Recent Episodes and Interviews

102. Mini - Four Steps to Better Conversations

Have you ever left a conversation and thought, "that is not how I saw that going". Maybe it was a meeting at work or an important conversation at home. In this minicast, I share with you a four step process to having better conversations. Not only will you be pleased with your results, but you will feel like you're creating win-win conversations that improve your relationships in the long run. This enrollment process will change your communication personally and professionally. Do you prefer to watch videos or listen to podcasts? Starting this fall, Make It Happen will also be in video form! Watch episodes at or on youtube at

101. Mini - "My Day Was Not My Own" - Myths Your Brain Tells You

In this minicast I share a simple mindshift that will help you own your day. I hope it will also help you challenge the thoughts your brain tells you and gets you on the right track. Also, stay tuned, Jon Acuff, author of the book Soundtracks, will be on the show in a few weeks to talk more about how to challenge overthinking and how to use our brains to set us up to succeed. For more details about these shows go to

100. Mini - Why I'm Banned From Runners Mace and My First Make It Happen Moments

It's my 100th episode of Make It Happen! It's a pleasure to do this work and I'm celebrating with my most requested story and an tip that will help you focus in your business. In this mini-cast, I share an important message that I learned from an embarrassing story behind my third book "The Make It Happen Blueprint". Have a listen!

99. Mini - How to Communicate Better at Work & The Story of The Magic Feather

Change is the one constant at work. If you're a boss, how can you communicate company changes in a way that motivates and improves the company culture? If you're an employee and you need a raise or a change in your work job description, how can you ask without hurting your position? Enter the four part enrollment process I created to help professionals communicate better when asking for something. In this episode I share the four steps to have more positive conversations. (BONUS: this four step process also works with spouses, kids and friends, too!)

98. Mini - Spreading Joy - The Story of Pimples and Zits

The words contagious, sick and spreading have a whole new meaning after the last 18 months. The truth? But this show ISN’T about that. We're all contagious. If we're sick, someone else could it. What are you spreading? In this minicast I share the story of the pimples and zits (not a gross story!) and I also share the whys and hows of spreading joy wherever you go! Learn more about my focus on happiness I also did a TEDx Talk on this subject: Check out my book The HappyIST and get 30 habits for living your happyIST life. (Great convos to have with your kids and teens, too!).

97. Mini - The HappyIST - What Does It Mean to Be The HappyIST?

What does it mean to be the HappyIST, to always see the bright side, or to be optimistic? This is one of Michelle’s favorite conversations and in this quick minicast she shares the basics so you can begin today to live your HappyIST life. Is that enough or is being our HappyIST shared when we serve others around us? Check out Michelle’s book “The HappyIST - 30 Happy Habits for Living the HappyIST Life”

96. Mini - How To Build a Good Support System

We all need our very own power team to turn to for cheering, support, and motivation as we "make it happen." In this quick minicast you’ll hear how to delegate, communicate, and nurture connections with those on your team. Let's think about who YOU should have in your power team! If you like these minicast, leave a review!

95. Authenticity, Unattachment, and Profitable Business Strategies with Michelle Villaobos

This podcast is so juicy, I hope everyone listens to it! Michelle Villalobos is one of the most authentic people I know. She also does a fantastic job of approaching her business with passion and unattachment at the same time. Her approach has landed her in the Million Dollar Speakers Group and more accolades than I can count. Michelle discovered her Big Back End framework 7 years ago when her business came crashing down and she realized that, like most experts, selling time for money had made her a slave to her business, and that she couldn’t scale without sacrifice. She decided to try something new. With the help of a mentor, she developed a retreat model, and a 1-year mastermind – AKA: the “Big Back End.” (She generously shares this strategy in this interview.) Within 14 months, business had quadrupled, and Michelle had her life back. Since then, she has spent 7 years adjusting, improving, and tweaking, the model, as well as teaching it and gathering her clients’ best practices. For more about Michelle go to: For more details about Michelle and this episode go to

94. Mini - What is Plasticity and why should I care?

Do you find yourself stagnant in your roles as a business owner, employee or parent? Do you wish you were able to keep up with our ever-growing, ever-changing world? Michelle shares that your ability to grow is directly related to your willingness to learn and be mold-able. Listen to this quick success principle to learn how plasticity can solve these problems and propel you closer to your goals and aspirations. If you liked this, you’ll love Michelle’s book The Make It Happen Blueprint, in it she shares 18 success principles (this is one of them) to keep you productive and happy without burning out. Get it on amazon, your favorite bookstore or on her website at For more audios and videos like this go to

93. Mini - What If I Hate My Job?

Working with professionals and organizations all over the country I'm surprised (or maybe I shouldn't be?) how many people will pull me aside and say, "What if I hate my job?" I'm starting to talk more about this when I consult with the leadership team. And in this minicast I share the two choices you have if your truly hate your job. We talk about strategies to staying engaged while considering other options, and if you choose to listen, I honor you for asking the question and believing you can get more from your professional life. Keeping your mindset focused on success doesn’t have to take hours! Don’t miss the other episodes in this minicast series. All of these episodes are marked “minicast” so when you don’t have a ton of time you can make a quick investment in your personal and professional life. For more information go to

92. Mini - Marriage Is Like a Backpack

I typically talk about success principles, high performance and leadership. And while I'm not a relationship expert, I truly believe that success can only exist when our relationships are in harmony. If we're sacrificing people for achievement, that's a problem! In this episode I share a valuable lesson I learned about marriage - even though at the time I wanted to crawl into a hole and DIE!

