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450- Don’t Make Me Count To 3 w/Ginger Hubbard and Patty Lynn Wyatt

How can parents help children understand the heart issue behind whining and teach children to be better communicators? When children tell lies or whine to get what they want, the problem isn’t just the words that they use or how they say it. Instead, when a child acts out verbally, it’s important to get to the heart of the matter. Those are the words of wisdom from Ginger Hubbard bestselling author of Don’t Make Me Count to Three, Wise Words for Moms, and I Can’t Believe You Just Said That

448 3 Tips to Becoming an Empty Nester w/Elyse Fitzpatrick and Patty Wyatt

Are you in that chapter of your life where you are doing quite a bit of reinventing …. And a whole lot of reflecting. The time of year where you see graduations taking place and prom dresses being sold … This Causes you to remember some of those fabulous moments that you loved so much. How do you deal with those emotions ---- how do you deal with that passage in life to the next season --- the next chapter?

449 You Never Stop Being A Parent ~ w/Elyse Fitzpatrick and Patty Wyatt

Your kids are all grown up. Did you think your were done parenting?? Parents often assume that their job as a parent is complete when their children reach adulthood. UHHH . . . Think Again!

446 Your life is a mess… Now what? w/Brenda Yoder and Patty Wyatt

GirlfriendIT is all about finding your purpose and discovering your divine design . . . also figuring this all out together. Being in IT with each other - Today we have Brenda Yoder a national speaker - and licensed mental health counselor as well as a life coach . . . to share that perhaps life doesn’t always fit into the story book image of your perfect purpose.

445 LEARN LIFE-CHANGING STRATEGIES w/Blaine Oelkers & Patty Wyatt

“Every problem, every dilemma, every dead end we find ourselves facing in life, only appears unsolvable inside a particular frame or point of view. Enlarge the box, or create another frame around the data, and problems vanish, while new opportunities appear.” Source: The Art of Possibility

447 Launching Your Kids Without Losing Your Mind - Brenda Yoder and Patty Wyatt

5 Things to do now, for a successful launch w/your children 1. Be Radically Present 2. Don’t Steal Their Pain (Helps develop independence 3. Teach Life Skills Early 4. Help Them Secure Identity in Christ 5. Be Connected to Church and Community

What Are The Signs That My Child Is On Drugs? W/Pam Campbell and Patty Wyatt

5 Reasons Teens Start Using Drugs & Alcohol • Peer Pressure. ... • Self-Medication & Escape. ... • Performance Improvement. ... • Experimentation. ... • To Feel Grown Up. What are the signs that my child is on drugs? 1. Watch the spoons. Torched or missing spoons - useful tool for preparing drugs. 2. Lace-less shoes. - or belts and neckties common-makeshift tourniquets. 3. Blackened fingertips. For more signs - listen in as Pam Campbell share her expertise.

Get An Hour’s Worth of Stuff Done in Just 30 minutes. W/ Blaine Oelkers and Patty Wyatt

How do I create more space to have more memorable magical moments with the people I love? How do I get 3 to 10 times more stuff done in a day? Listen in for the top lip smacking tips!

What is PTSD and how is it effecting people you love? w/Janyre Tromp and Patty Wyatt

WE are never promised an easy life . . but when the darkness creeps in - how do we know that the light will always be there? Trauma: When having a panic attack – Try and be present: 5- things you can see 4 - things you can touch 3- things you can hear 2- things you can smell 1 -Thing you can taste

Incredible Women of the Bible ~ Dr. Amy Jill Levine and Patty Wyatt

Who is your female hero in the bible? Who were the women, present at the cross and the tomb? Why did these women follow Jesus, and how do we understand the very different ways the Evangelists portray them at the cross and tomb? Listen in as Dr. Amy Jill Levine - An internationally renowned scholar and teacher shares her insights to these questions.

Is Our Prison System Broken? ~ Ken Sheets and Patty Wyatt

Problem: Only 33% of all released inmates in Arizona stay out of prison. The Solution: Along Side graduates are a different story - 92% who get out, stay out. How can we lean into some solutions for this broken down system?

Resiliency - w/Zan Aufderheide & Patty Wyatt

Have you ever lost someone you truly loved? Have you ever had a miscarriage? Dealt with losing someone to suicide? Have you had a horrific divorce? Dealt with Infidelity? Discovered your spouse is addicted to porn? Have you ever been bullied or gone through trauma at work due to harassment? It’s usually not - if Pain will happen in your life - It’s when it happens . . . Trauma, adversity, pain is an equal opportunist. Pain doesn’t discriminate. So what are the secrets to resiliency? Why can some people bounce back and others go face down? Listen in to some of the secret sauce -

3/3/22 How do we optimize protection in an unpredictable society? ~Tony Rodarti and Patty Wyatt

Why do the police seem angry? Why don’t the police shoot to injure, instead of kill? Let’s talk about some UNCOMFORTABLE issues with law enforcement in a peace making way!!  These are convos we need to have.

02-10-2022 Struggling Through Singleness w/Jayne Clark and Patty Wyatt

Are you feeling like a lifelong single? Why doesn’t anyone want me? Why am I not being chosen? Why doesn’t someone pick me? Love me? Why is God doing this to me? Does this sound familiar to the narrative in your head? Listen in to Janyne Clark as she shares her story and her amazing tips to singleness.

Where Is My ‘Happy Ever After’ w/Jayne Clark and Patty Wyatt

Are you that parent with an adult child who is still single? You’ve come to realize you might not ever have a human grandchild - but you have five grand puppy dogs? Have you come to the conclusion yet that it’s their journey and you can’t force your journey on them? Do you have to recognize they are on a different path - but not less valuable because it looks different than what you wanted the path to look like for them? Remember singleness is universal!

EQ - It Is YOUR Choice w/Patty Wyatt

It’s all a choice… The sun will come up tomorrow and you might have the same job, the same issues, the same rut. and the same story. Or at least the story you tell yourself. But maybe not. What if you mix in some passion - purpose and some EQ.? Let’s start with what is EQ? 1. self awareness 2. self management 3. social awareness 4. relationship management Listen in to 4 great tips to transform your EQ!

01-25-2022 Your Past Doesn't Define YOU w/Ali Gentry and Patty Wyatt

Listen in as Ali Gentry shares her powerful story of letting go of the “fear and shame that leads to hide and blame” and instead, opening up to the ‘Holy Spirit truth bombs’ and accepting the promise of 'God is a Good God.'

An Everyday Hero w/Kim Vehon and Patty Wyatt

It started with a simple question, “what if?" It moved her to being the founder and CEO of Foster Arizona - A nonprofit organization that focuses on educating, encouraging, and empowering Arizonans to positively impact the lives of kids in foster care and those transitioning out of foster care. Kim has had such an impact on the lives of children in foster care by not only writing new legislation, but by using her creative storytelling and innovative leadership to help change the face of foster care. Now her simple question is, “Can you imagine what you could accomplish if you had a community of shoulders to support and uplift you? Check her out on this Ted talk Listen in as Kim inspires us to live in that space of “What if?"

Mom Guilt w/ Lauren Whitman and Patty Lynn Wyatt

Do you deal with mom guilt? Do You manage to make all of your hair appointments, but you have canceled the last two dentist appointments for your children?😁 Do you find what you were looking for, after you accused your child of misplacing it? If so, join the mom club. As moms we can do guilt really well. Join us - as we hear from Lauren Whitman and some of her research on mom guilt. She shares How we can better understand feelings of mom guilt, in a world of intensive parenting with such high expectations through hyper-digital-connectivity. It’s easier to say, “I had mom guilt” than to say “I felt like a failure as a mom.” Mom guilt sees only failure. But God? He sees you completely.


How do you cope when life gets so tricky with deep suffering? When the suffering doesn’t stop? When it just keeps coming blow by blow. It’s easy to get caught up in the right homeschooling philosophy. The right brand of theology. The right meal planning, The right home managing, The right parenting. Until the right goes wrong. Kendra shares her story how in the course of 18 months she found her baby in a coma, she ran over her 5-year old, and nearly lost her 8-year old to a ruptured appendix. That is just the beginning of the list.

Leaving legalism - learning to love God – others - and yourself again. w/ Kendra Fletcher and Patty Lynn Wyatt

Leaving legalism - learning to love God – others - and yourself again. w/ Kendra Fletcher and Patty Lynn Wyatt How do you find healing and grace when you grew up in a culture of legalism. When you see the church as rigid and cult like? Let’s unpack that today . . . How do we swing the pendulum from law to grace from rules to freedom? How do you separate Religious behavior from true faith in Christ? Faith can seem easy when everything is going right… What about when everything isn’t? Listen in as podcaster - speaker and author of a fabulous book called Leaving legalism - learning to love God, others, and yourself again. w/ Kendra Fletcher and Patty Lynn Wyatt

Live out your values - w/Ali Gentry

From personality assessments to your love language . . . how are you passing the baton to the next generation and living out your values? Chapman's five love languages are: • Words of affirmation • Quality time • Physical touch • Acts of service • Receiving gifts

What is the impact you want to have on the world? ~ w/Patrick McCalla

When you are in your 20’s - there is no résumé. When you reach your 30’s - Ephesians 2:10 happens and you start noticing your work of art. The potential of your masterpiece. When you hit your 40’s - you become aware of your strengths and how to use them. When you slide into your 50’s - YOU are all in. You don’t want to waste time. You want to squeeze out all of the desires that God placed in your heart. Listen in: ~ w/Patrick McCalla (He is ALL IN) and ready to shift the culture

“You are ruining my life” ~ Why the Parenting Journey Isn’t Easy w/Patrick McCalla and Patty Lynn Wyatt

Why are you ruining your child’s life? Or so they say . . . Your teenager’s brain is under construction. Look closely and you can see the yellow warning tape around their brain. Remember that. They crave and demand their independence and yet, they are not savvy enough to take on the responsibilities. Impulse control and problem solving are not in gear. Listen in as we answer these QUESTIONS: 1. Would you say your kid’s behavior or outcomes depend on more than just parenting? 2. Can you spoil a child by loving them too much? 3. For the first time ever, more than half of all young adults have moved back in with their parents. recent study by the Pew Research Center. (52% 18-34 yr.) How do you deal with dis-respectful adult children? 4. Do you think it is normal for parents to blame themselves on their parenting skills? 5. How can you be a safe haven to your children? 6. What was your goal in raising your children?

Why do people Lie? w/Barbara Juliani and Patty Lynn Wyatt

Who hasn’t tried to hide the truth to keep from getting in trouble? It’s something humans have done since the beginning of time - remember the garden of Eden? Sadly, it’s some thing that’s learned early in life. Listen in as Barbara Juliani shares a great way to teach your children and grandchildren to love the truth. “Gwen Tells Tales” is a fabulous book of how to help your children not cultivate the habit of lying.

Marriage - Is Yours Healthy? w/Angela Ruth Strong and Patty Lynn Wyatt

Dysfunctional relationships, usually have several different heart issues. One of them being laziness. It is often annoying when you feel as though you are the only one working at the relationship or accomplishing the fun exciting daily chores. What other traits make the list with heart issues? Listen in as Angela shares her personal story and how she moved through it.

Dysfunctional Husbands W/Angela Strong and Patty Lynn Wyatt

Dysfunctional relationships, usually have several different heart issues. One of them being laziness. It is often annoying when you feel as though you are the only one working at the relationship or accomplishing the fun exciting daily chores. What other traits make the list with heart issues? Listen in as Angela shares her personal story and how she moved through it.

Placed With A Purpose ~ w/Denisha Workizer and Patty Lynn Wyatt

Reclaim Your Past So You Can Love Your Future So many women long to live a life of purpose, yet feel overwhelmed by the expectation to do so without any flaws. Dehisha shares how you can reclaim your story in a safe place so you can break free from the things holding you back. Listen in for how to do just that . . . reclaim your painful past, boldly embrace your purpose, and rejoice in your freedom. Let’s do it together. Tag YOU are it!

What Are You Going To Stand For? w/Denisha Workizer & Patty Lynn Wyatt

Pain has a purpose. How God is using your story matters. Denisha shares for most of her adult life, she has felt that her story was the enemy. it was heavy, like chains that shackled her to shame, denial, and fear. If she could just hide from it or outrun it, then she could live the life that she longed to live. She needed to keep striving, running harder, faster, further. she thought she was working towards rewriting her story, but the truth is, she was running from it. Listen in as she shares how to reclaim your past, your story so you can love your future.

GirlfriendIT 09-23-2021

Spouse In The House: When Quality Time Becomes All The Time w/Cynthia Ruchti and Patty Lynn Wyatt

How do we rearrange our attitudes to make room for each other? While 2 is company, especially for those who #love each other, what happens when - due to #retirement, working from home, or even running a business together - spouses find themselves spending what feels like too much time together? When being in the same space all the time is awkward, complex, annoying, and just plain challenging? How can partners coexist without co-exhausting each other? Listen in for a frank and funny perspective as we share our experiences - tips - and - tricks to dealing with a “Spouse-in-the-House”

Life Chats During the Chaos of the Pandemic w/Kim Wahl and Patty Lynn Wyatt

COVID-19 has put a tremendous strain on all of us, as a church and as a society. We need each other, we were created for community. “The opportunity for being hurt has become exponential” – Kim Wahl Challenging times will occur . . . but, in the midst of chaos, however great or small how are we being intentional as the church to be a part of the solution? What if we shifted our mind set and started leaning into – “this is an Exciting time frame to live? “For such a time as this” (Esther 4:14). Love people well.

Marriage During a Pandemic w/Kim Wahl and Patty Lynn Wyatt

New York Times stated the coronavirus crisis has inspired what seems to be a surge of divorces in the United States, Hmmmm . . . why is that? Listen in for some tips from Kim Wahl a speaker, author, pastor and fun girlfriend! · Healthy marriages start with what you think · Control your thoughts – Minimize the negativity · Make a love list of all the things you value about your spouse -- Girlfriendit can also be found on Google Podcast, Apple Podcast, Itunes, Stitcher, Anchor or just tell Alexa to play “Girlfriendit!”

A Riveting Story to Freedom w/Jaime Gratzl and Patty Lynn Wyatt

So the question? How do you get past shame, the pain, the chaos? At times it’s impossible to gain certainty and direction in your life when the whole world is so uncertain... Is it possible to create profound, unfathomable change while unpacking your personal mission, your deepest values, your divine design - your purpose for being? The TRUTH is, YOU do have hope, you can be the change that the world needs, listen in:

‘129 Ways to Get a Husband’ w/ Chloe Moore, Rebecca Nevius and Patty Lynn Wyatt

Just for fun and a little bit of kicks, we decided to take a peek at an old McCall’s women magazine from 1958. The list “129 Ways To Get A Husband – A Brainstorming Report on How” actually has some fabulous ideas. The question: has the dating world changed in 40 years? Listen in for a good time.

Are YOU Living A Balanced Life? w/ Esther Smith and Patty Lynn Wyatt

At what point do you realize self-care is a necessity? Are you being self-destructive or are you applying tiny habits to help you crush-it in life? What are a few of the things you habitually do to take care of yourself? Listen in for great tips and tricks to live the "Whole Life"

GirlfriendIT 08-12-2021 The Whole life – w/ Esther Smith and Patty Lynn Wyatt

Many of us live at a pace that is impossible to keep. Covid slowed us down a bit . . . or did it? Before covid the mental health problem was in the high teens 15-16% Post Covid “40% of individuals are dealing with mental health issues ~ Henry Cloud Unrelenting busyness might feel necessary, but it can lead to chronic stress and burnout that hinders our love for God and others. Instead of adding more to our long to-do list, counselors Eliza Huie and Esther Smith share how to think biblically about their whole life The Whole Life outlines a balanced life of stewardship, offering practical strategies . . . Listen in

GirlfriendIT 07-22-2021 The Difficult Words of Jesus w/Dr. Amy-Jill Levine and Patty Lynn Wyatt

A Search for the Right Questions, Not the Right Answers. Example – Dr. Levine shares, “If we look at the Bible as a book that helps us ask the right questions rather than as an answer sheet, we honor both the Bible and the traditions that hold it sacred. Listen in to episode 2 as she examines some of the most perplexing teachings of Jesus.

GirlfriendIT 07-22-2021 Does the Bible Contradict Itself? w/ Dr. Amy-Jill Levine and Patty Lynn Wyatt

Internationally Renowned Scholar and Professor shares her latest release ‘The Difficult Words of Jesus: A Beginner’s Guide to His Most Perplexing Teachings. ‘ Dr. Levine is known for taking the difficult crazy pieces of scripture, where many of us might scratch our head and find it tricky to wrap our minds around, and unpacking the truth. Example: Jesus instructs disciples to hate members of their own families even though we were told to honor our father and mother. Listen in as Dr. Levine explains some of these difficult teachings and shows how the gospel is truly about love and reconciliation.

GirlfriendIT 07-08-2021 Why Am I Still Single? w/Jacqueline Stamper and Patty Lynn Wyatt

Being single means you are strong enough to wait for what you deserve. When we say trust in God, what does that mean? Am I called to singleness? It's a calling, not a default. So ask yourself - "What would it look like if I trust God enough?' I know he has character. I know He is competent to put my future in His hands. Listen in for some more tips . . .

GirlfriendIT 07-08-2021 Why Am I Stuck? w/Jacqueline Stamper and Patty Lynn Wyatt

Why am I stuck? The loneliness, the unrealistic expectations, the lack of support, how do we find the balance? There has been a huge shift in the past year - and if you are doing ministry, you might be feeling stuck. We are here to say, “We are in it with you. Let us know how we can help!”

GirlfriendIT 06-24-2021 God Made You in His Image - Lindsey A. Holcomb & Patty Lynn Wyatt

“Children are dealing with body-image distortion at an early age. Many young children are dieting or developing dangerous eating habits. Additionally, many trends in our culture lead to hypersexualizing of children. In a generation overflowing with negative body-image messages, children’s body image is an urgent issue. Children need to know God made their bodies and made them special,” Listen in as Lindsey shares. Her message of why she wrote ‘God made you in his image.’

GirlfriendIT 06-24-2021 - Should We Shield or Teach Our Kids About Human Trafficking? Lindsey Holcomb & Patty Lynn Wyatt

We are going to unpack an horrific topic today. Stats from state that one in five human trafficking victims are children, exploited for begging, child pornography, or child labor. According to the Bureau of Justice, the common misconception about human trafficking is that it does not happen in the U.S. This is false, as the United States is ranked as one of the worst countries globally for human trafficking. LISTEN in as Lindsey Holcomb from Samaritan Village, a safe home and therapeutic program for adult survivors of sex trafficking, shares what we can do.

GirlfriendIT 06-17-2021 How to Have a Healthy Relationship with Food. w/Lainey Greer and Patty Lynn Wyatt

Forsaken Body Can you relate to having a weird relationship with food? Do you find yourself obsessing with what you are going to eat? The way we eat is hurting our mental and physical capacity and performance. The US is the fattest nation on Earth Obesity is increasing globally at 1% per year, while diabetes is increasing globally at 4% per year. Listen in for some practical principles that bring radical change. P.S. Please contact me at if you have any questions or you would like to share your story on Girlfriendit.

GirlfriendIT 06-17-2021 Burn Out and Apathy . . . UGH!

What is essential to a healthy work life balance? Your boundaries define who you are and have a huge impact on how you live your life. Be pro-active before it's too late.

GirlfriendIT 06-11-2021 Building Bridges: w/Julie Lowe and Patty Lynn Wyatt

“You can learn more about a person in an hour of play than you can from a lifetime of conversation” – Plato Tips on creative ways to share practical and applicable ways to bridge the gap to hard topics with teens and children. How do you deal with sexting, incest and other hard conversations?

GirlfriendIT 06-09-2021 Healing From the Loss of A Friendship w/Amberly Neese and Patty Lynn Wyatt

We’ve all been there, right? We’ve all had moments when a friend lets us down. When they say something that really hurts our feelings. When we aren’t sure whether we are overreacting to a problem or we need to let it go. This is the messy part of friendship. The “gathering of grudges." It’s invisible and oozes slowly until the resentment begins to take root. Then one day you wake up and realize the friendship has changed. You feel the void inside. You drift. Then you simply get tired of feeling this way. What now? Listen in as Amberly Neese author of Common Ground, The Belonging Project and The Friendship Initiative shares her insights on - "Next steps."

GirlfriendIT 06-09-2021 Are YOU Arguing or Finding Common Ground - w/Amberly Neese and Patty Lynn Wyatt

These days it seems like people argue just for the sake of arguing rather than trying to find common ground. Why does every topic seems to be so polarizing? Honestly, with feelings of isolation and disconnection at an all-time high, I think people try (albeit unsuccessfully) to cling to anything that feels secure to them—at the expense of the feelings and perspectives of others. Much like an injured animal that tries, in their pain, to bite their rescuer, when we are feeling depleted and injured, we have a tendency to hurt others and undermine community in the process. Listen in for more great insight from Amberly Neese

GirlfriendIT 05-20-2021 How Do I Turn My Clashing Idiosyncrasies and Mistakes into Healthy Solutions? w/Patty Lynn Wyatt

Left unchecked, conflict bubbles and bursts. But, when we are aware of our mistakes and issues, the bubbles burst, but the light can shine in! This will strengthen our relationships and the pixie dust starts flowing! (Ok. Too far, but the magic does take place when conflict is resolved.) Learn these top 8 conflict mistakes to help you move from harmful to healthy. Let’s Resolve your messiness quickly and effectively.

GirlfriendIT 05-13-2021 Table for Two part 1: Eating Disorders w/David and Krista Dunham – and Patty Lynn Wyatt

Eating disorders today have the highest mortality rate of any mental illness. Binge eating disorder is the most commonly occurring one in the United States. Many struggling with this can often feel isolated and alone, wondering why they can’t stop this horrific cycle. Due to these emotions of feeling judged or ashamed, they don’t ask for help. How do we start an open conversation? What are some steps to help those struggling and suffering? Listen in to David and Krista Dunham as they share their journey and transformation through this horrific disease.

GirlfriendIT 05-13-2021 Part 2 Table For Two w/David and Krista Dunham – and Patty Lynn Wyatt

Do you have a loved one with an Eating Disorder? Do you need some advice or encouragement today on overcoming disordered eating? How does an eating disorder impact the loved ones of a sufferer? What are some of the interactive exercises to help a loved one? Listen in as David and Krista Dunham share their refreshingly unique perspective David and Krista as they have walked through an eating disorder—one as a person reaching out for help, the other as a helper-in-training.

GirlfriendIT 05-06-2021 Crossroads: Boldly Responding to Your Call -w/ Jodie Niznik and Patty Lynn Wyatt

Everyone is uniquely equipped and called by God for a particular assignment in a specific time and place. As each of us stands at a crossroads, the choice is ours. Will we choose to boldly respond like Esther, or will we fight our calling like Jonah?

GirlfriendIT 05-06-2021 - Are you Hearing the Sacred Echo? W/Jodie Niznik and Patty Lynn Wyatt

Where are you making space so you can hear Him? Listen in as we go from - having a place to hang your theology, to seeing the extravagant grace that God offers. Tip: Take another Step with Jesus

GirlfriendIT 04-29-2021 What is Breaking Your Heart? w/Jessica Pierce & Patty Lynn Wyatt

Whoever devotes themselves to themselves will have nothing but themselves to show for themselves. - Andy Stanley In other words: All the self-help books are about YOU. YOU -w/the perfect weight YOU – w/the perfect schedule YOU – w/the perfect children Is that really a life? But what are you doing for others? What is your ‘Holy Discontent?’ Are you fulfilling the purpose God designed for you?

GirlfriendIT 04-29-2021 Find Your Calling: Tips on How To Identify Your “it” w/Jessica Pierce and Patty Lynn Wyatt

Are you on a path where you are questioning your calling? A few ideas to help you start uncovering your ‘it’ 1. Where is your heart breaking? Where is the pain point that you could help close the gap? 2. As a child, what did you love to do? Where did you find yourself spending time? 3. What feels good. ... Where do you soar in life? 4. Turn down the noise. What are your distractions? 5. Find adventure in the daily. (This helps you be creative and innovative in your discovery.)

GirlfriendIT 04-22-2021 Pandemic Parenting - STILL? w/Jessica Pierce and Patty Lynn Wyatt

I don’t know about you but love stories like the notebook or you’ve got mail… They touch my heart in such a moving way. I think it’s because it shows a lifelong commitment of where relationships are meant to be. When we say our vows, do we really mean till death do us part?

GirlfriendIT 04-22-2021 - "I DO" but then "I DON'T"

I don’t know about you but love stories like the notebook or you’ve got mail . . . They touch my heart in such a moving way. I think it’s because it shows a lifelong commitment of where relationships are meant to be. When we say our vows, do we really mean till death do us part?

GirlfriendIT 04-12-2021 Who Am I and Who Did I Marry? -Episode 4 w/Jessica Pierce and Patty Lynn Wyatt

Struggling in Your Marriage? 4 Tips we hope you are walking away with: 1. Be aware and Realize you personal blind spots. 2. Know your greatest weaknesses, sometimes-fears, that you might be operating from . . . What are those communication pitfalls to avoid? 3. Create action plans to encourage growth - Write down your expectations for your marriage 4. Mutual respect- softness, forgiveness, empathy and lots of laughter.

GirlfriendIT 04-12-2021 Are you Honoring or Manipulating? _ W/ Jessica Pierce and Patty Lynn Wyatt

If you are on a team or you are leading a team and you really do want to thrive and flourish either in your leadership or in how you show up daily. But there are definitely times when it can be overwhelming. Either outside pressures from your own to-do-list . . . to trying to be intentional about having an exceptional workplace culture. Yet, it’s easy to put yourself into auto pilot. We become apathetic, perhaps even burnt out. In fact, there is one survey that says 46% of the workplace has employee burn out and leads to workforce turnover. Which a huge percentage comes from poor communication, bad bosses or poor management. Let's learn some tips together!

GirlfriendIT 04-01-2021 - Who Am I and Who Am I With? Part 2 w/ Patty Lynn Wyatt and Jessica Pierce

How do you deal with all of the dysfunctional people around you at work? If we are not careful, skillful and understanding of others, there can be a real misinterpretation of another’s feelings, intentions and meaning. Which ultimately can lead to damaging a relationship. Ugh! To get the fullest value from an understanding of personality styles, YOU have to first understand your own. Everyone has preferences, approaches and communication issues. This is why it is important to understand communication styles in order to be diplomatic and tactful. How do you get around all of the crazy? 4 types exist: D - Dominance (short-tempered, fast, and irritable I – Influence (enthusiastic, active, and social) S - Steadiness (relaxed and peaceful) C - Conscientiousness(analytical, wise, and quiet) Let’s invest by learning how we can best understand and work with each other.

GirlfriendIT 04-01-2021 - Who Am I? w/ Patty Lynn Wyatt and Jessica Pierce

How do you deal with all of the dysfunctional people around you at work? When you’re dealing with dysfunction daily, how do you cope with it? How do you get around all of the crazy? Tip 1: Learn your temperament. (It takes a short time to invest and this investment will last a life-time.) Tip 2: Learn the temperaments of all those around you. Four fundamental types exist: D - Dominance (short-tempered, fast, and irritable I – Influence (enthusiastic, active, and social) S - Steadiness (relaxed and peaceful) C - Conscientiousness(analytical, wise, and quiet) It would be awesome if people came with instructions, each individua with an owner – manual. Right? But since we don’t - let’s invest by learning how we can best understand and work with each other.

GirlfriendIT 03-19-2021 Bad Bosses - Now What? -w/Patty Lynn Wyatt

There are several styles of bad bosses, but we are going to identify 4 different styles in the next 2 podcast. 1. Campaigner or Politician. 2. Dictator or Authoritarian 3. People Pleaser 4. Rescuer Tips to help you get out of the toxicity: 1. Identify the pain points. Share and process with a trusted individual. This will help you realize you are not as crazy as you feel. 2. Purge the horrible feelings. Journal – Run – whatever it takes to rid yourself of these feeling of unworthiness and inadequacies to move forward in achieving your new goals in life. 3. Start an action plan to take baby steps in moving towards the bigger picture of your divine design. Which might mean resign. Get out!

GirlfriendIT 03-19-2021- Bad bosses part 2 "and Toxic Work Environments" - w/Patty Lynn Wyatt

They belittle, they are condescending, they manipulate they command and control. . . . basically they don’t spark joy and they make it difficult to get out of bed. How do you get past a bad boss, unhealthy teams and a dysfunctional work place? Destructive leaders victimize 40 to 50% of the workforce. And in doing so - this cost Corporations over $25 billion dollars This is due to legal fees, high turnover, absenteeism and medical claims as employees are having extreme anxiety, dealing with stress , heart attacks- and depression because they work in a toxic work environment. Let’s identify the pain points and climb out of the pit together!

GirlfriendIT 03-04-2021- Echoing Hope - How the Humanity of Jesus Redeems our Pain w/ Kurt Willems & Patty Lynn Wyatt Part 2

Finding God in a world tattered by evil seems im- possible in many circumstances. But we can be anchored in the Hope of Jesus. Listen in as Kurt shares not only his horrific pain but how joy and pain aren’t enemies. They’re companions. The highs and lows of life dance together more often than we’d like to admit.

GirlfriendIT 03-04-2021 Echoing Hope - w/Kurt Willems and Patty Lynn Wyatt

Finding God in a world tattered by evil seems im- possible in many circumstances. But we can be anchored in the Hope of Jesus. Listen in as Kurt shares not only his horrific pain but how joy and pain aren’t enemies. They’re companions. The highs and lows of life dance together more often than we’d like to admit.

GirlfriendIT 02-18-2021 - Girlfriends simply chatting about life and focus. w/Patty Lynn and the Girlfriends!

Are you keeping your New Year Resolutions? Is this the year to focus and discover where God wants you? We are in it together as we discuss the funny things of doing life together.

GirlfriendIT 02-18-2021 - Thriller, historical conspiracy, and biblical prophecy – Oh My! w/ Terry Brennan – Patty Wyatt and the Girlfriends ~

US embassy - American ambassador disappears, a mysterious box, and his only weapon against the powers of darkness??? Listen in as Terry Brennan shares his fiction thriller and inspires those who want to write. How do you get what is in your head out onto paper. ​

GirlfriendIT 02-11-2021 - Walking on Eggshells : Navigating the Delicate Relationship Between Adult Children and Parents ~ Jane Isay w/Debi, Cristette and Sheree!

Walking on Eggshells : Navigating the Delicate Relationship Between Adult Children and Parents Renowned author Jane Isay delivers real-life wisdom and advice on how adult children and their parents can stay together without falling apart. Warmth and wit shine through as she charts this often confusing, and at times painful, relationship. Tune in for some wisdom and aha moments, and a mirror in which we can safely examine ourselves and our families. We can make life with our adult children calmer, closer and more enjoyable. This is for every parent who has ever, in discussing their adult children, used the phrase 'walking on eggshells

GirlfriendIT 02-04-2021 Turn YOUR frown upside down -w/Kim Wahl and Debi - Sheree and Cristette!

Our guest today is teacher, speaker, author Kim Wahl. She is the author of "The Complaining Cure: How to Quit Grumbling, Stop Complaining, and Find Abundant Joy". For the most part we all think that we aren't negative people. We don't really grumble and complain... right?? But when Kim and her husband took on the challenge of "7 Days Without Complaining".. .she and her husband realized that complaining is a lot more common than we realize; it can look like criticism, unforgiveness, and just being negative. It's impossible to count your blessings and problems at the same time!

GirlfriendIT 01-28-2021 Parenting and Screen-Free Activites w/Meghan Owenz, Patty Lynn Wyatt and the Girlfriends!

Childhood Creativity in the U.S. Has Been Declining Since the 1990s. What can you do to help the next generation be innovative and foster that creativity? Listen in with Psychologist, Author and Professor at Penn State University, Meghan Owenz, as she shares “Screen-Free activites” and Top Tips to help you thrive!

GirlfriendIT 01-21-2021 In Titus: Life-Changing Truth in a World of Lies - Dr. Jeff Dodge w/Patty Lynn Wyatt and the Girlfriends

How does the gospel teach Christians to live and thrive in a secular culture that feeds on deception and ignores the God of all truth? The same way it did for the first century Christians on the island of Crete.

GirlfriendIT 01-21-2021 What is Your it for this year? w/Patty Lynn Wyatt and the Girlfriends

Big thoughts this morning! Where are we focusing in Life? What is The Great Commission? What is the Great Commandment? 1. Go and make disciples. 2. Love Jesus love others. Two most significant days: 1. The day you were born, 2. The day you discover why you were born. Two biggest choices: 1. First choice - deciding to have a relationship with Christ. 2. Second choice -who you’re going to marry. Listen in!

