07.31.2015 15,000 Fire Ants in My Tub: Dr. Colin Thomas


This week, as I work on my manuscripts, I am delighted to bring you Dr. Collin Thomas for my encore show.  Listen in anytime you want!

Dr. Thomas was one of my Zoo Keeper son’s professors at the local community college and their lasting friendship grew out of a deep mutual respect for one another on remotely connected levels.

Dr. Thomas completed undergraduate work at the University of Texas at Austin in the Plan II Liberal Arts Program and remained at Texas to complete his doctorate in Molecular Biology, he then went on to perform postdoctoral studies in cellular biophysics at the Rockefeller University in New York.

Fate brought him back to his native Texas where he currently teaches biology, genetics, and more recently, astrobiology at Collin College.

Dr. Thomas lives with his wife, two children, four dogs, five turtles, a micropig, numerous fish and arthropods in an old tumble-down house in South Dallas that he claims to be slowly renovating.

When he isn’t dealing with plumbing hemorrhages, peeling paint, rotted wood, or 15,000 fire ants in the bathtub he enjoys just spending time with his family.

Join us on Friday with your cup of tea and a biscuit to hear about the slowly evolving, but increasingly significant, change in his own disposition toward home-schooling.




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