Monday 27th of May 2019
Studies are showing that teens need more than "book smarts" to thrive as an adult. In this episode, Nicole leads a discussion on how to teach executive function skills to our teens so that they can respond and navigate the challenges that come their way. How do you teach your kids executive function skills? Share your thoughts:
Monday 29th of April 2019
Do you like to eat? We do! In this episode we share some of our favorite foods. From eating out to dining in we're covering our favorites! Paige leads this delicious convo. Share your favorite foods with us! Share your thoughts:
Monday 15th of April 2019
Have you ever heard someone say, "Oh you're just lucky parents"? Do you think some parents get lucky kids and some parents don't? In this episode Heather leads us in a discussion on the dangers of comparison in kids, and parents. Share your thoughts:
Saturday 6th of April 2019
Today we're talking about Friends! Nicole helps us explore the five types of friends every woman needs. Do you have each of these types of friends? What kind of friend are you to those around you? Tune in and see if your friends list is currently filling your five friend needs. Share your thoughts:
Sunday 31st of March 2019
Can abundance and simplicity co-exist? On this episode Paige leads us in a discussion on inviting more abundance into our lives, while also simplifying and making space for the things that matter most. Share your thoughts: Follow Paige @
Monday 25th of March 2019
How do you handle the tough conversations that you need to have with your kids and teens? Do you run to them or from them? And we're not just talking about the birds and the bees. How do you talk about tragedies in current events? How do you deal with challenges at home? In this episode, Heather leads us through a discussion about how to make these conversations easier and how to open up communication lines with our kids.
Monday 18th of March 2019
Do you ever have moments in your life when you feel like Heaven is Quiet? Even when you feel like you're trying really hard to get answers like praying, studying scripture, attending worship services, serving others. Today Michelle leads us through a discussion about how to remain faithful and find answers when you feel like heaven is silent. Share your thoughts with us!
Monday 11th of March 2019
As women we're juggling a lot of balls in the air. The average woman has 12 roles that they're juggling in a given week. So how can we give each role the attention it deserves without burning out? Join us today while Nicole leads us in a discussion about defining and protecting our roles. Share your thoughts with us!
Sunday 3rd of March 2019
With the roles you play do you take time for your talents and passions? In this show we share some of our passions and how we make time to do things we love. Jana is leading us through a conversation that will give you ideas as well as inspiration on spending time in your passions! Share your thoughts with us!
Monday 25th of February 2019
This show isn't about romance, though the questions we're talking about on today's show may do just that. But they can do MORE. Asking the right questions are guaranteed to get you closer to friends, family, and even strangers - and you're going to learn a little about our hosts, too! Listen in as Heather leads us through some thought provoking questions. What questions would you add to this list? Share your thoughts with us: ttp://
Monday 18th of February 2019
Today Jodi takes us on a exploration of self-care through nutrition, connection, stillness and essential oils. How do you rest and rejuvenate? Do you make time for yourself, on this episode we share some of our tricks and tips for not feeling selfish in self-care. Share your thoughts with us!
Sunday 10th of February 2019
It's Valentine's week, but this conversation is good anytime. Do you date your spouse? In this episode we talk about: - WHY it's important to make regular date night a priority. - WHO should make the plan, you or your spouse? - WHAT you should do when money is tight and ideas for when there's a little extra to spend. This episode is hosted by Michelle until Paige hijacks the conversation to talk about intimacy and makes Michelle blush. Share your thoughts with us!
Monday 4th of February 2019
Book clubs are fun, but so are movie clubs! In this episode we're sharing some of our favorite movies. Get a pen or open up Netflix because Paige is leading us in a fun discussion of movies you'll want to add to your queue! And share YOUR favorite movies with us here:
Sunday 27th of January 2019
In this day and age with technology and an abundance of resources it's harder than ever to raise kids who are self-reliant and confident. On this show we're sharing tips and tricks to encourage kids to be independent and self-starters. And share your thoughts on this subject with us at:
Monday 21st of January 2019
This podcast is for moms with ADHD. Our host, Jodi, shares the challenges and advantages of ADHD moms. Share your thoughts on this subject with us at:
Sunday 13th of January 2019
Sometimes being a mom is tough, even with your favorite drink and sweat pants. But it can also be the best. In this episode we share how we find joy and happiness in motherhood, even with the challenges of babies and barf, toddlers and tantrums, teenagers and talking back and even spouses. And wile it may be fleeting at times, moments of happiness are possible! Host: Nicole Carpenter And share your thoughts on this subject with us at:
Monday 7th of January 2019
Whether it's the New Year or anytime of year, in this episode we're talking about how we set goals, and between the 6 of us we do things a number of different ways! Hear how we tackle our next big dream and get some inspiration about how to do goal setting in your own way! Host: Michelle McCullough Share your thoughts on this subject with us at:
Monday 24th of December 2018