91. Mini - Time Management Begins With a Time Mindset

Do you find yourself stagnant in your roles as a parent, business owner, or employee? Do you wish you were able to keep up with our ever-growing, ever-changing world? Michelle shares that your ability to grow is directly related to your willingness to learn and be mold-able. Listen to this quick mini episode to learn how plasticity can help you be proactive rather than reactive.

90. Mini - Four Time Traps That Keep You From Getting Things Done

When it comes to productivity, it's not just about the things you're getting done, but how you're doing them. We all want more time, and in this podcast, Michelle McCullough shares the four time traps that are draining the precious minutes from your day and how to get more done in less time.

89. Mini - Regret Feels Worse Than Failure

This lesson I’ve learned the hard way too many times. Regret is a strong emotion. The antidote - taking action! Here’s a quick, but power packed audio to get you going on your next project or goal. Check out Michelle’s high performance and happiness tips at If you liked this tip, you’ll love The Make It Happen Blueprint

88. Living Your HappyIST Life

If you know me, you know that happiness is one of my favorite conversations. I truly believe that you can grow a thriving career without sacrificing a meaningful personal life so on this podcast I share with you some of my very favorite strategies to keep my emotions high energy and high vibe. Have a listen! Many of the thoughts I share on this podcast are included in my book The HappyIST: Follow me on your favorite social media channel: @speakmichelle

87. How Does Mental Health Effect the Me In The Workplace? with David Macfarlane & Jennifer Dobberfuhl-Quinlan

May is mental health awareness month so I knew I wanted to have a few shows dedicated to our emotions. As business owners and business leaders mental health challenges can effect productivity, teamwork and create some hurdles for leaders. I invited David Macfarlane and Jennifer Dobberfuhl-Quinlan, mental health experts on the show to show us the signs to look for in employees and coworkers along with how to address it if productivity or behavioral changes are present. Learn more about David and Jennifer and their practice Hope Recovery and Healing at

86. Pick My Brain - Marketing Interview with Sadie Banks

What would you do if you could ask a marketing strategist any question? We thought it would be fun to see! Today I invited my photographer and dear friend to turn the mic and she interviewed me asking her top of mind marketing questions. I think you'll love the questions she asked because every business should be considering these pivots and strategies in their business. We talk about how to systemize and strategize, how to automate and what to automate, and how to balance online marketing and traditional marketing. Learn more about this show: We talked about The Time Blueprint for Entrepreneurs, if that interests you, you can check out that ebook here: Learn more about Sadie and her Good Grief Journals we talked about: or follow her on Instagram @goodgriefjournals

85. The State of The Speaking Industry In A Post Pandemic World with Ty Bennett

As the speaking industry resumes live events, I knew we needed Ty Bennett to share with us the changes and the opportunities for the speaking industry moving forward. Last year was crazy! In a matter of weeks I watched the speaking industry turn on it's head. In March of 2020 I was slated for my best year ever in speaking and by the 15th they had all cancelled, moved or gone virtual. I wasn't alone. Many of my friends also had the same challenges. It was hard to watch. There is HOPE now and Ty Bennett is here to share with us key factors effecting the speaking business moving forward. To learn more about Ty go to: To learn about Ty's Speaker Coaching Program go to:

84. A New Take on Lead Generation Strategies with Amy Walker

As marketing and sales evolve one thing stays the same: Your need for Lead Generation Strategies. In this episode, I invited my friend and Lead Generation Expert Amy Walker to talk about what's work and what's not working. Things have changed...these marketing strategies will change the way you bring in leads, and MAY help you convert better as well. Learn more about Amy at Amy and I also collaborated on a video about using virtual events as a lead generation tool on her YouTube Channel. See our joint video here: Follow me on Instagram Here:

83. Mentorship Strategies for the Millennial Workforce with Clint Pulver

The workforce is getting younger and younger. Gone are the days where any human, old or young, is willing to punch a clock and be satisfied by the paycheck alone. In this episode Clint Pulver, author of "I Love It Here" shares why people leave their jobs, and simple strategies you can put in place that change every day working minutes to moments that matter. Get Clint's Book at Amazon or your favorite bookseller! Watch the Mr. Jensen Video (makes me cry every time) mentioned in this episode: If you liked that video, you may like this one. Inspired by Clint's video I made a narrative video of one of my speaking stories:

82. How To Be An Effective Leader At Work In a Changing Environment

Four Tips for Being a Better Leader: In this episode I'm talking about how to be a Make It Happen Leader. Success in any organization can be fueled by a leader who understands culture and dynamics but also goes beyond that to communicate and cultivate a winning team. You've probably heard the adage, "People don't leave jobs, they leave bosses." And I've experienced that in the companies that I've worked for and with all across the country. Take time to communicate and inspire in a way that makes people want to be their best selves.

