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November 16, 2015, Charlie Sheen's HIV announcement, Getting tested

I recorded this the day before Charlie Sheen's HIV announcement, Please let us remember he is a son, a brother and a father. This is now a time for discernment not judgment. He made this announcement to get control of his life and face the secret he'd been keeping. I intend that this will lead to greater acceptance of testing and discussion of HIV testing. HIV and AIDS are not the same thing. This is about maiintaining YOUR Sexual Health. Difference beteween Anonymous and Confidential testing.

November 9, 2015, Dr. Diana Wiley, Psychotherapist and expert on sexuality and aging. Dr. Pepper Schwartz' AARP Survey

Dr. Diana is a Seattle based Psychotherapist with expertise in the area of Sexuality and Aging and given our aging population there are many things that can impact our sexual enjoyment and function. We cover all that and more. As a long time colleague and friend we always have a great time on one another's shows. Dr. Diana Wiley, Radio show on I was her guest on November 3, 2015.

November 2, 2015, Building Sex Relationships, Sextalkwithlou, Dr. Diana Wiley, Children of the Night

Sexual Relationship building comes in many sytles and forms. When someone 'gets you' they usually can make you laugh. Consider how kind you are to yourself. How careful are you with your words and language? Each one of these can change your lovelife and sex life. Will be a guset on Dr. Diana Wiley's show sex, lust and laughter and she'll be my guest next week to talk about Sexuality and Aging and what's changing in that arena...LOTS!!! I'll be prsenting at Children of The Night this week about helathy sexuality.

October 26, 2015 The Power of Your Listening and Speaking, Married at First Sight, Experts share Masturbation experiences. Sex Talk with Lou

Lou looks at how powerful listening will impact all areas of your life, better sex, better personal relationships and better work relationships. Her recent retreat with the National Leadership Council in Seattle. Her fellow council member Dr. Pepper Schwartz talked about Married at First Sight and the lessons we can learn from the participant couples. Then Lou shares what fellow experts shared about their first masturbation experiences.

October 19, 2015, What Makes You Feel Sexy? Desirable? Great Lover Playbook ideas. Using Essential Oils. Sex Talk with Lou

A personal review show where listeners can Review What Makes You Feel Sexy? Desirable? Is it inside you? Outside you? Great Lover Playbook ideas that 1000s have shared with Lou in her seminars work to make them feel sexy and desirable.

October 12, 2015 National Coming Out Day, Ilyana Vanzant, Trevor Project, Sex Talk with Lou

Lou covers the power and support that National Coming Out Day gives many. How the Trevor Project online has been a life saver for gay teens committing suicide, Dan Savage and his husband's "It Only Gets Better' . Ilyana Vanzant working with two gay reachers who are Coming Out.

October 5, 2015, Lou talks about Abusive Relationships, Stalkings What it looks like and what YOU can do. Sex Talk with Lou

Lou discusses the growing issue, yet still silenced area, of Abusive Relationships, Stalkings and what one an do about them. Truly one can only help someone who wants help. Lou covers what are possible solutions and help. She talks about her friend HLN anchor Christi Paul who wrote, Love Not Supposed to Hurt, about her own abusive first marriage.

September 28, 2015, Lou Talks about Great Lover Playbook Her Couples' Book, Sex Talk with Lou

Lou discusses best sexuality ideas and techniques from her Great Lover Playbook, her couples' book.

September 21, 2015 Cory Silverberg's Sex Is A Funny Word. Ideas from Lou's Great Lover Playbook Sex Talk with Lou

Sex is A Funny Word, Sex Educator and author Cory Silverberg's fabulous new book for parents, caregivers and 7-10 year olds. A unique book about, Bodies, Feelings and YOU!! More ideas from Lou's Great Lover Playbook

September 14, 2105, Lou discusses Messages from Miss America Contest, 7 Things that will Make a Relationship Work, Vanessa Williams

What do we learn about sex and life from the Miss America Pageant? Vanessa Williams' redemption and then 7 Things That Will Make A Relationship Work and & 7 That DON'T from Lou's Great Lover Playbook

August 31, 2015 - Ashley Madison, Josh Duggar, Art of Forgiveness and Love Sex Talk with Lou

August 31, 2015 - Ashley Madison, Josh Dugar's exposure, Lou discusses the Art of Forgiveness, Non-Judgment and Love as ways to deal with social awareness and reaction to infidelity and covered up child molestation.

August 24, 2015, Flibanserin and Mission Date Night

Flibanserin tries to be female viagra, their statistics are a joke and this was their 3rd attempt to bully their way onto the market. Then the Jared Fogel issue. I did Mission Date Night with Janelle and Rob. One of the highest rank youtube radio shows. I talk Touch Exercises.

August 17, 2015, Kim Airs and Topco's Twerking Butt start the show

Kim Airs and Lou discuss Topco's Twerking Butt, hottest ordered item from Adult Novelty Manufacturer's Expo. Then they discuss all things sex toys.

August 10, 2015, SextalkwithLou - Lou talks Sex Ed and John Oliver Article

First John Oliver SOOO nailed the absurdity of sexual health education in this country with solid stats and science research. My kudos to him and his research staff.

July 27, 2015 Falling in Love with Your Dark Side

We all have sides to us that we want to hide yet those are often the traits that make us vulnerable and more appealing. More human.

July 20, 2015- Lou Talks about how to get the Summer Sex Life You Want, Amy Schumer Trainwreck the movie

Lou talks about creating the summer sex and relationship you want. Summer movies Trainwreck with Amy Schumer, and I'll See You In My Dreams. Realistic characters about new relationship and sex lives. Taking responsibility about your sex life. Using the Law of Attraction to bring in the sex and relationship you want.

Sex Talk with Lou 07-06-2015

Sex Talk with Lou 06-29-2015

Sex Talk with Lou 06-22-2015

Sex Talk with Lou 06-15-2015

Sex Talk with Lou 06-08-2015

Ever wondered what rooms full of sex experts, therapists and educators talk about??? Well I am going to let you be a fly on the wall, audibly, and share some of the top parts of the recent AASECT, American Association of Sex Educators, Counsellors and Therapists Conference this past Thursday - Sunday in Minneapolis. Transmasculine Sexuai Identities Buck Angel, Rethinking Infidelity - Esther Perel, Coregasms - Debby Herbenick, A Taste of Kink with visit to a scene dungeon, with enough variety and shared information from peers to fill 4 days. Humanitarian Honors to Dan Savage, Distinguished Service Russell Stambaugh, Standard of Excellence Peggy Kleinplatz and Sex Educator Bill Taverner.

