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Mother's Day and Strange Places to get Married

Ron, Lou St Jan discuss In this show St Jan joins Lou and Ron to discuss the low number of Mother ghosts and in the second half we look at the strangest places to get married.

Ghosts of the Mammoth Caves

Lou and Ron discuss the ghosts, legends, and history of the Ghosts of the Mammoth Caves.

Psychic Medium Anthony Quinata

Psychic Medium Anthony Quinata joins Ron, Lou, Roxie Zwicker and Ken in this retro show...

Psychic Horse and More

Lou and Ron discuss the amazing Lady Wonder, the psychic horse and which items of woman's clothing men find attractive...

Mysteries of the North and South Poles...

Ron and Lou discuss various mysteries associated with the North and South Poles...

Haunting in Anartica and Frozen People

Lou and Ron take a look at hjauntings in Anartica and people who returned to the living after being frozen to death...

Werewolf attacks MacDonald's for Chicken Nuggets

In this episode we discuss The werewolf who attacked a MacDonald's looking for Chicken Nuggets, The US Paranormal Department of Defense and Bets between God and Satan...

St Patrick Day Special

Lou and Ron look into the legend of St Patrick, Irish Legends and monsters...

The History of Fat Tuesday, Ash Wednesday, and More

Ron and Lou look into the orgins of Mardi Gras, Fat Tuesday and Ash Wedenesday as well as some of the strangest food festivals in the world.

Ghosts of the Capital Building

Lou and Ron discuss the many legends about the Capital Building in Washington DC...

Psychologist Dr. Kim Lannon

Psychologist Dr. Kim Lannon joins Lou and Ron to discuss the role psychology our society

Disaster Ghosts

Ron and Lou discuss the occurrences of spirits or ghosts that appear shortly after a disaster.

Beast of Bodmin Moor and More...

Lou and Ron discuss the Beast of Bodmin Moor, cats, ghost cats and more...

Round Valley Reservoir Disappearnces and More

Lou and Ron discuss the disappearances at tghe Round Valley Reservoir in New Jersey, the Martin Luther King Statue in Boaston, and Prince Harry's new book...

The Dark Origins of Fairy Tales

Ron and Lou discuss the dark origins of today's fairy tales...

The Greenbrier Ghost and more...

Lou and Ron discuss the cases of the Lowell Woman who burnt her house down because she thought it was haunted and the Greenbrier Ghost Trial...

Baba Vanga's Predictions

Ron and Lou discuss psychic Baba Vanga's Predictions for the future...

Ouija Board Deaths???

Lou and Ron discuss reports of deaths attributed to the Ouija Board. Ron also talks about some of his own experiences using the Ouija Board...

Mysteries of the Sea

Ron and Lou explore reports of various mysterious phenonmenon associate with the sea including disappearing islands, sea monsters and more...

Thankgiving Special

Lou and Ron discuss little know facts about Thanksgiving and even the gost of a chicken...

Halloween Traditions from Around the World

Ron and Lou look into how Halloween is celebrated around the world...

Paranormal Investigator Steve Parsons

With Ron out the U.K.'s own paranormal investigator Steve Parsons takes over the show...

Paranormal Beliefs

Ron and Lou discuss a recent poll on the paranormal beliefs of Americans...

The Mad Russian, Haunted lighthouse and More.

Ron and Lou look into the mad russian cook who captured a German Tank by himself, the only NFL football player to die on the field, and the haunting of Portsmouth Harbor Lighthouse...

Killer Clowns and Pop Stars

St Jan (Ron's wife) joins Lou and Ron to discuss Killer clowns, and pop stars.

The Harrington Haunted House

Deb Harrington joins Ron and Lou to discuss her haunted house and the investigation there conducted by the New England Ghost Project with the Japanese television crew.

Ball Lightning and Objects that Fall from the Sky

Lou and Ron discuss ball lightning, and objects that fall from the sky including, fish, spiders, candy, money and more..


Lou and Ron discuss lightning including the most active place on earth and the man who was struck 7 times...

Aiuthor Roxie Zwicker

Author and tour guide Roxie Zwicker joins Lou and Ron to discuss her experiences on her tours and research on her books...

