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Interview with Kate O'Malley, the inventor of Bangle Stacker and Alan i Harris, the creator of Fiair

With Bangle Stacker™ Chicago-Area Inventor Brings Uncommon Sense to Jewelry Organizing Kate O'Malley's innovation goes from "Not today, Mom" to The Today Show! Like so many products, the Bangle Stacker's roots can be traced to a simple problem: how to organize jewelry efficiently. One rainy day in July 2014, Kate O'Malley tried to enlist her daughters in a project that tackled the issue. Neither was interested in the least, so O'Malley grabbed duct tape to secure two golf tees and a pair of toilet paper rolls atop a plastic plate. What initially prompted eye rolls from her tween-age children has developed into an eye-catching product called the Bangle Stacker featuring five vertical posts that hold bracelets, rings and other accessories. It has made a substantial splash, including a January appearance on a NBC's popular Today program, segment led by Stephanie Sisco, a Real Simple magazine editor. "That was such a validation of my instincts", O'Malley says. "There are so many people, particularly women, whose dressers are a mess because they don't have an efficient, sleek way of keeping their jewelry organized without stashing it in a box." Specifically, no other product enables the display of jewelry, rings, hair and other accessories neatly atop a dresser. In addition, one of the competitive advantages of the Bangle Stacker, in terms of appeal to retailers, is that it can be stacked in sets of 20 and therefore occupy precious little retail space. O'Malley, a longtime television advertising executive before becoming a stay-at-home mom to her two daughters and one son, previously demonstrated a penchant for practical invention. In 2007 she created the I'm Hot You're Not dual insulation non-electric blanket. After procuring a patent for the blanket in 2012, she produced I'm Hot You're Not, which addresses the dilemma posed by so many hot-blooded/cold-blooded partners with contrasting insulation needs. In early 2015, production began on the first samples of the product. By August, barely a year after that rudimentary rainy-day design, O'Malley began receiving large-quantity shipments. Made of acrylic, and coming in clear and black options, the Bangle Stacker is a 10-inch wide, 7-inch long tray with five vertical posts: two larger (which can fit a bracelet with a diameter as large as 3¾ inches) and three smaller (especially useful for rings and earrings). The base retail price is $12.99. Soon, O'Malley plans to offer a wider variety of customized prints and textures at additional price points. FiAir changes the heated debate over Charcoal vs Gas grilling The first & only TRULY PORTABLE powered blower for Wood & Charcoal fires! Nearly everyone prefers the flavor of charcoal, but the time it takes for charcoal to reach cooking temperature can be a turnoff. Some have converted to propane gas grilling for speed alone. Others refuse to give up briquettes or lump charcoal, but use accelerants and/or a chimney to hasten the heat. The process still takes 15 to 30 minutes or more with these traditional methods. Now the days of trading taste to save time are over. No matter how you light your coals, FiAir cuts the time to cooking temperature easily by HALF the time you're used to - typically, just 8-12 minutes. Who cares if there's a chill in the air with FiAir at the hearth or campsite? There's nothing quite like the sights, sounds and smell of a real wood fire. Now, a cozy fireside is just two minutes away. It's true: FiAir kindles wood to a robust blaze in two minutes or less and keeps it that way with a few well-placed bursts of life-giving air each time you add more fuel. You can blow on it or use ineffective squeeze bellows and there are plenty of fancy fireplace tool sets, costly accessories and special starters on the hearth and outdoors market. But if you simply want to enjoy your wood fires more and mess with them less - all you need is FiAir. Meet Alan i Harris, Founding Member and FiAir Chief After 9 years working with Ad Agencies, I started my own Creative Shop, AiH Group, Inc. in 1974, a Marketing Communications firm whose clients included the Fortune 500 and others whose fortunes were in the making. A few years ago, it was time to retire. I always wished I had a product I could pull off the shelf and say "that'll be X Dollars please" - a very different Business model from the Creative World I came from where every project was different and had to be quoted based on our best educated guesstimate. So, in the new void, my mind turned to a product idea I had many years earlier. The spark of the idea: impatience. I love the taste of charcoal grilled food, but hated waiting for the coals to turn white so I could start cooking. That became a real problem when the kids were young and every time we grilled, there came the repeated mantra: Is it ready yet? We switched to a gas grill to quiet the kids and speed things up, but taste went down the tubes. Same deal with our fireplaces. We really loved a real wood fire on a cold winter's night, but hated the time it takes to get it going and keep it at full blaze. One night, I was having an especially hard time starting a fire in our bedroom. After failing with a squeeze bellows (ours had fur on one side and was quite handsome) that did nothing for the fire, I finally resorted to blowing on it until I hyperventilated. As I lay recovering on the hearth, I yelled to my wife in frustration: "Why is this so #?/@# hard? All it needs is AIR! So I grabbed our hairdryer from the bathroom, turned it on low and aimed it at the kindling. Wow. It worked almost TOO well! I know I'm not the first to try this trick, but it got me thinking - air really is all it takes, right? Why not make a "hairdryer"- without the heating element (no heat, no power cord) - that can direct a controlled, continuous flow of air to fire from a safe distance? Make it elegant, affordable, portable and battery powered and we're in business. I WANTED ONE! So I set about finding one. I looked at every catalog that came in the mail, searched websites and roamed through every store I could think of that might carry a product to feed fires like the one I had in mind. I even bought some of them. None had the combination of features I envisioned. I wanted a sleek, lightweight, handheld tool with a battery-powered motor to create continuous airflow. Existing blowers either required users to blow into a tube, crank by hand or plug into an electric power source. I decided I'd have to make it myself. I was determined but if I could not make it in the USA, I would not make it at all. Happily, FiAir is made in America for Keepers of the Flame Worldwide. We've been shipping for almost 3 years now and the response has been very gratifying: FiAir users in every State and 46 Countries!

Noah McNeely answers ALL of your product development questions

We are so excited to have Noah McNeely with Product QuickStart back on the Innovation Divaz Show to share once again his knowledge of the industry and product development knowhow. This show we are focusing on the questions we hear from inventors on a regular basis. Between the Innovation Divaz and Noah it's sure to be an informative, inspiration and fun show! About Product QuickStart Don Muntner and Noah McNeely created Product QuickStart out of a passion to meet the product development and manufacturing needs of entrepreneurs and start-ups. They've spent years developing, manufacturing, and launching new products at Slingshot Product Development Group for major brands and companies like the Home Depot, Procter & Gamble, the Coca Cola Company, and Black & Decker. Even though they love innovating with big name companies, they've always had a special enthusiasm for working with early stage entrepreneurs and teams that are full of passion, ambition, and great ideas. That's why they created Product QuickStart... both to feed their professional passion, and to provide world class product development and manufacturing services to entrepreneurs, start-ups, early stage companies, and inventors. Product QuickStart is an initiative of Slingshot Product Development Group, an award-winning product development and manufacturing organization that has been involved in hundreds of product launches over the last fifteen years. So, even though their focus is on early stage companies, Product QuickStart is allied with a much broader design, engineering, and manufacturing team that is one of the best in the business. Product QuickStart is focused specifically around the needs of early stage companies and entrepreneurs, and allows them to offer you cost effective, streamlined services - but still backed by the full technical and creative horsepower of Slingshot.

Prevent the next diaper blowout with Blowout Blocker; INSINK 4-1...the ultimate kitchen sink organizer

Melanie Miller is passionate about solving the messiest problems in parenthood. As each of her babies made their way through the infant "diaper blowout" stage and, later, the "soaked-at-midnight-diaper" stage, these disastrous situations inspired her to create solutions to these messy problems. Like most new moms, Melanie quickly grew tired of those diaper messes and lived in fear of diaper leaks that would ruin bedding, car seat covers, outfits and outings. Yet when she looked for a solution, none was to be found. So Melanie, with the help of her sewing machine and a lot of creativity, made her own solution to these stressful and messy situations. Thus came the birth of her fourth "baby", Melzy Baby LLC. Melzy Baby products transcend the cloth and disposable diaper markets with the first and only reusable diaper extensions! The Blowout Blocker and Soaker Stopper save parents from the stress and mess of diaper blowouts and leaks! The Blowout Blocker is an extension to a standard diaper, reaching up the back of the baby. It is intended to protect against soiling clothes, bedding, car seats, carpets, etc. from up-the-back diaper back blowouts. It contains the mess for fast, easy and stress free clean-up! A disposable version is coming soon! The Soaker Stopper is an extension to a standard diaper, wrapping around the front and sides of the child to catch leaks that escape the diaper. Use at nighttime to prevent waking up to a soaking wet baby! Melzy Baby is also thrilled to be helping out parents with children who have special needs. Children who have a feeding tube or ostomy experience leaks and the Soaker Stopper offers a solution to these issues. They offer custom made products to these and other children who benefit from them. The Brains Behind the Blowout Blocker When Melanie Miller's first two children were young she struggled to find a solution to the diaper blowouts and leaks that always seemed to happen at the least opportune times. So she was inspired to create her own solution: The Blowout Blocker and the Soaker Stopper. Today, she sells both products through her company Melzy Baby LLC. Melanie earned her Bachelors of Health Science from Brigham Young University and, before becoming a mother, worked in the health and wellness industry as a personal trainer and managed two fitness centers. However, she has always had a passion for business and helping people, especially moms, overcome the messiest problems in parenthood. She enjoys sharing her products with other moms who have similar diapering issues. Melanie and her husband live in Utah with their children, 9-year-old Maxwell, 7-year-old Lincoln, 4-year-old Malcolm and 1-year-old Penelope. INSINK 4-1 contains the following items: Katcher, Kaddy, Kup, two suction bars and one brush. Never fill your sink to do dishes, soapy water always available, no more food scraps in the sink, frees up space on your cutting board, pre-wash dishes to run the short cycle & more, while saving TIME, WATER, ENERGY & MONEY! Yes a kitchen gadget can do this! PRODUCT DETAILS Designed to simplify food prep and washing up, and save water, time and money, this set of three multifunctional containers can be placed, removed and re-positioned in almost any part of the sink thanks to handy suction bars. The katcher fits on top of the kaddy or kup to easily funnel food or scraps from the chopping board; holes in the bottom of the kaddy enable it to be used as a colander for fruit and veg or to drain cutlery and utensils, and the kup can be topped up with soapy water so you can pre-soak cutlery or wash up as you go, without having to waste water by filling the whole sink. Set comprises katcher, kaddy and kup containers, brush and two suction bars. Nest for storage. Keep hands safe as knives and sharp utensils always remain visible, and reduce your skins exposure to soapy water Products are dishwasher safe, made from FDA approved materials, BPA free and 100% recyclable. Designed and made in Canada. ABOUT THE INVENTOR Tonis Tollasepp, the inventor of INSINK 4-1, has been a stay at home dad for the past 13 years. This has allowed him to have a greater appreciation for how much work it is as he does all the chores and running of the household. He loves DYI projects, playing sports and spending time with the family while inventing cool gadgets to make life easier!

Meet Christine Hultgren, the creator of Can The Barking Dog; Interview with JoAnn Gross, the inventor of SleevePal

Meet Christine Hultgren, the creator of Can The Barking Dog Can The Barking Dog is the most humane way to stop your pet from uncontrollable misbehavior. It is a patented, portable, lightweight hand-held dog training device. All the pet owner has to do is pull the tab out on top and shake and push the tab back in when done. It stops unwanted disobedience by changing the thought process of your dog, even cats. The story behind Can The Barking Dog I had to have my dogs retrained because I like many pet owners let my dogs become the alpha dogs, we had (2) choices to make at that time. Either pay for some help or get rid of them, fortunately we were able to afford a world class dog trainer and had her come to our house to retrain our dogs. She suggested after the final and costly training to get a soda can and put pennies into it, tuck tape the top and shake it every time they get out of control. Needless to say, it has worked for us for over 8 years. A few years after making and destroying numerous cans, I went on the internet to find one, I knew about clicker and chain training and could find those items, but there was no can to be found. That is when I enlisted some help and decided that I wanted to share with other pet owners what I had learned. That is how I started the process and Can The Barking Dog was founded. Interview with JoAnn Gross, the inventor of SleevePal The SleevePal transaction card sleeve was created and patented by me, a single mom, and my daughter, Beni. While she could not find the receipt that would show the remaining balance left on a particular gift card, we had an idea... In order to help avoid the stress and time consumption that usually results from scrambling to find that little piece of paper, we came up with a new product. A different type of card sleeve that could store a gift or debit card (or any type of account card) and provide the necessary account balance seconds...with just the glance of an eye!

Interview with Margaret Sinclair, Inventor of Maggies, Discover Magnetizing New Looks In A Snap! - Interview with Sheila Benjamin, Inventors of ZipMyself

Interview with Margaret Sinclair, Inventor of Maggies, Discover Magnetizing New Looks In A Snap! Maggies are powerful little American-made fashion magnets designed to hold several layers of your favorite fabrics together. Hiding behind the scenes and under the seams, Maggies allow you to wear your scarves, shawls or sarongs in ways only fashionistas dream about. Just snap together an outfit out of a shawl, scarf or sarong and head out the door. You'll go from flat to flattering in seconds! Meet Margaret Sinclair Born in Australia, Margaret has lived more than half of her life in Dallas since moving to the U.S.A. in 1971. She began her career in Australia where she graduated as a registered nurse, midwife and pediatric nurse. She trained as a cardiopulmonary bypass technician at Baylor before moving to Athens, Greece from 1973-75 to assist in the introduction of cardiac surgery. She worked at Massachusetts General Hospital as head nurse in the neonatal unit from 1976-78, then the Medical College of Virginia where she was coordinator of the neonatal and pediatric I.C.U. from 1978-81. In 1981, while working in London, she designed a positioning product for premature babies. Visit for more info. Interview with Sheila Benjamin, Inventors of ZipMyself Do you have hard-to-reach zippers on your clothing that are difficult to zip up on your own? Or, do you have buttons on your dress shirts that are super hard to button? Getting dressed in the morning shouldn't be hard. That's why ZipMyself makes it easy! ZipMyself is an innovation and useful tool that helps you reach hard-to-reach zippers and close tough buttons without the help of a friend. With ZipMyself, you'll never have to arrive at an event half zipped or buttoned again. Our product is extremely easy to use. Plus, it's small, compact and very lightweight, so you can bring it with you wherever you go. It's perfect for traveling! Sheila Benjamin, Inventor & Founder of SheGreg Products, LLC Sheila Benjamin is the Inventor and Founder of SheGreg Products, LLC the umbrella for patent pending ZipMyself. Our zipper tools are useful for ladies who love dresses, men who often wear dress shirts, seniors, and people with limited mobility. Our product makes zippering and buttoning your clothing on your own so much simpler! Visit to learn more.

Interview with Noah McNeely, CoFounder of Product QuickStart

Outside of getting a patent, the prototype process can be one of the most intimidating and seemingly overwhelming step in the inventing process, but it's also one of the most important. The good news is that we will be having Noah McNeely, CoFounder of Product QuickStart, on the show to talk about the ins and outs of the prototype process. We will cover many inspirational and educational subjects during our interview so don't miss the show, but if you do it's easy to download on our podcast page! About Product QuickStart Don Muntner and Noah McNeely created Product QuickStart out of a passion to meet the product development and manufacturing needs of entrepreneurs and start-ups. They've spent years developing, manufacturing, and launching new products at Slingshot Product Development Group for major brands and companies like the Home Depot, Procter & Gamble, the Coca Cola Company, and Black & Decker. Even though they love innovating with big name companies, they've always had a special enthusiasm for working with early stage entrepreneurs and teams that are full of passion, ambition, and great ideas. That's why they created Product QuickStart... both to feed their professional passion, and to provide world class product development and manufacturing services to entrepreneurs, start-ups, early stage companies, and inventors. Product QuickStart is an initiative of Slingshot Product Development Group, an award-winning product development and manufacturing organization that has been involved in hundreds of product launches over the last fifteen years. So, even though their focus is on early stage companies, Product QuickStart is allied with a much broader design, engineering, and manufacturing team that is one of the best in the business. Product QuickStart is focused specifically around the needs of early stage companies and entrepreneurs, and allows them to offer you cost effective, streamlined services - but still backed by the full technical and creative horsepower of Slingshot.

