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Paying It Forward 05-20-2015

Entrepreneur Buyar Hayrula Inventor of Shape and Bake

This was a fun podcast where host Josephine Geraci and guest Buyar Hayrula discuss how they met...standing online at a Shark Tank Casting Call! We discussed the many trials and tribulations that are attributed to bringing a product to the market place. If you are thinking of starting your own business and think you have a great invention, you can definitely learn a think or two from this show. Enjoy!

Ellis Adler , Owner operator of Funnyman Productions-Give & Laugh Program

Our guest Mr. Adler tells the story of how he got into the business Funnyman Productions. He talks about lessons he learned from his dad's company to role as a teacher, to children's theater and finally to Funnyman-Give & Laugh. Ellis emphasized the importance of finding a niche and thinking it through carefully by being unique and by recognizing what you are good at.

Monique O'Reilly, Independent Representative, Origin Unite

Guest Monique shares with us the importance of her mantra "family first, business second, passion always!" Topics of discussion includes, the importance of a vision board,social media, networking and skills training.

Amedeo Gabrielli Co-Founder Gabrielli Truck Sales

This is an amazing story about a determined man who arrived by boat from Italy with $1 in his pocket and created a family business empire built on trust and honesty. Learn how and why Amedeo became partners with his brother over 40 years ago and how they built a successful business that now has over 400 employees. Great show and great business tips. Enjoy!

Annie Pryor Founder of Mommy Genius

Wow this was one of my best interviews ever. I thoroughly enjoyed learning all about how Annie, a mom of three young children with a PhD successfully brought her invention to the marketplace. Annie shares with us all of the lessons she learned along the way and how she ended up with a licensing agreement. Her product, an incredible drying rack is currently sold on Amazon and Annie shares with us how she made that happen. My favorite part of the hour is realizing that Annie accomplished so much on a tiny budget. Well worth your time...enjoy!

Connie Grunig Founder of Blog:

Connie Grunig is the founder of blog. Connie is an amazing writer and loves to review products so much that she decided to start her own blog which has a great following. This show is all about creating buzz for your company/product via giveaways. We discuss how to pitch bloggers--what makes them happy and what doesn't. Great informative show if you want to get into the mind of a talented blogger. Enjoy!

Annette McLaughlin Career Coach-360

Josephine Geraci host of Paying It Forward interviews business owner Annette Mclaughlin. Topic includes ways to stay motivated as an entrepreneur or job seeker and suggestions on Identifying your value proposition.

Chris Whalen, CPA, Business Owner & Author Part II

As the host of Paying It Forward, I had fun interviewing Chris Whalen, CPA, Business Owner & Author who shared with us many business tips that can help fine tune your business. Imagine a full hour of business tips. Enjoy the show!

Chris Whalen, CPA, Business Owner & Author Part I

Josephine Geraci host of Paying It Forward interviews guest Christopher Whalen CAP business owner. The importance of knowing your financials in your personal life and your business was discussed.

Michael Bickerton President of Raven5

This show is all about the benefits of Contest Marketing. Mr. Bickerton is a firm believer that there is no faster way --no other way that ensures that you are gathering valuable consumers that are actually interested in your product or service. The conclusion of the show is that contest marketing processes vary as do the platforms, but the results are indisputable. Stay tuned in the last segment of show when Michael shares with us his five best business tips.

Kathleen King Founder of Tate's Bake Shop

If you need inspiration, if you think you can't pick yourself up because you've been knocked down too many times, then this is a show you will want to take the time to listen, learn and be inspired by. Kathleen King reveals her amazing story and shares with us the many lessons she's learned from being an entrepreneur.This is a remarkable story with a happy and very successful ending. Tune in, you will be really glad you did.

John LaRosa, President of Successful Office Skills

Josephine Geraci host of Paying It Forward Radio interviews John LaRosa Owner and President of Successful Office Skills. This is a great podcast that discusses the importance of being a skillful communicator. John defines what Communication is, and why some people mistakenly take communication skills for granted. He also shares with us 5 business tips pertaining to prospective and current employees.

David Pinto Founder of Racher Press (MMR & Chain Drug Review)

Great business advice from a seasoned business owner who's been there and done that for over 40 years. Learn why Mr. Pinto feels strongly that every business transaction always goes back to one thing..relationships and the importance of developing them. People want to do business with people they can trust and people who they consider start establishing those relationships.

David Brier multi-Award-Winning Brand Strategist Part 2

Brand Strategist and Expert David Brier discusses his ebook , The Lucky Brand and his ten golden rules to branding. Lots of nuggets of helpful information that every business owner should know and do for their company. This podcast is well worth your time. Enjoy and if you have any branding questions, you can email

Lisa Bunnage Parenting Coach, BratBusters Parenting Services (

This show is a discussion about ways to get media attention,how to engage your audience when public speaking, why networking is necessary and how business is similar to parenting.

Francine Tesler Psychic Medium

Wow this was a great show that will air live on July 2, 2014. Francine talks about how she realized she was a Psychic and how she Pays It Forward with the work she does. Francine is a great, talented business woman who talks about a variety of topics including, the importance of community involvement, Groupon and Social Media, Barter, the importance of focus and the fact that sometimes it is necessary to change. When making decisions, try to take emotions out and 5 great biz tips during the last segment. Fun show!

Students in Local School Share Business Tips

Radio host Josephine Geraci goes to local elementary school and interviews second grade students who share some amazing business tips. This is a fun show that talks about life lessons through the eyes of seven year olds.

How One Community Comes Together To Support A Family In Need

Oprah always says, "everybody has a story". This podcast is the story about how a scientist who had everything going for him was suddenly diagnosed with a brain tumor. We discuss how his family and community come together to support him through this ordeal. As most of my listeners know, this subject is near and dear to my heart because a dear friend of mine died from the exact same brain tumor years ago. If you listen to this podcast and walk away with some life lessons and an appreciation for the fact that life is truly so fragile and short, my mission was accomplished. Warm regards, your host Josephine Geraci

David Pinto Founder of Racher Press (MMR & Chain Drug Review)

Great business advice from a seasoned business owner who's been there and done that for over 40 years. Learn why Mr. Pinto feels strongly that every business transaction always goes back to one thing..relationships and the importance of developing them. People want to do business with people they can trust and people who they consider start establishing those relationships.

