Friday 11th of October 2019
Brian K Wright "Success Profiles Radio" To catch Brian here on TogiNet: During the show Brian shared his background of growing up in a very small community in Iowa and the wide variety of things he did during his career. In addition to having a very long running and successful radio show, Brian also publishes the Success Profiles Magazine. He is an accomplished writer and author. He shared tip and the "WHY" you should write a book. He is also a "Ghost Writer" and explained how others may write your book for you and his experience in this capacity. "Your Future Is Now" is sponsored by Speakers Pathway Coalition. We provide training for TEDx Talks, Speakers, Authors, Internet Marketers, Networking, How to Craft Your Talk using Story Telling. For more information and to get YOUR FREE "Complimentary Gifts" go to Brian also touched our hearts when he shared his "Life-Threatening Illness" he suffered from in 2014 that almost ended his life. His perspective and outlook on life of what really is important in his appreciation for life, family and friends. Brian shared 'HOW' he met Kevin Harrington and how he put Kevin on the cover of his very first magazine. And great tips fpr those to meet high profile individuals that can help you in your travels to be successful.
Friday 4th of October 2019
Jaclyn "Jacque" Zoccoli Email Jacque: Turning Business Cards to Gold is the title of Jacque's show today!! And she really delivered a lot of golden nuggets in regards to networking, the mindset and the reason you are attending. "Your Future Is Now" is sponsored by Speakers Pathway Coalition. We provide training for TEDx Talks, Speakers, Authors, Internet Marketers, Networking, How to Craft Your Talk using Story Telling. For more information and to get YOUR FREE "Complimentary Gifts" go to Below are a few of the items Jacque shares during the program. How to Flip the Frustrations of Networking Events: Attend when you are fresh and ready to meet people - not in your down time
. When you know the reason you are there (alliances), this is a fun system. 
Present yourself in a way that "Excites Awareness" of your benefits
!! No one cares what you know, until they know that you care.. . . so go out of your way!! Would 600 new clients from one person delight you?
 Creating a Strategic Alliance who targets the same audience, has a large sphere of influence, and a Big Mouth assures Word of Mouth with YOUR prospects, when you play it smart. It takes a keen eye to spot a profitable and Strategic Alliance
 Once you know your very best alliance, 2 one on ones are in order, what to say/find out
How to assure they seriously want to commit to working with you?
Test those prospective Strategic Alliances - do a gig together, or go to an event & introduce each other. Once you have a Strategic Alliance, how to keep them, how to make them profitable?
What goes around comes around. You get what you give. Constant top of mind.
You must create exciting events together to make the relationship work - & done equally
Articles, events, social media, newsletters, summits, workshops, visit clients together Let's understand the game!
 It's the Dance, the Courting, the Partnering that eventually get the customers.
Based on the 5Cs, this is the Networking to Become Word of Mouth concept.
Commonalities, Communication, Commitment, Contribution, and Collaboration. GLOW (Guided Love of Wholeness)
 Dance - event itself (commonalities, communication)
 Courting - one on ones (2) (commonalities, communication, commitment)
 Partnering - Agree to work together (contribution/collaboration) - projects are?
Turning Business Cards to Gold - starts from knowing alliances, building a team of them, then through reciprocal efforts reel in the prospects via Word of Mouth, thus the gold.
Start in person, then look at your own database. They are hiding there.
Friday 27th of September 2019
Rick Cesari On the show today, Rick shared a lot of knowledge and value about the importance of using videos, testimonies and shared his expertise in HOW he became a successful marketing guru. As his "Complimentary Gift", Rick offered THE TOP 3 MOST EFFECTIVE TYPES OF VIDEO CONTENT. To get YOURS for FREE!!! Just go to "Your Future Is Now" is sponsored by Several times during the show mention was made of their "Complimentary Gifts". to receive YOUR FREE Gifts go to All "Complimentary Gifts" are FREE!! With NO-COST or OBLIGATION!! Rick helped major brands from GoPro to George Foreman build billion dollar brands through Brand Response advertising and strategic video marketing. His upcoming book Video Persuasion aims to put big brands’ proven video marketing techniques into the hands of small business owners, entrepreneurs, inventors, Amazon sellers and others. Rick is a bestselling author, speaker, consultant, and marketing & brand strategy guru, and he is sharing his expertise with us today sharing best practices in video marketing so you can successfully influence your customers and build your brand. “I have sold more consumer products through video than anyone alive!” (Rick Cesari) "VIEWERS RETAIN 95% OF A MESSAGE WHEN THEY WATCH IT IN A VIDEO, COMPARED TO 10% WHEN READING IT IN TEXT". On your book…Visual Persuasion… KEY TAKEAWAYS • 90% of users say that product videos are helpful in their buying decisions • 5 easy steps to create a demo video that can increase conversions by as much as 80% • 3 reasons testimonial videos work so well, and where to place them so they’re most effective • Why your camera should be the first thing you pack when prepping for a trade show • The old-school marketing concept that often gets lost in the chaos of ever-changing tech advances • The 4 keys to making your next video compelling, engaging, and effective in making the sale • The startling similarity between couch-surfing and online media consumption, and how to overcome the core sales challenge posed by each.