Inventors get expert advice from Jim Debetta; Featured Inventor and Creator, Lillian Campos, Good Wish Umbrella – A Chic Ribbon Bouquet for any celebration

We are so lucky to have Jim DeBetta as an amazing resource for the Inventorz Network inventor community! He has been an amazing support and trusted expert for our platform for years, and we're excited to have him back on the Innovation Divaz show to share his knowledge! Meet Jim DeBetta Jim DeBetta's product development and sales experience has amassed millions of dollars within the retail selling world. Known nationally as a trusted coach and mentor to thousands of inventors and entrepreneurs, he knows how to take new ideas from a sketch on a napkin to selling the final product to major retailers worldwide. Jim's career in retail began at an early age with the family business - a fireplace and home hardware company. After graduating from college, Jim went home to help expand the business from a small successful operation into a multi-million dollar business and became one of the most recognized and respected store of its kind on Long Island. Jim stimulated new business, purchased products from all over the world, and ran the overall daily operations. Jim decided it was time to grow and joined a start up firm that imported binoculars, telescopes, and optical products for children. His retail customers included a "who's who" in retail such as Target, Wal-Mart, Radio Shack, Sears, Michael's, Cabelas, Home Shopping Network, Bed, Bath & Beyond, Discovery Channel Stores, Costco, and many others. Jim employed nearly 20 people inside and had dozens of sales reps all over the US, Canada, and Europe. Ultimately, Jim helped expand the company from virtually no significant revenue to a leading brand in the industry that has sold more than 50 million dollars of product since the mid 1990′s. When Jim was ready for a new adventure, he left the company as President and Chief Operating Officer. Jim decided he was ready for yet a bigger challenge and joined a leading premium incentive company as their National Key Accounts Manager. Jim represented major national brands for this $100 million a year premium incentive firm such as Toshiba, Sony, Nikon, Nautilus, Movado and others. The products were used to create various incentive programs for fortune 1,000 companies around the world. Jim's experience has reached far and wide working with various products, retailers, manufactures, and factories. He knew it was time to help those that had a product in mind or ready for production. His goal was to teach others the process without unnecessary expense, time and red tape. That is how DeCavi Corp was born. As the founder of DeCavi Corp, Jim has helped thousands of inventors and start-ups learn how to get their products developed and sold to major retailers. Jim then merged his firm with the renowned Slingshot Product Development Group which employs a team of 35 engineers, designers, and marketing experts who help individual inventors and Fortune 500 firms alike. Both are recognized as leaders in the inventor product development and commercialization arena. Today, Jim continues to broaden his reach into the world of consumer products and has formed DeBetta Enterprises which is a private consultancy that coaches and advises inventors and entrepreneurs on everything from manufacturing to sales and marketing of consumer products. Jim also heads up the Retail Distribution arm of Kevin Harrington's TV Goods corporation which today is fueled by the hit ABC reality show Shark Tank. Jim teaches inventors how to create sales and marketing strategies, understand the world of licensing, develop a product using CAD design, raising money to fund a business, and locating factories overseas to produce products. Jim is now reaching out to individuals who want to learn how to do it for themselves. Learn how he does that by clicking here. Jim is a Professional Member of the United Inventors Association, a member of the Georgia Inventor's Association, Rocky Mountain Inventors Association, and was the former co-host of the Launch Hour - a popular radio program for inventors and entrepreneurs. He is also the author of The Business of Inventing and has written hundreds of articles for industry publications, newspapers, and websites such as Inventor's Digest, Georgia Magazine, and Entrepreneur Magazine. Jim also appears as a guest speaker for leading trade and consumer organizations, speaks at international conferences, and hosts forum and blog discussions on prominent invention and entrepreneurial websites. The Good Wish Umbrella® serves a purpose that provides a memento and beautiful display for celebrations such as bridal and baby showers. It is for the women who are looking for new trends that substitutes that flimsy paper plate that woman have been using for so long. Take a tradition that's normally tacky and flimsy to a chic display any bride or new mom will be proud of! We asked Lillian Campos, CEO and Founder of Good Wish Umbrella...How did it all begin? I was employed as a waitress by Land & Sea Restaurant in Harrison NY in 1997. We catered many private events. The most memorable ones were bridal and baby showers, it was just so much fun to watch. Through the years I witnessed one tradition that bridal and baby showers had in common; the making of a bow-hat also to be used as a practice bouquet. This was made while opening gifts they would assign a person to tape, staple, poke holes on to a paper plate symbolizing good luck, and fortune showering with gifts to help the recipient in the transition of her new life or for the babies necessities. One day at one of these events I was approached by a young woman and asked if we had a paper plate available and she needed to borrow scissors and tape. I knew then what she was going to do with it. I noticed that there was a great demand for this tradition. I asked myself; How come there is nothing in the market for this tradition? I started sketching and writing notes while working, thus the Good Wish Umbrella® was born. I decided to design it in the shape of an umbrella to give appeal to the occasions. The Good Wish Umbrella® is an all-in-one keepsake for a diverse use that can be passed down to generations. In 2002, I filed for a patent and in 2005 I received the good news that my patent was granted. I needed a name to brand the product I thought that Good Wish Umbrella® was appropriate because all bridal and baby showers are full of good wishes. Because Good Wish Umbrella® was making such a big splash, I wanted to incorporate other functions into the patent design for multiple uses like centerpieces making the product even more functional. With this new concept there were many ways to enjoy the ribbon bouquet!!! I heard about a casting show for inventors called Everyday Edisons (Bouncing Brains Productions Season Three) in Providence, Rhode Island and went. I've never seen so many inventors in one place, it was a long day. It was time for my pitch in front of a panel of three Judges and got all three yeses from the Judges. My invention was chosen for final consideration but not fit for the show. I was just happy that I got a good feedback from all three judges. I was born in NYC and raised in Puerto Rico returned when I was 18yrs old. I became an entrepreneur at age 42 not knowing what to expect. I didn't even know how to send an attachment on an email nor anything about computers but I've come a long way. I have struggled and still struggling to make the business successful. In the past I've hired various website developers but there were always something's wrong that set me behind almost to the point of giving up, but I know that I have a product that women want. I currently work from home hoping to expand into a more appropriate location. One word of advice to others is not to establish a business without some computer knowledge so that you can be independent. Our award winning brand is currently manufacture in Meriden, Connecticut making the Good Wish Umbrella® an American Made Product, which is something I'm very proud of!

10-27-15 Featured Inventor - Mike Gonzalez, CEO XTENEX Corporation, USA - Elastic Shoelaces, Special guest Christa Price, the creator of Entre-Slam!

Raised in Big Sky Country, Montana, Mike learned his work ethic on the ranch. Growing up on the ranch also helped develop his inquisitive nature about how things worked and set him up to eventually become a product developer. Mike went to school in Colorado, loved the state and decided to make Colorado his home. He got married and had two wonderful boys, which became his inspiration to develop the XTENEX lace technology. Having worked as a Product Developer for RODCO for three years, Mike went on to develop a number of patents in the footwear technology fields. It was the winter of 1999 when Mike's two boys came into the house, their feet freezing and they wanted their boots off. As Mike was struggling with the wet shoelaces he started to think, " There's got to be a better way." As a problem solver, Mike decided that it was time to re-invent the shoelace. After some trial and error, Mike developed an indexed-tensioning-nexus, or in simpler terms; a series of collapsible knots on an elastic lace that can be adjusted and stationed at each eyelet. This allows the shoe to be perfectly fitted for each foot but with the unique ability for stretch that adds comfort and a "Pull on/Slip off" efficiency to the footwear. XTENEX laces started in the comfort footwear market, but the performance and functionality benefits were quickly realized in the sports industry by world-class athletes now use this technology in their footwear world over. Olympic athletes, Tri-athletes, amateur athletes and non-athletes just looking for a comfortable all day fit. There is an XTENEX lace to fit the end users performance and comfort needs. Mike's entrepreneurial nature has driven him on a quest to change the way we think about lacing our shoes. No other product on the market allows the user to adjust and station footwear fit at each eyelet on a shoe. And because of the elastic stretch built into the laces they're able to create a natural ergonomic fitting that gently expands as you feet swell throughout the day or during a run. Not only is this fitting solution perfect for athletes, but they work for great children, older folks, the overweight, the autistic and other handicapped individuals. Now any lace up shoe can become an easy to get into, comfortable and safe shoe. It has taken time, but Mike is not giving up on his quest; One thing for sure is when a person actually tries XTENEX laces in their shoe, they become a believer. You'll want them in every shoe. MEET CHRISTIE PRICE...IN HER OWN WORDS For over 4 years, I've been in the excavation business helping companies dig down and find their competitive advantage. I love this work. Absolutely. Love. It. I work closely with organizations to give them the tools and training to be unstoppable and unforgettable. Nothing gets me more excited than to reinvigorate teams that have 'hit a wall' or are losing momentum. There are many organizations that are just 'going through the motions'. They need to shake things up a bit. So, my job is to jump in quickly to help them (re)connect with their central vision, clarify (or redefine) the 'promise', execute clear, compelling messages and leverage those narratives across the company's entire operations. May your story set you free, right? Not product, widget or service. It's you, baby. It's you. It's the journey, the struggle, the pits and valleys and the big 30,000 foot vision that is kind of, sort of clear to you but not to anyone else. Let's fix it. The power you're looking for? The answers to your questions about, 'why', 'when' or 'how'? All of them can be supported and lifted by your ability to answer the question, 'Why Do I Exist?' If you hesitated to answer that question, you're in good company. It also means that we've got some work to do. Before the business storytelling years, for over 15 years, I've crafted visual stories for clients such as JP Morgan Chase, Bank of America, Marriott, Merrill Lynch, SIEMENS and The University of Michigan and many others as a designer and programmer. Before I worked with them, I was in the Army National Guard as a Combat Telecommunications Specialist which later led to my time as an Analyst with the FBI. Oh...way before the government stuff, I was a concert violist. (yeah...crazy story there) So, my journey has prepared me to take on this excavation work as I help companies like yours answer the question, 'Why Do I exist?'. Once we get it all sorted out. I go away. Or not. (smiles) THE BEGINNING In February 2012, two, scrappy entrepreneurs in Ann Arbor, Michigan felt that something was missing from the many networking events available for entrepreneurs. Christa Chambers-Price and Jeannie Ballew felt that the networking experience could be well . . . better. They wondered why there couldn't be a night where people got to know each other as people first before a business card was exchanged, degrees and schools revealed and the list of who-knows-who was bandied about like a crazed ping pong ball match. They envisioned an atmosphere where people could share what's really going on with their businesses and eventually walk away from the night renewed and reconnected to the central nerve source of why they started their businesses in the first place. They wanted the night to feel relaxed, comfortable and most importantly, safe. The stars of the night would represent the diverse, eclectic mix of the Ann Arbor community who frequently find themselves sitting in the audience versus being center stage. The stories would reflect the journey along the way, not just the end game or a higher game. At Entre-SLAM, we would celebrate the 'in-between', 'trying to get there', 'almost there and missed' and 'hanging on by the fingertips but hanging on' stories. Motivated by The Moth, they determined that storytelling would be at the center of the experience. Entre-SLAM was born. So they went to work and 58 days later they had a URL, logo, website, a venue, a date for the first one, and a mini-army of volunteers. A labor of love, the first Entre-SLAM held on March 28th, 2012 and the night was terrifying and magical. It was clear that they were on to something. The baby was born and Jeannie and Christa worked tirelessly to keep the new baby fed, warm and happy. THE MIDDLE After many requests, Entre-SLAM was moved to Detroit because with a crew of audio, lighting and video engineers, a director, a producer, and our fearless and ever patient volunteers, Entre-SLAM's operations were just too massive to run in two cities simultaneously. Wanting to keep their Ann Arbor roots alive, they partnered with Golden Limousine to charter executive buses to bring Ann Arbor to Detroit. With eight new Detroit-based partners, Entre-SLAM was well on its way to going to the next level. Entre-SLAM learned quickly the deep effort did not equal rewards as each monthly event got harder and harder to pull together and fill with bodies. Entre-SLAM slipped further and further into that dark place of the unknown and uncertainty. The business was being tested and one night found itself face-to-face with a similar event that launched on the same night as Entre-SLAM, literally three buildings away. Entre-SLAM and its intrepid crew were faced with the classic scenario of what happens when a bigger, better financed competitor comes and opens up next door. Entre-SLAM still pulled in its usual crowd that night, but the 'writing' was on the wall. It was clear that between the founders, exhausted bank accounts and crew, it was clear that something had to change. So...they made the decision to shut Entre-SLAM down for 'remodeling'. THE YEAR LONG ODYSSEY Over the coming months, it was clear that while storytelling was an important skill for entrepreneurs to develop, helping entrepreneurs FIND their story was one challenge. Convincing them to step forward and lead with what truly made their businesses unique instead of 'hiding' behind their product or service was something else all together. Christa kept working with entrepreneurs and discovered that few really wanted to reveal and expose the only thing that for many of them, was the ONLY thing they had left to hang onto: their core vision. She found that for many, the vision was hanging on by a fraying thread. Sure, on the surface, these entrepreneurs LOOKED fine but on the inside, they were suffering, worried and wondering if they were in the right place, doing the right thing, wondering why they weren't further ahead and were too afraid or exhausted to try something new. Extreme sure. But it was real. So starting in Detroit where Entre-SLAM ended, Christa quietly started working with small groups at DHive and Techtown to discover what entrepreneurs needed. Over a 3-month period, she worked with over twenty entrepreneurs to test a process that helped entrepreneurs not just discover their story but build core, sales and digital narratives that worked. These powerful narratives increased the speed in which the innovator and their potential new partners could connect and make collaborative decisions faster. The results were powerful. The new narratives were amazing, sure. The real power was seeing the confidence in each entrepreneur rise up and give them the boost they needed to take on new challenges like building and executing a sales and social media campaign. ENTRE-SLAM 2.0 Throughout the year, Christa heard from many of people asking, 'when is Entre-SLAM coming back?!'. Each time, she kept the answer simple, 'When it's ready'. Early in the 'shut down', she sat down with a very good friend, local investor-type guru (and resident pain-in-the-ass...we say this with love) to 'pitch' Entre-SLAM's next act. He slammed every one of them with lightning speed and zero buffering. Wanting to put her out of her misery (and probably get on with his day) he looked her in the eye and said, 'Look. This has promise. You just have to figure out what this is all about, really. Come back when it's ready and take your time.' So she entire year, as a matter of fact. Let's call it: The Year of the Ramen (noodles, that is...chicken flavored). What she discovered was that Entre-SLAM is a platform dedicated to supporting ALL innovators and helping them find, define and own their advantage. In the past year, thet've worked with innovators who run startups, non-profits or are rocking a competitive jobs landscape. Innovators need a platform that connects them with opportunities and introductions while they receive both traditional and non-traditional brand, sales and digital marketing training and mentoring. Entre-SLAM is now ready to take on that charge.

Inventors are not alone with eZCom - SERIES 1 - How get recognized!

We are so proud of our strong relationship with eZCom Software, who is not only your go to for everything EDI, which is a must for inventors....but they've been in the industry long enough to know just about everything inventors need to know to be successful! They have given a number of invaluable webinars through their platform, and they're now our resident expert and Innovation Divaz Co-host. In SERIES 1 in "Inventors are not alone with eZCom", Adele Rosenblum will share how to get your business or idea recognized to make it big! You're going to want to tune in to this priceless series. We love Adele!!! Meet Adele Rosenblum As a sales person, experienced wholesale-to-retail account executive, customer service fanatic and a shopper, I have a unique perspective: understanding the challenges of manufacturers, retailers (online, catalog and bricks-and-mortar) as well as the end-user. While I am a non-technical person, I enjoy transforming EDI technology from uncomfortable and terrifying to understandable and rewarding. If I can do it, you can too! At eZCom, I work with new manufacturers and inventors to get their product to market. Introducing them to the advantages of EDI and showing them how easy and fast eZCom's Lingo EDI software is really makes my day. And, not just startups, I like the challenge of helping experienced vendors who are EDI savvy but looking for a company that stands behind their product with the exceptional service and a smart EDI software application that literally cut hours of work out of their day. For retailers of any size, understanding how to implement drop ship programs, compliance programs, testing, and custom features for their business model is where I excel. Getting their vendors up to speed quickly and accurately is always their priority. Mine too. At eZCom, I am part of a true team - top down and bottom up, we operate with a high level of professionalism and respect. Not only do we truly care about ALL our clients but we are always looking for meaningful improvements to our software, customer support and service. As someone sympathetic to technology barriers and the myriad of problems that trading partners face, it's empowering to know that my company and coworkers have the exact same goals. eZCom has won multiple awards but our consecutive Stevie's for excellence in customer service just prove what our customers have known all along! Click here to visit eZCom Software's website. If you are interested in learning more about eZCom, Lingo EDI, cloud-based software, please call Adele at 201-731-1801.

9-29-15 Inventor Highlight: Brittany Arnold, Creator of Catchie Concepts

About Catchie Concepts The Catchie is a net like feature that catches what your kiddo might drop or throw...saving your car floors and allows for whatever they drop to be kept within arm's reach. This makes for a great travel and new parent gift. Why not embrace and enjoy your car drive?! Easy to use just slides under the car seat and hooks or straps to the seat in front ...great new product and a fun baby shower gift no one has received! Plus, The Catchie is waterproof and easy to use and clean!!! Meet Brittany Arnold My name is Brittany Arnold I am a career orientated mom of three energetic kids Alexa 13, Kenedy 8, and Jackson 3. I am a native California girl who loves the beach and teaching my kids to love the outdoors as much as I do. I have always loved creative ventures. Catchie Concepts was created by necessity. As an on-the-go mom with a career in the automotive industry, I knew there had to be an easier way to simplify the one hour commute in the company car with my son who loves to make a mess. I decided to collaborate with a few other creative specialists in the automotive field, and Catchie Concepts was born! To learn more about Catchie Concepts and to purchase one for yourself, or as a gift visit

Interview with Julie Wasco, the creator of The Slip Clip

The Slip Clip is a completely customizable beach towel clip, boat clip and more clip that can be used as a new and exciting marketing tool. They are 6" durable plastic clips that offer a large imprint area (5" x 1.5"). This large flat area will boldly and elegantly display your client's logo. This is a great way to increase your customers advertising capabilities. How to Use Slip Clips are so easy to use that everyone will want one. Even kids enjoy using them to build forts. They can be used in the kitchen or bathroom. There are so many uses your clients will love them. Lying in the sun, shade, or on a boat is more enjoyable with the Slip Clip. ..........And they make Advertising a breeze! For Towels: 1. Open your beach chair and towel. 2. Place your towel over the beach chair so some of the towel is over the top of the chair. 3. Slip the "Slip Clip" over the top of the beach towel and push the Slip Clip over the towel and on to the frame of the chair until the clip has snapped on to the frame of the chair. For boats: 1. Lay a towel, clothes or what ever you want to dry or keep dry over the boat rail or windshield. 2. Push the Slip Clip down over the towel/clothing on to the rail or windsheild. For beach and recycling bags: 1. Feed the bag through the "U" portion of the Slip Clip. 2. Push the Slip Clip down onto any rail that you want. Now you have an accessible area for your waste and recycling. Visit for more info.

7-14-15 Interview with Burke Franklin, Founder of JIAN

Founded by Burke Franklin, JIAN introduced the revolutionary Biz Plan Builder® in 1988. Rated their "Best Buy" by PC World and winner of Success Magazine's "Editor's Choice Gold Medal Award," Biz Plan Builder has been one of the most popular business planning software tools in the World. Now more than TWO million people have used JIAN software and more than $2.0 BILLION have been raised through angel investors, venture capitalists, the SBA and bank financing.Now you can easily write a compelling business plan to raise capital! If you're looking to raise capital to fund further development of your invention, you'll need a compelling business plan. The good news is that it's easier than you might imagine. The BizPlanBuilder business plan software template is a proven system for funding. If you have an interested investor, use our Kickstart Business Plan to prep a 2-page executive summary right now. Click Here to get your Business Plan Software TODAY!!! Listen to our interview with Burke Franklin LIVE on July 14, 2015 at 11:30 AM CST, or download the podcast at your convenience.