GirlfriendIT 01-14-2021 Kenn Kington -Patty Lynn Wyatt and the Girlfriends

“Every Day is a Bonus: enjoying the 3 Greatest Gifts In Life!” Ken has appeared on Comedy Central, is one of the most played comics on XM Radio, and has a Brand New Special coming out on Dry Bar Comedy in 2021. He has six Comedy Specials that have aired on multiple cable networks nationally over the past couple of decades. The Crown Award-winning "WOW Moments" is currently available on Amazon Prime.

GirlfriendIT 01-07-2021 Revelation: Hope in the Darkness. w/Dr. Scotty Smith - Patty Lynn Wyatt and the Girlfriends

The book of Revelation has suffered at the hands of its many interpreters though the years. Many simply want to treat the last book of the Bible as though it were a prophetic jigsaw puzzle, written to be solved for the final generation of Christians. Others dismiss it as being too veiled, complex, and culture-bound to be of any benefit to modern believers. Some so spiritualize the text as to render it little more than a book of parables and allegories. However, in Revelation: Hope in the Darkness, Scotty Smith shares with us how it is filled with hope and love. Listen in!

GirlfriendIT 12-17-2020 How to stay Healthy during the Holidays! - Dr. Melody Rodarte, Patty Lynn Wyatt and the Girlfriends

Christmas really is the most wonderful time of the year. From celebrating the best gift ever - JESUS, festive music and Hallmark Movies to donning ugly Christmas sweaters, it's hard to find anything wrong with Christmas. Until we get on the scales . . . yikes! Listen in for some tips to maintain YOU!

GirlfriendIT 12-10-2020 The Giving Manger w/Allison Hottinger and Lisa Kalberer -Patty Lynn Wyatt and the Girlfriends

Listen in and discover how to create a new mindset for our children during Christmas. When our kids grow up, we want them to remember that we made Christmas about Jesus. With many distractions and mixed messages around the holiday, it’s easy to get swept up in getting the right tree or making sure the gifts are perfect. Tag you are it -and Merry Christmas! 1. They won’t remember the gift 2. Santa fades… Jesus remains. 3. Make service lists instead of wish lists 4. Switch “What can I get?” to “What can I give?” 5. Giving in small, simple ways makes huge waves

GirlfriendIT 12-03-2020- Are You Being Intentional During Christmas? w/Patty Lynn Wyatt and the Girlfriends

What does it really mean to have hope? At Christmas time we often say things like, "peace- joy -hope." But what does this mean? What does it look like to have peace? Hope? Joy? How intentional do YOU think you are during Christmas?Are you aware of your emotions? Are you considering the bigger picture of relationships? Listen in- as we step into our Holidays . . .

GirlfriendIT 12-03-2020 Befriending Your Monsters w/Luke Norsworthy - Patty Lynn Wyatt and the Girlfriends

What spiritual monster rears its ugly head during this beautiful season of Christmas? Monsters aren't real. As reasonable adults, we know this. But we also know that, while fake, the monsters of fairy tales, movies, and Netflix series embody our very real fears. Large, powerful beings that hunt us in the dark - make us feel small, weak, vulnerable. Today we want to hit a conversation about our spiritual monsters. In other words, what monsters show up in this season?

GirlfriendIT 11-20-2020 She’s Got the Wrong Guy w/Dr. Deepak Reju - Patty Lynn Wyatt and The Girlfriends

With more than 40 percent of all marriages ending in divorce, it's not hard to believe a lot of women have the wrong guy. Learn about the 10 profiles—From "the control freak, the angryman, the lazy guy, the unteachable guy, the promiscuous man, the unbeliever, the lone ranger, the unchurched guy, the new convert, to the commitment- phobe." Dr. Deepak Reju will share the details!

GirlfriendIT 11-12-2020 Parenting-How to Go From Frazzled to Fun w/Brenna Stull and the Girlfriends

Are YOU struggling with Parenting? 4 Simple Steps to an Argue-Free Home by Week's End Get it here! Do these simple steps and • immediately see arguing stop • immediately feel the peace • you will be keeping it FUN We are in it Together!

GirlfriendIT 11-05-2020 Pop-culture Parenting w/Dr. Jared Moore. - Patty Lynn Wyatt and the Girlfriends!

If you are parenting or grand-parenting, you know how amazing it can be! I’m sure every generation says this, but -21st-century parenting is different!! It’s easy to question our judgment and our morality. Especially when we want to control our kids, and all they want is freedom. During this pandemic it’s fun and cozy and exciting being together - yet all it takes is one tiny conflict and it implodes. It is easy to let this create a barrier, so let's learn how to create a bridge. We have tips for you as we are chatting with Jared Moore who wrote the book the Pop-Culture Parent: Helping kids engage their world for Christ.

GirlfriendIT 10-29-2020 Patty Lynn Wyatt and The Girlfriends - Falling out of Fall Dysfunctions

I saw a funny cartoon with a pilgrim holding a turkey platter saying - “bringing out the family dysfunction since 1863.” WE all relate to this, with certain expectations and emotions that are evoked during the holidays, how do we change the cycle? IT starts with YOU. We have to change our narrative, our mindset, our expectations! That is where the magic begins! So bring on the apple pie and all the warm fuzzies that come with IT! Make this your best holiday season ever! Best Tip: We are the heartbeat in the home - What memory are you leaving there?

GirlfriendIT 10-22-2020 -How Do We Turn Tragedies into Triumph w/ Chonda Ralston Patty Lynn Wyatt and the Girlfriends?

“Why me, God? How can such tragedies be part of your plan? Looking back on more than fifty years as a quadriplegic in a wheelchair, having endured chronic pain, as well as a battle with breast cancer, I can assure you that God isn’t afraid of our questions, in fact, he wants us to cry out—scream out to him if we must—because when we turn to God and his Word for answers, we’ll find a loving Father who promises to never let us out of his sight and who wants to turn our tragedies into triumphs.” - Joni Eareckson Tada “ Listen in as author and friend of Joni, talks about her new book - The Gospel in Hard Times

GirlfriendIT 10-22-2020 How to Deal with Change. w/ Patty Lynn Wyatt and the Girlfriends

“Why me, God? How can such tragedies be part of your plan? Looking back on more than fifty years as a quadriplegic in a wheelchair, having endured chronic pain, as well as a battle with breast cancer, I can assure you that God isn’t afraid of our questions, in fact, he wants us to cry out—scream out to him if we must—because when we turn to God and his Word for answers, we’ll find a loving Father who promises to never let us out of his sight and who wants to turn our tragedies into triumphs.” - Joni Eareckson Tada “ Listen in as author and friend of Joni, talks about her new book - The Gospel in Hard Times

GirlfriendIT 10-08-2020 - How To Celebrate w/Patty Lynn Wyatt and the Girlfriends

Are you celebrating enough? Today as we are living in a place of division and cynicism - we decided to talk about celebrating it! Celebrations are great reminders in marriage, as parents and as girlfriends! Great tips for Celebrating: 1. Finding Joy in those unexpected places! 2. The surprise element! 3. When people are thinking “I want What She is Having” then you know you are celebrating well!

GirlfriendIT 10-01-2020 -Threadbare Prayer -w/Stacey Thacker and the Girlfriends

The events of 2020 have left us struggling in ways we cannot articulate. These are the times we most desperately need prayer, but they can also be the times we simply don’t have the words to form a prayer. Maybe even at times, you ae thinking, “God are you listening?” Listen in!

Girlfriendit - Episode 501: How Do I Overcome FEAR?-Patty Wyatt and the Girlfriends

What are you afraid of? What do you fear? is it actually robbing you of opportunity for growth? We have tips and tricks for YOU on how to conquer those fears! Three Tips to Fight Your Fears: We have to learn how to face our fear like going to the dentist office or unplugging a drain in your sink. If we don’t face it and you keep avoiding it and ignoring it - it can turn into anxiety and become debilitating. 1. Breathe 4-4-4 (prayer and gratitude) 2. Change up your brain chatter. (Use a scale for your anxiety. 1-10 How much fear or anxiety are you dealing with?) Your fear and anxiety arise out of a certain part of your brain, which allows emotion to overcome rational thought. 3. Pink-Wonder-Woman-Power-Pose can help! “What draws people to be friends is that they see the same truth. They share it.” ― C. S. Lewis

Episode 500: DOUBT - LESS - Shelby Abbott-Patty Wyatt and the Girlfriends

Have you ever had a crisis of faith? Perhaps YOU are in a space right now feeling like doubt is squeezing the faith out of you. You are feeling overwhelmed, struggling with doubt and wondering where God is - in the daily. Maybe you are even doubting your Christian doctrine. TIPS: 1. What we listen to affects what we believe 2. Spend as much time as you can with people of faith. 3. Great books: The Reason For God , Making Sense of God by Timothy Keller. 4. The Case For Christ- Lee Strobels

Midlife Moxie 09-10-2020 w/Patty Lynn Wyatt and the Girlfriends

You were wired for amazingness! You have a unique something -something that no one else has! Not only were you wired for it . . . You have to keep growing -refining and sometimes reinventing it all together! We hope you like story time, because that is what today is about. OUR stories of how God has grown and morphed our ITS!

GirlfriendIT 09-03-2020 Renewed: Finding Hope When You Don’t Like Your Story, w/Heather M. Dixon and Girlfriends

There are few things that can make us feel as helpless as living with a story we don’t like. Life is rarely fair, and things happen beyond our control that impact our lives in negative ways. Maybe our story involves the loss of a loved one, an unwanted transition, a difficult diagnosis, or a dream that fell through. At one time or another, we all deal with disappointments and feel that we are being punished. For women searching for a glimmer of hope . . .Listen in!

GirlfriendIT 08-27-2020 Honest Answers: Exploring God Questions with Your Tween w/ Janelle Alberts and Ingrid Faro

“When I pray for God to take the darkness away, why doesn't He answer my prayers?” “How come my parents got divorced?” “Why is God letting Covid kill people?” “God are you in it?” So many questions . . . These are the kinds of questions that you might hear - and they make you sweat. It’s so significant for not only children, but all of us to ask it -check it -and live it! How many times in our faith - we don’t question, we don't dig deeper? WE move forward and get caught up in man-made rules, rather than checking it out ourselves? Somewhere between “Jesus Loves Me” and high school cynicism, the childlike acceptance of pat answers about faith is lost— Listen in . . . C.S.Lewis: I believe in Christianity as I believe that the sun has risen: not only because I see it, but because by it I see everything else.

GirlfriendIT 08-20-2020 What Are Your Core Values? w/Patty Wyatt and Girlfriends

Common statements from people: • I don’t have time for this • I push snooze in the morning constantly • I have lost my zest for life as I get older • My kids are overwhelming me • I feel stuck in this pandemic - I can’t plan anything. The core of these comments, comes down to what we value. What you’re really saying is - I don’t value it enough to make time for this. We all have the same 24 hours. When we take the time to know our core values it helps us better understand what drives us. Where are compass is - so we don’t get so veered off the road.

GirlfriendIT 08-13-2020- Surrender iT! -w/Barb Roose - Patty Wyatt w/Girlfriends

Are you facing a problem in life that you just can't fix, no matter what you do? Perhaps you've heard the phrase "Let go and let God." But it's easier said than done. Is it possible that giving up on what you can't change is God's path to peace for your life? Rather than identify steps, identify 4 questions in the “Letting Go Loop” that equip control-lovers to not only identify their control-loving behaviors but also identify God-honoring and life-giving next steps toward letting go and living like Jesus: • Awareness – Am I trying to control others or outcomes right now? • Arrest – What do I need to stop trying to protect, fix, or force to make happen? • Acceptance – Where do I need to acknowledge the reality that I do not have control, but God can handle it? • FaithFULL Action – How can I show love, kindness and wisdom without control-loving behaviors? As the questions are answered, the Letting Go Loop reveals where we need to open our hands- and LET IT GO!

GirlfriendIT 08-06-2020 - What Are You Masking? - w/Patty Wyatt -Sheree- Debi - Robin

We are living in a time where there is no stress. A stress – Free - Zone! No anxiety. We all feel like we’re in control of our lives. Total control! No health stress No economic stress. No emotional stress. No political stress. We are all happily waiting for our vaccines - wearing our mask and excited to vote for our next president! OK, maybe not so much. The majority of us are experiencing some form of extreme stress- So, where does the stress come from? From YOU. Today - we are inviting you to sit around the table with us as we unveil our mask and chat about “Masking it.” What are you masking today? Let’s take off the mask. Let’s get real!

GirlfriendIT 07-30-2020 Comparison Girl w/Shannon Popkin - Patty Wyatt and the Girlfriends

Let’s be honest . . . Do you constantly glance sideways and compare yourself? Do you drive yourself to measure up, then feel ashamed when you don't? What about - - - -Thoughts in your head like . . . I wish I were tall like her. If only my kids got along the way her kids do. Why does she always seem to have it all together? Women compare themselves constantly. On social media, in their neighborhood, at church, at work, even in the school drop-off lane, they glance sideways and ask, “How do I measure up?” Behind all this comparison is an enemy gaining tactical advantage. EEEK!! How do we stay in our own lane??

GirlfriendIT 07-23-2020 How To Be a Rejection Ninja w/Patty Wyatt and Girlfriends

What would it look like if you actually pursued rejection? People who really changed the world, Mandela, Gandhi - Jesus . . . they did not let rejection define them, they embraced rejection. "IT" TIPS: Whose you are - not who you are. (Don’t label yourself as a failure.) Don’t get seduced by destructive thoughts that potentially could lead to self-fulfilling prophecy. Share those thoughts with a girlfriend who is your advocate. We are in IT together! Don’t let your inner critic win. Take time to process emotions. What’s one thing I can learn from this? What’s one thing I can do differently next time?

GirlfriendIT 07-16-2020-What Did You Just Say? - w/Patty Wyatt and Girlfriends

Create a contingency plan: Bounce it! You have to bounce back after you are an idiot! 4 "ITS" that will bounce it! 1. Amend it. Right! Get vulnerable. Write a small personal note — an email, a text — show the offended person how sorry you are. 2. Forgive it – Ask God what you can learn from this? Is it something you need to ask for forgiveness (go to the person or to your self?) 3. Label it: Pinpoint exactly what you said. Then you can say goodbye to IT and then you can forget it! (UCLA study lead by Matthew Lieberman, PhD, found that by labeling our feelings — attaching certain words to them — we can better manage anxiety and depression. Functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) shows that when we verbalize our feelings, the activity in the amygdala part of the brain, our fear center, is reduced.) 4. Get beyond it - At some point we have all messed up with our words. Yes, you feel terrible. Yes, regret it. But, regret is toxic - so bid IT farewell and let IT go!!

GirlfriendIT 07-09-2020 -Taste Your Words w/Host Debi Riggs and Girlfriends

Have you ever experienced a time when you have said something and then think . . . "Oh my, How did that even come out of my mouth?? And WHY?? WAIT!! Do over . . . Do over!! I take it back, DELETE DELETE . . ABORT . . ABORT!" We become so disappointed in ourselves, replaying the scene over and over in our heads. What if we “tasted” our words before they came out of our mouth??

GirlfriendIT 07-02-2020 Are we Ready for God . . . On Our Time? w/Patty Wyatt and Girlfriends

God puts desires in our heart and writes a destiny for our lives. Are we ready for that path, or do we only surrender when it is convenient for us? What does that look like to humble yourself and seek what God has for you? Listen in!

GirlfriendIT 07-02-2020 - The #RobLoweProposal w/Patty Wyatt and Girlfriends

Don't Miss out On Something. Look Up, See what God has for you. He never waste a trial-tribulation or experience!

GirlfriendIT 07-02-2020 How do I Broadcast on Facebook? w/Patty Wyatt and Bethany Jett

Let’s get Motivated! You’re done judging yourself as a mother a wife and a girlfriend! You’ve been hard on yourself during the pandemic - eating way too much cereal and watching too much reality TV. It’s over, You are going to seize the day with productivity! It’s time to start broadcasting your “IT”!!! These tips will basically help you use your voice and become a Rockstar or a Broadcast star! Or at least you’ll know how to make a broadcast. Remember we are girlfriends -in the “No judging Zone” How to use Facebook Live on a phone 1. Navigate to the Page, group or event you want to live stream from. 2. Tap the Live button at the bottom of the post composer. 3. Add a description to your video. ... 4. Tap Start Live Video. 5. Tap Finish when you want to end your broadcast.

GirlfriendIT 06-25-2020 Don't Miss IT!! - w/Patty. Cristette, Sheree, and Debi

The greatest danger in life is not that our aim is to high and we miss it, but that it is too low and we reach it. - Michelangelo This week our challenge for you: 1.Experience His wonder 2.Find white space in your day. (Put it on your calendar in advance.) 3.Maybe it’s time to do a busy boycott.

GirlfriendIT 06-19-2020 How Are You Reinventing IT? - w/Patty Wyatt and Girlfriends

Top tips for today: What to do with hurt feelings: "You will be sinned against by others until the day they die - you need a way to deal with their sin." 1.Write them down-everything and bring it to God. He wants to hear about my hurt feelings. 2. I may have but I didn't necessarily do something to deserve what the person did to me. 3. Ask God to help me forgive them. Understand that God uses our hurt relationships for my spiritual growth and thank Him for it. Ask how I can obey God in this situation. TAG . . .YOU are IT!

GirlfriendIT 06-11-2020 Where are YOU God? w/Cristette Cadriel, Sheree Campbell, Robin Friend, Debi Rigg and Patty Wyatt

“What do you do when God Doesn’t show up the way you thought he would?” Our plans fizzle, dreams shatter, expectations get crushed, people betray or let us down - Maybe for you, it was information you received from a Dr. Perhaps your plan b came through an email that causes you to doubt your husband, - Maybe, it’s, your children not fitting into the perfect mold you had for them. Basically Plan A comes to an abrupt stop . . . Plan B hijacks your life. Our show today is stepping into this aspect of shattered dreams that may have you questioning and wondering, “Where are you God in all of this?”

GirlfriendIT 06-04-2020 When Expectations Crumble - w/Cristette Cadriel, Sheree Campbell and Patty Wyatt

At times it can seem as though everyone else has it all together. Everyone is getting married . . . happily - for - ever- after. Everyone is fiercely successful in their career. Everyone is ecstatically joyful with being an empty- nester! Everyone is having a baby . . . a beautiful one on an exotic island! But . . . Everyone has shattered dreams. Fizzled plans. Crushed expectations. Wounded by friends. We have all been disappointed, broken and need healing. Listen in for . . . now what

GirlfriendIT 05-28-2020- Parenting First Aid -Marty Machowski and Patty Wyatt

Could your parenting use a little first aid? We all know that perfect parenting does not exist . . . YET - We want to know that if we follow certain rules or methodology our children will, be happy, have fabulous friends, achieve professional success, and love Jesus! How do we make this happen?

GirlfriendIT 05-14-2020- The Belonging Project - W/Amberly Neese and Patty Wyatt

Are you hungry for true community, deeper connection with God, and friendships that are greater than just “likes” on social media? Listen in for Friendship - tips on “4 ONE ANOTHERS” FRIENDSHIP “Be devoted to one another in love. Honor one another above yourselves.” Romans 12:10 FAITH “Now that you have purified yourselves by obeying the truth so that you have sincere love for each other, love one another deeply, from the heart.” 1 Peter 1:22 FORGIVENESS “Bear with each other and forgive one another if any of you has a grievance against someone. Forgive as the Lord forgave you." Colossians 3:13 FERVOR “Let the message of Christ dwell among you richly as you teach and admonish one another with all wisdom through psalms, hymns, and songs from the Spirit, singing to God with gratitude in your hearts.” Colossians 3:16


Every couple knows they need to talk with each other. Every couple knows they need to pay attention to how they can communicate better. These practical marriage tips by pastor and author Rob Flood not only explores why couples should grow in communication, but it addresses the “how” of communication. With These Words offers in-depth, theologically rich tools that will also help flourish relationships outside of your marriage—your relationship with your kids, your friendships, and your coworkers. In the face of many emotions and obstacles, there is a clear purpose and a clear method for words.

GirlfriendIT 04-23-2020 How to be a better team player and communicator - W/ Patty Wyatt

For the first time in U.S. history, we are working with 5 generations! EEK! How do we do it? What can we learn to make sure we are aware of our blindspots? Traditionalist: 1925-1945 Baby boomers: 1946-1964, ages 55-73 Generation X: 1965-1983, ages 36-54 Generation Y / Millennials: 1984-1996, ages 23-35 Generation Z / Gen 2020: 1997-mid-2000s, ages mid-teens-22 Today, Baby boomers are being pushed aside as the Millennials are taking over in the workforce. (source: Harvard Business Review) Each generation has their values and experiences that they bring to the table, from the peak of the Cold War to being a digital native. It’s important to be aware of these differences and how it affects you as you lead.

GirlfriendIT 04-10-2020 Quaranteening Teens: Boredom Boom w/Patty Wyatt

OK, it’s natural for teenagers to want their independence. They are dying to get out from underneath our roofs. They want to be with their friends and they want to be planning their future. We are trying to push them out of the nest and let them fly and instead we are here at home playing cards wearing masks. What are some strategies and tips for us to get through this challenging time? Stay tune and let’s dive in.

Mediate It USA 3-19-20 What is Mediation and Why Would I Choose Mediation? ~ w/Patty Wyatt

You might be struggling with your marriage, with an ex-husband or disputes over your children. Perhaps you are dealing with conflict in a work relationship . . . Rather than waking up every day in a state of mind where it is not well with your soul, consider giving yourself an awesome gift - and that is the gift of peace. A gift of a mediator. What is mediation? Why do we need to mediate? What’s the difference between hiring an attorney or hiring a mediator? What is the process of mediation? What are the fees for mediation? And what do I walk away with if I go through mediation? Listen in for answers to these questions.

GirlfriendIT 03-12-2020 Coronavirus: Parenting Through the Pandemic ~ w/Host Patty Wyatt and Paris Wyatt

Gen Z and the Coronavirus Pandemic! Is this frightening or exhilarating? Gen Z is being bathed in antibacterial soap! Toilet paper is scarce! Masks are being worn! Schools are being canceled and moved to Zoom! Who knew? Yet ~ through all of the panic of the coronavirus and recession fears, Millennials and Gen Z are still in a “Peace-Out” mode. Millennials and Gen Z are being practical amidst coronavirus and recession fears - God is still in control.

GirlfriendIT 03-05-2020~Where the Wild Things Are w/Champ Thorton and Patty Wyatt

Where The Wild Things Are It’s scaaarrrrry - Fear of the dark - monsters in the closet - anxiety about going to bed – these are all relatively common in young children at some point during their childhood. Going to bed and turning out the lights can be a hard time for many children. When you can’t see what is around you and your mom and dad leave the room . . . EEEK! How do you address your child's fears? How do we help them fall asleep and stay asleep? Awesome Tips: 1. Read Psalm 23 2. Check out this book, “Why Do We Say Good Night.” Where Champ Thorton host of “In the Word, On the Go“ shares, “as a parent, I know that especially with little children, bedtime can be a scary time. It’s dark, and they’re left in their room by themselves. Nightlights are helpful, but it’s the light of God’s Word that shines the brightest in these moments. When our kids were little, I wanted them to know that the Lord was with them; he is the good Shepherd who loves his sheep. And he’s the one who made the dark; nighttime was his very good idea. This book is something that parents can read to very young children at bedtime to gently acknowledge their fears and point their hearts to the Lord.”

GirlfriendIT 02-27-2020~ Mediating Conflict w/Patty Wyatt

How do I deal with difficult people? Let's start with identifying and recognizing what is going on in our brain when conflict takes place. Quick questions to ask yourself: 1. What is being triggered? 2. After I am triggered, what do I do? 3. Am I being solution focused or whining like a brat?

GirlfriendIT 02-20 The Anxious Heart ~ Meditations on Fear, Worry, and Trust w/Dr. Ed Welch and Patty Wyatt

Are YOU my people? Why do I feel isolated? Why is my family so broken? Let's chat about these questions and identify what we can do together, to help us with fear, anxiety, and stress. Dr. Edward T. Welch, a licensed psychologist will share his wisdom and experience as he gives us tips to climb out of the darkness.

GirlfriendIT 02-13-2020 ~ Parenting Gen Z ~ Patty Wyatt

You Want “Clout?” Don't be “basic;” simply learn the Gen Z slang and you'll be “totes Gucci.” They are living a new narrative. In today’s world they are growing up in a time that is both exhilarating and frightening for them. They don’t want to imitate the millennials and they don’t want to be identified with the millennials – as lazy slackers, entitled co-workers or narcissistic people. Gen-Z, or the I-Gen say they are gritty, money savers, frugal and thrifty and ready to stand up for a cause. (Or make a website for a non-profit) They are significantly more stressed about: • mass shootings • rising suicide rates • climate change • separation and deportation • sexual harassment and assault How are we Parenting them? Let’s look at some best practices . . . or challenges: Practice #1: Get them outside be intentional about less screen time. Practice #2: Be aware of your approach during significant conversations. Don’t freak out and panic. Be cool. Practice #3: Listen. Especially as they express anxiety and the pressures they are feeling. Let them vent. Practice #4: Let them taste failure to understand success.

GirlfriendIT 12-19-2019 BE LOVED~ w/ Emma Mae Jenkins and Patty Wyatt

– Being a teen is hard. Pressures to fit in, be the best, and conform push in from every direction, even from within. Yet, each and every person was uniquely created by a God who loves them. Emma Mae Jenkins, a young writer and social media influencer, wants to reach teens with exactly that message. She has inspired thousands of girls online with the freedom she has to be herself—a dearly loved child of God.

GirlfriendIT 12-05-2019 ~ How Do We Learn People Skills? w/ Patty Wyatt

Question: How many of you woke up this morning and said, “ I really want to be ordinary today? With my ordinary spouse and my ordinary kids. I want to push the snooze button at least 5 times and survive through this day as a hot mess!?” Best tips: • Understand and recognize your emotions • Understand how your emotions affect others • Manage your emotions not people. • Reduce your negativity. Look at the bigger picture.

What's My iT? From fasting to feasting ~ What are we consuming physically and mentally?

“We have exchanged real light for artificial and we wonder why we are anxious. Why do we even like social media? Why are we drawn to this other two-dimensional filtered version of ourselves and other people? This online version of looking through the windows at our neighbors - what is so appealing about it?” ~ (Rachael Dymski. Anxiety Interrupted) Best Tips and Challenges: Give yourself some white space Shut down devices after 9 pm. Remove social media apps. Start sharing stories, learn how to laugh together! Talk through life’s’ biggest questions. Be still and know that He is God.

What's My iT? The Need for Change w/Helen Thorne 10-31-201N

"Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself.” Are you in a place where you want to change some of your habits? Do you feel like God is lovingly tapping you on the shoulder with areas you need to change? Listen in to "Need for change" . . . Helen Thorne!

What's My iT? 10-24-2019 Platinum Faith w/Bethany Jett and Patty Wyatt

Do you every feel less than - less important or less valuable than others on social media, at work, or even in your own friend circles? Would you like to know with confident assurance just how precious, loved, and valuable you are to God and believe that God has a purpose-filled plan for your life? Bethany Jett, best-selling author, and inspirational speaker gives us great insight as she shares a peek into her new book Platinum Faith. #BestTips: Habits that are life changing: - sleeping - working out w/weights 3x week - daily walking - daily reading - drinking more water and less of everything else - turn your phone off (ouch)

WhatsMyiT? The Bathsheba Battle: Finding Hope When Life Takes an Unexpected Turn w/ Natalie Chambers Snapp and Patty Wyatt 10-17-2019

Have you ever felt like your life has just been turned upside down? You wake up and realize . . . “this is not the way I envisioned my future?” We all understand there are consequences to our decisions, but how do we deal with the after effects of the choices of . . .others? There are times when things happen beyond anyone’s control where we feel completely stuck. Let’s get unstuck together. Listen in to Natalie Chambers Snapp, who will give us great tips and poignant thoughts that will inspire and help us through this journey. Tips: 1. You will indeed emerge with new eyes of strength dignity and greater wisdom. 2. Grief is hard. It is ok to not be ok. 3. Offer yourself grace. 4. Talk to someone. See a counselor.

What'sMyiT? The Good Name: The Power of Words to Hurt or Heal with ~ Dr. Logan and Patty Wyatt 10-03-2019

When we were taught about the Ninth Commandment as children, in the simplest terms, we learned that we weren’t supposed to lie. But is telling an intentional untruth all there is to bearing false witness? Listen in as Dr. Samuel T. Logan, Jr. delves into the dangers of bearing false witness among Christians, especially when dealing with disagreements, which can cause damage to individuals, the church, and the good name of Jesus.

Your iT 09-26-2019 Kerri Pomarolli "How did you develop your iT?" w/Patty Wyatt

Kerri Pomarolli is an American stand up comedian, actress and author. Her latest, Confessions of a Proverbs 32 Woman. Check it out . . ..

Your iT 09-19-2019 Maintaining and Motivating your Team ~ Patty Wyatt

How do we create Dream Teams? Get to know your team! Understand what motivates each person. 4 THINGS LEADERS DO TO HINDER CREATING A DREAM TEAM: 1. No Consistency: a. Set clear expectations. b. Get their full involvement. c. Solicit their feedback 2. Favoritism: a. Warning: It’s easy to have chemistry with specific individuals. b. Be careful, personal preferences creates erratic responses. c. If you share information with one, share it with all. 3. Micromanagement: a. When you insist on controlling every detail of your employee’s work. b. Let team members have choice and autonomy to achieve the end results. 4. Over-generalizations: a. Make feedback specific b. Don’t group re-directive feedback.

GirlfriendIT 09-05-2019 ~ Blind Spots: What You Don’t See Can Hurt You W/Tim Riddle

To the outside world, examining and exposing your own blind spots can be viewed more as a weakness than a courageous step toward change in your life and relationships. However, true transformative change starts when we finally face our weaknesses—and we all have them. Uncovering our own unseen areas for spiritual growth is impossible without the help of God and trusted individuals. Top 5 Blind Spot Tips: 1. Not asking for the “1 thing” 2. Unaware of the hurt you are causing 3. Having to be right 4. Avoiding conflict 5. Blame Game

GirlfriendIT 08-21-2019 ~Carter High w/ P.K. Williams and Patty Wyatt

Five days after winning state, three football players robbed a Jack in the Box at 2:30 a.m., pantyhose pulled over their heads. It would be the first of 21 robberies. Pointing a pistol, at the victims, they ordered them to lie on the floor with the other employees while they took over $700 dollars from the safe. The case went before Judge Kendall, who rejected pleas for leniency and ordered most of the defendants to prison for sentences that ranged from two to 25 years. As he issued each sentence, screams rang out from the courtroom. "While you never shot or killed anyone, the defendants before this Court cumulatively committed in six months' time more armed robberies than Bonnie and Clyde did in their lifetime..." Listen in as we hear from the personal vantage point of Patrick “PK” Williams. Author of “A Letter Man to A Better Man”

GirlfriendIT 07-18-2019 ~Standing Together: The Inspirational Story of a Wounded Warrior and Enduring Love ~ Sgt. Carlos Evans

What are things you can do, right now to empower yourself and step into your God-Given -Purpose? At times do you feel as though everyone else is moving towards their goals and dreams faster than you are? Do you ask God, “why me? Why do I get stuck in these situations? Sgt. Carl Evans is well aware of being stuck. Of facing the difficulties of life, and living in shattered dreams. In their new book, Standing Together: The Inspirational Story of a Wounded Warrior and Enduring Love, Carlos and his wife share their trials of facing severe injury, rehabilitation, post-traumatic stress disorder and addiction. Theirs is a true story of hope and courage in the face of astonishing challenges. Is there a simple answer? Listen in for some tips . . .

GirlfriendIT 06-20-2019~Between Us Guys: Life-Changing Conversations for Dads and Sons with Joel Fitzpatrick

Do you agree with this statement? Boys are more likely to be violent and unable to express their emotions than girls? Listen in to a great discussion going on about toxic masculinity leading to pent-up aggression, frustration, isolation, problematic relationships, violence, anger, and other devastating realities. It’s clear raising boys today requires a new definition of what it means to be a man. It’s more important than ever for fathers to be role models and have gospel- centered conversations with their sons about becoming a man. Today we are chatting with…. author of Between Us Guys: Life-Changing Conversations for Dads and Sons Joel Fitzpatrick as he shares how dads are given an incredible opportunity to be the primary influence in their children’s lives.

Girlfriendit: Fighting for Your Marriage While Separated ~ Linda Rooks

A home ripped apart by one spouse leaving reverberates with a host of unanswered questions. Simple answers don’t exist—heartrending complexities do. In the midst of the turmoil, reconciliation may seem out of reach. But there is still hope for those who are willing to fight for their marriages. Listen in and discover life-changing truths.