Thursday 19th of September 2019
Angel Marie Monachelli shared with the audience HOW the Shine On! Movement began from its roots to WHERE it has taken her today. But her journey began with being diagnosed with Dyslexia. In her childhood days, there was much ignorance about Dyslexia. Many of the ignorant and undereducated of that day thought it was directly related to intelligence. But nothing could be further from the truth. Especially when you consider the highly intelligent people on the list of famous people with Dyslexia. Here is a brief list of a few... Albert Einstein…Richard Branson….Cher…Stephen J Cannell….Leonardo da Vinci…Thomas Edison….Anthony Hopkins…Steve Jobs…Jay Leno…Steve McQueen….Nikola Tesla...just to name a few. The list is quite extensive. Certainly no one would consider Albert Einstein or Nikola Tesla or Steve Jobs to be lacking in intelligence. But there was a time, ignorance like this existed. Angel Marie's main Message was a message of Inspiration from the standpoint...I may have Dyslexia...But Dyslexia does NOT have me. "Your Future Is Now" is sponsored by Several times during the show mention was made to go to their website and click on "Complimentary Gifts" button to pick and choose one or more FREE GIFTS from the Executive Training Directors at NO-COST or OBLIGATION!! To learn more about Angel Marie, go to and as a "Complimentary Gift" Angel will give ANYONE a FREE 30-Minute Consultation...just go to her website and schedule a date and time with her!! Please Subscribe to our Podcasts and share this and other podcasts with others. Thank YOU!!! Jim & "Dandy Don"
Friday 13th of September 2019
Joana Zuppas is a Realtor in Winter Park, Florida. Her website is: Joana created a program on Mark Green's "Get Resilience Summit" aimed at helping Veterans find the help they needed. To accomplish this mission she invited one of her colleagued Eric Putt of Once Dandy Don and I saw this great program, we knew we would need to have Joana and Eric on our show!!! "Your Future Is Now" is sponsored by Several times during the show mention was made to go to their website and click on "Complimentary Gifts" button to pick and choose one or more FREE GIFTS from the Executive Training Directors at NO-COST or OBLIGATION!! During the show many great points were made in regards to HOW to qualify, the process and the MANY advantages; such as ZERO DOWN. Together, Joana and Eric cleared up some myths, misunderstandings and revealed the advantages of dealing with reputable and experienced professionals when it comes to selecting a home and all of the things that must be accomplished in order to protect YOU, the Buyer!! Please SUBSCRIBE!! Share with others!!! Thank YOU!!
Thursday 5th of September 2019
Bill Heinrich is a High Level Business Coach with clients all around the world. He is known as the “True Life Purpose Guy”. His website is… Bill shared a wealth of information during this broadcast about how energy can effect our lives. We can enjoy an abundance of life once we leave the physical limitations we have been taught and saddled with all of our lives. Bill is also honored to be an Executive Training Director with th Speakers Pathway Coalition. "Your Future Is Now" is sponsored by Speakers Pathway Coalition is the home of the #stagewarrior and the place to go to for several (FREE) Complimentary Gifts mentioned during the show by Jim Grant and Dandy Don Mcgrath. Bill focuses on asking everyday people simple down to earth questions, like how is your week going? And are you ready to take powerful action toward discovering and living your life purpose? Are YOU ‘tired’ & WANT to overcome years of negative patterns in your life? His programs are designed to help you overcome years of negative patterns and unlock access to your birthright of peace, power, happiness and abundance. Bill shared the opportunity for listeners to acquire his new book "7 Levels of Truth" just pay shipping and handling. To get your FREE copy go to In addition, Bill shared that on home page if you click on Complimentary Gifts anyone can download his “Law of Attraction Fuel” which contains a list of over 75 POWER WORDS that “Activate” and “Super-Charge” YOUR Manifestations. And while you are there at Speakers Pathway Coalition’s “Complimentary Gifts” you are welcome to download any and all of the free gifts offered by our Executive Training Directors.