Ghost Chronicles Morning Edition 03-23-2022

Psychologist Dr. Kim Lannon

Lou and Ron are joined by Psychologist Dr. Kim Lannon to discuss a potpourri of topics including Area 51.

Ghost Chronicles Morning Edition 02-23-2022

Ghost Chronicles Morning Edition 01-19-2022

Ghost Chronicles Morning Edition 01-12-2022

Ghost Chronicles Morning Edition 12-15-2021

Ghost Chronicles Morning Edition 12-08-2021

Ghost Chronicles Morning Edition 11-29-2021

Ghost Chronicles Morning Edition 11-10-2021

Ghost Chronicles Morning Edition 11-03-2021

Statue of Liberty, The Windham Restaurant & More

Lou and Ron discuss the Staute of Liberty and the haunting of the Windham Restaurant

Psychologist Dr. Kim Lannon

Lou and Ron are joined by Psychologist Dr. Kim Lannon to add her point of view to a series of paranormal topics...

Ghost Chronicles Morning Edition 10-13-2021

Ghost Chronicles Morning Edition 10-06-2021

Ghost Chronicles Morning Edition 09-15-2021

Ghost Chronicles Morning Edition 08-25-2021

Ghost Chronicles Morning Edition 08-18-2021

Cursed Items

Ron and Lou look at the difference between cursed items and possessed items. They also discuss some of the more famous ones.

White Squirrels, Purple Dye, Houdini and Doyle

Steve Parsons from the U.K. joins Ron and the gang as they discuss a variety of subjects from a colony of White squirrels, to the invention of synthetic purple dye, to naked mediums and Houdini and Doyle. Tune in and join the mayhem!

Thanksgiving Leftovers and Wierd Stuff

Ron and the gang discuss what to do with your leftover turkey, spectral odors, and weird stuff to buy for Christmas.

Thanksgiving Special

Another morning of mayhem!Join Ron and the gang as they discuss Thanksgiving. Take the Thanksgiving quiz and catch the trivia.

Ghost Chronicles Morning Edition 11-14-2016

Ghost Chronicles Morning Edition 09-26-2016

Ghost Chronicles Morning Edition 09-19-2016

Ghost Chronicles Morning Edition 09-12-2016

Free Fall Monday

After a late start The Valley Boyz Lou and Ron discuss variety of paranormal topics on this "Free Fall" Monday. What the hell are they talking about? Tune in and find out!

Pirates, Ghosts, Angels, and Demons

Ron and the gang discuss a variety of topics, including Pirates, Ghosts, Angels, and Demon. Roxie gets a threatening warning from Australia and Ron brings light to the "Pirate's Agreement" and so much more...

Demonologist Keith Johnson

Lou and Ron are joined by demonologist Keith Johnson to discuss the dark side of the paranormal realm...

Ghost Ships

Ron and the gang discuss Ghost Ships and other nautical paranormal stories including the Flying Dutchman, the Mary Celeste, SS Valencia, the Palatine, and others.

Chaos and More...

Ron and the gang discuss chaos in our lives and how to deal with it..

Psychic Artist Nancy Smith

Psychic Artist Nancy Smith joins Ron and the gang to discuss angels, psychic drawing, mediumship, and the paranormal.

Cemeteries and the Weather and the Paranormal

Ron and the gang discuss haunted cemeteries and the affect of weather on the paranormal...

Ouija Board and Goat Ghosts

The crew discusses a variety of topics including: Goldie Hawn's Ouija Board Experience, anniversary hauntings, and evil goats and goat ghosts...

Hammond Castle

Traci York joins Ron and the crew to discuss John Hammond the haunting at Hammond Castle. Traci was a guided at the castle for many years and adds her own personal insight into the conversation.

How Can you tell a Real Psychic from a Fake One?

On this episode Ron, Roxie, Lou and Ken discuss an article on how to determine a real psychic from a fake one. How does the crew believe? Tune in and find out!

Abandoned Towns

Roxie, Ken, and Ron discuss abandoned villages and towns. Also moon cursers, paranormal research and other topics.


Ron and the gang are joined by Joan Turner of The Intuitive Body & Soul to discuss numerology. What is it and how does it work? Tune in and Find out!