06-01-2015 Kim Airs - All Things Sex Toys

KIM AIRS and I will discuss all things in the Sex Toy World. What's hot, what's not and how to choose the best for you and or your partner. Kim founded Grand Openings brick and mortar store in Boston area and truly has been in and a part of just about every facet of the world of sex toys and education. Kink to documentaries (Orgasms) to product development, to sales to prouct reviews. Needless to say she is a ton of fun to hit trade shows with and as a guest.

May 18, 2015 Sex Talk With Lou, UCLA con't, Kivin Method, The Swirl, Importance of Touch

Lou continues her UCLA presentation, The Kivin Method, best step-by-step oral sex technique for a woman, that she first heard in Paris at the World Congress of Sexuality and The Swirl. Blending information from Matthew Kelly's Seven Levels of Intimacy.

May 11, 2015 Sex Talk With Lou UCLA SEX TIPS for Professionals

Lou let's you be a fly on the wall to her once a year Sexuality Tips and Techniques lecture she presents at UCLA for MDs. MD psych residents, MFTs and MFCCs. This is information that Dr. Walter Brackelman's who heads up the course states, "Pay close attention she is a pure sex educator and you can use her information the moment you walk out that door."

May 4, 2015 Pulling in Ideal Dream Partner

So you've gotten yourself ready for your Ideal Partner So what do they LOOK and FEEL like for you? Being clear and calm about what you need and want are two crucial things to attracting your Dream Partner. Then Lou covers wacky sex questions people ask her. How can I get her to try a threesome?

May 20, 2015 Creating the New Sexual You

Lou discusses tips and ideas to help your create YOUR new sexual self and relationship. Lou borrows from other personal development techniques to help YOU, choose what works for YOU. Dream Boards, Your Belief, Darren Hardy's book ending technique that has one start a day and end a day with your in control. How amazing change can be for us, and to get yourself off standard media as it kills one's hopes and dreams.

April 14, 2015 Sexuality Across Our Life Span.

Lou discusses how we are sexual throughout our life and role models who have built bridges for us and act as role models. Jane Fonda,

April 6th, 2015, How to Have The Love Life, Sex Life and Relationship you want.

Lou uses Personal Development tools and rules to guide you on How to Create the Best Sex Life, Love Life and Relationship. You need to INVEST in yourself, Take Responsibility, Deal with Change, Consider Who You Listen to, Use the Law Of Attraction and if you do you'll create the sex life or love life or relationship or all three in one.

March 23, 2015 - My Sex Quiz - How Sexually Savvy Are YOU?

This is the first time I have shared HOW SEXUALLY SAVVY ARE YOU? quiz questions. These are some of the most common and unusual questions I have been asked in quiz format. This way you can have fun thinking about the answers and then I answer and expalin why it is the correct answer. How many Orgasms can women have? What combination has the highest risk of sobriety relapse? What percentage of men in America use vibrator? And how? Can you make a penis larger This is full hour of fun quiz questions. ENJOY!!!

March 23, 2015, Sex Talk with Lou, Monica Lewinsky, Cyberbullying, 50 Shades LAs Vegas Parody

Monica Lewinsky's TED Talk focusing on cyberbullying is in my mind a pivotal TED Talk.She is taking back th enarrative of her life and blazed onto the scene as probably th emost high profile cyber bullying victim in the world. As i watched I was seeing a woman who has come into her own, she's beautiful, very well spoken and pasionate about her focus. She is going to galvanize an anti-cyberbullying movemnet unlike any other. Most cyberbullying is related to jealousy, sexuality or mob mentality. I would love to see parents having to be responsible for the children's cyberbullying as Nicole Wallace , co-host of THE VIEW suggeted. Want to have fun in Vegas? Get thee to the Fifty Shades of Grey Parody. This is a very fun show with a high;ly talented cast. My new columns and trends that I am seeing in sex.

March, 9, 2015 Lip Service With Lou Paget - Staying Sexually Connected in a Disconnected World

So what do oyou do when you can't connect and feel pushed away sexually? What if you want to break your pattern of ending good relationships because you aren't turned on as much? I'll cover some tricky issues many couples struggle with and possible GO-TO options a la Lou. How love differs from desire and how to baby proof your isn't as easy as one thinks.

March 2, 2015 - My 50 Shades review, Increase Your Magnetism and Campus Rape Crisis Documentary The Hunting Grounds

59 Shades Review - This is my letter to the screenwriter and director for 50 Shades of Grey. How could you have left out soooo much of the story? The docus was on the sex not on the relationship and THE RELATIONSHIP ran the trilogy, My wish is that the next screenplay incorporates Anastasia's narrative because that was the fun part of the read. Change of earning dynamics in relationships, when more women are earning more than their partners. The epidemic of rape of campuses - The Hunting Ground - Kirby Dirk and Amy Zeiring documentary What are you doing to increase YOUR magnetism? My tried and true steps to help you get it back.

Feb. 2, 2015 Charles Runels and O Shot

Lou interviews Dr.Charles Runels about The O Shot procedure. Based on Platelet Rich Plasmapheresis (PRP) therapy this is a revolutionary way to improve women's continence and orgasmic response. Technically the O Shot initiates the growth of new tissue in the clitoris, pubococcygeus muscle that is the muscle that contracts during orgasm, upper vaginal vault and surrounding tissue. We discuss best uses for this PRP procedure and specifically how it is done. We discuss the damage and problems with Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation therapy, neither rejuvenating or therapeutic.

Jan. 19, 2015 Lou Covers New Sex Toys from January 15th ANME 2015

I review the Adult Novelty Manufacturers Expo -ANME 2015. Held twice annually I look for what's new, what works and what are new trends. I recommend all the products and you can find all online. Sportsheets new line of 5 Kits Sexperiments leads to their best ANME show ever. I love Bijoux Indiscrets out of Barcelona, Elsa Viegas is co-founder and they have a terrific line of quality lingerie and products. Their new Twenty-One is an award winning golden diamond vibrator. Fabulously newly introduced in November 2014 and new to US at this show. Vibratex - introduces Black Pearl a vibrating prostate massager for men, and FINALLY the Hiatchi Magic Wand as rechargable and new siliocne head. OhMiBod - bluemotion remote vibe for women and men that can be operated anywhere you have phone coverage including internationally by your mobile device for your partner's pleasure. This is OhMiBod's latest new and fabulous design. Plus LoveLife line. Cu in Bed - one of the best new products I saw - The use of Copper's intrinsic properties as an antimicrobial in an alloy for their first two products - CuRIOUS WAND and UNDERCuVER BAG. The delivery of this product introduces a new level of cleanliness to our sex toys because the copper alloy does not allow bacteria to grow on the product and or where it is stored. Crave - new product Ti Chang introduces - The Vesper - a vibe designed to be worn as a thin chained necklace - look good, feel good Screaming O - muff diver - 'nuff said. Fun Factory - The Bouncer with different weights inside to change sensation Tantus - stilll a classic in the silicone toy world, Metis Black keeps her designs fresh and classic. UberLube -Astroglide Diamond Gel - two lubricants I'd recommend.