Interview with Ken Laner, Owner of 6 Ideas, Inc.; Interview with Tim Hayes, CEO of Cardboard Helicopter

Interview with Ken Laner, Owner of 6 Ideas, Inc 6 Ideas specializes in helping inventors, entrepreneurs and other business sell their products to QVC, HSN, Mail Order Catalogs and eCommerce Sites. They are a rep firm also known as a broker or sales agent. They have the contacts to get your product to the right buyer quickly and handle the sales cycle on your behalf until a PO is generated. Meet Ken Laner... Ken Laner graduated from the University of Iowa with a Marketing Degree. He is a seasoned sales professional. He has been selling a wide variety of products for over 25 years. Specializes in setting up and selling to various distribution channels including dealers, distributors, retailers, TV Shopping, catalogs and more. Products include seasonal items, electronics, hardware, kitchen, gifts, personal care and more. Hobbies include golf, yoga, biking, hiking and watching hockey. Interview with Tim Hayes, CEO of Cardboard Helicopter Cardboard Helicopter is a product design firm that Tim started in his hometown of Lakewood, Ohio, which is a suburb of Cleveland. They provide inventors and companies with innovative product development, from initial concept to final product. Their goal is to create beautiful, manufacture-ready products, and our process allows us to do this at a fraction of the cost of larger product design firms. They recently launched the first invention that they took from concept to store shelves. It's a wellness device called the Splash Infuser. They have signed many licensing deals last year and this year, and plan to have over 30 products licensed this year. Meet Tim Hayes... Tim was born and raised in the Cleveland area, and has been creating things for as long as he can remember. His passion for design led him to attend the internationally acclaimed Cleveland Institute of Art with a focus in Industrial Design. After working at companies like Fisher-Price and MTD among others, he decided he wanted to be in control of his own destiny, so he founded Cardboard Helicopter after licensing his first product, the Quirky Sliders.

5-12-2015 Holiday Shipping – being prepared for your buyers’ requirements and EDI compliance w/ eZCom Software & Innovate Design

Every year inventorz need their plan for retail, especially for the holidays. Stores plan far in advance, therefore inventorz need to understand the entire process of the holiday season; including dropshipping to be educated in the lingo when speaking with their stores. Dropshipping is an important piece of the puzzle, and today we are lucky to have Adele Rosenblum from eZCom Software, a top EDI provider on our show today to speak about the ins and outs of Dropshipping. Adele comes with years of experience and is excited to share some of the more important aspects of how inventorz/vendors need to be ramp up and be prepared for the holiday shipping season tied into EDI compliancy. A few questions you may want to ask yourself and call in to ask Adele about: Are you EDI compliant if you have to be? Are you happy with your EDI solution? Look to make the change now. Are you using the functions of your EDI application to best assist you and make the process easier? Many inventorz new the the retail world have probably not heard of these other 3 areas of relationship with retail, Adele also hopes to share why EZ-Com can help manuveur you through the maze easier and save you time and money. Omnichannel – the big buzz word, but what does it mean? Distribution on demand? Drop ship to consumer? For more information on eZCom and their great EDI program. contact Adele Rosenblum at 201 731-1801 Innovate Design is dedicated to helping inventors all over the world. They are award winning international design consultancy specializing in the design, development & patent protection of product Innovate helps individual inventors to patent, protect and develop their ideas for commercialization...helping you every step of the way. ● IP Protection: Commercial patent advice, Intellectual Property (IP) help, Worldwide patent background search, Provisional application help & drafting ● Concept Development: CAD visualisation, Design engineering, Product design ● Prototyping: Prototyping, Proof of principle, Rapid prototyping, Small batch production, Design to manufacture ● Business & Marketing: Promotional web site design, Logo design, Packaging design, Marketing advice, Business advice Innovate Design succeeds in helping clients to market new product and business ideas. Innovate's ever-expanding array of expertise sees them currently comprising award winning design engineers, researchers, business development professionals and Intellectual Property experts, with experience in all areas of IP, product design and manufacture. Innovate now provide a complete service from protecting your product, through design and prototyping, to help with marketing. With in-house expertise, Innovate can take an idea from paper to product, providing inventors with the best chance of success at market. Robyn Fairweather is Senior Client Manager at Innovate Product Design. With a background in Marketing and Account Management for International Compliance and Financial companies, Robyn has a strong understanding of the importance of the client and understanding their needs. Since joining Innovate she has completed the IP Masterclass Training Programme run by the Intellectual Property Office and Coventry University. Although specialising in Medical, Healthcare and Cosmetic products along with Animal Husbandry and Domestic pet products, Robyn manages projects across all industries. She is on hand to help advise and educate clients on all aspects of Intellectual Property and design and is especially interested in the strategic planning process of new product development and implementation. Jessica Vann | Client Manager Jessica graduated from California State University of Monterey Bay with a Bachelor of Science degree in Business with a concentration in Marketing. She has experience in running and managing a small office and has extensive experience in client management. Jessica joined Innovate in 2012 as a Client Manager, a role that involves helping clients research, develop and protect their ideas. She comes from a family of inventors and has a keen sense of the process an inventor goes through of bringing their idea to life. In her spare time she likes to travel, ride horses and spend time with her family and friends. Contact Innovate Design today at (877) 424-6073 or visit their website at

5-5-15 Featured Exhibitors from iKidzShow 2015

The Inventorz Network and the Innovation Divaz are proud to announce the launch of the first ever iKidzshow, a virtual tradeshow for inventors to showcase their products to retail buyers from across the country. They use the power of the network reach online to help bring the exhibitor’s products to the next level. Between social media, traditional media and a celebrity gifting to Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake, the event is sure to get results in many areas. The Innovation Divaz are so excited to showcase a few of the inventors participating in the show LIVE Tuesday, May 5th between 11:00 AM and 12:00 PM CST. Each inventor has a wonderful product, story and journey to share. You can follow the fun on Twitter using #iKidzShow. Visit to learn more about the event!

04-14-2015 Tamara Kleimberg creator of The Shuck and Eli Kaufmann with Hero Enterprises

The Shuuk is the testing ground for the world's coolest new ideas. The Shuuk gets new inventions and products into the hands of early asopters for exposure and insights. The Shuuk is the place where the most innovative products, people and ideas collide! Tamara Kleimberg creator of The Shuuk Tamara is the founder of a thriving entrepreneurial business, The Shuuk.She has seen thousands of new ideas comes across her desk and has spent the past 20 years advising companies like Disney, Proctor and Gamble and Otterbox of fostering innovative ideas and people. When Tamara is not testing out new products you can find her speaking on innovation and entrepreneurship across the globe, for TEDx or being featured in media channels like INC Magazine, The Today Show, New York Times and more! As a kid in computer camp Tamara won the award "I'll try anything once" a motto she still lives by today. Hero Enterprises, Inc. Product is the epicenter of a successful business. Assisting people in getting their products made, is their business! Hero Enterprises believes in few words and provable results. Hero Enterprises can help you with... - Offshore Sourcing -- Finding & Selecting Suppliers - How to introduce your Product into the U.S. - Understanding Transportation and Logistics issues - Navigating U.S.Custom - Understanding International Payment Systems Meet Eli Kaufmann Eli was born in Isreal, completed his education at the ORT Vocatinal High School in Tel Aviv after his military service, traveled to Germany where he completed his education and graduated with a master's degree in structural' high pressure and non-ferrous welding. Upon return to Isreal, Eli worked for Kaiser Steel building the evaporation basin in the Dead Sea. Eli married and raised four sons with his wife. In 1975 Eli bought a small food processing machinery company and grew it to a national size. In 1981 Eli was offered a five year contract with an Israeli Access Control company to establish their operations in South Africa. His company built and installed high securitiy access control systems throughout South Africa. In 1986 Eli and family immigrated to the US, where he and his wife bought a small wholesale giftware company, and over the next nine years expanded it with nationwide sales. In 1995 Eli sold the company and building on his Far East connections and offers off-shore sourcing services and importation and sourcing consulting to the US market.

03-10-2015 Shawna Palmer inventor of Zipzicles,

Zipzicle® Ice Pop Pouches Safety by design! BPA-free and Phthalate-free Durable material to prevent tears and bites but still soft on mouths Commercial food-grade to withstand commercial freezer temperatures Reinforced side seals Consumer benefits Easy to make large batches Perfect for parties, classes, teams, and families Portable and convenient Easy to fill using funnel or batter pen Customer decides ingredients Recipes are endless: range from simple organic fruit fillings to cocktail inspired Retail benefits Flexible packaging 3.5 x 11.5 inches Hang-hole for easy display: POS, clip-strip, specialty, countertop Multiple product placement opportunities: party, picnic, seasonal, gadgets, cocktail, health, produce Meet Shawna Palmer (in her own words) I have a Ph.D. in Neuropsychology and worked in pediatric brain tumor research until 2013. I now devote full time to running WizCo LLC.

3-03-2015 Jeff Meltzer, Julie Fehring and Brenda Byrne

Meltzer Media Productions Today, Meltzer Media Productions is a fully integrated multi-media marketing company located in downtown Manhattan. MMP licenses, develops, manufactures, distributes, produces, advertises and finances (on case by case by basis) Turnkey DRTV campaigns in the U.S. and in 95 countries around the world. MMP has Sales Representation (Independent Rep groups) for 55,000 Retail Stores, 300 Catalogs; all 3 home shopping channels (QVC, HSN and SHOPNBC), radio, insert mail and print media. Meltzer Media Productions continues to produce winning campaigns today such as the Sit ‘n Cycle (Gold Medal Skater Dorothy Hamill is the spokesperson), DuPont Scratch Repair Stick, JCORE 20-minute workout system amongst many others in our pipeline. Meet Jeff Meltzer For over 25 years, the name Jeff Meltzer has been synonymous with the highest standard of excellence and professionalism in broadcast & non-broadcast television. Renown in the industry as a talented TV Director, Producer, and Editor, his production and post-production credits include countless television series and programs. Jeff’s range of expertise covers commercials, movie trailers, television shows and promos, music videos, corporate films, but he is knows the world over as one of the creators of the Infomercial. As one of the acknowledged creators of the modern day infomercial, Jeff has seen the entire evolution of the DRTV genre unfold before him. He is recognized as one of the leading DR Producer/Directors/ Marketers in the nation. His company, Meltzer Media Productions, has generated over 1 Billion Dollars in direct to consumer sales. He also has extensive product marketing, financial and media expertise. Jeff Meltzer Films was established in 1985, and was based out of a newly formed aggressive film-editing consortium. His clientele grew to include such national accounts as Panasonic, Hasbro, Avis and Anheuser-Busch for agencies like Grey Advertising, Young & Rubicam, J. Walter Thompson, and Ogilvy & Mather. It was at this time that Jeff became involved with one of the first direct-response 30-minute programs: Infomercials. Out of this effort came the first skin care infomercial, “Love Your Skin with Linda Chae.” It eventually grossed over 100 million dollars in sales and allowed the start up marketing company, Synchronal, to become the granddaddy of all direct response companies in the world at that time. Brainstorming with other industry pioneers, he began creating another new format: Short Form Direct Response TV commercials. Jeff found immediate success with several campaigns for Sports Illustrated. He then went on to create the ultra successful S.I. subscription campaigns still running today. Since then, Meltzer Media Productions has produced over 2000 DRTV and radio campaigns. These campaigns span every product category and all price ranges. Jeff has held every major position (except Chairman) within the Electronic Retailing Association (the leading DRTV association in the world that governs over 350 billion dollars in infomercial TV and Web sales) including being a member of the Board of Directors and Executive Committee, Chairman of the TV and PR Councils and was the recipient of the Volunteer of the Year Award in addition to being an adviser and speaker for the Electronic Self Regulatory Board (ERSP) that’s the watch dog for the Federal Communications Commission, FDA and FTC. He has been featured in the hour long CNBC Documentary, “As Seen on TV”, has been regularly seen and quoted on TV, Radio and in print as an industry commentary expert. Jeff also serves as a consultant for one of the world’s largest Consulting Agencies, is a regular on the Industry lecture circuit and speaks to students at every level about Direct to Consumer Advertising. Ideas Space Time Inc. Now based in Florida, after being founded in 1994 and doing business in New York, Ideas Space Time Inc. is a company that invents, distributes and markets their own innovative products. They add quality, value and problem-solving enhancements to the lives of consumers, and will be an excellent addition to the product offerings of quality retailers and distributors. Their products offer attributes ranging from non-drug pain relief to being “green/non-toxic”, and are automatic, affordable, re-usable, lightweight, portable, and solve a potpourri of everyday personal well-being and household-cleanliness issues. Their numerous years of experience in advertising, marketing, intellectual property, public relations and inventing, gives the company a distinctive perspective in bringing unique, quality, problem-solving products to the marketplace. The three products SKUs have UPC codes. They have also invented two NEW products available for licencing. They have product liability insurance in place and are fully EDI capable. Pail Refresher The Pail Refresher is a uniquely designed and patented automatic, non-toxic deodorizer. It is utilized in diaper and garbage​ pails. Its motion activated technology lets it automatically release a fresh smelling spray upon any movement of the pail, door or cover. It does have a timing device. Its battery operated, washable, refillable (we sell a 3 pak set of cartridge refills) and simple to use. To install, it comes with a hook or use the included super grip strips. Lasts long too! -​Its Non-Toxic and healthy, won't harm people or pets! -It Automatic and saves time, no having to look for the spray can/or deodorizing powder...or even hold one. -It's new, affordable, ecologically responsible and innovative...Nothing like it on the market! ​ -Fits in the top selling diaper pails and most garbage pails too. Squeeze Reliever The Squeeze Reliever, is a patent- pending unique, Multi-Functional massager. It has facing "compression therapy" air pillows that expand and contract to provide a squeezing motion that is similar to a squeezing hand. It has adjustable pressure, speed and height to customize to then user's exact needs. It also includes a vibration feature for further comfort. It's open design allows it to provide temporary, drug-free, pain relief for arthritic hands and feet, bunions, carpal tunnel syndrome, Fibromyalgia symptoms, Autism symptoms (Autistic kids have used it), hand pain due to chemotherapy, soreness of the feet, ankles, hands and wrists, and even tennis elbow. The Squeeze Reliever is affordable, lightweight, portable and fits into all carry-on luggage. No other massager does all of that. "Just squeeze it and relieve it!" Meet Julie Fehring (in her own words) I received a BS Communications degree from Emerson College in Boston. I majored in PR/Advertising and minored in Broadcast media. I worked at Lou Hammond & Associates public relations firm in NYC. After that position, I worked with my husband at our ad agency in various roles. Now I am president of Ideas Space Time, with a business platform of inventing, marketing and distributing innovative products. My husband Robert and I work as a team. We invent together and help each other form ideas so they morph into products. He originally came up with the idea for the Squeeze Reliever due to his painful bunions. He also was annoyed with garbage pail odors and invented the Pail Refresher. He also was tired of cleaning the undercarriage of salt water from driving near the ocean, so he developed the Auto Bottom Blaster. I came up with the concept for the Litter Refresher, due to litter box odors that were annoying. ​ ​Back in 1982 while in college, I came up with the idea of the neck pillow for traveling, but at the time I didn't know what to do with my idea. Sorry I didn't...that would have been a money maker! ​ DEZ Housewares Inc. DEZ Housewares Inc. is a company started by the husband and wife team Bill and Brenda Byrne. The company's primary focus will be to develop and market the new patent pending product, Dough EZ. This precision dough rolling system is a simple to use pastry mat kit that enables bakers of all skill levels to roll out dough to the perfect thickness while reducing or eliminating the floury mess from the rolling process. The product launched on 2/3/15. In a little over two weeks and with very little advertising, we have grossed over $20,000 in sales and are now selling and shipping Dough EZ® to over 14 different countries, worldwide. Dough EZ® can be purchased for retail price of $39.99 through Use Promo Code: "inventiondivas" receive a savings of $10.00 off your purchase. Good for month of March 2015. Meet Brenda Byrne (in her own words) My husband and I previously worked in a service industry where personal attention to customers were in the forefront. With that being said, I would often send fresh baked cookies to customers as a way of thanking them for their business. Hand decorating cookies is one of my favorite hobbies. I loved to bake, but it was time consuming and messy. I wanted a faster, easier and cleaner way to prepare my favorite recipes. The idea evolved out of necessity. I would often use techniques of rolling my dough between two sheets of wax-paper or parchment and use rolling pin rings to get a perfect thickness to achieve evenly baked outcomes. These methods were less then desirable as they still used flour and clean up was still an issue. I tested and modified the materials I was using and came up with Dough EZ. I found that the design and method could be used while rolling out other dough recipes, such as pizza, pie crusts, and fondant for cakes. We now have a patent pending design and method for Dough EZ, the precision dough rolling system. I have been a avid baker since my youth. As a teen, I started my own home based business,selling confectionary novelties to local mom and pop stores, worked, managed a bakery while in high school, and also owned my own pie company back in the 80's. My love for baking and determination to make it easier and faster to engage in my favorite hobby has led to the development of Dough EZ. I've also worked in the corporate world, where my husband and I owned and managed successful business' that focused on customer service. We are eager to go forward to build a new company and brand.

02-17-2015 Adele Rosenbaum with eZCom and Ponch Blesius with CREATIVE

eZCom Software Inc. Retailers want your products in their online and traditional stores- eZCom Software can help your inventions get on their shelves! Their easy-to-use EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) allows you to talk to retailers so that orders get processed quickly and easily. Their hands-on and award-winning customer service team will show you the ropes from day 1 and will be the first to applaud when your boxes are shipped to retailers with ease. Don't let EDI technology be a barrier to increasing sales- eZCom is here to help! Meet Adele Rosenblum (In her own words) Originally, I had a career working in women’s sportswear sales in the garment industry. When I was in the showroom, retailers would ask me about EDI and all I knew was to say, “Yes!” Today, when vendors ask me about EDI, I can relate to their concerns because I remember being very intimidated by what I didn’t know. I combine my wholesale sales background with the knowledge of what retailers require and the many advantages Lingo offers. As a non-technical person, I enjoy transforming EDI technology from uncomfortable and terrifying to understandable and rewarding. Every day, my coworkers hear me say, “If I can do it, you can too!” CREATIVE Creative is a full service manufacture with direct factory connections in China and over seas. They have their own employees, they are not a broker. Creative has its own engineers on staff to bring your vision to life. Even if you only need a "one off" version of your product. Creative can help you bring your ideas to life!