Friday 30th of August 2019
Coach Sherry Winn was our guest today on "Your Future Is Now". Sponsored by to the home on the Complimentary Gifts and select any or all of our Freebies. W-I-N Philosophy:  (W) Widen the Separator Gap. Most people just do the givens but if you want to be a separator. You must be willing to do what other people will not do. (I) Identify "I AM" as your power words. The two most powerful words in the Universe are the words, "I AM" because whatever you say after those words become your truth. (N) Navigate Success. Most people fall into victim mentality blaming other people for why they don't succeed. People who succeed take one hundred percent responsibility. Coach Winn also covered many other great points. Depression is a response to not having the tools to deal with life's challenges.  Enthusiasm is formulated on the faith that all things (Good and Bad) are for our highest good. She has a New book: The Seven Secrets to getting great employees is developing great leaders.  My secret to success: Be a lifelong learner. Faith is belief that you were born to be a winner. Once you know that you are a winner, nothing stops you. You cannot give what you don't have. You cannot give value to people if you don't believe in your value. You can't give respect if you don't respect yourself. You can't offer compassion if you don't have compassion.  Coach Winn offered a FREE 30 minute counseling session. To receive this free gift and to learn more about her go to and you may email her at
Thursday 22nd of August 2019
Jeff Fagin of is an author, motivational speaker and guide. An experienced entrepreneur that understands the money mindsets we have in our minds. Plus Jeff shared an abundance of knowledge and 'Key Points' for your consideration. "Your Future Is Now" is sponsored by Speakers Pathway Coalition. We provide training for TEDx Talks, Speakers, Authors, Internet Marketers, Networking, How to Craft Your Talk using Story Telling. For more information and a 'Complimentary Course" go to Jeff shared how everything needs to become a system that is easy to duplicate and is followed to the letter. The systems most need already exists. Don't reinvent the wheel! Model already successful systems! Our subconscious BLUEPRINT is already ingrained in us. It's been programmed and conditioned into us since birth so by the time we're 7 our BLUEPRINT is already in place!  In addition, the POWER of utilizing the Master-Mind principle!!! Some of the other things Jeff shared with us and others: Understand that your subconscious mind never sleeps. It is working 24/7. It is a survival mechanism first and foremost. Its goal is PROTECTION, not success, not happiness. It wants to keep you safe...AND...inside your comfort zone. Success ALWAYS leaves clues. There are common traits we can identify in all truly successful people that we can model and practice until they become our habits. The starting point is in getting to know yourself. What your true dreams are. What are your passions? What are your skills ;and talents? What gets you in your "zone"? Also, what are your weaknesses? What are the things you don't like to do? What turns you off? Clarity leads to power. It's important to create daily mindset habits. Declarations. Reading and study time. Meditation time. Live in the Now! Be your best every day. Manage your time and your resources with systems that maximize your reach and results. Help others. Deliver massive value. Look to serve first. Be grateful for the opportunities to serve others and create value. For more information on Jeff go to Connect with Jeff on LinkedIn at and on Facebook at And for your 'Complimentary Gift' on Speaking....go to Please subscribe and share our podcasts. Also, please rate this show on iTunes!! Thank You Very Much!!
Thursday 15th of August 2019
Ira Rosen was our guest today. Ira shared a lot of valuable information to our audience. This podcast is worth a lot of money to the entrepreneur willing to listen. Our show is sponsored by Speakers Pathway Coalition. We provide speaker training for TEDx Talks, Speakers, Authors, Internet Marketers, Networking, How to Craft Your Talk using Story Telling. For more information go to Ira shared his 2/10/40 Rule with us. "If you will talk to two people a day, that's 10 a week and 40 a month, that will change your life." That sounds good...but, how do you do that. Ira stated the first thing everyone in business should have is a "FULL CALENDAR" People who fail to have a 'full calendar" and refuse the 2/10/40 Rule...normally over 80% of these business owners will go out of business. Ira explained how "ALL ENTREPRENEURS" that fail to implement these two things into their business have a failure rate of over 80%. If you have a FULL Calendar, You will have a Happy Calendar!! Your Calendar whether it is full or will reveal the direct results of your efforts. And finally Ira gave great insight in HOW to build your business utilizing LinkedIn. He shared great and proven techniques of what to do and what NOT to do. Please download and share with someone that may benefit from Ira's wise advice. The man has been in business for 50 years and has generated over a Billion dollars in sales. To find out more about Ira, go to and to contact him personally, email him at
Thursday 8th of August 2019