Anytime is a good time to think about our relationship with our Savior, Jesus Christ. While we talk about everything on this show from birthdays to talents, juggling it all to traditions, at our core we are Christian women striving each day to become closer to Jesus. We hope you have a listen! And share your thoughts on this subject with us at:
Sunday 16th of December 2018
As the saying goes, it's what you GIVE not what you GET that makes Christmas so magical. So today we're sharing some of our favorite ways to serve during the Christmas season. You'll get ideas for solo service plus ideas with family and friends. Share your thoughts on this subject with us at:
Monday 10th of December 2018
We had SO much fun with our First Holiday Traditions show, that we did an encore. Hear about our favorite Christmas traditions from food to fun! And share your favorites with us on Facebook! Share your thoughts on this subject with us at:
Monday 3rd of December 2018
During this time of year, we get the opportunity to think about ways we can love and serve those around us. Want to love better & bigger? Listen to this show to learn ways to help our hearts grow three sizes or more! Hosted by: Jodi Robinson
Monday 26th of November 2018
How do you save? Why do you save? On this show we dish about our favorite ways to save money (and what we save our money for!) How do you save? Share your thoughts on this subject with us at:
Monday 19th of November 2018
It's that time of year! Today we share our favorite holiday foods, activities, and gifts. Our hosts share their favorites, and we'd love for you to share yours, too! Also, this is just part one, watch for part two in a couple of weeks. Share your thoughts on this subject with us at:
Monday 12th of November 2018
It's gratitude month so today we're talking about how great it is to get mail, the good old fashioned way! It feels so good to write and send, and it feels even better to receive! Share your thoughts on this subject with us at:
Saturday 3rd of November 2018
How do you read scripture? Do you read morning, mid-day or night? Do your read "cover to cover" or skip around? On this show, our Living Room hosts share how they read and why. Listen in and share your comments with us! Share your thoughts on this subject with us at:
Friday 26th of October 2018
Fall is a fantastic time to recenter. In this show on Retreat & Rejuvenation we share our favorite ways to relax. How do you like to relax? What helps you rejuvenate when you're feeling depleated? Listen in to the show as we share our favorite ways to recharge. Share your thoughts on this subject with us at:
Sunday 21st of October 2018
Where do you like to go? How do you like to get there? Do you love road trips or hate them? In this episode we dish on some of our favorite travels and some of the travel dreams of our heart. Some of our favorite memories have happened when we are out seeing the world. We'd love to have you share your favorite travel memories, too! Host: Michelle McCullough Share your thoughts on this subject with us at:
Monday 15th of October 2018
A family's super power is TOGETHERNESS. But distractions, social media, and stress get in the way every day. Want to REV UP your family with more SUPER POWERS, we chat about how you can create more togetherness based on 7 research tips, on today's LIVING ROOM podcast. Hosted by Jodi Robinson Share your thoughts on this subject with us at:
Friday 5th of October 2018
We love our family and we probably would tell others we love our family traditions, too. But, if you're being honest, do your family traditions make you tired!? I'm exhausted. So let's talk candidly about family traditions, how they start, what we'd change, and why sticking with them is worth it. Hosted by: Nicole Carpenter Share your thoughts on this subject with us at:
Thursday 4th of October 2018
Anxiety effects over 40 million Americans personally and studies show that 1 in 4 children are effected by anxiety. In this show, Heather Johnson shares tips for women who struggle with anxiety, thoughts on how to support friends or spouses that may struggle with anxiety AND you'll also learn practical tips for helping our children who struggle with anxiety. We'd love you to share your thoughts with us as well. For additional resources go to: Share your thoughts on this subject with us at:
Saturday 29th of September 2018
There are milestones in our lives that are marked by rituals. What rituals and celebrations do you love? How do you make rites of passage special? We're talking birthdays, showers and life milestones today. How do you celebrate these special moments in your life? Jana leads us in a conversation on the times in our life that we remember forever. Share your thoughts on this subject with us at:
Sunday 23rd of September 2018
New research shows that moms that don't know how to manage stress have kids that are stressed out. Whether you're a mom or not, Heather Johnson, LMFT, shares important tips on managing stress and our Living Room hosts share what works and what doesn't work in their own lives. How do you manage stress? Share your thoughts on this subject with us at:
Sunday 16th of September 2018
It happens. Someone says something or does something because we're women...and somehow we have to decide how to respond and respond positively. In this episode we're sharing how to respond confidently without being overbearing, which can be tricky! Paige takes the mic and leads our discussion with the other Living Room hosts. Share your thoughts on this subject with us at:
Sunday 9th of September 2018
Sometimes service is hard. In this episode we're talking about how to reach out to lift someone else even in the face of our own challenges. How does service help you? In this conversation lead by Michelle McCullough and our other Living Room hosts, we're diving in to love others as much as ourselves. Share your thoughts on this subject with us at:
Sunday 2nd of September 2018
BONUS EPISODE: Elevate your personal style by identifying who you are. In this unique show, host Paige Sorensen shares the questions she asks her clients so they can find their individual style. This approach is both fun and enlightening; listen in! Share your thoughts on this subject with us at:
I have a total brown thumb, and could probably be arrested for plant homicide. But I love the idea of gardening, choosing plants by color and texture. What is in your garden this year and how do you keep it alive? Host: Jana Parkin Listen in and share your thoughts on this subject with us at:
Saturday 25th of August 2018
Given that phones and technology aren't going any where, how do we learn to parent better with them around? How do we make sure that phones are not getting in the way of our relationships? On today's show, our hosts tackle how to be better so that this new generation of kids and youth can have the best from us as parents AND have modeled behavior for their future use. Today's host: Heather Johnson Listen in and share your thoughts on this subject with us at:
Sunday 19th of August 2018
Busy-ness is quickly becoming a badge of honor that can lead to unexcpected outcomes. If you are always running in an 'everydayathon,' listen to this episode of The Living Room where your host Nicole will explore why we are so busy and some work-arounds to survivng it all. Listen in and share your thoughts with us at:
Monday 13th of August 2018
What does "every day vulnerability" look like for you? In this show, we open up about our own VULNERABILITIES and what makes taking RISKS WORTH IT for us. We don't necessarily have SECRETS to to embracing vulnerability, but hopefully our discussion helps you feel a little more comfortable with it by the end of the show. Research shows whether in relationships, business, marraige, new adventures, or overcoming mistakes, embracing vulnerability, and not running away from it, leads to greater happiness. Listen in and share your thoughts with us at:
Monday 6th of August 2018
How can we be more confident? What is the script inside your head? On today's show, our hosts are sharing tips on how to change that story or lie so you can love you as you are! Today's Host: Paige Sorensen, Style Life With Paige Co-hosts: Jana Parkin, Michelle McCullough, Jodi Robinson, Heather Johnson, Nicole Carpenter
Monday 30th of July 2018
What are some of the ways we open ourselves to others, both in groups and in private conversations, that help form meaningful connections? Today on The Living Room we're talking about ways women connect and how you can build stronger, deeper relationships.
Monday 23rd of July 2018
The world will tell you that if you want to be more you have do more or have more, but how does God want us to find more in our lives? How can we look to our maker to fill in the missing pieces of our mind and heart? Listen as our hosts share how they look up to find true answers and peace. Find more shows and learn about our hosts at Also, keep the conversation going on our Facebook page:
Monday 28th of May 2018
As little girls our dreams and wishes ran wild. Yet as adults, often we put those dreams on hold or forget them all together. Studies show setting intrinsic goals adds meaning to our lives and brings us hope and happiness. In this episode of The Living Room, your hosts will discuss the value of dreaming big. Check out our website at Follow us!
Monday 21st of May 2018
How do you record the special moments and memories in your life? Does it seem like an impossible task with the other things on your plate? In this episode we show how we're doing it, how we're not doing it, and why you need to start today. Are you social? We are! Follow us on your favorite mediums. Facebook: Instagram And check out our site at:
Monday 14th of May 2018
In celebration of Mother's Day, this show is talking about how we celebrate our mothers and how we like to be celebrated. We're also chatting about how we as women can mother not just our own kids, but the people that come in and out of our life for a reason, a season or a lifetime. Check out our other shows and our blog at
Monday 7th of May 2018
Emotional struggles. We all have them! So, how do you handle your emotions? Do you stuff them? Eat them? How have you improved handing emotional ups and downs? Our goal today is to share with you REAL RESOLUTIONS that you can use to feel confident in how you handle your emotions. Host: Jodi Robinson
Monday 30th of April 2018
As women we wear many hats. Time seems to be a fleeting resource that we all want a little more of. In this episode we will be talking about how we use it, how we magnify it and we can make peace with it. Host: Heather Johnson
Kicking off Season 3 with a few of our favorite things. Hear what we're reading, what we're binge watching, and all things we love. Get to know our new hosts and share some of your favorites with us at
Monday 1st of May 2017
Marriage advice? There is never enough of it. So, we're talking AGAIN about what marriage advice we'd give our friends. Download our living room podcast, and find more than 80 more shows at
Tuesday 25th of April 2017
Today is T_I_W_A_F day--Things I Won't Apologize For. In today's living room show we chat about why we won't apologize for liking, saying, and doing certain things. TIWAF is an interesting conversation starter. Ask your friend, family, or co-worker what they won't apologize for and why? #fromthelivingroom
Tuesday 18th of April 2017
Do you ever have important conversations and then think, "That is NOT the way I thought that was going to go?" Do you have trouble asking for what you want? In this show we're talking about communication, but not just regular talking, asking for what you want in confidence and respect.
Tuesday 4th of April 2017
Find stillness in your everyday life. We begin the conversation on where to capture the essence of stillness and rest. Simple practices. Calm the outer voices and inner critic. We chat about this in our living room. Join us!
Tuesday 28th of March 2017
Living well with chronic illness. Tips and tools to live well when illness hits and to love those in your life who live with illness, daily.
