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The Importance of Mastering Your Spiritual Fitness!

Today's show brings together 5 beautiful women from around the world sharing their experience of following a path towards becoming spiritually fit. Each journey is uniquely different with a great deal of knowledge and understanding of self and the world gathered along the way. You will love all the fabulous stories and words of wisdom each share with listeners during our time together. You will also love the way each woman gives voice to what being spiritually fit means to self and to life, and how it has shaped all that they do and how they do it.

Reaching for the Stars - Living the Dream!

Mother Nature is the most wonderful mentor and coach. She helps us understand what it is to be living in a state of happiness and success, but also who we are and how we operate in this fabulous world. We all have certain traits to our personality, and each of these can be related to part of nature. On today's show I will be sharing what it is to be a sky person or sky personality. Being a sky person can also have a great deal to do with your power of healing ... and manifesting all those fabulous dreams we keep hidden within our hearts. I will share with you some very simple steps to take to ensure you are not only reaching for the stars, but finally making our desires a reality.

The Mystical Part of You!

Yes, we all have a beautiful mystical side or a spirit part of self. On this show, I explore this Truth and help you understand what this is all about, and how you access it so as to live a happier and more fulfilling life. For many, the spirit or soul has been lost or forgotten or simply faded away under the stresses and strains of life. Uncovering your spirit and working with it, is the gift you can give yourself this Christmas or any other time of the year ... it is a gift that will certainly keep giving and giving in the most amazing ways. I will look at why getting to know and understand our Spirit Self is vital to our happiness and success, how we tap into this wonderful source of knowledge and wisdom, and then how that will impact on our lives.

Transformation in 7 Steps

Alchemy is not only the art of transformation, but also a guide to the 7 essential steps that need to be taken in order for us to find true happiness and success. If it worked for the ancient alchemists in attempting to turn ordinary metals into gold, then I guess it is probably a path worth following. The alchemists clearly understood that in order to create the desired outer results, they had to first go through the inner work. This meant putting aside old paradigms to reveal the gold that always lies within us - the gold that really matters. This program takes you through these 7 steps to help you transform your life. Not every step is easy, but by working through each one, embracing it and living it, happiness and success will certainly follow. I am so looking forward to sharing this with you as I know personally, how it has created amazing outcomes in my life and the lives of those I have worked with.

Is Your Body in Alignment with Your Dream?

So often when we start to ask those questions such as why am I here and for what purpose did I come etc etc, we tend to get so caught up in the personal and spiritual journey to finding these answers, that our poor old bodies are left to their own devices. We lose sight of the fact that it is these amazing bodies that carry us and give us the ability to experience life. It is essential that we give our bodies the love and nurturing that they deserve and not forget about their needs. So, during this show I am going to focus on, 'How to love and support your body through the process of change'. Why is this so important? Well, the truth is that unless we have body, mind and spirit all working together as one, our dreams are going to remain just that ... a dream!

What is Your Body Telling You

Our body plays such an important role in the creation process. Often we are so caught up in the working on our thoughts and our emotional well-being, that our body gets pushed aside or forgotten. Well, did you know that unless we have mind, spirit and body working togther in harmony and balance, our dreams and desires are going to really struggle to manifest. All 3 parts of self must be recognised and taken care of in order for anything to become a reality in our lives. On this show, I talk with a wonderful and very gifted naturopath Angela Counsel, who helps us understand how to listen to and learn from our body. Yes, it does have its very own language and is always communicating with us if only we would take the time hear what it has to say - the results from this simple activity will amaze you!

A New Way for a New World

We are all, I am sure, well aware of the change that is occurring on our beautiful planet. We not only hear about it, but we are feeling it in so many ways. Sometimes it is quite a challenge to get our heads around this and understand what this change is all about and how it affects us on a daily basis. Today. I would like to unravel a little of the confusion around this and give you a few ideas that I know will help you not only make sense of it, but also thrive within the change. Yes, we are moving into a new way of living. This is referred to as the new Golden Age, or simply the New World, or the 5th Dimension. All of these terms are just different ways of saying the exact same thing. On this show I will be looking at these 2 questions: How do we prepare ourselves to thrive in a New World? What is the key to ensuring we embody this new way of living?

Discover the Messages Hidden in Your Dreams

Even if you think you don't, you do actually dream. Some you remember and some you don't, and that's okay! Regardless of your relationship with your dreamtime, all dreams have a message - a message which we are often too busy to hear whilst awake. Getting to understand these messages can have a huge impact on your life, so this week I have a beautiful guest who happens to be and expert in interrupting dreams. Rose Inserra will help us figure out the hidden messages which are often guide posts on our journey of life. You will love all the explanations of common dreams. This show is one not to be missed!

Behind every result is a 'Cause' created by us!

When we know it is time to ramp up our Spiritual Fitness, one of the very best things we can do is really grow our knowledge and understanding around all the Universal Laws that are working within our lives. Getting to know them and how we can actually work in alignment with these laws is paramount to our creating happiness and success. Regardless of how well you know this information, from personal experience it is always a great idea to hear it many times over ... this is how it sinks into our unconscious mind so we begin to put this knowledge and understanding on auto-pilot. It is great when we begin to live in accordance with these laws without even having to be consciously aware. Love it! This week we are going to begin with what is considered the 1st law of the universe - the law of cause and effect. The Truth is that whatever reality we are experiencing at this particular moment in time. Whether we see that as positive or negative, we have caused it to be that way. Yes, I understand if you are listening to this and thinking to yourself; ‘There is no way I have caused this! There is no way I would have created being broke and feeling so miserable! No, it is not my fault - this was caused by someone or something!' Well, I hate to burst your bubble, but, and I say this gently and lovingly, no matter what we may be experiencing and no matter what we think has caused it, it is all of our doing. Now I promise that during this show I will help you understand why and also explain how you can turn things around so as to experience fabulous results. The results that will put a smile on your face and a song in your heart! WooHoo!

How to connect to your Intuition

On this week's show I would love to share with you some great ideas, tips and hints on how to re-connect with your Intuition and together, find the answers, solutions, guidance, and anything else you need to make your life easier, exciting and empowered! The focus is on helping you to hear beyond the constant noise that is around us in this busy world, and into your inner world where words are whispered and solutions discovered.

Creating a Relationship with Your Inner Oracle

This week I am chatting with the incredibly creative and talented Bill Bennett ... the creator of the movie PGS - Intuition is your Personal Guidance System. Our Personal Guidance System or inner oracle is always there for us. There is not a person here on this planet without the gift of intuition. Some have developed ways of listening and following this guidance, and some are still a little frightened to go there ... and either way it's okay. From a personal point of view, I could not live without that amazing inner oracle which always has my best interests at heart. PGS - Intuition is your Personal Guidance System ... is a 90 minute movie detailing one man's search for a voice that saved his life. The movie discusses what intuition is, how it works, and how you can access it. It details a five step process to tap into your intuitive powers. For Bill, the three year journey making this movie not only took him to the furthermost reaches of the planet, it also took him to the innermost depths of his soul. This is definitely a MUST LISTEN! You will love hearing what Bill has to share. To find our more about Bill & his fabulous, life-changing movie please visit:

Becoming the Co-Creator of Your Reality - Week 6

This week is all about helping you build your self-confidence, and being confident in the way you work in alignment with the Universe. This is a vital step in becoming the best ever co-creator of your reality. Confidence builds trust in self & in the Universe. Without confidence, you are forever second guessing yourself, and second guessing the Universe. Without confidence you will be constantly putting yourself down and questioning if you are doing it right or saying it right ... basically beating up on yourself about pretty much everything! This is definitely not the way to become and amazing co-creator! So where do you begin to set things right? Confidence comes with building your knowledge and understanding around you and your world. One the best places to start this process is by learning to love you. My 'Walk On Water Moment' guest for this week is: Natalie Swedosh Natalie shares with listeners an amazing WOW moment. A moment that helps us all understand that even in the darkest times, that if you sift through everything you can find the gem that helps you through the tunnel of darkness and into the light. Overcoming a drug habit is certainly not easy, but Natalie explains the 'Walk On Water Moment' that changed everything!

Becoming the Co-Creator of Your Reality - Week 5

Freedom is a very personal thing ... it has an entirely different meaning for each and every one of us here on this planet. The freedom to simply walk down the street without fear of being shot at or bombed would mean so much to so many ... and to others, freedom may be the simple act of speaking truthfully about their desires to someone who has constantly put them down, or freedom may be just that amazing feeling of driving down the road and feeling the wind blow through their hair ... or freedom could be living the life you have always dreamed of but you have never seemed to know how to have that happen. Well. this week is all about helping you understand that experiencing freedom is really only 2 steps away and once you take these steps, your ability to co-create will just soar! Absolutely no one likes to feel chained to a life of lack and limitation, and this is not the way anyone should be living - particularly when there is a way to unlock those chains and live freedom. My 'Walk On Water Moment' guest for this week is: Barbara Hayward Barbara shares a huge WOW moment! The message within this story all comes down to never ever giving up hope. Once you ask for a way to heal your heart - a way will be shown in the most wonderful and magical ways.This is definitely a WOW moment not to miss!

Becoming the Co-Creator of Your Reality - Week 4

We all live with masks which hide our true identity, but did you know that removing those masks and developing your unique and one of a kind gifts and talents and then living them, gives you mastery over your life? In other words, doing what you love and loving what you do changes everything ... this is what integrity is all about. Did you also know that never really living the real you creates a wall between yourself and the happiness and success you deserve? You know in your heart that something is not quite right and there must be more to life but you can never seem to reach that space where you feel great about life. So perhaps now is the perfect time to be really honest with yourself and ask yourself some rather serious questions such as: Am I following my own path or simply a path that others expect me to follow? Am I doing what I love and loving what I do? And the final question; how can I remove the mask that I have taken on board and begin to live the authentic me? When you answer these questions honestly and truthfully and start to take action where needed ... you will have discovered your integrity.

Becoming the Co-Creator of Your Reality - Week 3

We all need a vision ... we all need to set our goal posts in position and place our focus on that space between those to poles. So often when it takes a little time for things to appear, we tend to start looking around the field and lose focus on those posts! Once this happens, our energy becomes divided and our goal or desire begins to fade, and then we wonder why it hasn't appeared. This week's show is focused on helping you with the practical steps needed to bring your vision not only into view, but to also help you make it a reality in your life. My 'Walk On Water Moment' guest for this week is: Sherri Cincotta Sherri shares a huge WOW moment! A moment that she has carried with her ever since in her work as a speaker and workshop facilitator. Sherri tells of how she overcame her fear of getting up and speaking to an audience, which is a fear many people carry with them. Listen to Sherri explain how she now speaks with confidence and trust. This is definitely a WOW moment many need to hear!

Becoming the Co-Creator of Your Reality - Week 2

Quintessence is the name given by alchemists to the life force that flows through all physical beings. It is that spark of light that shines within all people, but cannot be seen by ordinary physical sight. It is also sometimes described as the hidden star that shines deep within. The quintessence is always there and available. This week is about how to not only recognise the star within you, but also about allowing it to shine through your goals & dreams. That beautiful star which is the real you ... it is actually your spirit self. My 'Walk On Water Moment' guest for this week is: Frankie Picasso Frankie shares a WOW moment that probably rings true for so many people in this world! Holding onto a belief that was created way back in her childhood - a belief that held her back for years! Frankie tells of how she faced her 'dragon' full on and defeated it. This is definitely a WOW moment not to miss!

Becoming the Co-Creator of Your Reality - Week 1

Yes, like it or not - believe it or not, it has now been proven scientifically that you are the co-creator of all that you experience in this life! I absolutely love talking about this topic because I know from personal experience that we can choose whatever we would love to express and experience, and then with the help of our amazing co-creation partner, we get to watch how it unfolds in our life in the most magical ways. Who is our co-creation partner? The Universe/ Source energy/ God/ Great Spirit ... whichever name best suits you and your particular journey in life. On today's show I will be sharing with you the role that you play in co-creation, and role that the Universe plays. It is so easy to get these two roles confused and end up wondering why we are not getting the results we desire. Well, all this confusion will fade into nothingness after what I share with you this week. My 'Walk On Water Moment' guest for this week is: Elissa Plumridge. Elissa shares with us her WOW moment which has everything to do with living her Truth. Finally, Elissa was able to share with the world what she had been hiding for years! And just wait until you hear what followed from this moment on! Great inspirational story.

Getting to Know You & Your World - Week 6

Our focus for this week is all about 'Your Power Within'. Time to get to know the real you power, and learn how to use this power for the greater good of both yourself and all those around you. When you begin to take hold of your power and guide it with wisdom and understanding, you will begin to fly like never before. There are 3 types of power that I would love to chat about during this show: spirit power - personal power - & will power. By connecting to all 3 and learning to ask better questions around these, you are well on your way to getting to know you and your world in much bigger and better ways ... and creating the desires of your heart! My 'Walk On Water Moment' guest for this week is: Cici Dotson Cici tells of the moment when she realised that she had the power to heal her hearing by simply accepting her unique giftedness. She finally embraced her intuitive gift and enjoyed the amazing outcomes! This is one not to be missed!

Getting to Know You & Your World - Week 5

This week's show is all about using your eagle energy to help you fly above the day to day challenges and see life from a whole new perspective - a perspective that has you embracing that beautiful quantum energy that is within you and surrounding you. Then, with laser vision, you focus on your goal with faith and total trust that it is yours! My 'Walk On Water' Moment Guest is Angela Burgess. By sharing her fabulous 'AHA' moment, Angela helps us see the importance of loving self rather than constantly trying 'save' others. You will really love this segment of the show!

Getting to Know You & Your World - Week 4

We all know that truth means you tell the truth when asked a question, or live your truth by being a person of integrity and so on ... but this is Truth with a capital T! This is all about living Universal Truth. The Truth that lies within you at the deepest level: you are a child of this Universe made in the image and likeness of the Source or Divine Mind or God. You are powerful beyond measure. You are the co-creator of your reality. You are a magnificent being who gets to choose what you wish to express and experience. Now this is Truth with a capital ‘T'! It is great to ponder this Truth and embrace it as often as you can. By doing this, you begin to lift your self-esteem and self-worth - we begin to feel worthy of all this Universe has to offer us. We can hold our heads high and not be put down by those around us, or made to feel small and insignificant. How we do this is all explained during this week's show!

Getting to Know You & Your World - Week 3

This week in our 3rd in the series: Getting to know you and your world. So far we have focused on Sacred Knowledge and being reminded of, or discovering that, gaining knowledge and understanding around the nature of us and the nature of the Universe in which we live is vital if we are looking at creating great results. This is all sacred knowledge! Without knowing how we can align ourselves with the workings or laws of the cosmos, then we are going to struggle to achieve success. Then last week we focused on Quantum energy ... the field of infinite potential and possibility. It is great to know that we are not only connected to this energy, but one with it, and that all our dreams and desires are sitting right there in the filed just waiting for us to claim them. For this week, our focus has shifted to the One Mind within all things which is the divine power that operates within our Universe. Our job is get to know this amazing One Mind, and then learn how to work with it to co-create our desires. This is exactly what I will share with listeners during this show.