GirlfriendIT 05-16-2019~Best Tips For Relationships w/Coach Phil Lynn

When we face a difficult world each day, we can sometimes wonder if God even cares. We often start our day asking these questions: Where is God when I need Him? How come I am stuck in this relationship? Why don’t I feel Joy? Today we are going to unpack some of these questions by discussing these topics relating to our relationships. Step in with us as we discuss real issues and various successful styles to put into practice and improve who you are and how you show up in your relationships. Let’s get to the core and eliminate the outside noise from being shallow and guarded to exposing your vulnerability. Yippee!!!

GirlfriendIT 05-09-2019 ~ More for Mom with Kristin Funston

Working Moms are on the RISE! Awesome tips for: Hard working moms ~ on how they can look at each day and each facet of their life to discover what happens when they believe God has more for them than what they think the world needs from them. And what He has available is a whole and holy life, just waiting to be claimed–The pieces of each mom’s life–the work life, mom life, social life, etc.–are mended together through Christ.

GirlfriendIT 05-02-2019 Pressure Points ~ Navigating Student Stress

“What are a few of the stressors students wrestle with in today’s culture?” Our modern age is saturated with technology, constant cynicism, streamlined digital communication, heavy negativity, relationship status posts, and instant information access—has shaped the way many young people deal with the pressure points of life. How do we help the next generation with these pressure points?

GirlfriendIT 04-11-2019~ Dare to Hope ~Living Intentionally in an Unstable World

Finding the source of our hope means believing with confidence that God has good plans in store for us—even when life takes an unexpected or tragic turn. Togetherlet's explores six incredibly relevant themes that lift right off the pages of Jeremiah’s manuscript, providing practical guidelines for hope filled living: 1. Surrender 2. Reject Counterfeits 3. Listen 4. Check Your Heart 5. Take Personal Responsibility 6. Pursue Intimacy with God

GirlfriendIT 04-04-2019 ~Best Tips For Collaboration (7 Ways to Play Nicely in the Sandbox!)

Best Tips For Collaboration (7 Ways to Play Nicely in the Sandbox!)

GirlfriendIT 03-28-2019

GirlfriendIT 03-21-2019 Preparing For Parenting

Have you experienced difficulty in becoming parents (infertility, miscarriages, adoption issues, etc.)? 
Issues of infertility, miscarriage, or an adoption that fell through are incredibly hard and often take people by surprise. Few people imagine those kinds of struggles before they have them. Thankfully, the Lord has a lot to say about suffering. Many of His people struggled with the exact same thing. You can take comfort the Lord has a lot of say about your situation. We like to remind people to cry out to the Lord (Psalm 13), look for his grace in all its various forms (my grace is sufficient), and believe the Lord is for you, even when days are really hard.
Enjoy what the Lord has given. You do not know what the future will hold. Maybe issues of infertility will be gone … maybe not. Maybe you will have another miscarriage … maybe not. Maybe you will be able to adopt five more children … maybe not. Jesus encouraged us not to worry about tomorrow for today has enough trouble of its own.
In order to be encouraged, encourage others. One of the things we like to remind ourselves is it is always possible to make things more complicated than what they are. Yes, parenting is war. Yes, we have to work at understanding our children. Yes, we want to be knowledgeable. However, we also need to remember that because we all live under the good and sovereign hand of the Lord, grace, obedience, purpose, priorities and dependence make up the core of life. Tying Their Shoes by Rob and Stephanie Green, lays the foundation for expecting parents to welcome a new addition into their home in light of the gospel.

GirlfriendIT 03-14-2019~ Who Am I Authentically? with Patty Wyatt

Are you stuck in dysfunction and unhealthiness? According to research, less than 20% ever feel like they reach their full potential. How do we fix that problem? How are we showing up the way God intended us to shine . . . created in His image? A few tips: • We each need to understand our own DNA’s – temperaments, and stories. • Know your personality so you can effectively communicate with others • If I don’t know who I am, I’m going to be threatened by you! • Complete not Compete /No more of the Comparison Game You are in integrity when the life you are living on the outside matches who you are on the inside ~ Alan Cohen

GirlfriendIT 02-28-2019~ Alive ~ Sexuality for Students with Nicholas Black

How do we spark great conversations about sexuality with students and their pastors, youth workers, and parents? Listen in as Nicholas Black shares the focus of a study called “Alive.” This study is not to enforce sexual morality or focus on shame. Rather, Alive meets students where they are and encourages them to live out of their identity as new creations of Christ and experience being truly alive because ‘Christ lives in me’

GirlfriendIT 02-07-2019 ~Being a mom requires a little bit of “CRAZY” in the equation!

If you are a mom . . . then you are very aware, motherhood has its share of challenges! Physically, mentally, emotionally and even spiritually Being a mom is one of the most rewarding experiences but usually a little crazy has to be a part of the ingredient. Listen in to Suzanne Gosselin and Gretta Kennedy, authors of Grit & Grace, as they share that even if a woman has read all the parenting books and received amazing advice from other moms, until she becomes a mom she won’t truly understand the responsibility and challenges that come with the title.

GirlfriendIT 01-31-2019 ~ Is Your World of Work Changing? ~ Patty Wyatt

What do employees want? Are we taking the time to ensure happy work environments? As a leader, are you doing a self check to ensure you are creating an atmosphere of fairness and transparency, to make the workplace more flexible, humane, and honest? Today ~ Listen in as we are unpack some Research from Josh Bersin ~ Global industry Analyst.

GirlfriendIT 01-10-2019 - Why do you think young adults are leaving the church?

Why do you think young adults are leaving the church? This is what they are saying: It’s not very entertaining. It’s hared for me to be engaged. I have Sports on Sundays It’s watered down and fake. People in the church are bigots or hypocritical. It’s Sooo big that I can’t find community. No one is investing in me. I don’t feel welcomed. It’s not relevant to my world. I don’t feel connected. I don’t have time. I want to relax and chill on Sunday.

GirlfriendIT 12-13-2018

GirlfriendIT 12-06-2018 ~ Goal Setting: Personal and Practical Tips

"The starting point of all achievement is desire. Keep this constantly in mind. Weak desires bring weak results, just as a small amount of fire makes a small amount of heat." ~ Napoleon Hill, in his timeless book, "Think and Grow Rich." So, what is your action steps? First . . . You have to really, really want to achieve this dream and turn it into a goal Listen in as Lisa and Patty discuss using the SMART Goal steps in making life happen!

GirlfriendIT 11-15-2018 ~ God Is Bigger Than A Juice Box with Rebecca Nevius

God Is Bigger Than A Juice Box . . When I first became a mom, my number one goal apart from keeping my child alive was SLEEP. It's all I could think about. It became more important than eating or pretty much anything else. SLEEP was the goal. Then when I popped out another child and started to manage two little hearts and minds and wild hands and bodies, my goal was to get some QUIET time. I just needed QUIET. Then came baby #3 and believe it or not, I started to get the hang of getting all the SLEEP and all the quiet. . . Listen in as Becca shares her "God is begged than a juice box story!"…/god-is-bigger-than-a-juice-boxpress/

GirlfriendIT 11-08-2018 ~ Real Change: Becoming More Like Jesus in Everyday Life with Andrew Nicholls

Do you ever experience those times or seasons in your life where you wrestle with the need for change? Most of us know there are things in our lives that could helpfully change, But many of us don’t have a Jesus-centered model for working that change through. All too often, even as Christians, we simply try to work on our behavior without looking at what is going on in our hearts. Listen in as we unpack a biblical view of what that looks like.

GirlfriendIT ~ Into the Deep: Diving Into a Life of Courageous Faith, with Lauren Gaskill 11-01-2018

Following Jesus doesn’t guarantee sunny skies and smooth sailing. In fact, the waters of life are often tumultuous, crashing over us. Sometimes we can feel we’re drowning in a sea of confusion, division, frustration, complacency, or disillusionment. We need more than a shallow faith to survive these deep waters. Listen in as speaker and author Lauren Gaskill shares her personal experience when she began to feel lost in a sea of anxiety, depression and unexplained chronic pain that was ripping apart her faith.

GirlfriendIT 10-25-2018 ~Alongside: Loving Teenagers with Drew Hill

If you are around a teenager for longer than five minutes, it’s easy to discover they are trying to figure life out. “Who am I? Where do I fit in? Why do I feel lonely? I have 1,000 ‘Instagram’ friends yet . . . I feel isolated. Listen in as Drew Hill share his insights to writing the book, Alongside. It is a crazy-good practical tool if you are raising or working with teenagers. Drew addresses the needs real teenagers encounter in their daily lives and how to engage their hearts rather than just change their behavior.

GirlfriendIT 10-11-2018 ~The Art of Negotiation

Listen in to Randy Kutz a former U.S. Marine Corps Veteran, graduate of the highly acclaimed Harvard Executive Leadership Program on Negotiation, as he tackles these questions: Is Negotiation a "Hard" or a "Soft" skill? - How is Negotiation related to Conflict Resolution? - What is one key takeaway for someone who wants to be a better negotiator? Maybe we can even negotiate our way through a fabulous family holiday!!

GirlfriendIT 10-04-2018~ A Life Rescued: with Kim Mishler

A Life Rescued: A story of Redemption, Adoption and Hope Here’s a message from Kim: Hi I’m Kim Mishler. I was Southern born and raised and transplanted to Northern Indiana’s Amish Country after meeting my husband. Life is good…and interesting! I’m convinced we are all afflicted with the “human condition” and because of that crazy things can happen! And as I approach my Vintage Years I have lots of “flare ups”! And the best medicine for these flare ups is laughter! If you can identify with life’s awkward moments and find the humor in them then you and I can be best of friends! That is, if I can remember you!

GirlfriendIT 09-27-2018 Julie Lowe Child Proof: Parenting by Faith not Formula

Best Tip for Recipe of Success in Parenting: Wisely Know Your Children Well. There is no formula.

GirlfriendIT 09-20-2018 Erica from PAX Financial Group.

What is your FILTER for Decision Making by Darryl Lyons. 1. Based on my legacy is this the right thing to do? 2. Based on my past experience,is this wise thing to do? 3. Will this be distraction? 4.What is the down side and chances that the downside might happen? 5. What makes me think I can beat the odds? 6. Did I get advice from a child, a friend and a sage? 7. Did I take a breath and pray? 8. Did I wait? 9. Did I consider my future self and others? 10. Did I consider the indirect consequences?

GirlfriendIT 09-13-2018 ~ author Darryl W. Lyons, CEO and cofounder of PAX Financial Group.

Discover your financial purpose! You will actually live longer . . . author Darryl W. Lyons, CEO and cofounder of PAX Financial Group.

GirlfriendIT 08-30-2018 ~ A Safe Place to Heal and Grow

You don’t have to look hard to see that our world is more addicted than ever. It is growing worse day by day, with more and more people turning to drugs and alcohol to escape life’s problems. In 2017, the National Institute on Drug Abuse estimated that abuse of tobacco, alcohol, and drugs costs the United States more than $740 billion annually, as it relates to crime, lost work productivity and health care. Yikes , I don’t know about you, but this is depressing. But there is hope! Author of Grace-Based Recovery: A Safe Place to Heal and Grow , Jonathan Daugherty, seeks to help people suffering from addiction, and find the only path to true freedom. Jonathan is the founder of BeBroken Ministries and the popular podcast and radio show Pure Sex, Jonathan has twenty years of personal recovery experience and over fifteen years of professional recovery experience. Nearly five years into your own recovery journey, he realized that simply behaving well is not going to cut it.

GirlfriendIT 08-02-2018 Hope After Betrayal with Meg Wilson & Singleness with Tatum Skogebo

Listen in with Meg Wilson as she provides reassuring counsel, compassionate insight, and wise direction to those who have found themselves in similar circumstances: Marriage with a Sex Addict (SA). By sharing her story, talking to other women who’ve walked the same road, and turning to Scripture, Meg Wilson has helped countless women through the steps to recovery—and shows how they can follow that same path out of the darkness.

GirlfriendIT 07-26-2018-Rediscovering Humility with Chris Hutchinson

Leadership styles are like fingerprints. They leave an unmistakable mark of influence on whatever they touch. And while we don’t get to choose our fingerprints, we do get to choose how we lead those around us. Some of us might need to push the pause button and step back, assess our leadership style and look for ways to improve. Is there room for more humility in how we are leading. In his new book, Rediscovering Humility Christopher Hutchinson urges the church to place humility—both individually and corporately—back as the central goal of Christian life and the best way we can grow and lead to be more like Jesus.

GirlfriendIT 07-12-2018~ Bringing a greater awareness to issues important to women around the world and encouraging them to live “every day brave.” With Rachel Linden

Sometimes a story can be used as an escape from the troubles of the world, but other times a story acts as a beam of light, illuminating situations we are not as aware of otherwise. With Becoming the Talbot Sisters Rachel Linden hopes to shed light on issues important to women around the world and encourage them to live what she describes as “every day brave.

GirlfriendIT 06-28-2018 The Secrets of Finding the Godly Catch

What if I never meet “My Person?” What if God wants me to be single for the rest of my days on earth? OR . . . What if today is the day? What if my ‘Mr. or Mrs. Amazing?’ is at Starbucks or Dutch? Perhaps in my business class? How will I know? Have I even considered the qualities I want in “MY Person?” Listen in to the “Secrets” to help prepare you for one of the biggest decisions you will ever make in your life.

GirlfriendIT 05-10-2018 Reaching for Wonder

When hardship strikes, life can hurt, right down to the soul. It can hurt to even hope things will get better when you’ve faced a spiritual crisis of doubt, disappointment, or a feeling of distance from God due to unanswered prayers and painful circumstances. What does he say to us when we have nothing left to say? How do we see him when pain has silenced our prayers and blinded our souls? It is in those times, we must reach out and encounter Christ. In Reaching for Wonder, Marlo Schalesky explores encounters with Christ to illuminate the surprising character of a God who transforms pain into wonder. Marlo also leads listeners to find hope in knowing that while their lives may not be what they had envisioned them to be, God is doing a mighty work in each and every life.

GirlfriendIT 05-03-2018- Embracing a Simpler Life

The lives of moms are all too often consumed with wearisome, empty striving. There is an expectation from the world to keep up appearances, meet certain standards, and find satisfaction in the offerings of this life such as success, admiration, and ease. However, God has set eternity in a mother’s heart, and deep inside, and it is impossible to not long for more. Heavenly Minded Mom: A 90 Day Journey to Embrace What Matters Most, popular Mommy blogger Katie Bennett helps point her fellow moms to view their role through God’s vantage point.

GirlfriendIT 04-26-2018 ~ Making Room ~ Doing Less So God Can Do More

How do we make room for God? ~ Some days it’s hard to to move forward with a relentlessly positive attitude when you are stuck in crazy situations. If you are listening in today, we will be chatting with women who allowed God to work through them and become unstuck! How do we make room for God and get out of the way?

GirlfriendIT 04-19-2018 Winning The Worry Battle

For those who struggle with worry and anxiety, each day can feel as if they are fighting a losing battle. According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, anxiety disorders are the most common mental illness in the U.S., affecting 40 million adults age 18 and older, or 18% of the population. Research also reveals that women are twice as likely to be affected by Panic Disorder, Generalized Anxiety Disorder, Social Anxiety Disorder, and specific phobias. From personal experience, author and Bible teacher Barb Roose understands what it means to battle with worry. She has written her new book Winning the Worry Battle: Life Lessons from the Book of Joshua to share the wisdom she’s garnered over the years to help other women gain victory over their anxieties.

GirlfriendIT 03-29-2018 Growing Kids with Character

In Growing Kids with Character: Nurturing Your Child's Potential, Purpose, and Passion, Hettie Brittz helps parents identify their child's natural bent and how that affects their parenting journey. Hettie's famous tree metaphors show ways to let kids excel at being who they naturally are. Author and speaker Hettie Brittz helps listeners identify their kids' natural bent and understand how that affects the parenting journey. Parents will learn how to: Cultivate each of their kids' unique way of encountering life, based on each child's blueprint. Recognize your child's strongest characteristics and apply that knowledge to everyday life. Speak your child's unique dialect (or "tree language") to foster effective communication. Help their children celebrate God's individualized design for others Hettie offers tools to parents for recognizing their kids' God-given personalities, guiding them on their spiritual journeys, and establishing their identity and purpose in Christ.

GirlfriendIT 03-01-2018 Vindicating the Vixens: Revisiting Sexualized, Vilified, and Marginalized Women of the Bible and Being Brave

Did Bathsheba have a #MeToo story? Listen in to Dr. Sandra Glahn, a professor at Dallas Theological Seminary. She will share her outstanding decade of research from her recent publication, Vindicating the Vixens: Revisiting Sexualized, Vilified, and Marginalized Women of the Bible. Also, don't miss your chance to BE BRAVE! Author Kelly Johnson unpacks her new book: Being Brave: A 40-Day Journey to the Life God Dreams for You.

GirlfriendIT 02-01-2018 Gospel Fluency: How do we share Jesus?

The Barna study, reported that 35 percent of Generation Z teens consider themselves atheist, agnostic or not affiliated with any religion! YIKES! Listen in to hear what Ben Connelly has to unpack re: The Gospel Fluency Handbook!

GirlfriendIT 01-11-2018 Avoiding the Greener Grass Syndrome: How to Grow Affair-Proof Hedges Around Your Marriage.

Avoiding the Greener Grass Syndrome: How to Grow Affair-Proof Hedges Around Your Marriage.

GirlfriendIT 01-04-2018

Amazing Autism-A Pair of Miracles

GirlfriendIT 12-14-2017

GirlfriendIT 11-30-2017

GirlfriendIT 11-09-2017

GirlfriendIT 10-26-2017

Give Me Joy with Liz Curtis Higgins

GirlfriendIT 10-19-2017

GirlfriendIT 09-07-2017: A Woman Overwhelmed with Hayley DiMarco

Women are often overwhelmed by the demands and circumstances of life, resulting in stress, fear, worry, impatience, fatigue, frustration and even depression. The emotional tolls are great but often result in physical symptoms, such as weight gain, insomnia, headaches, anxiety attacks and digestive problems. “Women have a list of things to be overwhelmed with, but most of the time it comes down to their to-do list, which includes working, nurturing, loving, exercising, cleaning, cooking and more,”Hayley explains. “We also tend to use comparison as a way of determining our value and our success. With all that has to be done, it would be much easier if everyone would do what we want them to do, but alas, our lack of being able to control others ends up overwhelming us as well.” In A Woman Overwhelmed, Hayley shares biblical insights and personal stories to show we were created to be overwhelmed, not by life, but by God. She offers a glimpse at the comedy of an overwhelmed life while encouraging readers to discover the depths and heights of God’s love and power. We can all relate but we don't have to stay in that state of being overwhelmed. On this podcast we shared our stories (sometimes at our own expense) of real life and how we are navigating through.

GirlfriendIT 08-17-2017

GirlfriendIT 08-03-2017

How to Find Freedom, Purpose, and Joy: Sacred Mundane with Kari Patterson.

GirlfriendIT 06-22-2017: Learning Change with Trisha Taylor

What emotion does the word, "change" evoke within you? How do you approach change on a personal and professional level? There is growing capacity to stay deeply and meaningfully engaged in an ongoing journey of joining God on God's mission in a rapidly changing world. As that journey unfolds, churches/organizations will have to reinvent themselves over and over. There is a lot of hope to be found when you have confidence you have the tools to change (reinvent yourself) as your context changes. Learning Change: Congregational Transformation Fueled by Personal, authors Jim Herrington and Trisha Taylor share the stories of church leaders who were able to transform their congregations by first making changes in their own lives. Our guest this week is Trisha Taylor and she shares insights, best practices and provides tools to learn about change for transformation.

GirlfriendIT 05-25-2017: Chasing Famous with Lisa Lloyd

How many times in life do we walk around thinking, “Will they like me, will they choose me, approve of me, or select me? Will I meet their expectations? However it's only when we realize we've already been selected by God that we find peace. Then we can live a life of security, knowing our job is not to be selected but to point people still seeking approval to the One who gives it unconditionally."

GirlfriendIT 05-18-2017: Questioning Evangelism with Randy Newman

What difference can 15 minutes a day make? Listen in to find out what and how. Also, great dialogue with our guest, Randy Newman, author of Questioning Evangelism and a Senior Fellow for Evangelism and Apologetics at The C. S. Lewis Institute in the Washington, DC area. He is also an adjunct faculty at Talbot School of Theology Questioning Evangelism offers sample conversations and suggested follow-up questions on a variety of topics that arise in evangelistic conversations, including:  Why are Christians so intolerant (or homophobic)?  Why does a good God allow evil and suffering such as terrorist attacks and AIDS?  Why should we believe an ancient book written by dead Jewish males?  If Jesus is so great, why are some of His followers such jerks? Let us know what you think???

GirlfriendIT 05-11-2017: 168 Film Project with John David Ware

We just learned and realized that we all have 168 hours in our week! What could you get done in that time? Our guest, JOHN DAVID WARE is an award-winning writer-director who created a film project for aspiring actors, writers, producers and directors and you'll hear the results. His credits include the feature film "Unbridled," starring Eric Roberts (The Dark Knight), TC Stallings (War Room), Dey Young (Pretty Woman) Jenn Gotzon (Frost/Nixon) and Rachel Hendrix (October Baby) and "The Chronicles of Hernia: The Lion, The Ditch and The Studio." John is currently producing an untitled feature film and an original TV series based on the short films of the 168 Film Project called "A Fresh Look at the Good Book." He is the Founder and President of 168 Film, which includes writing and film production competitions. "168" has helped propel the lives and careers of thousands of artists all over the world by teaching them to focus on excellence of craft and on God's Word. John has produced the 168 Film Festival for 15 years, featuring celebrities such as Candace Cameron Bure, (Full House), Zachary Levi (Tangled), and Stephen Baldwin (The Usual Suspects).

GirlfriendIT 05-04-2017 People of The Second Chance w/Mike Foster

Mike has appeared on Good Morning America, Fox News, and in the NY Times. He is a nationally recognized expert in helping people break free from hurts, dream new dreams, and find purpose in their pain. His tools show people how to crush shame, unhook from unhealthy habits and find freedom .Join us!

GirlfriendIT 04-14-2017 How to Stop the Negative Chatter w/Tracie Miles

Our thoughts can cause us to feel as if we’re sinking and can often sink our faith as well. When this happens, how can listeners who find themselves feeling as if they’re drowning in their problems and negative thoughts learn to stay afloat? Listen in as Tracie Miles shares how To Stop the Negative Chatter?

GirlfriendIT 03-02-2017: Spring Cleaning

It's that time of year when we begin thinking about Spring Cleaning. To many this evokes an overwhelming feeling (like us!). To others, just the thought of it causes an adrenaline rush. The question for many is, "where do I begin"? This show is filled with tips and strategies for tackling the piles and places where stuff has accumulated. It is amazing what you can accomplish in just 15 minutes with a strategy and plan. We share how! Join our conversation and in tackling spring cleaning.

GirlfriendIT 02-23-2017 Control Girl with Shannon Popkin

Our guest this week is Shannon Popkin. She is a writer, speaker and Bible teacher as well as a regular contributor for the Revive Our Hearts’ True Woman blog and The Dove Foundation’s parenting blog. Her articles have been published by Family Fun, Focus on the Family, MOMsense and recently her new book . . . Control Girl. Lessons on Surrendering Your Burden of Control from 7 Women in the Bible.

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GirlfriendIT 12-22-2016: Miscarried Joy with Tanika Fitzgerald

Our guest this week is Tanika Fitzgerald who works in consumer insights and strategy for a Fortune 100 company and holds an MBA in Strategic Marketing and Management from Arizona State University. Tanika offers hope for those dealing with incredible pain of loss, providing help to conquer discouragement and discover new purpose. She is passionate about using her platform to connect with the Christian community to help others discover their purpose. She Recently authored, Miscarried Joy: Moving Beyond Incredible Pain to Extraordinary Faith.

GirlfriendIT 12-15-2016: Waiting for Wonder with Marlo Schalesky

In a world of instant gratification where is your waiting meter? In today’s culture, waiting can seem like a constant nuisance. Whether it’s waiting in line, at the doctor’s office or in traffic, we are often presented with the struggle of not being in control of our own time. In Waiting for Wonder: Learning to Live on God’s Timeline (Marlo Schalesky encourages readers to think differently about our waiting periods of life. Marlo Schalesky is an award-winning author of 10 books, including both fiction and non-fiction. Her novels have garnered the high honors of the Christy Award and ACFW Book of the Year. Marlo’s non-fiction releases include Wrestling with Wonder: A Transformational Journey through the Life of Mary (Zondervan) and the latest, Waiting for Wonder: Learning to Live on God’s Timetable Also joining our show this week: Debbie Jones, Director of Bloom, a ministry of Stadia. Stadia transforms lives and communities through Church Planting and plants churches that intentionally care for children. Debbie understands the vital role that a spouse plays in starting a new church. She founded Stadia’s ministry called Bloom! Bloom empowers women to maximize their role in starting churches. It's a thought provoking conversation and will help you reframe how you experience the waiting seasons of life!

GirlfriendIT 12-01-2016: Seeing The Invisibles with Linda Znachko

Who are the invisibles in your world? It is not what you look at that matters, it’s what you see. Henry David Thoreau Who Counts? Unfortunately, we live in a world high on sensory stimuli that can keep us distracted and overwhelmed. We may be looking around but not necessarily seeing what's right in front of us. Do we do this with people? Our special guest, Linda Znachko, is the founder of He Knows Your Name, a ministry that gives children a name in life and dignity and honor in death. She also partners with mothers who do not want their children’s legacies to be the circumstances of their death. Her aim is to assist the grieving to find healing and purpose in knowing every life is sacred to God. Linda is a sought-after speaker in churches, conferences and retreats, and has been involved with discipling women for more than 25 years. Regularly involved with local and regional media, Linda works to bring attention to the problem of abandoned, unwanted and marginalized children. A couple of thoughts from the show; •The problem when you stop and take time to really “see” – it creates a responsibility to take action. •We all want to matter – we all want to have a voice and be heard. Ask God: Who do you want me to see this Christmas season?

GirlfriendIT 11-17-2016: Intentional Friendships with Liz Curtis Higgs

Are you intentional with your time and your friendships? Great discussion with one of our favorites, Liz Curtis Higgs! Women of Faith, Women of Joy, Extraordinary Women, Among Friends, Time Out for Women, Moody Women, Women of Virtue, Win-some Women, Women’s Journey of Faith, Women Who Worship, Christian Women Communicating International—if it’s a conference for and about women, Liz Curtis Higgs is honored to be there. Her messages are biblical, encouraging, down-to-earth, and profoundly funny, helping both sisters and seekers embrace the truth of God’s amazing, unchanging grace. You are invited to join the conversation!

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GirlfriendIT 09-29-2016: Life Creative with Wendy Speake

Joining this show is our special guest, Wendy Speake author of Life Creative is a trained actress and heartfelt teacher. She ministers to women’s hearts through storytelling and life applications, utilizing drama, comedy, poetry and the study of God’s Word. Life Creative is a book written to encourage moms, but it is not your average parenting book on raising kids. Wendy found herself longing to tell stories that edify and encourage women. She is the author of Triggers: Exchanging Parents’ Angry Reactions for Gentle Biblical Responses

GirlfriendIT 09-22-2016: Experiencing God Through His Names with Sheryl Giesbrecht

"What comes into our minds when we think about God is the most important thing about us." So says A.W. Tozer in his classic book on the attributes of God. Joining this show was our special guest, Sheryl Giesbrecht. Sheryl's radio show, "Transformed Through Truth," is nationally syndicated and heard daily by more than 21 million listeners on networks around the world. Sheryl also founded Transformed Through Truth, Inc., a nonprofit specializing in mentoring through transformation discipleship. She is the author of three books, including Get Back Up: Trusting God When Life Knocks You Down and her newest release, Experiencing God Through His Names.

GirlfriendIT 09-15-2016: Between Us Girls with Trish Donahue

You feel more than mommy guilt. You feel a deep and growing conviction that you must do something to disciple your daughter. But what? How can a busy mom make sure that her daughter learns about the most important things in life: what Jesus did for her on the cross and how to be faithful to him in this broken world? Author Trish Donohue has been there, and that’s why she wrote Between Us Girls: Walks and Talks for Moms and Daughters. These twenty-six gospel-driven talks are a fun and easy guide for mothers and daughters.

GirlfriendIT 08-25-2016: #GuiltyNotGuilty with Hettie Brittz and Bloom

Hettie Brittz, author of (un)Natural Mom. Hettie shared with us the idea of a “natural mother” and explores four primary parenting styles, guiding us to discover the strengths we already possess. Drawing from her years of experience working with children as a speech pathologist and adapting homeschooling to fit her own children, Hettie developed the Tall Trees Parenting Profile. Take the free online test to discover your own unique Tree Types and begin to understand that YOU are already the mother you were meant to be. Each type of mother is compared to a type of tree — a palm tree, rose bush, pine tree, or boxwood — based on qualities the mother and tree have in common. In fact, Hettie believes each mother’s “imperfections” are exactly what makes her the perfect mother for her children. Michelle Parker, leads and serves with other church planter’s wives in the ministry of Bloom to Connect, Empower, and Lead. Bloom also empowers women to maximize their role in starting churches. Michelle is a lover of change, newness, and fixing what ain’t workin’! She’s an author, speaker, and musician. You will leave this show “lighter” in your spirit and ready to shed the guilt.

GirlfriendIT 08-18-2016: No Regrets with Rhonda Stoppe

How can you live a life regret free? Impossible? Maybe. We had a fascinating conversation with Rhonda Stoppe about this very subject. Rhonda is the author of Moms Raising Sons to be Men, which mentors thousands of moms to guide sons toward a no-regrets life. Her latest book, If My Husband Would Change, I’d Be Happy & Other Myths Wives Believe, is helping countless women build no-regrets marriages. Rhonda provides resources that help you live life intentionally, without regrets! Stop by her website

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GirlfriendIT 07-07-2016: You Are Not Alone with Dena Yohe

Inspiring and Practical, our guest, Dena Yohe is the mother of a formerly troubled daughter, Renee Yohe. Reneé was the suicidal, addicted, depressed, self-harming girl whose situation led friends to start the well-known nonprofit To Write Love on Her Arms. Reneé’s life was also portrayed in the 2015 Sony Pictures release by the same name. In a powerful new book, You Are Not Alone: Hope for Hurting Parents of Troubled Kids, Dena comes alongside parents whose teenage or young adult children are making destructive choices. With compassion and wisdom, she shows parents healthy ways to cope with the challenges that affect their social relationships, physical and emotional health, and spiritual wellbeing. Dena provides hope that parents can find peace and support as they walk through their child’s season of crisis. Such a great dialogue for anyone - especially parents of troubled teens!

GirlfriendIT 06-23-2016: Saturate with Jeff Vanderstelt and Kimberly Bolden

What could it look like if we lived as disciples of Jesus in the everyday stuff of life? How much would change in our world and worlds? We have many challenges facing us today. What we need is Jesus and those who profess to follow Him to actually step in and love and live as He would. Great conversation today about our true identity, racial reconciliation, living with diversity and choosing to love in ordinary ways. Jeff Vanderstelt and Kimberly Bolden join our conversation. Jeff is the author of Saturate: Being Disciples of Jesus in the Everyday Stuff of Life. Kimberly leads and serves with other church planter’s wives in the ministry of Bloom and leads in a multi-ethnic community in Atlanta.

GirlfriendIT 04-14-2016: Life Interrupted with Carolyn Moor and Melissa Hoover with Bloom

Have you had a life situation that rocked your world and turned it upside down? Carolyn Moor is a mom, an award winning interior designer and the founding director of Modern Widows Club, a nonprofit leading a movement to enable and empower widows to become extraordinary mentors, leaders, advocates and builders of local communities. She's been featured in The Wall Street Journal, Orlando Sentinel, Houston Chronicle and seen on NPR, PBS, HuffPostLIVE, TLC, as well as, The Oprah Winfrey Show as a model of ordinary courage, compassion, visionary action and resilience. Melissa Hoover is a mom of 3 (2 girls (7 and 9) and very newly adopted 2 year old son from DR Congo in Africa) who's been home only 4 weeks! She is a Registered Dietitian by profession and works part time teaching and counseling individuals and families about healthy eating. She also love all things fitness and helping athletes with their performance nutrition. Melissa is a wife of a church planter and helped plant Momentum Christian Church in McDonough, GA almost 10 years ago. She is also a leader in the ministry of Bloom. Bloom is under the umbrella of Stadia which transforms Lives and Communities Through Church Planting and plants churches that intentionally care for children. And . . . They won’t stop…until every child has a church.”