Tamra shares how she helps people who are struggling with feeling like they are not being heard. How to unlock the patterns in their communication to create deeper connections and more meaningful relationships. "Your Future Is Now" is sponsored by A company dedicated to helping YOU to take Your Business to the next level utilizing Marketing, Speaking, Promotions and much more. Tamra tackles the tough questions like: Why do discussions turn into arguments? Do you feel like NO ONE hears you? Does honesty and openness really exist? Why is it important for us to be vulnerable? How do people stay safe when being vulnerable? Why do we avoid conflict? How can we navigate conflict differently? Complimentary Gift!!!! Tamra offered a FREE 45 minute "Clear Communication Strategy Call" to unlock communication blocks. To receive YOUR FREE GIFT!!! Go to:
Friday 2nd of August 2019
Kevin Guttman How To Retire Happy & Secure During the program Kevin gives great insight into the world of senior citizens outliving their income and/or savings. He reveals several options on how seniors can still afford to live in their homes and be FREE of mortgage payments. Kevin shares three different options: 1) Lump Sum Payment, 2) Monthly payments made to the senior homeowner and 3) Line of credit that yields 4% to 6% annual GUARANTEED compound interest. "Your Future Is Now" is sponsored by Speakers Pathway Coalition is the HOME & PATHWAY for people to develop their speaking skills to grow and promote their business. Speaking is the core business tool if you are going to make videos, webinars, speaking form any virtual stage as well as a physical stage. For FREE information from Kevin go to or call Kevin at Toll Free: 877.251.9709
Friday 26th of July 2019
Shawn shared her personal experience as a business woman. She was a single mom, the need and struggles faced for her and her husband Robert W Jones to create Together they are very focused and centered on helping others, active in charities and at their recent networking event raised funds for Tommy Two Shoes charity that provides books for underprivileged children. This networking event focused on providing leadership from several panels. These included Public Speaking, Women's Entrepreneur Panel, Marketing Panel, plus several guest speakers sharing their knowledge and expertise with event goers. Your Future Is Now is sponsored by
Friday 19th of July 2019
Robert W Jones of Network Together shared his compassion and "WHY" he created Network Together. Robert saw a need and a gentleman encouraged him to take his passion to a new level. Robert responded. This led him to create a business coalition of members working together and creating over 1,000 events per month. Robert is passionate about serving others and is very excited about his upcoming event in Phoenix next Thursday, July 25, 2019. For information on this event go to For information on Network Together go to "Your Future Is Now" is sponsored by Speakers Pathway Coalition. To learn more go to
Friday 12th of July 2019
In today's show, "Dandy Don" Mcgrath and Jim Grant shared their experience over the last year in creating the Speakers Pathway Coalition. Speakers Pathway Coalition is the Proud Sponsor of "Your Future Is Now". Learn more about them at Throughout the show, "Dandy Don" and Jim shared their passions, their struggles and their fears. But the main thing was they never stopped or got discouraged. They remained focused and committed. They encouraged the audience to create a dream with the end result in clear view. They also asked the listening audience questions to encourage soul-seeking questions only they could answer. What is YOUR DREAM? What's YOUR PASSION? As they shared their real life message of turning a "Dream Into A Reality" they encouraged the audience to seek their calling in life. And the importance of finding a "Home Team" for Help & Support.
Friday 28th of June 2019
Dr. Charles "Chuck" Weber Charles Weber, DO is a board certified psychiatrist practicing from the Family Care Center (FCC) in Colorado Springs. He is exploring telemedicine options, especially for those remote Veterans. His primary focuses are assisting the DoD family members and Veterans, and increasing the psychiatric health for all of Colorado Springs, Colorado. "Your Future Is Now" is sponsored by Speakers Pathway Coalition. We provide training for TEDx Talks, Speakers, Authors, Internet Marketers, Networking, How to Craft Your Talk using Story Telling. For more information go to Dr. Weber's clinic is a Premier Behavioral Health Treatment Center for the Colorado Springs area. A wide variety of Services for Both Children and Adults and Specialize in Services for Military Families and Veteran. Dr. Weber enlisted as an infantryman then retiring from the US Army in Nov 2016. He graduated from the United States Military Academy in 1995, and Touro University College of Osteopathic Medical School in 2002. He gained more than 14 years of clinical and leadership experience before opening FCC. Dr. Weber ensured that the practice has a full range of outpatient services, individual, group, medication management and Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) as well as starting ketamine for severe PTSD / Depression. As a leader, Dr. Weber has presented at many conferences nationally and internationally, as well as done significant forensic work. He is one of the teaching preceptors for Rocky Vista Medical School and several psychiatric nurse practitioner programs. He also is the president of the non-profit Colorado Veterans Health and Wellness Agency (CVHWA). FCC now has 2 locations and is looking to expand again for more convenience and greater services for the community. We look forward to exceeding your expectations. During his visit on the show, Dr. Weber shared several different methods used in determining the best treatment for a patient. He has a staff of 58 professionals that assist in diagnosing and developing a specialized treatment program best suited to meet patient needs.
