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The Dr Hubert Show was created to inspire and motivate you to implement personal strategies that will help you improve your health in life. Our goal is to help enhance your mind, body, and spirit in a way that will promote healing, health, and happiness to direct you towards a more desirable and fulfilling life.

Chris Hubert is the founder of Advanced Remedy Center and has practiced in Tyler since 2008. His foundational specialty is chiropractic care which includes neck, back, and extremity pain. Dr. Hubert has dedicated his career to finding the root cause of each individual health concern. Even though his primary specialty is the musculoskeletal system, he has a vast knowledge and understanding of the relationship between diet, nutrition, exercise, thyroid health, and digestive health, as it applies musculoskeletal system.  He takes a broad approach to finding the specific cause of each concern. Dr. Hubert received his Doctorate of Chiropractic degree from the prestigious Parker School of Chiropractic. He was also the host of the Dr. Hubert Radio Show for 5 years. When he isn’t speaking or teaching about health, he enjoys traveling, hunting, fishing, and shooting sports. He also holds a PGA Tour Player support credential and frequently follows the tour to help players with their musculoskeletal needs. He also provides chiropractic care to over a half dozen MLB and NFL players.