Wednesday 22nd of March 2017
Is balance a myth? How do you find what works for your and your family and your business?
Friday 3rd of March 2017
With all the debates on social media (and at the family dinner table) learn how to keep the discussion healthy when things could get heated.
How do you communicate with God? In this podcast our hosts share insights into prayers, meditation, and other ways to connect and learn from our higher power.
Tuesday 28th of February 2017
Tips and tools to resolve family drama. Everyone has it, so let's get it out there in the open and find ways to ease the upsets and restore peace to our homes and families.
Monday 20th of February 2017
Understanding grace in your every day life. In this podcast learn how to extend grace to yourself and others.
Tuesday 14th of February 2017
When breaking commitments seem common place in our world today, what can you do to keep your marriage strong? On today's show, our hosts share some of their tips and insights for staying committed to your marriage, even when things seem strained. As we get real, we want to share with you advice we wish we had sooner.
Monday 6th of February 2017
Meaning trumps fuss! Right? We often don't feel that way. But most celebrations we remember are because they were meaningful celebrations. Not because they Pinterest Perfect. So, let's get creative and simplify and add more meaning to our celebrations. In today's show, we share ideas on how to make memories without the Pinterest hulabaloo!
Monday 30th of January 2017
It takes a village and even an entire world to raise teenagers. But it also takes some wise and experienced mothers, who have simply been there and done that. In today's show we share personal experiences about what has worked for us and what lessons we've learned. The bottom line is we're all in this together!
Tuesday 24th of January 2017
We learn. We grow. We change. And sometimes we get disappointed. How can teach our kids about handling disappointment so they grow up to become stellar adults? This is what we chat about in this podcast.
Friday 13th of January 2017
Working our way through the grief stages. Finding solutions in your darkest trials. This show can help you and those you love through the ups and downs of life.
Tuesday 3rd of January 2017
Do you ever get to the end of the day and say to yourself, "Where did the time go?" In this episode we're talking about time. It's not just about finding a system that's right for you, it's about making peace with the clock and making powerful choices about your priorities. Every host approaches time management in a different way. Tune in and hear how we juggle our roles and make time for what's most important.
Monday 19th of December 2016
Monday 12th of December 2016
A few folks stand out in our lives as remarkable souls who contribute to who we are as individuals. In this podcast we chat about who has changed our lives and how. While you listen to our stories, think about who has forever changed your life. We could devote several shows to talking about the special people who influence, encourage, and inspire. Max Lucado writes, "God changes the world with folks like you and me." And we believe this. And today we say THANK YOU. Thank you for changing my life!
Tuesday 6th of December 2016
Have you ever had a Christmas when you felt like you forgot to invite Christ to His birthday party? You've got the beautifully decorated tree, wrapped presents, and yummy holiday dishes. But Christmas morning you realize something is missing? If you would like to FEEL the SPIRIT of Christmas, not ONLY at a holiday gathering but ALL through the season, this show is for you. We share ideas on how to KEEP CHRIST IN CHRISTMAS, throughout our entire holiday season.
Monday 21st of November 2016
Teaching kids gratitude practices.
Monday 14th of November 2016
Positive encouragement and practices help change our mindset from perfectionism to progression. How can we change our thinking and stop being a perfectionist? How can we move forward without the fear of failure or rejection? How can we get unstuck? Today's show examines how focusing on progression and NOT perfection helps us feel healthier, happier, and content.
Tuesday 8th of November 2016
How do you do it? Motherhood and If you have a passion and you currently pursue it, this show is for you. If you currently don't have a passion but you're ready to add something new to your life, say a hobby, a business, or a talent, this show is for you, too. This show highlight's what ignites our hearts. And why we do what we do!
Tuesday 1st of November 2016
Ever wonder what other women think about high standards of beauty? Or, what the best lipstick is? Or how other women feel about inner beauty? In every show we're just girlfriends having a real conversation in our living room. We laugh and sometimes we even cry. Come in for a visit. We think you'll feel right at home.
Tuesday 25th of October 2016
Whether you're a full time mom, employee or entrepreneur you've probably asked yourself the question, "Is this what I signed up for?" In this episode we taking about finding, living and Prioritizing Around Purpose. Even if you feel like you're living your passion, you will discover some powerful questions to ask take your life to the next level. Also, hear insights from our special guest, Brianna Coles.
Tuesday 18th of October 2016
Do you ever feel like you're burning the candle at both ends? With the demands placed on today's woman, it's easy to get overwhelmed and even burnout. But there is hope! In the show, we talk about simple strategies for getting more done, in less time and the power of saying no. Sprinkle that with a dose of self-care, these simple tips will help you avoid burnout. Also, join us for a special interview with Eric Aroca on Living The Life you have always imagined.
Tuesday 11th of October 2016
It seems harder than ever before to simple be neighborly. With varying interests, stages of life, walks of life, different age and stages of life, and not to mention cultural differences and religious beliefs, sometimes we find ourselves building fences rather than opening gates. How can we open our hearts and our homes while maintaining healthy boundaries at the same time? This is what we chat about in today's show.
