07.08.2015 Homeschool Conference Season: Gretchen Roe

I am welcoming my friend and regular guest, Gretchen Roe, to my show this Friday.


Gretchen and her family have now been landowners for a year and she says it is quite a change from the urbanity of Maryland. We will be talking about the enterprises they have been embarking upon, slowly, and upcoming plans for the best use of their property. Although she no longer has a say so in her two boys' education Gretchen comments that all the projects they are undertaking on their 3 acre farmstead are so very homeschool, what with chickens and bees, a vegetable garden, bonfires and a swimming pool.

Gretchen and her husband Pat have six children all of whom they homeschooled.  When they moved from Maryland to Western North Carolina last year they made the seamless transition from homeschool to public school with their two youngest sons.

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Gretchen also changed jobs and went from Community Liaison for the Calvert School to representative for Demme Learning,

We will talk about the homeschool conference season that runs from February to the end of July and some of the highlights of Math-U-See and Demme Learning’s recently added Spelling-You See both innovative curricula that you may want to consider when planning your next round of studies.

Visit their website at  www.DemmeLearning.com I know Gretchen will be thrilled to talk to you.

Bring your favourite hot drink, I usually have a nice cup of tea, and join us this Friday at noon to hear about how the summer has been going so far.


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