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Teens and Parenting

Good Enough Parenting

Today we pull back the curtain and expose the myths about modern motherhood; it’s both terribly rewarding and ridiculously stressful, exhilarating and exhausting, fun and frustrating with Rene Syler and de BUNK and uncertainty about sending our kids to summer camp with Dr. Steven Schlozman.

Parenting from the sideline

Parenting from the sideline! Are you a sports' parent who whines on the sideline? Are you kids wired to whine? Join us for a fun-filled hour of instilling happiness in parents and kids.

Teen dating abuse and our children's nutrition

Teen dating and kids and nutrition are the topics today. Learn the signs of teen dating abuse how to react when your child confides in you. We also talk about kids and nutrition and tips to get your children to eat more vegetables.

Blissful Parenting

Parenting Backfire Moments

I couldn't be more excited about Dad Day even if I was a dad!!! Two of my favorite things in one space at one time...Imperfect parenting and Drinkin! (Ok, maybe I'll be the only one drinking at 11am...but what else is new?!) Join me and my amazing guests Doc David Simonsen of "When Parenting Backfires" and The Poppin Bottles Dad's! Ben Mullen and Nick Browne! Let's get this Dad Day Party Started!

Entertaining the RIGHT Business for YOU

Taking your hobby to the next level of a business is the topic of discussion along with how storytelling creates more clients and customers for your business.

Loving and accepting our exceptional kids

This show was informative with Deon Davis sharing how and why we should be loving and accepting of our LGBT youth. We also talk with G. Eric Francis about parenting a dual diagnosis child.

It's all about perspective

Two very special guests offering unique perspectives on… the importance of perspective. And it was inspired by my own recent and oh so personal experiences of getting my feeling hurt and how I learned to change my perspective to get clarity (and maybe even that darned CLOSURE word).

Six things to know before you start a business

It's Home Business Happy Hour Day!!! Join me and my guests Danielle Tate author of Elegant Entrepreneur, and Carla McNeil of Retire with Carla! We'll be discussing the six things moms need to know before starting a business...and all things Social Media!

Chemistry in Pre School and prioritize your happiness

You all know I am ALL ABOUT THAT HAPPINESS! And I am passionately dedicated to reaching our kiddos Unique Brilliance by using their gifts and interests to teach them...So, join us on today's show! It's gonna be a whole lotta "the Science of Happiness"...

The Working Dads Survival Guide

Working dads unite! This show is all about how working dads can create a life outside of their job . Live a happy healthy life with your family at the center of it.

Smells Like Teen Spirit and Here Comes the Boom

Smells like teen spirit and here comes the BOOM on this week's show! Motivating the Teen Spirit shares how we can learn a lot about what our teens are NOT saying and Grandma Boom shares how to integrate daily skills into self regulating our kids' stress.

Vaccine injuries and why kids don't read

There are a lot of opinions of whether a vaccine can cause kids to develop a spectrum disorder. We talk with Tami Goldstein of Coming Through the Fog about her experience with her daughter, Heather. We also discuss turning our kids into readers with Kory Merritt, the illustrator of Poptropica, a popular online game for children!

Mind Your Mindfulness

Start focusing on the GREATNESS of what you have and the OPPORTUNITY of what you want, instead of matching the low energy of what others perceive as "wrong".

DAD DAY! Be the man your woman wants you to be

Be the man your woman wants you to be. Woman want protectors and caretakers. Women do not want men to fix everything. We also discuss why music is important in a child's life.

Flying Without a Helicopter (Parent)

Parent Nation...if you believe your children need your constant guidance and assistance or else they will fail miserably and wind up living in your basement for the rest of your need this show! Chances are, your constant rescuing and saving of them is exactly what will keep them dependent on you until they're either 40 or married to someone just like you.

Scaling UP your Home Based Business

Tax tips for small businesses and work from home parents. Learn to scale UP your business with tips and advice from from our guests.

Curiosity and having The TALK with your children

Let's talk about sex, baby...let's talk curiosity...let's talk about all the good things and the bad things about parenting... Did you sing that '80's style in your head? LOL!