Jan. 5, 2015, Kim Airs, Bubble Love, Lesbian Sex Toys, Sex Toy Trends and all Things Sex Toys, ANME Show and more

Kim Airs joins me to talk about what we expect to see at upcoming adult novelty trade show. ANME, XBIZ, SHE and AVN. We'll also cover Bubble Love the revolutionary product for women who love water stimulation. Many many women first learn about orgasms in the shower and bathtub and the inventor crested this product because that is what his wife loves. Smart man. What lubes to use, sex toy trends, anal play for men and its association with prostate health.

Dec. 29, 2014 Best of Sex in The News 2014

Sex in the News in 2014 was varied and constant. I look at things I feel had greatest impact in 2014. Same sex marriage, Bill Cosby's reported sex abuses, sad state of rape on college campuses and what can be done, hip hip hooray for Pope Francis and his comments on gay worshippers, Cuddle Clubs and why they are needed, increasing trend of Open relationships and marriages, Tinder impact on dating/hookups/relationships or should I say lack thereof. Increase of infertility and its impact. How Ryan Robertson's suicide completely changed his evangelical parents attitude about how damaging Reparative Therapy. Dan Savage's 'It Only Gets Better". The Trevor Project. That Michelle Duggar should 'Button it" about her comments on transgender. Her comments are irresponsible and she is sadly misinformed and is being used as shill for three politicians in Fayetteville. FYI - Michelle these transgeneder individuals are 'God's Gift' as well. Fifty Shades continuing impact. Joycelyn elders Chair in Sexual Health Education newly seated chair Dr. Michael Ross.

Dec 15, 2014 - Best Christmas Gift I Ever Received, Best Couples' Sex Toys, Essential Lists for Your Life,

I read about The BEST Christmas gift I ever received wasn't at all what I expected. I cover Best Sex Toy gifts for Couples - We-Vibe 4, Anaeros, Dai-Do #1 and #4, SportSheets, OhMiBod, Bubble Love, AfterGlow, Crave - Duet, Fixsation and others, making an Essential List for 2014/2015.

Dec. 8, 2014, Best Oral Sex Technique For Women, Most Common Sex Questions, Behaviors of Great Lovers and more

This is potpourri week, I cover some of the commonly asked questions I get, What do Great Lovers Know and Do?, Best Oral Sex Technique to have women orgasm, Kivin AKA Tahitian, Anal Sex questions and more.

Dec. 1, 2014 Sex at Sea -, Sexy Shopping

Join me in 2015 on a cruise where I will be talking about all things sexual!!!! Post Thanksgiving and looking towards 2015 and for the first time ever I have chosen to be part of 5 expert women creating an exclusive group of 80 woman who want to change their world's and their lives. checkout Sexy Holiday Shopping, Joan Price's new book, pregnancy and your kitty - research shows no need to worry about Toxplasmosis gondii AKA Toxo.

Nov. 24, 2014 Grateful Before Thanksgiving - Sex in The News

I will be discussing one of the best ways to make yourself appealing is to be grateful, to others and especially your self. Sex In The News segments - Pubic Hair Removal Patterns and more.

Nov. 17, 2014 Sexual Themes in Star Trek and Shakespeare - they are more similar than you think.

My twin sister Dede is my guest as we examine two of her favorite subjects, Star Trek Sex and Shakespeare. After studying she sees exact theme parallels between the two and we are going to talk about the sexual themes. Forbidden Love, Arranged marriages, Interracial sex they have them all. TNG and TOS are looked at along with mating rituals that have relevance to we earth beings.

Nov. 10, 2014 Lynn Brown Rosenberg -Author My Sexual Awakening at 70 - AKA A 70 Year Old

Author of My Sexual Awakening at 70. Widowed and asexual for 15 years Rosenberg's tipping point was realizing she hadn't had sex for 15 years and went on a misssion to address her repressed sexuality. Step 1, change meds, Step 2 great advice from her doctor and therapist and Lynn Brown Rosenberg discovered vibrators, fabulous orgams and an aliveness about herself and sexuality she'd never had. The freedom she now feels about her sexual self and the funny stories of her first forays into naughty chat websites. Her first online sex chatroom. How two conversations with her parents stunted her sexuality for 69 years. What messages she'd like women to know.

Nov. 2, 2014 Choosing Your Best Lover, Preachers of LA Segment

Lou Shares Best Ideas for Choosing and Drawing in your Best Lover & Sex in The News. Sex in the News - i) How a boat named Odalisque is named in a political debate and becomes a 'Turkish Slave'??? Honey Boo-Boo sexual abuse issue Choosing Your Best Lover and Partner My Preachers of LA segment Season #2- show 9, Sane, Sanctified and Sexual. 1) Be Clear what works for YOU 2) Remove your ego from the selection. 3) Be Realistic 4) Love something else - Love is magnetic shows a passion, focus and willingness to pay attention to someone other than you. 5) Focus, Focus, Focus, Focus. Know what you want and constantly revisit throughout the day. 6) TALK to the person, not just text, FB. Relationships and Love occur in person not cyberspace. 7) Be Grateful, 8) Forgive - yourself and others 9) Find Faith in You.

Oct 27, 2014 Rose Caraway The SEXY LIBRARIAN'S BIG BOOK of EROTICA

Rose Caraway Editor THE SEXY LIBRARIAN'S BIG BOOK of EROTICA. Imagine having your very own Erotica Librarian!!! Well that's what Rose Caraway has done. Collected works from top eroticists from Perfect Massages, to Shibari girl power to Clinical orgasms in space to Horror Erotica, Caraway's anthology covers 22 very unique and highly erotic tales ideal for anyone looking for new twists on erotic themes. Trust me this is a must for any afficiando of erotica. Check out her Caraway's Sexy Librarian Blog-cast the inspiration for this book.

