Recent Episodes and Interviews

What's Happening? Watch and Pray Part 3 07-01-2024

After catching up with listeners, Diane resumes her coverage of current events such as what Joe Biden and Congressional Democrats are making a priority like HR 15 also known as the Equality Act and Abortion Rights also known as Murder rights but she also provides listeners with ways to combat these wicked agendas.

What's Happening? Watch and Pray Part 2 06-17-2024

Diane continues coverage of current events. Tonight's topics include more about the World Health Organizations agenda and the Abortion Bill HR12 that 211 members of the U.S. Senate/House are pushing. Like other news Diane shared, these events are snapshots of a bigger picture and she encourages listeners to be watchful and prayerful about the future.

What's Happening? Watch and Pray 06-10-2024

After giving an account of her activities since her last live podcast, Diane shares current events of concern being the 34 convictions against President Trump, an email from Congressman Steny Hoyer addressing Mental Health Concerns, and breaking news about the recent World Health Assembly by the World Health Organization's and their agenda to manipulate and control the world.

Is P Diddy a Pimp? 05-20-2024

The P Diddy dirty laundry continues to be hung out for all to see. Many are interested and impacted by this ongoing shameful display.Because of the widespread effects and potential negative influences, Minister Diane felt it necessary to address these matters and hopefully deter others from following the path Diddy has chosen.

A Book Reading The Story of Me A Black Nurse 04-29-2024

After catching her listeners up on her status, and sharing the latest Equipping The Saints Ministries Announcements, Diane reviews her history in nursing and does a book reading from her book, The Story of Me A Black Nurse. Diane yet desires to provoke and motivate others to help Restore the Art of Caring!

Mission Continues to Raise Awareness of Sexual Abuse 04-15-2024

After catching up, vocalizing Prayer Request and giving thanks, Diane discusses recent occurrences. The first being A Proclamation on Transgender Day of Visibility. The second being the outcry caused by the Proclamation being declared on what is known as Easter for some and Resurrection Day for others. She concluded the show with a proclamation from the Lord.

The Stubborn Rebellious Youth 03-25-2024

Troubled by a recent video on Facebook, Diane had to chime in and post. The video depicted a very disrespectful, stubborn, rebellious young man defying his teachers instructions, disrupting the class and finally refusing to submit to police too. Not wanting to merely comment, Diane was compelled to preach on the biblical perspective of this issue as well as the consequences of our society promoting and condoning such incorrigible behavior.

Things That Affect Society Negatively 03-18-2024

This includes my update regarding the Unrighteous Decision Rendered by the Judge in the Fulton County court case involving Fani Willis and Nathan Wade v Donald J Trump and co-defendants. According to Deuteronomy 16:18-22, Judges are to judge the people with just judgement, not wrest judgement, not have respect of persons, neither take a gift but follow that which is altogether just! (KJV) Judge people fairly and honestly. Don't twist the law. Don't play favorites. Don't take bribes. Pursue only what is right! (MSG) Justice and righteousness did not prevail in the decision rendered. I discuss how unrighteous decision's affect society badly overall.

Synagogues of Satan 02-26-2024

Behold, I will make them a Synagogue of Satan, which say they are Jews, and are not but do lie....Many can talk some of the talk and even walk some of the walk but they lack integrity, authenticity and commitment to God himself. Diane exposes several of these types of churches who entangled themselves with Fulton County District Attorney, Fani Willis legal woes related to allegations against her of impropriety and adultery with Nathan Wade, a married special prosecutor of President Donald Trump's RICO case. God's people should avoid such churches. In order to avoid such churches, one must recognize Satan's churches.

TRUMP 02-19-2024

Through a series of events Diane shares spiritual insights into the state of America, her belief that God is shedding his grace on America in this hour and how this grace is connected to TRUMP and trump (to beat something that somebody says or does by saying or doing something even better) events.

The Wages of Sin is Death. What are you working for ? 01-29-2024

Diane describes various police incidents, arrest and public incidents caught on video that portray the level of demonic activity in the land and in the lives of individuals because of rebellion against God and embracing unrighteousness. She concludes with the needed reminder that consequences of such behavior is Death.

Scandal Can Be Traumatic 01-08-2024

Using current events, Diane describes the far reaching and extensive effects of scandal, specifically scandal related to sexual abuse. Highlighting the sex based allegations against Bishop TD Jakes, the alleged sexual immorality of Mike Bickle contrasted with biblical standards that Christian leaders are supposed to maintain and discussing her views about the Epstein Island activities and List, she attempts to minister to those who may be effected or distressed by the fallout that occurs because of scandal.

Revisiting Spiritual Abuse 12-11-2023

Minister Diane revisits an old topic that is still current to describe Spiritual Abuse and how she responded to her spiritual abusers. Using a recent allegation against a well known Pastor, the Report on the Initial Findings into the allegations against that Pastor and her ongoing pursuit for vindication in a matter she experienced, she demonstrates how to stand in the face of evil.

In All Things Give Thanks 11-20-2023

Diane provides a brief history lesson about the Thanksgiving Celebration, shares some of her holiday plans, Thanksgiving scriptures with commentary and inspires all to join in jumpstarting the Thanksgiving season.

If You're Like Me- You Must Be Scratching Your Head 10-23-2023

God's ways are not like our ways. His ways can be confusing. What he allows can be confusing. Situations can be intimidating, frightening, hard and still turn out for the good or bring about good. Diane shares examples from her own life and headlines about President Trumps various indictments, the Israeli/Humas/Iranian War that have her scratching her head.

Gods Ways Are Not Our Ways 10-09-2023

When you are in major battles, feeling like you're losing battles, even losing some battles, know that God is still in control. He doesn't do things the way we do or think the way we think but his plans and purposes are for good not evil.

COVID Related Buzz Part 2. 09-11-2023

Picking up where she left off, Diane shares more articles and information about Doctors who have been adversely harmed because they took the Covid Jab or opposed recommending the Jab to others. Stay informed. Stay alert and stay prayerful.

The Latest Covid Buzz and More 08-28-2023

Things Diane has heard. Another pandemic is coming. Mask are being mandated again. Dr. recommends masking and Covid Vaccines. Death toll sores of pilots in flight post Covid vaccines. 1.2 Million Covid deaths and the World Health Organization "WHO" targets by 2030 and their agenda. What can you do about these things? What should you do?

What in the World ???? 08-14-2023

Perversion is on the rise. Ungodly leaders pushing ungodly Bills like HR 15 to obtain and protect unnatural affection, lust and lasciviousness of all kinds. Parents of Autistic child punished and discriminated against for refusing behavioral services from a man dressed like a woman though the Bible says a man is not to wear anything pertaining to a woman and a woman should not wear anything pertaining to a man. A Satanic Pastor tries to misrepresent "the black church" by siding with same sex, perverse relationships. What in the world????

Special Guest Evangelist David Giuggio 07-17-2023

Evangelist David Giuggio of CFM Boston joins Minister Diane to share his personal testimony of deliverance and salvation. Like many of you he was bound with various addictions i.e. lust. His bondages and indulgences left him empty, hopeless and suicidal but God! God had the power to transform his life and can do the same for you.

Embracing the Prophetic 06-26-2023

Prophecy is how God shares his heart with mankind. Prophecy is key to relationship with mankind since the fall of man. It is key in the last days and will be key during the Tribulation period. Through personal experience, Minister Diane shares the necessity of studying about, recognizing false prophets and embracing Prophetic Ministry.

The Days of Noah Are Here 06-19-2023

Between commitments Diane signs on to share things on her mind about the state of the world and how it is just like it was in the Days of Noah. Wickedness of all kind was pervasive and continual to the point that God destroyed the earth by flood. Wickedness of the same kind is pervasive today and God will again judge the wicked and cleanse the world but he will do it by fire the next time.

Special Guest Norita Marshall Returns with Healing from Envy 05-15-26023

Norita Marshall returns with Diane to continue the topic of Envy as it relates to Healing from Envy's effects or from the bondage of being an envious person.

Special Guest Norita Marshall 05-08-2023

Diane is joined by Norita Marshall to reveal the characteristics of Envy. Individually and collectively the two share first hand experiences dealing with envy and share the importance of recognizing envy at work in ones life in order to be freed from it's destructive grip.

Overcoming Sexual Abuse Resumed 04-17-2023

After praise reports, Diane resumes the topic of Sexual Abuse from the Biblical perspective. As usual, she uses current events and her own book to highlight consequences of sexual abuse and shares the ways she continues to combat this evil.

The Glory of the Lord 04-03-2023

Isaiah 6:1....and his train filled the temple. Ezekiel 10:4 and the house was filled with the cloud, and the court was full of the brightness of the Lord's glory. Minister Diane describes her experience in The Glory of the Lord. Though she did not end up on her face this time, the sanctuary was so bright, the brightness concealed the cross on the wall.The presence of the Lord was so strong his fragrance filled the room and he presented as a mist. She encourages all to seek this experience by being wherever the Lord is leading and moving.

A Book Reading Buffet 03-20-2023

Inspired by recent conversations and encounters, Diane decides to recap, review and read a little from all three of her books creating a book reading buffet. The Story of Me, The Story of Me A Black Nurse and Overcoming Sexual abuse, though they have been available for years now are still relevant. Tune in to understand why this is.

Using your Natural Gifts 02-27-2023

Impressed by the Holy Spirit and confirmed by another witness, Shanell joins Diane to talk about the importance of using your natural gifts, spiritual gifts, why its important to do so and ways to explore what your gifts are.

RAPE 02-06-2023

Through several heart breaking, disturbing stories Diane reminds all of the horrors of RAPE from the biblical perspective. Knowing the importance of identifying and calling this evil for what it is, she provides biblical names and context for RAPES related cohorts. Determined not to leave the listener without hope, she leads them to the reality that in spite of the trauma that RAPE produces, God is able to heal and restore it's victims.

Reconciliation 01-16-2023

Christian's should strive for peace with all mankind. Peace is not always possible so when strife occurs how do you reconcile it? Diane shares from personal experience a conflict she had with a loved one, how she tried to resolve it and why it's important to try to reconcile conflicts.