Getting to Know You & Your World - Week 2

This week's show is all about helping you understand 'First Matter! So, what is First Matter and what has it got to do with getting to know more about ourselves and our world? In a word - EVERYTHING! To the ancient Alchemists, First Matter, symbolised by a circle surrounding a cross, existed before the beginning of time, and was the matter which held within it all possibilities and potentialities. In modern day alchemist terms, this is what Quantum physicists call the quantum field of infinite possibility and potential - the quantum field. Within this field is held all past, present and future possibilities just awaiting recognition. Even though the great majority of the population do not know about, recognise, or fully understand First Matter, the truth remains that we are constantly immersed within this quantum field. As a dream or vision is consciously held within the quantum field through our thoughts, visions and feelings, it becomes a reality.

Getting to Know You & Your World - Week 1

Another fabulous year ahead ... a wonderful New Year of excitement, happiness and the creation of amazingly successful outcomes! I am presuming that this is what we would all love to see happen in our lives and it is my goal to assist you in achieving this. As with any goal we set ourselves in life, we must be prepared to put time, effort and energy into getting the desired results. We so often hear of people working on their physical fitness, or their business fitness, or their financial fitness ... so I figured it was time to really help people work on their ‘Spiritual Fitness'! Okay, so where do we begin? We begin with a series on ‘Getting to know you and your world', and our focus for this week is Sacred Knowledge.

Geraldine Teggelove Live 10-31-2017

How to Build Greater Prosperity!

One way to experience happiness is through living prosperity! I know it is often so hard to believe, but prosperity surrounds you in every moment of every day. Yes, it does! We simply have to open our eyes to see it, and as we observe it and focus on it ... and guess what? It begins to not just appear around us but also within our very own reality. I am absolutely certain, there is not one person on this planet who would not like to see something more in their lives. Could be something big or small ... but there will be something! How do I know this? Because this Universe is all about expansion and growth and the very best way it can achieve this expansion and growth is through you and me expanding and growing. This comes about through our dreams and desires. You see desires are a vital part of who we are ... they come from spirit. Now we can either accept them and focus on them and see them become part of our reality, or we can reject them and continue to live a longing that never ever seems to go away. So, what is the trick to having your life filled to the brim with prosperity? Well there really isn't a trick, it is simply knowing and understanding you and your world ... what you are made of, what your world is made of, and how you get to work with this energy, and manifest all that you desire. For today, I will be focused on helping you: Define what prosperity is for you Making it okay to claim prosperity And the steps you can take to fill your life with abundance

How to Make Your Heart Sing

Here in my part of the world, we are currently enjoying a beautiful spring and all that it has to offer. It is such an amazing time of year and a great metaphor for our lives. All around us are reminders of new growth and a time of blossoming ... such beautiful reminders to each of us to step back and take a look at our lives to see if we are creating new growth within self and therefore blossoming in new and wonderful ways. I must say that this time of year always puts me in my happy place and makes my heart sing! But, as we all know, spring comes and goes and we need to be able to put ourselves in our happy place without having to wait for spring to come around! LOL So how do we find that happy place on a regular basis so we can make our heart truly sing? Simple really ... through Meditation! Now that seems quite a contradiction seeing as to how most people meditate in silence rather than jumping around singing and dancing and feeling totally happy ... but in my view, this can also be a form of meditation! Well, regardless of how you meditate ... and we will be going through a number of techniques today, because meditation really does make your heart sing in so many ways! Today, I will be sharing with you some of the what's, the whys, the when's and the how's of meditation! I would love to break through and dispel some of the myths around meditation, and bring it back to a very simple process which will, in turn, allow you to see unbelievable change in every area of your life.

The Power of Music to Heal & Create!

This week's show is all about healing the deepest hurts in our hearts and enabling manifestation to take place, simply by using music! How does this work? Well, that's exactly what I would love to chat about. Now, you may have heard me talk about this before, but this is definitely a subject that I feel compelled to share on a regular basis as I know from personal experience how incredibly well music has worked for me when I have been at my lowest in the emotional stakes. Just as the Shamanistic healer enters the spirit world through chanting and dance to heal the patient, it is through our use of music and song that we connect with the Source of all things - it is like an invisible bridge that connects us with to the world of infinite potential and possibility where true healing takes place! Music allows us to totally live in the now moment and the opportunity to experience another part of self ... that part which is pure health and wholeness. My focus is on helping you understand what happens in your life when you allow music to feed your soul. I will be chatting about: How does music heal? How do you know what music is uniquely healing to you? How often do you have to listen to certain music to have it work? And a simple guide to having music work in your journey to healing

How Creative Imagining brings Outstanding Results!

The excitement of planning is something not to be missed! And when you know without a doubt that being part of this amazing Universe means that anything and everything is possible, and that it is just waiting for us to design our next experiences ... now that is truly the spice of life! The great news is that every single person on this planet has been given the gift of imagination, so there can be no excuses in not using this gift to imagine what you would love to see in your life. And if you have been going through huge challenging times, then this is an absolute must as it is the first step in climbing out of the struggle and moving on with your life. The trick is, once you have imagined what you want, you then have to keep imagining this over and over and over again ... every single day until it shows up in your physical reality. So what is today's show all about? Creative imagining ... I will be sharing with you some fabulous ideas of how to have your creative imagining work for you in a huge way ... and you can begin right in this very moment! I will be covering: What is Creative Imagining Why it is important to learn and master this How it changes our lives in amazing ways The secrets to having it work How to put this into action in our lives

Overcoming Stress & Anxiety: Week 7 - Dealing with Loss

So often when this subject is raised, we immediately think of the super serious end of the spectrum - military personal or fire fighters or police etc - and there are obviously very good grounds for this happening. But there are so many other reasons why people go through incredible stress filled times in their lives, and quite often, these get over looked, and consequently, the people involved shrink into a hidden world without the help and support they truly need. These are the beautiful souls that I would love to focus on in this show ... those who are experiencing or who have experience loss in some way, shape or form in their journey of life, and are not sure how they will survive the outcomes of their very personal traumatic experience of loss. What I want to make very clear right from the outset: even though you may be feeling completely and utterly devastated, you are certainly not alone! There is always help to be found from around us and within us, but we must open ourselves to recognising and accepting the help when it is offered. Does this mean you are never going to feel all the emotions that go hand in hand with loss? Definitely not! What it does mean, that you have the personal ‘know how' tools, and power within you to lessen the negative outcomes of loss. Okay, so what does this all mean for this week's show? Well, I am going to be discussing and hopefully giving you lots of insights and strategies to deal with your loss so that you can face life once more with a song in your heart and a tiny smile on your face: What are the normal responses to loss? How is your loss impacting you and your life? Is it possible to find anything positive within loss? How can you embrace loss & still thrive?

Overcoming Stress & Anxiety: Week 6

Over the past few weeks we have been taking a very close look at how we can overcome hyper stress and anxiety, and get back to living the life that we were meant to live! I am sure we all know only too well what happens when we allow both of these symptoms creep into our everyday lives and then continue to grow until they overtake everything we do. Simple tasks become mountainous, relationships difficult to maintain, staying healthy a constant battle and so on and so forth. Yes, we definitely need to take some form of action, but we also need to make sure we know what we are dealing with through obtaining sound advice from experts in the field. My guest this week is Dr Stacey Kaltman who is a Professor in the Department of Psychiatry, Georgetown University School of Medicine. She is a licensed clinical psychologist and mental health services researcher. Dr Kaltman shares her expertise openly and honestly.

Hyper-Stress & Anxiety: Week 5

After having discussed how to recognise the symptoms of stress and hyper anxiety, and having shared with you the new breakthrough discoveries through nano-technology science, I would love to now share with you a metaphysical view of our current topic. Being a metaphysician at heart, I guess it would be rather strange if I didn't bring into the light some of the metaphysical truths that I know played an incredible part in my healing of the traumatic events that I have faced in this journey of life. Remember, scientific evidence is now backing up what spirituals new to be true way back in ancient times. It is such a great time in the history of our planet when science and spirituality are now combining forces and helping us have a much greater understanding of who we are and how we operate in this Universe.On this week's show: The essential hidden parts of you Why you encounter trauma Why certain people enter and exit your life at particular moments in time How to find hidden gems within the rubble of trauma And so much more

Overcoming Stress & Anxiety: Week 2 - Nano-Technology Findings

Dealing with and overcoming stress and anxiety takes both courage and commitment, and I strongly urge you to find someone who can assist you in the journey to feeling free of feeling out of control with you and your life. Everyone deserves to live this way! From personal experience, I know that trauma can present itself without any warning, and the outcomes can devastate the life of individual, and their family and their communities. Even when we think we are ready to face it and succeed, as in my experience of a bush fire, the effect can be totally overwhelming! In this particular example, we knew the fire was approaching, and we knew we were to expect incredible smoke and heat, and we knew we had to prepare the house and its surrounds etc ... but when the fire front arrived with such force and speed, it was frightening to the extreme. It took me months to not react when I smelt smoke or heard the wind blowing. I also understand that hyper stress and anxiety is something that can build over time. It seems to sneak in the back door and slowly invade our lives without us being aware of what is happening until the day arrives when we can no longer function enough to complete even the most menial of tasks. There just has to be an answer and a solution ... and there is! This week I would love to bring you lots more news around this topic ... exciting news that I am sure will bring you hope, and a way forward. I am going to be discussing: What PTSD is not! VITAL GROUND BREAKING NEWS from Nanotechnology Science - not to be missed! Are you prepared to let go of what you think to hear what is true? One intervention technique that has gone through a ‘study' process, and been proven to be very successful in helping deal with the symptoms of Hyper stress, anxiety and PTSD

Overcoming the symptoms of Hyper-Stress & Anxiety: Week 1

The common denominator with the majority of the population today seems to be Stress with a capital ‘S'! It seems that a greater majority of the population is trying to cope with a world that has created amazing technological advances in so many areas of life, but has not taken into consideration the extra demands this seems to place on everyday lives. But there is an even greater issue than what we might call the everyday stresses that come with living in our current fast-paced world and the societal expectations that are placed upon us. This is a much bigger and deeper issue which is now known as PTSD ... post-traumatic stress disorder. Any form of PTSD is a huge problem in the lives of ordinary people who have gone through any type of battle which has left them reeling from the experience. The symptoms may not be quite as obvious, but believe me they are certainly there! Over the next 8 weeks, I look forward to sharing not only scientific evidence around this subject, but also interviewing a number of guests who can help us gain understanding into the world of PTSD.

What Happens when Understanding Overtakes Knowledge!

This week I am really going to be asking all listeners to be open to lots from a new perspective! The name of this particular show reads: What happens when Understanding Overtakes Knowledge? Doesn't sound terribly exciting does it! But what if I was to say this in another way? How about I change the title to ... How you can create miracles today! Now, does that sound a little more enticing? Some of you may be saying - but it isn't possible. Others may be thinking to themselves - oh yes, I have heard all this before and it didn't work, but some listeners may actually be saying - bring it on! I guess it is the way we think, what we have as a belief or the way we have chosen to look at life that we create your personal response. This quite normal. I guess what I am asking is that you simply open your mind just a tiny bit to hear some new ideas about our Universe and how we operate as physical beings within this. In this show I would love to focus on helping you understand what happens in your life when you really do allow Understanding to Overtake Knowledge! I will be chatting about: Why we really need to embrace the difference between Knowledge & Understanding What impact each of these has on our lives How you can recognise the signs of ‘spiritual burnout'? How can we use Understanding to see our dreams become a reality?

The Mysterious World of Quantum!

Over the past few months my focus has moved more and more towards the world of quantum, and once again, I am really loving all that I am learning. Quite often I hear my husband Bill asking, ‘are you listening, or didn't you hear me?' Yes, I often get lost in my wonderful world of quantum! The truth is we are constantly immersed in a world of quantum ... we live in a quantum world and breathe in a quantum world, and thrive in a quantum world, and yet we don't even know it. Quantum always seems like that something out there that scientists know all about but it is not really something that the everyday person could possibly understand. Well, I'm here to tell you that we don't have to become quantum physicists to understand how a little knowledge of quantum mechanics can really change not only how we view our world, but also how we live in our world. Yes, I am hoping that after this show, you will have a much greater understanding of what quantum means for you in your everyday life, and how you can use this knowledge to create the happiest and most successful life ever. Now I am certainly no expert when it comes to Quantum mechanics or quantum physics, but I am going to attempt to answer the following questions: What is quantum? A very simple explanation! What is the quantum field that scientists talk about? How can we use the magic of quantum to create amazing outcomes? How can we take a quantum leap towards our goals and dreams? Happy listening!

A Vital Step in Creating Success!

If you are prone to giving up on a one dream and quickly moving into something else that you think will bring great results, or procrastinating about what needs to be done, then this is the perfect show for you. And if you happen to be a person who continually persists, then this will simply confirm in your mind why you are an amazing person and that you are in for not just good outcomes, but amazing ones! So, what is the trick to being persistent so as to see our goal become a reality? Well, that's exactly what I share with you on this show. I am helping you understand why persistence pays huge dividends: True facts about those who persist The one thing persistent people have in common Common reasons why many people give up And ... 7 sure ways of growing your persistence so as to succeed

More Time - Less Stress!

On this show, I focus on how to create time for all those things we really want to do in life but never seem to find time for! Over the past few weeks I have had quite a number of clients who have expressed their frustration of never having enough time to do what they really want to do in life … in other words … find a balance between work, rest and play. Let me begin by asking: hands up all those who feel like there are just not enough hours in the day to do what needs to be done? Keep your hand up if you feel you are working harder and longer hours than ever before, but still not managing to get through all that needs to be done for the day? I am guessing there are more hands raised than lowered! LOL We all have dreams that we have tucked away out of sight simply because we just don’t have the time or energy that is necessary to bring them into a physical reality. Life has become this huge race to nowhere, and in many cases, we have become slaves to other people’s demands. By using the practical ideas I share on this show, you can change all this and begin to live a well balanced and highly productive life. This is 'must listen'!

Publishing 101 - Week 5!

Over the last couple of weeks I have been chatting with some wonderful and highly successful authors, and asking them to share with us all their secrets around writing and publishing! Believe me, if you haven't had a chance to listen to the previous shows in this series called Publishing 101, then may I urge you to do so if you are contemplating stepping out with your published book in hand! WooHoo! Just imagine how you will feel when this becomes a reality. My guest on this show is highly successful author Lisa B. Lisa is a coach on demand. She is a speaker, trainer and serial entrepreneur who has owned numerous businesses since 1995. Lisa has had a varied career combining her two passions. One is her long career in real estate, and the other is her passion that she studied simultaneously and lived through, which is the topic of masculine and feminine energy. She has written a number of books and created online products. Marketing is her specialty, so may I suggest that this show is not to be missed!

Publishing 101 - Week 4!

Yes, I believe we all have a book within us, but for many, the thought of firstly writing that book is one thing, but then actually getting it published can be not only daunting but absolutely overwhelming! In saying this, it would be such a pity if you left that beautiful book inside you and the world did not get to read what you have to offer. Remember, we all have a unique gift which only we can offer the world ... we came to do this ... this is our purpose in life! Throughout this series, I am hoping to assist you in bringing that dream of writing to the surface of your heart and get started on your very own book or whatever written product you wish to publish. My guest on this show is highly successful author, Angela Counsel. As with my guest on last week's show, Angela not only shares about herself and her fabulous book, which is an Amazon Bestseller, but also gives out essential information helping those wanting to become an author, to make informed decisions when stepping into writing and publishing.

