war."
Today on Red State Radio, we come clean. We expose the Democratic party in Oklahoma for what it is -- sold out and a disenfranchisement of its own members. I divulge the details of my rage following conversations with our party "leaders", and then welcome Troy Stevenson of Freedom Oklahoma on the air to explain what's been going on in the LGBT community and what needs to happen in this state.
Thursday 10th of March 2016
In what might be our best show so far, Senator Connie Johnson and I tear apart the conservatives hiding in plain sight in the Oklahoma Democratic Party and encourage voters to pay attention to upcoming elections. The train is leaving the station March 2017. Get ready for some major changes in Oklahoma.
Thursday 3rd of March 2016
Our guest today is Bernie organizer Sean Braddy. We talk about Bernie Sanders' historic Oklahoma victory in the first election where independent voters were eligible to vote in the Democratic Primary. We break down the rest of the primary season, and I talk about the power of the independent voting block in Oklahoma politics. And I try to explain why I won't be voting for Hillary in November. Sorry, but sometimes "D" stands for denial.
Thursday 25th of February 2016
Open mic show today, and the buzz word is BERNIE! David Glover calls in to discuss his one-stop shop for Oklahoma voting resources, Super Tuesday is right around the corner, and we are spreading the Bern across the state! Get out and vote!
Thursday 11th of February 2016
A turbulent series of events rocks this show: Bernie Sanders's landslide win on New Hampshire, Larry Yarbrough's parole board hearing, and the tragic death of a dear friend and brilliant musician, Robin Carty. Then Mark Henricksen joins us to talk about democratic socialism and Bernie's chances at the presidency.
Thursday 4th of February 2016
Today we discuss the case of Larry Yarbrough, a nonviolent drug offender who will be appearing in front of the Oklahoma Pardon and Parole Board in an attempt to have his life-without-parole sentence commuted. Then, we discuss issues and solutions to the public education system with Dr. John Thompson, author of A Teacher's Tale.
Thursday 28th of January 2016
Today, we discuss the danger of a Hillary Clinton presidency and why anyone against an unregulated Wall Street should struggle with the decision to vote for her. Then, our guest is Angela Spotts, an anti-fracking activist with a message to you: we know you're afraid, but join our fight to protect our homes, water, air, and infrastructure. Governor Mary Fallin may have stepped up for once, but it's not enough and too little too late.
Thursday 21st of January 2016
Regime change within the Oklahoma County Democratic Party! Victor Gorin calls in and gives us the rundown of what happened, why it happened, and what to expect from here on out. But that's only after a merciless rant from yours truly.
Thursday 14th of January 2016
Today we discuss the low blows of Hillary Clinton's campaign and her baseless (and hypocritical) attacks on Bernie Sanders. Then we welcome Ashley Nicole McCray, candidate for Norman City Council Ward 6, who's got plans to shake up the city and represent the people. She discusses the prejudice to which she's been subjected as a Native American and reveals the true story behind the avaricious creation of Lake Thunderbird.
Thursday 7th of January 2016
An emotional show results from the panhandling ordinance taking effect today, a dear friend and brilliant songwriter fighting for his life in the hospital, and Paula Sophia discussing her dark and personal journey to transition in her new book Shadowboxer, available on Amazon.
Thursday 17th of December 2015
Our special guests this episode are Lori Crawford with Help Operation HOmeless for the HOlidays (HOHOHO) who calls in to discuss her campaign to get people involved with the homeless community, and Mickey Dollens, candidate for State Representative in House District 93. We talk about the pitiful state of the economy, what we can do for education reform, and fill you in on some ways you can help.
Thursday 10th of December 2015
Oklahomans for Health comes on to let us know about their holiday fundraiser and the progress of their campaign to legalize medical marijuana. Then Joe Hartman, chairman of the Oklahoma County Democratic Party, talks about how the party can regain its credibility and how it was lost in the first place.
Thursday 3rd of December 2015
Our guest, Ron Marlett, and I discuss his campaign for state representative in House District 84 (currently ruled by Sally Kern) and how the democratic party needs to reclaim the language and messaging from the right in order to win over voters. With more and more people than ever identifying as independent, this is an important conversation we all need to be having.
Thursday 19th of November 2015
Get some updates on the upcoming film Voices In A Jailhouse and hear about the toxicity of the private prison industry and what kind of suffering and monstrosities it causes. Later, our friend Victor Gorin calls in to tell us about Ron Marlett's campaign launch for HD 84.
Thursday 1st of October 2015
Listen as we continue the conversation about Richard Glossip and the ludicrous nature of the case. In addition, a new ordinance was introduced by city councilwoman Meg Salyer which would criminalize panhandling in Oklahoma City because poverty is icky.