Restoring the Art of Caring 12-05-2022

Health Care is a tough industry. It will try you, trouble you, bless you and inspire you in many ways. By reading excerpts from her book, The Story of Me A Black Nurse and sharing stories of others Diane calls all Healthcare workers to Stand, resist the evils of clicks, intimidation and cutting corners. Insist on high Standards in the workplace. Restore the ART of Caring to Health CARE.

The State of the World Part 2 11-28-2022

Diane returns with the latest news she has on HR 8404 The (dis)Respect for Marriage Act. This Bill paints a very good picture of the state of the world.

The State of the World 11-14-2022

Diane returns after a leave of absence to cover stories happening in the world, give her own commentary and encourage all to see the world and it's future through the lens of the Bible. The Bible puts the affairs of the world in perspective.

Special Guest Shanell Nichole Praise Reports 08-29-2022

Diane and Shanell return to share real life prayer request and Praise Reports of how God answered their prayers. But my God shall supply all your need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus Phil 4:19. They were also touched by a beautiful unexpected show case from Chris. What a blessing.

Making A Stand 08-08-2022

Diane reviews news articles from Liberty Counsel. Multimillion Dollar settlement, Pedophile to marriage partner and What we've learned is shocking are accounts about battles won and battles being fought by people making a stand for righteousness and resisting evil!

Special Guest Shanell Nichole returns for Staying Chaste in 2022 PT 2 07-25-2022

What does it mean to be Chaste? What does scripture say about being Chaste? What are some consequences of not living Chaste? How do you stay Chaste or become Chaste? Diane and Shanell discuss these questions and share personal insights on this topic.

The Virtuous Woman 07-11-2022

The turmoil of the last several years has caused the impurities of society to surface and be exposed. Under the guise of righting wrongs and attaining equality many women have become promiscuous, vulgar, foul mouthed and ruthless. These women have put themselves on display for the world to see. Minister Diane describes the characteristics of a virtuous woman in contrast and her value and attempts to inspire all women to strive to be Virtuous.

Special Guest Shanell Nichole on Staying Chaste in 2022 06-27-2022

Roe V Wade Overturned. Did the decision to overturn Roe V Wade set women back? Many are in an uproar. Others are celebrating. The necessity to teach and preach about Chasity is great. Diane and special guest Shanell Nichole talk about Chasity, it's benefits and the challenges to living a chaste life as single women of God.

Catching Up

Diane has been very busy with some good, bad and ugly experiences. These experiences caused her to miss recording live shows for a while. To make it up to all, she catches up with you during this segment and hopes to inspire you in the process.

Special Guest Shanell Nichole Struggles and Triumphs 05-24-2022

Do you suffer with sickness or health problems? If so, how do you stay positive? Special guest Shanell Nichole returns to share more of her struggles and Triumphs related to her own health battles. She also provides suggestions on how to stay encouraged through whatever trials you may face.

Honoring my Mother's for Mother's Day 05-09-2022

This Mother's Day Diane reflected on her life's path regarding all the Mothers in her life. She has had 11 Mothers in her life so far. She recalled the pleasant and painful memories of each though some are no longer living.. She shares her memories, the things she gleaned from each and treasures most and concludes her reflections with much gratitude.

Special Guest Shanell Nichole Returns Struggles and Triumph Part 7 04-25-2022

Shanell Nichole returns to share more of her struggles and triumphs with us and let us know some struggle more than others and face greater attacks then others. This may be due to the fact that you are a threat to Satan's camp and your purpose is greater than you realize. You need to know you are not alone. For those dealing with health issues, relationship problems and trying to fulfill Gods call this will be a tremendous blessing.

Pedophilia Today 04-11-2022

Pedophilia is an ungodly behavior symptomatic of people who have rejected God. The sexual perversions of fornication, adultery, pornography, sex trafficking and homosexuality have fanned the flames and opened the door to push, affirm Pedophilia, destroy our children and contaminate society. Pedophilia was prevalent in ancient times. Current events are drawing attention to the increase and prevalence of Pedophilia today.

Special Guest Shanell Nichole Part 6 Struggles and Triumphs 03-28-2022

Special guest Shanell Nichole returns to share more of her Struggles and Triumphs related to the Covid 19 Plandemic. Diane talks with her about her reaction to the panic, being locked down, working remote, home schooling her daughter, family connections the chaos and confusion of it all, how the Lord sustained her, answered prayer and more.

Home Training 03-14-2022

Diane talks about a tragedy that resulted in a young man being shot and killed. The incident occurred after a younger lady presented herself as eye candy, sexually seduced and enticed lots of attention on her TikTok page. She began being stalked and that resulted in the shooting incident. The other tragedy is that the young ladies behavior was encouraged and condoned by her parents.

Special Guest Shanell Nichole Part 5 02-28-2022

Life can bring about hardships and sickness. Those hardships and sicknesses can cause feelings of loneliness, guilt, blame, shame, anger and despair. Diane wants you to know God cares. Shanell Nichole returns to share more of her health and weight gain battles and let you know how she copes with her battles. Together they hope to encourage those facing similar battles.

Love and Loss 02-14-2022

Today is Valentine's Day. How does one cope with days like today when they have lost their own love? Diane shares how she does and wishes all a Happy Valentines Day 💓💕💓💕💓💕💓💕💓

Special Guest Shanell Nichole Part 4 01-31-2022

Shanell returns to share more of her testimony about her struggles with physical attacks. She knows what it's like to suffer but wants to encourage all to turn to the Lord for strength and encouragement through trials.

Transparency Part 3 01-24-2022

Minister Diane concludes her series about Transparency by telling her very personal story about the spiritual abuse and vicious attacks she and her late husband experienced at their last church home. She also emphasizes the need for confession, exposure of, separation from abusive situations and describes elements of spiritual abuse and spiritual warfare.

Transparency Part 2 01-10-2022

Spiritual Abuse is prevalent in many churches today. This evil must be addressed and exposed. Diane continues to share a very personal, traumatic experience of Spiritual Abuse related to her most recent church relationship and her late husbands passing.

Transparency 01-03-2022

Diane opens up about a very personal and traumatic experience related to the death of her love Chris and how she is revisting the process of deliverance she describes in her book "Overcoming Sexual Abuse" so she can overcome the effects of the trauma and expose the enemy in the process.

Restoration a Book Reading 12-06-2021

Minister Diane shares her story of Restoration through a book reading from her book The Story of Me. This story is one of hope and inspiration for anyone who suffered severe trauma in life and even for those who have had a good life but realize something is still missing.

Rape and Lasciviousness 11-08-2021

Minister Diane expounds on the tragic report of man allegedly raping a woman on a train as passengers stand by and video incident. She answers the question, how can something like this happen and how does one overcome sexual abuse?

One Year Anniversary of Chris Passing Conclusion 10-11-2021

Diane is joined by Shanell Nichole to share the good, bad and ugly truths about death and events related to husband, father, minister, coach and friend, Chris Jones passing. But they leave you with hope and advice on how to cope.

One Year Anniversary of Chris Passing Part 2 10-04-2021

Diane is rejoined by Chris and Diane's daughter, Shanell Nichole. Together they commemorate Minister and Coach Chris and continue to work through the trauma surrounding his passing.

One Year Anniversary of Chris Jones Passing 09-27-2021

Diane and Shanell talk about the one year anniversary of husband, father, Minister, Coach and more, Chris Jones and what they are doing to keep his legacy alive.

Special Guest Shanell Nichole Part 3 09-13-2021

Shanell Nichole returns to finish her personal testimony and let us know Satan is the one who comes to steal,kill and destory. God cares about our wounds and can heal us.

Special Guest Shanell Nichole Part 2 09-06-2021

Last week we left you hanging. This week Shanell returns to share more of her personal testimony. Only God knew the path her life would take. How did she become a victim of verbal and physical abuse, abandonment, and more?Only God could turn it back around.

Special Guest Shanell Nichole 08-30-2021

Shanell returns to share more of her personal testimony about her love for God and what he has done for her in her life.

Spiritual Abuse Part 7 08-16-2021

Diane wraps up the series on Spiritual Abuse by discussing the characteristics of spiriutual abuse, providing hope and prayer for those distressed by current affairs.

Spiritual Abuse Part 6 08-09-2021

Diane continues the series on Spiritual Abuse and is joined by special guest, Shanell Nichole. Shanell shares a very personal experience of Spiritual Abuse also known as Church Hurt, how the experience impacted her life and how she recovered from it with the Lords' help.

Spiritual Abuse Part 5 08-02-2021

Spiritual Abuse is a wide spread offense to God. Diane continues her series on Spiritual Abuse and addresses this issue related to Finacial Spiritual Abuse.

Spiritual Abuse Part 4 07-26-2021

A discussion about Spiritual Abuse. Spiritual Abuse is when religious leaders use their position of authority to Lord over those they are called to serve and care for. Instead of the leader serving the people, the people serve the leader and help build him or her ego, kingdom and platform up. We must recognize them for who they are and become who God called us to be.

Spiritual Abuse Part 3 06-21-2021

Minister Diane continues her admonition to beware of controlling, manipulative, abusive spiritual leadership also know as Spiritual Abuse. Using articles and personal accounts she paints a clear picture of Spiritual abuse looks like.

Spiritual Abuse Part 2 06-07-2021

Beware of Spiritual Abuse. It is prevalent in churches today. Diane continues the series she started to make you aware of Spiritual Abuse and it's warning signs.

Spiritual Abuse 05-24-2021

Individual reports, personal knowledge of and personal experience has caused Minister Diane to explore the topic of Spiritual Abuse. She was familiar with the term "Church Hurt" but found that Spiritual Abuse is something Christians need to be aware of also.

What is the answer to the Systemic Racism in America Today? 04-26-2021

America has a well documented history of racism. It is systemic. It has caused generational bondage and effects. Diane shares some of her personal experience from her book The Story of me a Black Nurse and provides answers for combating this very human problem.

Have You Had Your Covid Vaccine Yet? 04-12-2021

Diane is joined by special guest Shamara Fattorosi to ask have you had your Covid Vaccine yet? and to discuss this vexing, troubling, saddening topic further.

Hope For Overcoming Sexual Abuse 03-29-2021

Diane talks about the sexual assault through proposed bills, entertainment, and news articles that has been unleashed on our society in the last few months and offers hope for combatting and overcoming it.