Oct. 20, 2014 Lou Paget talks about the Relationship, Sexuality and Quality of Life Panel Oct 5-8 for Coalition to Support America's Heroes on Sexuality and Disability for Wounded Warriors

What would you do if you'd been severely injured and couldn't feel of keep connected to your partner? This was the 7th year our Panel on Relationship, Sexuality and Quality of Life presented for the Coalition to Support America's Heroes and addressed those issues. Where Sexuality and Religion Co-Exist, How Wartime Affects Sexuality, Reclaiming Sexuality in the Face of Disability - For You and Your Partner, Mating and Dating. Panel of 4 esteemed experts share what they know works for others so these soldiers and partners can create and recreate new and or revived connections.

Oct. 13, 2014 Roslyn Fleischer AKA Beulah Sanchez Author REALLY?!!?! One Woman's Adventures of Dating in the Digital Age

A hilarious guidebook by a comedic writer who has walked the convoluted and less than straight road of digital dating. And the real reason for many on these sites despite their claims of seeking connection falls into one of the following categories: Facetime Sex, Kink Sex, Tantric Sex, Great Sex, Dreadful Sex oh and more LOL real adventures in digital dating. Red flags on a profile, How to showcase yourself and how to be true to what YOU want. Fleischer's experience of being on just about every dating website lead to her creation of PICTUREPERFECTPROFILES.COM

Sept. 29, 2014 - Michael Russer's for Helping Men Become What Women Love

My colleague Michael Russer and I cover his new Milennial-focused Kickstarter based program starting October 8th, for his book and program 'Helping Men Become What Women Love. This powerful never-before-created program is a step by step Guide for singles and couples to create EXTRAORDINARY INTIMACY through emotional, physical and spiritual intimacy. Michael's own journey through impotence to Extraordinary Intimacy was the starting point for this completely unique model for loving, lasting relationships that people have always sought.


I start with a discussion of Emma Watson's presentation at the UN then to one of my most commonly asked questions - Whether it is a woman or a man - I am asked by people who are single "How do I make myself be more appealing? How do I 'DRAW' in my soul mate, my partner?" So this is HOW TO INSTANTLY INCREASE YOUR SEX APPEAL. One of your most powerful and seductive behaviors is your ATTENTION. How you pay ATTENTION, ATTENTION is a gift, it is a powerful energy that only one person can gve to another. LISTENING is another powerful tool you have should you use it. Gentle lIstening will give you a life and relationship unlike you ever expected. I suggest you do a LIST of 5 Items - You want and 5 that make YOU attractive to your partner. When you walk with the behaviors of: Confidence, Attention, Gentle Listening, Gentle Speaking you will create a completely new world for you and your heart.

Sept. 15, 2014 Lou Covers Sex In The News - Married at First Sight/Fifty Shades

I laughingly start with a video of Older adults reacting to the 50 Shades of Grey Trailer. They had a great range of responses that reflects the general population in the HuffPost Gold for the Soul. Reading Necessary Endings by Henry Cloud and his wisdom also applies to our sex lives and relationships. We have all seen there are absolutely times when we should have ended a sexual relationship, business relationship and or a personal relationship. Also Want to Be Kissed The Way You Want? Lou talks about that. My New Guilty Pleasure - Married at First Sight - this show is a window on how couples enter relationships. Anyone who is a therapist or wants to learn about love and relationships should glue their eyeballs to this show. They may call it a 'Social Experiment" yet it is an experiment that is working. The Married At First Sight Expert team of Pepper Schwartz PhD, Logan Levkoff PhD, Joseph Cilona PhD and Greg Epstein did an amazing job of selecting the couples and supporting these three couples through this journey. A HUGE validation that when you are in a relationship or choosing a partner use the experts you have around you.

Sept. 8, 2014 founder Sharon Summers. Enterpreneur Sharon Summer and I talk about what happens within an erotic phone call business. What are the best things people get from erotic talk? Masturbation with a friend. How does one get started in this? How and Who trains you? Sharon's world is a blend of part business, part sex, part eroticism. Who are their customers? Unique characteristics of some customers. Adult virgins are one group. Growing interest trends? How are you different from cam girls?

August 18, 2014 Sex and Love in the Last Days of Summer

To start I describe what the Grapefruit Blowjob by Auntie Angel is and why it might have appeal for some. Summer is sex and relationships so as we head into the last days of summer are you looking for what you want in your life? If so activate the Law of Attraction. Ask yourself WHAT you REALLY want. What and Who do you really love? Take my quick quiz and see where you're focused. Want to know if you have a purpose in being here? Read Proof of Heaven. Want the sex life you want - Are you doing personal work? How are YOU taking care of your heart? Some Sex in the News stories.

08-04-2014 Sexual Dreams and Fantasies - Lou Discusses Them

Ever dreamt about doing that person at work and you wake up worried you're going to cheat or secretly wnat out of your relationship? Not necessarily!! It may be for arange of other reasons. Ever had a nocturnal orgasm? One where you're asleep and it happens? Kinsey's research found 40% of women have had them with women in their 40's being the largest number. Want to create erotc dreams? Read erotica just before going to slepp and keep a VERY deatiled Dream journal. Sometimes you'll be surprised where youur fantasies come from.

July 28, 2014 Sex in the news, Does an Affair Mean the End?, Married at First Sight, 50 Shades Trailer

Lou covers her favorites of the week - Does an affair doom a relationship? Not necessarily according to Esther Perel. My previous guest Dr. Pepper Schwartz agrees with Perel that we now have changing ways of dealing with non-monogamy. Why I am curious people are judging the 50 Shades film solely by the trailer and in many cases they really don't have the right to do so. My new guilty pleasure married at First Sight a social experiment to see if science can help choose your ideal partner. Drawing from the very low arranged marriage divorce stats four experts pair three couples who meet at the altar.

July 21/2014 All thIngs Sex Toys with Kim Airs

Kim Airs of and Bubble Love is my guest post our attending the Adult Novelty Manufacturers Expo (ANME) held semi-annually in Los Angeles. We talk what's new in sex toys, trends in products the new ZANE line, CRAVE make your own vibe promotion which is a great product, SPORTSHEETS new product line a new line for plus size women.

July 14/2014 Pepper Schwartz PhD The Normal Bar, AARP Sex Survey, Sex Behavior Trends and my NEW guilty pleasure

The fabulous Pepper Schwartz, PhD Sociologist at U of Washington and I discuss her in depth AARP survey and what surprised her in the responses. We talk about her latest book The Normal Bar and in looking at trends what surprised me is what she would study if she was new coming into this field. THEN we talk about her part in my NEW guilty pleasure. Pepper is the expert sociologist on the TV show MARRIED AT FIRST SIGHT.