Publishing 101 - Week 3!

Stepping into the publishing arena can be difficult and believe me, we need all the advice and strategies we can possibly get to make it a wonderful and happy outcome. What better way to get this information than from those who have already travelled the journey ... have lived the experience ... and can now share with you what worked and what didn't! This week I have a fabulous guest who is only too willing to assist you in avoiding the pitfalls of publishing so your journey can be smooth sailing! My guest is the highly successful author, Rosie Banyan. Rosie shares with us her experiences, what worked well in publishing her books, and lots of wonderful hints & tips to assist you in avoiding the pitfalls.

Publishing 101 - Week 2!

I know everyone's experiences of publishing are very different, but probably the very best way that I can assist you with strategies and know-how, is to share with you my own personal experience of entering and dealing with the world of publishing. During this series, I am interviewing a number of authors who will all happily share with you how they have taken their books and had them published. We will all share with you what worked and what didn't so you can make the decision for yourself what will be the best avenue for you. May I suggest you listen to each before making decisions on how you will go about it. The more knowledge you have before you begin will definitely have you avoiding many of the pitfalls associated with having your work published and marketed. And yes, there can be lots of heartache as myself and the other authors will share with you ... so let's make it as easy as we can for you! On this show I share my story and my experience around publishing in the hope that it will do just that! I am chatting about: Publishing house Vs Self-publishing How these differ Publishing myths The truth around marketing And more!

Publishing 101 - Week 1!

The goal of this week's show is to uncover that secret desire you may have about writing and inspire you to take out pen and paper and get started immediately on producing an amazing book or other writing product that you will love and proudly share with the world. This can be quite a scary thought if you have never entered the world of publishing before … and so many people love to tell about their awful experiences with attempting to become a published author. The truth is, if you know where to start and have a few guidelines to follow, namely those shared by experienced authors who have walked the talk, then you too can safely cross the waters and land victorious! Okay, so to become a published author you actually have to write something! LOL As I said earlier. This is where successful publishing all begins … yes, it can be quite daunting but if you listen to the strategies that I have to share with you now, the task will naturally flow easily and effortlessly. I share with you ways to: • ake sure your writing zings • Align your writing with those who will hang on every word • Make the process easy • Get the help you need

Goodbye Failure - Hello Success! Week 3

Let's face it, we all feel like a failure at certain times in our life! It has taken me such a long time (I'm a slow learner obviously) to not perceive myself as a failure, but to view the challenges I have faced as stepping stones in growing me so that I could truly embrace the success when it arrived ... and keep it happening! So often we hear of or see people who create enormous instant success and then lose it all again in the same time span. What we all need to get our heads around is that we have to really prepare ourselves to receive success and have it continue to grow. The ancients really understood this concept and made it their business to do the ‘inner work' that is required to create the outer results. In this week's show I will be covering the following vital information: Be prepared to grow you in order to grow your success Branding you as you Learn to ask yourself really good questions How to figure out your unique gifts & talents? Define your ‘end result' - live backwards from this place Even small steps are better than no steps Yes, you can certainly follow in another's footsteps ... but you don't need to wear their shoes! Celebrate every tiny success

Goodbye Failure - Hello Success! Week 2

During this week's show I share with you how to go about defining your unique success ... the type of success that is just right for you! Once you really define this aspect of your life, a new energy will surround you, and all that you do, and success just has to happen in magical ways. You begin to step into your brilliance and all those beautiful diamonds within that have never before seen the light of day will begin to shine their light to the world. Time to become crystal clear on your unique kind of success. I know some people will be saying that they would be happy with even little time success but let's all just set our minds and hearts on big time success! The focus will be on these areas which are absolutely essential to creating fabulous outcomes. Defining YOUR unique brand of success What happens when we try to follow others footsteps Understanding the difference between the creative plane and the competitive plane What it means to be of service Build YOUR belief in what you offer the world Know your niche - don't try to be everything to everybody! And one last secret!

Goodbye Failure - Hello Success! Week 1

This is the 1st in a series of 3 shows focused on helping listeners to say goodbye to failure and welcome Success into their lives. Regardless of who you are or where you may be within your journey of life here on Planet Earth … we all long for success! Doesn’t matter if this is ‘big success’ or ‘quiet success’ or ‘in your face success’ or ‘behind the scenes success’ or however you would describe what success is for you … it is a natural state of being wanting to create success. In order for each individual to create the perfect success, she or he must first define success. I know this may sound a little strange, but without knowing what your unique success looks like, then you will be constantly struggling through life wondering why it’s just not happening, and feeling a failure! You will probably end up searching in all the wrong places! And you will never really get to experience that amazing feeling of euphoria when you stand on your very own stage and know that you have done it … you have created your unique success! So where do we begin this process? On this show we will cover: • What is success? • How do you define success? • The world view of success? • How do you measure your success? • The difference between Perception and Truth! • Are you a ‘P’ person or an ‘I’ person? • How to take responsibility for YOUR success This series is a must for all who are looking to create success!

REAL WOMEN - Empowering Others by Empowering Self - 6

In this current 6 week series on REAL WOMEN: empowering others by empowering self, I have been blown away by the honesty of the beautiful women I have been interviewing. They have shared from the heart all the challenges they have faced and how they have overcome these to create their unique vision for life. In the process, whether it be consciously or not, they have changed the lives of so many others. Each woman has followed a unique path and yet each has displayed many of the same characteristics in arriving at their destination. Everyone of them made a decision to live their unique giftedness. Everyone of them faced the fears around this and stepped out regardless. Everyone of them showed courage, determination, persistence in breaking through the barriers they faced. And all of them, without exception, found amazing strength from within to share their gift with the world. My final guest in this series also carries these traits and has chosen to embrace them fully on her journey to living her vision.

REAL WOMEN - Empowering Others by Empowering Self - 5

We all face times in our lives when change comes knocking at our door and we know in our hearts that we must step out and live ‘why we came', or our purpose in life. Even though we know it is exactly what we must do and we are excited by the prospect, it is often a time filled with fear. Fear that we may not be good enough ... may not succeed, may not have what it takes ... may not know how to make it happen! But it is the real woman or man that steps out and simply gives it a go! They trust that the way will be shown by a Universe that loves to support our uniqueness and our dreams. This is what I call ‘a knowing'! These beautiful souls have this inbuilt wisdom that allows them to understand that success will happen regardless of what may be going on around them, if they hold true to the vision and keep on keeping on - giving up is simply not an option. My guest for this show is Alison Burton who is one of Melbourne's leading Hypnotherapists and owner of Simply Natural Therapies. Alison specialises in stress, anxiety and pain management and is very experienced in treating Irritable Bowel Syndrome with Hypnosis. She is a sought after public speaker and has appeared on ABC National Radio, SBS Radio, Foxtel's "Living Life Now" and "The Healer's Way". She has also featured in The Age, Herald Sun, Insight Magazine and local news media.

REAL WOMEN - Empowering Others by Empowering Self - 4

Already into week 4 of our series on Real Women - empowering others by empowering self. This series has certainly proven to us that you really don't need to be anything other than ‘REAL' to create incredible and exciting change in your own life and the lives of others. What do I mean by real? Someone who has chosen to follow her or his heart ... have faced the challenges that this decision brings ... and have taken the practical steps that needed to be taken to create amazing outcomes. I have learned so much from the wonderful women I have interviewed so far and I am sure that this week's guest will be no exception. Tanishka is from Melbourne here in Australia. This beautiful lady travels the world sharing her amazing knowledge and empowering everyone she meets. I promise you will be inspired by what she shares. Tanishka is best known as Facebook's, ‘Moon Woman' with half a million followers of her daily guidance. She is a bestselling author of four books & teacher of kundalini awakening teachings & practices with 20 years experience.

REAL WOMEN - Empowering Others by Empowering Self - 3

In this current 6 week series I am having so much fun, and also learning heaps through chatting with 6 ‘REAL WOMEN’ who have truly empowered others by empowering themselves. It takes enormous courage to firstly discover who we are, our unique giftedness … and even more courage to actually step into that person we came into this world to be and then live accordingly! But, there are so many beautiful women out there who are doing just that! Do they have fears and doubts? They certainly do! Let’s face it … we all do! It’s just that some face those fears and do it anyway, whereas others quietly step back into a life that never quite fits. On this show I have as my guest a wonderful lady who has certainly stepped into her brilliance and is living life to the full. My guest is Theoni Moraitis who is joining us from Johannesburg in Sth Africa. Listen to how she has faced her challenges and the steps she has taken to overcome these to find success.

REAL WOMEN - Empowering Others by Empowering Self - 2

As I explained last week, in this current 6 week series I am going to be chatting with 6 ‘REAL WOMEN' who have truly empowered others by empowering themselves. I am sure you will also remember me explaining that sometimes when the going gets tough it is great to hear from those who have probably gone through what you may be facing right at the moment, and what they share is exactly what you need to hear to enable you to get up and keep on keeping on. Well, my guest this week is certainly no exception! This lady has truly faced the dragons of life and has stepped into her passion and purpose in truly amazing ways. Living on the autism spectrum is not easy in a world that seems to be pre-occupied with trying to make everyone fit into a box marked ‘normal', and look out if you don't happen to meet the required standards. Life then becomes one where you are constantly looking from the outside in and always working hard at attempting to fit the criteria set out by society. Elissa Plumridge is a lady who has chosen to accept who she is, and now fondly and proudly declares to the world that she is an Aspie through and through! By accepting her place on the spectrum, she now inspires so many others to make it okay to be autistic and is on a mission to educate our communities in knowing and understanding the world of autism. This is one show not to be missed!

REAL WOMEN - Empowering Others by Empowering Self - 1

For the next 6 shows I am going to be chatting with 6 ‘REAL WOMEN’ who have truly empowered others by empowering self. Sometimes when the going gets tough it is great to hear from those who have probably gone through what you may be facing right at the moment, and what they share is exactly what you need to hear to enable you to get up and keep on keeping on. All of these women have faced real challenges. All of these women have had real struggles. And through the challenges and struggles, all of these women have defined who they really are and have taken real steps towards living their truth to finding happiness and success. On this show, it is my pleasure to introduce my very first guest for the series, Sandra Beck. Sandra is a highly successful Internet Strategist with a great to deal to share. This is a show not to be missed.

How to Get Answers & Solutions!

There are lots of great tools out there in this wonderful world that can really help in those moments when we get so stuck and can't seem to move in any direction! We seem to be cemented in and nothing we do seems to work at helping us take the next step ... so we simply sit in the hope that someone will come along with a tow truck and get us out of our ‘stuckness'! LOL Often the tools we need are right under our noses but we forget they are there, or we really don't even know that they exist. These tools can appear in the way of books, workshops, online training, mentors, coaches, intuitive readings, messages from Mother Nature ... you name it and they are there. But I am just sooo busy I hear you say, and I don't really have the time to read or do workshops or find a coach (let alone be able to pay for a session) ... I need something that is quick, easy and inexpensive! For all of these people I always suggest using cards of some description. There are so many wonderful card decks out there on the market and each hold a unique energy, a unique message, and a solution that is perfect for you. On this week's show, I would love to help you understand how cards work and how they can help you get the answers and solutions you have been searching for! WooHoo! I am going to help you: Understand how cards work Choose the cards that are right for you Connect into your intuitive powers Discover a simple way of giving yourself an accurate reading I am also going to do a number of readings for you throughout the show ... each will cover a certain area of your life so you will have a very clear picture of how you can move forward and into the manifestation of your heart's desires ... so lots of answers and solutions!

Coping with CHANGE Week 2!

This is our second week on the topic - Coping with change! This is such an enormous topic and one we are all needing to face at this time in the history of our planet and for each of us as individuals. Oh my goodness me ... you can feel it in the air and all around you everywhere at the moment ... or is it just me??? I really don't think so ... well not according to the number of people who tell me of their concerns about not coping with things that seem to be appearing out of left field which have them trying to figure out how to go about getting through the changes that are showing up in their lives. Last week we looked change from a global perspective, but this week I would like to take a closer look at how we can handle change from a more individual perspective. By putting into action a few simple ideas, you will be able to jump headlong into change shouting ‘bring it on'! LOL Now that could be a very interesting sight! We want to get to the stage where change is no longer something we fear, but, as I explained last week, something we can adapt to and really see as an exciting challenge that opens new doors to a world that is filled with a far more peaceful and joy filled way of living. For this week, I will be covering: Why does change occur? How often can we expect change? Every season brings change How do we recognise the need for change? Do we choose or is it chosen for us? And the all important question ... how do

Coping with CHANGE Week 1!

Our changing weather patterns are definite signs that things are changing in our world, but seeing this and knowing this doesn't make it any easier to cope with these changes ... but cope we must! Change is an inevitable part of life and the sooner we come to terms with it, the better. If we are one of those who likes to settle into a certain way of life and doesn't cope well when things get turned upside down and inside out, then life is going to become a huge challenge if we don't put some coping strategies into place. And yes, this is quite a simple thing to do when we know how! How do we do this? Well, that's exactly what I would love to share with you on this week's show and next week's show - a short 2 part series to help you cope with the changes that may occur in your life. This series will hopefully have you moving with change and loving it, and the outcomes it brings! This week I am going to be looking at Change from a global perspective, and then next week it will be all about how we deal with Change from an individual perspective. For today, from the global perspective I will be covering: Change in massive proportions Change in consciousness How does it effect our lives How do we learn to cope What lies ahead of this change

The 'Ins & Outs' of Defining Your Life Purpose Week 3

So far in this series, I have shared with you your over-riding purpose, (which is the same for all) the fact that you do get a choice, that your purpose changes with each season of your life, and how to create your very own one of a kind designer journey ... and heaps more along the way! But, there are still a number of things I need to share with you today to complete the picture. I certainly don't want you to get this far but not give you the final ins and outs of defining your purpose and living the happiness and success you so deserve. Life presents enough challenges as it is without us creating more! LOL By knowing and understanding the process of figuring out why you are here and what you came to do makes the journey so much easier and more enjoyable. You see the thing is there is a huge difference between knowing something and truly understanding it! ‘Knowing' is simply knowledge and as I am sure you know that anyone can gain knowledge on a subject ... this simply takes study of some kind. ‘Understanding' is a whole different ball game! Understanding means taking action and ‘doing'! How many times do I hear from my clients, ‘yes, I know' and yet their lives are not changing for the better. Yes, they certainly have the knowledge but they are not putting this knowledge into action in their lives. Remember, nothing changes if nothing changes. So for this week, I would love to share with you some great ideas to make sure you have the ‘understanding' as well as the knowledge. These are all the action steps you can take to make sure you are really zooming into the year ahead armed with all you need to make it the best year ever! WooHoo! I promise these are very easy steps that anyone can take, and please note that these are all the ‘how' questions we often ask ourselves. How to create your personal Vision How to make 1 incredible life changing decision How to live from the heart How to design your journey How to allow manifestation How to enjoy the journey

The 'Ins & Outs' of Defining Your Life Purpose Week 2!