Thursday 17th of September 2015
My very special guest is Mark Henricksen, the lead attorney for Richard Glossip, who was just granted a stay of execution by the Oklahoma Court of Criminal Appeals until at least September 30th. Gossip's case has been championed by Susan Sarandon and others, and has received national exposure.The Court overruled Governor Mary Fallin, who had refused to grant a stay of execution based on new evidence. The Glossip case has shined a very bright light on the death penalty in Oklahoma and throughout the U.S
Thursday 10th of September 2015
A victory in a special legislative election gives hope to the Oklahoma Democratic Party. Nationally, has the pendulum swung as far right as it can possibly go? Is the Republican Party beginning to short circuit and/or self destruct?
Thursday 3rd of September 2015
Learn to be an activist! We talk about the Republican Party crazy Presidential race, and discuss activism and even slacktivism with our callers, one who phones in all the way from being stationed in Afghanistan. It's a great show.
Thursday 20th of August 2015
Today we talk about Bernie Sander's campaign and what it means to grassroots organizers and Oklahomans. Find out how you can get involved in the 2016 presidential election! We also talk about Bernie's plans to introduce legislation in Congress to ban private prisons. With guests Edward Jordan and David West, two Bernie Sanders' organizers.
Thursday 6th of August 2015
Our guests are Elijah Malachi X MothershedBey and Camille Landry, who are the organizers of The Drumbeat Festival, which will held August 22nd from 10AM - 9PM in OKC at NW 42nd and Lincoln Blvd. We talk about community building, how to take a positive approach to changing the system and lifting up minorities in Oklahoma.
Thursday 23rd of July 2015
We talk about Oklahoma, the Earthquake Capitol of the World, and discuss voting rights for minorities, police violence, and how to engage the process through activism with my guest Michael Washington.
Thursday 16th of July 2015
A potpourri show about how Corporate Patriarchy screws women and minorities (and what you can do to combat it), about Obama's visit to Oklahoma and the idiotic Confederate flag waving racists who greeted him here, and an education on WHY that flag IS racist. Enjoy.
Thursday 9th of July 2015
Our guest today is Eric Smith of Oklahomans for Health. We discuss the upcoming initiative petition to allow Oklahomans to vote on the legalization of medical marijuana in our state. OKC artist Laura Sullivan calls in to plug her Broken Vagina Art Show and Blues Review, which I will be emceeing this Saturday at Back Alley Gallery. The show features amazing vagina art and blues from Peggy Johnson, JL Jones, and Bob Moore.
Thursday 2nd of July 2015
VICTORY: gay marriage has been legalized by the Supreme Court! Sure, the outrage expressed by the far right is laughable at first, but once we dissect and illuminate the other issues plaguing the country, the hypocrisy of so-called defenders of the Constitution is downright infuriating. They'll fight AGAINST marriage equality, but FOR the Ten Commandments on the lawn?
Thursday 25th of June 2015
Listen as we speculate on the issue of militarized police and police violence in our state and whether or not we're moving in the right direction. Michael Washington talks about Empower Oklahoma, the first of an annual event to raise awareness of brutality and racism against the people in our community.
Thursday 11th of June 2015
The Extreme Christian Right seems to have a sense of entitlement when it comes to government, personal preferences, and community conduct, so much so that even a gay pride parade is interpreted as an insult. A couple of callers discuss the hypocrisy of Christians who desire nothing but control, and how your beloved host used to be "the dirty little secret of the son of a preacher man".
Thursday 4th of June 2015
Our friend Victor Gorin, recently elected Male Representative on the Affirmative Action committee, calls in and sheds some light on the controversy and discrimination that he was subjected to at the state convention. It was a wake-up call for all of us to realize that achieving enlightenment and progressive ideals in one area does not exclude one from being intolerant and prejudiced in others.
Thursday 7th of May 2015
I talk about why mainstream media is really nothing more than pablum and an opiate for the masses. Deflategate! Celebrity lawsuit! Let's discuss some real issues: the Patriot Act, the death penalty, mass incarceration, Teach for America, the scam of privatization. All in all, it's not a bad rant if I do say so myself.
Thursday 30th of April 2015
My guest is Frank Smith, a social political activist from Kansas who singlehandedly took on Sandridge Energy Co. and their high-powered attorneys in front of the Kansas Corporation Commission. Frank is also featured in our upcoming documentary, Voices in a Jailhouse, for his efforts against the proliferation of private prisons.
Thursday 23rd of April 2015
My guest today is Troy Stevenson, executive director of Freedom Oklahoma, the state's premier advocate group for LGBT rights. We discuss recent victories by advocates for equality, and the challenges of working with Oklahoma legislators. I open the show with a tangent about Tulsa County Reserve Deputy Bob Bates, who killed Eric Harris, was charged with manslaughter, and then was allowed to go on a month long vacation to the Bahamas. Good times.
Thursday 9th of April 2015
Oklahoma hits international headlines about fracking and earthquakes. Today, my guests are Carolyn West Meyer and Kel Pickens, co-founders of Stop Fracking Payne County, a group that has been embroiled in efforts to curtail unregulated horizontal drilling and fracking in Payne County, Oklahoma. which includes Stillwater, home of OSU, and Cushing, where over 35 BILLION barrels of oil are stored in tanks and pipelines which are clearly not earthquake proof.