81. How to Be Happier In Life or Work

Positivity matters. Over the years I have found that studying happiness increases productivity more than productivity increases productivity. Crazy, right? But it's so true. If you can find ways to stay positive and move forward confidently then you're less likely to be distracted in what you're doing. It doesn't mean your challenges go away, it DOES mean that you have the ability to put them in their proper place and get things done even when life is heavy! Happiness is one of my very favorite conversations. Have you seen my book called The HappyIST - 30 Happy Habits, A Tip Book for the HappyIST Life. It's a great read personally as well as for your company or even your kids! (We have happy class at our house and I teach these same principles to my kids as I do a national conferences and company conventions.) If you're interested, get a copy here:

80. Mini - If Everyone Supported You, What Would YOU Choose?

Sometimes we're paralyzed from moving forward because we're over analyzing or because we're worried about what everyone else is going to think about what we're doing. In this episode I explore what it takes to move forward confidently in the direction of your goals and dreams. P.S. You don't need their permission or approval, but you DO need to get to your OWN truth so you can move forward with confidence. The fastest way to quiet naysayers is RESULTS. Want more?

79. Mini - If You're In Business, You Need To Tell Two Stories

The two most profitable stories in your business are the story that you tell your customers and prospects to get them to buy (marketing) and the story that you tell employees to get them to perform (high performance and productivity). In this minicast I share why these stories should be conversations you're having "around the conference table" (even if virtually). I help customers tell these stories so if you need help or additional resources on this subject go to Also, follow me on your favorite social media channel where we have a lot of these conversations. I'm @speakmichelle on facebook, twitter, instagram and LinkedIn?

78. Success Secrets for the New Decade with Allie White

What worked before may not work moving forward. It make take increased commitment to the outcome and asking a lot of questions. As we kick of Season 3, I invited my long time client and friend, Allie White to join us and share her success secrets. Allie has a course she teaches call the 8 Secrets to Success, and she came on the air to share a few of them with us. Listen and join us for some laughs and some soul! She also shares her favorite question to ask to get deeper results in your life or business. Learn more about Allie at Connect with me on your favorite social media channels! I'm @speakmichelle on facebook, twitter, instagram and LinkedIn! For more information about living a happy, high performing life, go to

77. Mini - How to Collect, Save and Cultivate Your Ideas So You Don't Lose Them

Innovation is a big buzz word - the world is encouraging new ideas and innovative economies. Your ideas and knowledge is a gold mine! I get the best ideas and then quickly forget them. If you have lots of ideas and you want to turn them into life or business projects, this episode is for you! You'll also hear a story that has forever changed the way I protect my ideas. Make sure you subscribe to this podcast! If you prefer to watch videos go to If you'd like to get my free MAKE IT HAPPEN Toolkit (a 13 page success and high performance eBook), go to - I'll send you my favorite success practices straight to your email.

76. An Unconventional Way of Dealing with Anxiety and Stress with Heather Gibson

When Heather told me her story, I new she had to be on the show. She's an expert in her field and one of the top ranking professionals in her direct sales company. With multiple streams of income and a handful of kids (including some adoptions) she found an unexpected tool helped manage anxiety in her kids and herself. I was fascinated and excited to share it with you. Find out more about Heather at Learn more about this show and see the other things I'm up to at If you like videos, you'll love my YouTube channel. Regular videos you can watch yourself or share with your team or family about how to find happiness, even in this weird world we live in.

75. Emotional Wellness with Amanda Winters

This year has thrown us a curveball or two. On today's episode we're chatting with Amanda Winters an emotional wellness expert who has tips and advice on how emotionally navigate these waters. She also has unique experience and tips on how companies can focus on emotional wellness to help with focus at work.

74. Mini - How to Communicate Effectively As A Leader

Do you want to communicate more effectively at work? Do you have a boss that needs to HEAR you? Do you have a team you need to motivate to work? It's all about how you communicate with them. As I share this real life story of an experience I had, it provides an important parallel into effective office communication.

73. Mini - Using the Marketing Trifecta to Grow Your Business

Do you want your business to grow? Do you want to make more money? There are THREE main factors that that determine your future profitability. In this podcast we're talking about the messages, mediums and the masses that mean business growth! Don't miss my upcoming marketing event! I'll help you write your annual marketing plan in 2 days! Join me at the Marketing Blueprint Workshop (or get the recordings)

72. Mini - The Best Marketing Tactic in Your Business is VIDEO (said on a podcast)

I'm often asked, what's the best place to invest my marketing dollars right now? The answer: VIDEO. Video marketing is not going away. YouTube is not going away. Video performs better on social media than any other type. Embrace this medium and you'll find success in your business! Learn more about creating a video marketing strategy at my annual planning event the Marketing Blueprint Workshop.

71. Mini - The Content Blueprint for Experts & Business Owners

If you're an author, speaker, expert or business owner, the kinds of content you create for you blog, social media and your marketing matter. In this minicast, Michelle shares a new way to look at your content that will deliver the kind of results that you want with your audiences. Learn about the Marketing Blueprint Workshop at

70. Mini - The Success Equation for Experts, Authors & Speakers

Do you want to share your messages in bigger ways? Do you want to build a platform that showcases your expertise and talents? Are you also ready to increase your income in your business? If so, this minicast is for you! Michelle shares the equation that, if followed, will change the way you approach how you create content that matters. (If you'd like to see this equation go to and find the video on the same subject)

69. Mini - Are You Ready For A Marketing Mastermind?

In addition to speaking with businesses and organizations all over the country, I own a boutique digital marketing agency. I take on a small number of clients each year, but also run an annual marketing mastermind. If you've ever considered a mastermind with other like-minded small business owners, this mastermind (in its 5th year!) brings together high performing individuals for an immersive marketing experience that will change your business forever.