Dr. Thomas Bien Psychologist and Author

This is a great show that focus on the practice of mindfulness as the basis of happiness. Some Dr. Bien's books: Mindful Recovery, Finding the Center Within, Mindful Therapy, Mindfulness and the Therapeutic Relationship, The Buddha's Way of Happiness

Susan Solovic Small Business Expert , Award-Winning Entrepreneur, Susan Solovic Media Group

Susan Solovic helps companies make more money by transforming the way they think about their businesses--unleashing their potential--so they can soar to new heights. An award-winning entrepreneur, audiences learn from Susan's proven strategies from the trenches. Susan also shares with us her very best business tips in the last segment of the stay tuned until the end.

Allen Vaysberg Founder of School of Human Potential

Are you stuck in a career but don't know how to change it? Are you stuck in a job that you don't love simply because of the money? Is there a way to transition successfully while making a Career 180? Yes there is! Listen in while Allen shares his 7 step process of successful transition regardless of age, current income, family situation or new career choice.

Bill Corbett, Jr. President of Corbett Public Relations

Bill Corbett Jr. shares a wealth of information with us in this podcast. We discussed personal branding, marketing and PR. We went into detail as to why everyone needs a personal band, some steps to share to take to grow your brands such as using LinkedIn, video and PR. This was an overall discussion of marketing activities and trends.

April Whitlock CEO and Majority Owner of Fundanoodle

April Whitlock does an amazing job and gives really great business tips in this interview. We discuss the evolution of personal brand, how to have an entrepreneurial attitude in a corporation and how she backed into a start up by spinning off a company. We discuss business plans, networking, and how she successfully raised capital. This is a great show for anyone thinking about going out on your own.

Maryam Webster of

Everything proceeds from the relationship you create with your ideal clients. Maryam shares tips about how to create and nurture your ideal clients so well that they will beg you to work with them. Stay tuned to Maryam's five great business tips and much more.

Bob Hubbard Co=Owner Hubbard Family Swim School and Sports Camps

Bob Hubbard Co-owner of Hubbard Family Swim School and Sports Camps did an amazing job during this interview. You get one hour chock-full of information about how he started his business and how he's become such a success. He tells us how he retains employees for years. We talk about the core values of his business and he raps up with five great business tips. Bob also shares some great must-read business books. Enjoy!

Valeri Bocage Founder & Chairwoman of Powerful Women International

Valeri Bocage Chairwoman of Powerful Women International discusses how and why she started her company. Valeri also shares with us how her company expanded to several foreign countries. Valeri is also a Hurricane Katrina survivor. With just two pairs of jeans to her name she had a vision and never gave up her dream to help other women identify their natural gifts and their passion in an effort to help others in our world today in the hopes of creating a better future for our children.

Dr. Gerhard van Rensburg Academic Authority with Specialty in Leadership Development, Author, Coach

Dr. Gerhard van Rensburg explains (live from South Africa) the five steps one needs to take to get to personal mastery. Listen in to learn how Dr. Gerhard shows us how we can grow past our own complications and accomplish our goals. We even discussed the law of attraction and the importance of setting goals and tips on things we can do to accomplish anything we want in life. Great show well worth your time.

Elinor Stutz CEO of Smooth Sale

This is well worth your time. International Author Elinor Stutz shares with us some amazing tips on how to succeed in business through sales. Connect with her at for a free two page pdf of how to accomplish Laser Goal-Setting: your shortcut to Success.

Lila Baltman Owner of Lila Rose Baltman Public Relations

This was one of the best shows ever. Guest Lila Baltman shows us the ins and outs of public relations. We discussed the importance of press releases and it's key ingredients. We discussed the difference between advertising and PR. Lila shared with us her best five business tips. This is a must listen to if you are a small business and you'd like to learn how to do some of your own PR. Enjoy!

Sandra Beck Internet Brand Strategiest 02-19-2014

Empowerment, this is the through line through all of Sandra Beck’s work. Whether she is coaching a company owner to a million dollar commission goal, training a stay at home mom to perform SEO on web sites or speaking to a group of women who are in domestic abuse recovery, her message is about what is possible and how to create the circumstances of your choosing. In a time when technology has the ability to transcend physical limitations, Sandra Beck teaches all of her clients how to maximize their lives by using the power of the internet coupled with the drive of their passions to create the lifestyle of their dreams. Her goal is to give all women the opportunity to reach their fullest potential with respect to their many different roles. Sandra Beck is the president of Motherhood Incorporated. As an Author, Coach, Speaker, Radio Host, Entrepreneur and Philanthropist, Sandra Beck is as successful as she is busy. The single mother of two young boys has created a virtual empire of successful companies entirely staffed, managed and implemented using a host of virtual assistants and on-line resources. She is also the author of a wildly successful blog Author of Motherhood Incorporated, The Smart Woman’s Guide to Working From Home with Just a Computer and an Internet Connection and Blogphoria – How To Reach Millions of People without Spending a Dime, Sandra Beck is a powerful voice in the Social Media Arena as a popular Internet Brand Strategist. She is also the author of the romantic comedy four part series For Sale in Beverly Hills, They Call me Shikse, Jews don’t Camp and Gopher Flats. Sandra Beck is currently the host of two live Radio Shows: Military Mom Talk Radio and Poweredup Talk Radio. Her show Motherhood Talk Radio is now in syndication and this show, as well as her other live shows, are available on Itunes. An active contributor and participant in many charities, Sandra Beck strives to make the world a better place for today’s and our future’s children. Near to her heart are Toys for Tots, World of Children and Children Uniting Nations. Sandra Beck was born in a small town outside of Buffalo, New York. She attended Northwestern University and earned both her Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism and her Master’s Degree in Advertising.

Robbie Ann McPherson Tarot Card Reader with Great Biz Tips

Robbie Ann McPherson is a powerful Tarot Card Reader--trust me, after the show she read my cards and it is scary how on target she is. During this show, Robbie pays it forward by sharing with us the three things one can do to get the best reading possible AND Robbie shares her best business tips with us. This was a great show and really, believe me, reach out to Robbie if you are at a crossroads in your life and need some guidance. Enjoy!

Dominick Domasky Author: Don't Double Bread The Fish

Dominick Domansky talks about how he was forced to pick himself up after failure and how he was determined to succeed. His new book Don't Double Bread The Fish can be purchased on Amazon. If you're feeling stuck and need a little inspiration, this would be a good show for you.

Suzanne Glover Author of "Effective Positive Thinking E-Program

This is a great podcast that describes the effective positive thinking e-program that was developed by Suzanne Glover. Some topics discussed were: the importance of self acceptance, the importance of creating customized affirmations, brain wave technology, the concept of letting go, hypnosis and much more. If you are ready to start the new year off with a new positive way of thinking, this show is for you.