Each child is unique...CELEBRATE that!

Every child is unique...CELEBRATE their uniqueness! Rick Clemons shares ways for people to amp up their confidence and own their uniqueness to be fully self-expressed.Ken Hayes is the author of Drive Me to Think and will share with us how our driving says a lot about who we are. He also says our driving time should be a time of reflection.

You have no rights to your child's passwords?

Most parents have no idea that they have zero rights to their kids online usernames and passcodes. We never want to consider that something could happen, but when it does, parents learn that they have no way to access any of the online photo’s, poetry, drawings because of the user terms that were accepted when their kids signed up for access—EVEN FOR MINOR CHILDREN.

Stop SHOULDING on yourself and safe kids on and offline

Great tips and info to keep our kids safe on and offline with Heather Ryan and Britt Reints tells us to stop SHOULDING on ourselves.

Conquering doubt and fear that often derails our better judgement as parents

Awesome show today! Both of our "Dad-Day" guests talked about the doubt and fear that often derails our better judgement as parents. We also talked about how much better and simpler life would be without all the stress, self sabotage and speed of light lifestyles we bring into our space. Good stuff, people! Great food for thought as well as a plethora of free info and resources.

Fighting Food Allergies and Celebrity Gossip

Keeping our kids safe from allergies and updates on food allergy relief. We dish on all the current celebrity gossip with Karri-Leigh.

When The Christmas Secret Meets Your Inner Mean Girl

Discover the secret of Christmas and how to bond with the family to create shared memories with Sandy Fowler. Letting our Inner Mean Girl teach us a few things about who we really are with Amy Ahlers.

Get your business noticed and financially fit

Do you feel that your business is invisible? Noone knows who you are? We learn tips and tricks to get your business noticed from Lane Kennedy. We also learn to get our businesses financially fit from our guest Todd Tresidder, who shares with us ways to build wealth while building our businesses.

Saving the world with kindness

Can a 6 year old truly save the world with kindness? We think so! We talk with Eva about her Super Kind program- personalized cards and stickers that transform your child into a SuperKind hero who saves the world with kindness. We also talk with the Toys For Tots Coordinator of the year in 2014! he is also changing the world with kindness!

Fly by the seat of your pants parenting

Fly by the seat of your pants parenting is the new black! We go improvisational style on this show with Jay Forte. We also discuss with Devon Bandison about fatherhood and leadership. What is the most important question a father can ask himself? It may not be what you think. It's about leadership and what kind of a leader a father wants to be.

The GOOD Divorce and Overcoming Anxiety in Children

Divorce is such an ugly word or is it? Cultural attitudes has defined divorce as a drug out hit below the belt ugly event. Many even have had children of all ages in the midst of an epic battle they never should have been involved with in the first place. What if adults worldwide were taught healthy healing from a divorce or even better yet principles for a good divorce? Teens and anxiety are our next topic. Our next guest incorporates mindfulness and somatic practices into her work to help clients restore peace and balance to their lives. Natalie specializes in working with survivors of trauma, young adults living with anxiety and children with AD/HD.

Time SUCKS..and how to overcome them

Life balance has nothing on life rhythm. We are joined by the Power Couple, Debbye an Michael Cannon. When life is in balance, nothing is moving. Tips to get your business and family life organized. Learn to manage time. Not the other way around. Discover hoe technology can be recycled to get the best use of it and how it save us time, money, and headaches.

On the CRAZY train

Are you feeling like you're going crazy? Or maybe you're sleeping next to crazy...either way, this show has something for EVERYONE! Don't miss it...your life will thank you!

Parenting phrases that encorage your child to misbehave

Why so many parenting phrases heard on the playground actually encourage your child to misbehave and living the life of a dad outnumbered by estrogen.

Unlocking Our Parental Intelligence

Learning code from a board game can be fun and engaging and unlocking parental intelligence with or guests Dr. Laurie Hollman and Mark Engelberg.

Home Business Happy Hour - Making Money with Your Ideal Direct Sales Company and Hiring a Ghostwriter for Your Book?