68. Mini - What Time of Day Are You Most Energetic

Understanding your own routines and energy levels could be the key to understanding your productivity and high performance. In this minicast, Michelle explores how to discover your most energetic times of day and how you can utilize them for high performance.

67. Good Enough Now - Interview with Jess Pettitt

In this episode, we talk about everything from diversity to self-affirmation. Joining me I have author, speaker and all around awesome human, Jess Pettitt, who shares insights on allowing yourself to be "Good Enough Now" (Her book you should order right now) along with allowing ourselves to grow and develop beyond what we currently know. I also share a really embarrassing experience from a speaking event this year and Jess walks me through what I can learn and how I can ensure it doesn't happen again. Have a listen!

66. Overcoming Anxiety with Ashlee Miller

Make It Happen is back on a topic that is effecting millions of Americans. Joining Michelle is Ashlee Miller, a business coach and mom who is passionate about changing the tide of anxiety. Her project "Anxiety is A Bully" is helping anxiety sufferers and parents of kids with anxiety create tools for success. For additional resources on anxiety go to" Check out The Living Room podcast on Anxiety: For past episodes go to: I'm super social! Follow me on your favorite social media channel:

65. The Art of Persuasion - How to ASK for What You Want

Did you ever have a conversation where you thought after, "That didn't go the way I thought it would." OR do you wish you could be better about getting the support you need in your goals, in your business and even in your relationships? Learn Michelle's simple four step ENROLLMENT strategy for having effective conversations with those that matter most.

64. Segment 1: Michelle On Possibility & Segment 2: Michelle on the Instagram Algorithm

When you can't choose, talk about two things! First up, a simple principle that is holding you back. If you've ever said to yourself, "I don't deserve _________." This segment is for YOU! Then, for you small biz owners and social media marketers out there, I'm going to dish on what the Instagram algorithm means for your insta-strategy. If anyone can cram two random conversations into one show, it's Michelle.

63. The POWER of Quizzes for Business Marketing

I am in marketing heaven! Quizzes are starting to become common place in the marketing world, but it's amazing how many companies are not taking advantage of this powerful too. Enter Owen Fuller, Chief Qwizzard at Qzzr, he shares why quizzes are powerful and how you can start using them today.

62. The Two Most Important Days with Ty Bennett

Do you know about the two most important days of your life? Best selling author and leadership speaker Ty Bennett, shares powerful insights into building a professional life you love, making time for the people most important to you, achieving goals, scheduling success and building million dollar businesses. Ty also talks about his new book, "The Two Most Important Days" and how it's changing the lives of readers worldwide.

61. What Holds You Back with guest Shelly Coray

Everyone has dreams. Goals. Ideas. And everyone has a thing or two holding clutching onto addictions that are holding us back from the success we desire. In this show, guest Shelly Coray shares some life-changing ideas to help you shed old behaviors to create room for what you really want.

60. Top Financial Mistakes Businesses Make & How To Avoid Them with Guest Hilary Hendershott

8 out of 10 businesses fail. Why is that? Top financial expert Hilary Hendershott has some great answers about how businesses can avoid costly mistakes and also how to overcome common money issues that hold people back from really making it big in business.

59. Social Media Trends for Business You Can't Ignore

Freshly back from Social Media Marketing World, I'm excited to share with you my favorite trends in social media for business. We're talking about everything from videos to Slide Share, LinkedIn to Meerkat.

58. The Key to The Gate - Sales Strategies with guest EksAyn Anderson

Sales expert and trainer EksAyn Anderson share the two biggest mistakes people make in the sales process, and he also shares key tips to making friends with the gatekeeper so THEY turn into your raving fan. If you're ready for "The Key to the Gate" have a listen!

57. Simple Success & Business Changes That Will Improve Your Life & Your Bottom Line with Tiffany Peterson and Francesca Escoto

When I need advice, I look to Tiffany Peterson, which is why she was the perfect opening guest for today's show. She shares 3 simple strategies that will catapult your success and help you achieve RESULTS. She also shares the simple formula for turning your connections into cash without being sleazy. Next up, Francesca Escoto shares 3 business tips to help you in your startup. Francesca's "Don't, Don't, DO" strategy will provide easy advice for anyone looking to grow or start an entrepreneurial venture.

56. Grow Your Social Media Following + Comforting Friends In Times of Trial

This two part show is full of nuggets. First up, host Michelle McCullough shares 15 ideas on how to grow your Social Media following for personal or business. She also goes deep on hosting great giveaways to increase your social footprint. In the second segment the Make It Happen Moment, Michelle shares 5 tips for comforting friends and family during times of trial. Sometimes it can be hard to know what to say and how to help, these ideas will help!

55. How to Write Anything with Guest Laura Brown

Guest Laura Brown talks about writing and how you, too, can write ANYTHING, from wedding invitations to thank you notes, and press releases to social media status updates, this writing expert is a wealth of information about the written word. On this show we also talk about overcoming the fear of writing, how to overcome writer's block and how to save the lost art of thank you notes. Laura was an amazing guest and I found her insights on writing to be informative and motivating! Don't forget to check out her book "How to Write Anything - A Complete Guide" (Complete is an understatement!