Ron Rinklestein, Published Author, Sales Trainer and Speaker.

Mr. Finklestein discusses his product, the Business Growth Experience, which helps companies grow sales and increase revenues by putting the business owner back in control of the revenue generation portion of their business. Some of Mr. Finklestein's latest books include: The Definitive Sales Playbook and Make Difference: From being Successful to Being Significant.

Bruce Bachenheimer Pace University Professor of Management --Discussing The Importance of Business Plans

Bruce Bachenheimer discusses the reasons why one should have a business plan. Professor Bachenheimer wrapped up the show with five great business tips. This show is well worth listening to.

Gailit Harari Founder of Shupeas

Gailit Harari Is an amazing business owner who truly knows how to run a business. She knew well enough to take on a partner and brought her business to the next level. Lots of great business information and advice. Enjoy!

Mark John Williams Selling on the Edge 10-16-2013

Mark John Williams Selling on the Edge

Josephine Geraci Host Talks About Shark Tank and Barbara Corcoran

Josephine Geraci decides to research and learn from one of the best judges on Shark Tank---Barbara Corcoran. It's like an interview of Barbara "Without" Barbara.

Debbie Glickman from Fairytale Wishes

Host of Paying It Forward Josephine Geraci and Founder of gLovies

The host of Paying It Forward Josephine Geraci discusses the many aspects of taking a new product to the marketplace. She talks about marketing and the importance of social media in today's businesses.

Robyn Hatcher Owner of Speak Etc.

Robyn Hatcher owner of Speak Etc.

Blythe Lipman, Author, Parent Educator-Baby & Toddler Expert, Entrepreneur & Radio Host

Blythe Lipman, Author, Parent Educator-Baby & Toddler Expert, Entrepreneur & Radio Host

Paying It Forward 07-03-2013

Cindy Slansky Founder of GreenPaxx

Tina Forsyth, Ceo, Author, Coach, Speaker, Founder of the International Association of Online Business Mangers and creator of the Automate Your Growth Business School

By far one of the best interviews of a successful biz owner who wrote the book The Entrepreneur's Trap. I believe this book could help save business owner's time AND money.

Stephen Mack, Consultant & Prior Franchise Owner

This interview touched upon a lot of things related to business and the importance of hiring a good accountant and what steps you should take if you realize you have a "not so good" accountant. Don't forget to listen to the last segment which is where Mr. Mack shares his 5 plus one bonus business tip. Enjoy!

Garrett (Gary) Garrison - Serial Entrepreneur & Business Owner

This is one of my favorite shows! Listen to how one entrepreneur who had one service business that spurred the interest to open three more service business. Mr. Garrison is brilliant! Each and every new business he opened, he capitalized by serving his existing clients and his businesses grew and grew. Seriously, this podcast is well worth your time. You could take a business course and still not learn as much as Mr. Garrison has to share in one short hour. Enjoy!

Steve Repak, CFP®, author of Dollars & Uncommon Sense: Basic Training For Your Mone

Talk about someone who know money, Mr. Steve Repak shares with us many was on how we can improve our relationship with money and yes, even get on the same page as our spouse when it comes to handling the families finances. Mr. Repak also shares with us some great advice on how we can and should teach our children about money from a young age. Enjoy!

John Fay Entrepreneur & Business Owner of Pacific Energy Fuel

Listen in to hear how guest John Fay started out as a young entrepreneur and moved on to become his own boss as the owner of a fuel company. John discusses how important it is to work hard and play hard. He discusses the importance of taking vacations because it is often when we are relaxed that we are able to be more creative and our businesses grow as a result. John shares some great business tips in the last segment of the show, so stay tuned. Enjoy!

David Pinto, Founder, Racher Press Part 2

If you are looking to feel like a fly on the wall of a really successful business guru who has over 40 years of business experience, this is the podcast for you. Mr. Pinto is co-founder of Racher Press and MMR Magazine. This is Part 2 of two interviews.

David Pinto, Founder, Racher Press Part I

If you are looking to feel like a fly on the wall of a really successful business guru who has over 40 years of business experience, this is the podcast for you. Mr. Pinto is co-founder of Racher Press and MMR Magazine. This is Part 1 of two interviews.

Deborah F. Truhowsky, Business Owner, Senior Counsel at the Law Firm of D.F. Truhowsky

If you have an elderly loved one who might be hospitalized or in a nursing home, this interview with attorney Deb Truhowsky is a must for you. Learn about all the signs you can look out for to determine if your loved one has been mishandled and learn the steps to be taken to address the situation if necessary. Ms. Truhowsky also shares some great business tips.

Dr. Barbara Lavi :Discusses Hurricane Sandy & PTS

Hurricane Sandy affected so many lives. This is a timely discussion with a seasoned psychologist who is a known expert in post traumatic stress. Dr. Lavi talks about signs one can look for to determine if you or someone you know has PTS. Learn what to say to someone who has experienced trauma. Dr. Lavi also shares with us six and a half! Post Trauma First Aid Tips.

Pace Prof. Bachenheimer Talks Entrepreneurship

This was a great show with guest Prof. Bruce Bachenheimer. He teaches entrepreneurship at Pace University and is a seasoned, successful business owner. Prof. Bachenheimer discusses how entrepreneurship is much broader than the creation of a new business venture. At its core, it is a mindset-a way of thinking and acting. Bruce shares with us ten business tips that will get you thinking about how important it is to think out of the box in today's hyper-competitive marketplace. Great show and well worth your time.

Havona Madama Attorney Turned Entrepreneur: Founder of Tuesdays at Ten and KidKlass

Attorney turned entrepreneur follows her passion and creates an amazing Yoga app that's fun for moms & tots. Havona shares with us some really great biz tips on how to transition from working full time to working full time as an entrepreneur. Lots of tips on how to create balance when working from home.

Dawn Catherine, Entrepreneur & Radio Host of La Bella Vita

Fellow Toginet Host Dawn Catherine shares with us how she developed a skin care beauty line and how she is developing her own wine that is imported from Italy. Her radio show airs live every Wed. night at midnight on toginet radio. Dawn shares with us the many lessons she's learning in starting her own business and shares with us some great business tips.

Michael W. Diaz, Credit & Financial Counselor & Business Owner

Personally watched this guest do a complete 360 in just one year. He is an experienced and talented credit and financial conselor, but decided to follow his passion of cooking and became the founder and owner of Buenos Diaz BBQ Catering. He is a big believer in finding your voice, surrounding yourself with other professionals and networking. He's a pro when it comes to networking, so come join us for a fun show.

