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The Lisa Lewis Show is a subsidiary of Lisa Lewis Company. We showcase real talk, real events, real value. Lisa Lewis is an American media proprietor, mother, special events host, international motivational speaker, and humanitarian. In this one hour provocative conversation, Lisa will share others' perspectives on creating a legacy, building sustainable wealth, writing/publishing books, becoming a business mogul, overcoming obstacles, and moving forward in victory.

Audiences can connect with Lisa Lewis in this intimate setting, ask questions of movers and influencers, and shift mindsets in order to transform as the Game Changer in your life, your family, your community, and this amazing planet!

Reach out to the show by calling in to (903) 787-5883. Also, stay connected with Ms. Lewis on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn! We always appreciate positive and uplifting feedback!

Credit Worthiness

Our downloadable #ApplePodcasts title is: 'Credit Worthiness.'Today is Thankful Thursday...June 18, 2020Mr. Billy Alt is a "Wear Your Heart...

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‘Hanging Out With Mr. Frankie’

Hello 👋 and Welcome to our TOP-rated Internet Radio 📻 and Podcast Syndication of The Lisa Lewis Show.Today is Thankful Thursday, April 09,...

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How To Hire a Great Realtor!

We are proud to announce our Rockstar Guest for today! He is a recognized professional Realtor who has achievements in sales, education, industry...

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To Be A Leader - Requires No TITLE!

Today we talk with Rockstar Guest Extraordinaire...Frankie C. Wilson Jr! He's the Radio 📻 Host of Inside Gospel. Also, he's a Mentor, Motivational...

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The AHMAZING - Mr. Frankie Carl Wilson Jr!

Today, Jan. 11, 2018 we have the pleasure of having another Rockstar Influencer, by the name...Frankie Wilson JR on our show! Mr. Wilson is an...

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