Making money with your ideal direct sales company can be tricky. We discuss how and why you would start a direct sales business with Tara Vatske and all the questions you need to ask before you hire a ghostwriter for your book.

Falling into the Autism World and Teen Sexting

Great ways to work with autistic children (or any child, for that matter)and talking about the teens and their sexting. Very informative show!

Parenting Has Shifted to Dads

Nonstop laughing from the top of the show to the end of the show! Put your bad mood on the shelf for one hour and plan to laugh you butt off during this show with two of our favorite and funny dads sharing life from their point of view!

Take 2 Minutes to Strengthen Relationships

This show is all about strengthening our relationships in 2 minutes! Learn from our top guests Barron Whited and Heidi Poelman!

Allow Your Children to FAIL

Are you able to allow your children to fail even if it allows them to grow and learn to problem solve? Our guest gives tips to be able to gently pull back from our children and allow them to grow as a person by failing. Our second guest teaches us to budget and save money by using coupons and combining them with store sales.

Business in a Weekend and Flipping the Sales Funnel

Our Home Business Happy Hour begins with Ellen Rohr, The Business Makeover Expert! Pull up a chair and a cocktail as she shares how to create a business in a weekend! As happy hour continues and we pour another drink, Jason Swenk joins us to show us how flipping the sales funnel can be a money- maker for businesses!

What Teenagers Wish Their Parents Knew About Them

We talk with Jennifer Mazella about advocating for Special Needs kids and teaching them to advocate for themselves. Tyler Durman joins us as we zero in on what teenagers wish we knew about them.

Dads Networking Made Easy and Being Mindful While Parenting

This show helps dads connect with other dads and network. They can get their questions answered by more experienced dads. We also talk about being mindful and present with our children for better relationships.

Shot Glasses, Sweaters, and Giant Pixie Sticks

Today's show is all about raising great parents. Parenting is the hardest job on Earth, but it can still be FUN!

Home Business Happy Hour -Transitioning to work from home

Want to work from home? This show is for you! We learn all there is to know to transition from corporate cubicle to comfy home office. Our branding expert shares how to align your brand with who you are and what your business is all about!

Making Music and Memories

We chat with Philip Sheppard who has created a game where you can make your own music! Tara and Kelly discuss Target the DE-genderization of kids these days. Mike and Hayley Jones join us to discuss their 34 month journey to adopt 8 siblings from Sierra Lione!

Dads Do It Differently...So What?

We had a lot of fun with our DAD guests today! It's all about dads and their parenting styles. We laugh along with our guests as they share stories of parenting from a dad's point of view!

Home Business Happy Hour- Video Marketing and Hiring a Virtual Assistant

Today's show gives you all the tips and tricks to shooting video to increase visibility sales in business. We also talk about the right time to hire a virtual assistant and removing items from your to-do list by outsourcing them.

Raising resilient and self-empowered children

Raising resilient and self-empowered children with Kimberly Guilfoyle, Dr. Peter Stavinoha, and Brian Wohlmuth.

Dads Don't JUST Kill Bugs!

Our dads on today's how go above and beyond to serve other dads. We talk about gay marriage, Dads in Charge, why happiness trickles down from dad, and the challenges and stereotypes of being a full time stay at home dad!

Tantrums, Time-outs, and the funny side of Mommyhood

Today's show is the perfect mix of news, information and hysterical belly laughs! And to think I almost had to cancel it all because my F-in CAT got stuck in the WALL!! Yes! This is the life of a work from home radio host... The cat is just listen to the'll calm me down

Home Business Happy Hour - FREE PR and Effective Email Marketing

Learn tips and tricks to getting FREE PR and for your business with Shannon Cherry and effective email marketing info from Jim Palmer, the Newsletter Guru!

Dads Stepping Up to the Parenting Plate and Hitting a Home Run

This show is all about the DADS! Married dads, single dads, divorced dads, and dead beat dads. So why do many men have a fear of parenting? Tips and ideas for men to step up to the parenting plate and hit a home run!