Friday 21st of June 2019
Mark describes himself as a soldier for life. His life has been filled with adversity from early on, but he have learned to stay in the fight. A retired Lieutenant Colonel who started out as a private in the U.S. Army. Nowadays Mark devotes all of his time providing "Consulting services for transitioning from the military to civilian life, building every area of resilience in others. "Your Future Is Now" is sponsored by Speakers Pathway Coalition. We provide training for TEDx Talks, Speakers, Authors, Internet Marketers, Networking, How to Craft Your Talk using Story Telling. For more information go to Mark created the largest online Resilience Summit to Help You Accomplish Your Dreams & Goals.  The dates are July 13- 18, 2019.   During the broadcast, Mark shared a lot of information on the 60+ Speakers from all walks of life to assist ANYONE trying to make the transition from military life back to civilian life... AND/OR anyone trying to make a transition in their own personal life.  A lot of great analogies were given as metaphors in relation to rock-climbing and reaching your own personal summit in life.   Please download and share the recorded podcasts at or on… iTunes FRIDAY FREEBIE!!! 1) Complimentary copy of Don Mcgrath's book "The Climb" that will assist you in getting clarity in your mind and on leadership.  Go to then Contact Us and ask for your copy TODAY!!!   2) Mark offered ONE autographed and personalized copy with YOUR comments added of his book Warriors Code 001!!! Mark's book focuses on the vital steps necessary to shift from the battle mindset to one that will serve YOU at home and in the workplace for the rest of your life.
Saturday 15th of June 2019
Dr. Sony Jackson has a message for YOU!!! STOP!!! Wasting Your Maketing Dollars!!! Stop Wasting Your Marketing Dollars: 3 Shifts You Can Make To Increase the Impact Of Every Penny You Spend!!! Sound Good? There is MORE!!! Our show is sponsored by Speakers Pathway Coalition. We provide training for TEDx Talks, Speakers, Authors, Internet Marketers, Networking, How to Craft Your Talk using Story Telling. For more information go to Dr. Sony Jackson has a passion for being around people who are making the world a better place by operating fully in their genius. During our show she shares three GREAT IDEAS on how to leverage the knowledge you already have in order make the biggest impact on the world around you. Sony lives her passion by surrounding herself with people who are desirous in fulfilling their destiny. When asked "HOW" she accomplishes that' her response is, "By creating systems around them, that fully supports their mission and goals and this frees them up, so that all they have to do is Do What They Want To Do and What Is Best For Them." Sony has a very unique perspective on the marketing of a small business that she shared with us. "It drives me nuts when big business takes advantage of small business owners & solopreneurs -- who know their content, but don't know how to promote it. Getting the word out about your message, product, or service doesn't have to be expensive or complicated." Sony shared during the show her unusual background that uniquely qualifies her to do exactly what she is doing. Is it her calling? Absolutely!! Is it her destiny? YES!!! She shares this and more during the show. Sony emphasized her beliefs there are 3 Shifts that People Can Make to Increase the Impact of Every Penny Spent. Attitude, Agreement & Action: Attitude is about coming from the mindset of the customer wants & need vs what we have to sell. Agreement is about the congruence of words from Ad to Irresistible Offer to Website (landing page) to follow-up messages. Action is about consistent follow-up in the way their customer wants & needs If you would like to find out more about Sony, please click on the following: or you can find me on LinkedIn under DrSonyJackson Friday Freebie: 2) Dr Sony Jackson offered her "Content Checklist for Converting Strangers into Clients". Just click on this link to receive YOURS!!!
Friday 7th of June 2019
Koji shares his journey along the path of filmmaking, cinematography, and how he was introduced to the unique path he is currently on with creating the digital assets needed to share others messages and stories. From a leap of faith to owning a video production company, Koji reveals what is necessary to begin planning out your video marketing strategy and efficiently expose your message. Along this journey, he was fortunate enough to cross paths with Founders of Speakers Pathway Coalition, Don McGrath and Jim Grant. This connection led Koji to become an Executive Training Director of Speakers Pathway Coalition, helping SPC members on their path to the stage to become a #StageWarrior. How would you like to hear "Behind The Scenes" of a video creator, the how-to's and the don't-do's of video production, and what you can do today to start moving the needle on your business forward using video Marketing. Sponsored by Visit Koji @
Friday 31st of May 2019
Dr. Perkins shared how everyone can 'Live First Class' because it is completely up to the individual. Success comes in many forms and it is NOT limited to just money. Dr. Perkins created her '6-Step Blueprint' to enable the average person a path to develop their own 'blueprint' for "Living THEIR First-Class Life". During her visit to our show, Dr. Perkins shared great insight into HOW anyone can discover the Lifestyle that is RIGHT for them. 1) FRIDAY FREEBIE!!! Don Mcgrath offered a FREE 30-minute consultation on WHAT YOUR TEDx Topic should be. So if YOU would like to take advantage of this to discover and CREATE YOUR TEDx Talk...go to go to CONTACT US and request "TEDx Consultation With Don" and Don will set up a time that is convenient for YOU!!! 2) FRIDAY FREEBIE!!! Dr. Karen Perkins offered Her "FREE Mind Hack"...a Self-Affirmation and Self-Hypnosis to help YOU...just Text... YFIN to 855-864-0532 to receive YOUR COPY.