Last week we began the year with our current series based around ‘The Ins & Outs' of defining Your Life Purpose ... the perfect time of the year to do just that as we start the process of setting our goals for the coming 12 months. Setting goals becomes a very simple task once we define our purpose ... we can very easily map out the road ahead and feel excited and happy about achieving fabulous results. Defining our purpose in life is not a one time set and forget kind of thing ... part of it remains as the over-riding purpose, but other parts are in a constant state of change. Revisiting your purpose is essential to you creating a happy and successful life. Example: you may have loved to draw amazing pictures when you were a child (and that was part of your purpose back then) but now as an adult, those drawings may have become beautiful designs for houses or art centres etc (using your artistic talents is still part of your purpose in life, but now it is being expressed in a whole new way) Remember on last week's show I talked about the fact that ‘there is a time for every purpose', and this is most often seen in the way we express our purpose in any particular moment in time. This week, I am going to sharing with you how you can design your journey and yet still live totally on purpose. On this show, I will be covering: Your Designer Journey Choosing your experience The essential questions that get the vital answers The Allowing Don't let others mess with your dreams

The 'Ins & Outs' of Defining Your Life Purpose Week 1!

Regardless of how you finished your 2016 ... this is a brand new beginning for all of us. We get the chance to start again with brand new goals and dreams, a brand new mindset, and a heart that is wide open to receiving all that we desire. This is a wonderful way to begin but often we just don't know how to make this happen. We start out with great intentions but very quickly settle back into old mindset patterns, and then wonder why things seems to be following old patterns and nothing seems to change ... we are back on that merry-go-round of ‘nothing happening'! Well, I thought that a great way to start our New Year would be to create a short series that would assist those wishing to see happy and successful outcomes in 2017. Remember ... if nothing changes - nothing changes! This is ever so true. So, what do we change and where do we begin to make 2017 a year of fabulous outcomes and sensational results? The very best place to start is by defining your life purpose and how you then take the practical steps to work in alignment with this! WooHoo! Then watch the magic really happen! I am going to do this over 3 shows so I can really get into the nitty gritty. In this show I will be covering: Defining the meaning of 'Life Purpose' Your over-riding passion You do get to choose Challenges that create success Solving mysteries

Small Steps to Massive Results Week 3

It is very important to take time out to spend with family and friends over Christmas, and find time for rest and relaxation for self. What I would suggest though is finding a little time to walk in nature and find a beautiful quiet space where you can contemplate what you are going to do differently next year as we all know, creating change requires change! We have to change the way we are doing things if we wish to see a different outcome in our lives. Often, we get so down and depressed about not knowing what to do in order to create the life we want to experience. Well, this show and the last 2 are all about helping you with steps that anyone can take ... yes, anyone ... these are such small, simple steps will have such a profound effect on how you create a brand new reality for 2017. So I guess it would be a great idea to have a listen, grab hold of what feels right for you as the individual, and then run with them. So what are the 3 steps for today? Well, I am actually going to do 4 ... an extra bonus for Christmas! With each step I will explain why we need to do this, and then how we carry it out on a daily basis. 1. Taking the focus off your issues by assisting others 2. Living backwards in time 3. Living in the middle of the scales 4. The moulding and unfolding

Small Steps to Massive Results Week 2

During this podcast I share with you my next 3 small steps to massive results. These are the steps that have created incredible and fabulous results in my life. I know you may have heard much of this before but I would hope that you may hear a little magic in the way I have put these steps into action ... you never know, you may even have a little aha moment through this show. LOL Sometimes it just takes hearing things in a different way or listening from a new perspective for things to fall into place. A moment when you allow your heart the freedom to fly into realms never before experienced. WooHoo! With each step shared within this show, I will explain why we need to do this, and then how we carry it out on a daily basis. 1. Doing what you love and loving what you do 2. Number 1 must always remain number 1 3. And keep your dream a secret

Small Steps to Massive Results Week 1

Over the next 3 podcasts I would love to share with you some of the ‘MUST DO' things that truly have the ability to change your life from ordinary to extraordinary. Are you ready? Yes, a quick 3 week series that I am calling Small Steps to Massive Results. So often the journey to happiness and success ... whatever that means for you ... can be so completely daunting that we can't even find the strength to give it a go. There seems to be so many obstacles and for many, the greatest obstacle can be, and I quote, "I have tried so many times and I just don't want to try again and fail ... it is so debilitating." I have heard this a number of times over the past few weeks chatting with clients, and this really got me to thinking, it's time to share a few practical ideas which I find work all the time ... every time! WooHoo! Now, if they can work for me, then there is absolutely no reason why they can't also work for you. So, what does this mean for listeners? This means that if you practise these small steps that I share with you during this series, you will be well on your way to manifesting of all those big, gorgeous, wonderful, magical dreams you have in your heart right in this moment!! Many of the ideas I share with you, you will probably have heard before, but I promise there will be differences and it is these differences that have the ability to really make huge changes in your life. I am simply asking you to listen carefully and I am sure you have a few little ‘aha' moments as we go through these steps. My first 3 small steps to massive results! 1. Be real about your reality 2. Allow yourself a pity party 3. And stop holding on so you move along! With each step I explain why we need to do this, and then how we carry it out on a daily basis.

Alchemy of Healing 6: Do Children Hold the Key to Healing Our Planet?

For this week's show, we are going to shift our attention to the children of this world. Do children hold the key to healing the planet? Well, they certainly are our future, but if they are not given the encouragement and guidance needed, they too will very quickly forget what they new to be true as they first arrived here, and slowly slid into believing many of their elder's misguided perceptions and beliefs. So how do we prevent this from occurring? We look to beautiful souls such as my guest, Christine Watts, who is making sure that children are given wings to fly! Wow! Sounds great doesn't it? Be sure to tune in to this podcast!

Alchemy of Healing 5: Wisdom Holds Power - power to heal!

There is a method of healing that is perfect for each and every one of us and we just have to find that method or technique and make sure we put it into action as often as we possibly can ... no good trying it for a day or so and then saying it doesn't work. Remember, whatever we do and however we do it takes time ... time for our unconscious mind to take it on board, own it and then work with it to bring about our desired results. I guess what I am trying to say is that you have to persist to get things working in the right direction. So what about using our wisdom to help our healing process? You know you have everything you could possibly need to heal within you right now don't you? All the wisdom and know how that you could possibly need is just sitting there waiting! Yes everything you need regardless of what needs healing. Get the picture? LOL Can't make it much clearer really! Finding this wisdom or know how is a slightly different issue! But I am sure by the end of this Radio Podcast, you will have some fabulous ideas to not only rediscover your unique wisdom, but also the ‘how's' of having it work for you to heal whatever needs healing.

Alchemy of Healing 4: When Your Spirit Yells 'HELP'!

This week we unravel the mysteries of healing our spirit! Yes, quite a task! LOL But I am sure together we can figure this out and get on with it so as to create the most amazing results ever! This task becomes so much easier when we actually define spirit in such a way so that it is easy to get to know it and work with it on a daily basis. If truth be none, our spirit is constantly working with us but we are not always on the same wave length and way too busy being caught up in the fall out from our daily challenges and struggles! The great news is that once we recognise the spirit within and work alongside this fabulous energy ... we can rid ourselves of any fear that may be surrounding us and step into the freedom we are longing to experience. Life is not necessarily about knowing all the answers, but being willing to ask better questions! In saying this, my first questions for this week are: What is Spirit? How do you recognise the need to heal our spirit? How do you get in touch with your spirit? How do you go about this with practical action steps?

Alchemy of Healing 3: Heal the Mind to Create Amazing Health

Last show I gave you lots of ways to begin the process of healing the body and now we are going to discover lots of magical ideas about healing the mind. This is a very determined little part of us that likes to try and take over at every opportunity ... can even be quite bossy at times and tell us what's best for us without consulting anyone ... particularly, without consulting us! The mind can also play wonderful tricks on our health and wellbeing, even to the point of having us think our way into illness. The good news is that once we really get to understand how our mind operates and how we can actually bypass its actions, we can move happily forward creating fabulous health and happiness along the way. You see the mind is so clever at what it does that sometimes we are totally unaware of what is even happening! Before we know it, we are being ruled by mind games and life begins to come unstuck and our health and well being go downhill fast! Sooooo ... that being the case, what am I going to be chatting about this week? I would love to help you understand much about: How your mind really works How to take control of what flows in and out of your mind How to use the mind to your best advantage How healing the mind is a vital step towards creating health & wellbeing

Alchemy of Healing 2: 7 Top Tips to Heal Your Body

Last show was all about healing with music ... great way to go! This week I am going to be chatting about healing the body ... the physical body to be exact. Now I am sure we all understand that there is a great deal more to healing our bodies than simply eating well and exercising, etc, but for this week I am going to focus in on things that we can be doing to lift our energy levels and be feeling far more healthier and happier. We will tackle the emotional side of things in the next show. Okay, so what am I going to be covering this week? You are going to learn how you can become the healthy, energetic, fun loving person you were meant to be. I am going to share with you my 7 top tips for health, beauty, vitality and success! You are going to love the simplicity of these and I promise if you follow through with them, life will zing with happiness.

Alchemy of Healing 1: Healing with Music

The truth is, our levels of happiness and success are in direct relationship with our ability to heal all that needs to be healed within every area of our lives. It would be wonderful if it was just a matter of whizzing off to a doctor or a financial planner or a relationship counsellor etc, and having things ‘Fixed'. All these are wonderful people and offer great practical/physical solotions on what you can do to help certain situations, but believe it or not, none of these people really get to the heart of the problem that lies within, they simply place a bandaid over a much deeper issue hidden from view. All of these practitioners work in the physical realm and look at the physical outcomes that need fixing, but to create effective and long lasting healing actually takes going within to take a close look at our spiritual wellbeing ... core beliefs, perceptions of life, emotional wellbeing, self worth and self esteem just to name a few. Healing certain aspects of our lives can take a lifetime. On the other hand, if we are open to exploring alternate modalities, we may be pleasantly surprised. This show is focused on the Healing Power of Music. Now don't go running away thinking that I am speaking through a hole in my hat and that music is not going to heal what you need healing. Well, that's where you could be oh so wrong! How about you take a listen first and then make a decision ... you may be extremely pleasantly surprised! Why music has the power to heal How it works What the ancients knew that we are only just discovering The benefits to using music as a method of healing

The Many Facets of Love 5: Loving the Unlovable

Over the past few weeks I have been focusing on The Many Facets of Love and have attempted to cover all the areas which really have the greatest effect on our lives. This show is certainly no exception! In fact this podcast is probably - well you know the saying - I have left the best til last. If you have not connected to any others in this series, I promise you that what I share with you on this show will truly change your life in incredible ways! How to ‘Love the Unlovable' is my topic and if you can learn how to do this, I promise you will be catapulted to happiness and success in magical and ever so powerful ways. This really has nothing to do with anyone or anything or any challenge or anything else ... it has everything to do with you! This all about really knowing who you are and where you are placed within this fabulous Universe. Once you know and understand these 2, you are well on your way to loving the unlovable. You are going to learn heaps about you so that you can clear misconceptions about those around you and learn to accept and love those who really rub you up the wrong way, annoy you and generally make your shackles rise! Probably great things to learn? They certainly are!

The Many Facets of Love 4: Creating Happily Ever After

I think if we are really honest with ourselves, we all crave the love of someone who loves who we are ... you know ... warts and all! That beautiful person who wants to share the journey of life in a way that supports who we are and what we do in life. None of us want to be changed or moulded or perfected in any way shape or form, we simply want a loving relationship with someone who simply loves us back without expectation or without strings attached. This podcast really gets down to the nitty gritty of this subject and sheds some light on how you can create a beautiful, loving and long lasting relationship. My guest, Bill Teggelove, (my husband of 44 years) and I cover a number of things that we see as vital to creating a long lasting and loving relationship. What is the definition of a loving relationship? What is essential from a female/ male perspective? How do you create a long lasting and very loving relationship? How do you keep the love alive?

The Many Facets of Love 3: Manifesting Through the Heart

Creating from the heart is exactly what is required when stepping into our new way of living on this planet. I guess for many, this is anything but a new Golden Age or a Utopia that we hear about, but you know, sometimes change can be quite a difficult process. We are all being affected by this incredible wave of change, but it is not a time for despair! It is a time of being totally centred in the heart and creating a peace filled and joy filled planet ... and we all have a role to play! This brings me to what I would love to share with you on this podcast - Manifesting from the Heart! If we can learn and understand how to do this, we can bring about massive change in our own lives, the lives of all those around us, and the whole of the planet. To help you do this, I am sharing with you: Facts about the heart that explain its power Making the shift from the head to the heart and why A simple ‘heart Manifestation' technique that works And lots more

The Many Facets of Love 2: The Greatest Love There Is!

This show is all about loving self! Believe it or not, this can be quite a challenging thing to do. So if I can help you find ways to do this, you can be happy in the knowledge that you not only have 1 less challenge to cope with, but you have also discovered another amazing way to have your life sparkle with joy ... and we can all do with lots more sparkle! Okay, so it's time to get out those polishing cloths and give your life a glistening shine with learning how to love yourself. You have an Aladdin's lamp within you right now and if you can grab hold of this and run with even just a few of the ideas I am about to share with you ... I promise, the genie that is YOU will begin to grant so many wishes! WooHoo! It is really important for us little physical beings to know the why's and the what's and the how's before we seem to really embrace ideas and run with them. So, that's exactly what I will endeavour to do by answering the following questions ... Why do I need to love myself? What are the consequences of not loving self? Why is it such a difficult task? What is ‘Loving Self'? What's in it for me? How do you go about loving self? What's the action I need to take?

The Many Facets of Love 1: Loving Your Way to Success

The Universe, God, Great Spirit is constantly pouring love into our lives and we can either accept is or reject it ... that's our free will at work in our lives. If we reject it, things tend to go a little off track. But if we accept it, embrace it with every fibre of our being and allow it to flow through all we do, then the world truly is our oyster. All our dreams and desires are created through us connecting to the power of love. Sounds too good to be true doesn't it? Well, if you have been struggling with life, I guarantee that if you embrace the power of love, then things will very quickly turn and move towards success in amazing ways. Okay, so how do we go about this? Well that's what this series is all about. I will share with you the why, the hows, the whens and the wherefores so you are left with no doubt about love being the answer to everything that may be troubling you in this season of your life. Today we will cover the following questions: What is love? What are the benefits to tapping into the power of love? How does the power of love work? What are the practical steps in using the power of love to create magic in our lives?

Planet Earth's New Children 4: Leading By Example

Our grandkids ask amazing questions, or better still, they answer my questions and help me understand a little more about who they are, and what makes them tick. There is so much to Planet Earth's New Age that I am loving getting to know and understand them. I am sure it is the same for you whether you are a parent or grandparent. It just means giving a little of our time to listen and chat. Simple really! So what is this show all about? Well wearing all my hats as a Mum, Nan and metaphysician, I thought it may be helpful if I share with you some of the things I love to chat about when the children and I are together just talking and sharing. This week I would love to share with you how I go about explaining things to our grandkids so they can keep holding on to the knowledge and understanding that they arrived with ... and live it! A fabulous show to help you love and guide!