54. Make It Happy - Choosing Happiness Despite Your Circumstances

You know I love to Make It Happen, well sometimes we have to Make It Happen! On this show, host Michelle McCullough shares tips and insights on how to choose happiness despite your circumstances. Whether your life is difficult or your flight is delayed, Michelle offers advice for not only keeping your sanity, but smiling at the same time.

53. Pledge, Purpose, Persistence, Planning & Productivity = A Make It Happen Life You LOVE

Are you satisfied with your life? Are you happy with your work and relationships? Here's Michelle McCullough's simple, six step formula for making powerful changes to have a Make It Happen life. Michelle also shares about time management and finding a tool that's right for you! If you're ready to shed mediocrity and embrace peak performance as a way of life, this show is for you?

52. Social Media: Deciding WHERE to Play Online

With the many social media outlets available, it's hard for businesses to decide which outlets will reach their target market. In this podcast, Michelle McCullough dishes everything you need to know about the top 6 social outlets: Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google+ and LinkedIn. Michelle shares key demographic information, and details that will help you decide which outlet is best for your small business.

51. Creating Your Own Monster Loyalty with Jackie Huba

How do you grow your business and keep your current customers? By focusing on your One Percenters, the small uber-loyal customers who love you and evangelize you to everyone they know. This is the strategy that Lady Gaga is using to be around for the next 25 years and one that works for small and large businesses alike. Learn key customer loyalty tactics from Jackie Huba, author of "Monster Loyalty". Then Host Michelle McCullough shares how similar tactics can strengthen your personal relationships. Being people centric in life and business is a key peak performance principle.

50. How to Grow Your Emails List + Your Web Traffic with Guest Nate Woodbury

Do you want to grow your email subscriber list? As part of Marketing Month, host Michelle McCullough shares 7 tips for growing your email list through opt-ins, social media, mobile and more! Then, guest Nate Woodbury shares how to grow your web traffic with keywords and other savvy online tips.

49. Peace + Internet Marketing with Tom Antion

Today's show is in two parts. In Part 1 we talk about how important it is for Peak Performers to invite peace into their productive and purposed lives. Host Michelle McCullough shares three practices that help you simplify and savor. In Part 2 we talk with Internet Marketing Expert Tom Antion about how to grow your virtual real estate and the tools you need to be successful online. Antion shares tactics he's used to make millions of dollars each year through online properties and how he does it all from his home. He also shares his favorite apps and plugins.

48. Connecting With And Closing Sponsors + Work Hard, Play Hard

Part one of this show is all about connecting with sponsors! Host Michelle McCullough shares the four tools you need in your sponsorship toolkit BEFORE you make the pitch, and she also shares the Five ways to connect with and close sponsors so you can build partnerships for life. In Part 2 of this show Michelle shares the importance of the practice "Work Hard, Play Hard" and how Peak Performers can integrate personal time in the midst of productivity.

47. Possibility & An Interview with Ryan Grepper the Inventors Helper

Every goal and every business starts with a possibility. Host Michelle McCullough shares four tips for opening up your heart and your mind to your future. Then Michelle interviews Ryan Grepper from the Inventors Blueprint on how to take your product to market. Grepper also shares his tips for successful crowdfunding campaigns and his favorite success tools.

46. Lights, Camera, Passion-Living A Life Electrified

In perhaps the most energetic show to date, host Michelle McCullough chats with speaker and author Darin Adams about his book Lights, Camera, Passion. Humorous AND heartfelt Darin shares insights and examples on how passion changes work, life and even the most heartbreaking trials. Michelle also shares a quick 3 step reframe for those times you fall off the wagon and need to get back up before you derail your dreams.

45. Financial Intelligence + Entrepreneurial Growth with Alexis Neely

The entrepreneurial landscape is changing. With the change in our economic climate, technology advances and competition it's important to have an "Eyes Wide Open" stance when it comes to your business and even your personal finances. Attorney and business strategist Alexis Neely shares how to be ahead of the small business game so you can increase your profits. Host Michelle McCullough also shares how to get permission you crave to fulfill your dreams.

44. The Google+ Marketing Blueprint with Lindsey Petersen of Mom It Forward

First up, Michelle interviews Tracey Christensen of the Now I Can Foundation and how they help children with disabilities get the help that they need. Next up, Michelle interviews Lindsey Petersen, Social Media & Community Manager for Mom It Forward. Lindsey shares tips and advice for building a presence on Google+ for your business, brand or product. We discuss why Google+ should be part of your social media marketing plan for 2014. Lindsey also shares how she was able to grow the Mom It Forward following to over 70,000 in 7 months! We also discuss how to use Google Hangouts on Air to help you grow your following and exposure through YouTube.

43. Building a Bankable Brand with Lisa Steadman + Marketing Campaigns + A Secret Sucess Tip

In this PACKED show, Host Michelle McCullough shares a piece of the Marketing Playbook on Campaign Planning. Learn key tips for having social media work for you and some pitfalls to avoid. Next, guest Lisa Steadman shares juicy advice on how to build a bankable brand! Lisa shares how branding is about building three things: credibility, visibility, and bankability. In the final segment, Michelle shares this week's Make It Happy tip: Get more sleep! Learn the statistics behind greater sleep and productivity.