Friday 24th of May 2019
W. Emerson Brantley III, BA, MCL, CME Emerson is a behind-the-scenes Master Marketing Strategist and Copywriter for Top Companies and Gurus. His national, international and local strategic marketing expertise has been relied upon by a wide diversity of companies that spans 21 countries. These range from Fortune 100 giant Fruehauf Corporation and major shipbuilding operations to small startups. From global leaders Emery Worldwide to top speakers, authors and thought leaders; from small businesses to America's oldest non-profit American Forests, where he spearheaded national joint ventures with Walmart, Walt Disney World, Veterans of Foreign Wars, National Baseball Hall of Fame, Wright Brothers National Memorial at Kitty Hawk and many others. Sponsored by Speakers Pathway Coalition. We provide training for TEDx Talks, Speakers, Authors, Internet Marketers, Networking, How to Craft Your Talk using Story Telling. For more information go to
Friday 17th of May 2019
Preston covered a lot of great information today. His topic covered “How To Build Your Brand”, “Explode Your Business” and “Utilizing Digital Marketing”. Sponsored by Speakers Pathway Coalition. We provide training for TEDx Talks, Speakers, Authors, Internet Marketers,  Networking, How to Craft Your Talk using Story Telling.  For more information go to Preston shared his experience that led him down his individual pathway from leaving the corporate world after 13 years to become an entrepreneur and internet expert in helping others to identify who they are and where they want to go with their business. This pathway led Preston to become an Executive Training Director with Speakers Pathway Coalition. As busy as Preston is, he has the time to spend and be with his family as his ‘Laptop Lifestyle’ allowed him the freedom to travel around the world with his wife and 4 kids. Preston and the team he created is there to serve YOU in creating your brand, your speciality, your business and provide expert marketing for you; in other words, doing ALL of the things, you will need help with. Would you like to work with someone that can ‘target’ your core audience and ‘retarget’ them to drive potential customers to your website and lead them all the way to creating sales? If you answered YES, may I suggest you contact Preston for a FREE evaluation of your desires and YOUR needs. These qualities and his heart to serve others is WHY Preston was selected as an Executive Training Director. Preston has the unique patience in working with YOU…he will ask you questions that will enable YOU to ‘think’ about your desired individual Pathway to Success!! Questions and Ideas like… “Define your core offering in simple terms and who it’s intended for?” “Describe your dream customer.” “How to decide on the digital marketing platforms to target them.” “How to create content/lead magnet to get your targeted audience’s attention.” “How to build a sales funnel to take YOUR CLIENTS through each stage of the buying process through to conversion and making them a CUSTOMER!!!” And “How to Test and Optimize for Higher Conversions.” During the broadcast Preston gives clear and exciting information on HOW this will all work for YOU!!! Friday Freebie: 1) Dandy Don offered Friday Freebie: 2) Preston offered a FREE 30-minute Evaluation of YOUR NEEDS!!! Contact Preston for the FREE EVALUATION at and click on his photo and contact him and say; “I want the FREE 30-minute Evaluation to discuss MY NEEDS!!!
Friday 10th of May 2019
Retired Lt Col Mark Green shared his compassion to continue to serve fellow Veterans, Active Military and Spouses. Mark emphasized on those leaving the military and 'helping them' to Get Resilience at a Summit. He is spearheading to bring together over 60 Speakers from around the world to share their knowledge to people from all walks of life that need HELP in finding their true calling and passion in life. Friday Freebie: #1) Dandy Don offered How To Grow Your Business Through Speaking Course" for FREE!!! Go to On the home page you can click on the video, and on the right is the Box for your name and email address to receive this valuable course. Friday Freebie #2) Mark offered two of his books. "Step Out, Step Up" is a book centered on 'Lessons from a lifetime of transitions and military service'. And "Warrior’s CODE 001: 7 Vital Steps to Resiliency, Transitioning from military life to civilian life and other transitions in life can be daunting. Mark will personalize and sign each book for the FIRST TWO people that contact Dandy Don. To receive YOUR FREE BOOK email Dandy Don at
Friday 3rd of May 2019
Liz Losio Angel Marie Monachelli ON TODAY'S SHOW WE HAD TWO LOVELY LADIES!!!! Sponsored by Speakers Pathway Coalition. We provide training for TEDx Talks, Speakers, Authors, Internet Marketers, Networking, How to Craft Your Talk using Story Telling. For more information go to Liz Losio has owned a total of 12 businesses and currently owns 3 businesses. She is all about serving others and paying it forward to help others in every way she can from her heart. One of the many things Liz shared was, "If you make MONEY your passion, it will never work and it never will". Liz's passion has led her down her pathway to create Spiritually Bold Grounding Studio at 7755 E. Redfield Rd Suite 600 Scottsdale, Arizona Their mission is...We are Spiritually Bold on Demand, a Grounding Community Uniting Together to Inspire Instructors, Practitioners