The Power of Visualization for Top Performance in Sports, Music and Any Endeavor with Dr. Lynn Hellerstein (Episode #42)

Dr. Lynn HellersteinDr. Lynn Hellerstein of Vision Beyond Sight continues her series on the power of visualization. On this show, Dr. Lynn talks about utilizing visualization for top performance in sports, music and any endeavor. She provides some scripts we can use to encourage and teach visualization to people of different age groups, and discusses the importance of the See It, Say It, Do It process of mental training. Along with the real-life champions she quoted in the show, she reminds us about telling ourselves that we are all winners who can transform our lives.

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  • The importance of visualization
  • How to get to that top level of performance
  • The See It, Say It, Do It process of mental training
  • Scripts to encourage and teach visualization for different age groups
         ◦ Toddlers
         ◦ Grade-schoolers
         ◦ Teens and adults

"Isn’t it cool that in your own mind and in your own brain, you can imagine what you want to do, and you can help yourself create new goals?" – Dr. Lynn Hellerstein

Hi everyone, this is Dr. Lynn and welcome to Vision Beyond Sight!

Today will be a very different podcast. Many of you who listen regularly to the podcast hear so many of the speakers discuss how they utilize visualization- starting at a very young age to adults. So today, I thought I would take the opportunity to continue my series on the Power of Visualization. Today’s podcast is Part 3. Check out Part 1 here, Part 2 here, and a special episode about a visualization meditation technique you can use here.

Just a little bit about my story of how and why I started into visualization.  As the founder and Co-owner of Hellerstein & Brenner Vision Center, I’ve been developmental optometrist for more than 45 years.  My emphasis has always been in the area of vision therapy.

I’ve had the opportunity to help thousands of people transform their lives through their vision training and visualization. People with learning and reading problems, special needs, double vision, crossed eyes, lazy eyes, ADHD, dyslexia, and/or brain injury have greatly benefited from this vision work, as have athletes, musicians and exceptional performers.

Now, my passion has shifted from treating patients individually with traditional vision problems to empowering people to utilize their inner vision through visualization.  The transformation started in 2002, when I had significant health issues and found my health and mental healing through functional medicine physicians and Psychologist, Dr. Deb Sandella who created the RIM program...releasing inner memories.  Dr. Deb’s work was about utilizing visualization-which was part of our vision therapy program to a much deeper level… she involved a much more multi-sensory approach, which has influenced my work with myself and others.

My mission: to inspire and empower millions of people through their vision and visualization skills so that they may see and experience their world through the lens of clarity, courage and confidence.

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50 Tips to Improve Your Sports Performance

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"You can talk to coaches and all different kinds of sports for all different ages. Sure, you have to be in shape, and yes, you need the physical skills for this sport, no question. But if you don’t connect the mind and have some type of mechanism to really integrate mind-body-performance, then you’re gonna struggle at some level." – Dr. Lynn Hellerstein

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Dr. Lynn Hellerstein, Developmental Optometrist, co-owner of Hellerstein & Brenner Vision Center, P.C., award-winning author and international speaker, holds powerful and inspiring conversations with her guests in the areas of health, wellness, education, sports and psychology. They share their inspirational stories of healing and transformation through their vision expansion. Vision Beyond Sight Podcast will help you see with clarity, gain courage and confidence. Welcome to Vision Beyond Sight!

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About Dr. Lynn

A pioneer in vision therapy and developmental optometry, for more than 30 years, Dr. Lynn Hellerstein has helped thousands of children and adults improve their vision and transform their lives — at home, in the classroom, and most recently on the playing field. Her breakthrough methods unlock barriers to learning and “rewire” around brain injuries, and vision perception or processing deficits. But you don’t have to have a vision problem to benefit: her brain training strategies may be the missing magic if you’re an athlete trying to nail a tricky shot or stay cool in competition. If it’s a skill you can visualize, Dr. Hellerstein can help train your eyes — and mind’s eye — on success.

Award-winning and #1 bestselling author, Dr. Lynn has published numerous professional peer reviewed articles, chapters and four books.

See It. Say It. Do It! (2009) - How to see/recognize your goal, declare your intention, and taking action to achieve your vision.

See It. Say It. Do It! Organize It! (2011) - How to create a step by step process to make achieving your goal a reality.

50 Tips To Improve Your Sports Performance (2013) - How to improve your sports performance today by enhancing eye-mind-body coordination skills, achieving the mental edge, and preventing injuries.

Expand Your Vision (2021) - Discover the power of the seeing brain…the creator of your true vision. Gain Clarity, Courage, and Confidence. In this #1 Amazon best-selling innovative newest book, the power of visualizing and believing in the process to break through internal barriers and create new possibilities for achieving your goal is explored. Visualization can be used to increase creativity, to reduce stress and anxiety, and to build confidence in all of the things that they do.