Wednesday 5th of October 2016
Oh, the talk parents dread, yet know how important is, especially these days when pornography and the media are giving our kids such mixed messages so much earlier in their childhood. How can we talk to our children about this most important topic? When did your parents have "the talk" with you? How did you feel about it? What is important for you to say to your kids? If we are uncomfortable with the topic of intimacy our kids will be. Join us as we discuss ways parents can become more comfortable with this crucial conversation.
Tuesday 27th of September 2016
What is holding you back from being a morning person? We offer insights, tips, takeaways, and our personal experiences of works and what doesn't work for us in our podcast "Become a Morning Person."
Tuesday 20th of September 2016
Healthy intimacy is one of the most powerful ways to bond as a couple and strengthen a marriage. Why is intimacy in marriage so important? What makes it hard or stands in the way of intimacy in a marriage and how can we connect and build emotional intimacy so our intimate relationship flourishes. This and more on our From the Living Room podcast.
Tuesday 13th of September 2016
It's one thing to be patient, to give people the benefit of the doubt and to turn the other cheek. But when does a situation turn from extending a kindness to being taken advantage of? In this show we're sharing tips and advice on how to stand up for yourself with confidence, and how to get out of sticky conversations.
Tuesday 6th of September 2016
A formula for success I give my students is also the formula for success in life, it turns out. This perspective—and learning to trust the process—makes all the difference, in life as well as in art. Enjoy! - Jana
Tuesday 30th of August 2016
If you were facing a life-changing event would regret hold you back from living and loving life? Our co-host Jodi experienced a cancer scare that forced her to consider her regrets. In today's show, we explore 7 regrets people commonly have so we can learn to let go of the should have's and could have's.
Tuesday 5th of July 2016
It seems that everywhere you turn there's tragedy: on the TV, in our homes, at work, and in the statuses we read on social media. So how do you find and maintain your bliss? How can you create a general sense of mindfulness that helps you find joy in your gifts, but also in the everyday mundane tasks. Today, we dive in deeper than happiness.
Monday 27th of June 2016
Today's show is all about SUMMER! Stories, Tips, Recipes & Tricks for our Favorite Summer Foods and traditions. Share yours, too! Check out our facebook page at We'd love to hear your favorite ideas for summer food and fun!
Tuesday 14th of June 2016
Society and the media often paint today's men as bumbling incompetents, or insensitive jerks with more muscle than heart. There seems to be a cultural shift where women somehow find it okay to denigrate men. That couldn't be farther from our own reality. Join us as we celebrate the men in our lives.
Tuesday 7th of June 2016
Join our hosts as we talk about designing the perfect summer for your family.
Monday 30th of May 2016
A diamond is the strongest and perhaps most beautiful substance on earth. Who would have thought its origin was carbon and its process was intense pressure and heat, then thrust to the earth's surface, followed by the cutting of facet after facet to reveal its sparkle and shine? This is a metaphor for our souls. I call it the Diamond Principle.
Tuesday 24th of May 2016
All of us have had that moment where we find out that one terrible judgement we made about another woman, couldn't have been further from the truth. Realizing the full weight of what our judgement must have felt like to her can be both heart-breaking and a wonderful teaching moment for us. As women, we are all human. We make mistakes. All of us are going through something that no one else can understand. All of us need compassion and all of us could be a little more compassionate. Hopefully during today's show, we may discover that we don't need to walk a mile in her shoes to understand her heart. After all, we have the same one.
Tuesday 17th of May 2016
Research shows us that our girls come strong and confident but around the age of 9 or 10 things start to take a downward turn for their self esteem and body image. Why? Because it is then that society stops focusing on ABILITIES and starts focusing on APPEARANCE. Yikes! This takes them into the preteen and teen years with a lower belief in themselves. Feelings of inferiority abound and if not nipped in the bud, things just get worse and worse. So what can we do? Listen as we share 8 tips research shows will help us raise strong daugthers.
Tuesday 10th of May 2016
We've all heard the common phrase and proverb, ""It takes a village"" in reference to the raising up of children. This is true. Parents need the help and support of the entire community as we seek to raise valued children who contribute in their communities. Today we are going to discuss the role of nurturer and a woman's inherent and instinctive need and ability to assist in the raising of the next generation regardless of a biological connection.
Tuesday 3rd of May 2016
There is something special between a mother and a daughter. Our greatest memories, biggest fights, best learning moments, head-butting, love, sorrow and mother bear tendencies are all a part of raising or being a daughter. Perhaps one of the most profound experiences of Mother/Daughter relationships, is having a mother evolve from a parent to a friend. There is nothing quite like the experience of growing older and having children of our own to help us truly understand why our mother's did what they did, the sacrifices the made and especially the acute love they felt for us. Today we'll interview a single mother of three as well as a mother of ten. We'll ask questions and find out what motherhood was like from two of our very own mothers. Special guests: Connie Rose (Kate's mom) and Jane Bell Meyer (Christie's mom).