Planet Earth's New Children 3: How to Support & Nurture

Planet Earth's New Children are helping us to remember the wisdom we have within us but have forgotten over the years! The very best thing we can do for ourselves and our planet is to support and nurture these beautiful souls so as connect into our very own source of wisdom. Rather than perceiving many of these children as different and problematic, it is time to get to know them, embrace them and nurture their hearts, minds and spirits. On this show I share with you a number of ideas that you can use to assist your children and grandchildren to shine a light on the pathway that leads into our beautiful Golden Age. In fact I have 8 simple ways to help Planet Earth’s New Children to help us! I can’t wait to share these with you!

Planet Earth's New Children 2: What do they know?

Both the scientists of this world and the spiritual gurus are telling us that these children are entering our planet with some pretty spectacular knowledge and understanding. The most exciting news is that we actually have this knowledge and understanding within us, but through the normal events of the procession of the equinoxes, we have gone through a time of sleeping and now we have entered a time of waking up! These new children are helping us to remember the wisdom we have within us! I guess we have to be open to learning from them! Now is not the time to be looking back on the so called ‘good old days' but rather looking forward towards the good new golden age and all that it holds for us. During this show I would like to explore with you: Planet Earth's New Children from the perspective of ‘What do they know?' We will look at ... A way of living that we have simply forgotten: 4th dimensional living Giftedness: a particular area of expertise Intuitive abilities Telepathic communication Food sensitivity And their sensitivity to toxins A show not to be missed!

Planet Earth's New Children 1: Who are they?

I guess we are all coming to realise that the children who are currently arriving on our planet are somehow different. It naturally follows that it would be in our best interests as parents, grandparents, guardians, teachers, to take note of these differences and work with them in order to allow these children to live their unique and extraordinary lives. So this brings me to a brand new series of shows based around Planet Earth's New Children. Over the next 4 weeks I am going to be taking a much closer look at: Who are these New Planet Earth Children? What do they know that we are yet to discover? How do we nurture their extraordinary gifts? What can we do to support them? and what can we do to help them remember the wisdom they hold within? This is such a fabulous series and one we can all benefit from ... the way in which we accept these beautiful souls and assist their journey effects the whole of the planet. In a nutshell, they have come to assist in the raising of Earth's consciousness, and the more we do to assist their journey, the more we assist our own path into the Golden Age and that 4th level of awareness that we are all longing to achieve. This podcast is devoted to the question: Who are these New Planet Earth Children?

Rediscovering Your Unique Giftedness 5: The Final Step

Over the last 3 shows I have been chatting to some beautiful and inspiring women who have taken that huge and gigantic step towards living their unique giftedness. Their stories have been both fascinating and wonderful. Each has faced the dragons of their life and has gone on to finally shine like never before. It is my hope that by having listened to these women, that you too can take that step of re-defining who you really are, and re-building your life around what is special about you. If you remember back to a few weeks ago we began by looking at the process of unravelling and revealing your gifts and talents. Then we followed this by listening to how others have found their way, and on this show we take a long hard look at breaking through the barriers that seem to appear once we decide to take the step. This show covers: The amazing benefits that will help to trigger a ‘must do' attitude The greatest challenges you may face along the way How to overcome the fear factor And how living our unique giftedness brings us into alignment with Golden Age Definitely a show not to be missed!

Rediscovering Your Unique Giftedness 4: A Healing Pathway

Mother Nature is the most wonderful mentor and guide as she lives within the Unity consciousness that we are all trying to access at this particular time in our evolvement as individual beings and as a planet. In truth, the only thing that keeps us from embracing wholly this new awareness or state of consciousness, are the emotional upsets that we have encountered, and held onto within our journey of life. Living our unique giftedness also plays an essential role in our being able to make the jump from where we are right now to where our heart is pulling us. Quite often it is in the setting ourselves free of all our emotional ‘stuff' that we are led to finding and embracing our unique giftedness. This podcast brings us to our 4th week in a series of 5 shows around rediscovering our unique giftedness and living it, and I have a fabulous guest that I would love to introduce to you who has done exactly what I have just been talking about. Rosie Banyan is an amazing woman who has truly faced the dragons in her life, and out of this has flourished in sensational ways. She has brought to light the most amazing methods of healing that she now shares with others. A MUST listen!

Rediscovering Your Unique Giftedness 3: Tapping Inner Power

Sometimes, this does not necessarily mean finding a whole new career, but simply changing the way you currently do business, or simply finding a new employer who is in alignment with your values and beliefs. Often, when I talk about finding your unique giftedness, people jump into panic mode thinking that their whole world is going to be tipped on its head and they need to start over again. This is not necessarily the case. Quite often it is simply a matter of tweaking what you are already working at so as to embrace the truth of you. On this podcast I chat with Sandra Beck who has actually taken this step ... or maybe it would be better described as taken that leap of faith into living from the heart rather than the head. A fabulous show to help you take YOUR step towards living your one of a kind giftedness.

Rediscovering Your Unique Giftedness 2: Living Proof

Sometimes all we need to step into our unique giftedness and live it, ir proof that it can be done. On this podcast, I interview 2 beautiful guests, Sherri Cincotta and Elissa Plumridge, who are definitely living proof that you can do this and really love the journey! I don't have a great number of guests, but when I do, well you can be assured that they have something very important to share. These 2 amazing young women have grabbed hold of life with both hands and are really helping our planet make its shift into our New Great Age. How? By living their unique giftedness in fabulous ways! As you know, this series is all about finding our one of a kind brilliance and then stepping into with both feet so as to love what you do and do what you love. These 2 young women from, have an inspiring journey to share and a wealth of wisdom that can truly help you to set your world alight. This is a show not to be missed!

Rediscovering Your Unique Giftedness1: A Process

This 5 week series is focused on helping you rediscover your Unique Giftedness, and living it in ways that you may have considered virtually impossible! I am going to be really speaking from the heart with this series as this is a process I had to take myself through - a process that has helped me to truly love life, love what I do, and do what I love! We all want to truly experience this, but more often than not, we have somehow lost our way and have got caught up in what others feel is right for us rather than choosing and living our own unique giftedness. In this new Golden Age, more than any other time in our history, we are being called to recognise our Truth and live it! It is of vital importance that we step into our one of a kind giftedness and enjoy the outcomes. This show will cover the process: •Some facts about you •The importance of getting back to basics •How to unravel & reveal •And then the all important - Stepping into YOU Enjoy!

Defining Your Intuitive Gift 4: Benefits to having a Reading

This Radio Show is all about why you would actually make the time to go and have an intuitive reading with someone! In other words - what's in it for you? Over the past 3 weeks we have covered so much info about re-discovering your intuitive gift, and how to tap into the messages and guidance shared by your inner oracle, 6th sense or intuition! This week, I would love to share with you the benefits of going to see someone else to have a reading. Yes, there is lots you can do for yourself, but there are also times when getting help from someone with experience and expertise in this field can be of enormous benefit! A professional reader can bring: Clarity Confirmation Another perspective A way out of the struggle Discoveries around what's often hidden Messages you may not be open to hearing and so much more If you have questions you would love answered or are struggling with life at the moment, this show is a must listen!

Defining Your Intuitive Gift 3: Tuning Out & Tuning In

I know so many people tell me that they would love to really connect with their intuition, but then go on to explain that they don’t think it is actually working anymore! I know exactly what they mean! I am sure mine took an extended holiday to some far off distant place and completely forgot that I even existed! I had to do some fast talking to bring it back online and begin to understand that it was time we got to know each other again so as to create a very close working, ongoing relationship! And now? Well, now we work really well together - I ask the questions, and it gives me the answers! Great way to go really! On this show I would love to share with you some great ideas, tips and hints on how to re-connect with your Intuition and together, find the answers, solutions, guidance, and anything else you need to make your life easier, exciting and empowered! The focus is on helping you to grow the art of ... • ‘Tuning Out’ from the unnecessary noise in your life ... the noise that prevents you from hearing your intuition • And ‘Tuning In’ to the guidance that will ultimately assist you to find your unique brand of freedom

Defining Your Intuitive Gift 2: Getting the Best from Your Oracle Cards

This week's show is all about helping you to find a way to step out of that space of not knowing what to do or how to do it, and getting the guidance you need to really have you moving in a far more positive direction in life. We have an in depth discussion about oracle cards, affirmation cards, guidance cards, etc, and how they can assist you in lots of game-changing ways! To assist with our discussion, Sandra Beck, is co-hosting. Why? Sandra is what I would call a true entrepreneur in the world of marketing and internet radio. She is a highly successful Radio Show Host here on the Toginet network. What I really love about Sandra is her constant asking of questions which contribute enormously to her spiritual and personal growth. On this podcast we cover - How do Oracle cards work? How can Oracle cards help me? Can I actually give myself an accurate reading? Do all cards work the same way? How do I know if I am choosing the right cards? And ... so much more!

Defining Your Intuitive Gift 1

This podcast is all about encouraging you to rediscover your intuitive gifts and begin to use them in ways that can really assist your journey of life, and maybe others as well. I would love to explain a little of ... The difference between psychics, clairvoyants, mediums, intuitives, channels, and empaths How each of these work: it is important to understand that each of these practitioners are really simply tapping into an ability we all have! It is tapping into the unconscious part of each of us and using a God given or Universe guided ability to assist our journey in the pursuit of growing our levels of awareness and state of enlightenment. It is not wrong to have these gifts or to use them for the benefit of self and others ... they came with the package! Understanding how you best work within all of these - how to work out your dominant intuitive gift How to tune in and then tune out Finding the best guidance for you

Don't Be a 'Has Been': 4 Analysing Your Results

Metaphysically, Easter season is all about new life - dying to the old and stepping into a brand new awareness or consciousness. It is a time for us all to ponder our very own resurrection out of the old and into the new. This fits perfectly with this show! In fact, although I didn't actually plan it this way, I couldn't think of a better time to share with you all my ideas within the 4th and final week of the series ‘Don't Be a Has Been in 2016'. This week's show will help you see your life from a new perspective, and in doing so will assist you in growing your awareness around who you are and how you are creating your world. How are we going to do this? Well, I am going to build on the past 3 shows in this series and help you analyse all that you have discovered so as to change what needs to be changed, so 2016 can begin to take shape in the most fabulous ways! You don't want to be that ‘Has Been' for yet another year do you?? NO! It is now the perfect time to step into a beautiful future with excitement and passion in every tiny cell of your being. I am going to be looking at just 2 essential steps towards Re-Building a happier, healthier and more successful you in 2016. Analysing all that you have discovered over the past few weeks ... this is sooo important! It's no good deciding to change your life, learning to ask better questions of yourself, and discovering how to get answers, if you then don't act on what you find. How to take appropriate action in our new Great Age to redefine and rebuild your life

Don't Be a 'Has Been': 3 Getting Answers

As I mentioned in our 2nd show in this series of ‘Don't be a has been in 2016', it is time to begin asking ourselves better questions about our life and everything around us. Questions that have a huge impact on the way I we now choose to live our life. In this show I help you to connect to what I call - the essential answers! Yes, we can talk about life changing questions for ever and a day ... but eventually, we must find the answers to these questions so we can move on and upward. So this show is all about finding answers, and sharing with you a simple and easy 5 step method to ensure fabulous outcomes. You are going to LOVE this show!

Sacred Healing at Sacred Sites

On this week's show, I follow my intuitive guidance and chat with my beautiful friend, and expert in her field, Tanishka. Tanishka is best known as Facebook's, ‘Moon Woman' with over half a million followers of her daily guidance. She is a bestselling author of four books & has taught ancient wisdom and kundalini awakening practices for the past 20 years. She is passionate about awakening the consciousness of 'Sacred Union' by helping both men & women with in communion with the natural cycles & is passionate about healing our planet through restoring the sacred balance of feminine & masculine. By sharing with us her expertise and her vision, Tanishka will help us to grow our understanding of ... The importance of the Sacred sites in Glastonbury, Avebury, Cornwell & Stonehenge A Global Healing Ceremony The Unity Grid Anchoring the balance of sacred feminine & masculine energies on our planet and the powerful vortex at this time in our awakening as a planet This a show not to be missed!

Don't Be a 'Has Been': 2 Life Changing Questions

On this show we continue with the series of ‘Don't Be a Has Been in 2016' It is such a fabulous way of ensuring you move on to create a more exciting, more wisdom filled, and more empowered version of who you are right in this moment of time. One of the very best ways of ensuring this happening is to set the intention that in 2016 you will make it an absolute must to ask of yourself better questions. I share with you why this works, and how this works! Having the ability to ask of yourself the questions that really need to be asked and then listening for and acting on the answers is a fabulous way to redesign your life. I will help you understand: why asking better questions is essential to becoming a much better version of yourself rather than remaining a ‘Has Been' a simple 5 step formula to follow so as to ensure the questions are perfect for you some great generic questions that have the ability to truly turn your life on its head and create fabulous success After listening to this podcast, you are going to have lots of ideas to really get your teeth into so as to start the process of re-inventing and re-building your life and shift it from ordinary to extraordinary!

Don't Be a 'Has Been' in 2016: 1

We all have a natural urge to create greater happiness and success in our lives. The trick is to figure out the best way of making this happen, and then going for it! Over the coming week's I plan to help you do just that so you can enjoy - more than ever before - your brand of happiness and success in 2016! Every other year for as long as I can remember - and I have quite a few years to try and remember LOL - even before our break over the holidays had finished, I was literally chomping at the bit to get going on planning, writing, thinking of new products, etc, etc! You name it, and I was preparing it! This year, it just didn't happen! In fact, quite a number of things happened that seemed to move me in a backwards motion which really made me question everything that I was doing, why I was doing it, and how I was going about it. Needless to say, it has been a very challenging time as I have sifted through my life making quite difficult decisions about what went and what didn't. It was putting myself through this process that gave me the theme for this series of shows - Don't be a ‘Has Been' in 2016! This podcast looks at: What is a 'Has Been'? How to recognise 'Has Been' qualities in our lives Choices & Decisions that need to be made in order to make 2016 a fabulously successful year And how to work out which road to take .

Goal Setting for 2016

Yes, I know we usually wait until New Year rolls around before we start thinking about setting goals, but I would love to run a few things by you today so that between Christmas and the New Year you can contemplate how you would love your 2016 to look. So yes, we are going to take a brief moment to ponder some goals and dreams for the coming year and how we are going to make sure that in 2016 we actually accomplish these! Quite often we set goals for the New Year before we have even had time to think about them or get them straight in our minds, and then we wonder why things don’t seem to turn out the way we had hoped! I call it goal rushing rather than goal setting. This may sound a little out there, but Bill and I like to take a whole day (usually New Year’s Eve) before we attend any celebrations to get out the white board and decide on how we would love the following year to unfold. We have grown to love the process and now would feel rather lost if we hadn’t set out our goals and dreams. But it is about now that we begin to contemplate the possibilities. So on this podcast, I would love to take you through a very simple process, which I might add is unlike any other goal setting program I have ever gone through, that will have you well and truly ready to make your 2016 really zing with happiness and success. We will cover what I see as the 4 essential steps to setting in motion a fabulous year ahead and, I promise they really work!