GirlfriendIT 04-07-2016: If I Run with Terri Blackstock

We are joined on Girlfriendit Radio by Terri Blackstock who is a New York Times best-selling author of titles such as Intervention, Vicious Cycle and Downfall and her new release, If I Run. In her 30-year career as a novelist, she has sold seven million copies worldwide. She is the winner of three Carol Awards, a Christian Retailers’ Choice Award and a Romantic Times Book Reviews Career Achievement Award, among others. In 1994, Terri was writing secular romance novels under two pseudonyms when a spiritual awakening prompted her to switch gears. Her newly awakened faith wove its way into the tapestry of her popular suspense novels, offering hope instead of despair. Her goal is to entertain with page-turning plots, while challenging her readers to think and grow. “I wanted to see if I could incorporate a suspenseful plot with faith-based elements that pointed people to Christ rather than giving them stumbling blocks,” Terri explains. She has told her personal testimony on a number of national television programs as well as numerous radio programs across the country. Terri was vulnerable and shared great insights into her life and her writing. Patty and Lisa also shared some effective leadership tips when leading small groups.

GirlfriendIT 04-04-2016: God's Not Dead 2 with actor Paul Kwo

It was an honor to have actor, PAUL KWO join this special edition of Girlfriendit Radio! Not only is Paul one of the supporting lead actors of the feature film franchise "God's Not Dead" and “God's Not Dead 2” which released April 1, he is also a singer, musician, entrepreneur and beyond! Paul is also known for his work on Thor: The Dark World and Pacific Rim and 2012 and other TV hit series. Paul plays his signature role of Martin Yip in this sequel, to the 60 million dollar blockbuster hit God's Not Dead. Here's just a few of the questions we asked Paul: How did you get the role in God’s Not Dead? How has playing a role in these movies influenced or impacted your own personal faith? Is there a particular scene that has resonated or stuck with you? Why are you personally drawn to God’s Not Dead 2 and what do you want our listeners to know about this film? We encourage our listeners to step into your role as a voice not only for this movie but to help others realize God is Not Dead but fully alive and active and how that changes everything!!!

GirlfriendIT 03-31-2016: Critical Conversations with Tom Gilson

The stakes couldn’t be higher today for parents who want (and need) to navigate effectively through critical conversations with their kids, especially teens. Just thinking about the words, critical and conversation can cause one to break out in a rash! So, how do we have those needed critical conversations? Dare we even put our big toe in the discussion pool on the topic of homosexuality? It is a landmine buried with pain ready to ignite? Does it have to be that way? Is there a conversation you are avoiding? Is there a conversation you hesitate having with your child or teen? You are not alone. We invite you to join in on our conversation on Girlfriendit Radio with author, Tom Gilson. Tom has written Critical Conversations: A Christian Parents' Guide to Discussing Homosexuality with Teens. You will gain a better understanding for having this critical conversation as well as a new set of tools for those difficult conversations you are facing with a spouse, friend, co-worker or neighbor. We all need to get better at how we communicate.

GirlfriendIT 03-24-2016: Perspective on your Story with Sherri Burgess and Bloom

What challenges do you face in living your story? We experience different seasons throughout our lives. When we find ourselves in the midst of a season of pain, how do we see beyond? Great conversation about putting your story in perspective and in light of God's larger narrative. There is hope and joy. Sherri Burgess is the wife of nationally syndicated radio host Rick Burgess of “The Rick and Bubba Show.” They are both sought-after ministry speakers and marriage conference hosts. A former news anchor turned author, Sherri is also mother to two teenage sons at home and two adult children. Her prayer is that the loss of her youngest son, Bronner, will continue to produce fruit for God for many years to come. Stephanie Wilkerson is a leader with the ministry of Bloom is under the umbrella of Stadia which transforms lives and communities through church planting and plants churches that intentionally care for children. She and her husband Michael moved from Atlanta to Memphis two years ago to plant a multi-ethnic church in Memphis, TN. They have three boys and have been married almost 19 years and says that church planting is probably the hardest thing they’ve ever done. They are intentionally multi-ethnic in a city that still struggles with racial harmony.

GirlfriendIT 03-10-2016: What Makes A Great Story? Jennifer Myhre

“The best stories enlarge our understanding of the world, excite our imagination, and make us think of THE story sung by angels in heaven.” Jack Klumpenhower What makes a great story for you? We all know that stories stick and have the potential and power to change us. Our special guest this week is Jennifer Myhre who serves as a doctor in East Africa where she has worked alongside her husband, Dr. Scott Myhre, for more than two decades. She earned her medical degree from Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine and completed her pediatric training at Northwestern University’s Children’s Memorial Hospital. She also received a Master’s in Public Health degree from Johns Hopkins School of Public Health. She has given a special focus in her work to HIV prevention and nutrition and has invested heavily in training emerging indigenous leaders. She is the author of A Chameleon, a Boy, and a Quest which educates and creates awareness of life in East Africa through a compelling story. It’s a story that will stick with you and if you allow it, possibly change you???

GirlfriendIT 02-18-2016: Tying the Knot with Rob Green and Bloom

When it comes to challenges and conflicts in relationships do you default to fight or flight? On our show this week we talked about relationships we share in life, especially as married couples. What conversations should we be having? Which ones should we avoid? How do we create priorities for success? Listen in as our guest, Dr Bob Green, shares wisdom and insights gleaned over many years of counciling experience. Bob serves on the council board of the Biblical Counseling Coalition and has authored a number of counseling mini books. We talk about his recent book, Tying The Knot. Ila Taylor joins us from our ministry partner, Bloom. Bloom is a dynamic leadership network for church planting wives.

GirlfriendIT 02-11-2016: Leading and Mentoring with Suzanne Burden and Natasha Robinson

Look around you, you are the sum of the 5 closest people in your life. How are they affecting you? Listen in to our conversation about intentional leadership and mentoring. What does effective mentoring look like? Suzanne Burden coauthored the book Reclaiming Eve: The Identity and Calling of Women in the Kingdom of God and the Reclaiming Eve Small Group DVD. Natasha Robinson is the author of Mentor for Life: Finding Purpose through Intentional Discipleship. She is a gifted Bible teacher and writer, in addition to being an anti-human trafficking advocate, champion for education, and community organizer. With over 15 years of leadership and mentoring experience in the military, government, church, seminary, and nonprofit sectors, she is a sought after consultant and speaker.

GirlfriendIT 01-28-2016: Living Your Dreams with James Rubart

What advice would you give to younger self? Ever wish you could go back in time and change certain decisions? What would you tell yourself in ten years? We explore the realities of these and other questions in our conversation with author, James L. Rubart. James has a B.A. in broadcast journalism and for more than 20 years has also owned and operated his own marketing company. Ever since he was a little boy, James dreamed of writing novels but didn't begin his journey as an author until 2002. He just released his newest book, The Five Times I Met Myself. So, what would you tell your younger self? Listen in . . .

GirlfriendIT 01-14-2016: Pass it On with Dr Justin Holcomb, Dr.Jim Burns and Jeremy Lee

Are the youth our leaders of tomorrow or today? Joining our show is an all star cast with authors and experts, Dr. Justin Holcomb, Dr Jim Burns and Jeremy Lee. It’s perhaps a parent’s greatest fear — that at some point his or her child will become a victim of sexual abuse. The statistics are alarming: Approximately one in five children will become victims by his or her 18th birthday. Justin Holcomb is a minister and a professor at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary. He has a PhD in theology, co-founded and serves on the boards of REST (Real Escape from the Sex Trade) and GRACE (Godly Response to Abuse in Christian Environments). He has authored, co-authored or edited more than 10 books. Justin and Lindsey Holcomb have responded to parents’ concerns by writing God Made All of Me a resource for moms and dads who want to protect and educate their children. Why is it so important for parents to create a spiritual legacy for their children? Jeremy Lee: Jeremy is the founder of, a subscription-based service for children and youth ministry workers. Dr Jim Burns: Jim is a renowned youth and family expert, acclaimed author and founder of the HomeWord radio program that reaches more than 1 million people across the country every day. He is president of HomeWord and executive director of the HomeWord Center for Youth and Family at Azusa Pacific University, a research and training institute offering biblically based resources for parents and youth. Under Burns, the center has become the largest provider of Christian parenting and youth seminars in the United States. From listening to this show you will gain practical tools for communicating with your child and impacting your family legacy - starting now!

GirlfriendIT 01-07-2016: I Have A Dream With Rachel Hauck and Darryl Lyons

Two dynamic leaders who took the risks, dared to dream and made the sacrifices! Rachel Hauck is USA Today best-selling and award-winning author of critically acclaimed novels such as The Wedding Dress, Love Starts with Elle and Once Upon A Prince. She also wrote the Songbird Novels with multi-platinum recording artist Sara Evans. Booklist named their novel Softly and Tenderly one of their 2011 “Top Ten Inspirationals.” Darryl Lyons is Co-Founder and CEO of PAX Financial Group, LLC where he leads a team of talented people who passionately helped others with their personal finances. He is a successful small business entrepreneur and co-founder of the Radio Show “Financial Mythbusters”. Darryl just released his newest book, Small Business Big Pressure which is a collision of wisdom and knowledge designed for the 20 year veteran or the soon-to-be entrepreneur. When the business owner aligns all facets of his company with God, something special happens. Lots of golden nuggets of wisdom and for those who dare to step into their dreams!

GirlfriendIT 12-17-2015: How do you define yourself? Mary Ellen Mann and Vanessa Pugh

Identity is a powerful thing. Knowing your true identity is even more power-filled and freeing. Too often we define ourselves by what we do rather than who we are. On this show we talk about shedding the victim identity that often comes from the shame of sexual abuse. Healing is possible and attainable. Our Guests: Mary Ellen Mann: In From Pain to Power: Overcoming Sexual Trauma and Reclaiming Your True Identity Mary Ellen combines clinical expertise with profound Biblical truths. Her own personal experiences of having suffered through sexual violation, lends even more credibility and value to her fearless voice. Mary Ellen is an outspoken opponent to the victim status many women bear in silence and shame. She seeks to not just encourage women, but to also equip them with the spiritual weapons they need to thrive as “Princess Warriors.” Vanessa Pugh: Vanessa is the Assistant Director of Spouse and Family Support for Stadia. She has presented at several Exponential workshops, various women's events and is on the preaching team at Velocity. Vanessa and her husband Scott planted Velocity Church in Cleveland, OH in 2009.

GirlfriendIT 12-03-2015 Loving is an Attitude! Sheila Wray Gregoire and Jill Buteyn

Loving is an Attitude! What is your plan to love? What does loving your friend, your spouse, your family, even your enemy look like? We had two very special authors join our show. We have to warn you, our first two segments were rated, PG-13, as we had a very candid conversation about expectations and attitudes on sex - especially from a woman's point of view. You will lean into what author, Sheila Wray Gregoire had to say. She recently published, Nine Thoughts That Can Change Your Marriage. Our second guest, Jill Buteyn, author of Just Show Up: the Dance of Walking Through Suffering Together talked on the sacredness of walking with a friend through terminal cancer. How do you love through the uncomfortableness? Great insights from both of these guests.

GirlfriendIT 10-29-2015: Tattered and Mended with Cynthia Ruchti and Emily Rose Massey

Don’t you wish there was a formula or a pill for solutions and healing from the pains of life? We all have moments when we feel shattered, wounded and needing to piece together the broken pieces of our hearts and lives. It isn’t easy but there is healing and hope. Our guests this week: Drawing from 33 years of experience in writing and producing an on-air radio broadcast . . . Cynthia Ruchti tells stories hemmed in Hope through her novels, nonfiction books, devotionals as well as speaking for women’s events and retreats. For anyone who has been battered and bruised by the storms of life, award-winning author Cynthia Ruchti has penned her new book, Tattered and Mended: the Art of Healing the Wounded Soul Our next guest is Author and Speaker, Emily Rose Massey. She is a contributing writer to, Start Marriage Right, and Family Christian as an affiliate reviewer and blogger of new products. Her writing has also been featured in Lifeway Women’s Journey Devotional Magazine and Shattered Magazine. Her latest book is, Yielded in His Hands: Becoming a Vessel for God’s Glory.

GirlfriendIT 10-22-2015: Your Story Matters with Laurie Coombs and Joel Peabody

Are you aware of the story you live and do you see it’s worth and value? In a day and age where truth is debated and experience reigns supreme, our stories speak volumes. Our two guests today: In 2010, Laurie Coombs was called to forgive the man who murdered her father. What happened as a result of that journey is now the subject of her new book, Letters from My Father’s Murderer (Kregel, 2015). Her story has also been featured in Billy Graham’s new film, Heaven, a part of the “My Hope with Billy Graham” national broadcast. Laurie writes on her blog and is a regular writer for and Joel Peabody: Where your story and Gods story converge. The Awaken Movement began as a organization designed to integrate music, art and worship as a catalyst to ignite church-goers into action-oriented faith. It is aimed at serving the local communities through acts of justice.

GirlfriendIT 10-15-2015: Crazy Little Thing Called Love with Beth Vogt and Sarah Cantu with Bloom

Has there been a time in your life when you uttered the words, “I will never” either out loud or to yourself? Many times these words can come back to haunt us! What could these words mean to you in various areas of your life, even in your marriage? This week on Girlfriendit Radio we will be talking with author, Beth K. Vogt, who recently published her latest book, Crazy Little Thing Called Love, which is the first book in her new Destination Wedding Series. Following Beth we will be talking with ministry and community leader, Sarah Cantu, from our partner ministry of Bloom.

GirlfriendIT 10-01-2015: Who's Your Hero? Melanie Dobson and Dr Natalie Eastman

On Girlfriendit Radio This Week: Melanie Dobson is the award-winning author of 14 historical romance, suspense and contemporary novels. We discussed the background and dynamics of her latest book, Shadows of Ladenbrooke Manor (keeping family secrets, and a character with autism). Dr. Natalie Eastman: is the author of Women, Leadership, and the Bible: How Do I Know What to Believe? A Practical Guide to Biblical Interpretation. Such a great discussion about fears women face when it comes to exploring the Bible about the topic of women in church leadership roles.

GirlfriendIT 09-24-2015: Redeeming Pleasure with Jeremy Jernigan and Anita Higman

How good is God really??? Do you ever think this thought? We had such a great conversation with author, Jeremy Jernigan and his new book, Redeeming Pleasure. (Worthy Publishing, September 2015) Pleasure offers many interpretations and often presents a struggle within today’s culture. Craving it, seeking it and understanding its intent from God is the focus of his book. Also on the show was author, Anita Higman who is a CBA bestselling and award-winning author with 40 books published, several of which she co-authored. Her latest, Summer's List will make you reflect on your own life and where you are going, while enjoying a captivating "fairy tale" story.

GirlfriendIT 09-17-2015: Fun with a Purpose with Liz Curtis Higgs and Bloom

Great conversation about giving each other permission to have fun living life. Lots of humor and authentic conversation. More discussion about living in abandonment and joy with our guest New York Times bestseller author Liz Curtis Higgs! Liz is the author of 32 books with 4.5 million copies in print, including her million-selling series, Bad Girls of the Bible, and The Girl’s Still Got It. Also joining us is Debbie Jones from our partner ministry, Bloom.

GirlfriendIT 09-10-2015: Find Your Happy with Hillary Manton Lodge and Sarah Sundin

Great conversation about the realities of our culture where we lean in to living through other people stories and avoid our own. (Think reality TV) How does this affect us at our core? Join us for some happiness as we chat with Hillary Manton Lodge, the author of Reservations for Two, A Table by the Window, Plain Jayne, a Carol Award Finalist, and Simply Sara, an ECPA Bestselling book. We also have Sarah Sundin, the author of The Wings of the Nightingale series and Wings of Glory series. Sarah just launched her new World War II series, Waves of Freedom, with Through Waters Deep. Anchor in the Storm is expected to release in summer 2016.

GirlfriendIT 09-03-2015: Changing The World - One Red Ruby Slipper at a Time! with Dr. Michelle Anthony and Megan Marshman

Join us as we learn together how to apply our faith with Dr. Michelle Anthony, the vice president and publisher of learning resources at David C Cook and a popular speaker in the area of family ministry. (She is the author of Spiritual Parenting, The Big God Story and Becoming a Spiritually Healthy Family.) We also have Megan Marshman, the director of student resources and production for David C Cook and has led and challenged thousands of students in their faith at Christian Camps.

GirlfriendIT 08-20-2015: Overcoming with Bloom and Becky Wade

How do you see life’s challenges and obstacles? Do you accept challenges as opportunities for growth and discovery? Do you lean in to them to learn? Do your challenges from the past define you? Do you deny what it is in front of you without embracing moments for God to reveal Himself in personal ways to you? Do you quit too soon, before a miracle is about to break open? Do you see yourself as someone, who with God’s strength, can overcome? Our first guest on Girlfriendit Radio this week is from our partner ministry, Bloom, which inspires and connects church planting wives. Bloom is under the umbrella of Stadia which plants churches that intentionally care for children. “They won’t stop…until every child has a church.” Tracie Raitz, and her husband, Jason, planted Thrive Church in Mt Pleasant, MI almost 2 years ago. Tracie is in charge of Thrive Kidz Operations and Jason is the lead pastor. Two of their four kids are living with a genetic disorder, but they are thriving as a family! Our second guest, Becky Wade is the Carol Award-and Inspirational Reader’s Choice Award-winning author of My Stubborn Heart, Undeniably Yours, Meant to Be Mine and her latest, A Love Like Ours. Becky and her husband lived overseas in the Caribbean and Australia before settling in Dallas, Texas. It was during her years abroad when Becky’s passion for reading turned into a passion for writing. She published three historical romances for the general market then put her career on hold to care for her kids. When God called her back to writing, she knew He meant for her to turn her attention to Christian fiction.

GirlfriendIT 08-13-2015: What Do You Carry? with Dr Michelle Bengtson and Suzanne Woods Fisher

A great conversation about dealing with depression, finding hope and practicing forgiveness! Author, speaker and board certified clinical neuropsychologist, Dr. Michelle Bengtson. She knows pain and despair firsthand and combines her professional expertise and personal experience with her faith to address issues surrounding medical and mental disorders, both for those who suffer and for those who care for them. She offers sound practical tools, affirms worth, and encourages faith. Dr. Michelle Bengtson offers hope as a key to unlock joy and relief—even in the middle of the storm. She blogs regularly on her own site: Dr. Bengtson’s first solo project comes out in 2016 entitled “Hope Prevails: Insights From a Doctor’s Personal Journey Through Depression." Suzanne Woods Fisher is a bestselling author of Amish fiction and non-fiction. We will be discussing her recent book, The Heart of the Amish. Suzanne says, you don’t have to “go Amish” to incorporate many of their principles into your life: simplicity, living with less, appreciating nature, forgiving others more readily, trusting in God. We will start out with, “What is the number-one lesson the Amish can teach us about forgiveness?”

GirlfriendIT 07-30-2015: Safe Friendships with Pamela Havey Lau and Bob Smithouser

With women longing for meaningful connections to help them grow in their faith and find emotional wholeness, now is the perfect time to interview our guest Pamela Havey Lau’s. Her new book, A Friend in Me: How to be a Safe Haven for Other Women will help answer the question that so many of us have, “Why do we feel so isolated and alone?” We also want to dig into a Christian perspective on popular entertainment via articles and blogs, by Bob Smithouser who has over 20 years of service at Focus on the Family and co-hosts The Official Adventures in Odyssey Podcast. A few tips in pursuing relationships: 1.Love Jesus and Love others so much, that you can’t help but see people through Gods lens. 2.Give Love instead of judging. 3.Fully Listen 4.Be aware of your self-talk (or what you are listening to the enemy say.)

GirlfriendIT 07-23-2015: The Next Generation

So what do we do to help the next generation? How are we inspiring and challenging them to see beyond themselves and that they have something to offer that will make a difference? We dive into this will effective tools and ideas on what it takes and what it can look like to live mission minded. Joining us this week, we are excited to welcome back Ann Dunagan. Ann is the author of The Mission-Minded Child, and has much to share with us about pointing our children and youth to Jesus. Also joining us is Anne Milam, a leader and a woman who inspires, from our ministry partner, Bloom.

GirlfriendIT 06-18-2015: Unafraid with Susie Davis and Bloom

We are excited for our dialogue this week on Girlfriendit Radio with our two special guests, Susie Davis and Amber Ancarrow. Author Susie Davis found herself stuck in a decades-long relationship with fear and anxiety after experiencing a profound tragedy when she was in the 8th grade. That day changed everything for Susie “I didn’t realize it then, but that was the beginning of my breakup with God. I don’t think I ever stopped loving him, but I definitely stopped trusting him,” says Susie. She is the author of the recent book, Unafraid: Trusting God in an Unsafe World. Amber Ancarrow from the ministry of Bloom/Stadia lives and serves her community in Baltimore, which recently experienced racial tension and riots. Fear is not defining them or the community, and Amber will talk with us about what they are doing to love their city and promote unity. This will be a show about hope and restoration!

GirlfriendIT 06-11-2015: Living in Suspense with Colleen Coble

Joining us this week on Girlfriendit Radio is best selling author of romantic, suspense and mystery books, Colleen Coble. She has more than two million books in print and writes romantic mysteries because she loves to see justice prevail. Colleen is CEO of American Christian Fiction Writers. We talk about tension points in life and appropriate ways of dealing with it.

GirlfriendIT 06-04-2015: Do You Want To Change The World? Amanda Leaks

Joining us this week on Girlfriendit Radio: Amanda Leaks Recently, Ryan Leaks made headlines for getting engaged and married on the same day to his now wife, Amanda Roman. Ryan secretly planned their entire wedding for two years without her knowing a thing. Ryan and his team captured the entire day to produce “The Surprise Wedding” which went viral a few short months after the two got hitched. They’ve been featured on Good Morning America, The Today Show, CNN, The Queen Latifah Show, and many other various media outlets. Ryan and Amanda authored the book, The One: An Amazing Love Story Starts with You! Great tips for a healthy relationship and marriage! Are you the ONE?

GirlfriendIT 05-21-2015: Melissa Hofmeister and Tamera Alexander

Let’s keep the laughter flowing as we chat with our returning guest, Melissa Hofmeister from our partner ministry, Bloom. We also have the pleasure of hearing from USA Today bestselling author Tamera Alexander, author of her recent novel, To Win Her Favor. Set during the tumultuous years following the Civil War, Tamera takes us inside the emotions and history. When God empowers us our lives become an overabundance of adventures!

GirlfriendIT 05-07-2015: Shine! with Sue Ann Cordell and Kristy Cambron

Join us this week as we look at the positive things in life with author Sue Ann Cordell. Her books, Simplify, A Life Anchored in Purpose; Social Graces, A Practical Guide to Surviving the Holidays; How To Be A Light In A Dark World; and Ready, Set, Start Over offer practical advice, and new ways of looking at life. Her thought provoking writing style keeps people coming back for more. Sue Ann is the founder of SHINEWORTHY Lifestyles. Her passion is to train and equip men and women to take a positive approach to life. She influences the lives of people all over the world with her daily blog. Her motto is straightforward: “Stay positive, and live the life out of every day.” Also joining our show is author, Kristy Cambron. Kristy fancies life as a vintage-inspired storyteller. Her debut historical novel, The Butterfly and the Violin (Thomas Nelson, 2014), was named to Library Journal Reviews’ “Best Books of 2014,” Kristy brings high energy and inspiring stories to our conversation.

GirlfriendIT 04-30-2015

GirlfriendIT 04-16-2015

GirlfriendIT 04-09-2015: More Than A Statistic with Tricia Goyer

I am not a statistic. And you know why I’m not a statistic? Because God doesn’t do them. –Tricia Goyer Tricia Goyer joins our show. She is a writer, blogger, family advocate and host of Living Inspired Radio. She has published 50 books to date with her recent book, Teen Mom: You’re Stronger than You Think. She understands the feelings of feeling like a statistic. Born to a single mom, Tricia found herself pregnant at 17, and she remembers what it felt like to carry the weight of the world on her shoulders. You are gonna love her story and walk away inspired.

GirlfriendIT 04-02-2015: What Are You Waiting For? with Tez Brooks

Waiting is hard, we can be left feeling overlooked, even discarded by God. What do we do during those times? Stay the course, keep trusting in God that He sees the bigger picture and is in control, and don't rely and respond to our feelings of restlessness and doubt. It is a hard process but necessary if we truly want to embrace a significant life with Christ. Our guest this week on Girlfriendit Radio is Tez Brooks, who is an international speaker, author of numerous articles and most recently, he authored the book, The Single Dad Detour: Directions for Fathering After Divorce. He understands the significance of the waiting game, and being a single divorced father. The Single Dad Detour was born out of the difficult and painful lessons Tez learned along the way.

GirlfriendIT 03-26-2015: Happily Ever After with Terri Blackstock

Our special guest, Terri Blackstock is a New York Times best-selling author who has sold six million copies worldwide. She is the winner of three Carol Awards, a Christian Retailers Choice Award and a Romantic Times Book Reviews Career Achievement Award, among others. In 1994, Terri Blackstock was writing secular romance novels under two pseudonyms when a spiritual awakening prompted her to switch gears. Her newly awakened faith wove its way into the tapestry of her popular suspense novels, offering hope instead of despair. Some things we talk about: Many people feel as though they’ve done things in their lives “out of order.” Do you think God holds those things against us? After suffering the consequences of bad decisions, it’s tempting to try and piece together your life by yourself — to get your life on-track by being “good.” Why does this never completely work? Listen Now!

GirlfriendIT 03-19-2015: Mission Minded Living with Suzi Lantz/Bloom

Have you ever made a decision that just doesn't make sense to others? How do you find Margin when you are Living on Mission? We are called to pour out, but we need to find the balance to pour into our own kids, husband and ourselves. At the same time there are always NEEDS all around. How do we live with margin? We often wait for BIG promptings from God to start living on mission. What are small ways to start living intentionally with the people in the places God has placed us in right now? Great conversation and insights with Suzi Lantz from the ministry of Bloom/Stadia. Hint: When starting something new as in a ministry . . . take time to observe, ask good questions, and give yourself space before you plunge in and get too deep too fast!

GirlfriendIT 03-12-2015: Finding Hope with Beth Kempshall and Halo Matzelle

Do you live with hope in your life and hope for the world? Two significant voices of hope: Beth Kempshall who has served as the Executive Director of the Arizona High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area (HIDTA) since January 2011. The Arizona HIDTA coordinates and supports the efforts of more than 636 sworn law enforcement officials from 70 agencies to target the most significant drug trafficking and money laundering organizations impacting Arizona. Law enforcement continues to do all it can from a criminal law standpoint, conducting investigations, making arrests and seizures. But what else, from your point of view, needs to be done to help decrease drug use, addiction, and crime that results from the opiate prescription/heroin use epidemic we are facing? She shares great tips for parents in identifying suspected drug use and how to become more intentionally aware of trends and what's happening around us. Also, joining our show is Halo Matzelle. Halo led a charmed life until receiving a shocking diagnosis in 2011 of a rare brain tumor sitting over the main artery in her brain. She details her painful diagnosis, risky surgery and miraculous recovery in her memoir, Halo Found Hope. Halo’s passion is helping those who face various challenges and afflictions discover where true hope is found.

GirlfriendIT 03-05-2015: Get Your Joy Back with Laurie Wallin

How do you get your joy back? Join us this week as we dig into joy with Laurie Wallin, author of Get Your Joy Back. Laurie is a speaker and also wrote the book, Why Your Weirdness Is Wonderful: Embrace Your Quirks & Live Your Strengths. A certified life coach, she has helped people for over ten years to get unstuck and live powerfully by discovering and developing their strengths, identifying and releasing resentment, and pursuing their God-inspired hopes and dreams.

GirlfriendIT 02-26-2015: Do You Have Something To Say?

It is easy to let words that need to be said go unspoken. Do you have something that needs to be said? You will be inspired in your communication with our two special guests: Wendy Wolff: Author and advocate Wendy Wolff educates others through her own profound story of loss in The Letter Writing Project. The Letter Writing Project isn’t just a book; it’s an emotionally liberating experience that could change your life. Lynne Gentry: Lynne Gentry has written for numerous publications and is a professional acting coach, theater director and playwright with several full-length musicals and a Chicago children’s theater curriculum to her credit. She has recently authored The Carthage Chronicles series.

GirlfriendIT 02-12-2015: Hearing Your Voice with Sharon Ramsey and Dr. Natalie Eastman

Hearing Your Voice Amidst the noise and confusion of life, we each need to find our place in this world and listen and hear our own voice. In each season and stage, whether it is as a young adult, a young mother raising children, or entering mid-life, each stage ushers in unique challenges and various voices. Many times we allow the voices from the past to silence us, and voices around us in the present to over-ride the still small voice of God. Some voices need to be silenced; with others we need to lean in more for wisdom and insight. The challenge is to distinguish between the two! Ask Yourself: •What voice dominates my air waves? Is this good? •Who’s voice matters most? •How do I hear the still small voice of God? •What will it take to silence the static to hear God’s voice? •Am I ready and how will I use my voice? •And finally, do you truly believe your voice matters??? (Many of us struggle with this one, if we are honest?) Joining our show this week are two special women whose journey through life has led them to discover (and continue in the discovery) their unique role and voice. Sharon Ramsey: Married to globally recognized Financial Expert and Radio/TV Host, Dave Ramsey, Sharon is a dynamic woman and leader whose voice impacts generations. She is also the coauthor of the best seller, Financial Peace. Dr. Natalie Eastman: Natalie is the author of Women, Leadership, and the Bible: How Do I Know What to Believe? A Practical Guide to Biblical Interpretation.

GirlfriendIT 01-29-2015: Get Involved with Crissy Haslam and Brad Dennis

You are in for a treat with our two dynamic, literally “world changers” who are heavily involved in serving communities – from two profound lenses. Our first guest: First Lady of Tennessee, Mrs Crissy Haslam. As First Lady of Tennessee, Crissy has introduced a three-part initiative that focuses on the interplay between family engagement and literacy improvement in Tennessee. She has been traveling the state to stress the importance of parents as first teachers, parents as education partners, and also to raise awareness for the exponential value of reading on grade level by the 3rd grade. We appreciated her distinction of "politics" vs "public service". You'll love her! Our next guest: Brad Dennis is the Search and Rescue Director for KlaasKids. Which oversees the search and rescue of missing and exploited children. His rescue efforts have been chronicled on CNN, The Early Show, The Today Show, Dateline, MSNBC, and 48 Hours. His tenacity is contagious. Great Resource to get involved when you don't know where or how:

GirlfriendIT 01-22-2015: The One Percent Difference with Darryl Lyons and Bloom

So, what can you tweak by 1% to for amazing results? What if your 1% was taking just 5 minutes of your evening to incorporate this simple discipline? Each night, or at the end of your work day, write down the six most important things that need to be accomplished the next day. Let go of tomorrow’s worries by prioritizing the tasks the night before. In the words of Elsa, Let It Go. Knowing that you have taken the time to think about the next day, and put it on paper, you can relax and get the rest you need to tackle it... tomorrow. Let’s learn more tips from Small Business Big Pressure: A Faith-Based Approach to Guide the Ambitious Entrepreneur author Darryl W. Lyons, CEO and CoFounder of PAX Financial Group. We will also be talking to Krista Evans from Bloom, a ministry for church planters’ spouses.

GirlfriendIT 01-08-2015: Fierce Convictions with Karen Swallow Prior

Are you standing (or sitting) at a fork in the road? Joining us this week is our special guest, Karen Swallow Prior. She is a Professor of English at Liberty University. She is also the author of Fierce Convictions: and Literature in the Soul of Me. She contributes to Christianity Today, The Atlantic, and Relevant magazine, among other publications. Her books include Fierce Convictions: The Extraordinary Life of Hannah More - Poet, Reformer, Abolitionist (Thomas Nelson 2014) and a literary and spiritual memoir, Booked: Literature in the Soul of Me (T. S. Poetry Press 2012).

GirlfriendIT 12-18-2014: The Main Thing with Bloom

We’ve probably all heard the saying by Stephen Covey: The main thing is to keep the main thing the main thing. There’s a lot of “main” stuff happening in this quote. The point? Keeping our focus on the main thing and not allowing the business, screams and interruptions of life to distract us from doing what really matters. This week on Girlfriendit Radio we are excited to have our fun loving, people loving, and a dynamic leader of the ministry of Bloom (encouraging and equipping church planter’s wives and other ministry leaders, Debbie Jones. We are going to get real with our struggles of keeping the main thing the main thing and share some tips on staying focused. This will be a great launching pad to running into a new year – highly focused on the main things!!! Join the discussion on Girlfriendit FB.