Staci Krell Life Style Expert

One hour filled with expert advice on how to set up an efficient office. We discussed how being organized saves time and money and truly leads to success. Learn how Staci shares with us some of her secrets on keeping her clients organized. In only a few minutes a day, you can start your day off with a clean desk and organized office so you can focus on what's most important, working "on" your business.

Mary Jane Saras of Creative Energy Options talks about Gutsy Women's Retreat

Mary Jane Saras talks about the importance of stepping outside of your day to day business environment so you can look at your business from the outside looking in. She suggested the Gutsy women's weekend retreat where Dr. Sylvia LaFair share her expertise as a leader and executive coach.

Carly Alyssa Thorne The Transformationlist Muse

This was a great show. Carly is all about Transformations, The Mind Body Spirit Connection, Paying It Forward, The Ripple Effect and Just Loves Empowering an dInspiring others to be the best they can be thru Mentoring, Speaking, and Producing Content that portrays the Message that YES You matter what. Enjoy this inspirations show.

Hector Hernandez Career & Life Changing Champion

This was an informative podcast where Mr. Hernandez discussed his book, You don't need Talent to Succeed, but Everything else Counts!!He defines success, commitment, how important it is to talk about Rehearsing Victory and he also discusses how important it is to shift our thinking from time to time. Listen in to the last segment to hear Hector's 5 great business tips. Enjoy!

C raig Duswalt

Craig Duswalt

Sylvia Lafair, Phd, Author & Speaker, Founder of CEO, Creative Energy Options

This was a really fun show where author, speaker and business owner Sylvia Lafair, Ph.D., shared with us her journey on how she was a family therapist turned business owner. She utilized everything she learned in her practice as a family therapist and starting a business that focuses on decreasing conflict in the workforce and increasing productivity. She also shares 5 great business tips in the last segment. Enjoy!

Sandy Jones Kaminiski

Sandy Jones Kaminiski author of "I'm at a Networking Event-Now What?

Maria Ross, Founder of Red Slice, Brand Strategist

Maria Ross founder of Red Slice, brand strategist.

David Gussin Creator of Teverything Bagel, &

David Gussin Creator of Everything Bagel, and

Jo Ilfeld Successful Business Owner & Business Coach

Come join in on the conversation as business owner Jo Ilfeld discusses how she created a business, sold it right at the right time in her life and then went on to become a business coach to teach others how to make their business even more successful.

Matt Perelstein Business Owner

Matt Perelstein discusses Emotional Literacy, Emotional Healing, Emotional Intelligence and Emotional Mastery (EQ) and how it can change your life, enhance your business and improve our world.

Staci Krell from Simply Staci Organizer

Staci Krell from Simply Staci Organizer

Special 2 Hour Show Celebrating Paying It Forward Day

This was an amazing special two hour show celebrating Paying It Forward Day. Prior guests (over 15) were invited to come on the show and share their best business tip. Chock full of great tips. Enjoy!

Veronica Drake - Business Owner & Money Coach

Join us as business owner and money coach Veronica Drake shares with us the 6 practical steps to instantly reduce money stress and eliminate money clutter. Veronica also shares with us the 3 Steps to take for you to produce consistant profits. Step 1-Action, Step 2-Brainstorming, Step 3...listen to find out.

Staci Krell from Simply Staci Organizer

Staci Krell founder of Simply Staci is an organizer that specializes in creating systems for your work office that helps to truly make your life easier. Lots of fun tips for the house too.

Marquesa Pettway, Reinvention Expert, Speaker & Coach

Marquesa Pettway, Reinvention Expert, Speaker & Coach

Rob Basso Business Owner & Entrepreneur

Rob Basso Business Owner & Entrepreneur discusses his new book The Everyday Entrepreneur.

Diana Ennen Author & Business Owner

Diana Ennen Author & Business Owner

Travis Ray Old Entrepreneur Discusses New Product Coffee Trim and 10 Tips To a Great Business Plan

At times I think I sounded like an infommercial, but when I believe in something, I like to share my great finds with others. Coffee Trim is an appetite control product that is so easy to use and it really works. You just have to add water, substitute it for your morning coffee and you're appetite is curbed for up to 8 hours. I tried it and it really worked for me! Our guest is giving you a $25 off coupon so be sure to listen to this podcast to get it. Also, Travis Old who at a very young age sold a business plan that he had written in college to a hedge fund, shares with us his top ten business tips for raising capital. Great show, great info..enjoy!

Penny Miller Entrepreneur Creator of Keepsake Bows

This was a great show where our guest Penny Miller explained how she decided to leave her Nursing career after 22 years and become an entrepreneur. She creates amazing bows for gift bags and she shares with us how she went from her aha moment to getting on the shelves. Penny is truly an example of someone who pays it forward and she shares 5 great biz tips with us during the last segment of the show. Enjoy!

Tim Mann Author

Tim Mann Author. Helps businesses enhance productivity and profitability

Marquesa Pettway, Reinvention Expert, Speaker & Coach

Serioulsy this was one of my best shows in over two years! My guest, Marquesa Pettway is a true expert at bringing out the best in her clients and helping them reinvent themselves whether due to downsizing or simply because they want to find their true passion in life. Marquesa discusses the Ten Steps To Reinvention, she shares with us 5 important business tips and she's even giving away 5 Ways To Start Speaking Now. This is truly chock full of information. I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed interviewing Marquesa Pettway. She's the Queen of Reinvention in my mind. Your host...Josephine Geraci.

Kathy Korman Frey Award-Winning Entrepreneur, Community Leader, Educator, and Curriculum Developer is the Founder of the Hot Mommas® Project

Learn all about Kathy Korman Frey and how she started the HotMommasProject. Learn how you can become a part of the HotMommasProject and how you can help mentor other women. Our guest does an amazing job describing the importance of mentoring and how to choose the right mentor for your business. Lots of great biz tips too!

Tiffany Krumins Mom Inventor of Ava the Elephant

Trust me, if you are even thinking about bringing a product to the market place, this podcast is truly worth your valuable time. Inventor Tiffany Krumins shares with us how she successfully brought her product to the marketplace step by step. Tiffany also shares with us her amazing experience on Shark Tank. A young mom, a business owner and then a cancer diagnosis! Learn how Tiffany dealt with her challenges and how she is a true example of someone who Pays It Forward.