The Love of My Life LOML

In honor of Valentines Day and Chris and Diane's heart to inspire loving marriages, Diane talks about the love of her life.

Who's Report Will You Believe ? 02-08-2021

Diane shares The Secret History of the Shadow Campaign That Saved the 2020 Election and coverage of Absolute Proof. Both stories expose the battle over the 2020 Election.

The Line is Drawn Part 2 01-25-2021

God has drawn the line against those who oppose him. He has drawn the lines and all must choose a side. The Gender Bending Agenda has crossed the line. Diane addresses, simplifies this issue and extends hope through Biblical insight from her book, Overcoming Sexual Abuse.

The Line Is Drawn 01-04-2021

Righteous indignation and integrity demand attention to concerns about the Covid-19 Vaccines that are being distributed and administered. Diane sounds the alarm.

Why Celebrate Hanukkah 12-14-2020

Have your faith and hope renewed this Hanukkah season. Diane shares the story of Hanukkah from the Biblical and modern day perspective. God still performs miracles today.

Oh Give Thanks Unto The Lord11-30-2020

We continue our celebration of Thanksgiving with Apple Cider, Hot Coco and a detailed history of the Thanksgiving Holiday.

Oh Death Where Is Your Sting? 11-23-2020

Special guest, Evangelist Betty Ann Sommerville joins Diane to share an inspiring testimony of how she got sick, died 7 times and came back to life.

Ending the Tribute to Minister Chris PT 2 11-02-2020

Diane finishes up the Home-going tribute to Minister Chris by reading the life reflections and short story of his life.

Ending the Tribute to Minister Christopher E. Jones 10-26-2020

Our Co-host, Christopher E.Jones passed away on September 22, 2020 after loosing a battle to Covid 19. We played encores in his honor the last 4 weeks. To end that tribute, Diane speaks out about this ordeal, Chris battle with Covid 19 and shares the hope and determination she has to continue the work she and Chris committed to.

A Night of Prayer Part 2 08-31-2020

We continue to pray for our nation to repent and return to God, for our President to fully fulfill Gods will for his life, protect him and his family during these difficult times, the derision and sedition among the political parties cease and that all enemies of this nation be exposed and defeated.

A Night of Prayer 08-24-2020

In an effort to flip the script, cancel the forces of darkness that are warring against our nation and restore America to her calling of being a spiritual light to the world through a commitment to God, we hosted a night of prayer. We were joined by prayer warrior, Elnora Gatewood in our efforts. Please join our efforts.

Endure Hardness As A Good Soldier 08-03-2020

The Patriots in the Bible had to endure. Jesus had to endure the cross. His disciples endured, most unto death. As circumstances get tougher and times more perilous, God's people must Endure. Our works will be tried by fire and proved.

Peace in the Midst of the Storm 07-13-2020

Just how Jesus was sleep in a boat in the midst of a raging sea, God will give us peace in the midst of the storms we are facing.

Oh That My Head Were Waters 06-01-2020

We weep for our nation and call all to repent and turn to God that he may heal our land.

Preparing for God's Next Wave 05-18-2020

Did Covid 19 catch you by surprise? Are you ready for the next wave? Be equipped to deal with the things that are coming our way and for what God is about to do in the next wave.

Re Open Churches 05-04-2020

Churches have been shut down across the United States. That never should have happened. The Bible commands Christians to assemble together, to build one another up, to call for the Elders that they may lay hands on and pray for the sick, comfort one another and to be the light of the world. Equipping the Saints urges all God Fearing, disciple producing churches to RE OPEN now.

Choose Ye This Day Whom You Will Serve

The current events of today are challenging the people of God, the nation and the World in a tremendous way! All are being forced to make a stand for what is good,righteous and therefore best for the United States and ultimately the world. We make an appeal for the body of Christ to stand up and be the light of the world in this hour.

Celebrating Passover and Resurrection Season

It's time to celebrate and give God the praise for all he has done and is doing for us. Switching gears, Diane and Chris discuss their Palm Sunday celebration activity, the importance of praise as a way to celebrate, plans for the Passover and Resurrection season and give tips on how to plan your own celebration.

What A Mighty God We Serve

A message to inspire Faith instead of Fear. Commanding Ankle Bones to gain strength and for all of God's people to do what they can to make a stand for Christ amid the Covid-19 outbreak.

Let the Church be the Church 03-23-2020

A city that is set on a hill cannot be hidden. If salt loses it's savor what is it good for? The church needs to stand up in this hour not shut it's doors or cower down in fear. Diane shares a word from the Lord about responding to the Corona Virus Outbreak.

Plagues Judgement and The Corona Virus

Diane and Chris talk about the unsettling events surrounding the Corona Virus Pandemic, past plagues and share the Biblical perspective concerning these types of events concluding with recaps of discussions from Diane's women's group about this subject.

Walk By Faith Watch and Pray 01-13-2020

Diane recalls the days of her youth being trained in church and being taught the importance of New Years Eve "Watch Night". Chris joins to help convey the need for being watchful concerning spiritual things today.

A Birthday Tribute to Messiah

Minister Diane does a tribute to the birth of Messiah Jesus Christ through songs done acapella and book readings with voice imitations from the Complete Jewish Bible.

Thanks Giving 11-26-2019

Diane and Chris talk about reasons to be thankful, the history of the Thanksgiving Holiday in America and emphasize the importance of thanking God for our many, many blessings this holiday season.

Conquering the Jezebel in You 10-14-2019

If you profess to be religious, use your giftings, talents,sexuality and calling to gain power, recognition and control over others. You may be under the control of a Jezebel spirit. Learn how to identify and get free from Jezebels control.

Re-Visiting Sexual Abuse The Latest Abomination 09-30-2019

Mattel, the well know doll maker in the US, boastfully brags that "nothing comes close to the Creatable World doll that Mattel has conjured up over the last two years." This doll is classified as Gender- Neutral and they say it is their job to "stimulate imaginations" where gender is concerned and they expect to make 80 million in revenue by doing so. Minister Diane and Chris discuss this latest abomination.

Catching Up & Book Reading 09-16-2019

God commands us to know those that labor among us so Diane and Chris share happenings from their lives to catch their listeners up on what theyv'e been up to lately. Diane ends the segment with a short book reading.

No Excuses 08-26-2019

This show is aired to address issues in your life, Gods love for you and help you overcome the traumas in your life. Come on. It's time to know God in all his glory. Let him set you free.

A Call to Pray 08-05-2019

Chris and Diane issue a Clarion call for prayer to combat the spirit of Murder that is rampant in our nation related to the recent shootings that have claimed many lives.

Basketball Outreach Part 2 with Chris and Special Guest Jeffrey Ulyse 07-15-2019

Chris host, chops it up and talks about Coaching, the importance of the coach, player relationship, the role of the point gaurd on a basketball team and how this all relats to God the Father and Fatherhood with one of his veteran ball players.

Chris and Sherman Talk About Basketball As Outreach 07-01-2019

Two coaches share how coaching forged their friendship, opened their eyes to situations they had not noticed before, ministry opportunities, the rewards of coaching and the consequences of coaching with a mandate from God.

Ministry Resources: A Book Reading- The Story of Me A Black Nurse 06-24-2019

Diane discusses the realities, disappointments and struggles of the nursing profession, the workforce in general, being a Christian and why she wrote her third book, The Story of Me A Black Nurse.

All About Equipping The Saints Ministries Outreach- Resources- Academy 6-17-2019

Chris and Diane give an update about their latest ministry Outreach activities,Ministry Resources and Word Academy

God Does Have A Dress Code 05-13-2019

Like any noteworthy institution, God has a dress code for the body of Christ. That dress code is spelled out in his word from the book of Genesis to the book of Revelation. It is a natural and spiritual code that depicts his children's relationship, identification and commitment to him. Ministers Chris and Diane teach about fashion and God's dress code.

My People Are To Low 04-29-2019

Why do believers in Christ conform to the ways of the world and yet profess to love him? Why do they celebrate holidays like Easter and Halloween when those holidays are in direct opposition to the Christian life? What does Easter have to do with Passover or Christ Resurrection? Minister Diane asked the Lord these questions and delivers the answers she recieved from him.

Weighed In The Balance And Found Wanting

There is a time for every season and purpose under the sun. Each life, institution, government and nation has a God ordained purpose. In the end, all will have their actions weighed on Gods scales to see how they measure up. This segment admonishes the listener to maximize their purpose in life, make sure your life lines up with and pleases God so that when you have to give account of your life's purpose, you don't come up lacking.

Finding Justice in an Unjust World 03-11-2019

Minister Diane provides an update and a word of encouragement concerning her battles to right the Manifest Injustices done to her own people and other landowners of color in Texas and Louisiana.

Black History 02-18-2019

Minister Diane is joined by special guest Pamela Woods to discuss Black History from the Biblical perspective and Black history from the American perspective. They highlight major accomplishments of Blacks not usually emphasized during Black History month and encourage all people to use their God given gifts for the Glory of God.

Praying Women 02-11-2019

Special guest, Mother Elnora Gatewood and Children's Ministry Leader Cara Seymore join Minister Diane to talk about the power or prayer, how to pray, share testimonies of answers to prayer and PRAY.

The Bigger Picture 01-28-2019

The issues about border security, the wall, the battle between the President and the parties are all small pieces of a Bigger Picture. These things are indicative of a spiritual battle that is raging in the heavens. Diane urges listeners to tune in to God so they can focus on the full picture.

Being Anchored Part 3 01-21-2019

Reverend Martin Luther King fought for civil rights. He gave his life for the cause. This was honorable but there was one greater than him who gave his life not only for the evil of racism but for the evil of lust issues, covetousness, adultery, fornication, fraud, addictions and more. Find hope and healing by being anchored in Christ.

Being Anchored 01-14-2019

Life continues with it's evils, wickedness, traumas and chaos continues. Grab hold of the solution. Escape from the bondage. Be anchored

Being Anchored 01-07-2019

We are facing tumultuous times with chaos everywhere. Issues about gender, abortion, national security have people in an uproar. In times like these we need a Savior. We need and anchor.

Countless Answers to Prayer 08-06-2018

The Prayer Changes things series resumed with a personal account of times the Lord has answered prayer in difficult situations.