GirlfriendIT 12-11-2014

GirlfriendIT 12-04-2014: NLB Horton and Carla McDonald

Our guests this week on Girlfriendit Radio both contagiously approach life as an adventure and live to write about it all. NLB Horton: An award-winning author, she’s passionate about her faith, archaeology, women’s issues, and the environment. She writes contemporary suspense with a thread of romance, from the crossroads of faith and espionage. Carla McDougal: Award-winning author and speaker, Carla founded Reflective Life Ministries in 2008. Her latest book, My Prayer Chair, won multiple awards in 2013. Get ready to be disrupted from the ordinary! It will be contagious!

GirlfriendIT 11-25-2014

GirlfriendIT 11-20-2014: Eden with Chong Kim

What have you seen or experienced that just hurts your soul? We just want to prepare you for our show today and the dark subject matter. It is an area of life that is disturbing and sometimes invisible. Handcuffed to a doorknob for months by a man she originally thought was her boyfriend. Then handed over to a middle-aged woman who transferred her to traffickers in Las Vegas. Held there with other victims in an abandoned warehouse and forced to work as a teen prostitute. Taken back and forth across the country for the same purposes. This is Chong Kim’s dramatic story from 1995 until the day she escaped in 1997. Chong provides chilling insight into how organized crime runs its sex trafficking operations in the US. Women and children are being enslaved to satisfy the twisted desires of clients. Chong Kim, is the Woman Whose Story Served as the Basis for Megan Griffith's Film Eden.

GirlfriendIT 11-13-2014

GirlfriendIT 11-06-2014

GirlfriendIT: Identity Crisis with Sarah Sundin and Rob Peabody

Jesus saved us for a life set apart from other identities (Nationalities) to embrace and live a righteous life as citizens of the Kingdom – an Alternative Kingdom! Let’s all ask ourselves: “Do I have an identity crisis?” Joining Girlfriendit Radio this week are two authors with challenging insights for living a life intentionally for the Kingdom. •Sarah Sundin is the author of The Wings of the Nightingale series and Wings of Glory series. •Rob Peabody is now the co-founder and director of Awaken, a non-profit organization that exists to provide resources and creativity to the church and reach Londoners in their 20s and 30s with the Gospel. We will be discussing he new book, Citizen: Your Role in the Alternative Kingdom.

GirlfriendIT 10-23-2014

GirlfriendIT: Vulnerabiity and Fear with Suzanne Gosselin and Robin Caroll

Have you ever been paralyzed by fear? Fear consumes an enormous amount of our energy. It robs us from becoming who we were designed to be and become. Life is filled with new adventures and experiences for those who dare to embrace them. Where in your life right now are you feeling vulnerable? Where is your core being rattled? This week on Girlfriendit Radio we will be talking in depth with two authors who deal with these issues through their written stories. You'll walk away with some great tips on parenting and what to expect when you are expecting! Suzanne Hadley Gosselin writes children’s resources for David C Cook, Zondervan and Harvest House. She is also the author of Faithgirlz Handbook: Let Your Light Shine Through and is currently working on the God’s Got an Answer for That children's devotional and activity books to be released in January 2015. Suzanne encountered an “identity whiplash” when she went from single woman with a full time career to a married mother of three in less than five years! She is the author of her newest book, Expectant Parents. Robin Caroll is the author of the Justice Seekers Series and writes southern stories of mysteries and suspense. Her passion has always been to tell stories to entertain others.

GirlfriendIT: The Art of Redeeming with Elisabeth Gifford and Vanessa Pugh

This week on Girlfriendit Radio we will hear profound stories of transformation and redemption. One as a personal story from a dynamic leader and co-church planter, Vanessa Pugh with Bloom, and the other from Elisabeth Gifford, author of the recently released novel, The Sea House. The characters in The Sea House discover much of their redemption comes from reconnecting with their personal pasts and their family history. You will connect with these women and the stories they tell. The story you believe about yourself shapes who you are! -Elisabeth Gifford

GirlfriendIT: The Inside Story with Rozanne Frazee and Carol Cook

Stories make us more alive, more human, more courageous, more loving. -Madeleine L’Engle On this show we are talking with two significant storytellers who are transforming lives through the art of storytelling – taking us inside the stories of 8 scandalous women of the Bible and walking us through The Story! —Rozanne Frazee has co-authored with her husband, Randy, the book, Real Simplicity. The Frazees’ practical, motivating insights call you back to the kind of relationships and life rhythms you were created to enjoy. Randy is also the architect of The Story church engagement campaign (in which our church is currently engaged). —Carol Cooke, is the author of Bathsheba: Bathed in Grace (How 8 Scandalous Women Changed the World.) Carol takes us on a journey back in time to walk in the footsteps of eight remarkable and exceptional women of the Bible. Faced with seemingly impossible situations, we watch them find courage, wisdom, and grace through prayer and faith. I truly believe that people are looking for stories that really mean something–stories that are redemptive, inspiring, and bigger than an individual.” -Scott Harrison

GirlfriendIT: Obstacles with Jason Mayfield

What happens when life’s obstacles cause you to lose your zest for life? Our guest,this week is You Tube personality, Jason Mayfield. No matter where you are going or what you are doing in life - you will have challenges and obstacles. What do you do?? Join our conversation and walk away understanding you are not alone. We share some tips you can incorporate to help send you to thriving! What is the difference between an obstacle and an opportunity?

GirlfriendIT: Devoted with Arron Chambers

What you feel in your heart, you give with your hands. -Tolstoy How devoted are you to what you believe in? Joining our show is our special guest, author, Arron Chambers. Aaron is the Lead Minister of Journey Christian Church in Greeley, Colorado. He is also an Adjunct Professor at Florida Christian College, Editor and Blogger for The Christian Standard, President & Founder of Tri Life, Inc., a triathlete, and an inspirational speaker who speaks to thousands of people each year. Arron is also the Executive Producer and on-air host of the prime-time TV program, Enjoy the Journey with Arron Chambers.

GirlfriendIT: Wake Up My Faith! with Kevin Adams and Bloom

Join us as we discuss with Kevin Adams ( and Sara McGue from Bloom, how to discover what kind of undiluted faith do we need to get that shot that wakes us up in the morning. Kevin Adams, Author of The Extravagant Fool: A Faith Journey That Begins Where Common Sense Ends encourages us to live totally surrendered, all in with God. The results????? Tune in to see what radical faith truly looks like in the midst of disappointment and loss. You'll be challenged.

GirlfriendIT: Press On! Laurie Beth Jones, Deborah Raney

Listen in as we chat with two creative geniuses and discover the answer to the question, “How did they come up with such amazing ideas?” They worked hard at it. They pressed on . . . Our first guest, Laurie Beth Jones, is the nationally renowned author of the bestselling Jesus, CEO. She's known for taking the complex and making it simple. As a business consultant for major corporations, educational institutions, and NPOs, she is a master at identifying problems and quickly creating solutions. She has a deep desire to help others find inspiration, joy, and a renewed sense of love for their work and lives. Our next guest is author Deborah Raney, whose first novel, A Vow to Cherish, inspired the World Wide Pictures film of the same title. Her latest book is another must-read, Home to Chicory Lane.

GirlfriendIT: Summer Reading with Robin Lee Hatcher

A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies, said Jojen. The man who never reads lives only one. -George R.R. Martin You're never alone when you're reading a book. -Susan Wiggs Do you usually have a Summer Reading Plan? Summer is a great time to find yourself a relaxing, reclusive spot or basking in the sun sitting on a beach chair – all alone (too much of a dream?) with your favorite beverage, comfy attire and a good book! If you are a reader, summer is usually the time to find a good book, which allows you to get lost in your imagination and thoughts and take a journey with the characters to lands far away, or places of the heart where emotions run deep. Here’s how we usually categorize our book lists: •Books we want to read •Books we should read (recommended for our benefit) •Books we mean to read but there are others screaming louder for our attention •Books we want to reread •Books we have set aside for summer reading (for fun and adventure) I (Lisa) started my summer reading with a favorite that has now become a summer tradition: Gift From The Sea by Anne Murrow Lindbergh. This has been a good reading summer as I have experienced a variety of books, including classics like Jane Eyre and inspirational ones such as, Love Does by Bob Goff. I always walk away from a book with something new to ponder or a challenge. Sometimes I like my new pondering thought and sometimes it creates tension (shows me something I need to change within myself). Books are great mentors in my life. How about you? We’d love to hear on our Girlfriendit Facebook page about a book that has captured your attention or inspired you recently – a book that you just couldn’t put down and caused sleep deprivation!? Joining us this week on Girlfriendit Radio is a friend and author, Robin Lee Hatcher who has penned many books. We’ll be talking about her latest and the journey her characters take in their heart’s pursuit. Here’s a book you might want to add to your reading list?! Robin Lee Hatcher: Author of the recent book, The Heart’s Pursuit and winner of the Christy Award and ACFW’s Carol Award, Hatcher delivers another thought-provoking historical novel, sending her hero and heroine on a life-changing trek. The characters remind readers that finding forgiveness and healing are often a journey – literally and spiritually. ~ CBA

GirlfriendIT: Selling Faith with Michael D Goodman and Bloom

Can we “Sell Faith”? What does this mean? What does this look like? How effective are you at selling? This week we will learn from one of the best trainers in selling a message/selling faith. We will also be joined by someone who is in the trenches of church planting, who will share her journey and the struggles and victories of “selling faith”. •Michael D. Goodman: Michael is the author of the Solomon Sales System a training methodology and sales training program, that makes sales normal, natural, dignified, integral and most of all, effective. Now, branching out into a very particular niche, Michael has created Selling Faith, a powerful, behavior changing, customized sales model providing sales experience to Christian evangelism. •Karrie Thomas: Karrie is a leader in Bloom, a dynamic ministry for Church Planting Wives. She also leads worship and is the Creative Director for Restore Church in Silver Spring, Maryland.

GirlfriendIT: Deliver Us From Evil with Scott Derrickson

A fascinating interview with Scott Derrickson who is the Director of the new summer blockbuster, Deliver Us From Evil which is now in theatres. Scott is a Christian with a love for mystery and he shares how this project affected him personally and spiritually. His thoughts are compelling and his insight intriguing. We had such a great time with Scott and he made this movie more personable. It was like talking with a friend! He did admit he was a little hesitant to do the interview with "girlfriends" but was pleasantly surprised! :) Thanks Scott for giving us an amazing 15 minutes out of your incredibly busy schedule. You have new fans and what we like to say - cheerleaders! @pattylynnwyatt @lisajonesjernigan Trailer :

GirlfriendIT: Spoken For with Allysa Joy Bethke and Julia Roller

Spoken For Who are you? Who am I? Do you ever ask that question? Perhaps a better question might be, “Whose are You?” In Spoken For: Embracing Who You Are and Whose You Are, best-selling author Robin Jones Gunn and Alyssa Joy Bethke unwrap the ancient truths from God’s Word about what it means to be loved, to be sought after and to be spoken for. “Our goal is simple,” they write. “We want you to see what happens when you respond to the invitation of the true Bridegroom and step in the center of an epic love story—yours.” Lean in as we discuss, “How different would our lives be if we actually believed that we are loved, wanted, pursued and cherished?” Bethke eloquently addresses the question in the YouTube video “What Every Girl Needs to Hear,” which has more than 80,000 views. It is a packed show as we unpack inspiration from another fabulous author of Mom Seeks God: Practicing Grace in the Chaos. Julia Roller.

GirlfriendIT: Wonder-Full with Laurie Beth Jones and Bloom

Here’s a few questions to ask yourself: • Have I lost my sense of wonder? • What do I need to do to create times to wonder? • Do I have a rhythm to my life that allows for these times? • On a scale from Wonder-less to Wonder–full, where do I land? Without wonder, life will cease to be a joyful adventure. We have a great show this week! Remember, you can listen at your convenience as a pod cast any time. Laurie Beth Jones is an internationally recognized best-selling author, speaker, coach, and trainer. You may recognize a couple of her best sellers, Jesus, CEO and The Path. In her most recent release, Jesus, Career Counselor, Jones defines the big difference between a job, a career, and work. Also joining our show: Sarah Burnett who leads on the leadership team with Bloom, a dynamic ministry for Church Planters Wives. Her husband Josh is the Lead Pastor with Revolution Annapolis Church.

GirlfriendIT: Real Women Leading with Lisa Troyer and Krista Gilbert

Join us as we chat with Krista Gilbert, Founder of Meaning in a Minute and Lisa Troyer, author of Real Women Leading. How significant can an intentional minute make in your relationships? We dare you to tune in and walk away with some great ideas in living your life intentionally.

GirlfriendIT: What's Cooking? Trudy Maples, John Schenkel

We are going to hear from two very special guests, one who will challenge us, ramble with us, and simplify our chaos with some simple dinner solutions. Trudy Maples shares her secrets of how, despite having a thriving business as a Personal Chef, Caterer, and Teacher, she still manages to prepare simple to spectacular dinners for her own family. In her spare time she does cooking segments for NBC Channel 12 Arizona Midday! Also, joining our show: John Schenkel who is the Chief Financial Officer of Configurations which is North America's leader in face-to-face marketing experiences providing innovative exhibit and environmental design and program management. John is also passionate about special needs children. John is the founder of Joy Prom Florida. Great tips on organization in the Kitchen and in life! It will be better than an app! P.S. Do you know what's for dinner tonight??? (we have some ideas for you!)

GirlfriendIT: The Voyage Of Discovery with Bloom

The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes. Marcel Proust We started our show with this question and then we unpacked it: Did you ever have a homework assignment where you had to write your obituary? When was the last time you discovered something new? When was the last time you allowed yourself to dream? You'll walk away with some practical tips to apply to your own life. Lean in to our time with Tammy Smith, Children’s Director at Impact Community Church in Sacramento, CA and a leader with the ministry of Bloom, an incredible network for church planter's spouses.

GirlfriendIT: How To Ruin Your Children with Suzi Lantz and Tricia Goyer

What it's like to be a parent: It's one of the hardest things you'll ever do but in exchange it teaches you the meaning of unconditional love. Nicholas Sparks Joining us this week on Girlfriendit Radio are two very special guests: Tricia Goyer, author, speaker, radio host and family life/teen expert. Tricia has authored several books on family and parenting, as well as co-written with Max Lucado and Robin Jones Gunn. You will be inspired and walk away with some great insights and tips. Suzi Lantz, a girlfriend from the Church Planting Ministry called Bloom. She is the Missional Community Resourcing Developer at LoveCanton, where she and her husband have been busy planting the church.

GirlfriendIT: Happiness! Debbie Wilson, Arlene Pellicane

How do you define happiness? Tough question that we unpack through two different voices. Arlene Pellicane, author of 31 Days to Becoming a Happy Wife. This popular speaker and author wants you to experience more happiness in your home. More closeness to God and others. More purpose in your day-to-day life. She shares some great tips on bringing intimacy and fun into your marriage. You'll want to take notes. Debbie Wilson, author of Sweet Scent of Justice. At the age of seventeen, Debbie Wilson's life forever changed. Her sister Kathy, a sophomore in college, was brutally killed. The murder of her sister brought Wilson's whole world crashing down around her. Twenty-two years later, as an adult, Wilson found God leading her down the road of her past to help put the pieces of Kathy's unsolved murder mystery together to help bring her killer to justice. This is a book that offers hope and encouragement for those experiencing trials and tribulations in their lives.

GirlfriendIT: Life Lessons with William Sirls and Brenda Spahn

This week on Girlfriendit Radio you are going to hear some pretty remarkable life lessons from individuals, authors, and entrepreneurs who had their worlds rocked. In the midst of pain and prison, God got their attention and changed the courses of their lives. We are so excited for you to meet and hear their stories! Brenda Spahn, started by ministering to seven women ex-cons and as result has written her story and started the Lovelady Center which is the largest and most successful nonprofit transitional center for women in the country. William Sirls, author of The Sinners Garden, was incarcerated in 2007 for wire fraud and money laundering. While in prison, Sirls learned a great deal more than he ever bargained for — life lessons involving faith, grace, patience and forgiveness.

GirlfriendIT: I Have A Dream with Sarah Ladd and Robin Lee Hatcher

Our truest life is when we are in dreams awake. Henry David Thoreau Stopping by and joining us today are two women who know what it is like to have dreams and then fearlessly pursue them. Both are accomplished authors that many of you might be familiar with. You are going to walk away from today’s show challenged to think or rethink about your own dreams and what it will take for you to personally pursue and make happen. Let the dreaming begin . . . Sarah Ladd, author of numerous book series from the Regency Period has recently published her latest, The Headmistress of Rosemere. Robin Lee Hatcher is the author of over 70 books with 5 million in print. Her latest is A Promise Kept.

GirlfriendIT: Princess Ever after, Rachel Hauck & Bloom

Our special guest, author Rachel Hauck, started writing full time in 2004, and discovered dreams are best realized when running in partnership with a living God. Her stories are filled with twists and turns that leave the reader breathless and longing for more. She … stirs hearts for God. She is the author of many best selling books, including Princess Ever After and Once Upon a Prince. Ministry partners, Dave and Anne Milam, from Church Planter's Wife's ministry network, Bloom join our conversation with great tips on keeping a marriage thriving!

GirlfriendIT: A Road Unknown with Barbara Cameron

Are you standing at a crossroads in life right now? Are you staring, contemplating the unknown, and deciding whether to follow your heart or your head? It all comes down to the choices we make. At times, I (Lisa) have a hard time making decisions, especially if they really aren't that significant. Where should we go for dinner? What shirt should I wear this day? These kind of decisions don't have too many consequences if I choose at random. But there are those life decisions that have major consequences if made without thought or wisdom. The Road Unknown can be filled with excitement and expectation. As you step onto this road, whether it be a new relationship, a new job, or making a move, are you entering with wisdom? Ask Yourself: Why do I want this? Are my motives pure? Are my expectations realistic? How will this affect others? Will I have regrets if I do or don't do whatever it is? Will God be blessed? Joining our show this week on Girlfriendit Radio is Barbara Cameron, author of more than 20 fiction and nonfiction books, three nationally televised movies, and the winner of the first Romance Writers of America Golden Heart Award. When a relative took her to visit the Amish community in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, she felt led to write about the spiritual values and simple joys she witnessed there. Cameron advises, "Anyone feeling at a crossroads in life should stand back and ask God for guidance. Jumping impulsively is almost always a problem although you can over-analyze things. Listen for divine guidance and always pay attention to the still small voice you have within."

GirlfriendIT: Victim and Victor with Leigh Ann Bryant

Would you describe yourself as a victim or victor??? Our special guest is Leigh Ann Bryant, the author of In My Defense: an Unlikely Romance, a Deadly Gunshot, and a Young Widow's Road to Redemption. Leigh Ann knows firsthand what it’s like to be a victim; she was trapped in the cycle of domestic abuse which 1 in 4 women report experiencing in their lifetimes. But she found freedom, she became a victor, and now she works to help others find that same freedom, to “live unshackled” as she puts it. Through her website, blog, and book, she desires to bring awareness, hope, and victory to victims of abuse. You won’t want to miss this informative and very personal conversation. It just might save your life or the life of someone you know.

GirlfriendIT: Being a Mary in a Martha World! Joanna Weaver

Joanna Weaver, has sold over one million books, joins our show as we dive into our worlds of endless "to do lists"! What are we "to do"? How do we have a Mary heart as we juggle so many roles and responsibilities in our Martha worlds? You will walk away with many golden nuggets so get ready to take notes. Great quotes. Her books include: Having a Mary Heart in a Martha World, Having a Mary Spirit, Lazarus Awakening, and the award-winning gift book, With This Ring. Her articles have appeared in such publications as Focus on the Family, In Touch, Guideposts, and HomeLife. - See more at:

GirlfriendIT: Difficult Relationships with Julie Gorman and Deb DeArmond

We all have or will have people who will enter our lives and challenge the peace making process. This week on Girlfriendit Radio, we talked with two authors/speakers on this very topic: difficult relationships. In Related by Chance, Family by Choice, author, Deb DeArmond addresses the special (or not so special) relationship between a daughter-in-law and a mother-in-law. Julie Gorman is a John Maxwell Certified Coach, Trainer and Speaker. She writes, produces, and hosts a weekly Broadcast with FYI and is the founder of For Your Inspiration and His Love Extended Ministries. She is the author of What I Wish My Mother Had Told Me about Men. When you stop expecting people to be perfect, you can like them for who they are. –Donald Miller The extent to which two people in a relationship can bring up and resolve issues is a critical marker of the soundness of a relationship. –Henry Cloud

GirlfriendIT: Best Books Ever! With Bloom and Dorothy Love

What's book or books are sitting on your nightstand right now? What books have influenced your life and leadership? We are talking with award-winning author, Dorothy Love and Bloom Ministry Leader, Debbie Jones. Walk away encouraged and challenged to learn more through books. A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies. The man who never reads lives only one. G.Martin

GirlfriendIT: When Calls The Heart with Michael Landon Jr

You are listening to a special broadcast with a pretty remarkable guest, Producer and Director, Michael Landon Jr. who is ready to premiere his latest film, When Calls The Heart, this Saturday on the nation’s leading family programming destination, The Hallmark Channel! Michael Landon Jr., son of the late television legend, Michael Landon, has been in the film business for over 25 years. We are talking today specifically about Michael's latest film . . . "When Calls the Heart,” Inspired by Author Janette Oke, (oak) It airs Saturday, January 11 on the Hallmark Channel.

GirlfriendIT: Setting Healthy Boundaries with Allison Bottke

Feeling overwhelmed? Life leading you instead of you leading your life? Do you find yourself an enabler, justifying unhealthy habits when it comes to certain relationships? Our guest, Allison Bottke, author of the popular Setting Boundaries Series shared Six Steps To Sanity! You will walk away ready to make your own plan of action in living a life of sanity! S . . . Stop your own negative behavior A . . . Assemble a support group N . . . Nip excuses in the bud I . . . Implement rules and boundaries T . . . Trust your instincts Y . . . Yield everything to God It’s never too late to make choices that can transform your life. It’s never too late to achieve the dreams of your heart. -Allison Bottke

GirlfriendIT 12-12-2013

GirlfriendIT: Casting the Vision Again! With Lori Wilhite and Brandi Wilson

Is it time to Cast the Vision . . . again? Can you articulate your vision enough to cast a compelling, captivating vision? Join our show and our special guests and girlfriends, Lori Wilhite and Brandi Wilson, Co Leaders of Leading and Loving It. Great practical tips on leadership and how we can actually love it (the journey). Through the business of life, our vision (personally and professionally) can get blurred. We settle. We get comfortable. We start asking (or need to start asking) different questions than we did 5 – 10 – 15 years ago. Walk away feeling validated through the authentic stories that were shared and practical tips. You will be better equipped in your leadership!

GirlfriendIT 11-21-2013

GirlfriendIT 11-14-2013

Girlfriendit: What Do You See? Church Hoppers and Bloom

It's not what you look at that matters, it's what you see. Henry David Thoreau What you see is very different than what are you are looking at? We look at many things every day – through physical, emotional, and spiritual eyes. It is easy to get stuck in the ruts of routines and miss opportunities for growth. How do others see you? Your work, ministry, church? How do you see yourself? Joining the show are (The Church Hoppers), three determined business-savvy ministers and best friends who travel the country helping faith-based organizations reestablish themselves in the marketplace, not so they can turn themselves into profitable enterprises, but so they can continue spreading the good word to their followers and helping those who are struggling in their faith to find a foothold. They use the wisdom of Scripture and a little Southern ingenuity to pull off inspiring interventions featured in the new series Church Rescue, premiering Monday, November 11, at 10:00 p.m. ET/PT on National Geographic Channel.

GirlfriendIT: Experiencing God - Blackaby and Bloom

Where are you experiencing God in your life right now? God shows up in the ordinary moments of life if we are looking. Joining this show are two dynamic leaders who share the challenges of living, leading and joining God. Richard Blackaby with Blackaby Ministries Int. and Melissa Hofmeister with Stadia/Bloom. “Will God ever ask you to do something you are not able to do? The answer is yes--all the time! It must be that way, for God's glory and kingdom. If we function according to our ability alone, we get the glory; if we function according to the power of the Spirit within us, God gets the glory. He wants to reveal Himself to a watching world.” Henry Blackaby

GirlfriendIT: Rising Up with Orange Conference and Multisite Solutions

How are you rising up to maximize your potential - personally and professionally. You'll be hearing from Jim Tomberlin of Multisite Solutions and Kristi Porter and Angie Ivey from The Orange Conference! When you see the time you have left you value the time you have now. -reggie joiner

GirlfriendIT: Daring To Care with Mia Koehne and Bloom

What is the most effective way to touch people with Jesus? Sometimes we categorize and file people based on what they do, ethnic group, situation, state of affairs, or job situation. Every one of us has built-in identity on these things . . . but those external markers are not who we are. Homeless... Addict... Stripper... we give them all a label. And when we reduce a person to a label, we are denying that she is made in God’s image, just like us. Everyone wants to know that they matter. They want someone who dares to care enough to truly get to know them, to see each one as a person... a human being with unique gifts and talents; they need someone who will give them the only label that really matters.... Child of God. What does living radically on the mission of Jesus look like? Join the conversation with special guests, singer/songwriter, Mia Koehne and Janet McMahon from Bloom.

GirlfriendIT: Celebrating Our Differences with Krista McGee and Janet Drez

There is a crack in everything. That's how the light gets in. –Leonard Cohen How many times do we focus on the “cracked” parts of our lives? We major in our flaws and differences and won’t allow ourselves to move past them. As a result, we try to hide our perceived faults and blemishes and allow them to scream “inadequate” into our hearts and minds. Perhaps there is another way of viewing the cracked parts of our lives?! Is there only one perspective or can every “flaw/fault/difference” be something God will use to let His light shine through in our lives? It is easy for all of us to allow pride and arrogance to infiltrate our lives and we easily become self-sufficient. Maybe God wants to keep us humble and not comfortable? God wants to accomplish significant things through us in our “cracked” state. This is when He can do His best work. It is not about us! Our special guest, Krista McGee, is the author of a new release, Anomaly, the first in a trilogy of books. Written with teens in mind, it speaks to all of us. “My prayer is that, as my readers get to know Thalli, they see her differences as making her special, and through that, they see their differences make them special, as well.” -Krista

GirlfriendIT: "I'm Fine, Thank You" with Sherrie McCready

Girlfriendit Radio with Patty and Lisa “I’m Fine, Thank You” – with Sherrie McCready of Highland Christian Church Thursday, July 25, 2013 LIVE at 12pm EST on Toginet Radio Podcast will be available after show time on iTunes or check here at Girlfriendit Radio July 24th, 2013 "I'm Fine, Thank You" My friend from high school posted this the other day . . . So many of us are having problems...could be financial problems or could be health problems. Everyone has problems, and I for one know that I am not alone. • Did you know the people that are the strongest are usually the most sensitive? • Did you know the people who exhibit the most kindness are the first to get mistreated? • Did you know the people who take care of others all the time are usually the ones who need care the most? • Did you know the three hardest things to say are: I love you; I’m sorry; Help me. Don’t assume that just because a person looks happy that they are. Look past their smile and see how much pain they may be in. What if we started an Intention Avalanche? We all need positive intentions . . . Right Now. This week’s show is all about helping those around us who are “Just fine, thank you.” Our guest, Sherrie McCready, has the insight on living intentionally and being a part of the avalanche as she is planting and leading a Church with her husband. Sherrie also leads the Retreat Team for Bloom. Learn more from her inspirational story and how she would not trade a day of it. Let’s reach up and reach out and help others!

GirlfriendIT: Discovering Joy

Girlfriendit Radio with Patty and Lisa Discovering Joy Thursday, July 18, 2013 LIVE at 12pm EST on Toginet Radio Podcast will be available after show time on iTunes or check here at Girlfriendit Radio. Are you discovering joy in your daily? In your ordinary? In your mundane? This question is comical because of what happened last week to my daughter Paris. Fourth of July has been a huge 30-year tradition in my family. Six siblings come together at a resort for a blissful 4 days of Utopia. It’s common for us to run from room to room borrowing anything from pots and pans to coffee creamers. So when I wanted to scramble some eggs for Paris one morning with out a pan, presto, there is a frying pan in my hand as if it were a baton. Minor instructions were stated: “we just had eggs and bacon, you might want to rinse it out.” I thought to myself, “a little bit of bacon grease adds some flavor, this will be just fine.” The fine fluffy eggs were placed on a plate and handed off to Paris. She took one bite and her face torqued into a facial expression as she attempted to spew out the eggs. It was easy to negate her expression as being, “dramatic” as she was spitting and spewing. My children have often gagged when they taste my cooking so this is a common form of exaggeration in my household. But then she was finally able to let out an out burst of, “There is soap in these eggs!” My sis and I looked at each other and burst out laughing as we unpacked the scenario of how that could have happened. We realized that in the process of the baton-pan hand-off there was a little “Joy” sprinkled into the pan. That is Joy dishwashing soap! This JOY kept us laughing and chuckling throughout the day and it most certainly will be one of those stories that will continue in my ‘lavish-cooking-legacy’. We all have stories that are unique, and we all have issues that might leave a nasty taste in our mouth. But this story is not about the nasty taste in our mouth, this one is to challenge you to experience the JOY in your daily. We have a God that is crazy about us mess and all. He is so crazy that He came so we could have an abundant life! The difference of having joy and not having joy is how we see and experience the little things that God has blessed us with. These little things add up to major ordinary moments of life and become extraordinary experiences! A challenge this week: As you do the dishes, go to work, make up the bed, clean up the clutter, or scramble some eggs, all the little things that are so mundane and regular . . . do it with appreciation and joy! Don’t just go through the motions, put you whole heart into it and appreciate that you are capable to do these small miracles of daily because they do matter. When we give the little things our attention and gratitude we experience the joy in that moment.

GirlfriendIT: Captured by Eternity with Kyle Strobel

Girlfriendit Radio with Patty and Lisa Captured byEternity – With Kyle Strobel Thursday, July 11, 2013 LIVE at 12pm EST on Toginet Radio Podcast will be available after show time on iTunes or check here at Girlfriendit Radio. Have you ever had one of the nights where you are attempting to drift off to sleep but you begin to think of eternity and your thoughts go on and on and on? The thought of existing forever with no stopping point . . . to envision an eternal entity seems too hard to wrap your mind around. When I (Patty) was younger, the sheer phenomenon of eternity was beyond my limited consciousness and it would literally keep me awake at night until I would finally give up and think about more amazing things like; what I was going to wear to school the next day. (Smile!) Now, tomorrows outfit can be significant, but does it ever bother you that we don’t let eternity capture our imagination the way an outfit does? It states in scripture that what captures our imagination and affection will determine the direction of our lives. Therefore, we should not focus on things that pass away. This week we will be discussing this topic as well as what are you doing to seek God with your whole being? “Lord, stamp eternity on my eyeballs.” – Jonathan Edwards Our guest Kyle Strobel is the son of Lee Strobel, Atheist-turned-Christian and New York Times best-selling author known for his books The Case for Christ, The Case for Faith, and The Case for a Creator. (My husband passes these books out like paper towels.) Kyle Strobel (Ph.D.) is a professor of theology and previously published Jonathan Edwards' Theology: A Reinterpretation by T&T Clark and Formed for the Glory of God: Learning from the Spiritual Practices of Jonathan Edwardsby InterVarsity Press. You can read Kyle’s blog at

GirlfriendIT: WWYD – What Would You Do? – with Tammy Smith and Amy Fenton Lee

Girlfriendit Radio with Patty and Lisa WWYD – What Would You Do? – with Tammy Smith and Amy Fenton Lee Thursday, June 27, 2013 LIVE at 12pm EST on Toginet Radio Podcast will be available after show time on iTunes or check here at Girlfriendit Radio. “A servant's first interest is not in himself but others. Servanthood is a loving choice we make to minister to others.” ~ Gayle Erwin In the recent tragedy of the Boston Marathon bombing, many heroic stories emerged of lives and limbs saved because of bystanders jumping in to help. While thousands fled the scene, there were many first responders (official and otherwise) who actually ran toward the chaos, looking to help however they could. It reminds us of the Good Samaritan story Jesus told in Luke 10. In the story, two individuals ignored a wounded man lying on the side of the road, but a third traveler chose to help. Jesus asked, “Which of these three do you think was a neighbor to the man...?” The expert in the law replied, “The one who had mercy on him.” Jesus told him, “Go and do likewise.” Martin Luther King, Jr. got right to the point when he said: The first question which the priest and the Levite asked was: “If I stop to help this man, what will happen to me?” But the good Samaritan reversed the question: “If I do not stop to help this man, what will happen to him?” The challenge for each of us is to remember this question “If I do not stop to help this person, what will happen to him/her?” Jesus told us that loving our neighbor and loving God are the most important commandments. Will we choose to be a first responder or will we let an opportunity to serve pass us by? Tammy Smith, our girlfriend from Bloom! , an incredible network for church planter’s spouses, will be chatting with us this week. Tammy is also the Children's Director of Impact Community Church, and you will be encouraged and better equipped to serve by her story. Also joining us is Amy Fenton Lee, author of, “Leading a Special Needs Ministry: A Practical Guide to Including Children and Loving Families”. Amy says, “And God gives us opportunities to serve Him in what seem to be mundane as well as surprising ways. Every woman can look around and ask herself ‘where is there a need?’ In my case, I saw a need for church leaders to have more information that would empower and equip them for better Special Needs inclusion.” Don't miss this show! Desiring to serve and respond, Galatians 5:13 . . . but through love serve one another

GirlfriendIT: Making a Difference with Nancy Alcorn

Making a Difference There are few things that can stir our soul and get our adrenaline pumping more than a thought-provoking quote or the story of one who has dared greatly to make a difference in this world. Both challenge apathy and disturb complacency. It is no secret that most people want to matter, to live with purpose, to live and give in ways that defy human explanation . . . we refer to this as “only God”. Unfortunately, life is daily, challenges are inevitable, excuses are many, and the hours seem few. Have you ever found yourself asking the following questions: -What can I do? -What is the something I must do something about? -Where do I start? -How can I make a difference? This week on Girlfriendit Radio you are going to meet an amazing woman, Nancy Alcorn, who dared greatly and personally answered the questions of: what, where, and how? She is the Founder and President of Mercy Ministries, and author of many books, including the newly released,Mission of Mercy. We will learn from her story and be challenged to shake our corners of the world! We want to leave you with a couple of quotes to ponder before the show: “Be who God meant you to be and you will set the world on fire.” — St. Catherine of Siena "I said, 'Somebody should do something about that.' Then I realized I am somebody." — Lily Tomlin “One is not born into the world to do everything, but to do something.” — Henry David Thoreau Ready to make a difference!