and Individuals to be Empowered and to Raise Conscience. We are aiming to Influence our followers to Lead our Environment...Physically, Emotionally and Spiritually. In Liz's message she points out how entrepreneurs do not worry about the competition, in fact, it actually helps and inspires the entrepreneur to stand out from the competition. Angel Marie Monachelli shared her experience and pathway she has taken in her life. How her energy has encouraged her to encourage and be a blessing to others. She shared how she demonstrated that in her life and HOW that is her life's calling. Angel shared in an inspiring way how to clear your mind and focus your energy to motivate YOU to accomplish whatever it is that YOU want to accomplish in your life. Angel shared "Don't start your day FRAZZLED...or you will end your day FRAZZLED!!!" AND how YOU are not alone, find others who understand YOUR Needs and Seek Help. Follow YOUR Energy and Passion and Don't Give Up!!! Both Liz and Angel are GREAT Living Examples of what it takes to travel down their individual pathway to become successful entrepreneurs. Ladies and Gentlemen, these two Ladies messages are Inspiring and Electrifying; please download this show and share the recorded podcast and on iTunes to others that may NEED to hear their Inspiring Story they shared with our audience today!! FRIDAY FREEBIE!!! #1) "HOW To Grow YOUR Brand And Business Thru Speaking". On the home page of www.s[ click on the video and it will Tell YOU More!! Enter Your Name and Email and YOU will receive this FREE Course. FRIDAY FREEBIE!!! #2) Liz Losio offered "FREE 30 minute Chakra Light Session...AND... One FREE Draw String Bag...AND...One FREE Reading with Liz Losio!!! Contact Liz at... FRIDAY FREEBIE!!! #3) Angel offered her "Inspired And Balance" Ebook that shares 6 SECRETS in how to get MORE Inspiration in HOW to be Balanced Energy. The Energy YOU put out is the Energy YOU will Receive in Return. Go to for YOUR FREE COPY!!!
Friday 26th of April 2019
Robert W. Jones Owner & Founder of Network Together, LLC is the largest non-franchised, independently owned, personal development and business networking organization in the State of Arizona. Robert is an Internet Marketer, Speaker, Leader, Mentor and Trainer. His organization provides a platform for Public Speaking, Business and Personal Development, Business Networking and Cause-Related marketing outlets for members who in addition want to serve the Youth and Not-For-Profit communities. Robert's company Network Together, puts on over 1,000 meetings and events per year, including his signature event the which occurs 4 times per year that brings in 200 to 500 attendees. Also in today's show, Robert shared how some people leave the corporate world to become an entrepreneur and in the end all they did was go from a cubicle at the corporate office to their home office ‘cubicle' which turns into ‘Solitary Confinement'. Robert shared how we throw words around some will say they are an entrepreneur; but are they? Or do what they really have is a side gig? (Details on the show.) Do you have urgency in your life? We must have passion and we must look at it like Jim Rohn. He said if someone is drowning in a river, we have a moral obligation to go out and save that person. If we have that sense of obligation and passion, we should look at every client as someone we need to help save. Problem is we get to focused and obsessed about the quality and the value and relationships. But if people are going to look at YOU and say WHY should I do business with YOU...we have to have that great sense of urgency. If you have this urgency to help others, you are willing to go the extra mile and maybe put in a few extra hours. This is what will set YOU apart and above the rest of the crowd. (More details in the show!!) We all have 24 hours in a day, so WHY do we use the ‘EXCUSE' that we don't have enough time to live our dream and serve others? How can we solve this, or deal with this. Robert shared a lot of gold nuggets on this subject during the show. (Hint: Are you too busy to be productive? What is the Goliath in your life that is holding you back?) Robert shared how we live our lives expecting results on the ‘Egg-Timer' schedule. People have to Earn...Learn and Learn How to Earn!! What is SBE??? We need to understand that people are SOCIAL, we are Social beings that need help to be profitable in their BUSINESS venture. In Business we need to Earn and Learn in order to help others. Training and coach has to be ENTERTAINING, because we live in a ‘gamified society'. So SBE has to be Social, it has to be about Business and it MUST be Entertaining. These are ‘key performance indicators' (KPI's) and if you have these you will be more successful than if you lack one or two of these ‘KPI's'. Personal Networking is YOUR ability to meet maybe just one person and help them change their life for the better. Dandy Don shared about a talk he heard at a recent TEDx Talk event where he was the coach to the speakers. This one speaker talked about reaching one person, many times we are so focused on getting ‘Likes' on a post we make....rather than did we reach out and help someone. Don't get caught up and distracted by numbers. Which is more important to YOU? FORMULA FOR SUCCESS: Success in life is serving others, providing great value and THEN serve many others!!! Robert shared a story how his father was a very smart man. He was a mathematician