No Cross No Crown 04-09-2018

Diane and Chris share details of their Passover and Resurrection Day Celebrations and stories of others who have taken up their cross to follow Christ.

Prayer Changes Things Part 3 02-26-2018

You have trauma in your life? You in a bad situation? Learn how to pray, when to pray and who to pray to. Experience God. Start getting results.

Prayer Changes Things Part 2 02-12-2018

Minister Diane began a weekly Women's Prayer Conference Call back in December 2017. Through this call, the Lord has been doing amazing things. He began to deal with the participants about the importance of prayer, getting back to the basics of Christianity and the importance of walking in his spirit and operating in the gifts of his spirit. Tonight we pick up where we left off.

Prayer Changes Things 01-08-2018

Diane and Chris discuss the importance of praying, how to pray, the power of prayer and the benefits of praying to God.

Sixty Years of Racism Coming to an End 12-18-2017

The Parker Heirs,descendants of Black Texas family cheated out of mineral royalties, charges oil company with unpaid royalties, unfair leasing and theft of property through fraud. Court battle lands in the 3rd Circuit CT in Philadelphia PA.

60 Years of Racism coming to an End 12-04-2017

Diane begins to wrap up the series about an Oil Company that has continued to benefit from more than sixty years of racism, oppression and unrighteous behavior against Blacks in Louisiana and Texas.

Special Guest Jim Keffer 11-20-2017

The owner of Toginet Radio shares a miraculous story of how he worked hard, God steered his life and performed miracles in his life. You may think it won't happen to you. Think again.

Expectations & More Oil Stories 11-06-2017

Expectations keep hope alive. It might take days, it might take years to receive your Expectations but God is faithful. He will fulfill his promises. Minister Diane talks about the waiting period between the promise and the fulfillment of the promise and highlights more Oil stories to begin wrapping up the series "Oil Company Continues 60 years of Racism".

Special Guest Kimola Brown Lowe 11-02-2017

She was very destructive and rebellious, grew up in a war zone. Kimola Brown Lowe shares her story of life, love, trauma and triumph. A story of deliverance and a testament to God's transforming power.

Anita Fizer's Story, Oil VS Man 10-16-2017

Over sixty years of racism. Three generations cheated. One man fought until he couldn't fight anymore. His family took up the battle. It's oil v Man. Evil against good. Racism must bow. Righteousness will prevail.

Glenda Walkers' Story 09-25-2017

Oil company continues more than sixty years of racism and oppression. A vow to her mother results in a 3 year battle to recover what was rightfully due them. "We trusted what the white man told us," a quote from her mother. Glenda Walker says her mother now deceased, could have had a much better life if she had been dealing with an honest oil company.

68 Years Of Racism And Still Going Strong 09-18-2017

The battle against racism continues. Diane tells Calvin Williams story about his battle to recover his families oil and mineral rights from a Texas oil company who gained access to their land from those who used racism, greed and murder to steal the land in the first place. His is the first in this series.

Special Guest Ted Payton 09-04-2017

Pastor Ted returns to conclude emphasis on the Prophetic Ministry. Letting listeners know God still speaks today. He wants your ear. He also explains how God speaks with love.

Special Guest: Pastor's Darryl, Kimberly Elliott 08-21-2017

Pastors Darryl and Kimberly Elliot from Latter Rain World Outreach join Diane to share about their background and what God is doing through their new partnership with Equipping the Saints Ministries.

Special Guest Ted, Angela Payton 08-07-2017

Launched to nurture, equip and mentor Gods people for the up-coming move of God. Ted and Angela Join Diane to say God still speaks today. You can hear his voice. This is a time for great breakthrough.

Special Guest Teresa Riddick Returns 06-19-2017

Diane and Teresa Riddick continue their fight and efforts to combat homelessness in the Nations Capital.

Special Guest Teresa Riddick 06-05-2017

Teresa Riddick joins Diane from Bethany Inc. to combat homelessness in our nations capital.

Special Guest Allison Romney Returns 04-03-2017

Allison Romney, author of "A Day on the Farm" returns to share God's miracles and how he revealed himself and his love to her during a very dark period of her life.

Special Guest Allison Romney 03-20-2017

Allison Romney tells her story of Finding Hope in a Hopeless Situation. Allison is a former Stock Broker, former wife, a mother, a Farmer and a woman who loves the Lord. When she retired from being a successful stockbroker to help her husband run their farm, she never imagined she would be taking on another full time job. She also did not know that her husband was a sex addict and her marriage was about to end. During this dark time Romney experienced several miracles through God that would change her life forever.

What God has Joined Together Part 2 02-20-2017

Tiffany Kologo returns to complete her testimony telling how she prayed 10 years for her husband, why she didn't want to date any longer and how God answered her prayers.

What God Has Joined Together 02-06-2017

Tiffany Kologo shares her story of life, love and trauma, how she came to know the Lord, was delivered from toxic relationships plus and how God brought the husband she prayed for into her life.

Wheels Of Change A Prophetic Word 1-30-17

Life happens swiftly. It changes before our very eyes.  So it is as President Trump begins his term.  In a matter of days there have been significant changes in the United States that have impacted the world. People are alarmed and distressed because they didn't heed the warnings of the impending change. Diane says take heart the wheels of change will prosper and perfect God's people.    

Special Guest Teryl Baker 01-16-2017

Teryl Baker talks about her life, her love and her new devotional, Knowing, Growing and Going with God. She got to know God as a young woman while attending college. Her life changed drastically from that time on. Today she inspires and mentors women to revere God as they fulfill God's purpose for their lives.

Returning Guest Amira Birger AKA Savannah Sanders 09-26-2016

Amira Birger AKA Savannah Sanders returns to help celebrate our 6th year anniversary and share ways she is continuing the fight against Sexual Abuse.

Seasons 08-29-2016

The Sun, moon, and stars are given by God for light, days, seasons and signs. The seasons are reminders that there will be seasonal changes in our individual lives.

A House Divided Cannot Stand 08-22-2016

An examination of what Family Truly is, the need for Family and the importance of Family. God is re-uniting the Family.

Capitalizing On The Buzz 6-27-2016

Capitalizing on news and events to raise awareness of the devastation that accompanies Sexual Abuse and Sinful behavior.

Civil Disobedience Disobedience and Chaos Part 3 06-06-2016

Diane and Christopher detail the confusion and chaos that results from Transgender issues followed by a proper response and an offer of hope.

Civil Disobedience, Disobedience and Chaos Part 2 05-30-2016

Coverage of the continuing trends regarding sexual abuse. Unveiling the deception of Transgender Theology and offering hope to those targeted by this destructive brew.

Civil Disobedience Part 1 05-23-2016

Civil Disobedience, Confusion, Chaos, the state of world affairs related to sexual immorality and sexual abuse. A Godly perspective.

The Power Of God To Set Free Part 3 05-16-2016

Pastor Jamie Morgan knows first hand, God's power to set free. She tells how God changed her life, set her free from alcoholism, made her a Pastor and used her to help deliver last weeks guest from same-sex attractions.

The Power of God To Set Free Part 2 05-02-2016

Linda Italiano, author, and pianist tells how the power of God set her free from alcoholism and same sex attractions. A powerful story of deliverance and restoration.

The Power of God To Set Free 04-25-2016

Diane shares the powerful story of a woman set free from alcohol addiction and same sex attractions.

The Relevance Of Sexual Abuse 04-11-2016

Sex Change Information as relayed by Author of Gender, Lies and Suicide. Life line extended for those who want to be free from this bondage.

Till Death Do Us Part Part 2 01-04-2016

Mr. Gregory Fant, a retired military man and a recent widower returns to continue his true story of love.

Till Death Do Us Part 12-07-2015

Special guest, Veteran Mr. Gregory Fant joins the show to tell his story about love and marriage. A true love story!

Truth And Consequences 10-26-2015

Diane and Christopher discuss Truth, the consequences of rejecting Truth and read a blast from Diane's past.

A Blast From My Past Part 2 10-05-2015

Christopher talks about spiritual warfare. Diane continues to share her personal story of sexual abuse, how it effected her personality and how she began to overcome her abuse.

A Blast From My Past 09-28-2015

Diane does a book reading from her book The Story of Me as a way to remind our listeners about the prevalence of sexual abuse and re emphasize her mission to help hurting people heal.

Be Encouraged -07-2015

In spite of the trauma and adversities of life, there is hope. Pastor Romika White returns to share words of encouragement and admonish those who may be troubled or discouraged.

Words of Encouragement and Admonition Part 3 08-10-2015

Do you need shelter? Do you need refuge?God is re-establishing church government to provide safety in His Church. Romika White returns to explain what God's government is and why this is needed.

Words of Encouragement and Admonition 08-03-2015

Pastor Romika White returned for Part 2 of Words of Encouragement and Admonition. These words are intended to provide hope and give God's children revelation and strategies to prepare for future events in the wake of the Supreme Court ruling concerning Same Sex Marriages in the USA.

Words of Encouragement and Admonition 07-27-2015

Romika White shares words of encouragement and admonishes those who are troubled in the aftermath of the Supreme Court Ruling concerning Same Sex Marriage.

Absolutely Furious 06-29-2015

We will not bow to Satan's Agents or his agenda. Current events concerning the Charleston Shootings, The Supreme Court ruling in favor of Same Sex Unions and the reports of Churches being set on fire inflame our passion and commitment to combat Sexual Abuse. We are more aware of our purpose and more determined to see it through.

The Duggers' Reality is Reality 06-08-2015

Diane and Chris discuss the publicity surrounding the Duggar Family's traumatic experience with sexual abuse, their restoration process and their Christian witness.

Restoration Part 2 05-25-2015

Diane shares a Restoration moment with her grandmother Jerrilene Robinson. Circumstances had torn them apart. God used circumstances to bring them back together.

Restoration 05-11-2015

We've talked about sexual abuse, the trauma it causes,racism and the pain it causes. We've talked about sin/rebellion, divorce and many other things. In this show we remind you that God see's these things. He cares about them. He cares about you and he RESTORES. God is a god of RESTORATION.

Will You Marry Me 04-20-2015

You are invited to the marriage of all marriages, the wedding of all weddings. Please accept the royal invitation. You do not want to offend the King of Kings by refusing his invitation and proposal. He popped the question. Will you say yes? Listen for more details.