GirlfriendIT: Are You Living a Life That Transforms? with Jedd Medefind

Girlfriendit Radio with Patty and Lisa Are You Living a Life That Transforms?- with Jedd Medefind Thursday, June 13, 2013 LIVE at 12pm EST on Toginet Radio Podcast will be available after show time on iTunes or check here at Girlfriendit Radio. Seth Godin defines marketing as: “The art of telling a story that resonates with your audience and then spreads.” Our lives speak every day: consciously or subconsciously, with our without words. Our lives spill over into others, and so do our values. Each day a new page begins and before you know it a chapter has been completed. Sometimes we just have to stop and take inventory of where we are and what we're doing. We need to ask ourselves some tough questions: · What is my life saying to others? · Am I effective in the way I communicate? · Am I telling a story that resonates and spreads the message I want to share? · What kind of love is truly transformational? · What kind of life loves in a transformational way? We are super excited about our special guest this week on Girlfriendit Radio, Jedd Medefind. He has worked with many of the world’s very best communicators - all the way from the White House to Madison Avenue! Yet, he says, “None hold a candle to Jesus.” Jedd now serves as President of the Christian Alliance for Orphans. We'll have lots to talk about for sure! Be sure to join us as we explore how following Jesus remakes our words and our world. You will walk away better resourced in your communication skills and challenged in your purpose! Let’s live transformed!

GirlfriendIT What's Your Story? with Alan Chambers

“Story is what defines us and sets us apart. It’s what allows us to connect with each other — to truly know and be known.” - Jeff Goins Stories are powerful. They are real, messy and unpredictable, full of mystery and intrigue. Telling the story of your life means embracing vulnerability, something many of us shy away from, and for good reason. Your story may be misunderstood and critiqued; you quickly learn to put it to rest, never to be told again. But your story needs to be told. We are all looking for a place where our story is safe and understood. I remember a vulnerable time in my life just after the death of my mom. I am the type of person who is “just fine, thank you” and I struggle to open up – even to close friends. On one particular day, I was not doing well with my grief; it was consuming my thoughts and my heart was aching. A good friend walked in to that moment and asked how I was doing. Well, I wasn’t “just fine, thank you”, and I proceeded to peel back and share my emotions, raw and unedited. My friend didn’t know what to do with my story in that moment and promptly flipped the conversation to another subject. I stood drenched in confusion and embarrassment. I felt my story was not safe and so I shut down. We all have a story to tell and our stories need to be told. This week on Girlfriendit Radio we will be talking with Chambers, President of Exodus International, whose mission statement is: Mobilizing the body of Christ to minister grace and truth to a world impacted by homosexuality. What’s the story your life is telling? Join our conversation and share your story with us. All stories accepted!“Story is what defines us and sets us apart. It’s what allows us to connect with each other — to truly know and be known.” - Jeff Goins Stories are powerful. They are real, messy and unpredictable, full of mystery and intrigue. Telling the story of your life means embracing vulnerability, something many of us shy away from, and for good reason. Your story may be misunderstood and critiqued; you quickly learn to put it to rest, never to be told again. But your story needs to be told. We are all looking for a place where our story is safe and understood. I remember a vulnerable time in my life just after the death of my mom. I am the type of person who is “just fine, thank you” and I struggle to open up – even to close friends. On one particular day, I was not doing well with my grief; it was consuming my thoughts and my heart was aching. A good friend walked in to that moment and asked how I was doing. Well, I wasn’t “just fine, thank you”, and I proceeded to peel back and share my emotions, raw and unedited. My friend didn’t know what to do with my story in that moment and promptly flipped the conversation to another subject. I stood drenched in confusion and embarrassment. I felt my story was not safe and so I shut down. We all have a story to tell and our stories need to be told. This week on Girlfriendit Radio we will be talking with Chambers, President of Exodus International, whose mission statement is: Mobilizing the body of Christ to minister grace and truth to a world impacted by homosexuality. What’s the story your life is telling? Join our conversation and share your story with us. All stories accepted!

GirlfriendIT: Out of the Darkness with Annie Donewald and Cassie Reid

Girlfriendit Radio with Patty and Lisa Out of the Darkness- Annie Donewald and Cassie Reid. Thursday, May 30, 2013 LIVE at 12pm EST on Toginet Radio Podcast will be available after show time on iTunes or check here at Girlfriendit Radio. This week as we sat with some girlfriends, one of them shared how the news has been so dark and depressing lately. Of course the conversation then led to a possible solution of tasting 80% of the smoothies and milk shakes offered on a Denny’s menu. We don’t recommend this as a solution, but we do recommend the lemon cheesecake shake! But seriously, how can we be a beacon of light in a world of darkness? To shine, we need: • A desire for Truth in God’s word • Integrity (in word and deed) • Passion • To serve others (even when it is not convenient) • Courage (leading by example) • Steadfastness (choosing not to be dragged into the darkness) So, what’s our wattage? How much light are we providing? Don’t miss this week’s shining guests -- Annie Donewald, CEO and Founder of, and Cassie Reid, Founder of Cassie Reid Counseling. They are lighting up their darkened corners of the world through their ministries and passions.

GirlfriendIT: From Pain to Purpose with Andra Goode

From Pain to Purpose "I think that passion and love and pain are all bearable, and they go to make love beautiful." ~ Robert Plant Have you ever found yourself asking, “Does God still love me? Is there a purpose for all this pain I’m enduring?” Is your faith left dazed and shaken after a collision between high hopes and harsh realities? Many times pain abruptly interrupts our lives, physically and emotionally. We experience the sudden loss of a job or a relationship, or the loss of a loved one. The emotional pain can be devastating, even paralyzing, but it can also be catalyzing! Our ministry, Girlfriendit, was actually birthed out of pain – the loss of our mothers. God transformed our pain into our purpose. Our guest this week on Girlfriendit Radio, Andra Good, knows first hand the heartache of loss. When her lifelong friend Leigh Ann’s life was tragically ended in an automobile accident, Andra chose to become better, not bitter. As a result, an amazing ministry, Leigh’s Blankies was created, touching lives all over the world! Are you looking for hope and purpose? Tune in . . . you will be inspired.

GirlfriendIT: Fear Faith and a Fistful of Chocolate with Debora Coty and Lynn Roche

Girlfriendit Radio with Patty and Lisa Fear, Faith, and a Fistful of Chocolate – Debora Coty and Lynn Roche Thursday, May 16, 2013 LIVE at 12pm EST on Toginet Radio Podcast will be available after show time on iTunes or check here at Girlfriendit Radio. Fear diminishes as understanding increases. What don’t you understand? I don’t know about you, but this question immediately takes me back to my childhood when I didn’t understand and my parents had to help “remind” me! Are you still scolding yourself with voices of fear rather than of faith? Unfettered fear leads to bigger problems such as worry, anxiety, and guilt, and that’s a lot to carry. We need to be intentional about deleting fear and following faith. It’s time to be refreshed and renewed, and ready to conquer our worries. You are not alone in this journey. Let’s help each other diminish our fears and get a better understanding of the role of faith. There is freedom! Our first guest this week on Girlfriendit Radio is Debora Coty, author of "Fear, Faith, and a Fistful of Chocolate", who addresses the heart needs of women worn down by everyday fears with her unique wit, wisdom, and humor. She likes to draw strength from the three G’s: God, Godiva, and Girlfriends. Amen to that! Later in the show we will be joined by Lynn Roche, of Hope Fiji. Don't miss this show! Diminishing Fear . . . with a fistful of chocolate!

GirlfriendIT: The Path with Laurie Beth Jones

Are you on the right path? What do others say you are good at? Who is living the life you most desire? If you knew you could not fail, what would you be doing? Here at Girlfriendit we want to help you Find It and Live It. Throughout the years we have been asked repeatedly what the "IT" on GirlfriendIt means. The "IT" reminds us to stay "In Truth". How does your mission in life measure up to God's word? Your "IT" is that divine sweet spot where you’re using your God given gifts, experiences, passion, and personality to make a dent in this world! When you read about it, it sounds easy, but discovering it and then living it can be frustrating and challenging. That is why we need our Girlfriends: to process it, to try it, to experience it with us! This week we have an expert Girlfriend who has found it and is living it so she can share it with us!! Don't miss IT! Laurie Beth Jones, best-selling author and motivational speaker, will join us this week on Girlfriendit Radio. She transforms lives one mission at a time through her visionary leadership programs and training products. We gobbled up her books, The Path and Jesus CEO!

Girlfriendit: Negative Self-Talk with Polly Wright and Angie Swanson

Are you winning the "Oscar" for "Best Self Trash Talk"? Are you playing the role of “Best Unsupporting Actress”? Who is fabricating illusions in your mind? Who is stopping you from fully enjoying a life of purpose? YOU! It's time to kick that can, STOP the story, and retire all those negative thoughts you are telling yourself. Tip #1 - You get to choose the thoughts you think! Join us this week on Girlfriendit Radio as we share more tips on how to rewrite pages and even whole chapters in the ongoing story that is called your life! Start working towards a new reality; Potential is waiting for you.

Girlfriendit: Is Truth Absolute with Pat McCalla

Jesus told him, "I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one can come to the Father except through me." - John 14:6 This weekend a question was posed to me by Caleb, my son’s friend. He asked me if I thought one needs to know evil to know good. I guess the next question would be, "What is evil and what is good?" Do you ever wonder if anything is absolute anymore? Do truth and lies exist or is it all “grey” . . . up to each individual to ponder and interpret? Many of us bend the truth and transform it to fit into our own little boxes. Some people say if your intentions are good, then your actions are good. Others say that things that seem perfectly good to one culture, might seem totally evil to another. You can spin it and you can stretch it, but there is still right from wrong. Our family was split on the answer to Caleb’s question, but that is what makes great conversation. Join us in our dialogue of good and evil, truth and lies on this week's show. Pat McCalla is the Teaching Pastor at New Life and leads the community focused organization Hope Initiatives. He has worked with Food For The Hungry, launching their City Initiatives Program and also serves on the Advisory Board for Slavery No More. He has also recently co authored the book, Imagine 5:16. By the way, Truth is absolute!

Girlfriendit: God Crazy with Barb Pruitt

Have you ever had one of those “God flashes” where you realize how incredible and intimate God really is? After being in my house for 22 years, my family and I moved this week. I had been struggling with the move and uncertain of so many decisions. I just wanted God to write on the wall to answer my prayers. Well, instead of writing on the wall, He did it through a song. There we were, my entire family sitting cross-legged on the carpet in the new house filled with nothing but echoes. It was completely empty with the exception of an iPod I'd decided to bring last minute so we could listen to music while praying over the house. Kevin, my hubby, began praying to ask God for a blessing over our new home and this great fresh adventure. In the middle of the prayer, Phillip Phillips' song “Home” began playing. To most this song might be just an ordinary song, but to me this was significant; it was as if God was whispering to all of us, “Thank you for honoring Me and asking Me to bless it . . . I’m going to make this place your home!” Through my tears I prayed that night, and it was one of the neatest overwhelming feelings of Love from Him. Listen in this week as we share more awesome God flashes with our guest Barb Pruitt. She has a zeal for life, for friendships, for the Kingdom of God, and for having FUN. She's God-Crazy and she's our kind of gal!

Girlfriendit: Communicating Differently: It will make or break you! - Erik Lokkesmoe

Wouldn't it be cool if everywhere you went you had your own marketing agent that would go before you to prep your "audience"? You know, someone to sell others on your strengths and talent and create a buzz of anticipation? It'd be kind of like what John the Baptist did for Jesus! Imagine how great a first impression you'd make because you had an advocate that paved the way. If this sounds like an exercise in narcissism, consider how being or having that agent could make voices heard that are trying to make a difference in this world. Learn more this week as we hear from Erik Lokkesmoe, the founder and buzz creator of Different Drummer, an agency for global entertainment brands and content. Different Drummer is aptly named; they've built an impressive list of clients through their dedication to "rethink everything" and “go different this time!” They say, “Great art, entertainment, and media should leave the audience a little better off than when they first entered the theater, turned on the iPod, or opened the book. Art doesn’t have to be happy or easy; it should, however, be a vehicle for recreation and re-creation, an echo of grace that reminds us what it means to be human and more than human.” Now that is creating a Buzz!!

Girlfriendit: An Invisible Crown – Annie Lopert & Maraion Douglas

Do you ever feel invisible? If we are honest, most of us would say we have experienced invisibility in some fashion; such as feeling alone in a crowded room, being ignored and overlooked, sensing someone is looking through you not at you, or having your voice silenced because it wasn’t loud enough or strong enough. Perhaps “invisible” hit you when a circumstance or status changed and you found yourself struggling for your identity. As women, we are wired for relationship. We need each other for encouragement, support, and community. It is easy to forget our worth, our value. We are caretakers and nurturers. Often we put our needs on hold and forget that we matter, too! Sometimes feeling invisible is a result of our own self inflicted insecurities or self esteem issues, but for many women, it is the result of being in an abusive relationship. These women are treated as invisible. They are told they are invisible. As a result, many retreat and go into isolation mode to survive. Is there hope? YES! On our show this week are two dynamic women, Annie Lobert of Hookers for Jesus and Maraion Douglas of MOMA’s House. Their stories are powerful and the hope they offer is real and visible. Their stories will remind us all that we do indeed have something invisible; we wear an invisible crown of royalty . . . because of Christ! And that, dear Girlfriends, is our identity! Jeremiah 31:3 “I have loved you with an everlasting love; I have drawn you with unfailing kindness." Here’s a great poem to remind us that we are valued.

Girlfriendit: Relational Entrepreneur for Jesus – Wildenberg & Milam

What is the first thing you do in the morning? Honestly, our mornings look more like a mad dash than an intentional ease into the day. What if we began each day with a prayer of availability (God, how can you use me this day?)? What would be different about our day if only we took a few seconds to ask this significant question? We can always come up with excuses of “why” we don’t have time to join God where He is working and why we don’t have the time to share His story. Opportunities are all around us, if we just take the time to be aware. At Church recently, we were all given an envelope that had various denominations of money placed inside. We were challenged to go and release what was in our hand into our community with no strings attached and be a blessing to someone. Immediately, wanting to be a good steward of this “blessing”, prayers of availability were said and we were on high alert for God’s leading. It was a great opportunity to be a Relational Entrepreneur for Jesus! Here’s a couple of questions we want you to ponder and consider: • Do you avoid having conversations about Jesus or do you lean into them? • Are you actively looking for opportunities to join God? Listen in this this week to Girlfriendit Radio with our two Relational Entrepreneurs, Lori Wildenberg and Anne Milam – both authors – both intentional with relationships. Remember small can be beautiful! Small talk can lead to a relational revolution! Make a dent in your corner and let it BLOOM from there.

Girlfriendit: Effects of an Image Driven Culture!

Unfortunately, our society screams for beauty and physical perfection. The media in America showcases beautiful females to promote the majority of products for sale. So what do we do? How can we stop being so “appearance focused?” We can start by listening to God’s truth that we are wonderfully created, (Psalm 139:14) then, say something positive about yourself. Hear from special guests, Wendy Smith and Rachel Dotzler

Girlfriendit: What’s Your Comfort Zone? with Robin Gerblick

"Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.” ~ Neal Donald Walsch When we think of comfort zones we think of ruts, routines, boredom, and predictability. Thinking outside the “zone” evokes an adrenaline rush or a sensation of being highly caffeinated! Excitement, adventure, and risk are the antithesis of comfort. It can be tempting to settle and snuggle into our comfort zones because of convenience, safety, and of course, comfort! But does life in those zones create memories and stories that you’ll be talking about in 25 years??? (It's all about the story, girlfriends!) Several years ago we were hosting a global trip for women in the jungles of Peru. We were asked if we wanted to take a walk into the jungle, complete with spiders and snakes. The adrenaline started to activate and we immediately said YES! Our guides led the way with machetes in hand as we followed with great anticipation. We were not disappointed. Along the way we met a boa constrictor that some of the natives said was friendly. Is that even possible? We were asked if we wanted to have them put it around our necks. Of course we said yes... our adrenaline was now off the charts! It was a moment - out of our comfort zone - and a story we are still telling today! What is waiting at the end of your comfort zone? Join us Thursday as we explore and take you on an adventure with Robin Gerblick, founder of Exodus Retreats.

Girlfriendit: Do My Choices Matter? with Dale & Jonalyn Fincher

How do I help someone become more fully human??? How can I help others integrate all areas of the human experience (social, cultural, spiritual)? How does my vocation fit into the mission of this world? If these kind of questions keep you up at night, listen in this week as Dale and Jonalyn Fincher, founders of Soulation, show us how they not only help individuals tackle these uncertainties but they help rejuvenate others with biblical truths. Dale and Jonalyn are speakers and authors and their latest book, Long Live the King, is out this month on Amazon! This month is a special time as we celebrate Jesus’ sacrifice and resurrection. Listen to the show and let’s be intentional together as we prepare and become more whole, free, and as the Finchers say, “more fully human!”

Girlfriendit: Love and the Red Carpet with Bethany Jett

We are sitting in the Miami Airport waiting for our flight, staring at the overhead TV monitor watching the celebrities walk the red carpet – it’s Oscar Night! Cameras are flashing, microphones are waving and the celebrities are poising for gawking onlookers and paparazzi. The world is watching . . . and so are we! One part of us is intrigued, the other is sad. Yet, we want to watch . . . only because it is convenient. It raises questions about our culture and our fascination with celebrities. We want to know what they are wearing, who they are with, and are they likable? Is this idolatry and perhaps a little narcissistic? What do we love? What do we value? What do we display on our own “red carpet” in life? We all have a red carpet that we walk that symbolizes the things we love and value. Are you absorbing the world’s values or Gods? In 2012, Bethany Jett won the Florida Christian Writers Conference Writer of the Year award. Her debut book, The Cinderella Rule, hits bookstores in Aprilof 2013. She is represented by Amanda Luedeke of the MacGregor Literary Agency. Bethany speaks to parents and teens, mentors students in her youth group, coaches cheerleading, and is raising three boys with her husband. Bethany will be chatting with Patty and Lisa - don't miss it! Join us this week on Girlfriendit Radio for a value added show!

Girlfriendit: Love-Better Together with Arron Chambers

I just read Arron Chambers’ blog on “Top 10 Things That Can Drain a Preacher”, and had a smile on my face the entire time. Whether you’ve been in ministry for a decade or a month, you can relate to some of these top 10 things, which were compiled from responses of his FB friends. They are hysterical and highly relatable. Aaron is a Pastor, Author, Speaker, Leadership Consultant, Marriage Coach, and Blogger! He will be on Girlfriendit Radio this week, and you do not want to miss him! {The following is excerpted from Arron Chambers’ blog.}
10 Drainers 1. When, after a sermon, someone from the congregation asks, “May I give you some constructive criticism?” 2. When, at a board meeting, a deacon says, “Let me play the Devil’s advocate.” 3. EGR’s: Extra Grace Required People. 4. Having to see your salary posted on the wall outside your office when you know that every other Elder and Deacon makes twice as much as you do and thinks that you are overpaid. 5. When someone approaches you and says, “The Lord told me to tell you…” 6. When, after a speaking engagement, someone hands you a check and says, “I hope this is enough.” For the record: This is a no win situation because if the guest speaker looks at his $50 check for delivering 3 sermons, a lesson, and preparing a small group lesson for a weekend church retreat and says, “No, that’s not enough,” you’re liable to immediately judge him as a preacher who is only in it for the money, but if he looks at it and says, “Sure, it’s enough,” you’ve forced him into a situation where he may have to be dishonest to not appear to be greedy. Just pay your guest speaker enough to cover his expenses, to recognize the value of his time with you and the time away from his family, and the amount of work it took to prepare for the event and I’m sure it will be enough. 7. When someone walks into your office without knocking or checking with your Administrative Assistant, sits down, and asks, “Preacher, you have a moment to talk?” 8. Those people in the church who turn every conversation into a benevolence request. 9. When you do a wedding for a young couple and they pay the DJ $1000, the photographer $1500, spend $500 for the cake, $5000 for the reception hall, $1000 on flowers, $2000 on a dress, but—a month after the wedding—send you a $25 gift card to Golden Corral as payment for doing their wedding. 10. When someone uses the Prayer Request Card to deliver a harsh and anonymous criticism. Can you relate? Listen in and let’s love better together!

Girlfriendit: An Invisible Thread with Laura Schroff

This is one of the most touching and refreshing and inspiring stories I have read in a long time. If you had made this story up, I wouldn’t have believed it, but it’s true. We all need something to inspire us, and I promise you, this book will make you want to stand up and do something nice for people. What a wonderful and needed story for all of us. An Invisible Thread is fantastic.” Mike Huckabee
Former Governor of Arkansas,
Host of Fox News’ “Huckabee Show” Can “Love” truly change lives? We have never heard a story of love that didn’t lead to transformation. Stories are powerful and God uses them as His Stories. When we open our eyes and ears to them we see where we can fit into a story or make our own. Listen in to Girlfriendit Radio as we chat with Laura Schroff and the impact that love has made on two people because she chose to stop and give time to an 11 year old that was begging on the streets of New York. Now 25 years late, this meeting has turned into a friendship that has impacted not only their lives but so many around them. Laura has been featured on the Today show, Rachel Ray, Fox News Huckabee and several more top media news. But this week . . . listen to her from girlfriend to girlfriend.. Just Love . . . period.

Girlfriendit: Love Defined with Harmony Dust

The following is an excerpt of an article by Harmony Dust: So who am I? Does what I’ve done in the past define who I am in the present? What do I love? What are my dreams? At their core these are questions of identity and purpose. If we anchor ourselves in the truth, that what we have done is not who we are, then part of the process of picking up the pieces is determining what things that we are going to leave behind. Some of the things that used to “work” for us just don’t work anymore. Habits that don’t serve us. Thoughts that tear us down. Beliefs about who we are that hinder us. Old defense mechanisms that helped us survive at one point, but are not needed or helpful in the new life we are building. What circumstances cause you to retreat? What false beliefs are connected to these circumstances? Join us this week on GirlfriendIt Radio as we unpack more of these vital questions and get closer to discovering our authentic selves with Harmony Dust of Treasures Ministries. Don’t miss it!!

GirlfriendIT: Love Is All You Need with Ken Mansfield

Love! Do we over-use and abuse this word – or – do we not use and demonstrate love enough in our lives? Patty has been candid with us about the pain surrounding the tragic death of her mother in recent shows and a piece of that story surfaced for her publicly last week with the death of the man who murdered her mother almost 13 years ago. My heart, and I am sure many other hearts resonate with the struggles Patty and Lisa have talked about before: How do we love those that are hard to love??? It is our commandment to love; specifically to love God and love others. What message are you communicating on a daily basis? What about when pain hits your path in life, is it harder to love? This week, Patty will be chatting with special guest, former Beatles manager Ken Mansfield. And the Beatles really wanted to give the world a message when they came out with the song, “All You Need is Love.” You won’t want to miss hearing former Beatles manager, Ken Mansfield’s fascinating story! His unique story touches a world of decadence and gives glimpse into a life of success that few people can fathom. And most poignantly a life that collides with a path of pain and comes crashing to the ground…to the foot of the cross, where he discovered love! Join us and listen in to this Thursday’s show. And connect with us via Facebook, Twitter or our website and share your stories of Love…we would love to hear them! Remember…Love is all we need!

Girlfriendit: Holy Sexuality with Dale and Jonalyn Fincher

What do the words holy sexuality stir in you? Do you believe that these words go together? Do you have a distorted view of God and your sexuality? Perhaps sin or past pain in your life has infested your heart and blocks the truthful view. What do you long for God to help you with or redeem with regards to your sexuality? If everyone is doing it, why should one save sex for marriage? Is masturbation a sin? Maybe this is a taboo topic for you… If not, listen to this week’s show with Patty and Lisa as they discuss holy sexuality with special guests Dale and Jonalyn Fincher founders of Soulation. They will unpack how a husband and wife can truly share themselves beyond an encounter of just heat and passion, but to the physical and spiritual interchange that comes from the mysteries that lay inside us. God never intended sex to be boring or a dull act of reproduction . . .

GirlfriendIT: Don’t Forget This One Thing with Debbie Jones

You were born to win, but to be a winner, you must plan to win, prepare to win, and expect to win. Zig Ziglar What’s your plan . . . · Spiritually · Ministry wise · Financially · Healthy wise · Professionally This is a question we seem to ask ourselves most often at the beginning of a new year when we are “planning” our year at a glance. Motivation is the highest at this time along with the desire to live a productive year and make it our best yet! But . . .do you know where you are going? If not, it is almost impossible to create a plan . . . a plan that will inevitably go nowhere. A few years ago, while sitting in a room full of people who were ready to learn how to create a Health Plan for a better life, a question was asked. We were asked to think of a number between 1 and 10 that best described our desire to live healthy. The facilitator then said, “If your number was not 9 or 10, you are not ready for ‘the plan’.” Desire accompanied with a strong determination is the thing – maybe the one thing to get your started. How determined are you to succeed at a goal and stay the course of the plan to see it through? We are all plagued by self-doubt, insecurities and setbacks. It is the determination to succeed and an unfaltering commitment to your goal that plays a huge part in success. Take our test. On a scale of 1 to 10, how determined are you to succeed this year at something? What is that one thing you have in mind (we know there are others) and what is your number? Are you ready to plan? Let’s talk more about this topic this week on Girlfriendit Radio with our special guest, Debbie Jones, Director of Spouse & Family Support | Stadia.

Girlfriendit: Holy Crossroads - William Paul Young

Girlfriendit is dedicating January to focus on holiness, so perhaps we should say, “Happy Holiness!!!” God says, "Be Holy for I am Holy." But what does that mean? In Romans 12:1, Paul urges us to offer ourselves as living sacrifices . . . setting us apart for His purpose. So how do we do this? We can begin by asking ourselves if and how we are allowing God’s Spirit to change the way we think. How are we renewing our minds for transformation? Each New Year offers a great time of refreshing; let’s set goals and choose Holiness to be expressed in every aspect of our lives. Goodbye, 2012 . . . Every Happy ending is just a New Beginning . . . P.S. Renew your mind this Thursday by listening to Girlfriendit Radio! With our guest, author and #1 New York Times Bestseller, William Paul Young.

Girlfriendit: The Plan

How are you conveying to your team and to others the plan-the “IT” of what you do-the “Why” that keeps you going? Our ultimate goal in this life is to get closer to Christ, be an ambassador for Him, and to do His will. Basically, make a big deal about HIM! Our focus as we are building our teams and putting our plans in place is to make certain that the major decisions are based on building the Kingdom, not on personal interests. 
Matthew 6:33-34: "But seek first His Kingdom and His righteousness, and all these 
things shall be added to you. And one great tip Patty and Lisa received from one of their prayer intercessors, Lynn, was to read and meditate on Psalm 90:12, 14-17. “Teach us to number our days aright, that we may gain a heart of wisdom. Satisfy us in the morning with your unfailing love, that we may sing for joy and be glad all our days. Make us glad for as many days as you have afflicted us, for as many years as we have seen trouble. May your deeds be shown to your servants, your splendor to their children. May the favor of the Lord our God rest upon us; establish the work of our hands for us-yes, establish the work of our hands.” As women definitely want to matter; we want to be a part of something bigger than ourselves. So what is the work He has for your hands? What is your plan of action to live out His plan for your life? Even in scripture it states where there is no vision/plan, the people will perish. Jesus continuously shared His plan and the benefits of the mission with all who would listen. Because He conveyed His plan and it contained truth and a bigger picture; people were willing to suffer and give their lives. Are you ready to map out your plan and share your plan of action with your team? God just might have something to grow in the palm of your hands. Let’s get our hands ready girlfriends!

Girlfriendit: Who Are You Sitting Next To? - Gillian Marchenko

“Hey, let’s connect some time” . . . How many times do we use that phrase without really thinking of how significant it is? We all communicate, but very few people actually connect. Have you ever wondered why certain people flourish in their jobs, organizations or ministries while you might feel stagnant or stuck? This week, Patty and Lisa chat with Christian wife, mother, writer and speaker Gillian Marchenko. Gillian writes and speaks to connect with other women about real life motherhood, stumbling faith, down syndrome, adoption, grace and a whole lot more. Her writing has been featured in MomSense Magazine, EFCA Today, Four Cornered Universe, The Tri-City Record, Chicago Parent, Story Bleed, Chicago Special Parent, Gifted for Leadership, Charlottesville Family, Connections Magazine, and Today’s Christian Woman. Also, hear who Patty and Lisa have sat next to recently. Listen and connect with us!

Girlfriendit: Nightmare Before Christmas- , Michelle Renee Hogan

Christmas is supposed to be a magical time, a season of making memories and wonderful traditions. But this season of “memory-making-magic” also brings expectations; we expect to provide all the essential elements to deliver our “Peace-On-Earth-Good-Will-To-Men and whatnot . . . ”, and whopping case of anxiety is the result. How can Girlfriendit help you from NOT getting caught up in the nightmare of sweaty masses of feisty, elbowing crowds? Today Patty and Lisa chat with inspirational speaker, Michelle Renee Hogan who enjoys bringing women a relevant message in an unconventional way. She is sure to encourage, empower and remind us all how to stay focused this season. Don’t miss this show and the great tips to take into this Christmas season!

Girlfriendit: It's Personal . . . Or Not! Amy Bloye

Are you facing the challenges of launching something new or trying to thrive where you are? Difficult times are inevitable on the journey of leading people and your vision. It is easy to get thrown off course by critics and complainers and take their words and actions personally. Do you face the struggles of staying the course and not merely surviving but actually thriving through it all? What about the challenges of raising a family, maintaining healthy friendships and squeezing in a personal life! In the midst of all of this, what is the thermometer of your spiritual vitality? This week on Girlfriendit Radio our special guest is Amy Bloye, who co-authored, It’s Personal: Surviving and Thriving on the Journey of Church Planting, with her husband, Brian. Our conversation will be very personal and will extend beyond the world of church planting into leadership planting. Listen as we lean into personal leadership challenges and offer practical tips for thriving where you are.

Girlfriendit: All Things New! Patty Wyatt and Lisa Jernigan

There were many general rules growing up that we have all become accustomed to, “If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.” How about, “Live as if it is the last day of your life!” One adage or challenges was, “Do something New!” Why is it as we get older we tend to try fewer things and accept less challenges . . . especially those things that we already failed. So what can be the “NEW” in you? Go to college Run in a 5k Do something scary Volunteer You never know what adventure is waiting until you try something new. Let’s stretch ourselves and take a risk! Imagining the fabulous awards waiting! L and P Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct your paths. Proverbs 3:5-6 P.S. Try something New? Skip the pumpkin Latte (300 calories) and pumpkin muffin (600 calories) Try: Toast a Thomas’ Pumpkin Spice Bagel Thins, (125 calories) spread with a wedge of Laughing Cow Cinnamon Cream Cheese. Top with a Tbsp. chopped walnuts and add a nonfat latte! Go ahead . . . Spice It Up!