Christmas & Metaphysics 3: How to Light Up Your Christmas

I hear so often from those I chat with that they would love to add more meaning to their Christmas celebrations but are not sure how to do this. Sadly, for many, Christmas has lost its true meaning and has become a time of craziness! What do I mean by this? Well, running around spending money on gifts that supposedly bring happiness, going to Christmas parties that we feel are a must to attend, stressing over the cost of the food let alone the buying of presents, and trying to put out the fires of old family feuds that seem to rare up at this time of the year. And this is often just the tip of the iceberg! So if you are looking to experience a far more meaningful celebration this year, then I have a question for you to contemplate before we jump into things today: how is your Christmas shaping up and have you spent anytime at all in the ‘busyness’ of the season to contemplate the why and the what of the season? Why do we actually celebrate Christmas? And what does it mean for you in your life? Well hopefully, I will help you find answers to these questions during our time together today as I share with you from a metaphysical point of view: • Why do we celebrate Christmas? • What importance does Christmas hold for us in today’s world? • The metaphysical meanings behind the people, the story, the symbols and the traditions of this magical time we call Christmas.

Christmas & Metaphysics 2: Tiny Budget - Huge Gifts

There have certainly been times in my life when things have been quite tough financially and I had to really think outside the square to still be able to give to loved ones and those friends who were very dear to me. I had to change my perception of what a beautiful gift looked like! Was it simply something I bought from a shop or a store, or was it something that I spent time on and created from the things I already had around me? Not having money at the time, I really had no choice ... it had to be the latter! I began by simply asking myself what is a gift supposed to be, and why are we drawn to give gifts? After contemplating these questions, I then set about putting thought into the person I was giving too and asked the question: what would be a gift that would have real significance in the life of this beautiful soul, and what could I offer that would continue to help this person in their journey of life? Well, I am pleased to say that lots of wonderful ideas floated in and I gave from the heart to everyone. The response was truly magnificent, and now I would love to share with you lots of amazing ways that you too can give the gift of a lifetime with very little expenditure - Gifts that people will truly treasure and probably carry with them for years and years to come. These are unique and one of a kind gifts that no one else can give but you! On this show I share with you the answers to a few of my gift questions, and then lots of very practical examples of the gifts I love to give. So I will be covering: Why we give gifts? How does the giving of gifts assist us? What are the magical gifts we can give that don't break the budget?

Christmas & Metaphysics 1: A Stress Free Christmas

Christmas is such a magical time ... not just for children, but for the child within each of us. For many, the magic has gone missing and all they can see is the busyness, the effort, the family feuds, the not having enough money to do what the media tell them is the expected thing, or the loneliness that often accompanies those who, for some reason or other, don't have a family with which to celebrate ... basically, nothing but stress, worry, loneliness and anxiety. So over 3 shows, I have decided to take a whole new look at how we can get back to embracing the magic of this beautiful Christmas season with a deeper understanding of what it's all about and how we can celebrate regardless of our circumstances. As Advent begins on the 29th of November this year, I thought it was the perfect time and the perfect place to begin this series. This is a great opportunity for each of us to expand our consciousness, to deepen our understanding, to become a little more enlightened, and to actually have the Christmas that our soul is truly longing to experience. This show begins by growing our understanding through the answering of the following questions: How can we create a stress free lead up to Christmas? What are the 5 little words that hold powerful life changing energy? What is the metaphysical symbolism held within the season of Advent? What is the purpose of an Advent wreath?

The Super Hero in You 7: Your Many Masks

We are all so good at wearing masks, and we can put on several in a day. Our masks enable us to hide our true identity from the world ... or do they? We often just put on a brave front - you know, a smile on our face - hoping that nobody can see what we are feeling on the inside. So often we not only mask our feelings, but also mask our identity by embracing what others think is right for us rather than living our own authenticity. So much so, that eventually the mask becomes what we think is our true identity, and the real Truth gets lost. But then somewhere in our journey we are called to reveal who we really are to the world. From somewhere deep inside, a little voice whispers ... who am I and why am I here? This is an incredible magical moment! This is the moment when we take the first step towards removing the mask and rediscovering our Super Hero powers. On this podcast I share with you: How to identify what's real and what's the mask How your true identity will eventually reveal itself How to find the unmasked you How to overcome fear of living your true self How perception affects your life How to let go of judgement and go with the flow

The Super Hero in You 6: Stand in Your Strengths

Just as we girls love our shoes, the super heroes loved to don their boots before heading out to perform deeds that required great strength of character, and the need to stand firm in their truth. So on this week's show we are going to take a close look at what our Super Hero boots mean for us! Boots keep us connected to the earth! In other words, they help us to stay grounded. So what does staying grounded really mean? I know this may sound a little silly ... and I am not sure about you ... but I would often hear people tell me that I had to stay grounded but I never really understood what I had to do in order to make sure it was a happening thing! Well over time, I found that, as with many words, ‘being grounded' can have any number of meanings! But for this show, we are going with the more spiritual aspects of being grounded. Simply put, it is all about standing firm within our Truth. What's our Truth? I'm going to share with you a few ideas around this concept that will hopefully help you to not just step into it, but jump into it with both feet ... boots and all! LOL Any type of boot helps us to safely walk this beautiful planet and brings with it understanding of the importance of grounding self in: Living your passion and purpose Building strength of character Standing firm what feels right for you Knowing your values Knowing your core beliefs

The Super Hero in You 5: The Ride of Your Life

For the past few weeks I have been sharing ways to rediscover the Super Hero in You. This is a fabulous topic that can help us to lift our self esteem and self worth, and to give our dreams wings. Yes, we have super powers that are just waiting for us to recognise and embrace and then watch how life flows in amazing ways. These super powers are the magic to all that we wish to see become a reality in our lives. It's time we really showed those fictional characters that we humans have the ability to leap tall challenges, manifest faster than speeding bullets, and bring incredible happiness to our lives and the lives of all around us. Okay, so which part of the costume are we looking at this week? The symbolism in the Super Hero belt! This is such a fun part of the costume where your imagination can run wild and you can let the fun side of your personality shine through. Have you ever really considered what this belt represents? Well, if you haven't, it is time to do just that! Belts can be perceived in a number of different ways with each having a very important message hidden within: Harness: belt yourself in for the ride of your life Holding tools of the trade: specific tools that you need to get through your day Adding sparkle and fun: an absolute essential to your Super Power Hero status

The Super Hero in You 4: Your Cape of Many Colors

Over the last 3 weeks I have been chatting about finding The Super Hero in You. This podcast takes a very close look at the all important cape, its amazing symbolism, and what this has to do with the way we live our lives. In the world of Super Heroes, the cape is a symbol of their great strength, skill, courage and great virtue. If you were to wear a cape right now, what would yours symbolise ... or better still, what would you like it to symbolise? The Super hero cape of Superman or Super woman is really a metaphor for all the feelings and expressions of self that we drape ourselves in each and everyday. Our imaginary cape is displayed to the world in so many different ways, and so often we are not even aware that others are noticing its beauty or its drabness. The exciting news is that we get to choose which cape we will wear and what it expresses to the world around us. During this show, I want to help you build a new wardrobe filled to the brim with so many bright and beautiful capes to choose from. Some I am sure will be worn frequently, and others brought out for very special occasions when you need that extra oomph! LOL But remember, all of them hold a powerful energy to be used as often as you possibly can to lift your world into happiness and success ... you Super Hero You! I am going to share with you: The 2 super powers: imagination and Intention The symbolism of your colour choice The unique and one of a kind cape The invisible cape that creates magic And finally, the cape of many colours

The Super Hero in You 3: Your Hidden Shield

This podcast continues our supersonic series which is all about The Super Hero in You. This is the 3rd show in a series of 7 helping you to find and embrace those amazing super powers that you have within you, and then really putting them into action in your life to create feats of magic. This show is about discovering your shield! The fictional super hero characters usually had a type of shield. Now I'm not necessarily talking about a shield like those carried by horse men going into battle, but a shield of power. This could be something on the arm like a watch, or something they carried like the Ninja Turtles, or even something that was worn over the chest. It may have even been a hidden shield of power that they enabled when needed. Their powerful shield gave them protection against the 'baddies' they were putting out of action, and helped them to win the battle so to speak. They could pull out this shield and put it to work in such a way that they overcame the many obstacles that stood between them and success. We also have this shield, but it is not necessarily something we carry in our hands, but something we carry within us. Our shield is our wisdom! The wisdom we gain through the experience of living life, the wisdom we acquire through the gathering of knowledge, and what we intentionally set out to learn through our journey through this lifetime. On this show I cover a number of ideas that may help you to find and embrace another incredible super power that lies within you: I start by defining what I believe is wisdom - we all have it! Take a much closer look at ‘the Getting of Wisdom' - the how and finish with the signs that tell us that we are truly growing in our very own wisdom ... woohoo!

The Super Hero in You 2: What is Your Symbol

Last week we began a fabulous series on The Super Hero in You! Yes, you are a super hero even if you don't quite recognise it within yourself as yet. But hopefully, over the coming weeks, I can help you see that super hero slowly rise to the surface and begin to perform feats of magic - leaping quantum leaps, performing tasks in super fast time and super efficient ways. Last week if you remember, we had an overview of the super hero costume looking at what it symbolises and what lies beneath it. It is the perfect metaphysical metaphor helping us to understand who we really are beneath our very own costume - our physical body! Which part of the costume do we take a closer look in this show? It is the plate or symbol that is worn on the chest area of all our well known fictional super heroes. This has amazing symbolism for our lives, and once we understand how to tap into the wisdom embedded within our very own chest plate - life changes in wonderful ways! So we delve beneath our very own chest plate to uncover and reveal some exciting truths: What symbol do you constantly wear on your chest for all to see? What are the secrets that lie beneath your chest plate? How to use 1 of your super powers to create miracles within your life How to use 2 powerful words that protect & keep you safe And, how to rewrite your symbol to redefine the super hero in you All sounds a little mysterious doesn't it? LOL But all will be revealed I promise, and you will begin your journey of redefining and rebuilding your life, and become a Super Hero all at the same time! WooHoo!

The Super Hero in You 1: Overview

The Super Hero in YOU is a super sensational 7 part series assisting you to understand the incredible powers you have to redefine and rebuild your life in incredible ways. This is part 1, and as with all my shows, it includes great info on personal and spiritual growth. So what on earth do Super Heroes have to do with Spiritual or Metaphysical growth and understanding? Heaps and heaps! Yes, we can become the Super Hero of our very own life if we so choose - leaping tall buildings with a single bound, becoming faster than a speeding bullet, and more powerful than a locomotive, well, not sure about the faster than a speeding bullet LOL! But yes, we definitely have our own super powers, but to recognise these we must first have an understanding of ... What actually makes a super hero a super hero? What do we need to qualify as a super hero? How can recognising the super hero within us benefit our everyday lives? How do we go about putting our super powers to work on a day to day basis? Oh and ... do we need come up with a special costume? Take a listen to find out more!

Alchemy 5: The 7 Steps to Golden Success

The 7 steps to Golden Success - what other type of success is there when we are talking Alchemy? LOL Yes, we want to be able to enter our very own personal laboratory, turn up the heat on our goals and dreams, and use alchemical techniques to help us transform whatever it is that we wish to transform creating golden outcomes. I mean, is this really possible and if it is, how do we go about it? Well most definitely, yes it is possible, and all we really need to do is follow the 7 principles explained on the Emerald Tablet. Now if they are a little too complicated to decipher, then we can just follow the 7 steps laid down by the alchemist of old. These 7 steps are still extremely relevant for today's modern world. I know from personal experience, that even though this all seemed quite straight forward, we often need a little help not only in figuring out what each step means, but we also need help figuring out where we are in the process. So in this show I look at: The 7 step alchemical process for the 21st century What each step might bring you from a personal perspective - the struggle and the joy Help you decipher where you are at within the 7 step process - you may be closer to creating your golden outcomes than you think! What you can do to speed up the process of change

Alchemy 4: Modern-Day Alchemy

In the last 3 shows we have been discovering lots about the art of Alchemy and how it can transform our lives in fabulous ways. In this show, we jump into the world of modern-day alchemy as opposed to ancient alchemy, and bring this ancient art into the modern day world to help us understand the meaning of this in a world that is fast paced and emotionally challenged Yes, I believe we do live in an emotionally challenged world. So the question the becomes, how can we use Alchemy to slow things down, step out of the fast lane of life, take a good look around our own individual world and make the necessary changes which will see us living a much happier and successful life? Well, if anything can help us do this, knowing and understanding the world of modern day alchemy certainly can! In this podcast I am sharing with you: The different types of alchemy Alchemy of mind Alchemy of heart Alchemy of wealth Alchemy of relationships Alchemy of career/work How growth in knowledge and understanding of these can benefit your life The practical steps you can take to begin your very own alchemical transformation From my own personal experience, the 7 principles of ancient alchemy still work amazingly well in our current 21st century. We just need to tweak our understanding of these and align them with today's understanding of science and spirituality.

Alchemy 3: Alchemy in Nature

For this particular show, we are going to get some amazing help from someone who I consider to be the absolute best in the world of alchemy. This genius alchemist has been my guiding light - particularly over the past 7 years as I have worked, studied, learned, crawled and slowly stepped my way across the land mines of change and transformation to finally once again see the light at the end of a very long tunnel, and come out the other side. Okay, who is this amazing alchemist? Mother Nature! Yes, the alchemy within nature is truly second to none. Nature is in a constant state of transformation, but so often we just take it for granted and never really look at or appreciate the magnitude of what is taking place around us each and every day. And more importantly, what we can learn from simply taking a walk in the backyard or in the park or anywhere in nature. Here in Australia we are just entering spring which is the season of the most beautiful transformations. At the moment our street is lined with stunning blossom trees, and their pretty petals create carpets of pink across the nature strips and the gutters have been transformed from a dirty grey to rivers of colour. Such a glorious sight, but I know that I must capture the moment whenever I can because it won't be long before the blossoms are gone to make way for tiny leaves to appear and the deep red fruit to take form. Yes, the alchemy in nature is simply amazing! On this show I will share with you: Alchemy in Nature The 7 step process of Transformation from Mother Nature's viewpoint And how this relates to our lives on a daily basis

Alchemy 2: The Secret Language of Alchemy

Last week we began a sensational series of shows on Alchemy ... namely Ancient Alchemy and Ancient Alchemists ... and today we take a peek into the world of the alchemist by learning a little of their secret language. Why did they use a secret language? For several reasons actually: there were times throughout history when Alchemists, in their discovery of Truth, spoke out about the teachings of prominent churches! The leaders of these churches chose to then label Alchemy as heresy forcing many alchemists into hiding and to also create their very own secret language. This enabled them to communicate with other alchemists without being discovered and often burnt at the stake. Alchemists were also very aware of any negative energies effecting their work and preferred to only share their processes with those who were in alignment with their work and energy ... thus the need for secrecy. They also used particular signs and symbols for a focus during meditation. Alchemists had a great belief that these signs and symbols held within them very powerful energies that assisted them in the transmutations of all they were working with in their laboratories. In this show we learn how to communicate in the language of the alchemist: We are going to uncover the significance of the Astrological signs Birds Particular animals Flowers And a few little added extras