2/3/15 John Vadnais with Secure-A-Tank and HurriClean/ Andrew Yaros with Trio

Secure-A-Tank and HurriClean- how they work Vadco Products innovates products and creates unique brands for consumer market place success. The products abouve are Secure-A-Tank Toilet Tank Brace, HurriClean Automatic Toilet Cleaner, and HurriClean Automatic Appliance Cleaner. Secure-A-Tank is designed to prevent leaks and damage by securing the gap between the toilet tank and wall. Anyone can easily cut the brace to length and install. No gluing and no attachments to the wall. HurriClean Automatic Toilet Cleaner is the easiest way to clean out a dirty toilet tank (the source of a dirty toilet). Pour a pouch in the toilet tank before bed, flush in the morning – and that’s it! The toilet tank is as clean as new! No chlorine, no bleach or harmful chemicals. HurriClean Automatic Appliance Cleaner removes hard water deposits and odors from your dishwasher and laundry machine. Simply pour a packet in your appliance, run through a cycle, and that’s it! Your appliance will clean like new! Meet John Vadnais (in his own words) I am a 4th Generation Plumber and also known as Johnny V PhD – The Plumbing and Home Doctor. All products associated with Vadco Products have been created due to our family plumbing shop and the problems we encounter at our customers houses. Our shop has been located within the same square block of White Bear Lake, Minnesota for over 100 years. Trio (How it works) The core belief of Trio Hygiene Systems is that toilet paper alone is not enough for personal hygiene in the bathroom; that T.P. is only ½ the answer. …Which is why millions have adopted the wet and dry tissue practice. Today, active users of the wet and dry regimen in the bathroom must remember to twist and reach far away from the T.P., to pull a wipe. Usually, the wet wipes are stashed precariously behind the toilet, the floor or, in a cabinet. With your pants around your ankles, today’s status quo is disorganized, inefficient, and an unsafe practice for all to use (think of children and seniors). By locating flushable wipes in the same wall bracket as the toilet paper, Trio® instantly simplifies and reduces the clutter of traditional wipe containers, to an organized, efficient and attractive wet and dry tissue delivery system that all can easily access. Andrew Yaros got the inspiration from a Seinfeld episode. The first scene of the “Face Painter” episode, George Costanza was finishing up a date and talking to her about toilet paper. He went on to T.P.’s history and how 100 years ago and 100 years from now, T.P. will be exactly the same because “really, …what else can they do?” -well George, dry T.P. is only half the solution! Meet Andrew Yaros Andrew is the Company founder, a former Series-7 Stock Broker, with additional backgrounds in finance and C-Level executive management. Andrew has leveraged his knowledge, passion, and relationships in the development of the Trio Hygiene System, since 2008. After five years as a R&D company, Andrew and his team have recently launched it's first series of patented products, and have become an emerging company with a promising future.

Ed Mauro, from Source Direct/ Buyar Hayrula, Creator of Bake Any Shape

Meet Ed Mauro from Source Direct! Source Direct was created by Ed Mauro, an inventor with over 25 years of proven success. As an inventor and business owner, Ed knows the struggle inventors face trying to get a new product to market. He's dealt with the hustlers and scammers who try to take advantage of entrepreneurs and innovators who create the next generation of products. Over the years, Ed has become an expert on dealing with different issues that arise when trying to take a product through the various phases of development, from the original idea to successfully selling the finished product. Ed's approach with Source Direct is to combine all aspects of design, development and marketing under one roof. This allows the inventor to concentrate on the creative end while Source Direct takes care of your business interests. Bake Any Shape by Buyar Hayrula- How It Works Bake Any Shape is a revolutionary product that will change the way you look at bakeware forever. It was designed to break the mold on conventional thinking and give you the consumer the power to crate virtually any shape imaginable. Bake Any Shape stainless steel bakeware is a new baking product scheduled to be released in Spring 2015. It's made of 316 Stainless Steel, 2 1/2" in height and comes in four lengths (2", 4", 6" & 8"). The product line includes 25 shapes, a custom made hinge clip and pre cut parchment paper (1" x 2 1/2"). To bake with Bake Any Shape simply create your desired shape on a baking tray lined with parchment paper. Connect your shapes with the Bake Any Shape clip and pre cut parchment paper on the outside of the shape. Coat the inside walls with baking spray, fill your shape half way and bake. After you're finished baking disconnect your shapes when they are safe to touch and decorate your shape the way you like. It's that easy! Meet Buyar Hayrula (in his own words) My name is Buyar Hayrula. I am 39 years old. I am married to my wife Emina for 12 years. We have two boys, ages 5 & 10. I have been employed as a US Customs and Border Protection Officer in Newark, NJ for the past 7 years. I have been wanting to own my own company for the past few years. I was looking for a business I could run part time while working my full time job. My wife is a stay at home mom. I came up with the idea for Bake Any Shape in March 2014. About six months before I came up with the idea I started watching Shark Tank. I found the show to be entertaining and educational. Several months after watching it I read a book called The Four Hour Work Week by Timothy Ferris. It was essentially a blue print on creating a product and overseeing the operation with very little time taken out of your day which is what I was looking for. I began to watch Shark Tank religiously and said it would be pretty cool if I could come up with an idea that could land me a deal on that show. I thought of two ideas prior to Bake Any Shape. I spent several weeks on both without spending any money. I did my research and decided not to pursue them. Shortly after I decided against the second idea I was sitting in my living room with my wife, watching Shark Tank and I said to her "I gotta find a way to get on this show." I looked at my living room table, saw a piece of cake on it and said "why can't I have any shape cake?" I went on the internet and saw there was silicone products that bend but, nothing made of stainless steel. I started drawing and did some sketches on how I could get it done. I cut out some cardboard to match my drawings then cut some tin cans to see how it could work. I had a buddy who owns a machine shop create 6 shapes, tested them out and they worked. The rest as they say is a lot of learning lessons and history. I went from not knowing anything about social media, patents or manufacturing to having several social media accounts, a YouTube channel, and a product that will be showcased at the International Housewares Show in 2015. To say I've learned a lot and come far since last March would be an understatement. It's been a very interesting/frustrating/rewarding experience and it proves how far you can go if you do your research and give yourself a goal.

Linda Lewis, Creator of the The Breast Chek Kit and La Bubé Athletica / Karina Rabin, Hang-O-Matic

Karina Rabin, Hang-O-Matic Use Hang-O-Matic to Align, Level and Mark your wall. Perfect for interior design or DIY home decor. It's a hassle free way to hang ANY wall home decor in your home or office. Reusable, pocket size, easily hang items as large as six feet. Meet Karina Rabin (In her own words) My name is Karina Rabin and I am married with a 2 year old boy. We live in Southern California. I am 36 years old. Hang-O-Matic was created when I was trying to hang shelves and after butchering my new walls my husband was pretty angry and then had to re-patch and paint and then tackled the job himself. Once he was done, he was pretty impressed with himself and I placed a irreplaceable snow ball on it and we watched it slide down and crash on the ground. Clearly those shelves weren't hung straight and Hang-O-Matic idea came to mind. Linda Lewis, The Breast Chek Kit The Breast Chek KitTM The Breast Chek Shirt-a form fitting seamless nylon/spandex shirt that teaches women & men the correct way to perform a breast self exam. The Breast Chek Kit take the guess work and anxiety out of how to perform a breast self exam. Users (Women, Men, and the Visually Impaired) follow the diagram with their fingers to examine their breast tissue. The fabric content & vertical diagram ensures that all breast tissue & lymph node areas are examined. The kit contains a special fabric marker to note any abnormalities in the breast tissue directly on the garment! It also contains an annual calendar & a place for dates & notes for the user & their physician. La Bubé Athletica is an innovative, new active wear line targeting women who have had mastectomies. The line incorporates special technical features and fabrics specifically to address the post-surgical needs of women as they move toward exercise and the rehabilitation process. The stylish workout and lifestyle wear is for all women and shows support for those who are battling breast cancer as well as those who have survived. "The collection is a unique lifestyle line that will appeal to women who were active and stylish before their surgery and who fully intend to remain so afterwards. The line is so stylish that every women, who enjoys wearing beautiful active wear as they run errands, travel, and shop, will want to wear La Bubé athletica for its amazing function, style and unparallel comfort". A portion of all proceeds will go toward breast cancer prevention and research. La Bubé Athletica was created by a breast cancer survivor who has taken on the mission of saving lives through early detection and supporting survivors as her life's calling. She is the inventor of a patented garment for breast self-examinations, The Breast Chek Kit and is the Founder of NABCAF a foundation dedicated to the prevention and eradication of this devastating disease.

T.J. DoVale answers all of your intellectual property questions - Rachel Olsen teaches entrepreneurs how to swim with the sharks!

Inventors work hard to develop their innovative concepts and reduce them to practice. Similarly, T.J. DoVale works hard to protect your inventions from being misappropriated. T.J. is a licensed patent attorney with over ten years of experience. In this segment T.J. answers all of our listener's questions about patents, trademarks and copyrighting. Rachel Olsen is the best-selling Author of the book Shark Tank MOMpreneurs Take A Bite Out of Publicity endorsed by Barbara Corcoran. She is the Founder of Best Mom Products, a digital media company, where Rachel interviews mom entrepreneurs and experts to fill in the details of seemingly overnight success stories. She's been featured on the ABC News, Better Homes + Garden, Tech Cocktail, Huffington Post, Millionaire Girls Movement among other notable press. With over 20 years in marketing and media, Rachel helps entrepreneurs create a strategic marketing and media roadmap for their business.

Interview with Jim Debetta of Debetta Enterprises and Cyndi Lee, the inventor of Micro Easy Grab

Get your product into retail stores with Jim Debetta Whether you are just starting out or have an organized business with retail-ready products, my personal coaching programs and "inventor friendly" affordable audio CD products will help educate and guide you. The business of inventing can be very intimidating and risky, especially for those that are not well-armed with the proper knowledge that is needed to succeed. The first step on your journey is to get educated. Learn all you can. Work with the very best people in the industry. It's about spending your hard-earned dollars correctly and avoiding massive mistakes which can devastate your business before you even have the chance to get started. Making money with your invention can be a reality! Jim DeBetta's product development and sales experience has amassed millions of dollars within the retail selling world. Known nationally as a trusted coach and mentor to thousands of inventors and entrepreneurs, he knows how to take new ideas from a sketch on a napkin to selling the final product to major retailers worldwide. Jim's career in retail began at an early age with the family business - a fireplace and home hardware company. After graduating from college, Jim went home to help expand the business from a small successful operation into a multi-million dollar business and became one of the most recognized and respected store of its kind on Long Island. Jim stimulated new business, purchased products from all over the world, and ran the overall daily operations. Jim decided it was time to grow and joined a start up firm that imported binoculars, telescopes, and optical products for children. His retail customers included a "who's who" in retail such as Target, Wal-Mart, Radio Shack, Sears, Michael's, Cabelas, Home Shopping Network, Bed, Bath & Beyond, Discovery Channel Stores, Costco, and many others. Jim employed nearly 20 people inside and had dozens of sales reps all over the US, Canada, and Europe. Ultimately, Jim helped expand the company from virtually no significant revenue to a leading brand in the industry that has sold more than 50 million dollars of product since the mid 1990′s. When Jim was ready for a new adventure, he left the company as President and Chief Operating Officer. Jim decided he was ready for yet a bigger challenge and joined a leading premium incentive company as their National Key Accounts Manager. Jim represented major national brands for this $100 million a year premium incentive firm such as Toshiba, Sony, Nikon, Nautilus, Movado and others. The products were used to create various incentive programs for fortune 1,000 companies around the world. Jim's experience has reached far and wide working with various products, retailers, manufactures, and factories. He knew it was time to help those that had a product in mind or ready for production. His goal was to teach others the process without unnecessary expense, time and red tape. That is how DeCavi Corp was born. As the founder of DeCavi Corp, Jim has helped thousands of inventors and start-ups learn how to get their products developed and sold to major retailers. Jim then merged his firm with the renowned Slingshot Product Development Group which employs a team of 35 engineers, designers, and marketing experts who help individual inventors and Fortune 500 firms alike. Both are recognized as leaders in the inventor product development and commercialization arena. Today, Jim continues to broaden his reach into the world of consumer products and has formed DeBetta Enterprises which is a private consultancy that coaches and advises inventors and entrepreneurs on everything from manufacturing to sales and marketing of consumer products. Jim previously headed up the Retail Distribution arm of Kevin Harrington's TV Goods corporation which today is fueled by the hit ABC reality show Shark Tank. He is also the author of The Business Of Inventing, has spoken at nationally acclaimed events such as Tory Johnson's Spark & Hustle and Ladies Who Launch, and is the former talk show host for the popular radio talk show Launch. To connect with Jim Debetta visit Featured Inventor - Cyndi Lee, Micro Easy Grab Microwave with your food and grab without burning your fingers! Becomes a trivet and a placemat at your destination! There's no need to find a towel or gloves when the Micro Easy Grab is readily available in the microwave. Not only does the Micro Easy Grab solve a problem but has 8 in 1 incentives: trivet, placemat, potholder, jar opener, utensil rest, splatter guard, food cover etc. It's FDA approved silicone, BPA Free, microwave safe, easy to clean, keeps the turntable clean and stores in the microwave. Micro Easy Grab is great for the home, office, senior living and dorms! Why Cyndi Lee invented Micro Easy Grab in her own words... As a kid, I remember heating something in the microwave. Not realizing that the bowl was hot, I went to grab it and OMG! I think we have all grabbed that hot bowl and burnt our fingers at least once in our lifetime. There are many gadgets in the market to help you avoid such incidents but they are all very frustrating to use. For example: 1) The classic kitchen towel: Not heat resistant, doesn't have a good grip, gets in the way when trying to place a bowl on the table and, usually, gets soiled so you have to constantly wash it. 2) Kitchen gloves or silicone mitts: Awkward and huge! It's very difficult to handle a bowl using either of these items. I've often wondered about how I could solve this problem of being able to safely remove a hot bowl/cup/container from the microwave. Then, one day, voila! The Micro Easy Grab was born! There were many obstacles to overcome and many prototypes but, after numerous variations, I finally had the finished product. Not only did the Micro Easy Grab prevent one from burning their fingers, it's multifunctional. The Micro Easy Grab is ergonomically designed, keeps your turntable clean, stores in the microwave, edges are tapered for easy handling, doubles as a trivet (sustainable to temperatures of up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit) or a placemat, can be used as a jar opener and is stackable. Plus, for your convenience, it's dishwasher safe! The Micro Easy Grab will be a staple kitchen tool and will protect your fingers for years to come. Purchase your own Micro Easy Grab at

Roy Tobeck from Griffin MacLean, Product Liability Insurance and Pearlene Fields, Creator of Stellar Babies

Griffin MacLean and Liability Insurance Needs for Inventors We are excited to be interviewing Rob Tobeck from Griffin MacLean Insurance who will be covering a subject that's more important than most inventors realize. Liability insurance is something that ALL inventors and business owners should have. We'll be discussing this in more detail on today's show! About Griffin MacLean Griffin Maclean is a full service insurance brokerage and has been serving clients since 1981. Their experts will give you timely advise and work to place you with the insurance product that is right for you. The name Griffin Maclean has been synonymous with service, knowledge and excellence in the insurance industry. Consult with them or just get a quote to compare your current business insurance program. Griffin MacLean Insurance Brokers has relationships with multiple, top-rated insurance companies and can work nationally to cover your insurance needs. So whether your business needs a basic Business Owners Policy (BOP) or a more complex program including commercial property, umbrella liability, business auto, or specialty insurance protection, they can simplify the process for you. Griffin MacLean helps businesses recognize what they have at risk, then they propose effective, economical programs to manage that risk. They have your business insurance options covered on their website. Give Rob Tobeck a call today at (425) 822-1368, Launch of Stellar Babies Created by Pearlene Fields Meet Pearlene Fields who is the creator of Stellar Babies! Pearlene has always wanted to start her own business and is using her creative talents to do so. Her first endeavor is a line of multicultural dolls based on astronomy and math called the Stellar BabiesTM. She is in the start-up phase and trying to launch via an Indiegogo campaign to raise funds. Gamaby is the overall company she created to launch her toy line.

Judy Welden, Inventor of Bandana Hat & Marcia McManus, Inventor of InstaKnot

Featured Inventor - Judy Welden, Bandana Hat Just imagine .... an attractive, versatile hat style that would give you 12 different looks with just one purchase! This is what one of the 6 styles Judy Welden invented for women, men and girls. The Bandana Hat® , is destined to become THE Casual Hat for both genders. Bandana Hat ® provides people of all ages with an attractive, versatile, affordable hat that can be interchanged to match any style or look. This easy-to-produce, innovative product comprises a bandana with a flexible, plastic headband that runs through an opening along the seam of the bandana to secure it around the wearer’s head. The headband is removable for washing, as needed, and enables bandana to have two different looks, depending upon whether it is slanted behind the ears or vertically straight, ending at top of ears. The bandana also has a visor that can be worn in three different ways—extended outward, over the top, or tucked underneath. One style of the Bandana Hat® is reversible, and the wearer has the choice of which side they want facing outward. When this style includes the 3-way visor, the two ways to wear on head plus 2 sides of the bandana, the wearer has a choice of twelve (12) looks with one purchase. Single or reversible styles without a visor, as well as small sizes for children, are also options for manufacturing. The Bandana Hat® may also have an attachable visor with hook-and-loop fasteners to use on hat styles without a visor. All these (6) styles are available with one license. Problems Solved by the Invention • The stylish Bandana Hat ® stays on the head because of the unseen headband which holds it securely and comfortably. • In the case of the larger style that is for both men & women with hair loss, it has an attached knit cap under the bandana scarf which comfortably protects a bald or balding head. In the case of men who work and play out doors, it covers the neck and ears, if desired. Depends on how it is tied behind head. • The Bandana Hat ® (each of the styles) protect the head and/or one's hair from the elements more so than other hats on the market. • Whereas the unseen headband is useful to keep the Bandana Hat ® on the head, it is removable if wearer chooses not to have it there. • For those who choose not to have a visor showing, the unique, 3-way visor of the Bandana Hat ® can be tucked under or folded up over the top of the scarf. Featured Inventor - Marcia McManus, InstaKnot InstaKNOT - Is your modern day genius solution to have the perfect tie knot under 30 seconds. You no longer need to tie a tie or retie a tie several times to get it right. Tall/ Short / Skinny or not, the InstaKnot is adjustable and gives everyone a custom fit. It also works for men with bigger stomach, they can still have the perfect knot and tie length more short ties! The InstaKnot design can be with or with out crystals. It is the perfect gift for formal events ...weddings, New Years, Holiday or as seen on Celebrities on the Red Carpet in Hollywood. Some Ties can be personalized with your initials in crystals. Sold on line at, Tuxedo Warehouse. They also have a uniform version and casual version for everyday use being sold at The Airplane Store and Tally-HO Instaknot has consistently been in the media as one of the top 10 products at Celebrity Gift Suits in 2014. In 2013, InstaKnot received The Gold Medal Award of Merit at the Inpex show. About Marcia McManus Marcia McManus invented InstaKnot because she took my son to do a professional photo shoot and a tie was part of the accessory. She wanted to duplicate the Jennifer Anniston GQ magazine with the cover when she wore a tie only but have my son wear a tie and his Diaper. Then she realized she could not tie a tie to help her son. After a brief survey Marcia found out many men do not know how to tie a tie or have to tie it several times to get it right. After a year of development she perfected the instaknot Patent Pending design which is now in retail and on line. It is so easy to adjust even a 4 year old can do it!