Trish Cooper CEO, Founder of Zatswho, LLC

Trish Cooper CEO Founder Zatwho, LLC

Dr. Barbara Lavi Psychologist and Author

Dr. Barbara Lavi, psychologist and author discusses the after math of Hurrican Sandy.

Wendy Komac Author I work With Crabby Crappy People

Wendy Komac Author, I Work With Crabby Crappy People.

Blythe Lipman, Author, Parent Educator-Baby & Toddler Expert, Entrepreneur & Radio Host

Blythe Lipman of Baby and Toddler Instructions

Sharen Michael Owner of S.M. Michael & Associates

Sharen Michael Owner of S.M. Michael & Associates talks all about running an efficient business and how it's so important to plan in order to take your business to the next level.

Michelle Cromer Author of Where Am I Going?

Michelle Cromer discusses how her own personal journey from powerful, successful corporate businesswoman that also juggled the responsibilities of wife, mother and philanthropist to her own realization that "paying it forward" is the path to greater happiness and fulfillment. Michelle tells us about her foundation Pink Crosses which will definitely bring chills to you. She discusses the importance of trying to figure out your calling and how meditation might lead you to where you need to be. This was informative and inspirational. If you've been asking yourself lately, what's this life all about? then this podcast is for you.

Mike Moore of Making Customers, Inc.

Come listen in on a great interview with business owner Mike Moore as we discuss the importance of buisness leadership, sales management and selling in the new economy. Mike also shares with us the biggest stumbling block for business leaders today. As always we wrap up the show with five great business tips. Enjoy the show!

Sharen Michael Owner of S.M. Michael & Associates

This show is full of read biz tips you can apply to your business today. Sharen Michaels with over 30 years of industry experience in Marketing and Sales shares her knowledge on what it takes in today's environment to launch a new product. Stay tunned to the end of the show to hear her 5 biz tips. Show also starts with me, your host, giving an amazing example of the power of social media. Enjoy! Please tweet me with comments @gLovies.

Nicky Van Vlakenburgh Author of Transforming Your Brain

Nicky Van Valkenburgh Author of Transforming Your Brain

Stephanie Chandler - Author & Speaker

If you are thinking about writing a book, whether it be a traditional hard book or an e-book, this is a must listen to podcast. Guest Stephanie Chandler is working on her 8th book and she's full of inspiration on how you can fulfill your dream of becoming an author. She also discusses the multiple streams of income that come as a result of writing a book. Enjoy!

Liz Bentley of Liz Bentley Coaching Teaches Us About Getting Above The Water Line

If you are ready to really change up the way you have been looking at your life and business, this is the podcast for you. Business coach Liz Bentley gives us a full description of what a waterline is and how we can use it to measure our current situation to improve our lives and become happier. Liz discusses the importance of staying above the line (positive) and how we can avoid the bottom of the line. Seriously, this is not to be missed.

Steve Farber President of Extreme Leadership Inc.

Steve Farber President of Extreme Leadership Inc.

Jonathan "JDOGG" Lederman is the owner of Get Motivated With Jonathan "JDOGG" Lederman

Come learn why my amazing guest would prefer to be called an inspirational speaker rather than a motivational speaker. JDOGG shares amazing tips on how you can Pay It Forward by being involved in community services. Tune in to learn his 5 Keys to Success, his 3 Foot Rule and much more. Enjoy!

Lori Holliday Founder of 2 RedHens Business Tips Galore

Listen in as founder and owner of 2RedHens shares with us how she started her company, how even with a cancer diagnosis she still forges ahead and creates a hugely successful company. Lori Holliday is a true fighter who is able to balance her family life and career and who shares with us why and how she fuses to sweat the small stuff. She has some amazing business tips you will just not want to miss. Enjoy the show!

Josephine Geraci Host Talks Business

Jeannie Spiro, Business Coach and Marketing Mentor

Learn how one mom in her early 40s decided to shift gears and re-invent herself. She went from working full time for a corporation to starting her own weight loss coaching business. Then she decided to teach her clients how they can run their own successful business AND be healthy at the same time. This is chock-full of helpful business tips that you can apply to your business today. Enjoy the show!

Brenda Jones Owner of Hugwraps- Cheerful Hospital Gowns

Learn how one woman is diagnosed with cancer but fights back by starting a business that makes cheerful hospital gowns for others with cancer.

Leslie H. Tayne, Esq. Teaches Us How To Get a Handle on Debt And How Important It Is To Protect Your Credit Especially If You Are A Business Owne

Leslie Tayne is an attorney who is on a mission to help business owners with debt resolution. Learn lots of important information about credit cards and how they can affect your credit score, learn how credit scores are calculated and much more. If you're a business owner, this is a must listen to podcast.

Jeremy Winterson, Global Outsourcing Expert

If you have any interest in learning about global outsourcing this show will be of interest to you. Jeremy is a highly successful business professional that shares with us his knowledge on how a supplier can prepare before meeting with buyers to present a new product. He discusses what the job of a buyer entails so the supplier can better understand the approach necessary to land a product on a retail shelf. Mr. Winterson also wraps up the show with his truly helpful morning routine as a business professional. If you don't have a routine established yet, this is a great take away. Enjoy the show.

Robyn Hatcher owner of Speak Etc.

Lots of talk here about personal branding and lots of tips on how to give the presentation possible. Robyn has tons of credentials and shares lots of her business knowledge with us.

Teisha Shelby-Houston Empowering moms to capitalize on their motherhood experience!

Teisha Shelby-Houston shares with us how she motivates mom entrepreneurs to live a happy life while running a business. She shares lots of business tips and tricks that she uses with many of her coaching clients.

Samantha Ettus Shares With Us How She Became An Expert On Personal Branding

This was an informative interview with Sam Ettus who's incredibly talented. She discusses how she manages to be an entrepreneur and balance life with three young kids. She also shares with us how she came up with her idea for her Experts Guide Series which are best sellers. Truly inspirational and full of business tips--especially when it comes to branding yourself.

Feng Shui with Amy Wettig and A Little Bit of Social Media Too

This is a really fun interview 'cause Amy Wettig teaches us so much about how to feng shui your home office. Since Amy is a jack of many trades, there was no way we couldn't talk about social media. Learn her tips on how she managed to get over 30,000 twitter followers.

Learning About Sales from a Seasoned Sales Broker

OK, so seriously this is one of the best and most informative shows so far. Brian Schaeffer takes us on a trip into the mind of a buyer in a retail store. If you or someone you know has a product and would like to learn the ins and outs of how to introduce your product to a buyer and all the follow-up steps necessary to close a deal, this show is a must listen. Enjoy!