June 30/2014 Lou covers Sex In The News.

Lou weighs in on SCOTUS Supreme Court Rulings re Hobby Lobby, Articles that aren't what they seem to be suggesting in telling you watch TV have more sex, and another that tells you men want more foreplay. Both aren't what they seem to be and Lou tells you why.

June 23, 2014 Lou's take on Sex in the News from Duggard wedding to Benjy Bronk's prostate exam to Women who have lots of Sex, to George Clooney.

June 23, 2014 Show # 623 Lou gives her take on Sex in the Media. The Sudanese Christian woman released, about Dov Charney getting fired from American Apparel, why she feels George Clooney chose Amal Alamuddin, importance of Jill Duggard's wedding,'s Sophie Amoruso's book Girl Boss. The wacky news items of Perez Hilton and Benjy Bronk's prostate exam from a weight loss bet on the Howard Stern show to the student getting stuck in the vagina/vulva sculture in Germany. How to REALLY read sexuality focused articles and how chances are the titles are misleading. TVs in the bedroom lead to more sex and Men Wanting More foreplay get debunked. Women who are having lots of sex - the gender biases and surprising reason according to Marrie Lobel She refers to Paula England's Hook-Up Culture research. The appeal of the Blue-Eyed felon.

June 16, 2014 - Lou Gives Orgasmic IQ Quiz, Sex in the NEWS, Great Lover FAQ

Lou Paget gives you the University of Minnesota program in Sexual Health's 10 point Orgasmic IQ Quiz. She discusses Sex In The News, Great Lover's Behavior, and FAQs. That we need to take care of your Loves, her bff Dr Sherri Tenpenny lost her beloved husband in January and her experience has been a lesson for those who love. Lou's most recent videos just posted on

June 9, 2014, Lou Covers Sex in the News, and FAQ eg) Faked Orgasms, Difference Between Fetish and Fantasy and lots more

Lou does her recap of SEX IN THE NEWS and FAQ she is asked about SEXUAL BEHAVIORS. - CBS Sunday Trans Children video and why it's important. Mark Schoen's TRANS documentary film great insight of Trans children and adults. - Faking orgasm questions - how can you tel? - How do I choose a lubricant? - Fantasies - worried about fantasizing with husband. Difference between fantasies and fetishes. How can I introduce Fantasies into my relationship? - My Seven YOURTANGO.COM video segments, Search on site - Lou Paget videos - How can I tell how I taste I worry I don't taste okay. I worry that my semen is too strong what can I do? - What do BDS and M stand for in BDSM? - My partner doesn't stay hard when he goes down on me. What can I do? - The damage and nonsense of Reparative Therapy that a GOP member wants to promote.

June 2, 2014 - Kristin Newman What I Was Doing While You Were Breeding

Kristin Newman - Hilarious interview discussing her memoir, WHAT I WAS DOING WHILE YOU WERE BREEDING, that every woman can identify with. A professional woman who realizes traveling is the key and insight to herself and her heart. Part personal journey, part heart journey, part sexual exploration. Want to know who the best lovers are? Released May 20, 2014. These are Life Lessons in a Showrunning Comedic Writer's Memoir. Perfect for armchair travelers and fans of comedic memoirs. WHAT I WAS DOING WHILE YOU WERE BREEDING is a refreshing and wildly funny debut from a born stroyteller. Kristin Newman's irreverent tales of sowing her wild oats will have readers scrambling to pack their suitcases and follow her lead.


1) Santa Barbara Kilings are they tied only to his virginity? 2) Decades long National Case of Slut Shaming - Monica Lewinsky. I give this woman kudos she is a walking talking example of media slut shaming and bullying. Shame on Kenneth Starr 3) Learning how to read sex articles - Weird thing that makes people Unsupportive of Gay Marriage - look at who and why the article is wrriten and then follow the money - who benefits from it. Look at the site publishing it, PLOS ONE is an open paltform with a 'publish first judge later.' A bit like the crappy tech products we get that are no longer beta tested. 4) Sex Trafficking Has Reached Facebook - no shock on that 5) Neko Case's reaction to Playboy's sexist tweet - you have to know your audience 6) Out of Touch Sex in The News - Warner Todd Huston - Sex Education and optional liefstyle classes are part of the root problem that caused the Santa Barbara killing spree....Oh REALLY???? 7) Another Phil Robertson's anti-gay sermon - which bible out of 157 English translations is he reading?

Show 519 - May 19, 2014 - Winston Wilde DHS, MFT - Troubling Turn-Ons & Do Parents Make their Kids Gay?

Dr. Wilde is a Doctorate in Human Sexuality and a California MFT. Sexuality is such a personal world with so much public social policy that Troubling Turn-Ons can occur for many individuals. We'll discuss a range of Troubling Turn-ons. How they differ from Fantasies. Dr. Wilde can be reached at and 1) What determines a Troubling Turn-On? 2) How Does Turn-On differ from Fantasy? Or does it? 3) Examples of cases. Smoking, Can orgasm only with thoughts of genocide, Reality of most people attracted to minors, Only gets turned on when highly jealous, Partners must see him as their age @ 20 years younger, Jimmy Swaggert's prostitution attraction. 4) Do parents Make Their Kids Gay? Research looking at American children over twenty years says NO. 5) Lou comments on Recent Sex in Media. Jean Franzblau's Coming Out Kinky, California Women's Conference, Dr. Marissa Pei - Asian Oprah.

May 12, 2014 Lou Paget Weighs In on SEX IN THE NEWS

Lou Paget SEX IN THE NEWS...May 12/2014 AKA Become a Shrew Consumer of Media Sex Info. 1) Checkout this link to my contribution - 2) Wide Hipped Woman have More Sex Partners...oh really??? 3) Women trying to sing while orgasming 4) Willow Smith her mother Jada Pinkett Smith's real comment 5) Michael Sam openly gay in NFL draft - his job is football his heart knows who he loves 6) Conchita Wurst Eurovision winner 7) Coming Out Kinky - Jean Franzblau 8) Emily Letts - video during abortion 9) Hanna Kern - Med School auctioning virginity 10) Professor sued over obsession with students bondage porn past 11) SIECUS REPORT 2013 12) Winston Wilde next week Troubling Turn ons

May 5, 2014 Dr. Hernando Chaves - Trends in Sex Ed and Therapy - What Needs to be Kept/Repurposed or Deleted?