Craig Madaus, Bubi Bottle & Michael Nuccitelli, Psy.D., Founder of iPredator Inc

Featured Inventor - Craig Madaus, Bubi Bottle How do you make the most innovative multi-use silicone bottle in the world? Well, if you're Craig Madaus, you take a job loss, add some yoga and Starbucks, mix it up with a monster storm at sea, and you've got Bübi Bottle...a scrunchable water bottle that you can use for waterproof storage, hydration, heating soup and tea, as a hot or cold pack...and then roll up to fit in your pocket. Typical for Craig, it was an adventure the whole way! After losing his job in advertising, he spent his days walking around New York, taking Yoga classes and talking to people at Starbucks. No one was hiring, and the future looked, well, pretty dry. As he searched for a new position, and a new life, he took on a temporary job as part of a sailboat crew, delivering a boat from Connecticut to St. Thomas. Somewhere between Bermuda and St. Thomas, the boat encountered 30-foot waves and high winds. The boom broke and split in half as they tried to steer through the storm. According to Craig, it was terrifying. The crew somehow muscled through it. But then the refrigerator broke, and they faced five days on the open sea with only one sail. Their food supply was rotting. To make things even worse, the boat was taking on water at an alarming rate. The crew took turns emptying the boat in shifts. Craig's shift was 2 a.m. to 4 a.m. As he emptied the cold water through the black, chilly night, he recalled his yoga classes, when he lugged around an enormous bottle of water from his yoga classes to his interviews. Later that night, as he crushed disposable water bottles to put in the garbage, he realized that their design, with concave bottoms, made it so he couldn't completely flatten the bottles. Suddenly, he had an idea for a "scrunchable" reusable water bottle. Environmentally friendly. Completely packable. No more lugging embarrassingly big, clumsy, empty bottles to interviews. As he stood there that night, all alone on the deck, the idea kept coming, refining itself. He could design a bottle that keeps water in, but also keeps it out. It could be used to keep supplies dry while backpacking or boating. He was getting excited. If he designed this bottle to be flexible, it could be filled with oatmeal, beans, rice, keys, cellphones...whatever needs to stay dry, whatever the adventure. That's when he knew safe, flexible; medical-grade silicone would be the perfect bottle material. When he got home, waterlogged, exhausted and hungry, the first thing he did (after taking a shower and getting something to eat, that is) was ask his friend Kelly Torrence to draw the design for the bottle. He ordered business cards with a picture of the bottle, and a place where a potential customer could write down their email address and what color they wanted their bottle to be. Then he went to Starbucks and started talking to people again. He got almost 250 cards with color choices and email addresses. After a whirlwind production process, 2,000 bottles were shipped to his apartment. Craig felt ecstatic to have the product, even though the boxes were taking over his entire living room. After 20 minutes he realized he really didn't have a clue as to how to get these into retail stores. So he went back to Starbucks, where business people hang out, and consulted with the people he chatted with there. Bübi bottles are now sold in 23 countries, at many of the world's most renowned retailers like Brookstone, Fab, Dick's Sporting Goods, and soon in Whole Foods. For more information about Bubi Bottle visit Michael Nuccitelli, Psy.D., Founder of iPredator Inc Michael Nuccitelli, Psy.D. founded iPredator Inc. in September 2011 to provide educational, advisory and investigative products & services to consumers and organizations addressing cyberbullying, cyberstalking, online child predation, cybercrime, cyber harassment, cyber terrorism, internet addiction, online deception and the new fields of Cybercriminal & ICT Psychodynamics they are pioneering. Their goal is to reduce victimization, abuse, theft and disparagement from online assailants. In addition to assisting citizens, iPredator Inc.’s mission is to initiate a nationally sustained educational & awareness internet safety campaign for children and American online users with the help of private, state and federal agencies. In June 2013, iPredator Inc. officially launched their website, iPredator, along with their criminal/cybercriminal blog, Dark Psychology and internet safety blog, Dr. Internet Safety. At their sites, they offer an enormous database of free information library for site visitors covering the vast range of online predators, internet safety, cyber security, cyber psychology, forensic and criminal psychology. As founder, Dr. Nuccitelli became interested in the psychology and profiling of those who use Information and Communications Technology (ICT) to abuse, steal, taunt and victimize others online in 2009. In 2012, Dr. Nuccitelli and his colleagues grew even more determined to develop victimization prevention & intervention strategies for vulnerable online users utilizing education, investigation, legal, law enforcement and information technology experts. A brief biography of Dr. Nuccitelli, his iPredator definition and iPredator Inc. overview is as follows: MEET MICHAEL NUCCITELLI, PSY.D. Michael Nuccitelli, Psy.D. is a New York State licensed psychologist and certified forensic consultant. He completed his doctoral degree in clinical psychology in 1994 from the Adler School of Professional Psychology in Chicago, Illinois. In 1997, Dr. Nuccitelli became a licensed psychologist in New York State (License # 013009.) In 2006, he received the Certified Forensic Consultant designation from the American College of Forensic Examiners (Identification # 103110.) In November 2011, Dr. Nuccitelli and his colleagues established iPredator Inc. offering the private & public sectors educational and advisory services regarding internet predators, cybercrime, online deception & cybercriminal psychology. In June 2013, Dr. Nuccitelli, his colleagues and iPredator Inc. formally launched their websites, iPredator, Dark Psychology and Dr. Internet Safety offering site visitors an incredible amount of information, education and advisory services. Visit for more information.

Interview with T.J. Dovale, Patent and Trademark Attorney & Nancy Tomovska, Inventor of Unmarx

Featured Industry Expert – T.J. Dovale, Patent & Trademark Attorney Anthony (“T.J.”) Dovale concentrates his practice exclusively in the field of Intellectual Property. His practice includes prosecuting patents in the mechanical and medtech arts, as well as drafting and negotiating license agreements pertaining to Intellectual Property. His practice also comprises conducting patentability studies, infringement and invalidity analyses, and rendering opinions for the same. He also prosecutes trademarks and handles related subject matter. Mr. DoVale is very adept at learning a client’s business and tailoring their IP portfolio to maximize its impact. Mr. DoVale works with large corporate clients, mid-sized companies, and small start-ups, as well as individual entrepreneurs. His unique background puts him in a position to not only understand the clients’ business and related technologies, but also provide real world advice from experience. Prior to pursuing a career in law, Mr. DoVale used his mechanical engineering background in a variety of capacities. As a distribution engineer with the Florida Power Corporation, he designed feeder systems and residential electric utilities before joining Lake Engineering Inc. as a project engineer, where he was responsible for engineering environmental controls. He moved on to work as a sales engineer at A.W.C. Inc. in Alpharetta, Georgia, before becoming the southeastern regional manager for Mickey Truck Bodies Inc. of High Point, North Carolina, where he managed a seven-state sales territory. Mr. DoVale is an inventor with three patents to his name. He is a member of the State Bar of Georgia and is registered to practice before the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. He is also a member of the Intellectual Property section of the Georgia Bar Association, the Licensing Executives Society (LES), the Intellectual Property Owners Association (IPO), the Association of University Technology Managers, as well as the American Intellectual Property Law Association. Featured Inventors of the Unmarx Nancy and Stephanie Tomovska, two sisters that started Stance, LLC a brand and product development company. Invented their first product Unmarx, a unique portable cleaning product for clothes that launched in 2013 with great success. Unmarx is available online and in select Walgreens, Whole Foods Market & Ace. Unmarx has also been featured in a national Mom Inventor's Handbook as one of the Next Big Things! About Unmarx Unmarx was developed to erase everyday marks on clothing. Marks are fragments, dried residues, hairs, fibers and more left behind on your clothes. Something we all deal with on a daily basis. Unlike stains, these substances brush right off. Marks such as lint, pet hair, deodorant marks, powders, dried dirt, dried food and so much more! For more information visit

The "Andrew" Show - Andrew Hazen and Andrew Darlow Interviews

Andrew Hazen – A True Serial Entrepreneur! Andrew Hazen began optimizing websites in 1996 while attending law school in Michigan. In these pre-Google years, he spent countless hours researching keywords, writing tags & copy and testing URL strategies. After a short stint practicing law (eight weeks), he founded Prime Visibility, a full service digital media agency, in 1998. Prime Visibility's blue chip client roster includes The Trump Organization, CIT, Brother International, McGraw Hill,, Henry Schein Medical,, Lauren Hutton, Tourneau, The NPD Group, KORG, The Playboy Club and many, many more! With the help of an outstanding team, Andrew grew Prime Visibility from himself to 60+ people and in both 2007 & 2008 made the INC List of Fastest Growing Companies in the U.S. . . . .he has been recognized as a search engine marketing expert on Fox Business and the A&E Biography Channel for a documentary on Google - see video here. Andrew was also featured as an Angel Investor on the show Live It Up and a Social Media Expert on PBS. In an effort to invest in more Long Island-based entrepreneurs and startups, in early 2013 Andrew co-founded LaunchPad Long Island which is a 12k sq ft business accelerator and co-working space in Mineola, New York and they also have a $250,000 seed fund. Looking to improve and grow Long Island, Andrew founded LI Startups and sits on the Board of Directors for LISTnet, The Long Island Angel Network, and rock CAN roll as well the Digital Advisory Board for St Jude Hospital and The Eric Trump Foundation. Andrew resides on Long Island, New York with his wife and three sons. Featured Inventor - Andrew Darlow, Creator of GalleryPouch Andrew Darlow is a photographer, author, inventor and consultant. He has lectured and conducted seminars and workshops around the world at photo-related conferences, and for photography organizations, including the Advertising Photographers of America (APA), The Center for Fine Art Photography, the Arles Photo Festival and the International Center of Photography (ICP). His idea for the GalleryPouchTM Bubble Bag was born when he needed a custom product just like it for his large scale canvas prints. He then helped develop the final product with Mark Rogers, President of Frame Destination ( in Dallas, TX, where the product is made. Darlow is the author of four books (two are being released in the Fall of 2014), and the editor of The Imaging Buffet (, an online resource with news, reviews, and interviews covering the subjects of photography, printing, and new media. For more information about GalleryPouchTM bags, visit About GalleryPouchTM GalleryPouchTM Gold Premium bubble bags from Frame Destination use air bubbles to protect fine artwork and other items from damage during storage or transportation. The reusable bubble wrap pouch can be made in any size from 4x4 inches to 50x156 inches, and with a short or long side opening. GalleryPouchTM Gold art pouches open easily with a flap, or customers have the added option of adding a Velcro®-brand fastener to make the bags resealable. The GalleryPouchTM Gold material is smooth on both sides and constructed of tough 3/16-inch polyethylene, which also allows the artwork to be easily seen through it. The company also sells mated sets of Velcro-brand hook and loop for those who prefer to attach the product themselves. - VELCRO® is a registered trademark of Velcro Industries B. V. For more information visit

Elaine Taylor-Klaus, CPCC, PCC, Co-Founder and CEO of; The Inner Peace Diet, Aileen McCabe

Interview with Elaine Taylor-Klaus, CPCC, PCC, Co-Founder and CEO of A writer, coach and public speaker, Elaine Taylor-Klaus, CPCC, PCC is the co-founder and CEO of, a global company dedicated to training and coaching parents of children with ADHD. A community entrepreneur and public advocate, Elaine serves on the national Board of Directors of CHADD, and presents regularly on parent management of ADHD children at national conferences. She is an expert for the Making Moments education campaign, a Huffington Post author, and the mother in an ADHD Family of 5. About Parents are so used to giving to others – to jobs, to family, to friends, to schools and to colleagues – that they often have nothing left for themselves. We created ImpactADHD® for those parents who tend to put themselves last, but who vitally need support, solutions, and coaching. Empowering yourself is the best way to empower your children. This is for you. As we sought answers and ways to understand and manage our ADHD kids, we turned to what we knew best: coaching. In our professional practices, we each helped guide clients to greater clarity and helped them remove obstacles to success and satisfaction. Coaching empowered them to do the same thing in their parenting approach. It made a world of difference, and we wanted it to make a difference in the world. After the 2010 CHADD conference in Atlanta, we decided to help other parents of kids with ADD/ADHD benefit from coaching and community. Just months later, we founded ImpactADHD® to give parents the strategies, skills, and expert guidance you need to manage the reality of ADD/ADHD. With coaching, you can learn to set realistic, attainable goals, communicate more effectively, and start on a path of happier, more effective parenting. ImpactADHD® is a community of parents with similar circumstances who come together to support each other and learn how to take a coach-approach to raising your kids. Being part of a community that includes compassionate coaches helps us all stay the course, set limits, try new things, find acceptance, change our habits, laugh instead of cry, understand instead of yell. Thrive instead of just survive. Our unique programs are designed to give you the support you need in a way that works for you. Coaching radically improves the way you manage the roller coaster of raising ADD/ADHD kids – and allows you to enjoy the ride! To learn more visit To learn more about their "Amp it Down Webinar" visit: Find Your Inner Peace - The Inner Peace Diet We are really looking forward to interviwing Aileen McCabe-Maucher who will inspire listeners to make all of their dreams come true! Aileen McCabe is the author of the book “The Inner Peace Diet” which was published by Penguin Books and released in December 2008. Aileen is a licensed clinical social worker and psychotherapist who has helped many people find inner peace and discover their unique life purpose. Aileen has worked for over fifteen years as a licensed psychotherapist and registered nurse providing individual and group counseling to a diverse client population. She is a graduate of West Chester University, Widener University, University of Delaware, and The Gestalt Therapy Institute of Philadelphia at Bryn Mawr College. Aileen completed her yoga teacher’s training course at Leela Mata’s Peaceful Valley Ashram and is a registered yoga teacher with Yoga Alliance. She is currently pursuing a doctorate at the University of Pennsylvania and writing her third book. Click Here to get your FREE trial of The Inner Peace Diet Listen to our interview live with Aileen on September 2nd between 11:00 and 12:00 CST or download the podcast at your convience once it's live!

Hair Uppsy and Phonics for Latinos – ABCs in Common

Featured New Inventor: Lina Nasr – Creator of the Hair Uppsy Lina Nasr is a mom, wife, chemist, and inventor! Lina, wife, mom to a handsome 18 yr. old son, and the inventor of a new hair accessory called “Hair Uppsy”. Her origins are from the Holy Land in Jerusalem, but grew up in Qatar, then got married and moved to Texas in 1996 where she studied chemistry, then business, pursued a career, and aspired to invent! Hair Uppsy is Lina’s newest invention. It is a stylish, modern, and chic way of forming an up high, sleek, and fashionable ponytail that will not droop or sag over time. Not only that, but Hair Uppsy can be accessorized to match any outfit, season, time of day, or occasion in SECONDS!!! Estelle Leisy, Publisher of Phonics for Latinos - ABCs in Common We are proud to be featuring Estelle Leisyon our radio show who is making an amazing impact within the Spanish speaking community one child at a time! Estelle is a retired LAUSD teacher and publisher who continues to deliver user-friendly ABCs to Latino Pre-Ks and kindergartners. The problem with the way students are taught their ABCs, is that Latino Pre-Ks from Spanish speaking homes have to try and unravel the Spanish/English puzzle. To teach children their beginning letter sounds they are told that ‘A’ is for APPLE but in Spanish the word for apple is ‘manzana’. This creates confusion due to the conflicting beginning sounds. Estelle’s program instead uses user-friendly images (or cognates) that have the same beginning sound in English and Spanish. An example is ‘B’ is for BEAR/bicicleta. Phonics for Latinos – ABCs in Common provides a phonics kit consisting of 8 components that teach 19 common Spanish/English letter sounds in a variety of ways; utilizing posters, flashcards, and games, to help Latino Pre-Ks learn their ABCs and expand their vocabulary. A Treasure chest product was recently added that has over 100 coloring pictures which helps vocabulary enrichment. Learning the ABCs is the first step to reading. It used to be that just about all kindergartners spoke English but no more. Here in Los Angeles, California there are many kindergartners from Spanish speaking homes. Phonics for Latinos ABCs in common is a program just for them, so they don’t fall behind their classmates. This program came about because of a kindergarten child in Estelle’s classroom who was learning English. As he left to go back to his class he confided in her that he was confused because his teacher thought that manzana (the word apple in Spanish) starts with an ‘A’. Estelle was amazed because she had always thought that our English only signs were working just fine in teaching the ABCs. She didn’t realize that the children were not looking at the signs in English. They are presented with the image of an apple and told that ‘A’ is for APPLE, but in Spanish the word for apple is manzana so Latino Pre-Ks are presented with two different letter sounds, ‘A’ vs ‘M’. Since Estelle spoke Spanich she knew that she could create different pictures that would align better with the letter shown. These were cognates, letter sounds that have the same beginning sound in English and Spanish. For example, instead of having a picture of a BEAR the ABC sign which conflicts with the Spanish word OSO you could instead have the image of a bicycle and make the ABC sign ‘B’ is for Bicycle/Bicicleta. Phonics for Latinos – ABCs in Common helps children learn the ABCs because they can compare pictures that have the same beginning sounds. The important thing to remember about Phonics for Latinos ABCs in Common is the ABCs in common. Spanish and English are similar languages and share 19 letter sounds, so children from Spanish speaking homes can learn at home as well. Parents can use family names like David that have the same beginning sound in English to help them learn their ABCs. You can ask if Manual and Miguel have the same beginning sound to identify the letter ‘M’. Their success in phonics depends on comparing image names with names on a chart. This life changing phonics kit consists of line components such as bingo, flashcards, charts, and games that all utilize user-friendly images with cognates in different ways to help catch the child’s attention. This makes learning the ABCs easy and fun.