Why I Hate Religion, But Love Jesus – Jeff Bethke

At the beginning of this year, Jeff Bethke became a household name when his YouTube video when viral. Have you seen it? By simply sharing his heart in a creative, innovative way, he managed to captivate his audience with a fabulous message. Some were appalled, some were fascinated…but all that listened had the opportunity to choose where their heart stood. Jeff broke down the concepts of religion vs. relationship. In Jeff’s poem, he highlights the difference between Jesus and false religion. Religion is man-centered; Jesus is God-centered. Jeff shares his journey to discover this truth: With Jesus, though you have humble confident joy because He represents you, you don’t represent yourself. His sacrifice is perfect, putting us in perfect standing with God. His video has had almost 23 MILLION views, and now we get the chance to hear more of his heart and his passion, straight from him in a live format. It’s a “Must Listen” show!

Inspire and Lead – Russ Helwig

Today…Stop and encourage one person. It only takes you and me to make a difference. One by one we can change the world.” Russel H. Helwig Do you believe you can change the world? Do you see yourself as a world changer? Already, you may be feeling overwhelmed with those questions, but change happens one decision, one step at a time. And making a difference is a choice. Let’s step together in this direction of inspiration and change and listen to this week’s guest, Author, Speaker, and Leadership Guru, Russ Helwig. Helwig’s speaking engagements include Fortune 500 Companies and business groups, special interest groups, schools, students and churches. He brings fresh energy, inspiring others to overcome obstacles and achieve their dreams. Listen in this week and be inspired to act and let’s change the world one step at a time.

No Never Alone – Nancy Beach

The truth of the matter, one is the loneliest number . . . and success comes in twos and threes, it never comes alone. According to research conducted by Dr. Phil, Psychologist and TV Host, there was a study of over 1,000 cases of thriving individuals in their chosen fields . . . none of them became successful alone. Each person shared that they were surrounded with a great team in attaining such a high level of achievement. This week Patty and Lisa chat with speaker, author and visionary leader, Nancy Beach. For over 20 years, Beach served as the Programming Director for Willow Creek Community Church in suburban Chicago. Beach is driven to see herself and others flourish in ministry-in community-in their personal lives. Listen with us and let’s learn from Nancy Beach and be encouraged to seize moments in our everyday life and reach our full potential as children of God—of course never alone!

First Things First – Barbara Willis

What do you put first in your life? God says to put first things first and in Matthew 6:33 it says to seek Him first! Sounds so simple doesn’t it? Yet it’s so easy to seek our closest Starbucks and our best girlfriend first. Or maybe it’s our “To-Do List”, or maybe we even grab hold of our worries and anxieties first. What do you tend to choose first? This week Patty and Lisa are talking about First Things First and will be talking with special guest, Barbara Willis. At the age of eighteen, Barbara Willis received a “call” upon her life to educate, encourage and empower others to be all God intended them to be when she accepted Jesus Christ as her Lord and Savior. Currently Willis is serving the vision of the Treasure House, a new venture by Kurt and Brenda Warner. Treasure House is the vision of Kurt and Brenda Warner, who believe that all people, regardless of ability, have a purpose and call for their life, and are able to participate in meaningful and challenging activities, establish personal relationships, and contribute to society when provided with appropriate supports and opportunities. Hear more about this new venture and Willis’s adventure to continually put FIRST THINGS FIRST!

Is God Empowering You? – Cathi Herrod and Sheryl Cooper

God entered into this world using a woman to hold His secret (Luke 1:26-35), and left the world sharing first with a woman to behold His secret! (Matthew 28:9-10) Yes, God empowers us women everyday! Many times we are not even aware of this empowerment; we simply don’t take the time to ask God where we can participate with Him. Do you recognize where God is empowering you girlfriend? This week Patty and Lisa chat with two women who are embracing God’s empowerment and participating with God in their communities. First, hear from Cathi Herrod, President of Center for Arizona Policy. The Center for Arizona Policy promotes and defends the foundational values of life, marriage and family and religious liberty. This passionate-empowered woman will inspire you! Then hear from Sheryl Cooper, the wife of “shock-rocker” Alice Cooper. Together Alice and Sheryl have founded the Solid Rock Non-Profit Organization and they have partnered with Genesis Church to open The Rock at 32nd Street. The grand opening of this full-service community center is coming up October 6, 2012. Alice and Sheryl exclaim that, “Solid Rock’s primary goal is to help meet the spiritual, economical, physical, and social needs of teenagers and children in our community.” Sheryl’s empowered heart will rock you girlfriend! Listen with us and let us be encouraged to embrace the areas of empowerment! For God has empowered us!

Adoption: The Fears, The Loss, The Love - Michelle Thorne

Adoption is a hot topic these days in our culture. Are we willing to pay the price to help make a difference in the life of a child? It really takes a village to raise our children…are you stirred to help and get involved? The need is great and Patty and Lisa encourage you to get involved and learn more about Foster Care and Adoption in your area. Listen to this week’s show and hear from Michelle Thorne, who has written a book about her story about her journey as a birth mother. Delivered, My Harrowing Journey as a Birthmother is a book for anyone who has been touched by adoption and this show is for you if you desire to learn more about the adoption process and be moved to act and celebrate adoption as a gift.

Checkpoints – Ryan Russell, Brian Mills and Nathan Wagnon

Are you raising young boys? Do you desire for them to become all that God intended them to be? Do you find it hard at times to navigate through this world encouraging the boys in your life to be more like Christ? How do we help shape their character? What skills do we need to help them on their paths towards good moral character? Today Patty and Lisa are chatting with three remarkable men who are making a difference in the lives of many by steering men towards godliness. First, hear from the heart of Ryan Russell, current board member of XXXChurch, who is quoted in a recent article, “I want my boys to experience guilt free, addiction free, sexually monogamous and pleasing future with their wives. That future starts now by teaching them through how to make good choices. It's daily instruction in the world we live in.” And then Brian Mills and Nathan Wagnon will be sharing their passion and current ministry with details from their book titled, Checkpoints. Listen with us and let’s glean some new skills. Be challenged to equip and empower the young men in your life.

Is There A Void In Your Life? – Nathan George

Where is your circle of influence? What is God currently doing in the circle you are in? Are you seeing a need? Could God have a plan to use you to fill that void? Patty and Lisa are passionate about rallying women to do the remarkable within their own circles. They currently rally women through relationships and resources and encourage women to: Start small but move forward! Create a plan – even if it is just for a day! Bring others in with you! This week Patty and Lisa chat with Nathan George, founder of Trade As One, a Fair Trade company. Nathan George responded to his conviction and seeing the need for practical action on behalf of the global poor. Trade As One seeks to transform the lives of poor producers in the developing world by enabling them to use their skills and resources to work their way out of poverty. Hear how Nathan George and his team have set goals and achieved success in filling the void. Be encouraged to see and act on filling the void in your own life. Listen to the show, fill your cup and fill the void with us!

What does it take? - Col. Cammie Spence and Gina McDonough

We just got done watching Olympians conquer remarkable goals, are you one of those energized girlfriends jumping off of the couch to try your own Olympic remarkable? It is contagious isn’t it? This week on Girlfriendit Radio, Patty and Lisa are asking the question, “What does it take?” What does it take to accomplish the remarkable in a world of dysfunction, brokenness, unmet expectations and disappointments? Are we busy looking at others going for the gold and believing the lie that they have something that we don’t have (okay, yes-our gifts look different. I will not be taking to the Olympic stage for my gymnastic abilities—but I still have my own God-given gifts and you have yours.) Are we staying energized to use them? So, maybe it is not what we have but what we do with what we have? Patty and Lisa will be chatting with two energizing girlfriends who are doing the remarkable in their lives. First, hear from Cammie Spence who has led successfully in a male dominated culture. Cammie has lived overseas and has a career in the US military. Then, hear from Gina McDonough, a fitness enthusiast with 30 years of experience in personal training and group fitness instructor. Gina is a personal trainer certified with the National Academy of Sports Medicine and works with clients with special needs and those who have survived cancer. Don’t miss the energy beyond our sips of caffeine!

Willow Creek Global Leadership Summit – Debriefing

“People need to be reminded more than they need to be instructed.” Patrick Lencioni shared these words with us and many other thousand of listeners last week who attended the Willow Creek Global Leadership Summit. Are you curious about other bits of energizing truth that were recorded? Here are a few notes and quotes recorded: Patty and Lisa love to de-brief after conferences like this and that is just what they are going to do again this week as they debrief in their ‘virtual-radio-radius’ and wonder and ponder aloud: 1. Is the church the hope of the world? 2. Is it possible to have two leaders? 3. How do we energize others to participate in God’s mission? 4. How do we get healthy ministries or organizations? Grab your coffee, and get ready to take some great notes—something is bound to inspire and energize you….and it will be more than your coffee.

Living Under the Influence of Prayer– Kirsten Snarey and Tami Engram

Does prayer influence and impact your life? Do you experience God doing unexplainable things in your life? Patty and Lisa are going to chat it up about this topic of prayer with two special guests on today’s show. First hear from Kirsten Snary, the director of women’s ministry and children’s ministry (K-6) at North Bible Church in Scottsdale, Arizona. Kirsten’s passion is helping others know how incredibly loved they are by God. Hear how prayer has radically affected Kirsten’s life. And you don’t want to miss the conversation with Tami Engram either. Tami is the Director of Women’s Ministry at Desert Springs Community Church in Goodyear, Arizona. Her husband, Steve of 22 years is the pastor at Desert Springs Community Church and they have ministered there together for the past 18 years. Tami is passionate about connecting women both with God and one another. Hear how prayer has impacted this God-given passion. Listen to this week’s show and hear how women in leadership are unleashing the power of prayer in their lives and ministry. Glean from these remarkable women and be encouraged to experience the power of God through prayer in your own life. Listen and pray with us!

CrowdSourcing – Jeremy Jernigan

Has the volume been turned up in your home this summer with kids out of school and home for the summer? Or are you so focused on a current deadline that you cannot even hear your own thought? How do you handle the volume? There is definitely a time for quiet—but in all things we do, there is a time to turn up the volume and listen to those around us. God intends for us to listen and learn from others. This week Patty and Lisa chat with Jeremy Jernigan, Worship Arts Pastor at Central Christian Church. Jernigan has written the book CrowdSourcing the Message: Engaging People in the Church for Powerful and Effective Teaching to the Church and he will be talking with Patty and Lisa about this relatively new concept of ‘crowdsourcing.’ Whether we are in pursuit of planning things at home, work, or at church it is beneficial to collaborate and learn from others. Join the crowd this week. Listen to the conversation with Jernigan and learn to CrowdSource with us!

Making Life Matter - Wm Paul Young

What I thought was normal is really not normal after all? Does this even matter? With the change of seasons and things heating up outside, am I the only girlfriend with questions like these mulling over in my head? I didn’t think so…it is actually normal to assess our lives. We may experience frustration if we seek perfection in our lives; yet, God has planted a longing for perfection in every human heart—a longing only God can fulfill. Join Patty and Lisa this week as they chat with their friend, and author of The Shack, Wm Paul Young. Did you know Young never planned to publish a book? Be inspired to focus on what matters most in your life—listen with us this week. Be ready to inhale what matters most about Jesus and the relationships we share in this life and exhale all that doesn’t matter. Grab your coffee and glean from Young’s perspective to live one moment at a time and that everything that does matter in our lives is perfect!

Surprised By Grace – Pastor Tullian

Girlfriendit Radio with Patty and Lisa Surprised By Grace – Pastor Tullian Thursday, May 31, 2012 Special Guests: Pastor Tullian LIVE at 12pm EST on Toginet Radio Podcast will be available after show time on iTunes or check here at Girlfriendit Radio. Maybe you’ve been asking yourself some questions lately. Questions like: Am I missing something? I’m not sure who I am or where I fit? Is there more to my life, work or ministry? If you have…you are not alone! Patty and Lisa chat with Pastor Tullian who understands questions like these. Tullian is the Pastor of Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida and is also the grandson of world evangelist Billy Graham. Pastor Tullian has authored a number of books including Jesus + Nothing = Everything (Crossway). He speaks at conferences throughout the U.S., and his sermons are broadcast daily on the radio program LIBERATE. Listen as Pastor Tullian shares with Patty and Lisa his passion of seeing people set free by the radical, amazing power of God’s grace. The conversation may just answer some questions and surprise ya!

Leadership Below the Surface – Lisa Kneller, Sky Mellinger , and Caitlin Garcia

Are you ready to be motivated and inspired to lead below the surface? Does your heart yearn to serve, give, and help build up those around you? Yep…you are not alone! Patty and Lisa share this heartbeat and are chatting with some remarkable leaders on this week’s show. Listen in as they zero in on Leadership Below the Surface, and chat with Yoga teacher and online magazine publisher, Lisa Kneller who is encouraging, motivating and inspiring others to live their potential – especially in the second half of life. And don’t miss the young, exuberant best friend duo, Sky Mellinger and Caitlin Garcia who are the Owners and “Head Designers” of Chaemarique Hats! They promote personal style and uniquely whimsical designs. They love to not only express themselves through simplicity and design but as they call it – wearable art.

It Gets Better!– Christopher Yuan and his mother, Angela Yuan

The problem is, when we point fingers and begin Christian bashing, gay bashing or freckle bashing . . . “it” will not get better! How do we stop the attacks? How do we have a paradigm shift to know that we are not the Holy Spirit, we are simply humans in the flesh here on earth to love and follow the teachings of Jesus? Join us as we welcome our guests, Christopher Yuan and his mother, Angela Yuan, who will be real and raw with their journey from HIV to HOPE positive! This is a delicate subject matter, but the Yuans will share their heart… without pointing fingers! It only gets better when we allow the Holy Spirit to work in us and through us as we each seek holiness.

Parenting – What Are You Passing On?– Angelique LaFon-Cox and Maile Weigele

Who are we listening to? What are we assuming? How are we parenting? What are we passing on? Do we allow our children to read Twilight, Harry Potter and Hunger Games? Do we let our society and the school system alone teach our kids values? Intrigued? Random questions perhaps, intentional dialogue in store on Girlfriendit Radio as Patty and Lisa chat with special guests, – Angelique LaFon-Cox and Maile Weigele. Angelique LaFon-Cox will be sharing news about the The Huggabear Children's Project, and Maile Weigele with a son of her own and her experience working at Fellowship of Christian Athletes will be stirring up some great questions and dialogue. Listen in with us!

Call To Relationship – Shelia Jones and Allen McCray

What if that last call or text you received was from God himself? How would you respond? Listen to the show today and be challenged to pick up! Take the call-answer the text; quit screening and fight the contagious complacency germs that linger and accept His call. (Matt 4:19). Patty and Lisa chat with special guests Shelia Jones and Allen McCray today and each of these guests have received the call and are acting on their call! Shelia Jones is a pastor’s wife, mother, teacher, and author. She became a disciple of Jesus as a child but later experienced the Lord in a life-transforming encounter. After this revival, God called her into a teaching and writing ministry where she passionately shares her testimony and the truths learned from daily hours in prayer. Allen McCray is the founder of Life Impact, and holds graduate degrees in Marriage, Family and Child Counseling as well as many certifications for LIFE coaching through TTI in Scottsdale, AZ. He is a husband, father, grandfather, Business owner, and former pastor who helps people hear and follow their own call. Listen with us and let’s take the call—the call to relationship and get involved in something bigger than ourselves.

What Do You Value?– Dale and Jonalyn Fincher

Girlfriendit Radio with Patty and Lisa What Do You Value?– Dale and Jonalyn Fincher Thursday, April 19, 2012 Special Guests: Dale and Jonalyn Fincher LIVE at 12pm EST on Toginet Radio Podcast will be available after show time on iTunes or check here at Girlfriendit Radio. What do you value? What is the motto for running your home…your life? We all have both declared and undeclared values of operation for our lives and homes. As mothers…and quirky ones at that…we each have a “saying” or soul talk that we have felt led to share with our children and those in our circles. Listen and hear Patty and Lisa’s quirky phrases or soul talk that they have passed down along the way. Also, hear the soul talk that Patty and Lisa have with creative communicators and out of the box thinkers, Dale and Jonalyn Fincher. Dale and Jonalyn Fincher are authors, speakers and founders of Soulation. Dale and Jonalyn Fincher travel the country talking with audiences about the God who loves broken, questioning men and women. Listen and be challenged to see the truth in your everyday life and talk about the God who loves us, sharing Him with those around you.

In The Presence Of My Enemies – Gracia Burnham

Are you allowing God to use your story? At what point do you let go of your story and let it be a “God story?” Join Patty and Lisa this week as they talk with Gracia Burnham and hear her story that is none other than a “God story.” Gracia Burnham has authored two books, In The Presence Of My Enemies, and To Fly Again. In her books, Burnham shares her real-life, God story. It’s a story of faith, hope and struggle amidst the most gripping of extraordinary and difficult circumstances. You don’t want to miss hearing this story—be inspired to let God’s story be your story. We can all see “His-story” in the making!

Put Your Love Glasses On! – Beckah Shae and Kerri Pomarolli

Join Patty and Lisa this week as they put on their love glasses with special guest, singer and songwriter, Beckah Shae, as well as comedian Kerri Pomarolli. Have you heard Beckah Shae’s song titled, “Love Glasses?” Are you aware of the lenses you hypothetically wear as you view the world and people around you? Beckah Shae is literally getting us rocking while expressing her love for God through her music. And Kerri Pomarolli is literally making us laugh as she expresses her love for God through her comic stand ups. Don’t miss this chance to hear these women and be inspired to love and see life and others through a different lens—a love lens. Listen and look through those love glasses with us!

Rock Your Smile! - Mary Rice Hopkins and Amber Singleton Riviere

What will it take to “rock your smile” or even the smile of a child? What makes us smile, not just on the outside, but from the inside out? Get ready to be inspired to smile from the inside out with this week’s show! Patty and Lisa will be chatting with two special guests; Mary Rice Hopkins who has spent her career as a Christian musician/song writer/entertainer for children and adults; and Amber Singleton Riviere who provides resources to help people build lives by design rather than default. She also has a heart for kids in foster care and has created unique resources and programs. Listen with us and be motivated to rock your smile!

Overwhelmed… – Jeff Senour and Jennifer Maggio

Overwhelmed? Are you frustrated by what’s piling up in your life? Maybe the piles have multiplied, leaving you staring at a sea of mountains. Sometimes after we recognize God’s great plans for us we get overwhelmed along the way; finding ourselves staring at the mountains ahead. Are you there? Join Patty and Lisa as they chat with singer/song writer Jeff Senour who founded CTS (Consider the Source) Music. As well as author speaker, Jennifer Maggio who founded The Life of a Single Mom Ministry. Both guests have undoubtedly climbed and rocked mountains with God and are living the life God has called them to live. Listen and be inspired to take the steps you need to around, through or up the mountains before you; for with God, all things are possible (Matthew 19:26).

Where Are You Leaving Footprints? – Jamie Weik, Melissa Richardson, and Sandy

Leaving Footprints! Join Patty and Lisa as they chat with three amazing women who are using their God given gifts—looking beyond any of their own weaknesses or life’s set-backs to be used by God in very unique ways. It is going to be a jam-packed show with lots of fun conversations with, Jamie Weik, Executive producer of Girlfriendit Radio; Melissa Richardson, Children’s Ministry Administrator for Church for the Nations, and Sandy. Do you struggle with looking beyond your past defeats or current circumstances, and seeing the great plans that God has for you? Well, girlfriend be encouraged—you are not alone, we all struggle with seeing beyone and walking in the prosperous paths that God has paved for us from time to time! Grab your platform shoes, high heels, or just put those tired feet up and listen with us. Let’s rise above our circumstances and make some footprints in this world!

What's Faith Got To Do With It! – Stephen Baldwin and Maria R A Yano

Stephen Baldwin joins Patty and Lisa! An actor, author, and radio host, Stephen Baldwin chats it up. Baldwin was a successful opera singer. He played in shows like Kate and Allie, Family Ties, and the television series The Young Riders. After TV roles he moved on to film: The Beast, Last Exit to Brooklyn, Born on the Fourth of July as well as Barney Rubble in the Flinstones in Viva Rock Vegas. He has been seen on many reality television shows from his role in The Mole ABC to Donald Trumps Celebrity. He is an author of several books, radio host and in the middle of making a movie called "Starting Over". Stephen is an advocate for justice and his faith. Also joining in the conversation will be Maria R A Yano, founder of AGProjects? Maria wanted to make a movie called Starting Over. It’s a story about the ultimate forgiveness with redemption and hope, and a walk with God for those involved with the murder of a man's son. From the beginning of this project, God has provided Maria with favor. She was expecting it to be a low budget film. . . But God had other plans. From the beginning, of this project, Maria wanted Stephen Baldwin to work on the film with her, but had no idea how to connect with him. . . God worked that out as well . . . Listen with us and see what faith has to do with it!

Giving Your Gifts of Humor - Lori Regneir and Jessica Pierce

First hear Lori Regneir, founder of Starbright Foundation, , Executive Director of Career Connectors, where their mission is to connect real people with real careers. Jessica is a professional speaker, trainer and consultant with expertise in organizational development, career transition, recruiting and hiring. Jessica also owns Accelerated Team Dynamics, a company dedicated to identifying God-given talents of managers, employees and staff and placing them in the right positions to be used in the marketplace. Don’t miss Lori and Jessica’s nuggets of information and be sure to sip your coffee during commercial breaks because these girls know how to talk both business and make you laugh!

Surviving Life! - Scott and Sandy Tremp - Allen McCray

First, Patty and Lisa chat with husband and wife team, Scott and Sandy Tremp. Scott is an ordained minister and holds a Master’s degree in Counseling. The Tremps are also life and relationship coaches, authors, educators, and public speakers. Hear about their latest material titled, Surviving Life. Scott and Sandy will share some tips on dealing with life’s disappointments and difficulties…and not only how to survive but thrive! Then, back with Patty and Lisa is former, pastor, counselor and founder of Life Impact, Allen McCray. McCray has held many transformational seminars and workshops. Listen to him share the keys to living a fulfilling life! Get ready girlfriends! Let’s listen and be inspired to not only survive our lives, but thrive!

The Devil In Pew Number Seven - Rebecca Nichols Alonzo

You may have see author, Rebecca Nichols Alonzo on the Dr. Phil Show, CNN or the 700 Club. And Patty and Lisa are honored to have her as their next guest on today’s show titled Forgive and Find Freedom! Forgiveness is really such a delicate topic these days with wounds hidden deep in the hearts of many. Surrendering to this call of forgiveness as Christ has also forgiven us, can be a painful process for an already painful situation. Do you struggle with choosing to forgive? Have you experienced the freedom that comes with letting go and letting God? Well, you are not alone girlfriend! You won’t want to miss this compelling story about forgiveness and the freedom found in letting go and letting God. Join us and let your heart be motivated to choose forgiveness and find freedom!

Erasing Hate - Bryon and Julie Widner

They are back to share their redemptive story! You may have seen our next guests Bryon and Julie Widner, the true story behind the MSNBC documentary “ErasingHate.” In addition to having a documentary made about their journey, The Widners have been interviewed for various newspapers and radio broadcasts across the country as well as shared their stories with Dr. Phil and Inside Edition. You don’t want to miss this story about the transformation and redemption found in their journey out of the violent skin-head culture into a new life of deep faith and love. You are sure to be inspired to a place of hope—and a realization that even the darkest places of our lives can be changed. Join us and hear how God’s love can penetrate the darkest circumstances and Redeem It!

How To Transform It - Julie Hyzdu and Nicky VanValkenburgh

WOW! You will be amazed at the transformations discussed on today’s show. First, Patty and Lisa chat with Julie Hyzdu who transformed a painful journey into a prosperous business that benefits other cancer patients. You may have seen the article in AZCentral last summer talking about her “rapidly growing enterprise," of PoppyPocket. Then don’t miss Patty and Lisa’s talk with Nicky VanValkenburgh, author of “Train Your Brain.” Hear about Nicky’s remarkable transformation with brain training specifically for ADHD and learn more about how you can utilize brain training and transform your own life! Don’t miss this empowering show on how to transform it!

Are You Listening To His Nudge? - Lynn Rush and Donna Lee Schillinger

Are you listening to His nudge? Be encouraged to hear and follow through with what God’s calling you to do and listen in on today’s show. First, hear author, Lynn Rush’s story and how she took baby steps after feeling the nudge to write. Discover some amazing new books to read and be inspired to listen for your own nudge. Then Patty and Lisa will chat with Donna Lee Schillinger, the president and founder of On My Own Now Ministries, which encourages faith, wise life choices and Christ-likeness in young adults during the transition to living on their own. Donna is the author of On My Own Now: Straight Talk from the Proverbs for Young Christian Women who Want to Remain Pure, Debt-free and Regret-free and edited the new anthology Purity’s Big Payoff/Premarital Sex is a Big Rip-off. She is also publisher of two free, monthly online magazines: Genuine Motivation: Young Christian Man and Single! Young Christian Woman. In addition, Donna owns a small editing and publishing company, The Quilldriver, and serves as editor of a quarterly Spanish newsletter, Mensajero de Esperanza, a publication of Christian Triumph Company. Donna also works with Christian Triumph Company in outreach coordination, which took her to Paraguay and Peru in 2011. Take a deep breath, and be inspired by today’s special guests...prepare your heart to listen to His nudge!

Contagious Leadership - Allen McCray and Laurie Beth Jones

Catch the Fever! Listen to Patty and Lisa chat about Contagious Leadership this Thursday! First, hear from special guest, Allen McCray, with Life Impact, who will explain why it is important to understand your own personality style, as well as the personality styles of those around you. McCray will inspire and encourage you to develop instant rapport and influence with those in your circle. Then Patty and Lisa will chat with Best Selling Author, and motivational speaker Laurie Beth Jones. You are sure to glean great insight into what makes a contagious leader as Jones talks about her visionary leadership programs and her upcoming e-book. Listen and lead with us! We all lead somewhere—be inspired, and be inspiring; allow others to catch the fever as you lead contagiously!

Putting Things Into Perspective:Bryon and Julie Widner 01-05-2012

Cancer Survivor/Pilates Instructor, Rene Brackney. Hear how she has managed the trials in her life and keeps a positive outlook even when things seem dim. Then you may have seen our next guests Bryon and Julie Widner the true story behind the MSNBC documentary “ErasingHate.” In addition to having a documentary made about their journey, The Widners have been interviewed for various newspapers and radio broadcasts across the country as well as shared their stories with Dr. Phil and Inside Edition. The Widners were unable to be on our show at the last minute, but we talked about their transformation and redemption found in their journey out of the violent skin-head culture into a new life of deep faith anyway! Don’t miss it—Plunge into 2012 with us and grab a fresh perspective on your life!

Men of Honor with Mark Moore

Mark Moore Joins Patty and Lisa for today’s show and hear them talk to Mark Moore, professor of the New Testament at Ozark Christian College since 1990. In September of 2008 he was awarded a PhD from the University of Wales for his work on the politics of Jesus. Mark has authored a number of books, mostly on the life of Christ (also Acts and Revelation). Mark is a speaker noted for his passion for the lost and his participation in completing the great commission of Christ. His goal is to make Jesus famous. Listen with us—we are bound to be inspired and feel the sunshine radiating from this chat!

Touched By An Angel: Roma Downey

Roma Downey and Terri Mitchell Join this inspirational conversation with Roma Downey who played Monica in hit TV show, Touched By An Angel. Roma has just released an educational and biblical DVD series for preschoolers. Terri Mitchell is the Woman's Basketball Coach for Marquette University. She shares great leadership and inspirational tips in leading and creating a dynamic and successful team (specifically women. Get ready to take notes!

Teens-Living Right Or Their ‘Rights’ To Living!

Listen to Patty and Lisa chat with women putting their passion in their ministries. First, hear Pastor Barb Pruitt from Faith Builders Church in Phoenix and hear about her vision to minister to young girls and how it is coming to fruition in her ministry, Esther’s Court. Then hear from Central’s Student Ministry Pastor, Bri Johns and hear her heart about ministering to our teens. Grab your favorite cup of the season and join us. You don’t want to miss these heart to heart conversations with these women of God.

How To Make A Sudden Impact 11-17-2011

Listen in on Thursday, November 17, to get the latest on how Sheryl Cooper, wife of rock legend Alice Cooper, leads in her sphere of influence. Her circle consists of many household names that have had an impact in our culture, including Aerosmith, The Bee Gees and Peter Frampton, just to name a few. Then discover with Patty and Lisa tips to unlock the power of God in you with Allen McCray founder of LifeImpact. Allen says that the" key to living a fulfilling life is understanding how we think, why we feel certain things, why we react in different ways to different people and different situations." You don't want to miss this show! Let's learn together how to unlock our full potential and make an impact in our own circles in this world.

How to Deal with Loss, Pain and Bullying 11-10-2011

There is no getting around it—some time in our life we are all going to be struck with grief. How do you work through it and is there hope? Listen in as Patty and Lisa chat with some amazing women and their different journeys through grief. First hear from Chrystal Gellner who knows firsthand the devastation of loss, specifically the loss of children. Today she shares her journey of processing the loss of four children and how she walked through the journey asking, “Why does God allow these things to happen?” Then Patty and Lisa chat with the founder of Severson Sisters, Carrie Severson and discuss the ins and out of bullying these days. Listen to the research Carrie has found and what she is doing about it…you don’t want to miss this show!

How Do You Fight Apathy? 11-03-2011

Girlfriendit Radio with Patty and Lisa You don't want to miss this Thursday's show! Hear Patty and Lisa chat with three special guests. First--all of you Breaking Dawn fans--meet actor Kellan Lutz's mother, Karla Pope. Karla is passionate about her 6 children and a prayer advocate for Moms In Touch. Breaking Dawn, the newest in the series will open November 18. Let’s talk behind the scenes! Then hear about author Jim Chapman breaking the news with his latest book titled "The Night After Christmas." Get ready for the season with us and hear about this new book and upcoming events with author Jim Chapman. You also don't want to miss our very own triple AAA gal! Shannon Puckett will share how just the act of showing up can demonstrate that you are taking a stand. Join us's gonna be a REMARKABLE show!

How To Find And Express My Purpose 10-27-2011

Do you realize that you are wired for a purpose? Do you hunger to find it and live it out? Listen to today’s show and hear about how two individuals have found their purpose and are vibrantly living out their purpose. Patty and Lisa chat with actress and model Nancy Stafford, and producer Justin Hunt.

How To Morph Your Passion 10-20-2011

Today on Girlfriendit Radio, Patty and Lisa chat with two women just like you and me who make the transition from passion to purpose look easy. Listen with us and be inspired to not just dabble in your passions but jump in with both feet. Be both reminded that it does take hard work to morph your passions and encouraged that you are not alone in your fears that go along with possessing passions. Hear from real girlfriends who are living the dreams that God gave them and be encouraged that even amongst their living the dream they still have highs and lows—good days and bad days. Be reminded that we can’t get too excited about the victories nor too low about the disappointments that are bound to come our way! Let us hear words of wisdom from these girlfriends and hold onto their encouraging words. After listening to these girlfriends they reminded me of the encouragement I heard from God in His Word not that long ago. These are words that Solomon heard from his father that I have since taken as my own—they can be yours too! Be strong and courageous, and just do the work before you. Do not be afraid or discouraged, for the LORD God, my God is with you. He will not fail you or forsake you until all the work God has planned for you to do is finished! (1 Chron 28:20)

UNSTOPPABLE! 10-13-2011

Unstoppable! Overcoming Adversities and Living with Impact! Two Special Guests join Patty and Lisa: Judy Robles and Amira Birger Thursday, October 13,2011 Live at 12 EST on Podcast after show time As women we each face unique challenges in life whether through decisions we have made or one’s imposed on us by others. You’ll hear two different stories of tragedy and triumph that will tug at a mother’s heart! You’ll just have to listen to know what we’re talking about! Grab your computer . . . we’re are expecting you!