42. Creating Your Limitless Life

Host Michelle McCullough shares her 2013 Limitless Life project and how you can release the breaks on your own life. Michelle shares tips on releasing the limitations on your own life and how to keep the limitations of others at bay as well. Michelle also shares 5 tips for achieving more than you ever have so you can live the life of your dreams. Also, don't miss the Make it Happy segment called "What is it costing you to be right?" Where we explore how stubbornness and pride are eroding your relationships in the home and at the office.

41. Goal Setting for Kids, Money Tips with Chris Miles & Living a Limitless Life

This show is packed! In the first segment, Host Michelle McCullough shares how to help kids be success minded. Next up, guest Chris Miles, the Cash-Flow Expert shares how to get unstuck with Money and generate a higher monthly cash-flow. Finally, Michelle shares insights on living a limitless life.

40. On Planning, Goal Setting, Purpose & Money

Host Michelle McCullough shares the 5 categories that need some evaluation and planning if you're ready to take your business to the next level. And guest Marilyn Sorensen shares soulful insights into finding your Life's Purpose. She also shares how to create Sacred Money Contracts and how to make peace with money. Lots of nuggets in this show.

39. How to Get Noticed by Local & National Media

Host Michelle McCullough shares through her experience 7 Tips for Getting Noticed by Local & National Media. She shares the 3 tools you need in your media tool kit, and how to approach the media so that you get the exposure you want without being annoying. She also shares the 4 C's of Catchy Pitches so you know what to say and how to say it.

38. Plasticity, Positivity...Oh & a Little About Marketing Planning

As on Michelle McCullough can, this episode talks about how to keep up in your industry, how to be positive (AND how to raise positive kids), and then she finishes off with how to do your 2014 Marketing Planning. It's a nugget filled show you don't want to miss.

37. Connecting with Your Higher Power for Greater Success In Life & Business

Whatever you consider to be your Higher Power (some call it Spirit, Source, Universe, I call it God), have you invited that source into your life and business in a powerful way? On this unique show, Host Michelle McCullough interviews Ashlee Miller and Tiffany Peterson on connecting with your Higher Power. I found that when I finally felt like I deserved my dreams and asked God for guidance He wanted more for me than I wanted for myself.

36. On Desire Mapping, Happiness, Motherhood & Tackling Big Dreams with Danielle LaPorte

It's so great to have favorite friends back on Make It Happen Radio! Today's show was filled with soul. Today's guest is best selling author Danielle LaPorte. She dishes about the Desire Map, tackling big projects, finding happiness even when life is rough and how to follow your dreams-even when you have kids.

35. Holiday & Seasonal Marketing Tips

Whether you're planning for the big quarter four, holiday buying season OR planning for other holiday promotions throughout the year, you'll love this show! Host Michelle McCullough shares tips on seasonal messaging, how to appropriately tie in to promotions without looking desperate, and better yet, how to ensure the customers you DO get will be customers for LIFE with an awesome customer loyalty program.

34. Peak Performance Practices: Pride & Physical Health

Are you ready to Make It Happen in life and/or business? Learn two principles that peak peak performers understand and practice for greater results. Learn how confidence is key to achieving your goals and dreams and learn how host Michelle McCullough lost 40 pounds and grew her business.

33. Savvy Business Tips with Vrunda Dave + Make It Happy Hour

Navigating entrepreneurship while enjoying life at the same time can be tricky. Join Host Michelle McCullough and Guest Vrunda Dave as they discuss some of the mistakes entrepreneurs make and also some secrets of Savvy Business people. Also, catch a new segment on Make It Happen Radio called: Make It Happy! Learn two tips that you can put into practice that will help you find happiness every day - despite your challenges.

32. Facebook Marketing Tips with Jesse Stay

If you could ask a tried-and-true Facebook marketing expert ANYTHING, what would you ask? I had the opportunity to interview Jesse Stay on Make It Happen Radio, and his tips were nothing less than phenomenal. Don't miss this key show if social media is part of your marketing plan.

31. Relationship to Riches with Woody Woodward & It's Time with Romeo Marquez Jr.

This show is a personal development party! Host Michelle McCullough interviews two success experts with great wisdom. Woody Woodward shares how to appropriately use your relationships to help you build your business and live a life you love. He talks about the different kinds of currency that we invest beyond money and time. In the second half of the show, guest Romeo Marquez Jr talks about how really being true to yourself, your talents and goals is the best success tip. Romeo also shares how to have peak performance energy every day!

30. Create Awesome Online Courses with David Siteman Garland & How To Avoid Burnout with 7 Easy Tips

Join host Michelle McCullough as she interviews David Siteman Garland, Mediapreneur expert from We talked about how to be an online expert and thrive as a mediapreneur. Siteman Garland also explains how to Create Awesome Online Courses. In the second half of the show, Michelle shares the 7 easy tips to avoid burnout.

29. Money: A Love Story With Guest Kate Northrup

Money. Is your relationship with money helping you make more of it, or are you barely making it from paycheck to paycheck? Enter my guest Kate Northrup author of Money: a Love Story. Whether you're relationship with money is solid or broken, Kate has great advice for your money love affair. In the second half of the show, host Michelle McCullough shares the four tips for getting unstuck in life or business.