Summer Lovin' and Mind Strength

Want to be mentally strong? DON'T do these things! We often want to know WHAT to do to stay mentally strong, but it's actually what you don't do. We also discuss family summer FUN on the cheap!

Home Business Happy Hour - Do you have what it takes to start your own business?

Do you have what it takes to start and run you own business? Kim Ades share the mindset one must have to achieve the goals you set out to do in business and in life.

Sleep Deprived Teens and Alleviating Family Stress

Dr. John Schuen is our guest.Studies have shown that teens need 8-10 hours of sleep to function best, but sleep in adolescents has been in a steady decline. According to the National Sleep foundation 85% of teens get less than 8 hours of sleep per night. Dr. Mindy McNeal believes the only behavior that can't be changed is death, less is more, routine is like a keeps the good in and the bad out, every person deserves quality health care and education, you can hate the behavior and still love the person.

Astrology and Parenting

Jeff Harman, the parent astrologer, is our guest today as he shares how we can connect and guide our kiddos through astrology all on Today's Parent Nation Radio Show!

Effects on Children from Oversharing Parents

Parents warn children “Behave.. what happens today will go viral tomorrow.” But what happens when parents overshare on social media? Are they putting their kids at risk? Many of today's "helicopter" parents are failing to observe a "no fly zone" around their own children. After warning children about the risks of over sharing online, parents are actually the worst offenders. Recent studies have shown that parental over sharing online and in social media, may present a long term health and safety risk for their children; information that stays with the child for life.

Home Business Happy Hour -Business Building with Branding and Website Analysis

Is your website leaking money? Discover ways to stand out from the rest of the websites. We also discover what a brand is and why you need one.

Theater for Autism and Finding Our Manners

The Creative Director of Pushcart Players shares with us ho their theater production company accommodates children on the spectrum so they are able to enjoy theater. Gail Reed joins us to teach us how to find our manners and the best way to teach children about manners.

There Are a Millennial Ways to Parent

Parenting is so different now than our Boomer parents and fatherhood has come a long way. Today's show share fun ways dads are different from moms and how Millennial parents are sill trying to be cool under a mound of dirty diapers and screaming kids.

Emergencies in Life Don't HAVE to Be

Do you and your kids have the preparedness tools to be safe in a natural or other disaster? Are you dealing with depression, self harm, or threats of suicide from a teen or kiddo you know and love? This show is going to be full of valuable info and vital tools to help in the emergencies of life.

Building Our Kids to GET OUT!

Boys will be boys, right? Not on THIS show! Boys will be whoever they want to be. Tune in to learn more about how boys think and feel. The discussion also leads to getting our kids ready to GET OUT of the house!

Home Business Happy Hour- Discover Your Passion and Best Options for Forming Your Business

Today we talk about discovering your passion and making money with it working from home. We also discuss the best options to form your business and who and what can be taxed.

5-Minute Pajama Workout and Understanding Our Boys

We talk with Jean Vreeand about her 5-Minute pajama workout and with Janet Allison about how to understand our boys better.

Keys to Communicating Effectively

Today's show discusses divorce law and communicating with your ex and children. We discuss equality for dads and how fatherhood has changed throughout the years.

50 Shades of NO WAY!

With 50 Shades of Grey being the hottest thing right now, we discuss whether or not yo should take you teenage daughter to see the movie, what message it is teaching our children, and why it is not true to the BDSM community.

Parenting is About the PARENT Not the Child

This show starts our fun with Tara and Kelly talking about all the new toy trends (which re the OLD skool toys.) It gets more fun when our guest arrives. Kim Ades share why parenting is about the PARENT and not the child. If it were, it would b called CHILDING!!

Bust the Bratty Behavior

So much fun today with Lisa Bunnage of Brat Busters and Steve Grams! Lisa talks about the ways parenting has changed over the last 30 years and how to raise kids to be self-disciplining. Steve Grams talks about traveling with kids while visiting the world's most famous breweries.

The Important Relationships in Life

We all want to love and be loved. Relationships give us the chance to do just that. Whether it be the "sisterhood" you find with your girlfriends, the intimacy you find with your spouse or partner, or the love of a parent and child, relationships make the world go around. Listen in as we discuss this and much more with our guest Doug Herald. And we get the juicy details of Tara's vacation on a cruise ship!