Laughing It with Kerri Pomarolli

Comedian, Kerri Pomarolli joins Patty and Lisa for girlfriend time that is real and laughable! You may have seen her acting on television and film, doing her stand up act in clubs or churches; or you've been watching her on The Tonight Show, Comedy Central, Lifetime, Fox or ABC...  We are excited to have our special friend Kerri Pomarolli share private girlfriend time with us-and we want to share it with you! ***** Forget the make-up, let the eyebrows remain un-waxed and come download this week’s radio show! Patty and Lisa decide to focus on making the world a better place with one girlfriend and one giggle at a time with their girlfriend and comedian, Kerri Pomarolli. You may have seen Kerri acting on television and film, doing her stand up acts in both clubs and churches, or you’ve been watching her on the Tonight Show, Comedy Central, Lifetime, FOX, or ABC—and you may have just seen her being herself and loving on girlfriends sitting in the outskirts of life—she is just that SUPER and HILARIOUSLY FUNNY! Only with girlfriends can we sit and chat about life and just laugh! Whether they are chatting about marshmallows and all the ways to eat them and bribe our kiddos with them or how to make an impact in the lives of women during their latest women’s Regenerate conference…these girls just can’t help but giggle! Kerri, just brings a breath of fresh air and will encourage you in your life as a woman whether you are a mother with little ones at home or you need some tips to relate to the girlfriends in your own world. Kerri is just one of those girlfriends you want to be more like because she gets you laughing and shines Jesus by bringing love and laughter to those women on the outskirts of life. Listen to how she just really gives women permission to laugh…and please do just that…LAUGH with us and remember to be Jesus to those on the outskirts of your life!

How To Effectively Influence Others

Get a pen and paper or your computer ready to take notes! Great tips and tricks for effectively influencing others for Christ . . . and impacting our culture through media.Our First Guest: Arron Chambers, author of Eats with Sinners Eats with Sinners introduces a biblical model for evangelism--building relationships like Jesus did one meal (or cup of coffee) at a time. In Jesus' day, eating with someone was a way to acknowledge that person as an equal. Religious leaders considered it unthinkable for a Jewish teacher to eat with people who were common, even unclean. But Jesus cared more about saving souls than saving face. How can you be more intentional with building relationships? Our Next Guest: Erik Lokkesmoe on Hollywood, Marketing, and Influencing the Good, the True, and the Beautiful! Erik is the founder and principal of Different Drummer. ( This LA and NYC-based agency has become the premier unconventional marketing and mobilization agency for world-class brands. From Universal Pictures to the Jonas Brothers, Walt Disney Motion Pictures to the National Urban League, ABC Television to Harper, Warner Brothers Records to the National Fatherhood Initiative, best-selling author Mitch Albom to chart-topping band Owl City, Participant Media to Chris Rock. Different Drummer creates successful high-touch, high-tech campaigns and platforms for clients hoping to win in the most cluttered and confusing marketplace in history. Erik's new book “Upended” arrives in bookstores in early 2012.

GirlfriendIT: Why the !Y Generation?

GirlfriendIT: Highly Motivated

What keeps you highly motivated in life and living it to the fullest? We recently received an email from a girlfriend who lives in Seattle asking what keeps us motivated amidst the mundane. Her question took us on a journey inside to peel back to think this through. What does keep us or anyone else motivated through the valleys and peeks in life? As women, leading and staying motivated is difficult – because life happens and when it does it can take us off track and distracted. During our show we will be asking some questions like: ? How do I stay positive when things get crazy? ? How do I juggle all my cute hats (friend, counselor, referee, philosopher and disciplinarian) to live focussed and still have fun? ? How do I keep the big picture when the small things are eating me alive? Join us as we also hear from Patty of how she escapes into her land far, far away for motivation where sweat and swim goggles are an every day celebration. By contrast, Lisa would rather ride and let the engine run for her, wearing a different kind of goggle on a quad treking through the woods. What motivates you? Let’s motivate each other.

GirlfriendIT 08-25-2011

GirlfriendIT: Cathi Herrod, Taking the Lead

Taking The Lead! Special Guests: Cathi Herrod, President for Center for Arizona Policy

Recovering From Religious Abuse

Recovering From Religious Abuse Author, Jack Watts As Jack Watts proclaims in his new book, Recovering from Religious Abuse “Even if you consider your abuse to be minor, it still needs to be addressed.” After being the victim of religious abuse himself and recognizing that millions of people have been wounded by religion, Watts has created a much needed recovery program in Recovering from Religious Abuse. Addressing those hurt by others in the church—psychologically, financially, or emotionally—Watts offers help for coming to terms with abuse, while also reconnecting with God in a rich, healing way—a way that restores purpose and meaning to life. Are you a victim of Religious Abuse or know of someone who is? Listen in to our show and walk away hearing personal stories from Patty and Lisa as well as special guest, Jack Watts and be encouraged with resources. In the midst of abuse, life is still filled with hope, healing and humor. Can’t wait to “chat” with you. Patty and Lisa

Leading Your Life Financially, Personally, Professionally

Debbie Locurto, VP Financial Peace University Church Development with Dave Ramsey shares amazing stories and strategies of hope and effective leadership for women - financially, personally, professionally.

GirlfriendIT 07-07-2011 What happens in the Spiritual realm around us?

What happens in the Spiritual realm around us? If you found Frank Peretti’s book, “This Present Darkness” intriguing, then join us this week when we introduce you to our guest from California, Rebecca Morgan, ministry leader, graduate of Biola University with her Masters in Philosophy. Rebecca will be unpacking information regarding Spiritual Warfare and revealing what God’s Word says about the war around us and how the power of prayer displays the awesome power and love of God?

GirlfriendIT How to Turn Fear and Anger to Forgiveness and Grace

Listen in as Brooks Douglass, former Oklahoma state senator, businessman, producer and actor shares how when we forgive someone else, we’re blessed with forgiveness ourselves. His journey of grasping life with forgiveness and grace while he slowly healed from a senseless crime is intriguing and powerful. Douglass, whose parents were shot to death by intruders, worked to strengthen Oklahoma's victims-rights laws, including the measure that allowed murder victims' families to witness executions. Since leaving politics in 2002, he found additional healing in an unexpected place: Hollywood, where he co-wrote a movie called Heavens Rain unpacking his life and the reconciliation from an horrific life changing tragedy. Listening to his story reveals hope and compassion to the point that you just can’t walk away with out some conviction and applications for leading and living your own life for greater impact!

Living Beyond "The Father Wound"

GirlfriendIt Radio with Patty Wyatt and Lisa Jernigan Living Beyond "The Father Wound" Guest, Justin Hunt: Writer, Producer, and Film Director In 2006, Justin began a 16-month journey in the production of his first feature length documentary, American Meth. The Val Kilmer-narrated film won multiple film festivals around the country. The movie was released on DVD in early 2008 by Rivercoast Film Distribution, and was one of America’s most rented documentaries that year and has been viewed in more thab 50 million homes. Justin recently completed ABSENT, a documentary that takes a raw, gut wrenching look at the vanishing landscape of fatherhood, and the searing scars an absent father can leave behind. This film also features Metallica’s frontman, James Hetfield, author, John Eldridge and legendary boxer, Johnny Tapia. Whether this is your story or not, we all know someone who lives with this reality. You’ll walk away with some practical applications for leading and living your own life for greater impact! “The father wound is so deep and so all-pervasive in so many parts of the world that its healing could well be the most radical social reform conceivable.” -Father Richard Rohr

How Do You Bring Hope In A Hurting World

How Do You Bring Hope In A Hurting World Life is full of defining moments – moments from the past and even the present! How do they affect us and what do we do with them? Today's show took us on a journey into a dark world that so many times we see as existing in another place and time where the victims are invisible and nameless. Filmaker, Brittany Leffebvre with Mending the Soul, a curriculum and organization which provides hope and healing for those struggling with various forms of abuse and dysfunction (which even includes each of us); shares her personal journey of discovery and healing. Her journey has taken her into the darkness where pimps, poverty, and the Cartel have been allowed to reign. Brittany authentically, passionately and purposefully shares strategies, statistics and solutions that we can all embrace no matter what stirs our soul. Each of us has a purpose to live and lives to impact. Brittany left us wanting to hear more! Quote from Brittany: Addiction is rooted in unprocessed abuse! Facebook Brittany at Volviendo to learn more.

Model Rachel Lee: Designing Your Life for Greater Impact

Professional Model, Rachel Lee Carter: author of Fashioned by Faith and Ruth Hensley-Taylor
 913-400-3393 International Speaker, Author and Life Design Coach

How Do We Bring Light into the Darkness?

If you are wondering where God is in all of this, then this show is for you! Learn how others are bringing light into the darkness, loving people towards Jesus, and experiencing God in supernatural ways. This week we are bringing on two dynamic guest, Ryan Russell with WWW.XXXChurch and Robby Dawkins with Ryan does an awesome job challenging you to not be apathetic to the darkness, but instead will encourage you to be a solution to our sexually intoxicated world. We all can live with a purpose beyond personal self-gratification. Robby was born to missionary parents in Japan, and went on to pastor the Vineyard Church of Aurora, IL. Having been in over 30 countries around the world, God has used him to help build the church internationally as well. He has ministered in many Muslim countries and in 2 of the top 10 most dangerous countries according to Voice of the Martyrs magazine.

GirlfriendIT 05-19-2011

GirlfriendIT 05-05-2011

GirlfriendIT 04-21-2011

GirlfriendIT 04-14-2011

How To Collaborate For A Cause

How To Collaborate For A Cause! Special Guests: Pat McCalla, President of which provides awareness and prevention in the cause of eradicating child rape for profit. just opened their doors to young girls rescued from sex trafficking by providing a home, help and healing. They are dedicated to helping put an end to modern day slavery! Peggy Bilsten, former Phoenix City Councilwoman and Vice Mayor of Phoenix who has devoted her efforts to advocating for victims of sexual exploitation and trafficking both locally and internationally. She has been a huge voice in legislation for trafficking laws here and also for domestic violence issues. Peggy is also a huge advocate for a healing program, Mending The Soul! All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men (and women) to do nothing! Do you have a passion in life? Have you identified other individuals or organizations who could join you for a more powerful impact? GirlfriendIt is about collaborating and partnering with others to help create solutions and provide help for others. Today we talked with Pat and Peggy who are huge collaborators for the cause of sex trafficking for young girls. Collaboration takes effort, time and a willingness to manage conflict and tension for the betterment of a cause. We are better together - completing not competing with one another. Are you actively collaborating with others to achieve a common goal? Listen as we give tips and tricks to use in your collaboration process. Great things are waiting on the other side!

Wake Up to Opportunities!

With John Martin, CEO and Owner of Toginet Radio and Lauri Leadley, Owner of Valley Sleep Center What does it take to morph your dreams into reality and make your business thrive? These two professionals will share insight, facts and inspiration. Not only will you gain the resources you need to assist you in your business, you will also learn about the media and internet radio industry and how it affects you; and the signs and solutions of sleeping disorders Sweet Dreams...

GirlfriendIT Radio with Patty and Lisa Where Are They Now?

Joining Patty and Lisa on GirlfriendIT Radio for this show was: Lori Hood Luchi, owner of Discover Branson; Dodge Billingsley, Founder and Director of Combat Films, and consultant with the US Dept of Defense; and Pam Myers Founder and Creator of Aprons. Inc. Are you the same person you were in High School? Patty and Lisa rallied some of their remarkable girlfriends and friends from High School for some candid conversations. Where are they now? What have they overcome? What has made the difference? We may graduate high school but we should graduate from living life.

GirlfriendIT Radio-Welcoming The Stranger

The “stranger” could be any one, including us! Today we talked with 5 remarkable people who welcomed and embraced someone new and it radically changed their lives for the better. Our discussions ranged from reaching and befriending refugee families to adoption of children outside the US to welcoming someone from their own family. Some of the take away: step outside your comfort zone, see who’s around you and their needs, be willing to sacrifice, and be an advocate for someone. There was a lot of love and good will going around!

GirlfriendIT-Living Beyond The Hurts of Relationships

Joining Patty and Lisa on GirlfriendIt radio for this show: Debbie Brewington: Getting over a divorc and loosing a business. Cheryl Ley: Journaling and moving past dysfunctions and hurts Christina Svendson: Hope beyond divorce and into internet dating Lori Wilhite: Moving from a divorce of a friendship and trusting again!

GirlfriendIt Talking To Women On The Mend

Special Guests: Dr Tina Korte, Amira Birger and Sarah Morales Finding Hope and Healing through the trials and traumas in life – specifically sexual abuse and sex trafficking. Hear from two amazing survivors who know what it takes to find hope and freedom and a new life free of guilt and shame. Author, Speaker and Radio Host, Dr. Tina Korte shares her amazing insight as a result of time with women and women ministries in churches. She shares what it takes to help women grasp the need to weave anew and set their hearts toward God. Sneak Peak: Great Resource: Mending the Soul Doing the Right Thing isn’t always fun or easy! Down Load this GirlfriendIt Podcast now and listen live on Thursdays to GirlfriendIt Radio.

GirlfriendIT 02-17-2011

We Are Women Hear Us Roar

Guests: Lisa Bevere, Lori Wilhite, Julie Lewis You are stunning. You were born for this moment. Don't be afraid of your strength, questions, or insights. Awaken, rise up, and dare to realize all you were created to be. -Lisa Bevere, Lioness Arising

GirlfriendIT 02-03-2011

Interview with Moms4FamilyTV and author Jackie Pilossoph

Listen to Girlfriendit Radio as we discuss this New Year and how to enjoy the moments life gives us. Our first guest is Moms4FamilyTV and we'll discuss how to watch better TV with our families in this New Year. Their new movie, Change of Plans, airs on Fox January 8th and stars Brooke White from American Idol, Joe Flanigan from Stargate Atlantis and Phylicia Rashad. Also on Girlfriendit Radio, Jackie Pilossoph, author of Hook Line and Sink Him, a love story about fear of commitment, reflection, and the beauty of devotion and loyalty with the right person.

Interview with Mending the Soul

On this week's show, Patty and Lisa dive into an interview with Mending the Soul Ministry. Mending the Soul started in a living room seven short years ago with a handful of men and women with a passion to help heal those broken by abuse, a conviction that Christ loves and came to heal the broken, and the painful realization that our churches and communities lacked sufficient resources. After their interview with Mending the Soul, we'll hear a couple stories from ladies who have truly mended their souls and done remarkeable things in their lives through this transformation.

Tips and Tricks To Do the Remarkable

December is a time to savor the flavors and smells of the season as well as a time of emotions and memories, whether new and exciting or cherished from childhood. Here are some tips and tricks to keep breathing in Christmas and all that is involved with this magical and majestic time of year. Let’s keep it flowing through our veins, out our pores and on to others.

Interview with Moms4FamilyTV and Robin Jones Gunn

Join Girlfriendit Radio as we discuss how to watch better TV with our families. Let's face it... we love family TV. Its an enjoyable part of our lives. It is entertaining, enlightening, and even educational. But unfortunately there are very few programs you can watch together as a family. Girlfriendit will be diving into this subject as they interview Moms4familyTV. Next up is Robin Jones Gunn, an award-winning, best-selling author of over 70 books with over four million copies sold worldwide! A God Lover and Storyteller at heart, Robin is best known for her Christy Miller series for teens and popular Sisterchicks® series for women.

Interview with Jackie Kallen and Laurie Beth Jones

If you've seen the movie Against the Ropes, of even if you haven't, then you'll want to listen to Jackie Kallen on our November 11th show. Her life story inspired the Paramount film. Patty and Lisa will also interview Laurie Beth Jones. She has been called by Ken Blanchard and others “One of the Great Thought Leaders of Our Time.” Laurie Beth’s personal mission is to recognize, promote, and inspire divine connection in herself and others. How she does this is through her writing, speaking and creating opportunities for others to get clear about who they are, what they were created to do, and how to live their highest good in work, life, and relationships. Some of her best selling books include: Four Elements of Success, The Path, Jesus Entrepreneur and others.

Interview with Erick Pettersen and Lori Wilhite

Patty and Lisa interview Erick Pettersen and Lori Wilhite. Erick Pettersen, Principal SEO Bridges. But there’s more . . . Erick has also authored a unique book and will touch on the topic of personal, relational, and social forgiveness, which is a huge theme of his book. Erick is definitely filling some voids in life. Lori Wilhite serves alongside her husband Jud who is the Senior Pastor at Central in Las Vegas. She is the founder of Leading and Loving It a community for Pastors' Wives and Women in Ministry. Jud & Lori love getting to be part of God changing Sin City into Grace City.

Interview with Nancy Stafford

You will remember Nancy as Andy Griffith’s law partner on Matlock or from the series St. Elsewhere, The Mentalist, Frasier, Judging Amy, ER and the list goes on! So does her gifts and talents. She is the author of Beauty by the Book: Seeing Yourself as God Sees You & The Wonder of His Love: A Journey into the Heart of God. But it doesn’t stop there, she also has a new movie to be released in theaters in 2011. Tune in to hear more of her remarkable journey and heartbeat on Girlfriendit Radio, Thursday October 28th at 12EST. Also check out guest Linda Higdon's website and mission,

Interview with Andrew Palau

Thursday's show is going to be awesome! Listen in as Patty and Lisa chat with international evangelist and speaker, Andrew Palau. Andrew is the son of world renown evangelist Luis Palau. Andrew preaches at festivals around the world, including the upcoming Arizona City Fest. He has shared the Gospel with millions of people, and at every opportunity he demonstrates his father’s same passion and love for Christ and for evangelism. In 2009, he joined Luis on his radio feature, Reaching Your World with Luis Palau. Andrew’s two-minute messages are broadcast on 855 radio outlets every Friday. We're excited and honored to have him on Girlfirendit Radio, and it all airs live Thursday 12 EST.

Interview with Tory Smock

Tory Smock, CEO and founder of Room for Joy. Room For Joy exists to enhance the healing process of chronically ill children through creative bedroom design and to provide an opportunity for young people and communities to reach beyond themselves with financial support, service and prayer. Last Updated on Sunday, 24 October 2010 21:49 Read more...

Interview with Dr. Alan Nelson, Wendy Ford, and Patrick Marks

Patty and Lisa have an awesome show lined up for this week! KidLead founder, Dr. Alan Nelson, is a leadership development specialist, who was a leader in the social sector for more than twenty years, until taking a midlife course change to pursue his 2nd half passion, leadership development. He invested much of his life, working with many leaders and their families in leader-concentrated areas. Alan is the author of 14 books, half of which deal with leadership topics, as well as hundreds of small and feature length articles. His landmark book, KidLead: Growing Great Leaders, was released in 2009. Next up is Wendy Ford. Her life seemed perfect until Wendy was stricken and rendered comatose within days, and then, after a tense weeks-long battle for survival, quadriplegic. Initially, she was not expected to live, or, ultimately, to walk again. To Get Back Home - A Mysterious Disease: A Fight for Life is a medical thriller of the first order, a true story of triumph of survival over astronomical odds. Patty and Lisa wrap up the show with Patrick Marks, the founding pastor of FourteenSix Christian Church in Surprise, Az. He went from a science and biology educator in public schools, to becoming the author of the book: Someone’s Making a Monkey Out of You. The Monkey book has been used in Christian schools to help students make sense of the difference between the theory of Evolution and the story of Creation. It has been sold by nationally known apologetics ministries such as the Institute for Creation Research in Dallas, TX. Patrick is also the author of the novel Legend. He lives with his wife and 5 children in Surprise, AZ where he continues to write and pastor FourteenSix Christian Church. It all starts on Thursday, 12pm EST.

Interview with Rachel Ramsey and Nicole O'Dell

Rachel Ramsey, daughter of personal money-management guru, Dave Ramsey, talks with us and shares insights for those on the front end of “adulthood” (18-108 years old!) and how to start off intentionally, with good money sense! Dave Ramsey, an extremely popular national radio personality, and the best-selling author of The Total Money Makeover. In his latest book, a follow-up of his enormously successful New York Times best-sellers Financial Peace and More Than Enough, Ramsey exemplifies his life’s work of teaching others how to be financially responsible so they can acquire enough wealth to take care of loved ones, live prosperously into old age, and give generously to others. Over the past decade, Nicole has worked as a youth director, camp counselor as well as counselor at a crisis pregnancy center. Her writing also includes devotionals and Bible studies for women of all ages. More information on Nicole is available at

Interview with Harmony Dust

GirlfriendIt with Patty and Lisa! We're going in and talking about a disturbing reality - the sex industry - where many women find themselves working and living. Unfortunately is it a growing industry and a dark place but there is hope! Maybe you are there or perhaps someone you love is. We are bringing the darkness to light as we welcome Harmony Dust to our show. Harmony Dust, President, founded Treasures as a dream born from a broken past and a heart healed by the love of God. Treasures is a unique, faith-based outreach and support group for women in the sex industry. Their mission is to empower women in the discovery of their value and purpose by providing mentorship, spiritual encouragement and resources. Patty and Lisa will also be speaking candidly with Patrick McCalla. Pat is working in the Phoenix area to develop relationships and synergy between established, reputable organizations with a desire to love and bring aid to the needy. He is the Assistant Producer of the documentary film ‘branded' that educates viewers of the problem of child exploitation in North America. Patrick currently works as the President and Co-Founder of Streetlight.

Interview with Tracie and Cara

Jump in and listen as Patty and Lisa interview four amazing women who are doing the remarkable and aren't afraid to GO into their worlds and make it happen, Thursday 9am PST on Patty and Lisa will speak to founders of Drawing Water, Tracie and Cara. These fabulously zany girlfriends use a mix of comedy and drama (sometimes including a unique musical variety show) to custom-tailor any event! By using real life issues with both humor and poignancy, they touch the audience with such significance that guarantees an impact and an unforgettable experience. Learn more about Tracie and Cara at

Interview with Emily Lesueur

Do you have what it takes? Are you willing to push aside anxiety and fear to do something remarkable? There's nothing quite as remarkable as an Olympic gold medalist and experts say that there's no sporting competition more stressful than the Olympic games. Listen in as Patty and Lisa speak with Emily Lesueur, synchronized swimmer and 1996 Atlanta games gold medalist. We'll hear from Emily about what it took mentally and physically to achieve this remarkable dream. It all airs on Thursday, September 2 at 12pm EST.

Friendship: Real and Raw...Rich and Rewarding

What is a friend? A single soul living in two bodies. - Aristotle Numerous studies and research prove that we need our girlfriends! Why? They make us happy, are good for our health and they complete us! They are better than therapy and when we are less stressed, we will live longer and breathe in the incredible! Here at GirlfriendIt we want to be your cheerleaders while helping to inspire and motivate you to nurture your friendships! Listen in to our show airing Thursday, August 26 12pm EST as we girlfriendalogue the realities of friendship, exposing the real and raw to help us move towards the rich and rewarding. Psst . . . it's ok to ease drop in on our conversation!

Remarkable or Invisible?

"You're either remarkable or invisible. Make your choice." - Seth Godin You can do the remarkable, no matter what your situation. People can do significant, incredible, unbelievable things even in the middle of impossible or disastrous circumstances. Listen in on our show airing Thursday August 19, 2010, 9:00 am PST on, as our guests will share their own remarkable stories of overcoming obstacles and mediocrity. You don’t have to be the same person today that you were yesterday.

Interview with Dr. John Trent

Do you know who you are? Is someone rocking your boat – personality speaking? We’ll explore this hot topic of personality traits and how we can better communicate with others in teams, marriages and families. Check out Girlfriendit Radio, on, and hear Patty Wyatt and Lisa Jernigan as they interview Dr. John Trent, President of StrongFamilies on the show airing August 12, 9am PST. Strong Families is an organization that provides people tools and encouragement to strengthen their families. Dr. Trent is also the creator of the Lion, Golden Retriever, Otter, and Beaver way of defining personality traits and an outstanding speaker and author of many other best selling books! He is doing the remarkable!

Interview with Mary Ellen Clausen

Join Lisa Jernigan, and guest co-host Kelly O'Donnell, as they interview Mary Ellen Clausen, founder and executive director of Ophelia's Place. Ophelia's Place is a non-profit organization committed to empowering and educating families, individuals, and communities in the fight against eating disorders, disordered eating, and body dissatisfaction. It will be a powerful show you won't want to miss at 12pm EST on

Interview with Brittney Thomas

Join Lisa Jernigan and guest co-host Jessica Pierce as they discuss transforming pain into fueled passion to live fuller and more meaningful lives. Joining these ladies will be Britteny Thomas, an abolitionist and a leading voice in the fight against human trafficking. Having survived one of the nation’s deadliest school shootings, Brittney turned her pain into an untamed passion for social justice issues across the globe and in her own backyard. She is currently Kentucky's state director for the Not for Sale Campaign. Brittany encourages people to buy fair trade, products not made using human trafficking. Check out Trade As One and Free2Work for shopping options and more information. It will be a show filled with women who, through pain, have engaged their hearts and minds to do the remarkable. Girlfriendit Radio airs every Thursday at 9am PST, on

Interview with David and Brittani Curtis and Jessica Pierce

It will be another great show as Patty and Lisa sit down with David and Brittani Curtis who are doing the remarkable with Food for the Hungry, meeting physical and spiritual needs in Phoenix and beyond. Joining the show will be founder and president of Accelerated Team Dynamics, Jessica Pierce, and we'll hear how she equips others to do the remarkable in their lives. Girlfriendit radio airs weekly on every Thursday at 12pm EST.

Interview with Mark Ludy and Cathy Grossman

Join Girlfriendit Radio as Patty and Lisa talk to two dynamic story tellers Mark Ludy, author, illustrator and owner of Loodles Coffee and Cathy Grossman, influential columnist for USA Today. We'll hear their stories and listeners will be challenged to discover their own story lines! It will be another Girlfriendit show you want won't to miss, Thursday 9am PST on

Interview with Ron Sciarro

Patty and Lisa show you how to tie personal and business success closely, so you can really have that cake you're eating. Join your fellow Girlfriends as they consult with entrepreneur Ron Sciarro about what it takes to be as good at making your relationships as successful as your business endeavors. Another great show that preaches relationships over profit, questioning the status quo and building others up to help them be the best they can be--don't miss out this Thursday at 10 a.m.

Interview with Paul V. Harris

Listen in as Girlfriendit Radio dives into the incredible story of Paul V. Harris, an internationally recognized and sought-after motivational speaker who suffered through a horrific automobile accident that burned 85% of his body. During his prolonged stay in the hospital, Paul was pronounced dead 3 times. This man's life is truly an inspiration and he has so much to share. Listen as Paul teaches how to overcome fear so you to can do the remarkable!

Interview with Lynn Rush and Tish Cohen

Join Patty and Lisa in another literary tour de force as authors Lynn Rush and Tish Cohen share their stories of women doing extraordinary things. These women will be speaking about the inspirational tales for their written work--including Cohen's coming-of-age struggle as she realized her past was not what she'd thought it was--this Thursday at 9 a.m. PST on Toginet. Tune in or download the show to catch up with these successful authors and learn more about how they turned their struggles into success!

Interview with Bill Dallas

Patty and Lisa are back with another guest whose fall from grace has become a powerful story of redemption. Bill Dallas, a well-established real estate entrepreneur, surrendered his life of success and luxury for a state-issue set of stripes when convicted five-years for a grand-theft embezzlement charge. Dallas served time in one of the country's most renown maximum-security federal prisons, San Quentin, and for Bill, that has made all the difference. Reflecting on the struggles he encountered during time served, Bill shares 12 core principles he learned at San Quentin to help turn tough times into a positive experience and build a character shaped by the Bible. It's a show Girlfriend's won't want to miss this Thursday at 10 a.m. on Toginet.

Interview with Maria Gamb and Cathy Morgan

Have you ever wondered what you're fully capable of? Do you ever feel like there is potential deep within you to lead? Listen in as Patty and Lisa talk with Maria Gamb, former fortune 500 executive and leadership coach, and Cathy Morgan, Patty's sister and a remarkable leader of women, about changing the norm, shaking things up, and leading through the storms in life. They'll be sharing tidbits of knowledge and insight that they've learned in their leadership positions throughout the years. Check out the leadership training freebie Maria made available to our listeners!

Behind the Mysterious Curtain of Radio With Icons Dave Pratt, Kerri Pomarolli

Patty and Lisa interview Arizona's most iconic radio personalities, Dave Pratt, the Morning Mayor. Pratt discusses his three decades in radio, his personal struggles and successes, his career, and what he's working on today. The show wraps up with renowned actress, writer, and comedian Kerri Pomarolli to discuss what it takes to be somebody in the mad world of entertainment (all while juggling a new baby and the demands of a modern housewife)!

How Much Do You Love Your Freedom?

We’re not just talking politics on the show – we’re talking passion. However, passion can lead you in a direction towards politics, public service, or even to be movement makers. Like our guest, Senate candidate J.D. Hayworth and AZ State Representative Michelle Reagan.

Raping for Profit: An Epidemic

If you knew someone was being raped in the room next to you, would you allow it? How about outside your back door? Susan Ivancie, Director of Development for International Justice Mission, joins Patty and Lisa to explain just how children of the world are literally being stolen and sold, right in our own backyards, for profit. Nearly 2 million children each year are coerced or forced in sexual trade or slavery, generating 12 billion a year for those who organize these heinous crimes--almost double what some successful and legitimate conglomerates gross annually. Listen in this Thursday--or download the show if you miss it--to find out what we're doing to put a stop to this horrible industry, and just what you can do to help.

Phat or Fat?

This week Patty and Lisa welcome guests Shari Lyon and Judi Mouer to talk about different ways to eat well to be well, and some simple things you can do to determine what that means to you! You owe it to yourself to catch this show on Toginet at 9 am PT, 12 pm ET!

Live Loved: Interview with Wm. Paul Young, The Shack

Listen as Patty and Lisa sit down with Wm. Paul Young, author of the NY times best-seller, The Shack. Young's two daughters join the conversation as well, providing listeners with a unique perspective as they tell their story of their dad and this life-changing book.

Releasing the Chains That Bind You

Listen in as Girlfriends discover Gallagher’s guide towards making wise decisions, and hear Chuck’s experience-driven response to the question “How can I keep my poor choices from defining who I am?”

Driving and Thriving or Stuck in Neutral?

Check out the latest Girlfriendit radio show with our guests Rose Monroe,"Rosie the Recoverer," and Elli StGeorge Godfrey, entrepreneurial coach. Find out how to make the most of your life and achieve your goals.

Flight 1549: A Runway to Life

A very miraculous show is in store for GirlfriendIt Radio listeners as Patty and Lisa spend this week's show speaking with survivors of the crash of US Airways flight 1549 that has been dubbed "the Miracle on the Hudson". When a bird strike took out both of the plane's major engines on January 15, 2009, the courageous pilot used years of experience and training to safely land the craft on the Hudson River without the loss of even one of the 155 passengers.

Creatively Thinking in a New World

Patty and Lisa pick the brain of Barry Judge, Chief Marketing Officer for the multinational leader in technology and entertainment retail, Best Buy, on this Thursday’s show. Barry will speak with Girlfriends about creative and downright innovative tips for marketing using technology in today’s tight economy to create awareness about your business or nonprofit group.

Getting Up To Speed With High Speed

Patty and Lisa of a web techie, searching for the best sites to find coupons, travel discounts, blogging, etc. Its going to be a fun show that highlights the best the internet has to offer!

Overcoming Sexual Assault

Author, Wendy Blight, tells her powerful story of overcoming a sexual assault by a masked man in her college apartment. Wendy's book, "Hidden Joy in a Dark Corner," speaks of her situation, how to avoid being a target, and increase rape awareness.

Using your Full Potential with Social Media

Social media: Intimated or Involved? Listen in as we talk to two business professionals who individually built successful business from the ground up using social media, Twitter and Facebook especially.

Valentines Day on Dime

Jodi Olson, the Frugalitarian, guest-hosts a special segment on how to spice up your Valentine's Day the Frugalitarian way! She'll be giving practical and elegant solutions for any budget on making a memorable and unique Valentine's experience. We'll also be getting tips from a young newlywed couple, a engaged girlfriend, and a mom!

Inspiration Rise out of Meth Addiction

Meth addiction is one of the hardest forms of addiction to overcome. It often enslaves those who use it. Patty and Lisa today o interview a young women who was trapped in this addiction and has soared free from it.

Dealing with Unexpected Life Crisis

Jo Franz, author of the award winning book, Soar Unafraid, shares her passion for life and her desire to help others soar fearlessly, joyfully and intentionally! Tune in and listen as Jo shares her story of living with MS and dealing with an unexpected life crisis of her husband's infidelity which led to her unwanted divorce.

Interview with former US Beatles Manager

Have you ever wondered what went on behind the scenes of the Beatles? Tune in and turn it up as we go backstage with Ken Mansfield, former Beatles US manager! It's a blast into the past and as a we get a first hand glimpse of this music phenomenon that still rocks fans of all ages of today.

Live from Porn Convention

Show airs live from Las Vegas at a porn convention. Interview with Ryan Russell from XXX Church.

Gift Giving - Trade As One, Nathan George

Special Guest, Nathan George, Founder and President of Trade As One! We live in a world with two crises. The first is the crisis of extreme poverty that affects much of the developing world. The second is the crisis of meaning brought about by vacuous consumerism that has left much of the developed world with a different sort of poverty. We believe Fair Trade is a way to alleviate both.

Enchanted Christmas: How to Make a Memorable Christmas

Patty and Lisa join Girlfriends to compare notes on how to make this holiday a special and memorable one for you, your family and friends.