28. Make It Happen - The Five Practices of Peak Performers

I've spent 17 years learning and loving personal development. I crave productivity and peak performance and on this show, I share 5 things you can do today to that will make a powerful difference in your life and business.

27. The 4 Choices That Determine Your Future Success & Happiness

The world is flooded with self-help books and tips and tricks on how to achieve success or find happiness. In this show, Michelle McCullough shares four simple choices that determine your future. Do you want to let life happen to you or do you want to design the life of your dreams and Make It Happen?

26. Writing Your Bestseller In a Weekend with Alicia Dunams

This might sound extreme, but every business owner should right a book. Don't believe me? Listen to this interview with publishing expert Alicia Dunams. She shares why writing a book is good for Search Engine Optimization, how Amazon effects Google ranking and how a book can help you get speaking engagements and media opportunities. We also talk self-publishing, and how to use the content you already have to get finished work.

25. 3 Keys To Elevating Your Life & Business

Guest Tiffany Peterson shares the three keys for elevating your life and business. Powerful insights on decision, confidence, how to take action, and getting the support you need to fulfill your dreams.

24. Manifesting for Non-Gurus with Robert MacPhee

Do you know what you really want in life and/or business? Do you know how to get it? In this show, host Michelle McCullough talks with Robert MacPhee, author of Manifesting For Non-Gurus about how to easily attract lasting results in your life. MacPhee shares his five step approach to getting clear on what you want so you can jump into inspired action. We also talk about how we get stuck in our goals and intensions and how to get OUT of our own way to get what we really want. (There’s also a whole segment on why our health goals flatline. If you want to make lasting change in your health, but have wondered WHY it hasn’t worked, you NEED to listen to this.)

23. The Life Balance Myth

If you are in pursuit of Life Balance but haven't found it yet, you need to listen to this show. Learn key tips about achieving success where work and life intersect. You'll also learn how to grow a thriving business or career without sacrificing a meaningful personal life. Productivity expert and show host Michelle McCullough shares how to invest your time, tackle big goals and take ACTION to feel fulfilled and successful personally and professionally.

22. Communication: Overcoming Fake Talk & Enrollment To Get The Support You Want- with Guest John Stoker

Communication is the key to building relationships both at home and at the office. Author John Stoker talks about Overcoming Fake Talk and have REAL conversations. Host Michelle McCullough also talks about how to enroll your spouse, children, employees and other in your business goals and dreams so that you get the support you want as an entrepreneur.

21. Automated Marketing

Have you ever wanted marketing to be easier. Learn some great tips for simple systems and schedules you can use to be more successful with social media and your marketing strategy as a whole. Guest Mia Davies and host Michelle McCullough share valuable tips for getting more bang for your buck and more mileage for your minute.

20. Next Level Marketing Through Content & Events

Take your marketing efforts to the next level. In this show, Michelle interviews two guests on next level marketing techniques. First up, copywriter Melanie Donahoo talks about how to master copy on your site and in marketing materials. She also shares how to be a master content curator that drives website traffic. Michelle's second guest, Gerald Rogers talks about how to use events, teleseminars and webinars to fill your pipeline. He also shares how to market events and full seats for sold out events. You don't want to miss this show.

19. The New Rules of Marketing & PR with David Meerman Scott

International bestselling author and speaker, David Meerman Scott talks about The New Rules of Marketing and PR. Scott talks about the importance of defining your Buyer Persona, the appropriate times to use traditional media, how to make a splash online, how to make content a big piece of your marketing plan and how to use social media so you don't annoy your followers.

18. Overcoming Adversity - Reach Your Tower with Kyle Johnson

Despite our best efforts, challenges come. Join host Michelle McCullough and her guest, Kyle Johnson as they discuss how to turn trials into triumphs. You'll also hear Kyle Johnson's amazing story. He was in a tragic long boarding accident and his parents were told he would have a 5% chance of living, and even at that 5% chance, he would likely never communicate. Hear how he beat the odds and what he's doing with his second chance.

17. Share Your Story & Birth Your Book with Guest Linda Sivertsen

It's time to get your message and expertise out in bigger ways! Whether you are a speaker or a coach AND even if you sell a product or have a retail location, content is a powerful way to establish your expertise and position you as a leader in your industry. You'll learn the 6 ways to share your message in bigger ways and you'll also hear how the Book Mama, Linda Sivertsen, helps aspiring authors write, publish and market your book. Linda shares the 3 biggest mistakes new authors make and also gives great tips to set yourself up to succeed as a writer.

16. Thriving as a Full Time Coach with Sean Smith

With so many coaches going broke, I invited Coach Sean Smith to come on the air and share with us how to build a thriving practice. In this show he shares the 3 main reasons why coaches are broke and his 11 step marketing system to build your pipeline and your paychecks.

15. Comfort for The Troubled Heart

Show host Michelle McCullough shares four strategies for dealing with the tragedies and trials in the world as well as within the walls of our own homes and hearts. Each of us struggle with our own challenges be it economical, physical, spiritual, emotional and in our relationships with others. This show is designed to bring hope in times of despair and to ensure that "the Darkness Never Overshadows the Light".