Thursday 2nd of April 2015
Today's guest is Sean Cummings,long time OKC business leader and political troublemaker. He is starting a program for business owners to go into high schools as motivational speakers and mentor both teachers and students for classes in business. The website, will be up and running in the next week or so. Get involved and give back to the community!
Thursday 26th of March 2015
On today's show, we talk about the subversive act of buying local, tornadoes and how to prepare for them, and our Indiegogo for Voices in a Jailhouse. Go contribute!
Thursday 19th of March 2015
Today's guest is Mark Henricksen, who has been an attorney for 37 years in Oklahoma, has handled dozens of death penalty cases, was general counsel for the ACLU, and is currently chairman of Freedom Oklahoma, the state's premier LGBTQ rights organization. In his words: "I am a reluctant capitalist who believes the planet will survive only if the markets are restrained." We opened the show by launching our crowdfunder for Voices in a Jailhouse, a documentary which will expose the Prison Industrial Complex and the Militarization of Law Enforcement in ways that you've seen. WE NEED YOUR HELP TO FIGHT BACK!
Thursday 12th of March 2015
Racism in Oklahoma and America rears its ugly head at the SAE fraternity at OU. How extremism and hatred are destroying our nation.
Thursday 26th of February 2015
Open mic show, we discuss intolerance, homophobia, racism, and the propaganda that feeds it. We discuss private prisons and immigration detention centers. How is a creepy clown no different from a religious extremist? We'll answer that question too. Good times.
Thursday 19th of February 2015
My guest is Jaybe Holiday, we talk about the upcoming Black History Month Film Festival, racism,and how art and music can covertly change the system with positive energy. You'll want to listen to this one.
Thursday 12th of February 2015
My guest is Nair Rodriguez, whose husband Luis Rodriguez was murdered by Moore, Oklahoma police a year ago on Valentine's Day, as he was at the movies with his family. Caught on film by Nair as her husband was brutally beaten, pepper sprayed, and choked to death. Yet as usual, NO JUSTICE WAS SERVED. There is a rally On Valentine's Day at the Warren Theater, where Luis lost his life, and where his family lost their love and their anchor.
Thursday 22nd of January 2015
Thursday 8th of January 2015
Thursday 18th of December 2014
Thursday 11th of December 2014
Thursday 4th of December 2014
Thursday 20th of November 2014
Thursday 13th of November 2014
Post-election blues, Mary Fallin is re-elected and our responsibility to making our state and country a better place. Plus, the radical side of Martin Luther King, Jr.
Thursday 6th of November 2014
My guest is Trav Robertson, Executive Director of the Oklahoma State Democratic Party, we talk about reviving populism in Oklahoma.
Thursday 30th of October 2014
Our pre-election show, we talk about Oklahoma candidates running for office, including Connie Johnson, Cathy Cummings, and Joe Dorman, and why it's important to vote even in a corporate political world.
Thursday 23rd of October 2014
Pre-election show, why you need to vote, and why “they” don’t want you to vote.
Thursday 16th of October 2014
Thursday 9th of October 2014
Thursday 25th of September 2014
Thursday 18th of September 2014
Thursday 11th of September 2014
Thursday 4th of September 2014
Thursday 28th of August 2014
Thursday 21st of August 2014
Thursday 7th of August 2014
Mark Faulk discusses Oklahoma politics and the House District 88 race with guest Paula Sophia.
Thursday 24th of July 2014
Thursday 17th of July 2014
Friday 11th of July 2014
Thursday 19th of June 2014
Thursday 12th of June 2014
Thursday 5th of June 2014
Mark Faulk talks about cesspool of Oklahoma politics, and then welcomes special guest Chad Moody, the "God, Guns,and Grass" Republican candidate for Governor of Oklahoma.
Thursday 29th of May 2014
Mark Faulk wings it on this show, talking about everything from Common Core to private prisons, with special guest Brittney Guest.
Thursday 22nd of May 2014
Mark Faulk welcomes his guest Tom Guild, Democratic candidate for the Fifth Congressional District in Oklahoma.
Thursday 15th of May 2014
Mark Faulk is joined by special guest Christine Byrd, candidate for Oklahoma Senate District 48. We talk about what it means to be a real Democrat, how we can reclaim our state, and Christine discusses the things in her life that shaped her beliefs and made her a gladiator for the people.
Friday 9th of May 2014
The question is simple: "How do we awaken the frustrated, oppressed, and demoralized masses of Oklahoma and take back our state?" We discuss the anti-women antics of Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin, Senator Constance Johnson, a living wage, private prisons, populism, activism, apathy, and everything in between. Hosting my first radio show since 2009, it feels good to be back terrorizing the cyber-airwaves. We have some amazing guests in the upcoming weeks, starting May 15th with Christine Byrd, candidate for Oklahoma State Senate District 48. Be there while we talk about the new political movement in Oklahoma. You can't keep a good state down, at least not forever.