Monday 25th of April 2016
Today we want to give you lots of ideas on how to save your pennies in fun and chic ways. It isn't just about saving money. It's also about breathing life into things that are being thrown away or creating more financial space for my family by saving at the grocery store. Creativity and vision are integral to our souls. Whether you are in a financial feast or famine, finding a good deal is always fun and can fuel your creative side. Join us as we discuss ways to upcycle, find deals, and maximize your dollars. Saving money and being creative has never looked so chic.
Monday 18th of April 2016
Money contains a remarkable power. How we define its power affects our self-esteem, our choices, and our relationships. What kinds of a relationship do YOU have with money? And what could you do better to manage your money-your power? Join our LIVING ROOM discussion, "Why Money Matters" and discover tips and take-aways you can use to improve your relationship with money. Save more. Spend less. Find contentment in imagining your financial future.
Monday 11th of April 2016
In a world where everyone can share their opinion (and often does) it can be easy to get our feelings hurt or worse, we can become offended. Today we're going to discuss how to be unoffendable - even if you feel you have been wronged on purpose. Tune in as we share simple tips and strategies for taking the high road and why it's critical that we do.
Friday 25th of March 2016
We're ready to share personal experiences and offer advice on how we can create and sustain lasting friendships.
Friday 18th of March 2016
As our lives and families become busier, it is easy to forget to look back at those family members who have come before us. The grandparents that have sacrificed for us, taught us, and loved us, are aging and now alone. We don't often consider that it is our privilege to help their golden years glow. Today, we talk about why grandparents are important and the powerful ways we can support and love them. The best part is the love and joy that we will feel as we learn from these amazing men and women in our families. They truly can help further shape and bless our lives!
Monday 14th of March 2016
Most of us are grateful for what our parents taught us - for lessons we learned. But along with the good there are mistakes that were made. After all we are human. So how can we learn from the baggage that we carry often from generation to generation? How do we take the lessons, but leave the baggage behind? Today we will discuss perspective, the wisdom of age, the power of forgiveness and letting go.
Monday 7th of March 2016
With marriage getting challenged at every turn, AND with more and more people choosing not to get married, we want to explore the question, "What is an ideal marriage?" The truth is the longer you search for ideal you won't find it. The question you SHOULD ask yourself is "What is the right marriage for US?" What works for one couple, will crash and burn with another. Being willing to find creative solutions and have win-win conversations with your spouse will help you create a powerful and lasting marriage.
Monday 29th of February 2016
The key to successful memory keeping is all about doing one thing -- actually keeping them. With hundreds of memory keeping options out there -- from digital programs and phone apps to amazing paper layouts -- you may wonder where to begin? Does the of recording your family history overwhelm you? Does thinking about scrapbooking seem silly because you're 20 years behind? The Living Room is here to help! Whether it's choosing a scrapbooking program, starting a journal, family history, or doing genealogy, what matters is finding a system that WORKS. So, for all you frustrated MEMORY KEEPERS who drool over the clever and beautiful Pinterest layouts, we're here to help!. We'll share how we approach memory keeping and hopefully inspire you to find a system that works for you.
Friday 19th of February 2016
Is forgiveness an attribute or something you attain? Is it easy? Is it quick? Is it definable? In this episode of The Living Room, each host will share her own experience with forgiveness. Join us as we explore the journey of forgiveness and why we believe that forgiveness is the most powerful gift that one can themselves.
Tuesday 16th of February 2016
Nearly every bride has something go horribly wrong at her wedding...and with so many details involved, it's no wonder! Most of these mishaps are hilarious—after the fact! Join us for a good laugh as we recount some of our wedding day disasters, and share some of your own with us on facebook! The good news is, in the long run, none of those little details matter at all! What's most important is a lifetime commitment to love, honor and support the man of your dreams. And that promise contains pure bliss!
Monday 8th of February 2016
We can’t go back and change the past but what we can learn from it proves invaluable. An interesting question to ponder is: “WHAT WOULD I TELL MY YOUNGER SELF.” YOU...may not necessarily benefit from the advice, counsel, or warnings you’d give to your younger self...but someone else might:)) Today’s show will include humorous and meaningful introspection from the six, co-hosts from The Living Room as we go back in time to tell our younger selves some valuable lessons.
Tuesday 2nd of February 2016
The Living Room Season 2 begins TODAY with the show entitled "Laugh at Our Expense." Periodically, in The Living Room we like to share confessions and "TLR Fails." Completely un-rehearsed, we never know what each of us will confess. That's what makes us laugh all the more! So, laugh at our expense. Laugh along with us or at us. It really doesn't matter as long as you're laughing.
Monday 11th of January 2016
Does someone close to you suffer from an addiction? Do you want to know how you can help and show love without judgement? Our FROM THE LIVING ROOM addiction show focuses on hope and the healing that can come as we support loved ones through the challenges of addiction.