Clare Kumar, Co-Creator of Pliio Clothing Filers & Michelle McCullough, Make It Happen Radio

Featured Inventor: Clare Kumar, Co-Creator of Pliio Clothing Filers As Chief Organizer at Streamlife, an organizing company, Clare Kumar witnesses first-hand her clients' struggle to maintain order. Recognizing that an organizing tool would improve upon her own method of folding and ‘filing' clothes, Clare collaborated with an industrial designer to develop Pliio Clothing Filers to make it easy for everyone to have and maintain a beautifully organized wardrobe. Pliio Clothing Filers fit T-shirts from youth size 8-10 through adult XL, and can also be used for scarves, dresses, long sleeve tops and light sweaters. The Pliio line includes clothing filers and storage boxes, and is expanding to include a variety of sizes, colours, sheet folders, travel accessories, and more. About Pliio Clothing Filers Introducing Pliio® Clothing FilersTM - the innovative organizing system that makes it easy to manage your wardrobe! It is designed to: • Help fold clothes perfectly, every time • File garments so you can find items quickly • Organize your wardrobe eliminating clutter Facilitating fewer wrinkles and maximizing storage, Pliio Clothing Filers are a must-have at home and on the go. Visit for more information! Featured Toginet Family Guest, Michelle McCullough We we are so exicited and honored to have Michelle McCullough, speaker, strategist, success coach, serial entrepreneur, and fellow Toginet Host on the Innovation Divaz Show! Michelle's entrepreneurial path has been an exciting one! She started Doodads Promotional Products when she was 19. And has also spent the last 12 years working in marketing and advertising. She's worked in all aspects of the industry from production to creative and sales to management. On top of her full-time jobs, Michelle has cultivated her love for entrepreneurship by running Doodads Promotional Products as a successful side business. In 2008 when Michelle quit her full-time job to be home more with her newborn son, she moved Doodads to the front burner and doubled the income in 2008 and doubled it again in 2009. 75% of her business each year comes from repeat customers - a statistic she's proud of. It's easier to keep current customers happy than find new ones. She's also proud that she has been able to keep Doodads running in the black every year since it's inception, and despite the changes in the economy. Michelle also became a partner in Startup Princess in 2008. Michelle has been the Business Development Director focusing on event planning, marketing, affiliates, sponsorships and partnerships. Over the past 3 years she has coached women entrepreneurs and helped them grow their businesses from "dream in development" to established thriving businesses. Though her online and social media efforts are quite impressive Michelle has also loved creating powerful live events and making connections with amazing people across the country. Michelle has also been able to speak and "share the stage" with amazing other women entrepreneurs at Startup Princess and other events. Her ability to share her message with ease makes audiences fall in love with her. When you watch her speak on anything from marketing to motivation she captivates her audiences with her polished presentation and cheerful style. Michelle started to more accurately express her current goals and mission to share her messages on stages across the country, write a book or two and will continue to strategize with small businesses and help them with marketing, business development and business processes. Additionally, Michelle is the show host for Make It Happen Radio. A weekly show that talks about motivation and strategy for life and business. Michelle believes that you can grow a thriving career or business without sacrificing a meaningful personal life and this show shows you how. She's been praised by listeners as offering "business degree" type information and has also be told "it's the best hour I spend each week". Michelle has hosted guests such as Tiffany Peterson, Danielle LaPorte, Lisa Cash Hanson and Richie Norton, just to name a few. Upcoming guests include Peter Shankman and Ann Handley. Michelle loves Disneyland, reading, bright colors, 80′s music, chocolate, traveling, watching movies at the movie theater, eating, scrapbooking, and spending time with family and friends. Michelle and her husband are the parents of two children 5 and 3, and live in Utah. You can learn more about Michelle at

Special Guest: Dawn Davis, Creator of SpeakingPhoto

SpeakingPhoto provides a quick, easy and fun way to add sound to any photo so you can turn pictures into stories and make memories last beyond the lifetimes of loved ones. This free app is on iTunes and Google Play and you can get more information at Meet Dawn Davis, the Creator of SpeakingPhoto Dawn is a strategic business leader and entrepreneur. A twenty-year veteran of the retail industry, Dawn has a broad range of expertise spanning product development, merchandising, international business, communications, sourcing, efficiency solutions, and world-class team building. Dawn has held a number of senior strategy and business development positions within the worlds of luxury and fashion. Her excellent organizational, collaborative and communication skills have been the backbone of her success. In all of her professional roles, Dawn has built exceptional relationships with many of the world's leading brands and retailers, and is recognized for her strength in new business concept development, branding and innovation. As Senior Director of International for Polo Ralph Lauren, Dawn developed a global merchandising strategy for both retail and wholesale channels that elevated the brand presence, throughout Asia and the Americas. This led to significant growth and an uncompromised brand image in nearly 2000 points of distribution. Before joining PRL, Dawn began her International business reach as the leader of the fashion merchandising team for DFS Group, the world's largest travel retailer and a division of LVMH. Dawn was instrumental in expanding the brand and category strategy to include luxury apparel and fashion accessories, setting a new bar in the global, travel retail experience. Dawn also has a long commitment to adding her voice to non-profit and community organizations; Habitat for Humanity, Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, Glaucoma Research Foundation, Leadership Public Schools, Adopt a Family, Dress for Success, Toastmasters International, and Kiddo! Dawn is based in San Francisco, California and while she still enjoys global travel, she is most passionate about her life journey with her husband, their two sons, and one furry, four legged, companion.

Featured Inventor: Teri Callahan, the inventor of Hangabowls

Chicago South Suburbs cubicle worker Teri Callahan, went from having an idea to having her dream come true. "It felt like a strike of lightning hit me" said Teri Callahan, inventor of Hangabowls Hanging Cubicle Organizers. I had never invented anything before. But after not being able to find that red pen again and after much wasted time searching for my everyday office supplies, I knew there had to be an easier way. From the second the idea hit me, I never had a doubt that my cubicle organizer would be a great success. So I left my newspaper job to pursue my entire life to making it happen. I knew people would appreciate a stylish brand new organizer that would clear the tops of their desks, make it easier for them to find things and increase productivity. After coming up with the idea and after interviewing many people and asking their opinions, I received an overwhelming positive conclusion that "not only did they like Hangabowls Hanging Organizer but they wanted one". From that point I took it to a large trade show and I knew when investors were coming to me and buyers were making me offers to purchase my company, it was a sure thing. So I pursued my dream and I am glad I did because dreams do come true. Nothing is better then the satisfaction of knowing that Hangabowls Organizers is making peoples lives easier, is filling a want and is filling a need of people everywhere, is extremely rewarding. For more information about purchasing Hangabowls for yourself visit

American Women Inventorz Award Winner - Rachel D'Ascoli, Inventor of BurpGear

We are so proud to be featuring Rachel D'Ascoli, the WINNER of the 2013 American Women Inventorz Award, which was held on April 25th, 2014. Among many wonderful prizes given to Rachel, she has a lifelong award that she can use to help promote her business. We are honored to be featuring Rachel on the Innovation Divaz Radio Show! Meet Rachel D'Ascoli Rachel D'Ascoli was a classroom teacher for 7 years but is most recently recognized as the mom inventor and CEO behind BurpGear, the only fashionable and functional burp cloth on the market. Rachel has three boys, ages 5, 3, and 18 months and is expecting her forth. She began BurpGear alongside her mother and sister in December 2012 and has taken her concept from idea to market. Since the launch of BurpGear, Rachel has sold both locally and internationally and has been featured in a newspapers, blogs and recently won the American Women Inventorz Award. About BurpGear BurpGear is the only fashionable and functional burp cloth on the market. This perfect shower gift is everything any caregiver would want in a burp cloth! It is leak resistant, dual panel- (providing full coverage), adjustable, 100% made in the USA, 100% washable and travel compact- making it easy to find in any diaper bag! BurpGear comes in 4 fashionable designs intended to give caregivers a functional burp cloth they deserve and enjoy wearing. For more information about BurpGear visit:!

Interview with Gabriel Beversluis, Inventor of Bag Savr and Shelby McKee, Inventor of Keysocks

Bag Savr - Recycle bin and Trash container designed to perfectly fit and store your favorite store's grocery bags; or use it without bags Up to 100 billion FREE plastic bags are given out every year in the USA. If you are like most people, you already have bags stuffed in a closet or a drawer in your kitchen. Now you can reuse those bags in every room of your house saving money and helping the environment through re-use. BagSavr+ patent-pending design is the first ergonomically designed bag storage and re-use system made to perfectly fit your free plastic grocery bags and features a built-in pocket which stores up to 10 bags right where you need them. The locking system with tuck groves keep your bags in place and prevent bag gapping. The BagSavr+TM can hang anywhere with it's handy Hanger Bracket, or serve stand-alone duty in any corner. The "take anywhere" handle makes it ideal for portable cleanups or use in the cabin, boat or camper. There are 100 Billion reasons to save money and save bags with BagSavr+TM Meet Gabriel Beversluis Gabriel Beversluis has been working as a pediatric Orthotist since 2004 where he specializes in custom bracing to help disabled children with standing and walking. In his hometown of Grand Rapids, MI., he has developed a reputation as an innovator of orthotics design and production processes. With a passion for designing creative solutions to common problems, Gabriel took on the challenge of designing a product to make good use of the billions of plastic grocery bags given out every year. His goal was to promote re-use and reduced waste by creating a container that everyone can use anywhere. He recognized that promoting widespread reuse will save consumers money, reduce litter, and reduce the quantities of trash bags that will need to be produced, just to throw them away. Gabriel partnered with Products That Work, LLC and together they launched BagSavr+ nationwide in 2013 with many other innovative products to follow. To purchase your Bag Savr visit Keysocks - Knee High No Show Socks for Women Say good-bye to unsightly socks and footies that won't stay in place. These sleek no show socks will keep your feet warm and comfortable but won't show when you're wearing heels or flats. Meet Shelby McKee In 2009, Keysocks founder Shelby Mckee was getting ready to go to a Cincinnati Bengals football game on a brisk fall Sunday. Wanting to wear flats and with the temperature falling, she realized she needed "no show" socks. Traditional footies always fell off her feet or scrunched up and never provided warmth, so armed with scissors and sheer genius, she cut a hole in her husband's knee-high dress sock and the Keysock was born! Shelby recruited her two sisters, Stefanie and Christy, and began working to build the first and only no show knee high sock. Keysocks have brought style and comfort to women and girls all over the world desiring to wear flats or heels with pants. Keysocks are the ultimate solutions for keeping your feet comfortable without showing you are wearing socks. Listen to our interview with Shelby LIVE on Tuesday, May 13 at 11:30 AM CST, or download the recorded podcast at your convenience. To purchase Keysocks visit

Featured Inventor: Jennifer Perry, Jelt Belt

Owner, Jen Perry has worked closely with engineers to develop a stylish belt that is made of 100% recycled materials and is completely metal free. This lightweight, elastic belt is the perfect belt to wear when you need a subtle belt to pair with jeans, as the uniquely designed buckle is completely invisible under tight tops. The colors and design are a fun spin on the 70’s stretch belt, adding a vintage and retro touch to your wardrobe. The colors were also designed to be worn by both men and women. The comfortable elastic fabric forms to your waist and the signature “Jelt Gel” grips to the back of pants keeping everything secure no matter where you are going! Jen is a busy mom of two, which is a big motivation behind her invention of the Jelt. She is constantly on the move and needed a belt to support that. The Jelt Belt is also great to wear with your snow pants when you are out hitting the slopes or enjoying the outdoors during the summer! Being from Montana, Jen wanted her belt to be shared among the outdoor enthusiasts as well, which is another inspiration behind the lightweight, easy to put on design. And we can’t forget the fact that the Jelt is perfect for traveling! The metal free design will help you pass through security with ease! Each year, Jelt will feature a new charity and give 10% of total profits to support the efforts of these non-profits. The “Jelt” belt is a functional product that fills a need, but it is also fun, fashionable, and current! Meet Jennifer Perry Jennifer Perry is from Bozeman, Montana and is a mother of two boys. She is a very active member of the community sponsoring local non-profits and participation in charity work. She is also the manager of The Glacier Ridge Ranch, and guest ranch in Trego, Montana. She is a busy mom who is always on the go and loves to be active and outdoors. She wanted a belt that supported all that she does whether it be skiing or taking care of her family which was her inspiration behind the Jelt. She created the Jelt based on her need for a belt that really worked and she designed the Jelt with the goal of helping others who had the same need that she did. Listen to Jennifer Perry's interview LIVE with the Innovation Divaz on the May 6th show! If you can't listen live come back and download the podcast directly from our show page. To purchase a Jelt Belt for yourself visit

Featured Inventor on the Innovation Divaz Show: Natalie Robbins, Inventor of Litter One

Natalie Robbins, the inventor ofLitter One, has always loved all animals. She would always bring animals home without telling her parents. One of the most common animals she would bring home was cats. Since her family always had cats and Natalie was usually the one bringing them home, her chore was cleaning out the litter box. It wasn't long until she formed a hatred for the chore. When she was about 18 she and her mom were walking through a pet store and saw pine pellets now being used as cat litter. Her dad had just started to work with the same pellets! It's like it was meant to be! She started putting the pellets in old cardboard boxes so she could just throw all of it away at once instead of cleaning all components with soap and water. 4 years and many prototypes later Litter One is born! Litter One is the 100% biodegradable, completely self-contained, disposable litter system for cats. Each kit includes: litter box, pine pellet litter, scoop, and waste bags. The kit is delivered right to your door ready for use. All you need to do is open the box and set it out in the regular placement of the litter box. The pellets turn to sawdust when the cat urinates. The patented false floor allows for the sawdust to fall through and not worry the consumer about tracking and buildup. The pine pellets completely neutralize the cat urine odor and provide a natural pine scent. When 4-6 weeks has passed, all you do is close up the kit, place it in the recycle/trash bin, and open up the new one that has automatically been shipped to your door. We are so excited to be interviewing Natalie on the April 22nd show. If you miss the show LIVE, you can download the podcast at your convenience! For more information about Litter One visit!

Special Guest on the Innovation Divaz Show - AJ Khubani, Telebrands

"I'm lucky that I found my calling, something that I'm really passionate about. I get excited when I see new products. I get excited when I see something we produce and put on TV and then people respond to it. The key to our success is that everybody in this company gets excited about what we do every single day." ~ TeleBrands CEO & Founder, AJ Khubani In 1983, fresh out of college (with a whole $20,000 dollars he earned working multiple jobs during school), New Jersey native AJ Khubani was clear that he wanted to take on the Sony corporation. He was hawking a $10 alternative version to the infamous Walkman radio and placed a $7,000 ad in the National Enquirer with hopes of making millions. While breaking even with the ad didn't exactly earn him a house in the Hamptons, it did fuel his curiosity to find more products, in hopes of becoming a massive business success. After the first few years of slow and steady growth, 1987 would become the year to put TeleBrands on the map. Ambervision Sunglasses were introduced to the world, as the company's first television commercial hit the airwaves. While the spot was a success, the orange lensed glasses launched the company to new heights when in 1989, New York area based Herman's Sporting goods placed the eyewear on their shelves. Sales went thru the roof as TeleBrands not only had their first million dollar hit product, they brought their direct TV marketing success to the retail world. Fueled by the accomplishments of their on-screen marketing, packaging was needed to house the Ambervision glasses, and a plain white box wasn't going to cut it on retail shelves. After several go rounds with some design ideas, the world renowned As Seen On TV name and logo were born. Yes, it was TeleBrands that was singlehandedly responsible for the branding of today's multi-billion dollar retail category. Thirty years have passed since that first tabloid ad hit the newsstands and one thing is for certain, AJ Khubani is indeed a massive business success. His company, TeleBrands, is without question the world's leader in television infomercial marketing and their products have sold in the billions of dollars. The likes of famed pitchmen Billy Mays and Anthony Sullivan have been an important part of this journey, as are the members of the company's management staff who have stayed along for the ride for these many years. Over these past three decades, TeleBrands has given the world some of the most exciting As Seen On TV devices and gadgets: OrGreenic Cookware, Stone Wave, Aluma Wallet, Windshield Wonder, Sticky Buddy, the Olde Brooklyn Lantern, Who Knew Books, and the Pocket Hose are just a few of the many hits in the company's prestigious portfolio. One of the most popular all time products, the Ped Egg (for softening hard calloused feet) was created internally, and after some 50 million units sold to date, there's just no stopping what this northern New Jersey company will come up with next. To further their amazing growth, TeleBrands has a never-ending open call to would-be inventors, or anyone with a great idea that just might change the world. A countless number of products are submitted for review yearly, while hundreds are chosen for infomercial testing. While it is only a small percentage that make the grade as a hit retail product, a number of inventors have struck it big as their product became yet another legendary TeleBrands success story. As TeleBrands celebrates its prestigious 30th anniversary in business, its products are now available in over 120 countries around the world. The growth potential seems almost limitless as everyday inventors continue to present their product ideas at a rapid pace. It's a good thing that the young AJ Khubani found his calling some three decades ago. As the need to develop products that solve every day common problems continues onward, his passion for this business remains greater than ever. I think we can speak for everyone at TeleBrands by saying, but wait, there's more - there's a whole lot more to come. Listen to our interview with AJ Khubani LIVE on the April 15th show, or download the podcast at your convenience after the show has aired! For more information about Telebrands visit:

Featured Inventors - Nancie Weston, The Grayl AND Samuel Shipp, Knife Glider

Nancie Weston, CEO and Founder, The Grayl Nancie is a 25-year veteran of the outdoor product industry. She has considerable experience with designing, branding, marketing, selling and introducing new products into the marketplace. She has held the position of Sales Director at McNett and Ultimate Survival Technologies. Her wide range of experiences in multiple product sectors and channels is complimented by an open-minded approach to problem solving, team building and leadership. She has shown a passion for inventing, with several patents to her name. Nancie founded GRAYL because of concerns about the quality and taste of the tap water she drank on the go. She was also concerned about leaching from plastic bottles and the impact of bottled water on the environment. She set out to create a device that not only made water safe and taste great, but also that was beautifully designed and made with the highest quality materials. GRAYL's Water Filtration Cup was created for busy people who care deeply about both what they put in their bodies and their footprint on earth. To purchase The Grayl for yourself visit: Samuel and Jennifer Shipp, Inventors of The Knife Glider Samuel is a successful building maintenance business owner and Jennifer is a happy housewife. They've been married 12 years with two beautiful children. Sam enjoys helping others and solving problems. Jennifer had a big problem when she sliced her hand open chopping food for dinner. Nine stitches later the idea for The Knife Glider was born. "I couldn't find any product on the market that would protect without slowing me down. In fact, cooking with The Knife Glider saves time!" Slip! Ouch! When's the last time you cut yourself in the kitchen? Introducing The Knife Glider! The revolutionary new cooking device that virtually eliminates your chances of being cut in the kitchen. The Knife Glider's Patent Pending Design: -Protects and Shields your hand from the knife. -Has specialty grooves to hold food securely in place while cutting and chopping. -Glides off food stuck on the plate with its specialty slits. - Peel food not your knuckles with the Pealing Attachment. -Securely hold hot or raw meat with the meat attachment not your hand. -Collapse for easy storage. -BPA free and Dishwasher Safe. The Knife Glider, the new way to feel safe while prepping food. Cut, chopped, slice, peel, FOOD not FINGERS! The Knife Glider Demo: To purchase The Knife Glider visit:

Jessica Oman, Founder of Write Ahead and Kim Meckwood, Inventor of Click & Carry

Jessica Oman, Founder of Write Ahead, Inc. Are you aching to turn your great idea into a business - but you don't know where to start? Meet Jessica Oman, founder of Write Ahead Inc., a team of consultants, writers and trainers who help entrepreneurs launch and grow businesses that support their lives and passions. Grab their free report, 5 Critical Steps for Taking Your Business from Idea to Open, and learn to build your business the "write" way. Visit for more information! Kimberly Meckwood, Inventor of Click & Carry Kimberly Meckwood is an inventor and marketer. She comes from the medical device industry where she learned that a product MUST be made with precision to protect the integrity of the product, how to market a product to both solve a problem and to create demand for that product and most importantly, that helping people is noble and it makes her feel fulfilled. Click & Carry is a simple, yet ingenious, patented device that helps shoppers to manage & carry multiple bags at once --- comfortably. (Any bag with a handle - plastic, paper, canvas, etc.) Click & Carry may be CARRIED in the HANDS or WORN over the SHOULDERS. INTELLIGENT PRODUCT DESIGN - Click & Carry was awarded 2 Utility Patents * Conforming Gel Grip * Rotating Top to easily load/unload bags * Ergonomically Designed for Comfort & Even Distribution of Weight * Carries up to 50 lbs. * CARRIED in the HANDS or WORN over One's SHOULDERS Shoppers will be able to carry home MANY more purchases on a single visit to any store! To purchase Click & Carry visit:

Annette Ferber, Founder of Sacs of Life; and Kevin Tansey of Social Katy

We are so honored to be featuring Annette Ferber, Founder of Sacs of Life!!! Sacs of Life has combined the global need for environmental change with the fashionable function that busy folks require today. They offer the most stylish, durable and eco-friendly bags you will find on the market. Using inspiration from her own life experiences, founder and savvy mom of four Annette Ferber, designs cross body bags, tote bags, shopping bags and travel bags that are innovative and sophisticated. Sacs of life continues to expand in the areas of practical bags and accessories and they take pride in continually adapting to the way people live. They are dedicated to making functional products fashionable with our expandable, convertible and adaptable designs and look forward to making Sacs of life your way of life. Meet Annette Ferber Former Attorney, mother of four and entrepreneur at heart - Annette Ferber became a bag designer specializing in travel and shopping sets after she experienced the inefficiency and waste of plastic shopping bags. As a hands on mom, Annette knows what shopping for and traveling with a large family is all about, so she quickly identified the need to make life easier and stylish - for busy people not just moms. This is when the savvy mom-preneur made the decision to create "the best bag ever" and sewed her first samples by hand. As a member of a successful family business - Annette has always been driven and maintains a vision of how to grow and expand her line rapidly. The Sacs of Life's tag line, "Start Small. SHOP BIG" describes the portability, convenience and style of these shopping systems and their ability to make daily errands and trip planning, fun and easy. Annette is passionate and prides herself on doing her part to preserve the environment. All Sacs of Life bags are earth friendly and fashion forward. Click Here to watch video demonstrations of each product! Visit to purchase these functional/fashionable bags!!! The Social Media Guru Behind International Housewares Show Since the Women Inventorz Network is a sponsor of the International Housewars Show's Inventors Corner, we have had the honor to work with Kevin Tansey with Social Katy, who is the mastermind behind much of the Social Media going on during the show! We will learn more about all of the happenings during the show, as well as their social media tips! SocialKaty is a Chicago-based full service social media marketing agency specializing in managing social media strategy & daily execution for brands big and small. They have a team of brand managers, marketing strategists, writers, designers, and technogists who develop, execute and manage social media campaigns. They spread awareness through conversation and ultimately accelerate business growth. SocialKaty's services include day-to-day management of Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, LinkedIn and blogs. SK combines all social branding with social advertising, social campaigns, facebook applications, design and development. As a marketing agency, SocialKaty concentrates on translating their clients' brand vision into online brand identity and increased awareness. SocialKaty's daily content creation will: increase the number of people seeing a brand, increase site traffic, enhance brand equity, evoke a "social response". We will maximize the potential for every brand to reach the "virality" every marketer dreams of. Visit Social Katy at, as well as on Twitter at @socialkaty!

Featured Inventors - Kaaachews and Collar Pop It

eatured Inventors - Paula Dulong, Kaaachews and Debra Curry, Collar Pop It Paula Delong, Creator of Kaaachews Meet Paula Dulong, a 50 year old RN from Massachusetts and creator of Kaaachews. Paula has been a stay at home mom since 2002, when she developed a severe latex allergy. One afternoon she was cleaning out her car and found her tissue box squished and dirty under the passenger seat. It had been trampled by every one of the teenagers that she had been driving around town. Paula was tired of throwing them away and that there must be a way to keep them reachable for all the passengers and off the floor. She grabbed a square boutique sized tissue box and made a pattern and prototype. That's how Kaaachews were born! She showed it to her family and friends, who thought that it was a great idea, and started going to craft shows to sell them. She now sells Kaaachews all over the U.S., Canada, Australia, London, and recently Saudi Arabia. She did have a "patent pending" on her original design, but since have expanded to include a matching trash/toy/travel necessity caddie in custom fabric sets and tweaked the original design a little to make it easier to attach to the headrest pole of the car. Paula would like to expand with a line of neutral fabrics on a larger scale that will be available in stores everywhere. She has even applied to "Shark Tank" to see if she can get others to see her vision too. To purchase Kaaachews visit Debra Curry, Collar Pop It Debbie Curry spent most of her life as a stay at home mom...with her children now grown her time is now for working out(biking , running & training), spending time with family and developing her product "COLLAR POP IT". Collar Pop It was created out of a need to keep Debbie's blouse collars popped in the back for a more chic, sophisticated & confident look! Debbie likes wearing linen blouses as she lives in South Florida but found the collars limp & frumpy, she tried many different materials trying to keep the collar up including taping my neck to the collar, from there she got the idea to create a simple, inexpensive & effective way to take already pieces in your wardrobe & give them a new look. Women who dress well know its all in the details. The details of dressing make the difference between a woman dressed and a woman who has pulled her look together. To purchase Collar Pop It visit: Listen to the show LIVE on Tuesday, March 11th at 11:00 AM CST, OR download the podcast any time after the show airs to listen and be inspired!!! Contact us at if you're interested in being featured on our show!

Being Inspired by Positive and Negative Experiences

The Innovation Divaz chat about how inventors can use stories of positive and negative experiences to stay inspired during the invention process. They take in live callers and are surprised by Mark View who is a successful inventor along with his very talented children. Be inspired by this former FBI Agent turned inventor!

Featured Inventors - Jill Carreiro, CleverRelish - Paula Padgett Hege, The Rein Coat Pet Harness

Jill Carreiro, CleverRelish CleverRelishTM aims to create and provide clever products to solve life's little, and sometimes big, parenting problems. Through partnership with the undiscovered genius of parents across America, we will deliver smart products that dress up your life while empowering the growth of strong families. CleverRelish was founded in by Jill Carreiro, an engineer, salesperson, lifelong tinkerer and thankful momma to three little ones ranging from 3 to 7 years old (and another on the way!) That's nearly SIX straight years of diaper changing! Six years of looking at the same ugly plastic baby wipes tub at every diaper change. Then one day she had an "aha" moment: Why don't we just make it a part of the decor! As a busy wife, mother, and businesswoman, Jill's cool idea was put aside for a bit. She worked hard, moving up the corporate ladder and leading teams of great people. For more information visit: Paula Padgett Hege, The Rein Coat Pet Harness The Rein Coat® is a therapeutic calming coat that is being well received throughout the pet industry. The technology of The Rein Coat® is totally different than other dog shirts that are tight fitting and restrictive. What is The Rein Coat®? The Rein Coat®, is a patent pending therapeutic "calming coat" that's a harness and a coat that reduces the anxiety of scared, oversensitive, frightened, alarmed and aggressive pets. The exterior of the coat is water resistant with a plush interior that keeps your pet warm. The Rein Coat® is designed to provide a custom fit for all shapes and sizes of dogs and cats with its unique strapping system. The Rein Coat® fits dogs from 5 pounds to 250 pounds with neck sizes ranging from 6 inches to 35 inches. There is no other K-9 garment that will accommodate a wide array of dogs, from toy breeds to giant breeds. We are the only product in the world that works in this innovative, gentle and nurturing fashion! How does The Rein Coat® work? The Rein Coat® works by replicating a naturally occurring behavior between animals and their offspring in a gentle and nurturing manner. Picture this: A mother dog picks up her puppy by the scruff of his neck instantly calming the puppy. The puppy relaxes and almost goes limp because he knows his mommy is taking him safely out of harm's way. The Rein Coat® is designed to lightly touch your pet on the nape of the neck (just like the mommy dog) triggering the production of oxytocin released by the brain which then reduces fear and anxiety in your pet. In numerous trials The Rein Coat® has proven effective in reducing anxieties while allowing your pet to move freely with no constraint. The Rein Coat® offers a safe, affordable, drug-free solution to all types of pet anxieties. For more information visit:

Featured inventors Jean Haley inventor of Haley's Corker, and Laura Wilkinson Sinton, inventor of Freshtape®

We're so excited to showcase two amazing women inventors who have developed useful products that are all about FRESHNESS!!! Haley's Corker, Created by Jean Haley While enjoying a glass of wine, J. E. Haley contemplated one device to replace a drawer full of accessories. A comet-like flash of inspiration produced a brilliantly engineered solution. A 5 in 1® design that is an: Aerator - instantly enhances bouquet and flavor Filter - helps prevent cork residue, sediment and tartrates from entering your glass Pourer - drip-free pour control Re-corker - never struggle with a cork again Stopper - store wine spill-proof on its side in the refrigerator Never re-use a cracked, swollen or dried out cork again. Nor plastic silicon corks that can expand and be difficult to re-insert. Fits ALL natural, synthetic and glass corked 750 ml and 1.5 liter wine bottles. Preserve wine aroma and bouquet (which some wine vacuums can actually strip out). Your wine will stay fresh longer, even sparkling wine. Fits other products, too. Replace sticky corks on liqueurs and cordials to save expensive contents from evaporation. Use it for fine single malt whiskey. And as a sanitary culinary cork for olive oil and balsamic vinegar. Pour a frothy head on a large format beers. Smaller than a natural cork so it easily stores wine upright or on its side, eliminating the need to maneuver for cramped refrigerator space. Will not absorb nor alter aroma or flavor of contents. Dishwasher safe. Use it again and again. Visit to purchase this product! Freshtape®, Created by Laura Wilkinson Sinton Freshtape® is your new, time-saving, food-saving way to keep organized in your kitchen and pantry. Freshtape® is a special, patent pending blend of materials meant to make your life easier (and neater). Because it's made especially safe according to FDA standards*, you can use it on any food bags like chips, cereal, frozen foods like vegetables, really all sorts of bags to re-close and reseal them. Since you can re-close and reopen them easily, you'll find it keeps your foods cleaner, fresher, neater, longer. You throw away less food. Visit to purchase this product!

Interview with Scott Lewis, inventor of PAN Grill-It, and Jessica Marriott, creator of Tantrum Handbags

We're in week four showcasing some of the talented inventors who will be part of the International Houswares Show, Inventors Corner. Here's more information about our guest inventors this week! Scott Lewis - PAN Grill-it On a very cold day in January of 2011 Scott and his Dad were gearing up to grill for some friends and family at his house. They had lots of marinated kabobs and other things on the grill. His dad had asked him to check on the food. He bundled up and grabbed the tongs only to learn the propane tank went out. Other than driving on icy roads to get the tank filled, they decided to place it all in the oven. The outcome was so poor. Scott then said to his dad "there has to be a way we can grill indoors and do it healthy without smoking up the house" They both tossed around some ideas and then it hit him! A cast iron grill that is an insert for a 12" cast iron skillet and a 10.5" round cast iron griddle. His dad has 45 years experience of design in tool and die. He went to work and called Scott to come over his house to view his designs. He came and left 5 times before I said "Yes! "Now tweak this and add that" Not knowing anything about who makes cast iron in this country he started researching. He quickly learned that there is only one cast iron cookware foundry in our country. Having it made in the USA was a must. Scott knew he had only one shot and one phone conversation to convince them to make the product. They not only make their product but he's also a dealer of their entire cast iron cookware line. PAN Grill-itTM A Must Have Kitchen & Camping Tool Delivers the Best Tasting Foods in their Healthiest Form. Rain, snow or shine, the Pan Grill-ItTM allows you to enjoy the taste of barbecuing in its healthiest form in any season of the year. Whether it is inside the comfort of your kitchen, apartment, campsite, at the park, or your favorite sporting event, the PAN Grill-itTM has you covered. The PAN Grill-itTM is a preseasoned ready to use cast iron grill insert, designed to be placed in a 12" or larger cast iron skillet, 10.5" or larger round griddle, 12" carbon steel skillet, use as a Trivet inside of Dutch Ovens 7quart or larger, place over rusted grill grates at home or at the park, or use on commercial flat-top grills. It is also can be used to bake with after first searing your food. A method used today in fine-dine restaurants. It also makes for a wonderful hot-plate on your kitchen table. Visit their website at JR Marriott, Tantrum Handbags Talented Scottsdale designer and company founder Jessica Marriott did what every woman dreams of doing. Turned her biggest pet peeve into a business! When driving her car with her twins Marriott's handbag fell to the floor for the last time; spilling the contents everywhere. She turned her passion into designing a handbag with built-in organization, of course. During the design process, Jessica made sure to take real-life scenarios into account, creating a new solution to the chaos of modern life. After personally experiencing the frustration of not being able to find items in her own handbag quickly, especially while in the car, Jessica developed features such as the "10 pockets with purpose" of various sizes and depths, all with elastic closures to hold items secure inside, and a magnetic key holder that connects to a keychain, keeping your keys within easy reach at all times. The bag closure itself is also magnetic, allowing you to open and find items inside with one hand, even without looking. Perfect for fishing out items while in your car, in a meeting, or the dark. Tantrum Bags are both functional and fashionable, and created for anyone who is hooked on adding organization to one of the most essential parts of their day; carrying their purse. Whether you need a larger bag with cargo space for odds and ends, crayons, snacks, makeup, phone and business cards, or a smaller clutch when you are on the go, these handbags have a multitude of compartments and sections on the inside, making it easy to organize and retrieve your stuff quickly without digging around. The impressive and thoughtfully designed bags are also created with fashionistas in mind. Stylish, high-quality leather and hip polished metal hardware give Tantrum Bags an edgy, contemporary look, a perfect compliment for jeans, your favorite maxi dress, business attire and the like. Say no to purse tantrums in 2014. Marriott's "Love Rocks" spring collection is on sale now. Tantrum Bags can be purchased by visiting

International Housewares Inventor Showcase - Supreme Surface Cleaners, JuggHub, The Cord Caddy

We're in week number three showcasing some of the talented inventors who will be part of the International Houswares Show, Inventors Corner. Here's more information about our three featured inventors! Tom Munro, Supreme Surface Cleaners Supreme Surface® Cleaners offer the most advanced technology for stone care and maintenance products on the market today. Our exclusive ioSealTM protectants are formulated to be powerful pH balanced cleaners for granite, marble, travertine, quartz and more. Supreme Surface Cleaners are unlike all other household cleaning products. Every time you clean with Supreme Surface® Cleaners with ioSeal, you apply a non-toxic, biodegradable, daily treatment that will clean, polish, seal and protect against: Hard water spots Mineral deposit build-up Stains and more Our cleaners with ioSeal are also formulated to: Make the surface smoother and more reflective Make the colors more vibrant Will never buildup Never requires a rinse Gives a streak free shine every time Natalie Hazen, The Jugg Hub, LLC The Jugg Hub TM, Sport Water Jug Holder, allows you to transport two, either gallon or half gallon size sport water jugs safely in your vehicle. The Jugg HubTM, Sport Water Jug Holder can be conveniently placed on the vehicle floor, seat, or trunk. The sport water jugs stay upright and contained so no water jugs are rolling around or spilling the water onto your vehicle carpeting. This also allows the driver not to be distracted with rolling water jugs in their vehicle. The Jugg HubTM, Sport Water Jug Holder is manufactured out of durable plastic and is 100% recyclable. When the sport water jugs are not in use, simply store the water jugs in the Jugg Hub TM,Sport Water Jug Holder and conveniently store on the shelf. All will be ready when you are. Click Here to watch a great local segment featuring Jugg Hub Natasha Braz, The Cord Caddy The Cord Caddy is a sensible product that has always been a good topic of conversation and an inspiring story. Natasha devised this tool years ago after a near miss situation with an iron cord her niece, who was just learning to walk. Thankfully she was okay, but her initial sense of relief quickly turned to frustration when the retractable cord simply didn't work. What should have taken 10 seconds to organize took her 5, or sometimes 10 minutes to maneuver, wiggle, and practically force the cord back into the iron. For that reason, Natasha took a DIY simple solution for all residential spaghetti cords, and turned it into a robust, reusable, convenient and aesthetically pleasing product to clean up the clutter. She recently launched The Cord Caddy at a NYC Times Square Festival and have sold over 1000 units in 6 days. The feedback and support from the community has been tremendous. Clean Up the Clutter. Here's how safety and organization go hand in hand: Tune in every week throughout the months of January and February where the Innovation Divaz feature new inventors from the International Housewares Show!!!