Love and Marriage Continued 04-06-2015

We resume the series about Love and Marriage but focus on Marriage in this segment. Chris and Diane will be attending the wedding of all weddings. They'd like you to attend also. Tune in for more details.

Loving One Another 02-02-2015

In order to overcome evil and the traumas of life we must love one another. We explore the action and beauty of love that we may inspire others to love.

Life Love and Trauma 01-05-2015

Life, Love and Trauma as relayed in current news headlines and ancient writings from the Bible with a Biblical application.

Messiahs Tribute 12-15-2014

A musical celebration to honor the birth of Jesus Christ. Music by Chris, Diane and friend Shelton Foxworth.

We Can't Live Without Love 12-01-2014

We continue our series on Love and Marriage. In this segment Diane tells why we can't live without love. Chris joins her and emphasizes the importance of being thankful in the midst of difficult times.

LOVE 11-17-2014

News headlines depict the troubles of the world. Unrest is all around us. There is a power greater than the worlds troubles and unrest combined. That power is Love. That power is God. That power is the Love of God.

It's All About LOVE 11-03-2014

Being in Love is beautiful,it's intoxicating and it's sustaining. Many have written songs about this powerful action. Diane & Chris share why they love, how they love and the power of Gods love.

It's Our Annivesary About Equipping the Saints Ministries 10-20-2014

In celebration of our fourth year of being on the air, Diane shares the history of Equipping the Saints Ministries,how the ministry was born,it's mission,purpose and what Equipping the Saints Ministries is doing now.

It's Our Anniversary Part 2 10-06-2014

In honor of their fourth anniversary of being on the air,Chris,Diane and special guest Evangelist Annette Brown and Ms. M AKA Ms. Mary,share their personal stories,how they came to know the Lord and more.

It's Our Anniversary 09-22-2014

We are celebrating our 4th year of being on the air. Chris and Diane reminisce about the early years of this show and review highlights from the last 4 years.

What about Racism Part 6 09-08-2014

Victims of Racism and Racist alike must be justified. Some cry for justice when they themselves are not just. This is Hypocrisy. Get concrete information to combat the issue of Racism.

What About Racism Part 5 8-25-14

By reading headlines of articles including headlines concerning the Michael Douglas shooting, Minister Diane continues this series on the effects and traumas caused by racism.

What About Racism Part 4 08-11-2014

The trauma of racism can last a life time but it doesn't have to. Reading from her book The Story of Me A Black Nurse and current world news articles, Diane discusses the realities of racism but lets us know we are able to overcome it's cancerous effects

What about Racism Part 3 06-09-2014

What doe's the Bible have to say about racism and races? Doe's God discriminate? Is God racist? Minister Diane answers these questions in this series.

What about Racism? Part 2 05-26-2014

What about Racism? What is Racism? Although Jesus Christ paid the price to free mankind from sin,sickness and heartache, many who profess Christianity are bound by racism and it's ill effects. Chris joins Diane to tackle this subject.

What about Racism? 05-19-2014

What about racism? Some say it doesn't exist anymore. It's not like it used to be. Others ask what's the big deal? Why can't they get over it? This program addresses racism as another form of abuse.

Racism Another form of Abuse 05-05-2014

Diane tackles the subject of Racism as it relates to trauma,abuse and sin. In light of the current news concerning Donald Sterling,an owner of an NBA team, regarding his racist remarks and attitude toward blacks and Hispanics, now seems to be a good a time to address racism from a biblical and spiritual perspective. Like most of her shows, Diane address's this subject using news headlines and insight from her book The Story of Me a Black Nurse.

A Book Reading - And More 04-07-2014

A discussion about children being born outside of marriage,the "Bathroom Bill",the rise in sexual assaults being reported in the armed forces of the U.S. military, followed by a book reading from The Story of Me by Diane Jones

Forgiveness with Special Guest Dr. Johnnie McFadden 03-24-2014

Forgiveness is a part of deliverance (being set free)from the residual effects of spiritual and natural traumas. Dr. Johnnie returns to discuss the importance that "forgiveness" plays in the aftermath of sexual abuse.

Calling The Called 03-10-2014

Do you know why you were created? Do you know you have gifts and or if you have a calling to do a work for God. The majority of the work that is being done for Gods kingdom is being done by the minority of his believers. It's time for a change. Learn how to work in Gods kingdom. Learn how Equipping the Saints Ministries can help with your training.

Special Guest Dr. Johnnie McFadden and Partner Carrie McFadden 02-24-2014

Dr. J. McFadden and C. McFadden join Diane Jones and continue to discuss their passion, insight and plans to combat sexual violence against children. Together they share personal experience,interventions and the importance of forgiveness and achieving healing in the aftermath of being victimized by sexual abuse.

Special Guest Dr. Johnnie McFadden 02-10-2014

Diane Jones teamed up with Dr. Johnnie McFadden, founder and Pastor of Quntwarica and Healing Prophetic Ministry in South Carolina. Dr. McFadden is first a wife,mother,and grandmother. She says she loves the Lord, serves him in ministry and is active in her community. She is the author of two sexual assault education books geared towards toddlers and youth designed to empower them to be proactive in defending themselves against sexual abuse. Her goal is to touch the world and combat sexual violence against children. In this segment Dr. McFadden discusses the reasons she cares about this issue, educates the listeners concerning the prevalence of sexual abuse in society and relays how she combats this evil through her work.

A Book Reading from The Story of Me Part 4 01-27-2014

Reading from The Story of Me, Diane Jones shares the realities of sexual abuse. Growing up in environments with pimps, prostitutes, alcohol and mental illness only set her up for being sexually abused as a young girl. Broken homes, homes where values are not being taught or lived, where drugs are consumed and where God is not it's center are also environments where sexual abuse is promoted. This show is about increasing awareness of Sexual Abuse and reaching out to victims of Sexual Abuse to offer hope and healing.

A Book Reading from The Story of Me Part 3 01-14-2014

Diane reads "The Decline" from her book "The Story of Me". In this chapter she describes one of her childhood Thanksgiving memories and a bloody scene that resulted from her father hurting her mother during one of his rages. She also reviews and commentates the article "A Survivors Heart" written by Dr. Gregory Reid,that depicts her heart as a survivor of physical,emotional and sexual abuse.

A Book Reading from The Story of Me Part 2 12-16-2013

Reading from The Story of Me, Diane shares the realities of sexual abuse through her personal story. Growing up in environments with pimps, prostitutes, alcohol and mental illness only set her up to be sexually abused as a young girl.

A Book Reading from The Story of Me 12-09-2013

A book reading from The Story of Me read by Diane Jones. The Story of Me is about a woman who lived through the terror of incest and overcame the devastation of her traumas. If you have loved, divorced, been molested, raped, or a victim of incest, you may find yourself in her story.

Special Guest Dr. Gregory Reid Part 2

This show is graphic in nature and may not be suitable for listeners under 18 years of age. Dr. Reid returns to continue his discussion with fellow overcomer and host Diane Jones. He details his story of Occult Bondage, Sexual Abuse and Redemption. Ritual Abuse and Sexual Abuse go hand in hand. Dr. Reid describes Ritual Abuse from a first hand perspective, the reason he believes Ritual Abuse exist and the process of being healed/delivered/set free from this type of bondage and sexual abuse. This show is especially for those who are skeptical that evil exist. For more information about Dr. Reid go to

Special Guest Dr. Gregory Reid 11-11-2013

Dr. Reid is a man of God with a great passion and heart for hurting people, people who have been traumatized through sexual abuse, ritual abuse and spiritual abuse. God has done amazing things in this mans life and he is glad to tell others of Gods power and ability to heal and deliver from the a fore mentioned traumas. Like countless others, Dr. Reid has experienced first hand the horrors of sexual abuse and the occult. Like me, he has experienced the restoration power and the love of God who rescued him from the bondage of his abusers. In 1997, Dr. Reid embarked on what would be the most dangerous,difficult and phenomenal work God had ever given him. He began to work for the WATCH NETWORK, a ministry established to inform, teach and train law enforcement, professionals and churches about the danger of satanic crime. At the same time he was approached by a missionary's son, Tim Gamwell, and asked to take part in a home Bible Study for a handful of kids who were involved in the occult and wanted to learn about God. For the next ten years, he was part of both of these works, in 1989, he branched out from the WATCH NETWORK and began traveling and speaking on his own,training and speaking to well over 200 criminal justice, medical, professional and church groups and agencies since then. The youth group exploded, and in ten years' time, he probably saw over 1000 kids come through their doors seeking Jesus. It was the most awesome time of ministry he had ever known.

Like in the days of Noah Part 2 10-28-2013

We are living in a time much like the days of Noah written about in the Bible. There was inordinate affection of all kinds,Angels with men, men with men and women, women with men and women, mankind with beast, so much so that God brought a great flood to cleanse the earth and the human race of the corruption that resulted from this rebellious behavior. Tune in to see how the word of God tells us to deal with these types of desires.

Like the days of Noah 10-22-2013

Body and Soul 10-14-2013

Tragedy is Tragedy 09-16-2013

Sexual abuse is traumatic. Trauma is tragic regardless of what form it comes in . We address the ongoing problem of sexual abuse as relayed through a newly published study done in Asia.

Special Guest Bishop Willard E. Saunders 11-12-2012

In the wake of the presidential election and the election in Maryland regarding Same Sex Marriage, some of you may be disappointed and or discouraged. After having done all to stand, we must stand. Some may believe that the vote in favor of Same Sex Marriage is a good thing, a victory for civil rights and equality. We will continue to tell the truth about Sexual Abuse because it is a reality that has grave consequences. We know we were created for this time and season in life. Our special guest will be Willard E. Saunders, a supporter of the Maryland Marriage Alliance Campaign, who's mission was to preserve the God ordained institution of Marriage. We will be talking about whats next & how sexual perversion effects a society. "A TIME AS THIS".