14. Save My Startup! Tips for Small Business Owners

Serial entrepreneurs Cydni Tetro (Grow America) and Michelle McCullough (Startup Princess discuss the frequently asked questions of small Business owners. Everything from choosing the right funding option, how to build the support system you need, how to define your product, create a powerful marketing mix, how to live the entrepreneur dream and more!

13. Content Marketing Strategies with Ann Handley

In the digital Information Age content is King. Making content an important part of your marketing strategy is key. Join Make It Happen. radio show host Michelle McCullough and content marketing expert Ann Handley Chief Content Officer at Marketing Profs (and author of the book Content Rules) talk about how to create, master and distribute content for maximum results.

12. Press, Media & Marketing with PR Expert Peter Shankman

EVERY company wishes for more press attention. In this interview with PR & Marketing expert Peter Shankman. On this show, Peter and host Michelle McCullough talk about how to improve your companies image, how to use Social Media for marketing and how to create media and marketing campaigns that matter. We also talk about Shankman's new book, "Nice Companies Finish First" and the new world of leadership.

11. Women, Wealth & Success With Vasavi Kumar and Lisa Cash Hanson

This show is all about getting real with women on wealth and success. We talk about time management, overcoming fear, how to master media attention, and how to do it all. We chat with life coach Vasavi Kumar and power Momprenuer Mogul Lisa Cash Hanson about how to stop talking about success as an entrepreneur and how to BE a successful entrepreneur and Make It Happen.

10. The Power of Starting Something Stupid with Richie & Natalie Norton

Ever had a crazy idea and were too scared to act on it? Learn the same tips that JK Rowling, Oprah and Jeff Bezos used to overcome fear and the criticism of others to start something crazy successful. You'll also learn the POWER in your "Why". Show host Michelle McCullough and bestselling authors of "The Power of Stupid" Richie Norton and Natalie Norton as they share amazing insights into entrepreneurship, goals and dream achievement.

9. Pay Per Click Advertising Success Tips with Robert Brady

In this show, Pay Per Click Expert Robert Brady of talks with show host Michelle McCullough and shares success tips for small businesses and entrepreneurs who want to manage profitable Pay Per Click Campaigns. Michelle and Brady also discuss the importance of when to choose promoting a sale vs. generating leads. Brady also shares common mistakes to avoid and also addresses why testing and metrics are so valuable in this form of advertising. In the final segment, Brady talks about the benefits of Facebook ads and how advertise based on your avatar.

8. The Truth About Goals

Show Host Michelle McCullough shares the three main reasons why your goals lose steam. Then she shares how to tackle those big hairy audacious goals so that you can set yourself up to succeed. Michelle also addresses how to work your goals into your week so that you can master time and be a high achiever. "Time is the currency for your dreams. Invest it wisely."

7. DIY Social Media vs. When to Hire It Out with Laurie Hurley

If your a small business or solo entrepreneur, managing your company social media shouldn't be a full time job. Listen in as Michelle McCullough and her guest Laurie Hurley, The Social Networking Navigator, talk about how to keep on top of the social media machine and when to hire it out to the experts. Michelle also shares her tip for a thriving company blog.

6. Social Media Business Blueprint

On this show, marketing strategist Michelle McCullough shares the Social Media Business Blueprint. First, you'll learn why people are on social media in the first place, and how your business can tap into this market. Then you'll learn the five ways to grow your following through social media. Then Michelle talks about how blogging can magnify your social media efforts. And finally, you'll learn which posts and status updates are critical and how often it's appropriate to "sell" through social media channels.

5. Grow Your Sales, Your Confidence & Your Paychecks - With Tiffany Peterson

Michelle McCullough and Tiffany Peterson talk about the strategy behind successful sales people and how they increase productivity, feel confident asking for the sale and how to increase your paychecks by showing up to serve. Michelle also discusses question based selling and how to hone your sales message so that you are saying the right things at the right time.

4. Marketing Fundamentals with Michelle McCullough

Marketing is getting the right messages to the right masses through the right mediums so you can make money. On this show, Michelle McCullough shares key marketing fundamentals that will help you prepare to position your product or service to the masses. You'll learn about the two different types of marketing messages and how to prepare a strategic marketing campaign that will reach your marketing goals

3. Desire & Business with Danielle LaPorte

"Knowing how you want to feel is the most potent form of clarity you can have." From the author of the Desire Map, Danielle LaPorte. This show is all about giving yourself permission to feel what you want to feel and create what you want to create in Life and Business. You'll also hear HOW (her strategy and focus) Danielle launched a bestselling book and a major project in one year.

2. The Power Up & Down Routine + Creating a Positive Personal & Professional Culture

In this show, host Michelle McCullough shares one of her favorite success tools, the Power Up and Power Down Routine. This tool helps you begin and end your day right for maximum productivity, energy and happiness. Michelle also talks with guest expert, Melissa Bamfo about how how uplevel your personal and professional culture. They discuss commitment to change and how to get outside of your comfort zone. They also share information for owners and managers on creating a positive professional culture where employees feel empowered and customers are happy.

1. Your Fortune Is In Your Vision

Take your life and business to a new level by using tried-and-true visioning techniques. Join show host Michelle McCullough and her guest expert Ann Webb, creator of Ideal LifeVision as they share two powerful tools for getting more out of your goals and future.