Voices in a Jailhouse

Voices in a Jailhouse

A feature documentary exposing the oppressive Prison Industrial Complex & militarized Police State

Voices in a Jailhouse is an 80-minute documentary that takes a hard hitting and dramatic look at the Prison Industrial Complex and the militarized Police State. One hundred and fifty years after the abolition of slavery, private prison companies like Correctional Corporation of America (CCA), GEO Group, and Avalon Correctional Services continue to profit from the incarceration of the poor and people of color, turning millions of inmates into modern day slaves.

Utilizing investigative journalism techniques, in-depth interviews, and a filmic approach, Voices in a Jailhouse chronicles the often heartbreaking stories of victims in prisons in Oklahoma, Texas, and across the US, and follows dedicated activists in Ferguson, MO as they fight back against oppression.

Your can help us fight back:

Reforming our corrupt justice system is a daunting task, but together we can make a real difference. Money raised from this project will go towards editing and shooting additional interviews and action scenes to complete the film. If we surpass our initial goal, additional funds will help with post-production and the costs of acquiring rights to music, pressing DVDs, and entering film festivals.


About the Filmmakers:

Taking different paths as lifelong activists, artists, and filmmakers, Brittney Shantel Guest and Mark Faulk joined forces at Occupy OKC in 2011, organizing, executing, and filming actions throughout the Midwest, several of which made national and international news. Mark Faulk was the writer, field director, and associate producer on the documentary The Wall Street Conspiracy, which has received worldwide distribution. It was their mutual passion and dedication to social justice issues that led them to work together on Voices in a Jailhouse.


Voices in a Jailhouse has already received a great deal of pre-production buzz. Brittney Shantel Guest was recently awarded OU's prestigious Creativity in Motion Award for her contributions to the film, along with $10,000 to be dedicated towards the completion of the movie.

The primary initial exhibition of this documentary will be the international film festival circuit, along with special screenings across the United States targeted at social/political activist organizations, women's rights groups, and prison reform organizations. Voices in a Jailhouse intends to acquire major distribution to market the film worldwide through iTunes, Netflix, Amazon, and other outlets so that Voices in a Jailhouse can help educate audiences worldwide about the need to reform our oppressive and broken justice system.

As activists, our goal is to positively affect the lives of the individuals portrayed in the film and their families, and on a broader level, to be the catalyst for reform of our prison systems by bringing awareness to the problem of private prisons and mass incarceration.

For more information, go to: www.facebook.com/voicesinajailhouse

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