Lunchroom "Rambo" and Teachable Moments

Getting our kids to eat healthy can sometimes feel impossible, but our guest says it's easier than you think by including them in the process and giving them food choices. We discuss the world around us today and how kids are inundated with mixed messages in the media and how the parent can have the last word and not allow the media to dictate what our kids are watching.

Parenting with ADHD Without Losing Our Minds and Getting Our Rockin' Pre-Baby Body Back

Dealing with ADHD as a parent and getting our rockin' body back after giving birth give this show a fun and playful fullness. We discus ways for a family with different personalities to come together and understand each other. Our last segment teaches us how to get rid of that pooch known as baby weight after giving birth.

Parenting Imperfect Children Isn't Rocket Science

This was such a fun show with the founders of Science of Parenthood and Shut Up About Your Perfect Kid! We discussed the funny side of parenting and having a sense of humor in the family keeps everybody sane. The Shut Up sisters, Gina and Patty, join us to share some fun as they talk raising children on the Autism Spectrum with a sense of humor.

Failing Parents Prevail

Today's show shared that parenting is as fun as it is confusing. We discussed helicopter parents of children in college, failing forward as a parent, and should a first grader still be breastfeeding? Ou guests are Scott Carr and Kevin Smullins.

Parent Nation -PEACE in Our Lives

Parent Nation- Biblical Parenting and True Meaning of the Holidays

Join us as we discuss Biblical parenting with our guest Lynn Sandberg and the true meaning of the holidays with Jude Bijou.

Parent Nation- Saving Marriages with Wine and Power Moms

We chat with Dave Barringer of Naked Winery about his company's quest to save marriages with wine! Kate McKay also joins us to discuss Power Moms and parenting the healthy way!

Parent Nation- Saving UGLY Christmas Trees and Trusting Our Kids Unconditionally

This show is on a mission to save UGLY Christmas trees! Show Me Decorating founder Becky McCraney shares tips and tricks to a beautiful Christmas tree and the 3 items you need for a magnificent looking tree. Milt and Mia tell us how to "Get over ourselves" and have the relationships were desire. They share with us top tips to having a better relationship.

Parent Nation-Power of the Family Dinner Table and Conscious Parenting

Jason Greenblatt joins us to discuss the power of the family dinner table and traditional values. We also have some laughs with John Edwards as we discuss conscious parenting and living in the moment.

Parent Nation -Family Traditions and Celebrations

Creating family traditions with our guest Sandy Fowler. During today's show she shares way to create new family traditions and keep your old family traditions alive. Beth Buelow share with us how the introverts celebrate the holidays and tips for introverts to survive during the holiday season.

Is Grateful Dead?

Is Grateful Dead or does gratitude just need to be revived? Our show today is all bout gratitude and how to get it back in our lives. Showing appreciation and gratitude only brings more appreciation and gratitude into your life! Join Lance Jaynes and Candace Conradi and us for a delightful conversation.

Parent Nation- Giving Back to Your Community

Tara talks about why she has left the Feminism label. Our guests share with us ways to get families involved in volunteering and service projects at schools and for the holidays.

Parent Nation-Dad Day!

Lorne Jaffe shares his struggles and triumphs of raising his daughter as a stay at home dad with anxiety and depression. Donald Unger share with us how the image of the reality of fatherhood is changing.

Parent Nation-Momerotica and Bedwetting Solutions

Halloween costumes out there for girls are ridiculous! Let's give equality to the costumes. This show also discusses bedwetting and solutions and treatments available today to help our children and even our teen. We then dish it up with Metaphysical Erotica authors about how reading erotica makes women feel empowered.

Parent Nation- STOP Pulling Your Hair Out!

You'll go bald if you keep doing that! This show discusses stress. Mommy stress, Empty Nester stress and the stress we pace on our children, knowingly or unknowingly. This show is full of surprising and very interesting talk about corporal punishment,parenting styles, and being a Bond girl!