Diana W Meyer, President of Meyer Marketing Intelligence, Inc

As President of Meyer Marketing Intelligence, Inc., Diana provides municipalities, commercial banks, mortgage lenders, title companies, non-profit organizations, and other marketing companies with various types of market and customer research, analysis, and recommendations. She also has perfected her talent for searching out data and applying it to the marketing question at hand. Diana is frequently called upon to gather data and statistics that help paint the appropriate picture for her clients and their products and services. Listen to this super intelligent woman teach us about how important market research is to your business.

Your Host, Josephine Geraci Gives Tips on Things To Outsource

So this was a very interesting and different approach to the usual format of our show. This is the first time, I, Josephine Geraci, hosted the show without a guest. I took the opportunity to share with my listeners some great tips on samples of things you can outsource. Let's face it, time is money and those who are very successful have become masters of knowing how and what to spend their precious time on and what they can outsource in order to preserve their precious commodity-time.

Cindy Morrison Founder of CWM Media Shares With Us Tips on How to Reinvent Your Life and Your Career

This is a great podcast for those who may be at a crossroads in their life. You can learn from the inspirational story of how Cindy Morrison goes from a high powered career to being laid off, then hearing "not so good news" from her doctor, then her house being struck by lightning! See how she was able to pick herself up and defined a life that she wanted.

All About Franchising with Shannon Wilburn from Just Between Friends Franchise Systems, Inc.

This was a really fun an informative interview. Shannon Wilburn is a delight to interview and she's so generous with her business tips and shares her knowledge of how she went from a small get together with some girlfriends to sell some clothing to creating a $15 mil dollar franchise business. Enjoy the show!

Jill Starishevsky, Asst. District Attorney, Author, AKA The Poem Lady, Founder of

Little did we know our guest was packing right before our show to catch a flight to be on the Oprah Show!! Jill Starishevsky shared her story on how she came up with the idea to write her book, My Body Belongs To Me and how she came up with the idea to start her businesses How's My Nanny and This is a fun interview to learn how one mom of three little ones manages to have it all.

Fuzzy Manning International Speaker & Clinician on PTS Alternative Therapy

Fuzzy Manning shares with us how Post Traumatic Stress can affect all parts of your life and he gives seven tips on how to manage stress.

Joann Hines "Packaging Diva" If You Want To Learn About Packaging, This Is A MUST!

Joann Hines "Packaging Diva" If You Want To Learn About Packaging, This Is A MUST!Learn about the 5 easy steps to get started packaging your product, learn the 6 steps toward greener packaging and learn some hot packaging trends. You will also learn about packaging resolutions you can keep and apply to your own products.

Ally Loprete Founder of

Come join us as we discuss the Tory Johnson Spark & Hustle conference and all the lessons Ally Loprete from This Little Parent Stayed Home learned by attending the conference.

All About Sales and Marketing with Caryn Kopp

This is a high energy show where expert Caryn Kopp shares her over 20 years of experience teaching us about the tricks on really closing business deals. Caryn talks about how she came up with the idea of her company which specializes in opening the door of opportunity for her clients. She explains how preparation is key in all of your approaches pertaining to sales. She advises learning everything you can about your prospect before making your initial contact. This is one action packed hour of tips, tips and more tips that will help take your business to the next level. Enjoy!

Host Josephine Geraci & Fellow Toginet Host Pam Otten

Host Josephine Geraci and Fellow Toginet Host Pam Otten talk finances.

It's All About Social Media with Payson Cooper Marketing & Business Strategist

How are your Twitter skills? Is learning to tweet one of your New Year's resolutions but you just don't seem to find the time to sit down and wrap your head around it? Well, trust me, your host Josephine Geraci, this one hour podcast is worth every minute of your precious time. You will learn all the basics about Twitter and our guest was generous enough to offer two other webinars that are packed with "how-to" information. I hope you enjoy this show as much as I enjoyed hosting it.

Julianna Cantwell President of JUNA Consulting Inc.

This is a great podcast to listen to how one young woman followed her dream to start her own business. Julianna discusses the ups and downs of business ownership and how very important it is to have a business plan. Learn more about the one week solo business planning trip and how it can impact your business and your life. Enjoy!

Joann Hines "Packaging Diva" If You Want To Learn About Packaging, This Is A MUST!

Wow--this was a powerful packaging discussion with the most influential person in packaging. Joann Hines, also known as the Packaging Diva, shared her knowledge by reviewing the host of Paying It Forward, Josephine Geraci's package design of her invention, gLovies. Joann had some insightful suggestions on how to improve the old packaging. Lots of lessons were learned about the "to do" and the "not to do" regarding the front and back of a product's packaging. Should "As Seen On TV" be on the front or back of the package? Is a picture really worth a thousand words? Is less more? What color is best to use for a product's package? Before investing in a product's package, learn what the Packaging Diva has to advise regarding standing 5 feet from your product. Seriously, this entire podcast is well worth your time--you will learn so much about packaging. Take it from me, Josephine, PLEASE--learn from my mistakes. Enjoy!

Robyn Pellei – MompreneurPlus9, Founder and CEO ViveVita

This was honestly one of the best Paying It Forward radio shows ever. Robyn Pellei is a dynamic woman who know how to truly do it all. She's a mom of 9 kids, a former nurse and now a successful business owner. Robyn shares many tips and tricks on how to bring a product to the market place. This is a must to listen to podcast for anyone who has a product or is thinking about inventing/selling a product. Enjoy the show because I truly loved interviewing Robyn. Josephine

Beth Buelow - Professional Coach- known as The Introvert Entrepreneur

Are you an introvert or know someone who is and would like some great advice from a great business coach? Well, this is a must listen to interview as Beth describes the many ways an introvert can achieve success as an entrepreneur or business professional.

Richard J. Apley Shares His Knowledge About Patents

This was a very informative interview with a Chief Patent Officer who worked in the Patent Office and has been working with patents for over 30 years. Learn the ins and outs of patents and listen in to hear the Five Key P Concepts related to Patents. The purpose of this show was to truly save my listeners from making all the mistakes I had made. Enjoy the show because this is a true example of Paying Knowledge Forward.

Bill Corbett Jr., President of Corbett Public Relations, Inc.

Bill Corbett Jr., does an amazing job of describing the importance of branding and social media in today's ever changing world. He shares so many tips and tricks that will save you tons of time and will help you work efficiently so you can get the most out of the time you spend working on creating a successful business.