My guest is a treasure trove of "What's New and What's Current in the world of Sexuality Education and Sex Therapy. Dr. Chaves is a CA Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, human sexuality professor and sex columnist. His philosophy is centered on empathetic, sex-positive support with a special emphasis on pleasure enhancement. His work with erotic communities focuses on lifestyle introduction, exploration, & acceptance of unique of sexual expression, processing interpersonal relationships & experiences such as identity formation, coming out, & internalized anxieties for individuals, couples, & families of LGBTQQ, QULTBAG, BDSM, fetish, sex work, adult industry, alternative sexual expression, poly, people of unique gender identities, orientations, & members of erotic communities. His work with sex therapy clients focuses on anxiety reduction, mindfulness, challenging sexual discomfort, sensate focus exercises, & pleasure education using insight-oriented psychotherapy methods for erection difficulties, early/premature ejaculation, performance anxiety, inhibited/delayed ejaculation, anorgasmia, vaginismus, female sexual pain, low sexual desire, intimacy difficulties, communication problems, & partner relational concerns.

April 14, 2014 KIM AIRS BUBBLELOVE -What's Next in Sex Toys AKA The Selling of Pleasure

Kim Airs has been in just about every area of commerce related to sexuality. We'll discuss her history in sex toys and retail, new trends, what she sees as new on the sex toy horizon AND her newest venture BubbleLove!!!! A brand new to the market innovative sex toy for women who love to use water for self-stim. She was the owner of Grand Openings, Sex educator, Entrepreneur, did Sex Toy Parties, is a Sex Toy and Product Developer and Consultant, and in her free time Blogger for XBiz and rides her motorcycles.

April 9, 2014 - Jean Franzblau - COMING OUT KINKY A Grown Up Story

My guest tonight Jean Franzblau Produced, Wrote and Plays 20 different characters in her sexual autobiographical play COMING OUT KINKY: A Grown-Up Story We talk about all things Kinky. How did you know were Kinky? What questions should someone wondering if they are Kinky should ask themselves? How did this change your dating and relationships? Did your Kinky Sex Preferences change...Yes!! COMING OUT KINKY is Jean's emotional, physical and political sexual awakening, at times hilarious others scary and others very heartfelt as she learns about BDSM, KINKY sex, being a submissive. Discovering her Kinky Sex preferences was her sexual awakening leading to what she had been looking for for 2 decades her sexual fulfillment. FB/TW/LinkedIn


Oh GOOD I’ve got your attention!!! Lara Catone and Diego Wallraff are California State Board of Education Certified SEXOLOGICAL BODYWORKERS. What does a sexological bodywork session look like? What are the main issues that bring people to Lara and Diego? Are these sessions only in person? Is anyone nude? How does this differ from Sexual Surrogacy? How long does it take? How did you do your training and where? Both Lara Catone and Diego Wallraff have extensive backgrounds in body healing therapies, yoga, massage therapy, breath work and tantra, yet there were still times they could not reach or help previous clients release or connect to what was blocking them. Sexological Bodywork was the solution for them.

Lou Covers Sex Positive News Week Of 3.23.14

Lou covers Sex in The Media, from Lady Gaga to Bisexuality, World's Worst Dater to Porn Studies, Duck Dynasty's anti-gay stance to Gay Marriage in Michigan...and why the mindset behind both is the same. Given we are inundated by media presented 'factoids' often from the same news feed services it behooves us as consumers to adopt a Caveat Emptor attitude and become our own informed consumer of information especially in the arena of our sexuality.

Mark A. Michaels and Patricia Johnson Co-Authors Partners in Passion

Mark A. Michaels and Patricia Johnson combined diverse excellence in legal and tantra, and professional opera soprano when they became a couple. Fifteen years later they have used that knowledge and those skills to create an expanded body of sexual and partnered passion. Simple, science supported and honest this book has the heartbeat of connecting partners. About the Authors: A graduate of NYU and Yale, Mark A Michaels writes for scholarly and legal publications and his plays have been produced off-Broadway. He took his first Tantra class in 1997 and gave his first lecture on the subject two years later. Patricia Johnson spent many years as a professional operatic soprano. In 1999, a longstanding interest in Tantra inspired her to attend a lecture by Mark Michaels, now her husband and collaborator. Since then, she and Michaels have taught and lectured throughout the world. They live in New York City.

LORRAINE HOLNBACK BRODEK author of A NOBODY in a SOMEBODY World, My Hollywood Life in Beverly Hills.

LORRAINE HOLNBACK BRODEK author of A NOBODY in a SOMEBODY World, My Hollywood Life in Beverly Hills. Lorraine was guided by a comment from Jonathan Winters to 'Turn your brain into a camera and take little mental snapshots of all the going's on.' And take snapshots she did. Lorraine grew up in A-List Beverly Hills in the 50's and has seen the Hollywood world as an insider who could observe undetected. Why? because as her dear friend Erma Bombeck stated, she was a 'nobody'. Blending her long career in production and marketing within the Hollywood studio system Brodek recounts an insider's view of slices of Beverly Hills people, Hollywood events and on the road productions.

Ellen Dolgen - Creator of the Singing Uterus, Perimenopause & Menopause Health Advocate AKA The Vagina Whisperer

ELLEN DOLGEN - Join me and the hilarious Ellen Dolgen. Want to hear about - O Shot? Hormones? Sex Advice? Dolgen is part health advocate, part best girlfriend and part educator about Perimenopause and Menopause. Author of Shimirshky, and creator of what a twitter writer suggested The Oscar go to the Singing Uterus and host of Menopause Mondays @ AKA as the Vagina Whisperer Ellen wants women and their partners to know - Suffering in Silence is OUT, Reaching out is IN!!!!

Sex and the Little People - Marylou Naccarato DHS

Sex and the Little People. Standing a statuesque 3'11" Marylou Naccarato DHS, PhD(c) is a little person, and a Sexuality Educator. Dr. Marylou conducts explicit educational and entertaining sex and relationship workshops, for all people who desire to heighten their sensuality and intimacy. She shares fun creative techniques, sex positions, and a variety of adult toys that are suited to your range of mobility! She also holds private and group sessions for teens, adult individuals and/or couples. One of her goals is to bring forth issues regarding sensuality and intimacy for people with short stature, disabilities, or chronic illness. She personally believes that everyone is disabled or “differently-abled” in one way or another. “It’s all a matter of degree, and whether your condition is visibly noticeable” she states. Dr. Marylou also conducts educational sexuality seminars for students and professional clinicians in the field of Sexology, Sex Therapy, and Rehabilitation Therapy.