International Housewares Show Inventor Showcase - Week 2

This is the second week we get a chance to meet the talented inventors who will be part of the International Houswares Show, Inventors Corner. We're thrilled to be interviewing father and daughter teams! The inventor and entrepreneureal gene must run in the family!!! Stephanie Phillips Taggart and Roderick Phillips, Upper Desk, Inc Frustrated by the discomfort he was experiencing while trading currency hunched over at his laptop, life-long inventor Roderick Phillips was looking for a way to stand up while using his computer. Wanting to view technology in a more ergonomically correct position, Phillips knew there had to a better way. Looking around his kitchen, he saw the cabinet as an opportunity. At that moment, the concept of Upper Desk was born. Upper Desk's solutions improve ergonomics, provide a safe, sturdy place for your devices, reduce the risk of kitchen spills and optimize the use of technology. Phillips' entrepreneurial path honors his late wife of 34 years. To fulfill her last wish to "keep inventing" Phillips, together with his daughter, brought the Upper Desk invention to life. Using the Easy Latch System- a unique mounting design that requires no tools or permanent hardware-Model 117 can be installed or removed in seconds. Tablets can be used in portrait or landscape orientation. For optimal viewing, the mount boast a 180 degree rotating arm which offers three case compatible angled settings that help reduce glare USE PROMO CODE "INNOVATION" WHEN PURCHASING ON THEIR WEBSITE FOR $20 OFF Kristen Hess and Van Hess, CompoKeeper, LLC Doing the right thing for the environment shouldn't have to feel like a chore. That's why Van Hess developed this innovative compost bin that eliminates all that stinks in kitchen composting. No odors or fruit flies and hands-free operations. CompoKeeper LLC was founded on the simple premise of making in-home composting simpler and cleaner, thereby increasing the number of people adopting the eco-friendly behavior in their everyday lives. Their company offers solutions for in-home collection and storage of compostable waste, designed to reduce or eliminate the hassles typically associated with composting. Their patent-pending liner-sealing technology is the key to their competitive distinction, and enables their flagship product, The CompoKeeper, to seal odors in and bugs out. Lori Joyce, The Dress With No Mess, Makeup Bib Meet Lori Joyce, inventor of The Dress With No Mess, who lives in Buffalo NY and is a photographer as well as an inventor. The whole process of inventing a product and bringing it to market has been an interesting and educational journey for Lori. The product itself, is light weight and easy to use. It will save your clothes from fly away powder stains and hairspray. Both practical and convenient, you can hang it in the bathroom or pack it in your purse. Never worry about stains again!

Inventors from the Housewares Show Inventors Corner - Deanna Seery, inventor of What's That Paint

FEATURED INVENTORS FROM THE INVENTOR'S CORNER Today and for the next few weeks we will be supporting some of the inventors from the largest and most honored trade show in the inventor community; The International Home & Housewares Show. Tune in to listen to these amazing inventors and hear a little bit of their stories. Each of these men and women are showcasing their inventions to the International buyer community in the Inventor's Corner March 15-18th, and the Women Inventorz Network is honored to be a sponsor of this very important part of the show. Educating, connecting and supporting the inventors is the overall goal of the show. And as always our goal. What's That Paint Meet Deanna Seery, creator of What's That Paint, Deanna, will probably share her own frustrations of not knowing which paint can was "what", and sometimes personal frustration lead to the most brilliant ideas. What's That Paint, are self adhesive decorative labels, for contractors, designers and homeowners to sort and store colors for future easy use. Boy could we use these labels at our home! And continue to listen for our other great inventor stories throughout the months of January and February!

Innovation Divaz Reflect on 2013 and the year ahead / Interview w/ Monica Strang, Author of The Starburst JuJu

Monica Strang is a talented and skillful web developer. Her creativity has spilled from crafting websites into writing Young Adult novels. She resides in San Diego, California with her husband and two children. About Starburst Juju The Starburst Juju is an enticing young adult science fiction novel set in a time when most had lost hope and many were living in fear. Pepper, a typical teenage girl, is trying to make sense of the chaos and fear that exists all around her. After witnessing the abduction of her parents and narrowly escaping her own destruction, she is quickly thrust into solving the mystery behind her parents' involvement with the annual alien abductions. Along the way she discovers her own hidden talents and gifts, and creates lasting relationships with her new-found friends. Pepper's search for her parents is a coming-of-age adventure that will test old and new friendships, and one that will eventually force her to re-evaluate everything she thought was true. This is a must-read for anyone who enjoys young adult fiction! It includes a first-time love, twists and turns and an ending that will leave you wanting more. This will make a great Christmas present! Link to buy:

Homemade Millionaire Reunion Show with Wendy Robbins, Marcy McKenna and other inventors who were on the show

Homemade Millionaire holds a big place in the women inventor world as it was the first time the women inventor movement was truly showcased in an exciting and positive platform. Even though the show is no longer on the air, the inspirational message and opportunities that came from the show live will live on forever! We can't thank Kelly Ripa enough for seeing the vision for the women inventor community and powerful it is!!! Listen to the podcast and meet Wendy Robbins, Co-host of Homemade Millionaire, Marcy McKenna, winner of Homemade Millionaire and founder of Simply Solved with Marcy McKenna, as well as several other inventors who were on the show and have found success!!!


The Innovation Divaz showcase amazing inventors and inventions from our network who share limited time and AMAZING deals for the Holidays!!! Download the podcast today to get all of the amazing deals!

Dhana and Melinda Talk about a Virtual World for the inventor industry

Dhana Cohen and Melinda Knight talk in great detail about upcoming promotional events for the inventor community. Between the upcoming launch of the Women Inventorz Virtual world connecting inventors with experts in the industry, to upcoming important industry shows, the Innovation Divaz share a ton of information to help inventors navigate the innovative process!

Featuring Perry Reynolds, International Housewares Association - Michele Kish, Creator of I Go Natural

In the first half the Innovation Divaz interview Perry Reynolds, VP of Marketing and Development for the International Housewares Association. Inventors who want to test the waters of interest with manufacturers and retailers without a heavy financial investment find a safe harbor with the Inventors Corner Pavilion at the International Home + Housewares Show held annually in Chicago. The Show is put on by the not-for-profit International Housewares Association (IHA). Created 10 years ago as a way to showcase innovation and newness in the industry, the Inventors Corner has grown to be a premier destination point at the Show for buyers, news media and exhibitors. Beginning with just a dozen inventors and their creations, the Inventors Corner now features 60 companies spanning the breadth of Show categories from tabletop and kitchen products to general merchandise and pet supplies to health and beauty and home hardware. Many buyers make this pavilion their first stop at the Show. In addition to the industry exposure, Inventors Corner exhibitors receive a free product evaluation during the "Pitch to the Pros" panels in the Inventors Revue, an educational destination adjacent to the Corner. The Inventors Revue features industry experts offering advice on product development and marketing interspersed with the professional review panels all Show days. Post-Show, inventors may have their product featured in Inventors Corner-sponsor, Invention Home's exclusive online presentation "The Inventor After the Show," which is linked on IHA's website, and promoted in IHA communications to members. Throughout the years, several inventors have found success for their products because of their participation in the Inventors Corner and others have gone on to take exhibit space on their own in their appropriate Show category. For more information on how to to attend, please visit In the second half we had Michele Kish of I Go Natural call in to talk to Perry and introduce her product. One of the fastest growing brands in Canada, USA and International - Go Natural® hit the ground running when it launched in 1999 across Canada and featured on The TSC - Toronto Shopping Channel, where the response and sales exceeded all expectations, including the shows hosts, buyers and producers and more recently featured on QVC Shopping Channel in the United States, and national television soon after, Go Natural's ® All In One Cosmetic ®, multi-functioning pressed powder became an instant best-seller. Offering a simple one step 20 second, brush and go application and delivering a flawless stunning air brushed finish to all skin tones and types, instantly, Go Natural's “ magic powder ” has revolutionized how women feel about cosmetic applications. Our products are manufactured with the strictest of professional standards and of the highest quality ingredients available and manufactures well within FDA and Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), CFTC Quality Assurance Guidelines, in compliance with global requirements, custom and multilingual packaging options, animal cruelty free, proudly made in America and sold by licensed beauty professionals, channel, specialty retailers and distributors, worldwide since 1999. We wholesale and retail our products as well as exhibit in over 50 Professional Beauty Industry and Consumer trade shows annually in North America - including New York, Las Vegas, Chicago, New Orleans, Orlando, Memphis, Nashville, Toronto, London, Ottawa, Hamilton, Kitchener, Montreal and more. With now over 1000 retail, channel, distributors, specialty and independent retailers, salons, spas, professional skin care clinics, beauty professionals, gift shops, fashion boutiques, resorts, and more, worldwide and hundreds of thousands of loyal satisfied Go-Natural ® customers. Established and growing distribution channels From Canada to USA -UK - Australia - Denmark - Netherlands - Sweden - China - Japan - Korea - and more. As seen on TV > Turner - Peachtree TV - Lifetime - Women's Network - 10 Years Younger Show - Cox TV - TSC The Shopping Channel Toronto Canada, TVSN Australia, QVC Shopping Channel and more. Go Natural's® Corporate Headquarters, manufacturing and distribution centers are located in both London Ontario Canada and Las Vegas Nevada, and offer direct distribution and service to their Canadian, USA and International customers, clients and partners. - A family owned and operated Canadian and USA Corporation - North American Cosmetic firm, with worldwide distribution, since 1999. Michele is offering our network a 10% discount on her website using coupon code 10%womeninventorz. Go to to purchase this amazing product.

Guests A Perfect Pocket, Free Like Birdie, The Highchair Organizer

Lois Brakenhoff, the inventor of A Perfect Pocket is our guest in the first half of the show. Lesley and Lois met 15 years ago in flight attendant training, looking for a sense of adventure. They bonded over their love of candy, creativity, exercise and laughter. Tired of never having a pocket for their IDs, money or keys, they decided it was time to come up with a simple solution, to an everyday problem. Out running, at charity events or sporting events, concerts, amusement parks and on the beach they just need a safe, secure place for their ID and a little money. A perfect pocket is a water-resistant pocket that sticks safely and securely to your skin! The girls spent the last year and a half testing adhesives (for durability, skin sensitivity, reliability and adhesive qualities ), plastic for the pockets, finding a manufacturer, building a website, designing logos, packaging etcetera. Lesley and Lois now have their pockets ready for purchase, both on their website and also for organizations to purchase for marketing tools- They can print any company logo on the front of the pockets! They are ready to go with their perfect product, A perfect pocket! In the second half we had a very exciting round of inventors calling in. Our first guest is Rania Kfuri with Free Like Birdie - Free Like Birdie was developed from personal experience of CEO Rania Kfuri. Having grown up as a well experienced traveler, she never realized how different the packing experience would be after having a baby. Rania and her young family traveled overseas numerous times each year, as well as frequent domestic travel and with these trips grew her insight regarding organization and efficiency. Friends would always ask her for advice on how to pack and what to use when traveling with their little ones. After discovering that there was no product line that provided an organizational packing system exclusively for young families, Rania decided it was time to create that tool. Learn more at The second caller we met was Abraxas Abrams-Pickens, the creator of The Highchair Organizer. The Highchair Organizer holds everything you need for mealtime right at your child's highchair or booster seat. It stores items such as spoons, forks, bibs, pacifiers, baby wipes, even diapers. Visit their web site at

Julie Thompson, Inventor of Skights and Jumply Crowdfunding

In the first half we meet Amaka Okoronkwo. Amaka is the founder of Jumply; a crowdfunding platform for women entrepreneurs. Jumply is closing the funding gap for women entrepreneurs by pulling funds from the community to help women bring their ideas to life and grow their business. Amaka shares her expertise with our second guest! Visit for more information. In the second half we meet Julie Thompson a resident of Toronto Ontario Canada is a mother of two. During the day she is a full time police officer, and at night she works full time on her business, Skights. Skights came about shortly after she returned from maternity leave with her second son. Julie thought someone should makes tights for little boys, and since there was nothing she could find in the market she created her own product. In January of 2013 they launched their premiere product, Lil' tights by Skights, made for boys but girls still allowed!! The item is created with a stay put design, so the tights can be worn comfortably underneath any piece of clothing or wore on their own. The tights are padded at the knee, perfect for little crawlers. Plus they are perfect for that toddler who refuses to keep their blankets on at night. Fun, affordable but most of all practical Lil' tights by Skights, dress for sock-cess!!!! Visit for more information.

Featuring Nathan Marks, PLUSH Show

Meet Nathan Marks, the VP Sales and Operations for PLUSH, LLC. PLUSH is a baby and toddler trade show dedicated to all posh and eco-conscious retailers and parents who are always setting the next big trend. Unlike other juvenile shows in the industry, PLUSH sets itself apart by being one step ahead, and selecting vendors that are ALL worth your time. With endless research on what today’s modern parents are looking for, PLUSH finds the best, most innovative, eco-friendly, and luxurious products on the market, and places them all in one location for retailers, consumers, and media. For more information visit

Featuring Jina Park, PlushLittleBaby, Cherlyn Jenkins, Cozy Woggle

This week the Innovative Divaz are coming to you live from Plush Vegas. Jina Park the found of PlushLittleBaby sits down with us for the first half of the show. Jina Park is a mother, an entrepreneur, and a creative mind. PlushLittleBaby is dedicated to finding the BEST things out there for today’s modern parents. We also met with Cherlyn Jenkis a mom and entrepreneur that invented the Cozy Woggle. Cherlyn discovered that young children shouldn't be placed in car seats while wearing their coats. So she came up with a way to keep her children warm, while also keeping them safe and that is the Cozy Woggle.

Featuring, M to M Consulting, Christine Wilson, Tracy Harrington McCoy, Catherine Seifert, Car Cache

MtoM Consulting LLC is a digital marketing and PR consultancy specifically focused on businesses that want to market to moms. MtoM enjoys working with businesses both large and small and they can completely customize their services to meet your needs and budget. They are located in the DC area and are happy to meet with you locally to review your business and marketing needs. Tune in to hear more. In the second half of the show we met with Catherine Seifert the inventor of Car Cache. Catherine was perplexed that there was no specific place to store her bag while driving, keeping it clean and easily accessible, so she was determined to solve this dilemma. Tune in and hear the rest of Catherine Seifert, the life of an inventor, mom, and entrepreneur.

Featuring, Mary Juetten, Tracklight

This show tune in as we sit down and talk to Mary Juetten from Tracklight. Learn how to protect your Intellectual Property (IP). IP can be difficult to identify and if you do not know what IP you have, it can be almost impossible to protect. Listen to Mary Juetten and understand how Ideas themselves are not IP and if you want to prove that you thought of something first learn how.

Featuring, Bob Lux, ACT Data, Lisa Riedel, Corky Kouture

In the first half of the show we talked to Bob Lux from ACT Data. They have been focused on Electronic Data Interchange Services for over 1000 active clients. All development and services are performed in-house in NJ by full time staff. ACT Data is proud of their relationship with major retailers, including Wal-mart, Bed Bath and Beyond, JC Penney, Target, Fry’s, Stage Stores,, Haggar, and many others, they recognize as an approved service provider. Tune and hear Bob Lux talk about all the survives ACT Data has to offer. In our second half of the show listen to what inspired Lisa Riedel to develop the Corky Kouture brand. Lisa looked everywhere for her vision and could not find it anywhere. She went home and started sketching and within time the Corky Kouture brand was born. Tune in and see what is the Corky Koture and how it can change how you gift.

Featuring, Joan Henehan, Elizabeth Sopher, Product Shield, Melissa Ortega, The Sphinx Personal Lounger.

In our first half of the show we meet with Joan Henehan and Elizabeth Sopher the founders of Product Shield. These women are important in the women inventors movement because there company ensures that product are safe before going out into the market. They developed their company based on experience because they have there own product and business. They felt the need to help inventors assure there product is safe and develop Product Shield a company that certifies safe products. In the second half of the show we meet with Melissa Ortega the inventor of the Sphinx Personal Lounger The product was developed because Melissa loved to be comfortable while relaxing and loved to read while laying on her stomach. She would have to improvise to make it comfortable to read, relax or even sunbathe while lying on her belly, so she came The Sphinx Personal Lounger. Tune in and listen to the ladies of Product Shield and Melissa Ortega for amazing advice and hear their great life was women inventors.

Featuring Marcy Mckeena, Simply Solved, Romy Taormina,

In our first show we have two phenomenal guests. In the first half of the show we meet with Marcy McKeena. She is the product innovator and energetic entrepreneur behind her brand, Simply Solved by Marcy McKenna—a line of products that offers simple solutions to everyday problems. Five products from her Simply Solved line made their debut this Fall at the home shopping powerhouse, QVC. Several more of her problems solving innovations are slated to follow in 2014. Her products are inspired by problems she encounters as female, a homemaker and a mother of three. So tune in and listen to Macry’s success story. In the second half of the show we talk to Romy Taormina the CEO, Co-Founder of Psi Health Solutions, Inc., the maker of Psi Bands, stylish acupressure wristbands for the relief of nausea. Taormina oversees the daily operations, marketing, financials, and sales at Psi Health Solutions, Inc. Romy founded Psi Bands after suffering from terrible morning sickness during her pregnancies. While acupressure relieved her nausea, she found the existing products on the market to be lacking in both style and functionality. So, Taormina came up with her own product that has won her awards and has sold in over 13,000 nationally recognized high-end drugs, sporting goods and natural food stores, such as CVS/Pharmacy, Rite Aid, Babies R Us, Whole Foods, and REI, among many others. Tune in to hear more about these two amazing women and there climb to success.