Special Guest E W Jackson 10-15-2012

Diane is joined by special guest Bishop E W Jackson who calls for voters to make a S.T.A.N.D and find the courage to resist an agenda that promotes Sexual Abuse,Fatherlessness,dysfunction,confusion and ultimately the demise of any society. Bishop Jackson has been active in numerous businesses,political and spiritual endeavors throughout his life. His cry "Exodus Now". His articles have been published nationally and internationally. He has been seen and heard on Fox News. The O Reilly Factor, ABC's Good Morning America and many other media outlets.

Night Terrors & Demons 10-08-2012

Often victims of sexual abuse are attacked in their sleep. They have the feeling that some one or something is holding them down. It is a very scary feeling. Some even feel they are being violated all over again. Giving her personal account and the accounts of other victims, Diane & Chris explain this supernatural occurance and provide supernatural antidotes.

Sexting Part 2 10-01-2012

Sexting is said to be a new craze among young adults (teens). Research shows this craze is not just among teens, it is also reaching children. The consequences of this abuse are just as harmful as other forms of sexual abuse up to and including suicide. Wake up people. Be informed. Be armed. Yes to sexual immorality equals yes to sexual abuse. Stop the abuse.

Sexting - That Same Spirit 09-24-2012

Tear provoking information about Sexting. Diane began to research this topic after watching portions of a movie about how sexting caused a teen suicide. She was surprised to find so much information on this subject. Sexting is considered by some to be the newest craze among "teens". You may be just as troubled to learn how dangerous this "craze" really is.

Woo Hoo It's Our Anniversary 09-17-2012

Celebrating 2 years on the air and counting. We continue our tribute to the guest we have had. Like us,they are opponents of Sexual Abuse and promoters of Abundant Life. These guest embraced topics like Incest, Deliverance,Fatherlessness, Rape and Sex Trafficking. Join Diane as she reviews their stories.

It's Our Anniversary Yes Jesus Loves Me 09-10-2012

We are celebrating two years of being on the air with a tribute to the terrific guest we've had with us. Because of their testimonies, works and thoughts our shows have been interesting, informative and powerful. Because of Jesus Christ love they were able to share their stories with us. To God be the glory.

Quality V/S ?????? 08-27-2012

Sexual immorality is destroying individuals,families,communities and governments. It breeds dishonesty, deceitfulness,unfaithfulness,distrust,callousness and perversion of all kinds. Many have opted for sexual freedom and immorality as a way to right other wrongs. In doing so they have wronged themselves and countless others. People use superficial means as antidotes for very real and spiritual problems. The use of male enhancement drugs to the production of shows displaying toddlers as sexy,demonstrates the extent that people will go to find fulfillment and satisfy the flesh. But what about quality? Do these things really improve the quality of ones life?

Signs & Symptoms Of Sexual Abuse 08-13-2012

We have done many programs about the various forms of sexual abuse and how to overcome it but we have not exclusively discussed the signs & symptoms and consequences of sexual abuse. In this segment, Diane is joined by Chris. They discuss the wide range of problems and issues one endures because of the increasingly destructive prevalence of casual sex,adultery,rape,incest, pornography,sexual perversion,same sex relationships, molestation and sex trafficking,herein defined as "Sexual Abuse".


Contrary to what some believe and want you to believe, God will never condone Sexual Abuse. Same sex relationships are a form of sexual abuse. We have done many shows on different aspects of sexual abuse. In this show we exclusively address SAME SEX ABUSE.

Two Perspectives 07-30-2012

There is so much going on in the news right now concerning sexual abuse and sexual immorality. The fall out continues from the Penn State/Sandusky scandle. There is much controversy over Chic Filets public stance against same sex marriage. Diane discusses these issues from the biblical perspective. She asks and answers the question, can a sex offender be healed,delivered from abusing others? What about the victims who've been abused? We can finds answers in the word of God.

That Same Spirit 07-16-2012

Breaking news continues to cover the "Penn State Cover-Up" as it relates to Sandusky, the man who was recently convicted of sexually abusing several young men. Joe Paterno along with 3 other Penn State officials is said to have had knowledge of the abuse but covered it up. The Paterno family is vehemently defending Paternos position concerning this matter. Covering up is a common reaction to knowledge of sexual abuse. Diane gives biblical and spiritual perspective to this common response using excerpts from her book "Overcoming Sexual Abuse".

The Nature Of Sin 07-09-2012

What causes so much pain in life? Why is their so much struggle? Why do the rich keep getting richer and cheating the poor? Why do women,created to be givers of life, abort and murder their own children? Why is there unwanted pregnancies? What causes one to physically,emotionally or sexually abuse and rape another? In this segment we discuss and answer these questions.

Life Can Be Traumatic 07-02-2012

Dealing with trauma? Loss of home,loss of a loved one,suffering abuse? Time to gain a new perspective. Life is but a vapor. A puff, here today gone tomorrow. How do we navigate through the ups and downs of life? Is there anything we can count on? Yes there is. You can be renewed. Get a new grip on life and be born again.

A Good Review 06-18-2012

We continue our review. Nothing new. Sexual abuse is prevalent in our societies. Everywhere we turn, on the radio,television and internet people are consumed with sexual perversion,lewdness and lust. News headlines graphically tell horror stories of victims. Gnosis is not enough to curtail the spread of this evil. Diane painstakingly continues her mission to tell it like it is, letting you now that God has the answer to all that ails us.

Starting All Over 06-11-2012

Sexual Abuse is nothing new. It's been around for thousands of years. Millions of people continue to be abused, abuse themselves and abuse others daily. Diane does not commercialize or sensationalize this topic. She reminds listeners that the residual effects of Sexual Abuse remain the same. With no new approach to dealing with this subject matter this segment begins a good review of previous material but includes current relevant information to enlighten the listener.

Special Guest Kathi Macias 05-28-2012

Tired of junk choices for entertainment? Like to read but can't find quality reading material? Kathi Macias provides meaningful,quality materials for all who like to read. Kathi is an award winning Christian author. She joins Diane to talk about her conversion experience, how she began writing and her book "Deliver Me From Evil" in which she exposes the horrors of human sex trafficking.

Norma Evans Barber Part 2 05-21-2012

Ministry for the hurting heart continues with this special guest as Diane and Norma discuss a biblical account of rape and incest. This account reassures the reader that God cares about every aspect of our lives. He is not apathetic concerning our emotional scars caused by the troubles of this world. Not only does he care but he has an antidote.

Special Guest Norma Evans Barber 05-14-2012

Norma Evans Barber is an Author, Educator and Bible Teacher. She has authored several books and currently teaches Adult Sunday School Classes at her church. I invited Norma to join me because we share the same passion to help hurting people heal. We will discuss tools God has given Norma to use in aiding others. The first being a powerful workshop "The Mask We Wear" and her book "Princess Tamar's Tears. The Lord is using this woman of God in a special way.


Millions of people are sexually abused each and every day. Not just by rapist, child molesters or pedophiles but by choice and through life style preferences. Who would enjoy being raped again and again? Why is rape spiritual as well as physical? Can a sex offender be healed, delivered from abusing others? In this segment we begin to answering these questions.

The Story of Me Part 2 04-30-2012

Diane Jones continues detailing the horrors of her childhood in which she endured abuse of various kinds to paint a picture of what abuse is really about. We want everyone to know there is nothing pretty about being abused. In spite of the traumas Diane's story is one of victory. She want everyone to know there is hope for a better life after abuse.

The Story of Me 04-02-2012

Special guest Diane Jones talks about her life and her book. The Story of Me is about a woman who lived through the terror of incest and overcame the devastation that comes with such a trauma. It is not a story of self-pity. it is a story of victory and offers hope to anyone who has fallen prey to the type of spirit that would try so viciously to destroy a person's very soul and rid them of their destiny. If you have been loved, been rejected, divorced, had your dreams stolen from you, been used,abused, molested,raped, a victim of incest, you may find yourself in her story.

Let's Talk About Sex Part 3 03-26-2012

We did it again. We continued our discussion about Sex. What we call Sex, God calls Man & Woman. A limited study produced surprisingly simplistic conclusions. After looking up definitions for words like sex, sex appeal and opposite, Diane reaffirms Gods plan for Man and Woman. She challenges her listeners to experience the beauty of being in love and to celebrate the beauty that is in the ones God has placed in our lives.

Let's Talk About Sex Part 2 03-13-2012

Diane is rejoined by Chris for this segment. This week they discuss God's plan for Sex. Life,love,joy,peace and Sex originate from God. According to God's plan, Sex has a purpose. Because of the prevalence of sexual abuse many people never know the intoxication of being in love and having good sexual relationships. Discover the Beauty, Pleasure and Intoxication of Man and Woman.

Let's Talk About Sex 03-05-2012

Diane is joined by Chris to talk about the Beauty,Pleasure and Intoxication of Sexual Relationships. God makes his plan so simple a fool can grasp it. In this segment we define words like Sex,Sexual, Sexual Intercourse,Sexy and more. In short, we make it plain and easy to understand the precious gift we call Sex but God calls Man and Woman, Male and Female.

Fanning The Flames 02-20-2012

News headlines of sexual abuse tell the true story about the residual effects of sexual immorality. Fathers abusing daughters,teachers accused of abusing minor students,men abusing girls and the disabled. When a people says yes to sexual promiscuity and perversion,they say yes to Sexual Abuse. Unbridled lust when fanned, cannot be contained. We are in for an inferno.

Grief and Loss 02-13-2012

Many people are grieving the loss of someone or something dear to them. Unfortunately we will be facing much more grief in the near future and the years to come. It is important that we know how to deal with grief when it comes knocking at our doors. Chris and Diane talk about grief, what it is, why it comes and how we must respond to it.

Special Guest Constance Martin 01-30-2012

Constance shares her remarkable story of sexual, physical and emotional abuse. Her nightmare began when she was molested at the age of 4 years old but continued into her marriage and beyond. In spite of the horrors she lived she says she always knew God was with her. In this interview she tells how she is "Overcoming Sexual Abuse".

Lets Talk About Marriage 01-23-2012

We live in a time when "Marriage" is under attack. Young people don't have much to look forward too and don't have much faith in Marriage. Marriage is not the cause of broken homes, illegitimate children, and financial ruin. Immorality and selfishness is what causes Divorce and the devastation that comes with it. Chris and Diane together discuss the beauty of Marriage.