Lou's Quizzes for Getting Yourself Sex and Relationship Ready

#WeCantDateIf is the inspiration for tonight's #sextalkwithlou. Quizzes to get you ready for sex and love. Quiz #1 - Do a Real Analysis of Yourself? In a Relationship - How's it working? Want to change how things are going? Quiz #2 - Your Body - Its Care and feeding. Are you too hard on yourself? Market to your type. Quiz #3 - Clear About What you Want? This is where you need to be rigorously honest with yourself. Quiz #4 - What's Your Relationship & Sex History - no time to lie to yourself. Quiz #5 - Looking For Them. The more in love with you that you are the magnetic you become.

IRIS KRASNOW author SEX After - Women Share How Intimacy Changes As Life Changes.

JUST RELEASING!!! IRIS KRASNOW - SEX After - Women Share How Intimacy Changes As Life Changes. This is much needed book and MUCH needed conversations, for women, their partners and relationships. Below is my testimonial on the back of her book. "This book will start conversations that need to be had, and discussions about female sexual health and pleasure that need to be better understood. I know only too well that some of the best and most practical advice comes from those who had been there. I also know change to and in our sex lives is inevitable and that women want to know what other women really do to recreate their intimate and sexual landscape. Part validation, part guide, part supportive girlfriend Sex After is your close girlfriends in book form sharing the real goods and I mean real goods on what they did and do. Iris asks REAL women and men "How can a woman sustain intimacy through the many physical and emotional shifts of the female growth cycle?" Sex After… is filled with advice in the voices of 150 women, from waitresses to CEOs, ages twenty to eighty-eight. Their stories are raw and prescriptive, describing the challenges that can arise in each phase of a woman's life – from navigating the hooking-up culture in the twenties, to sexuality after pregnancy, midlife malaise, breast cancer, menopause, divorce, widowhood. The interviews with ordinary women are bolstered by expert commentary from sex researchers, gynecologists, oncologists, and therapists, coming together in an all-encompassing exploration and explanation of everything about sex you are dealing with, or are curious about that lies ahead. Sex After… offers a clear and hopeful road map to how to push through the obstacles that affect a woman's most intimate relationships. The giddy Golden Girls in the book are proof that, with creativity and an open mind, the sizzle can last a lifetime! (Men will love this book, too.)

Tori Parker Dir. of Business Development - WE-Vibe AKA The Company that helps you get your Groove On!! Sex Toy for Couples

The We-Vibe story is part entrepreneurial dream and part ideal marketing timing. My guest is Tori Parker the Director of Business Development - The Americas. I always look for company's that have superior products and an honest work ethos. The newest addition is the We-Vibe 4. Daydreaming to the hum of his car tires on the asphalt during a long road trip, inventor Bruce Murison wondered why there wasn't a massager that could just slide in between a couple while they made love. That started a journey of another type for Bruce and his wife, Melody. The more Bruce researched, the more he found an industry full of products that were intimidating, poorly designed and cheaply made. Bruce and Melody founded Standard Innovation Corporation and Bruce dedicated himself to the enormous — and enormously important — task of creating safe, high-quality, eco-friendly sexual wellness products that enhance the lovemaking experience for couples. Many years and thousands of design iterations later, the patented, silicone-encased, worn while making love We-Vibe was born. Since then, We-Vibe products have taken the world by storm. They are enjoyed by millions of couples, from all walks of life and aged from 18 to over 80 years old, and have become among the fastest selling sexual wellness products of its type in history.

Sexual Life Lessons - When Life Happens Sherri Tenpenny's husband Kevin Carey's death

My best friend Sherri Tenpenny's husband Kevin Carey died suddenly last week. Truly they had a so perfect for them relationship. They would often comment "How in the world did we ever find one another?" To say Sherri and Kevin are/were unique is an understatement. Soul Mates. The shock of this had me look at my own life and relationships. It is often when there is no return that we have a biggest learning curves in life and in our sexual relationships. I started talking about sex after my friend Bryan's partner Donn dies of AIDS. That life lesson started me on the path of talking about sexual health. I also learned from Kevin's, Donn's and my mother's death Don't delay saying something to someone - SAY IT NOW!!! Also don't choose relationships based on what your THINK someone else tells you to choose. Sexual Patterns of choice are downloaded by experience and influences. Choose them wisely.

Kristina Wright - Erotica Author - Bedded Bliss & XOXO

Bedded Bliss - A Couple's Guide to Lust Ever After & XOXO SWEET AND SEXY ROMANCE her two most recent books, Cleis Press, 2013/2014 / FB/twitter/ just about everywhere!! This is Erotica Night!!!Tonight my guest is award winning erotica writer Kristina Wright whose life actually is more like yours than you could imagine. Just with a little twist. These are Kristina's own words; " I just celebrated my 23rd wedding anniversary and I have been writing erotica and erotic romance for almost 15 years, tapping into the desires of average people who often write me notes saying they wish they could share their fantasies with their partner. The book covers every stage of marriage, from newlywed to middle age and beyond, including the ups and downs of parenting, long distance separations, changes in libido, etc. In 23 years, I've experienced just about everything marriage has to offer and I am happy to share my experience and wisdom with readers, along with asking a dozen erotica authors-- all of whom are in long-term relationships ranging from 5 to over 30 years-- to contribute their anecdotes, memoir and erotic fiction."