Parent Nation -Be a Superhero to Kids and Tackling Post-Partum Depression

Empowering our kids is one of the greatest gifts we can give them. Debbie Pokornik joins us to share ways of empowering our kids and breaking away from parenting pressures.Megan Cyrulewski stops by to share her journey of Post-Partum Depression and how she overcame the negative stigma.

Parent Nation -Dad Day! A-Hole Dads and Step-Dads

It's Dad Day on Parent Nation! Dan Indante joins us for tons of laughter as we discuss HS view on parenting and why he considers himself an A-Hole dad. Stepdad Stacey Wheeler share with us great stories of step dad and the role they play in our children's lives.

Parent Nation- Coffee Enemas, Brazilians, and Advocating For Our Children

Lots of laughs on this show! We dish about the benefits of detoxing with coffee enemas, the down side of Brazilian waxes, and advocating for our Special Needs children. A caller shared her son taking a picture of his poop and texting it to friends. This show literally tuned into the "Poop Show!"

Parent Nation- Spanking, Cheap Halloween Costumes, and Scared of the Dark

To spank or not to spank? That is the question. Discussion of spanking versus abuse with Dr. G. Cheap Halloween costumes from Hannah and Kaylee of YouTube fame, and guiding your child when they are scared of the dark or something under their beds.

Parent Nation - Paying for College Without Going Broke and Celebrity Gossip

Paying for college is a concern most parents face. My guest shares easy to implement tips, tools, and secrets to pay for college without going broke.

Parent Nation -Goodness of Gardening with your Kids

Mike Podlesny joins the show to share gardening with your kids. It is one of the most educational and bonding experience you can have with a child. He share tips of what to plant, when, and why you should plant certain vegetables.

Parent Nation- Dad Day! Foster Parenting and Dads Behaving Dadly

Dad Day brings us Dr. John DeGarmo sharing his experience of fostering children and why he and his wife decided to become foster parents. Hogan Hilling from Dads Behaving Dadly also joins us to discuss the fatherhood movement and why dads need to have more recognition in the parenting equation.

Parent Nation- Searching for a Missing Child and Family Meetings

The focus of this show is searching for a missing child and how family meeting keep order in the house. Dave Moore shares his amazing story of searching for his missing son and Christy Monson shares why you should have family meetings, how to conduct them, and the benefits of having them.

Parent Nation- Mindful Parenting Kids on and off the Spectrum

Dr. Beth Gineris shares mindful parenting and improving the relationship with your child. She discusses the differences betwen consequences and discipline. Dr. Craig Wiener share parenting kids on the spectrum and what to do when our child is diagnosed on the spectrum.

Parent Nation-My Birthday Show!

Today's show was so much fun! It's my birthday show and I had a blast with Kelly and my two guests, Jason Good and Jenny Perry. Jason shares his funny moments as a dad and husband and takes us into his world at home with kids. Jenny shares her trials and tribulations of being a work from home mom who wears many hats. This show is guaranteed to make you LOL!

Parent Nation- Dad Day!

We love dads here at Parent Nation and we are celebrating with two great dads today!Clark Burbidge shares with us how kids can recognize the "giant" inside themselves and Daddy blogger, Ricky Shetty shares parenting from a dad's perspective.

Parent Nation -Who's the Better Parent: Working Moms or Stay at Home Moms?

Who's the better parent: working moms or stay at home moms? This show discusses both sides of the argument. Top Shelf Gossip gets us dishing and talking about over-the-top celebrity children's birthday parties and celebrity maternity wear.

Parent Nation- Parenting Pearls of Wisdom

This show gives parenting "Pearls of Wisdom" to apply today. MollyAnn Wymer shares with us her parenting style as a single mom raising 5 kids. Shelly Lefkoe teaches us the top 3 pearls of wisdom to parenting. She shares about punishments and consequences, humor in every situation, and taking every opportunity to learn from any situation.

Parent Nation- Avoiding Summer Slide and Super Mom

This show gives lots of advice and fun ways to prevent Summer Slide with kids while they are out of school.We also discus the serious side of domestic abuse with a wonderful woman who is helping those in need.