Tuesday 5th of January 2016
Whether it’s the New Year, or middle of summer, it’s a great time to make a change in your life. But how do you know what you really want? How can you make your goals stick? What are some ways to restore trust within yourself so you can let past New Year's resolution failures go so you can make room for real change and progress? Join us for Make It Happen. Learn simple changes that lead to big results in your personal development. Check out our other shows at Follow us on Facebook at
Friday 11th of December 2015
In the midst of war and personal crisis Henry Wadsworth Longfellow penned the words, “Then in despair I bowed my head. There is no peace on Earth I said, for hate is strong and mocks the song of Peace on Earth good will to men.” In a world with a never-ending news feed of chaos, violence, misunderstanding and hate, it often feel like peace is nowhere to be found. And yet...within each one of us, in the innermost yearnings of our heart, is a light. And within that light is a unique wish for Peace and Love. But wishes don’t become realities without commitment and commitment often requires personal sacrifice. Years later, after a season of his own personal growth and inner-resolution, Longfellow followed up his desperate words with these, “Then pealed the Bells more loud and deep. God is not dead nor doth he sleep. The wrong shall fail, the right prevail, with PEACE on Earth, good will to men.” These words became the song, “I heard the Bells on Christmas Day” an anthem of Peace to the world- Longfellow’s own wish for peace fulfilled. What kind of life are you willing to live to make your wish for Peace a reality? *See here for an inspiring version of the Longfellow story as told by Ed Herrmann and The Mormon Tabernacle Choir
Friday 4th of December 2015
Have you ever been chatting with your girlfriends and one of them says, “Here’s the thing, you have to…” …try this great new cleaning product. …read this amazing book. …eat at this great new restaurant. …listen to this song. We have and we love it. Some of our favorite things have been found in these conversations amongst friends. So pull a chair up in our “Living Room” and take notes. Product recommendations, book suggestions, favorite life hacks. Here’s the thing…you’re going to love it!
Tuesday 1st of December 2015
With television, magazines and social media clamoring to define women in worldly terms, we must take a break and redefine who we are through the eyes of God. No matter your religion or faith, our maker can teach us important truths that the world forgets and oh how we need to remember! Join us for simple tips that will help us return to our deepest foundations that will bring us great purpose in our days and greater joy in our moments as we powerfully choose to live defined by divinity.
Tuesday 17th of November 2015
In discussing our favorite gifts we Living Room women realized that none of them came from the mall. The meaningful gifts were heartfelt, handmade, symbolic, or a personal investment. We may have experienced this, but come gift-giving time it’s hard to place confidence in. Believe it or not, what the people you love want most from you is you. But how do we share ourselves with limited time or energy, or feeling we don't have anything noteworthy to share? Learn today how to recognize your own simple gifts and how to more readily share them!
Friday 6th of November 2015
One of our most important modern-day challenges to staying mentally and physically healthy is learning how to manage stress. We all wish we could eliminate stress altogether but realistically that’s not possible. Many stress reducing techniques, relaxation rituals, and rejuvenation practices can help women deal with stress in a healthy and hopeful ways. Our Living Room co-hosts on today’s podcast share what they’ve learned and what works for them in our show: Stress Less, Live More.
Tuesday 3rd of November 2015
Holiday Traditions add sweet memories and experiences to our lives, but can easily turn sour when we lose site of their meaning. Tune in as we help you savor the holiday season and remember why we celebrate it in the first place. Tips for a less stressful season along with all of our favorite holiday traditions. Give the Gift of Yourself!
Tuesday 27th of October 2015
Have you ever said to yourself, "I could never in a million years do that" as you've watched someone else, do something, that you believe for you, is impossible? So have we. Today, we're talking about those rare times in our lives, where for a little while, we have become Limitless. We'll discuss running a marathon as a non-runner, as well as doing a 100 mile bike race as a non-cyclist. But the challenges aren't just physical. We’ll share impossible deadlines that were met, entire books illustrated in just two weeks, singing on stage with stage fright, and more. We'll also divulge what we think we could never do and why. We believe that we are all literally God's children and that there are no minor players in His family. So if there is greatness in each of us, and we are capable of far more than what we think, then let's find out how we become Limitless and the lessons we learn along the way.
Tuesday 20th of October 2015
As parents, we admit that we are raising children in a challenging world. A world with instant access to information allows our children more possibilities to encounter danger than ever before. We want to respect our children’s individuality and privacy while at the same time defining boundaries for safety. Is doing both of those things simultaneously even possible? How much snooping is too much? What can you do to keep your child safe while maintaining a relationship of trust? On today’s show our co-hosts offer a variety of viewpoints on privacy, boundaries, trust and safety with our children.
Tuesday 13th of October 2015
Sometimes in the middle of a crisis, loss, or hardship, it’s so difficult to remember what joy feels like (or even what “okay” feels like). We want to share some stories with the advantage of retrospect, to remind us all that there is light at the end of the tunnel, and a rainbow waiting to brighten even the stormiest of days—that sorrow really can turn to joy.