and engineer who went to Notre Dame and worked for Northern Natural Gas that later became Enron. Back in the early 1960's, his father played bridge and had four bridge partners. One of his bridge partners gave him an opportunity to sign up with this gentleman who was an upstart financial planner. It was an opportunity in that moment and time, that came more than once during his bridge playing. That gentleman that offered hissed this opportunity was Mr. Warren Buffet. So how did this opportunity work out for his dad? The rest of the Story is in today's show. So download the podcast or listen to the show on iTunes. Podcast: iTunes: #1 FRIDAY FREEBIE!!!! Dandy Don is giving YOU the ‘Time Optimizer Architecture' course go to you will see Don's photo pop up, just contact us and say "Dandy Don, I want the ‘Time Optimizer Architecture' course that you are giving away FREE today." And Dandy Don will be happy to send it to YOU!! WOULD YOU LIKE TO CONTINUE WITH THE FUN WE'VE HAD TODAY AND YOU WANT TO CONTINUE THIS CONVERSATION WE'VE HAD TODAY ON THE BROADCAST, WE HAVE A SPECIAL TREAT JUST FOR YOU!!! #2 FRIDAY FREEBIE!!! Robert to get YOUR FREE $50 dollar VIP Passes that is good for his May 2, 2019 event at the Avian Center from 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM in Chandler, Arizona. Robert will be there long with Jim and Dandy Don, you can meet them and all of us along with the entire team. In addition, you'll also see Noah St John, Daniel Miller, Jane Powers, Jill Lubin and many others to impact YOU and provide True Value that will Impact YOU!! PLUS, Robert will provide LUNCH for everyone!!! If YOU would like to take advantage of and get the details on Robert's Friday Freebie just email Robert at give Robert your Name, Phone Number, Email to contact you and you are Good to Go!!
Friday 19th of April 2019
Dustin Mathews was our special guest today and Dustin is the Co-Founder and Chief Education Officer of He shared many details about how ANYONE with the Right Mindset & Skills, Can Build Wealth in their lives. Dustin is also the Host of “Get WealthFit! podcasts. On his podcasts, Dustin gets ‘inside the minds’ of Top Investors & Entrepreneurs like Robert Kiyosaki of ‘Rich Dad’, Racing Legend Danica Patrick, Kevin Harrington from Shark Tank, Marquis Jets’ Founder Jesse Itzler, 7x Olympic Medalist Shannon Miller, Seal Team 6 Leader Rob O’Neill…(Seal Team 6 are known for taking out Osama bin Laden) and many others. Today Dustin’s message was centered on building WEALTH in your life, and it’s not just about money, but living a Wealthy Lifestyle. Too many people after graduating from school get left with ‘eyeballs of debt’…and how short they are on the ‘skills’ needed to build and grow active income, how to invest in passive income and building REAL Life - Term Wealth. When it comes to personal finance, most schools never teach how to balance a checkbook, or how to invest or build a financial strategy. Sure, Wealth is having enough money to live on; however wealth means to live a lifestyle to spend more time with your family and to be able to give back and be a blessing to others. Once you make the decision to change your life to create wealth; you’ve got to consistently ‘Train Your Brain’, it won’t happen overnight or in a week or two. You must plan and commit to a strategy dedicated to YOUR desired result. Open your mind to new ideas, look for ways and people that can help YOU along your Pathway to Success. It’s going to take effort. Along your pathway, you got to slow down, take a deep breath and relax; but keep focused on YOUR desired results to live the Life YOU want to create. Don’t let hysteria or hype distract you or let this negative things put your mind in a whirlwind. You will get lost, you will get confused and you will STOP trying to Live YOUR Dream!! Write out your PLAN!!! Envision what it is that YOU want to do and not what others do or tell you to do. Set a DATE to accomplish your goal. Bottom Line: Live Life On YOUR Terms! FRIDAY FREEBIE!!! B have….a guide to help you determine ’What do you want your life to look like 10 years from today. Go to …go to the Contact tab and ask Don to send YOU this valuable guide. FRIDAY FREEBIE!!! Dustin is offering his ‘Wealth Building 101 Course’ that shows YOU how to get out of debt, BOOST your active income and start investing in passive income. Tools and Resources are available to help YOU envision that Pathway to Wealth. Simple businesses that YOU can start TODAY!!! To receive YOURS FREE…email Dustin…
Friday 12th of April 2019
Tamara Hunter is a cancer survivor. She knows how she felt when she hear the doctor say, "YOU Have Cancer. She and another lady that was a cancer patient formed a bond of Love, Hope and Support. This inspired Tamara to reach out and establish a non-profit to make sure NO ONE would be left alone. Anyone with ANY life-threatening disease would have a 'buddy' to walk with them down their individual pathway, providing Love, Support and a Listening Ear.
Friday 5th of April 2019
Your Future Is Now is all about changing your life to what it is that YOU want to do in life. Instead of following in the normal crowds footsteps. How to recognize Fear, How to replace it with Love in your heart in serving others. How to recognize the abundance of Energy inside of you and how you can use that energy to attract blessings in your personal and professional life that will surprise you beyond your wildest dreams.