Carolyn Carter & Traci Bisson

Carolyn Carter inventor of Clingy Cord. Learn how a stay at home mom came up with the idea for her invention and is now tackling the task of bringing her product to market. The second half of the show, we were joined by Traci Bisson of the Mom Entrepreneur Group who shared with us many business tips.

David A. Fields Multi-Million Dollar Consultant And Co-founder Ascendant Consulting

David Fields provides great business tips on how to establish a business on a solid foundation. My favorite tip was when David suggested and agreed that writing a business plan is important but how writing a Plan B or even a Plan C could be crucial to a businesses success. Learn more on how David became a successful mentor to business coaches & consultants. Lots of helpful business advice.

Brittany Earls Founder of Genesis Magazine & Janet Cook's 100 Day Health Challenge

Learn how a talented young entrepreneur manages to start her own magazine at the mere age of 22. Brittany Earls describes how she runs a tight ship with talented individuals, how she meets deadlines and how she Pays It Forward through her networking program for entrepreneurs. The last segment of the show, Janet Cook, The Healthy New York Chic calls in to discuss her Healthy 100 Day Challenge and discusses the importance of maintaining a strong and healthy body and how that can help the bottom line of your business.

Leslie Haywood, Mom, Inventor, Business Owner & Cancer Survivor

This was one of the best interviews on Paying It Forward so far. Leslie is an inspiration to so many. She did not let a diagnosis of cancer hold her back from following her dream. Within one short year, she took her idea for a product, had it manufactured and is now selling her grill charms in 40 out of 50 states. Need inspiration--listen on!

Bill Duese Co-Founder of The Coach Connection and Author

OK, so if you've ever wondered if you should hire a coach, this podcast explains the how, where and when to your coaching questions. Bill Duese did an amazing job during this interview and he shared many, many business tips with us. He also discussed his great new book, Go To Play Everyday and Call It Work.

Rob Basso Founder of Basso On Business

Rob Basso has a passion to help small business owners and he's on a mission to help America get back on its feet. You will learn so many tips and tricks from Rob based on all the lessons he's learned from the multiple businesses he's owned. You'll learn how he started out with an ice cream truck business, then you'll learn how he created a highly successful payroll business and finally you'll learn how he helps small business owners solve their everyday business challenges that help bring their businesses to the next level. Rob's energetic, full of experience and loves to Pay It Foward. Enjoy!

Bill Waitsman Co-Founder of The Harvest Group

This is an insightful podcast that is full of business tips by an experienced business owner. Bill Waitsman was a former Proctor and Gamble employee who decided to go out on his own and co-founded The Harvest Group to help small business owners bring their products to the market place quickly and successfully.

Lara Galloway - Mom Biz Coach

If you've been wondering what all this buzz about business coaching is all about, this podcast will explain all the benefits of having a supportive coach behind your business. Lara is an amazing mom who juggles her family and business on a daily basis and shares her secrets on how you too can live a happy life while fulfilling your dream of running your own business. The last segment of the show is where Lara shares her Six Secrets of Success for Mom Entrepreneurs. Enjoy!

Jason O'Neill, Teen Entrepreneur, Author & Public Speaker

Learn how Jason O'Neill a teen entrepreneur started his business Pencil Bugs Plus at the mere age of 10. Jason shares with us amazing business tips that can be found in his newly released book "Bitten by the Business Bug: Common Sense Tips for Business and Life from a Teen Entrepreneur." This podcast will inspire anyone who is thinking about going into business or any business owner who might need a shot of entrepreneurial inspiration.

Nell Merlino Founder, President and CEO of Count Me In for Women’s Economic Independence

Get inspired by the legendary Nell Merlino who talks about what motivated her to become the success she is today. She discussed why she came up with the idea for Take My Daughters to Work Day. She fills us in on her Count Me In Organization and how you can apply for the Make Mine A Million Dollar Business Award and finally she talks about her book Stepping Out of Line. Don't miss out on an interview that will leave you thinking, are there any changes I should be making to make my life better?

Mike Michalowicz Entrepreneur and Author of The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur

Mike Michalowicz, the author of The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur gives one hour of incredible advice. He's on a mission to help others become successful entrepreneurs or if you already own your own business, Mike gives helpful tips on how to make your business even more profitable. He also shares the importance of branding yourself and how social media is changing the way we market our businesses today. Great podcast!

Alicia Marie Fruin Founder & Owner of People Biz, Inc.

Alicia Marie Fruin shares with us her passion and why she became a business coach. She explains the benefits of coaching and how her clients have successfully brought their businesses to new levels. She also shares with us the key attributes to look for when hiring employees for your company. This podcast is filled with helpful tips from a well known speaker, business owner and business coach.

Paying It Forward Guest Louise Sattler

Learn how one individual has spent her career in helping the hearing impaired.

Marketing Expert Steve Couture Shares Secrets on How To Succesfully Bring A Product To Market

Get advice from a Marketing Professional that has over 17 years of experience in brand recognition and learn how to successfully bring a product to market.

Francine Glick, President of Water Journey Ltd.

Great advice from a business professional who has successfully brought a product to the marketplace. Francine explains how she came up with the idea for her product and how she went from concept to having her Hands2Go product on the shelves of many retail stores.

Kathy Korman Frey, Founder of and The Hot Mommas Project

Kathy Korman Frey explains in real simple terms how you can make a difference in the lives of young women through mentoring. She explains how she developed The Hot Mommas Project and how you can be a part of it. Kathy also explains how you can get closer to achieving your dreams, no matter how big or small they are. This is an uplifting podcast that helps women realize that they can truly make a difference in our world.

Laura Deutsch & Heather Ouida Co-Owners of and

This interview is chock-full of business information. From concept to successful business, these co-owners share their secrets to achieving a well-run business AND how they manage to balance both work and family life.

Jeff Gawronski - owner and

Learn how owner Jeff Gawronski invented a product and created a whole online store to help sell his invention. He explains how important to find your niche market and how to adapt your online store to meet not just one but several niche markts. Learn how Jeff pays it forward through his Yak About It website. His goal is to help the underdog by creating awareness for an invention. This is a fun and informative interview.

Sari Crevin Making It to the Million$ Mark

This interview is a MUST listen to--chock full of business tips on how to take your product to the marketplace. Are you a mom trying to decide whether or not you want to start a business, well, Sari Crevin owner of Boogin Head has all the answers for you. Sari answers the question of how she got her product into Target and Babies R Us and how she jugles having a full time job at Microsoft, how she manages a successful business and how she takes care of her family all at the same time. This is an amazingly interesting interview. Enjoy!