Tuesday 6th of October 2015
In the depths of our hearts we have dreams. We have things we want to do and things we want to become. Who do YOU want to be and what’s stopping you? In this show we are looking at those lonely dreams we have put in an old corner in the dusty box labeled “someday.” We’ll discuss how to quiet the voices of opposition and start following that inner voice that yearns for something more. We remind you that you did—you do—have dreams and we discuss the possibility that those dreams weren’t arbitrarily thought up by you but were given to you by a higher power to be used for specific purposes. Find the person you’ve always wanted to be. The world is missing her.
Tuesday 29th of September 2015
In a society that enables and even encourages entitlement, how does this affect our children? How does it influence their perception of work ethic, self-motivation, and genuine give-back contribution? Join us today in discussing what principles and practices have worked in our life experience, and how we can positively apply or adjust in raising our children.
Tuesday 22nd of September 2015
In today's show we talk about life moments that could have derailed us but instead, we chose to laugh. Learn from our personal experiences how approaching tough situations with humor, and the choice to see it that way, can make all the difference in our own lives and those we love. Choose to be amused: How responding with humor to difficult and frustrating situations makes all the difference.
Tuesday 15th of September 2015
Struggling to really "see your spouse" and love them for who they are? Join us as we explore WHY we loose site of the one we love and how we can see them in 20/20 again. We will help you remember all the wonderful reasons you married your spouse in the first place.
Tuesday 1st of September 2015
Ever had a moment you wish could take back or redo? What would it be, and what would you do differently? Today we’ll explore some of the lighter experiences we wish to rewind. And for those more poignant experiences, discover what we’ve learned from those moments and what we would differently now. Join us for an enlightening look at our life’s do-overs.
Tuesday 25th of August 2015
Life is full of transitions. Some are big. Like moving to a new city. Starting a new job. Sending a child off to college. Starting to date after a divorce. Other transitions are small, but still can produce some angst and disconnection….sending kids off to school every morning, or leaving and getting home from work. Whether your comings and goings are big or small, how we handle them makes all the difference.
Tuesday 11th of August 2015
All women struggle with body image issues at some point or another. Loving and appreciating your body--imperfections and all--begins with a conversation. In today’s show, our co-hosts start that conversation and explore what we're calling “sideburn moments" and how we turn negative feelings into positive ones. We're hoping the conversation about improving body image continues in our social media links and in future shows.
Tuesday 4th of August 2015
Sometimes it's hard to feel any sort of connection to the divine, let alone feel that incredible love in our lives. Once when my husband filled my luggage with post-it notes, I realized God does the same thing: sends little reminders and assurances of His love and posts them everywhere. Even when life gets difficult.
Tuesday 28th of July 2015
Oprah Winfrey once said, "Gratitude is the way home." In this show The Living Room Co-hosts share tips on finding the good and being grateful even in hard times. Simple stories explore how gratitude awakens our soul and brings us joy in hard times. We go beyond gratitude journals and beyond challenges to talk about the blessings of trials and how we can support and help others - even in the midst of our own personal hardships.
Tuesday 21st of July 2015
Need to laugh or commiserate with other mothers about the backstage reality of motherhood? Enjoy these everyday confessions that you can relate to about how make "this" work in real life.
Wednesday 15th of July 2015
"Successful families come in all shapes and sizes, but the one thing that they all have in common is meaningful rituals. Patterned interactions that have meaning and significance in family life build unity, identity, and make life predictable. Learn more about the benefits of rituals, how to make your family rituals more meaningful, and hear lots of new ideas about rituals you can implement in your family's life."
Tuesday 30th of June 2015
Today’s topic is something that, as women, we can all relate to. We are talking about those moments that come for us all when, as poet Robert Frost has said, “two roads diverge in a yellow wood.” Often life’s choices result in a form of a sacrifice. Our hosts share experiences of what there is to be gained when losing something meaningful. The great stories of our lives are built on the conflict, the sacrifices, the hard experiences. These are the things that build mighty characters. Join us in taking a moment to consider: What did you gain when you lost?
Tuesday 16th of June 2015
What does it mean to create a Mindful Marriage? With so many marriages ending in divorce and so many others in dissatisfaction, the Living Room 7 share their thoughts on what it takes to put your marriage first. Learn how to navigate the funny and the serious and how to do little things each day to make a difference with your spouse.
Tuesday 9th of June 2015
Motherhood is exciting and taxing and amazing. Today we're talking about Motherhood in the TRENCHES. How do you handle kids that say they're bored all the time? What about grown kids and teenagers, how do you stay connected? We're also talking about communication and hugs...they're never too old!
Saturday 6th of June 2015
In this day and age, a lot is asked of us and it can be easy to sacrifice for the sake of our jobs, our family or a meaningful social life. Since it doesn't seem life will change anytime soon, we're chatting about some ideas that will help! Dive into talents, create a Power Up and Power Down routine, make time for yourself and more. Have a listen!