Alchemy 1: Ancient Alchemists

This show marks the beginning of a sensational series on Alchemy. This is definitely another of my very favourite subjects, and I love to devour whatever I can find on the subject. So what is Alchemy? Simply put, alchemy is the Art of Transformation. This ancient art is still alive and well in today's world, and the teachings of the ancient alchemists is still extremely relevant to any person wanting to see wonderful changes happen in their lives that sees them moving from living ordinary to living extraordinary. The more I research and explore alchemy, the more I understand the great importance of these teachings. Over the next 5 weeks we are going to be taking a much closer look at Ancient Alchemy and Alchemy for the modern day world. The focus of this particular show is Ancient Alchemy: When did alchemy begin, what is it exactly, and who were the amazing alchemists back then? What was their work and what wisdom do they have to share for us in a modern day world that is in desperate need of answers to so many issues that face each and everyone of us on a daily basis - particularly in this new and wonderful Golden Age that we have recently entered. Yes, I will be chatting about: History of Alchemy Ancient Alchemists The work of the Alchemist The Emerald Tablet The Secret Truth of Alchemy

Metaphysics 6: Metaphysics & the Bible

This show helps you see how metaphysics relates to the bible! Why? Well, many of us have been raised within a religious belief of 1 type or another and most of these religions have based their teachings from either the old or new testament, or a combination of both. For me, being raised in a very Irish Catholic family, the focus was most definitely on the new testament and the teachings of Jesus. Now, working as a Metaphysician, I am able to draw upon this knowledge to guide my way through the teachings of who I consider to be 1 of the greatest metaphysicians of all time - the master teacher Jesus. But I have also been drawn to studying the characters of the old testament to discover their secrets to living an extraordinary life of giving, receiving and growing in their understanding of firstly, how this Universe operates, and then how they lived and created a life of brilliance within this incredible Cosmos. Also, how they grew their level of consciousness and through their teaching and sharing, helped thousands of others do the same. I know for me, the teachings that I was exposed to left me with many unanswered questions ... my studies in metaphysics provided me with many of the answers I was searching for. This week I wish to share a number of these understandings and learnings with you in the hope that, if you too have been left with unanswered questions, these may provide the help you need to discover your very own truth ... A metaphysical perspective on the bible Prominent Leaders in the Old Testament: what did they know and understand that we haven't quite grasped as yet? Metaphysical interpretations of prayer, and well known bible quotes & words 3 fabulous tips on becoming the metaphysician of your own life

Metaphysics 5: 60 Minutes of Magnetism

If you are regular listener to these shows, you already know that I am truly passionate about helping others to Re-Define, Re-Invent and Re-Build their lives for happiness and success! Well, this show is no exception as I chat about some of the ‘must do’s’ to achieve fabulous results towards this end. What are the things that we can be doing on a daily basis to ensure that we create the happiness and success that feels perfect for us - not what others would perceive as what we need. I not only going to go through the daily practical steps that will have you whizzing into happiness and success, but I also share with you the practices that, if you are not doing, can hold those amazing outcomes from becoming a reality in your life. This is definitely a ‘MUST LISTEN’! If you can tick these off on a daily basis, then you had better get yourself organised and begin planning the celebration party because your goals and dreams will be flying in on jet wings. So yes, I will begin by sharing with you the daily Metaphysical hour of power, and then we will move into the checklist of essential, what I call ‘understandings’, of Metaphysics. Each of these are necessary if you want to be celebrating that feeling of absolute happiness!

Metaphysics 4: Consciously Connecting to the Quantum Field

As a metaphysician, I believe that one of the essential lessons in life is to figure out how to live in harmony with the quantum field. This is the field that knows all ... all that is, has been or ever will be. If we can grasp this concept, life will be a constant flow of happiness and success. During this podcast, you will discover the secret to easing your way into this beautiful harmony where life becomes blissful! There is a fabulous quote from the movie ‘Bagger Vance' that I would love to share with you. I have taken the liberty to swap the word ‘hand or hands' with the word ‘heart'. I just love this movie as it has so much wisdom to offer us, and here is the wording I would like to share with you ... "You can't see your dream as a dragon you have to slay. You have to look at it with soft eyes - see the place where the tides and the seasons and the turning of the earth all come together - where everything that is becomes one! You've got to seek that place with your soul. Seek it with your heart, don't think about it ... feel it! Your heart is wiser than your head is ever going to be." So on this podcast, I share with you: Where to find this oneness and beautiful harmony How to connect with it How to live within it And how to ensure that we never lose sight of it again More at

How to Be Truly Happy

In a world filled to the brim with a constant 'busyness', we often lose sight of the simple joys in life. We forget how to find true happiness. I'm not talking the happiness that comes from filling our lives with more and more material objects - no, I'm talking a deep soul happiness that comes from embracing life with our hearts and being open to the magic moments that lie in wait for us to recognise each and everyday. I have a beautiful lady joins me in this podcast, who is definitely helps us smile bigger smiles, expand our hearts, and create enormous vibrations of happiness not only in our own lives, but in hearts throughout the cosmos. Can't wait for you to hear so many fabulous ideas on ... 'How to Be Truly Happy'. My guest is the beautiful Tanishka: Tanishka is best known as Facebook's, ‘Moon Woman' with half a million followers of her daily guidance. She is a bestselling author of four books & teacher of kundalini awakening teachings & practices with 20 years experience. Her latest book, 'The 28 Day Happy Challenge' is a not-for-profit project to support those affected by human trafficking, including the children orphaned in the April 25 Nepal earthquake. For info about this project visit:

Metaphysics 3: The Art of Forgiveness

This show today is the 3rd in a series of 6 shows to help you grow your knowledge and understanding around Metaphysics. This show focuses on a Law that can literally make or break us in so many ways. What is this Law? It is the Law of Forgiveness! Regardless of who we are, we all have people, events and circumstances that need forgiveness, and if we think we don’t ... I am going to be totally blunt here and say ... we are kidding ourselves! I believe that to truly forgive is one of the most difficult tasks we humans have to face. We have this amazing ability to hold onto things regardless of how many years have passed since we first experienced them. Now, I completely understand that some of life’s experiences hurt so badly that we wrap them up in packages and lock them away so they can no longer roam free and come to haunt us and hurt us ever again. In this show we discuss: • Why we need to forgive – lots of wonderful benefits here • Who we need to forgive – hmmm ... lots! • How we forgive – simple, easy & effective methods • And when we forgive

Metaphysics 2: Hidden Secrets

Last week we began a series of shows helping you grow your knowledge and understanding around Metaphysics! These shows are for beginners and for those who would like to deepen their understanding or brush up on what they already know. In this second show of the series, we are going to be getting into the nitty gritty of the Laws that govern this Universe. This, from my point of view, is a ‘must know’ part of you getting to know more about metaphysics. The exciting news is that you can use the information that I share in this series to increase your finances, improve your health, create loving relationships, manifest that wonderful job you have been thinking about, grow your business, and create change in any other area in your life that you feel is lacking in what you truly desire. WOW! So what am I going to be chatting about in this podcast? I am going to be sharing with you ... • The secrets of these hidden and often unknown Universal Laws that effect every area of our lives whether we know about them or not! • How we can work with these Laws to create the outcomes we desire • What we can do in practical terms to put this information into practise in our everyday lives • And what we can expect to see happening once we take the necessary action As I have said on numerous occasions, we are living in an incredible time of change … we are all feeling it in 1 way, shape or form! If we fight it, we just go deeper into the mud of life … if we take the time to learn how to flow with these Universal Laws, I guarantee you will be soaring into all you dream of! WooHoo!

Metaphysics 1: Introduction & How It Can Empower Your Life

Metaphysics! This is a subject that can be quite confusing - particularly with someone who is just beginning to explore this philosophy. I know for me, the 2 main questions I had were, "What is metaphysics and how does it relate to me and my everyday life?". I know when people ask me what I do and I tell them that I am a metaphysician, they kind of look at me rather strangely and ask ... what's that? So I thought it might be a good idea to take a closer look at Metaphysics and all it has to offer us. Now because it is a rather large topic to cover, I am going to be doing this as a series of 6 shows. Yes, lots to discover and learn about Metaphysics! On this podcast we discuss ... Defining Metaphysics Aspects of Metaphysics to assist your understanding The coming together of science & metaphysics Benefits of having knowledge & Understanding of Metaphysics Where to begin You will absolutely love how Metaphysics can change your life!

Matters of Mind & Heart 5: Your Secret Gifts

This is the last in the series of Matters of the Mind and Matters of the Heart! A show that will give you lots of insight into some amazing gifts that each of us possess, but often don't really know much about! Once we take a closer look at these fabulous gifts, I hope that you will be able to draw upon them when needed, and use them in ways that will truly have your life zinging with happiness and success ... and I think we could all use a little more of both! So what are these gifts I am talking about? These are your Intellectual Factors - just 2 big words that really describe gifts that will get that zing happening in fabulous ways. The gifts I am talking about are your personal ... Will, Imagination, Perception, Reasoning (both deductive and inductive), Intuition and Memory. On this podcast, we look at these very powerful gifts from a very practical point of view to help you skill yourself with ways of using these to produce the results you are seeking. More at

Matters of Mind & Heart 4: Working Your Heart Magic

For three weeks now we have been chatting about Matters of the Mind and Heart, and this week is no exception! This week I would love to talk to you about getting your dreams from your Head to your Heart. Yes, this is huge! And I mean really HUGE! The fact is that unless we allow our dreams, goals or desires to go from simply thoughts in our minds to taking up residence in our hearts, then they often remain as wishful thinking and never become a physical reality in our lives. The truth is, once a dream reaches the heart it is all over accept the celebration of success. So moving things from the head to the heart is absolutely essential in creating amazingly successful outcomes. So on this week's show, I share with you ways to go about this. We will chat about ... Chakras and what part they have to play in the process Signs that signal a blockage Ways to let dreams flow from head to heart Practicalities - overcoming the fear Your celebrate of success The secret to seeing your dreams come true is working with the magic of your heart. More at

Matters of Mind & Heart 3: The Path to Success

So far in this series of Maters of the Mind and Matters of the Heart, we have discussed a great deal around how our mind works and what we can do to take control of our thoughts and steer them in the direction of happiness and success. We have also chatted about Matters of the Heart and how we can connect to this amazing machine and tap into its life changing energy. So for this week? This week is all about choosing a path of safety or a path of faith in our journey of life. I guess I don't really need to tell you which of these is linked to the mind and which is linked to the heart? LOL Fairly obvious isn't it! This is a decision that many find hard to make, and please remember that the choice is always yours and not to be made by someone else regardless of how well meaning they may be. It is your journey and you know what is best for you! So this week, I would love for you to listen very closely to all the benefits of each path and then choose what feels right for you. We will be discussing: The difference between a path of safety and a path of faith The benefits of each The practical steps to take to make your heart's desires a reality The amazing outcomes that are there waiting for you to claim and accept Also remember that there is no right or wrong way of traveling your path ... it is whatever feels perfect for you. More at

Matters of Mind & Heart 2: Messages from the Heart

It is possible to mend my broken heart and begin to believe that your dreams are not only possible, but absolutely ‘a done deal'! Once you take control of your mind and, in the stillness between your breathing in and breathing out, you can began to truly listen to your heart and the beautiful messages it is whispering to you. It has been there all the time but we get so busy trying to figure out what to do by listening to our mind which, by the way, only seems to want to talk stress, worry and fear. Not once does it mention anything about the possibility of actually creating happiness and success. No, it seems totally focused on why it can't happen ... and particularly, why you can't do it! So what is it about the heart that can create such fabulous change? On this week's show we chat about: Matters of the heart Some basic facts about our heart ... not the scientific stuff, but the emotional stuff Heart energy How to listen to your heart and go with what comes Overcoming the mind chatter that likes to get in the way and create fear ... and a whole lot more!

Matter of Mind & Heart 1: The Power of a Thought

This is the 1st in a series of shows based around Matters of the Mind and the Heart! It is so easy to get bogged down in the challenges and struggles of life, and I completely understand this concept. We get so caught up in survival mode that we literally cannot see anything but making it from one day to the next and dropping deeper and deeper into a place where there doesn't seem to be a way out. Well hopefully over the next few weeks, I can help you find the ladder so you can not only climb your way out, but also climb your way to the stars where your dreams await you. I just can't wait to share with you some ideas that can help you do exactly that ... ideas that I learned in my journey of lifting myself out of the quagmire and into living life to the full! To do this, I am going to be asking you to stretch your mind and heart into new understanding of certain concepts! Now, even if you have heard some of this information before, I would love for you to listen again! Listen for new understanding that can take you to new and exciting realms of happiness and success. More at

Meditation 5: Meditation and Gratitude

This is the final in our Meditation series and we discuss the powerful outcomes of combining Meditation and Gratitude. Separately, these are two extremely powerful practises, but put them together and you have now an unstoppable force for good. It is so easy to get bogged down in the challenges and struggles of life and forget to turn around and look at what we do have that is great. And it is okay to forget - we all forget at times - so long as we eventually lift ourselves up and out of it long enough to recognise the little or big wonders of our world. We have so many things to be grateful for: having a roof over our heads, having food in our tummies, having our health, having someone to love and someone to love us back, or having a beautiful family. For you it may simply be watching the sun set on a day that maybe wasn't the best ... and you can close your eyes and sleep knowing that tomorrow is the opportunity for a brand new beginning. Combining Meditation and Gratitude gives you the ability to overcome fear, depression, anger, resentment, confusion and any other negative emotion you may be feeling at this time So what do we chat about on this show? A simple little word that pays huge dividends What is it about gratitude that makes it so important? The Universal Law of Gratitude The Universal Law of Giving and receiving Affirmations and Gratitude Combining Meditation and Gratitude 2 fabulous Gratitude Meditations More at

Meditation 4: Meditation for Beginners

Meditation can be quite daunting if you don't really know how! So many people say to me, "I've tried to meditate but I just don't seem to be able to do it ... what am I doing wrong?" Well, you are probably not doing anything wrong - you just haven't found a way to meditate that suits you, your personality and your lifestyle. Once you do this, meditation becomes a breeze and you become an expert in no time at all. As with anything though, meditation does take time, effort and energy, but it also pays huge dividends and well worth the initial effort needed. This podcast takes you through some very simple ways to help all those beginners out there, and also those who may need a little refresher in simple meditation techniques. Mind you, it also never hurts for those of us who have been meditating for some time, to try out new ways of doing things, and you just may be surprised at the outcome! We are going to be ... Blowing away a few myths around meditation Sharing with you some very simple ways to get started ... ways that work Looking at a number of techniques that you can try ... these are really, really easy And we even have a couple of meditations during the show for you to try We also have a beautiful meditation message from the spirit in nature ... so a fabulous show ready to go! More at

Meditation 3 - Mindfulness and Music

Mindfulness and Music ... oh so powerful as a Meditation! Music heals in ways we don't really understand, but heal it does in subtle and extraordinary ways. Now if you find Meditation quite a challenge, this may be just the thing you have been looking for. Certain types of music have the ability to put us into a place of mindfulness without even having to try ... how good is that!!! Now, when I say certain types of music, I mean the music that really speaks to your heart! It may have it jumping for joy, feeling blissfully happy, feeling totally relaxed and calm, feeling brave and courageous, or in a state where the emotions flow steadily from you in the form of tears that need to be shed to free yourself of sadness. In this podcast we discuss how you can bring music and mindfulness together in so many life changing ways. In doing so, success is yours! More at

Meditation 2: Mindfulness in Nature

This podcast is a continuation of our series in Mindfulness - Mindfulness in Nature! It is so easy to have music blaring in our ears, a million thoughts running through our head, and never spending a minute contemplating what surrounds us in any single moment, whilst we are out walking or exercising. I know from experience that I can leave the house, walk for an hour, get home and think to myself ... well how good was I ... can't recall what I saw, can't recall any birdsong, didn't stop to smell a flower, and certainly didn't take even a couple of minutes to stop beside the creek to contemplate the sun's rays dancing in the water. Anyone else do this, or is it only me? In this podcast you can learn how to do the most beautiful mindfulness meditations outside connecting to the boundless energy of nature. We also chat about the effect meditation has not only on our physical bodies, but also on our spiritual bodies. We all know that meditation does wonderful things for our health and wellbeing, but I would love for you to understand the amazing things it does at a deeper, soul level. The benefits are truly sensational! Once you understand this, meditation will hopefully be at the top of your daily to do list. And a beautiful meditation message from the spirit in nature ... how to become mindful using our senses.