Scott MacIntyre, Carole MacIntyre & Mishavonna

Learn how two American Idols followed their dreams,the lessons they learned along their road to success and learn what the future holds for Scott MacIntyre and Mishavonna. This is a definite listen to if you are an American Idol fan. Scott talks about his new CD Heartstrings and he gives us a hint about the book that he is writing. Mishovanna has a touching lesson she shares with all. Enjoy!

Michael Anthony-Business Owner of Multi-Million Dollar Contracting Co.

Listen to this fabulous story how a young man starts his career as an Accountant and within one year, decides that he will change his focus and follow his dream of real estate/construction. Michael Anthony shares with us how making the right business tips at the right time can truly make your or break it.

John LaRosa Owner of Successful Office Skills

John LaRosa shares with us many tips on how to better our office skills so we can spend our time being more successful. Mr. LaRosa has an incredible way relaying information in an easy to understand and apply way. Enjoy!

Free Book from Author Brenda Novak by Mentioning Pay It Forward

Listen to how a woman transforms her life and becomes a huge success. Brenda Novak is not only a successful author, but she has worked endlessly to raise over $750 million for diabetes research. Listen to the podcast and get free book! Send e-mail to Brenda Novak and mention Paying It Forward for your free book.

Rebecca Buscemi Owner of The Savvy Women's Business Solution

If you are trying to decide whether or not you'd like to hire a virtual assistant, this podcast is for you. Learn about the ins and outs of how to hire a VA and the benefits it could have on your business and how it can provide you with peace of mind.

Heather Ledeboer Owner of Mom4Life

Heather Ledeboer Pays It Forward with some very helpful tips on how to run a successful business. Heather discusses how she handled the growth of her business and how she manages to juggle family and business responsibilities.

Dara Blaker Musician Turned Business Owner

Dara Blaker shares with us her musical background and how and why she invented a product geared toward "magically" creating well behaved children. It really does work!

Jeff Leventhal Business Owner Shares Tips To Success

This is a fascinating story of how a young man starts a business at the prime age of 16 and teaches himself how to become a successful business owner. He explains how he bought and sold several companies. This is one hour well worth your time to listen to some great business tips and how you can apply them to your business.

Tina Hill Owner of Kidzsack

Tina Hill is an energetic entrepreneurer who shares many tips on how to successfully bring a new product to market. She explains how she handles the many facets of her business including Sales, Marketing, Inventory and lots more.

Keeping It All Together with Donna Jaroslawski Owner of Liberty Organizing

One hour of great tips on how to be as efficient as possible by staying organized so you can run a successful business.

Missy Cohen-Fyffee Founder of Babe Ease

Josephine Geraci discusses bringing a product to the marketplace with original inventor of the clean shopper. Missy Cohen-Fyffee is a talented business owner who grew her idea into a very successful business.

Denise Taylor Author of Heavenly Birth

Wow, this podcast can change your life. Learn how Denise Taylor teaches us how we can change our "I have to..." to "I get to...". This amazing mom and inspirational speaker shows us how she gained the strength to move forward with life after her daughter Jonnae experienced her heavenly birth as a result of a three year bout with leukemia. Denise Pays It Forward every week in memory of her daughter by continuing her Wacky Wednesday Foundation which brings smiles to hundreds of kids in hospitals.

Traci Bisson of The Mom Entrepreneur

Traci Bisson describes in detail how she created a Mom Entrepreneur Support Group to help mom business owners balance life and work. She created a group that has over 1,000 members and is growing strong. Entrepreneurs help each other by sharing information and advice and thus paying their knowledge forward.

Candi Wingate of

Candi talks about how she got into the nanny business and how she expanded and now owns three companies. Anyone who is thinking about hiring a nanny should definitely listen to this podcast where Candi does the thinking for us.

Paying It Forward with Wendy Pease

Wendy Pease gives practical business advice on how she purchased a business and made it into a booming success. She describes how coaching has helped her achieve her goals, how she designates certain tasks for certain days, how she tames the paper tiger and how she hires independent consultants to run her business. If you want to work more efficiently, Wendy has some great tips for you here in this podcast.

Rose Jannuzzi of Jannuzzi LTD Turns Passion into Business

Rose Jannuzzi describes how she was a successful buyer in the corporate world and decided early on that if she was successful making money for someone else, she might as well make money for herself. She launched Jannuzzi LTD and she describes her challenges and successes and her goal of making her business a million dollar business.

Author Catherine Ryan Hyde Shares Tips

Wow! What an exciting interview. Please take the time to learn some great tips from a humble author that is so successful her books turn into motion pictures. Catherine Ryan Hyde shares with us her many tips on how to accomplish a lot and stay focused in order to achieve your goals. She believes in doing what you love and as long as you remain in love, the money should follow. Enjoy!

For the Love of Chocolate Chip Cookies--in $millions!

This is an amazing show and well worth your time! Kathleen King, baker and owner of Tate's Bakery tells us how she lost everything after working for almost 20 years and how she started over and created a multimillion $ business.

Entrepreneur Joe Gozzi turns rice into a multi-million dollar business.

Joe Gozzi shares with us how he turned rice into a multi-million dollar business. Learn how Joe immersed himself in the entire supply chain which he calls seed to plate. Topics discussed include brand management, product development, sales and product management and how to bring a product into the marketplace.

Paying It Forward with Valorie Luther Founder of Creative Concepts.

This podcast is chock-full of information about social media, public relations and marketing with Social Media Guru Valorie Luther of Creative Concepts. Valorie discusses how she built a successful business and landed some big accounts such as Bigelow Tea and The Children's Aid Society in New York. Enjoy the podcast!

From actor to a million $ in t-shirt sales! 12-09-2009

Josephine Geraci's interview with Lynne Lambert of NY City Subway Line. Listen to learn the many lessons Lynne learned before, during and after starting her successful business. Hear how Lynne manages to get Bill Clinton to wear her t-shirt and get a laugh out of what Donny Deutsch has to say to Lynne's husband on national television.

Josephine interviews the million-dollar mindset coach.

What a fabulous show! I interviewed one of the best business coaches around. Listen to learn the many lessons that Marla has to share to help bring your business to the next level.

Join Josephine on her debut show with Stacey Kannenberg the Ready To Learn Mom.

In this show we interview Stacey Kannenberg about all the great lessons she learned over the past few years while building a publishing business.