What is LOVE? 01-16-2012

Have you ever been abused by someone who later tells you "I love you"? This can be very confusing but it is a very common occurance in the Cycle of Abuse. So many people become confused about Love because of this type of conflicting behavior. Diane takes the time to clarify what Love is and what Love is not.

A Challenging New Year 01-09-2012

With this new year comes new opportunity,new challenges,new Grace and new Mercies. We will face challenges like never before. You may be faced with choices that cost you your income,relationships and more. In this segment Diane discusses some of the Satanic agendas we are currently facing but encourages those effected to continue to overcome evil with good. God will be faithful to those that love him.

Little Children Come 12-05-2011

Hurting people often behave like children. They act out,are often angry, they are blamers,contrary and difficult to get along with. The list goes on and on. They are often rejected because of their behavior which adds to the emotional pain they already live with so the cycle of abuse continues but Jesus says come. I won't reject you. If you are hurting this is for you.

There Is Nothing Pretty About Abuse 11-28-2011

Sharing excerpts from her book, The Story of Me, Diane paints a graphic picture of what Abuse is. It aint pretty. Abuse leaves fragmentation and devastation in it's wake. Diane hopes that by sharing her story she will inspire other victims to overcome their traumas and provoke others to get involved, do somthing to combat the evil of abuse and minimize it's ill effects.

Junk in the Trunk 11-14-2011

It's time to do inventory of your life. Ask yourself am I free? What types of things are weighing you down? Do you live with unforgiveness, bitterness,rebellion? Do you love money? Are you proud and boastful? If so,it's time to be set free!

Committed to the Cause 11-07-2011

We reaffirm our committment to our cause,the reason for our show. Our goal is to increase public awareness about the prevalence of Sexual Abuse, the damage that it causes and help others overcome the effects of abuse they may have suffered. Child molestation,bestiality, Pediphiles want same rights... as noted by these headlines, sexual abuse IS prevalent in the United States. Warning: Listener discretion advised,content not for children.

Godly Men Speak Out Part 3 10-31-2011

Charles White returns. He and Chris recap their discussions from part one of this series and included topics about male images,how our school system has played a negative role in the developement of our youth and how they as Godly men combat the onslaught of temptations they face from women of the world. Can a man be faithful? What is a Godly Man? They say yes.

Godly Men Speak Out Part 2 10-24-2011

The men's series continues with Chris and special guest John Martin. In this segment they continue discussing the impact of fatherless, what influence their father's had on them and how their father's role impacted their lives. What do boys need to see in their fathers as they grow up? They candidly exposed some of their struggles and provided our listeners with concrete answers to halting the growing tragedy of Fatherlessness.

Godly Men Speak Out 10-17-2011

What do Godly men have to say about Stuff? How do they deal with the Sexy Woman, the tempation to lust and more? I decided to ask. They had alot to say. This show is the first in a series when men speak out. Tonight they tackle the issues concerning Fatherless and they talk about the impact of Role Models in a childs life. Hosted by Christopher Jones with special guest Charles White.

Is there a righteous one among you? 10-10-2011

What does it mean to be righteous? I can tell you there are not many righteous among us. This is a tragedy because we are living in a time when everything that is right is being challenged. This is not surprising because the Bible predicts this apathy and apostasy would come. What should you do if you are a righteous person? What should you do if you are not?

What about the Sex Offender, Is there any hope for them? 10-03-2011

A difficult but necessary topic. What about the Sex Offender? What is a Sex Offender? During this show we present a much broader definition of this classification. There are many more sex offenders in the world than believed to be. Offenders are more than rapist or pedophiles. Can God save them? Can they be delivered from abusing others?

Emotional Pain and Triggers 09-26-2011

Healing takes time so what happens when the healing process is interrupted by an emotional trigger? Do you regress? Are you tempted to feel sorry for your self? What Now? Do not be discouraged. Do not give up. You can be healed!

Peace annd Contentment ? 09-19-2011

There is so much going on around us that could disturb our peace. How do we maintain our peace of mind in the midst of turmoil and tragedy? Can we be content with our lives? Yes we can. When it seemed that things would never get better in my life,I found peace, happiness and contentment. So can you!

Addicted to Sex? You can be free! 09-12-2011

Are you in it for the sex? Stop being needy! You can have power over your own body and repossess your virtue. Billions of people live in bondage to the lust of their flesh day in and day out. They suffer because their flesh rules them. There is a way out! You can overcome any addiction in your life with the help of the Lord.

Secrets- Hidden Sexual Sin 09-05-2011

Secrets promote walls and barriers to Intimacy. Transparency is vital to Intimacy. Do you have secrets, hidden sexual sin that is hindering your ability to relate to others in your life? Tonight we challenge you to reveal your secret and be set free from it's control.

Enduring Difficult Times 08-29-2011

I was afraid. The wind was so strong it sounded a though the windows would break at any time. I had peace in my spirit but did not have peace in my mind. Have you ever experienced that dichotomy? During this show we talk about how to endure difficult times. Difficult times will come so how do we endure them.

STD"s A Medical, Moral or Sin Issue 08-22-2011

Syphillis,Chlamydia,Gonorrhea,HIV,Herpes,what's your pleasure? These are some of the choices on the casual sex menu. Why don't we hear more about these on TV programs and musical lyrics that promote sex, sex and more sex? What is their motive? Is there a cure? What about my soul? What does God say about sexually transmitted diseases? Does he care?

Special Guest Lisa Corbitt Broken but not Destroyed 08-15-2011

At two years old she knew something was wrong when her father bought her a pair of black panties and had her undress and put them on to watch her play in them. It was years before she fully understood why he did this and why it effected him so. Robbed of her virtue, of love and of her fertility yet she is able to sing of Gods goodness. Now she shares her story to help others find healing and freedom from the effects of Sexual Abuse

Sexually Abused! What's all the hostility about? 08-08-2011

Diane continues to discuss her findings concerning peoples responce to victims of sexual abuse. Ones in her life who were abused themselves have been the most cruel. What's that about? Where does that reaction stem from? Be prepared for it. You may need to help someone deal with this very issue one day or the someone could be you.

Hostility instead of sympathy- Responces to Sexual Abuse 08-01-2011

It may surprise you to know that hostility is a common responce to knowledge of sexual abuse. To the abused victim, this responce can be just as devastating as the actual assualt. Why do people react this way? How can someone you love and trust betray you in this way? Ministers Chris and Diane discuss this very common problem.

Daddy called me to his room 07-25-2011

I've had guest on my show who were raped, molested or seduced by brothers, uncles,stepfathers and fathers at very young ages. Some of them did not know this behavior was wrong. Diane was joined by her partner and husband Chris. Together they tackle this subject. A very "in your face" discussion, one that more people need to have.

Christians Dealing with Lust Issues Part 2 07-18-2011

Romika White rejoins me to discuss this issue. Together we brutally tackle the subject matter. One must be aggressive and tenacious when dealing with sin and bondage issues. Lust, lasiviousness is somthing common to mankind. To avoid its effects would mean ceasing to exits. It will effect your life in one way or another. Find out how to overcome it's ill effects. For Mature listeners only!

Christians Dealing with Lust Issues ? 07-11-2011

Special guest Romika White asked this question. What do Christian women who have been sexually or verbally abused do when they have husbands who struggle with lust issues? How do they deal with this? Romika is Assistant Pastor with her husband of Liberty Christian Center in South Dakota. She has been asked this question a lot lately. How can this be? Should this be?

Accused of Cheating 06-20-2011

Let me school you! Cheaters cheat because they are tormented but they are tormented because they cheat. The thing that torments them causes them to become the thing they hate,cheaters. If a man abuses you physically,sexually, verbally or mentally, he does not love you!

About E T S "Equipping The Saints Ministries" 06-13-2011

Info about Chris and Diane. What we are doing. Things we like to do. Staying true to our assignment we then discussed more about Sexual Immorality. How should one respond to inappropriate attention? The struggle of Sexual Immorality. Why suffer? Consequences?

He's coming Back, Who's Coming Back? 06-06-2011

It was predicted that May 21st 2011 would be the day of the Rapture. That prediction did not come true. In spite of this error the Rapture "being caught up" to meet the Lord is eminent and will happen one day. There will be a new Heaven and a new Earth. There is so much to look forward too! There will be no more tears,death,sorrow, sickness,earthquakes,tornados or floods! When will this be? I have an answer you might want to hear.

Who's going to get Gomer? 05-23-2011

Who's going to rescue the abused and bind up the broken hearted? Janice Fountaine, Author of Who's going to get Gomer? joined us and challenged us with this question. Why? because Gomer, a prostitute, in the Bible represents many broken and hurting people in society. Her book is filled with truth, and spiritual food. The bases of the book is to reveal the love of God to those who need it most, you and me. In this segment we expound on the book and this very direct question!

Prostitution Part 5 05-16-2011

Minister Chris joins me again as we talk about the serious practice of prostitution and how it effects society as a whole. Sexual immorality is like a Cancer. Left untreated it will destroy all it comes in contact with. We also talk about the spirit of Jezebel that is so pervasive in the world and in the "church" She is not to be tolerated! Their is an antedote, a remedy for those who are caught in this life style. We know what it is!

Prostitution Part 4 05-09-2011

Hey people, we are reveiwing some history about prostitution. There is more than one way to prostitute. Everything about prostitution spells" Abuse" . It is associated with crime, dangerous activity,deception, manipulation, poverty and social exclusion so why do people do it? Who are the victims of it? How does it impact society?

Prostitution Part 3 05-02-2011

The stain of sexual sin is evident throughout the world. These sins are common to mankind. The sins of molestation,incest,child trafficking,fornication,sexual perversion and prostitution have come before God as a terrible stinch. What can wash away this sin? Nothing but the blood of Jesus.

Prostitution Part 2 04-25-2011

Prostitution is the highest form of abuse between men and women. It is sexual abuse and it is rape. This life style choice is not anything new because abusing others and being abused is in mankinds sinful nature. Minister Diane shares some history on the subject of prostitution to show how this type of abuse has been and is still prevelant today.

Prostitution Part 1 04-18-2011

Prostitution is a natural act of human nature. The nature of mankind is to sin. It is also natural for mankind to abuse mankind. Therefore prostitution is the highest form of abuse between men and woman. In this series we discuss the history of prostitution, the ways people prostitute themselves,the nature and origin of prostitution and give you the Biblical perspective concerning this evil practice.