Parent Nation- Shift from Resistence to Acceptance in Parenting

Vaccinations gave her daughter severe brain damage as an infant. Karen Kain share her heart wrenching story of love for her daughter and her advocacy of parents' rights whether to vaccinate or not.

Parent Nation- Celebrating Dad Day!

Parent Nation celebrates Dad Day today with Adam Dolgin of Fodders4Fathers and Al Watts of Dads Behaving Dadly. We discuss girly sides of men, tampons,and equality between mothers and fathers. Tara and Kelly give their review of Hunger Games for kids. This is a fun show NOT to be missed.

Parent Nation- Desperate in DC and Going Wild

Between the Duct Tape Preschools, Tatooed Tweens and Vagina Stuck Exchange students...this show a RIOT! We also have the amazing Crystal Walker and Phoebe Thompson, Authors of Desperate in DC. talking about parenting styles in DC and Jo Schofield and Fiona Danks, the wild women of Going Wild will be on to talk about getting your kids back into the wilderness this summer! WooHOO!

Parent Nation- Underage Drinking, Rihanna's Nipples and Swirlies

What do underage drinking, Rihanna's nipples and swirlies have in common? Listen to today's show and find out!Today's show was too much FUN! During Girl Chat with some of my besties we talked about it being okay or not okay to allow your underage children to drink if you are in a country where the drinking age is younger than your home drinking age. Top Shelf Gossip got us riled up about the Kardashians and their baby bumps.Do celebrities consider baby bumps a red carpet accessory? Summertime bullying is not okay and the time of, "Not my Kid" is over. It could possibly be your sweet innocent child doing the bullying. Learn what we as parents, teachers, camp counselors, and life guards need to know.

Parent Nation- Breastfeeding , Crazy Parents, and Assisting our Troops

This show makes for a fun-filled hour. Discussions about how crazy parents can make you a better parent and how the world is so much different than it was 30 years ago. We also talk with a Super mom who is taking care of the troops that are still fighting overseas.

Parent Nation - Dad Day!

At Parent Nation, we LOVE dads! To celebrate them we feature them the first Tuesday of every month! We call it Dad Day! This week we feature Travis Breeding and his recent blog surrounding the controversy of the recent shootings in Santa Barbara and Mental health. Richard Greenberg is a father of four and the author of "Raising Children That Other People Like to be Around". A native of Los Angeles, California, Richard graduated from UCLA with a Bachelor's degree in English in 1976 and immediately went to work as the personal assistant to Art Garfunkel. Choosing to stay in Los Angeles and marry his childhood sweetheart, Richard became active in the television industry while he and his wife, JoAnn, began building their family. Three sons and one gorgeous, intelligent, and flawless daughter later, the Greenbergs were regularly asked how they got "such good kids." In response, Richard wrote "Raising Children That Other People like to be Around." His objective was to offer logical, common-sense guidelines for people creating their own families and to help young parents, especially mothers, understand a father's point of view. You can read more of Richard's parenting tips, tools, and triumphs on his blog,, by following commonsensedad on Twitter, or by liking his Common Sense Dad fanpage on Facebook. Clint Arthur is a graduate of the Wharton School of Business, a successful entrepreneur with over a decade of experience running his own gourmet food company, and the #1 Bestselling author of "The Greatest Book of All Time," "The Last Year Of Your Life," "Daddy Loves You," and "What They Teach You At The Wharton Business School." His famous personal transformation experiences, keynote speeches, and frequent appearances on Network TV and syndicated radio shows inspire millions of people to live larger, more intensely, and with more impact on the world. To learn more about Clint and his work, visit:

Parent Nation -Learning Through Play

We are putting the F-word (FUN) back into parenting!Join us for our "Drunk Dress Rehearsal" show where we talk about all latest "Hot Topics" of the week! Today's topic..The Walking School Bus (are you kidding me?)What ever happened to just "walking" to school? My guests clue us in on what our kids (and us parents) need to know before your child enters kindergarten. This was such a FUN show!