Meditation 1 - Mindfulness Meditation

This podcast is the first in a series of 6 shows on Meditation & Meditation Techniques. Now don't run away and hide or say you have tried but just can't seem to do it ... because over the next few weeks I guarantee I will have you meditating so well you will be wondering why you found it such a difficult task. Meditation is really quite simple when you know how! You too can be happily practising this ancient art in a way that suits you and your life style. There seems to be so many rules and regulations around meditation, but hopefully these series of shows can help you see that you can jump over these and use meditation to create amazing changes in your life. I thought as ‘Mindfulness Meditation' seems to be the buzz word at the moment, this would be a great place to begin. So on today's show I am going to be chatting about ... What is Mindfulness? What is Mindfulness in everyday life? The history of Mindfulness Meditation What is Mindfulness Meditation? What are the benefits? When can we do this? How do we do this? For more hints and tips to have your life filled with happiness, please visit

You and Money Part 4

This is the final week in the series of 4 shows on You and Money. It has been fabulous working through all the steps and I can't wait to share the final few with you in this podcast. It is interesting, because once upon a time, I was quite hesitant to talk about money ... I guess I had those wonderful old beliefs that made me think it was somehow wrong to even consider wanting more money, or growing my wealth. Sounds ridiculous I know ... but thank goodness that was the old me and I now understand that it is not only okay, but it is actually my Divine right to be financially free. We have covered so many steps in this journey of You and Money, and we have still more to get through. Today we are going to learn about ... Co-creation and money Taking right action with regards to growing your money mindset and growing your wealth The importance of giving gratitude and why An ancient law of prosperity ... this one will be a challenge for many, but if I don't share it, I would not be giving you the whole picture! The 3 phases of the manifestation of money And the importance of celebration Please visit for more great ways to redefine, reinvent & rebuild your life

You and Money Part 3

This is Part 3 in a 4 week series on You and Money. If having financial freedom is your dream and you are wondering how on earth it could possibly happen, then listening in to the past 2 week's shows and this week will help you understand how we did it! Has it been easy - certainly not! Has it happened quickly - certainly not! But has it been worth the wait - it most certainly has! This week is all about how to take command of your wealth and how to add rocket fuel to your results so as to see your financial situation change in wonderful ways. Now, so many say to me, but Geraldine, we want to know how to make more money, not learn all this metaphysical stuff!! Well, I am here to tell you that this metaphysical stuff is what has enabled us to move from a place of absolute money devastation to where we are today. The only real way to obtain ongoing and sustainable results! Yes, you can go running around trying to make it happen, and yes, you may succeed in some ways, but wouldn't it be so much better to learn how to have money flow to you on and ongoing basis without all the stress and worry about how? I can honestly tell you from experience that when you begin to live your life in alignment with Universal Law and Metaphysical principles, your life will move from ordinary - very ordinary in our case - to extraordinary! And don't miss the fabulous Prosperity Visualisation which you can listen too over and over to help you see your money flowing. To learn more of Metaphysics visit Geraldine at

You and Money Part 2

Part 2 in a series of 4 shows on 'You and Money'. Having lost everything financially, and quite a bit more, getting back on track and learning to truly appreciate money has been a journey of challenge to say the least! Oh my goodness, have I learned heaps about myself in relation to money! The learning has taken me well out of my comfort zone, but has produced incredible results! I now look upon money in a totally different light. I now see it as a friend helping me in incredible ways. I just love sharing with you fabulous ways to help you build a brand new pipeline through which your wealth can flow in abundance! WooHoo! One very important discovery for me was that, as of everything else in this world ... money is simply energy! It’s the way we work with and treat the energy of money that makes all the difference in being able to attract it into our life and then keep it flowing! On this show you will hear so many great ideas on how to do just that!

You and Money Part 1

This podcast is the 1st in a series of 4 shows in which I will be sharing with you the steps I took on the road to rebuilding my life from financial ruin to living what I would describe as my perfectly prosperous life! I know that there are so many others out there in the big wide world really struggling financially and just desperate for some help and advice on what to do to get back on track and be free of money troubles. Well, for anyone feeling that way, you have come to right place because one thing is for sure, I was an expert at losing it all! But, I would also like to think that I have become pretty good at getting out of the financial mess I found myself in, and moving into a space where I know longer have to worry about money issues ... and that is a wonderful place to be! So I am going to share with you what I have learned along the way including the things that worked and things that didn’t work. Now what I share is really quite simple, but not necessarily easy! But, if I can do, anyone can do it!

Intuition & Oracle Cards

Learning to tap into your incredible gift of intuition, the private GPS that you carry around with you each and everyday, can be quite simple when you know how. It is always there, but when you don't really understand the benefits of connecting to it, then sadly, you miss so many fabulous opportunities for further enhancement of your life. On this show we chat about: -What your intuition is and the benefits it has for your life -Some of the best ways to connect with this wonderful gift -Oracle cards - what they are, how to use them, and how to gain benefit from these wonderful little products, and all the different types available If you are searching for answers in your life and ways to find solutions to all those daily struggles, then may I urge you to take the time to tune in and have a listen ... I know you will be amazed at what you hear!

Great Surprises Come in Small Packages

Yes, so often the most precious gifts are those that arrive in the smallest of boxes! This is so true of the tiny creatures that roam our planet sharing their gifts freely and with love ... ladybugs and butterflies are 2 of my favourites. On this podcast you will discover some of the incredible wisdom they have to offer: -How to lift ourselves from despair to a tiny glimmer of hope ... and beyond -How I find true joy and peace -How to move forward with life when our wings lie broken in a pool of tears -Sometimes the greatest gift I can give myself, is time to rest in the stillness, and listen to the still small voice within The wonderful wisdom offered by these tiny creatures has the power to transform your life in amazing ways, and the beautiful 5 minute meditation offered will calm your body, mind and spirit.

When You Feel Stuck in Life - Just Keep Walking

We are all constantly running around trying to keep up with this fast paced world, but the truth is, if we would just slow down a little and go for a beautiful walk, everything that has to be done would happen in half the time and with expending only half the energy that you are expending now! Why? Because slowing down our body and slowing down our mind allows the magic to happen! If you are being challenged in some area of your life, then I suggest you just get out and go for a walk! Why? Because it creates a clear path for fabulous new ideas, opportunities, simpler ways of doing things that help us to overcome the challenges we may be facing, to flow through - what a way to go! On this podcast I will share with you some of the Wisdom that Mother Earth has to offer, as well as continuing with 'Your Unique Healing Mode'.

How to Become the Dreamer of BIG Dreams

Do you love spending time under Mother Nature's big top? Looking at life from a very different perspective, and discovering how the guidance we can get from spending even just a very short time out in nature each and every day can produce amazing insights about ourselves and life as a whole, can be life changing. This show helps you to spend a little time out under the big top so to speak ... yes the sky ... and discover how you can not only reach for the stars, but actually build the ladder to get there! Mother Nature has some fabulous hints and tips which will have you catapulting through the challenges and struggles and into those dreams you have been hiding in your heart ... you know, the ones you only bring out under the cover of dark and not share with anyone! Great ways on: -How to connect to your unique mode of healing. -How to cope when your dream is a long time coming. -How self love plays a vital role in achieving fabulous outcomes. -How to take a quantum leap towards success. -How to successfully navigate the storms of life without coming off second best. Yes, you can dream big and create fabulous outcomes - tune into this show and start building your ladder today!

Building the Train Tracks to YOUR Dream

So often we begin the day feeling like nothing is going right in our lives ... and worse still, feeling like it will never ever change for the better. So often our thoughts are, ‘if someone could tell me what I need to do to move on from these depressing thoughts and feelings - I would jump into it immediately!' Well, I would love to share with you how you can finally connect to simple, yet profound messages every single day that literally that have the ability to take your life from depression and despair to happiness and freedom! You will discover: How to not only survive change, but thrive through every step How to let go and see abundance flow in fabulous ways How to make sure that what I really wanted became a reality How to take time out for myself and not feel guilty And how to create more love in my life Where do all these answers come from? They come from the most beautiful, kind and loving mentor ... a mentor who is also available to you every single day!

6 Practical Solutions to Healing Your Emotions

This show shares with you 6 simple steps to help you turn on the tap of happiness and allow its waters to flood your whole being! In the process, all those negative emotions that you may be feeling will be sent flying! None of us really want to be sitting in the midst of situations that make us feel totally yuck! We want to figure out the lesson, heal the emotions around it, and move on out of there fast! Understanding these lessons can be a challenge in itself, but I know for me, the very best thing to do is to take myself to a place to be alone, somewhere I can breathe in fresh air, walk quietly with my thoughts, and take time to simply contemplate the meaning behind what's happening. It never ceases to amaze me how the answers come, and even more importantly, the solutions appear.

How to Find a Brilliant Mentor for Free

Yes, you can find a brilliant mentor who can teach you all you need to know, to become all that you want to be, and to experience all that you dream of ... and ... drum roll please ... a mentor that doesn't cost a single cent! During this podcast I introduce you to this wonderful mentor who will be sharing with you some of THE BEST information you could ever possibly get! A mentor who is extremely experienced and always has the answers to all your questions. Just 3 little questions to ask yourself: What if it were possible? What if you could connect to this guidance and it worked? Would that be something of interest to you? Well, I can only speak from my own personal experience, but I can honestly say that if I didn't have this mentor and guide, I would still be sitting in a crying heap in the middle of the floor not knowing what to do let alone how to go about it! On this week's show I would like to share with you how to connect with this amazing mentor so you too can get your very own personal answers.

The Practical Action Steps for Starting Over

We all look for that magic potion, or the magic wand, or that secret recipe that will see our new redefined, reinvented and rebuilt life miraculously appear before our eyes. We would all love for it to just happen in the blink of an eye ... particularly without having to do a great deal of work. Well, I am sorry to say that, even though we do actually have the ability to do this, most of us have to rediscover the art of instant manifestation, and we do this by slowly retracing the steps that we once knew to be true. This life is all about learning and growing ... this is why we came. But, with a little practise, and by following some very simple steps, we can have things appear in a very short space of time! Listen in to discover these simple steps which will have your dream racing towards you.

How to Rebuild Your Life with Ease

Starting over can be totally overwhelming, and where to begin and how to go about it - just too hard! But Rebuilding your life can be an exciting and pain-free experience when you have some very simple steps to follow and someone to guide you through the process. Yes, this is really where the rubber meets the road - and yes, we do share with you a step by step process so you feel comfortable and confident. If you have completed all that I have suggested in the previous 4 shows, then you are already 80% of the way to achieving an amazing outcome. Experts now all agree that in creating our dreams, 80% of the work is done at an inner level with our thoughts and emotions, and if this is done on a daily basis, then the action phase is already a done deal! This week we share to steps that put you on the road to recovery: -Making the decision to start -Mapping the journey ahead -Where to begin -Creating a timeline -The simple steps to finding the help you need -And heaps more fabulous hints & tips to have you flying towards your brand new life

How to have your life sizzling with happiness

The 4th in a series of 6 podcasts on Redefining, Reinventing & Rebuilding YOUR life. Just imagine living the life you have always dreamed of living! Is it possible? Of course it is … and more. It is all about taking your unique gifts and talents and using these to reinvent your life. Reinventing and Rebuilding your life is most often about taking what has always felt good in your heart and moving these things in a new direction. Reinventing your life does not necessarily mean that you have to change things in dramatic ways, it just means loving yourself enough to embrace what you know you love, and living it. This week's podcast will help you to ... re-discover your uniqueness embrace your gifts and begin to live what you love

The Secrets to Reinventing You & Your Life

Reinventing yourself can be anything from a small shift to massive change. The most important thing to remember is that reinventing you and your life is all about creating greater happiness and success ... and you are the only one who knows clearly what these 2 words mean for you and your life. This week we will be focusing on: - changing what you currently think about yourself and your life - how to use the power of your mind to create your dreams - the secrets to believing anything is possible - what you can do to become the success you wish to be - how to find your unique purpose in life - and .... heaps more along the way! Once you have begun to contemplate and embed all these fabulous ideas into your unconscious mind, then everything else in the process of Re-Inventing you and your life will just flow so easily and effortlessly that you will be left wondering why oh why had you not done this years ago!

Make the Redefining of YOUR Life a Breeze

How to make the redefining of your life a breeze and make the changes that will have you flying into your dreams. Following this simple step by step process, you will be smiling your way through your day and truly loving life! Okay, so last show I gave you the process to work out your A - where you are right now. Next, it is time to figure out what needs to go from your life in order for you to make your journey a far more speedy and pleasant one. For you to travel from A to B easily and effortlessly, you will need to make sure that you are not lugging extra and unnecessary baggage that will slow your journey or maybe even bring it to a halt! To do this, it is time to grow your knowledge and understanding of who you really are ... what lies beneath that physical body of yours. There is a lot more to you, and you are far more powerful than you think! YES ... you can do it! Remember, it's great to listen to what needs to be done on a practical level, but it is only a very small percentage of people who will actually step up to the mark and do the hard yards ... are you one of these, because if you are, then success is yours!

How to Redefine Your Life for Success

To get the year off to an amazing start, over the next 6 weeks I am going to be looking at the 3R's ... no, not the usual 3R's that we learn about in school! These 3R's have everything to do with how we are going to live our lives over the next 12 months and way beyond into the future. The 3 R's I am going to be chatting about are Re-Defining, Re-Inventing and Re-Building your life!!! This week we are going to be looking at how to begin that all important process of redefining our life. What are the practical steps we need to take to jump into a brand new way of living ... one filled with excitement and passion! For some, it may simply mean putting a halt to the depression and fear that grips us at certain times in our lives. And yes, I certainly know firsthand what it is to go through this! Many of you will need to take a huge breath of courage, and muster up all the inner strength you have to do what I am about to suggest, but I promise it will be soooo worth it! I don't share anything with listeners that I have not experienced firsthand ... only then can I know that it works! This is the exact process I took to begin my journey of change, and believe me - it worked!