Born out of Wedlock 04-11-2011

Bringing children in to the world without the covenant of marriage is more than selfish it is cruel. I was concerned,even troubled as I realized that the effects of my fathers extra marital affairs were still causing pain in my life fourty three years later. There are many angry boys and men who deal with the same pain because they don't know or didn't have fathers in their lives. Gods way are not our ways and his thoughts are not our toughts. What is his perspective on this subject? Learn how one can overcome this type of sexual abuse.

The Virtuous Woman she is so Precious 04-04-2011

The virtuous woman shapes communities because she shaped the first community, the family. Families form communities. communities form cities. Cities form states and states form nations. She is at the heart of it all. Her home and family is her first priority. If your family is the fruit of your labor,how has your influence shaped the world. Who can find a virtuous woman? Is she you?

Special Guest Amira Birger 03-28-2011

Amira has survived such hardships as child hood rape, sex slavery, homelessness as a teen, and severe drug addiction. She is now living what she calls "a full life" as wife mother and student in pursuit of a Bachelors in social work and a Certificate in Art Education. Tune in to hear her story and how through "Mending the Soul" a community model of healing, she is overcoming the traumas in her life.

The Virtuous Woman 03-21-2011

Who can find a virtuous woman? Her price is far above rubies. She is not valued by mankind the way she is valued by God. The increased and sustained influence of Humanism and Materialism has created a void in the soul and character of many women. Many are weak and lack the fortitude it takes to truely make their mark in this world. If God were to survey the land in search of a virtuous woman would he find her in you? He values the virtuous woman.

Consequences of Cheating 03-14-2011

If you'll lie, you'll steal. If you'll steal, you'll cheat! Why does the media glorify these character flaws? Why do people glamorize these acts when they cause so much pain and suffering? The consequences of cheating are so severe, it seems no one would do it once they saw the negative effects it has. But that is not the case. Cheating, what is it? What are it's consequences?

Veronica Wright-Special Guest and Author

Vernica Wright, authored her very personal story of childhood sexual abuse and generational curses due to her families involvement in a Satanic Cult before she was born. Her book "Boxes of Secrets" gives her account of these horrors as well as how she was finally delivered from the effects of this type of trauma with Gods help. She joined us on the air to share this powerful testimony. Although I'd read her book I sat on the edge of my seat as I listened. My eyes waterd because I could relate very well to her experiences and I sensed the Lord at work through her. Tune in to hear for your self. What God has done for her, he can do for you!

If You'll Lie You'll Steal. If You'll Steal You'll Cheat 02-28-2011

In a time when so many people are cheating and so many people condone cheating we chose to discuss it's devastating effects. Some of our listeners used words like hurt, releived,effected me for a long time even years later it still effects me,emotionally tied, betrayed and soooooo angry! to describe their feelings about being cheated on. So what is good about cheating, AKA as Adultry? Nothing. Cheating is "sexual abuse" of another kind!

The Importance of being Delivered 02-21-2011

Deliverance is a prerequisite to living Holy. Many professing Christians don't realize they need deliverance because they live in deception. Living a luke warm life style, in the church but not living free from sin is a major deception and a reproach to Christianity and to Christ. Tune in to learn why deliverance is so important!

Deliverance from Night Terrors 02-14-2011

Today is Valentines Day so we shared our message of love filled with chocolate and love songs with our listeners. In an effort to stay true to our listeners who don't have that kind of love in there lives we continued with our message of deliverance. It is hard to feel loved when you are tormented by night mares but you can be free from them too!

Deliverance through Purging 02-07-2011

Purging,a must. When it comes to being set free, delivered, from the effects of sexual abuse, purging is equivalent to ridding a wound of puss and exudate. In order for the wound to heal the junk has to be removed. This is true of emotional and spiritual trauma too. The gunk has to be removed. Tune in to find out how to be rid of your junk!

Deliverance through Forgiveness 01-31-2011

I was older and stronger. I had resolved my hatred and anger toward my mother. I came to realize that she loved me in her own way but she had to be ill to continue to live the way she lived. I could keep my hate and continue to try to figure her out or forgive her and move on to the next chapter in my life. I struggled with this at first but accepted the reality that forgiveness is a choice. Forgiveness is a choice. It should be your choice too.

Deliverance through the power of Christ Blood 01-24-2011

Deliverance is not something I hear discussed in most messages today. Yet the need for deliverance is still prevelant in the Christian community. So many Christians live defeated life styles when they dont have to. Tune in and learn why there is power to be set free from oppression of any kind through the shed blood of Jesus Christ!

Deliverance through Salvation 01-17-2011

We've been talking about deliverance for several weeks now but theres more! Minister Diane is joined by Minister Chris and they talk about Seperation and Salvation. Deliverance brings freedom from negative thought patterns,the shame of abuse,the responcibility of it and most of all the bondage of sin!

Renouncing and Confessing Continued 01-10-2011

After several times of being used by my dad,I finally got up the nerve to call my mom. Until that time,neither my mother nor anyone else knew what was truely going on behind those walls. Between the tears, I told her that Daddy was messing with me. She began to cry and told me she would be right home. Tune in to see what happened after I confessed to my mother that I was being molested by my father!

Deliverance by Renouncing and Confessing 01-03-2011

Renounce means to verbally, publicly expose and turn from. Confess is to verbally speak. Just like confession of faith and belief in Jesus Christ is vital to salvation, so is it vital to getting delivered from the effects of sexual abuse. In this segment Diane talks about the ill effects that remain in ones life when he or she refuses to expose their abuse for what it is.

Deliverance through walking in the Spirit 12-13-2010

Walking according to the leading of the Spirit of God is essential to gaining freedom from spiritual bondage, even the bondage of sexual abuse. If you have accepted Christ as your Saviour and turned from doing things the worlds way, God will fill you with his Holy Spirit. His spirit will lead you, prompt you, give you impressions and give you insight according to Gods'word and will for your life. He will set you free!

Rebellion Prevents Deliverance 12-06-2010

Rebellion is not a Godly quality, it prevents deliverance. In this segment Minister Diane challanges her listeners to examine and evaluate their lives to determine if they walk in rebellion against God. Are they manifesting goat like characteristics in their everyday lives or do they more resemble the disposition of lambs. Be a lamb so you can be free!

Deliverance 11-29-2010

An important step in the process of deliverance(being set free)is self examinination and evaluation. It is vital that you look at yourself, your life style and life style choices to determine if you played a part in your being victimized. Being in the wrong place spiritually, physically and naturally can predispose you to violations of many kinds including sexual ones. Examine yourself. It's time to be set free!

Deliverance 11-22-2010

Deliverance- being "set free", is a powerful thing! It can happen instantly or it can be a process. The way it happens depends on what you are being delivered from and how sincere and desperate you are to be "free", free from self defeating thoughts, fear, emotional baggage etc. God wants to set people "free"!

Rejoicing with Ms M. 11-15-2010

In this segment we rejoiced,celebrated and encouraged Ms M. She is a faithful listener to our broadcast and she finally found the courage to share her personal story of abuse and the trauma she experienced as an eight year old child. In her email she goes on to confirm that the effects of sexual sin reach far beyond the victim but extends in to families for generations. We can prevent the cycle from continuing on to our seed!

The Damage caused by Sexual Abuse 11-08-2010

Adultry is sexual abuse. Rape is sexual abuse. Incest is sexual abuse. Fornication is sexual abuse. Sexual Abuse is catastrophic! It changes ones life indefinitely. It is not an isolated offense but it shatters the lives of those connected to the victim as well. We find this revelation depicted in scripture as we review the life of King David,we see the generational curses he initiated by his rebellion against Gods' laws and by his refusal to bridle his own lust.

Chastity prevents great pain and suffering 11-01-2010

Gods' plan for family living provides protection from Incest. This plan includes living a chaste life style. Rebelling against Gods' plan predisposes families to "generational curses." In this segment, Minister Diane discusses these absolute truths and compares her upbringing to Gods' standard for family living.

The consequences of Rape 10-25-2010

Rape is such a devastating event. It literally destroys lives. Therefore God doesn't tolorate it. Learn what the consequences rightfully are and learn of Gods grace and how he offers to spare mankind from the punishment of such behavior that is so well deserved. It may surprise you!

Rape or not Rape, that is the question 10-18-2010

Minister Diane is rejoined by her husband, Minister Chris. They discuss candidly some of the ways women set themselves up to be abused. The Tramp Stamp,Thong,Butt Crack and Hooker Boots are just a few of the visuals that can produce an illicit responce from someone with ill intentions. Find out what the heavenly Father says about this type of behavior in relationship to rape.

You are the most precious thing God created 10-11-2010

In this segment, we talk about you. God made you a little lower than the Angels. He crowned you with honor and with glory. He gave you dominion over the works of his hands. He made all the resources that we have available to us for our use. All he ask in return is that you honor him in all your ways. How do you honor him? By following his instructions for your life!

"Sexual Abuse" is natural to "Mankind" 10-04-2010

In this segment we discuss the nature of mankind and we focus on "Lust" as a part of that nature. Minister Diane emphasizes that lust is associated with all forms of sexual abuse and shares why uncontrolled lust has no conscience.

The Origin of Sexual Abuse 09-27-2010

In this segment, Minister Diane passionately prays for victims of sexual abuse. She emphatically places the blame for this type of abuse where it belongs and encourages her listeners to examine the word of God for answers to this on going "Human" dilemma.

Incest Defined, Overcoming Sexual Abuse 09-20-2010

Minister Diane is joined by her husband, Minister Chris. Together they expose sexual abuse for what it is. It is not glamourous in any way. Find out how your sexual behavior can have a lasting impact on your future generations. Sexual abuse is the result of sexual immorality past on from one generation to the next.

Minister Diane Revealed 09-13-2010

The Lord told her, "I am taking you from the hidden to the seen. You will no longer be trampled under foot" In this premier show, Diane candidly exposes who she is, what she's been through and how her experiences have equipped her to minister to others. She is joined by her husband and Co-Pastor Christopher,as they tell how she was sexually abused as a child and how he reacted when he first learned of her abuse. This marks the beginning of their "Deliverance Ministry"!