Charlie Glickman, author The Ultimate Guide to Prostate Pleasure

Charlie Glickman, Ph.D. Sexuality Educator, Author, Speaker and Trainer,, Twitter @charlieglickman, - February 8th-9th Santa Monica Again I get to interview Charlie Glickman about his break through book, The Ultimate Guide to Prostate Pleasure. We have tons of material, research and awareness about the Female G Spot and finally the Male G Spot is getting its spotlight. The Ultimate Guide to Prostate Pleasure - finally a plain speaking, solid sex education book for Prostate Pleasure. As two top Sex Educators, Charlie Glickman PhD and Aislinn Emirzian have put together an easy reading book on a subject that is equal parts prostate health and powerful sexual pleasure. Charlie, Aislinn and I will debunk myths, (You are not secretly gay if you like this type of pleasure!!!) and answer the most commonly asked 'wrong' questions and deliver for women and men the potential of Prostate Pleasure. Men are more aware of their need for a PSA test yet few are aware that Prostate health and pleasure are closely aligned. The Bend Over Boyfriend video series opened a new awareness that straight men enjoy penetrative play with their female partners. I know the sales numbers of hetero strap-on products with just one company were astronomical!!! Charlie can be found at and Aislinn , Charlie Glickman PhD has been a sexuality educator for over twenty years. He teaches workshops on a wide range of topics, including sex-positivity, sex & shame, gender & masculinity, sexual orientation, communities of erotic affiliation, and many sexual practices such as prostate play, anal sex, pegging, sex toys, BDSM, and polyamory. Charlie is certified as a sexuality educator by the American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors, and Therapists and he regularly presents at conferences and community events, offers trainings on sexuality for medical professionals, therapists, and clergy. Charlie is available for speaking engagements, in-service trainings, and workshops. You can find more information about him on his website. Aislinn Emirzian is a workshop instructor and sex coach based in San Francisco. She first became a sex educator at Smith College, and later worked with sex positive adult toy stores like Oh My Sensuality Shop in Massachusetts and Good Vibrations in California. Over the years, she has taught workshops on a wide range of topics, but prostate pleasure is her favorite! Find her at

Lou's Final Wrapup Show of 2013

Lou does her Final Show of 2013 - Starting with Sexual Zeitgeist 2013 - Joycelyn Elders Chair in Sexual Health Education fully funded, Pope Francis as a powerful role model, Coalition to Support America's Heroes R2R, Children of the Night, Ideal Partner Exercise. The powerful experience of being invited to attend The Road to Recovery with other panel members for the Relationships, Sexuality and Quality of Life panel and breakout sessions. Panel members were Lou Paget CSE, Linda Mona PhD, Bill Stayton ThD, PhD, Tom Stewart CEO Sportsheets, Mitch Tepper PhD. Medical Anthropologist Zoe Wool and PhD Anthropology student Antoinette Izzo, Diane Paget RN, BN also provided support to these 100 families.

AGING BACKWARDS Expert - Jackie Silver Looking Good Was Never So Easy

Ever wanted to slow down the clock physically? Reverse it?? Well tonight's guest Jackie Silver is THE expert voice YOU have been waiting for. Seriously this woman has 5 Steps to have you rejuvenate / age backwards. And one of them is looking at your earlobes. She taught me things I never expected would be indicators and simple daily ways to 'AGE BACKWARDS" Below is from Jackie's site: Hi! So glad you stopped by! Check out all my secrets, tips and shortcuts for staying young and gorgeous, and just have fun exploring here. You’ll also find the latest beauty and anti-aging news and reviews. Plus, you’ll get great advice from some of the best experts in the world. In case you’re wondering, I wasn’t just “born this way.” It’s taken some, um, work and a whole lot of research. Want proof? Click on the purple button to see me at age 12. Okay, blow dryers weren’t invented yet! LOL When it comes to looking beautiful and young, I do all the research for you so all you have to do is just show up!

Michael Russer, Jacky Lopez, the inspiration behind Extraordinary Intimacy

Micheal Russer was my guest on August 8th and I knew I was hearing a positive we-can-do message that many many couples needed to hear. That erectile issues and impotence are NOT the END of your love life. As a result Michael and I collaborated on the beta test webinar EXTRAORDINARY INTIMACY - a 4 week program to share this ground breaking attitude and step by step method. So tonight I have the gift of Michael and his partner Jacky Lopez on to share their story of creating intimacy they did not know was possible. These are two entrepreneurs with busy lives and they will share how they have been able to create this intimacy. Then in the second half Micheal and I will discuss what we learned from our beta testers and what our next steps are for the EXTRAORDINARY INTIMACY webinar series. Michael Russer's upcoming book (2014 release) “HARDLY BROKEN – One man’s journey to extraordinary intimacy in the face of full impotence” FYI - You can go to to pre-register for various benefits prior to his book being published. BIO: Michael J. Russer Beginning in September of 2011 Michael began a year-long personal transformation that included a diagnosis of prostate cancer, radical prostatectomy, follow up intensive radiation treatments and full blown impotence. He considers his resulting impotence to be one of the biggest blessings in his life. It is because of his impotence that he and his partner discovered an entirely new approach to experiencing levels of emotional and physical intimacy that far exceeds anything either experienced prior to when things were working “correctly”. It is his personal mission in life to serve other couples who struggle with emotional and physical intimacy due to ED, impotence or simply because they have lost their “spark” and use his communications skills to share what he has learned worldwide. Media Contact Information » Phone: 805-280-8271 | Email: | Fax: 775-360-4907 Social Media Channels » Twitter | Facebook | Linked In | YouTube

Lou Covers SEX IN THE NEWS and More

This is Lou's Sex in The News starting with how Halloween gives you insight into people's sexual selves and fantasies. Some websites seem rather out of it on their offerings however they strike a nerve on how people wish to be perceived. NOW booking private Skype sessions so you can send private e-mails to I discuss my twice monthly volunteering at Children of the Night a rescue Shelter Home for children rescued from underage prostitution. Olga Cohen of very generously donated her Vaginal Wash for the girls. Finished the Extraordinary Intimacy Webinar's beta testing and my co-creator Michael Russer and I got terrific feedback and more importantly the participants got great results and information for future use. I am on expert on's video segment - Marriage get Better if You Live Together First? More posting over next 6 weeks.

Olga Cohen - Vaginal Rejevenation Complex

The delightful and resourceful Olga Cohen creator of Vaginal Renewal Complex (VRC) is my repeat guest. Truly one of best products I recommend for women of all ages who find vaginal dryness interfers with pleasurable sex. As a bride in her early 40's who was slammed into early menopause Olga took her deep consumer products background and teamed with two M.D.s to create Vaginal Rejuvenation Complex, a non-hormonal, natural ingredients, no parabens vaginal cream. Her other outstanding product is Vaginal Wash which I highly recommend as a gentle way to cleanse the vulvar area and feel clean and fresh., contact Olga directly @

Lou Dishing on her current activities, Dr. Joycelyn Elders,

Lou discusses current media she has done. I am the Vice-Chair for the fund raising council that is finalizing the Dr. Joycelyn Elders Chair in Sexual Health Education. Former US Surgeon General Dr Elders knows that sexual health education is the key to ending the poverty cycle of 'babies having babies". If or a loved one identifies with Dr. Elders and her legacy please contact me about potential donations to the Elders Chair. I was one of four Experts @ living together + or - before marriage. FYI - do not practice Psychic Sex or Psychic Relationships. blog that I am posting to @ body image and self esteem. I cover Week #2 of Seven Days of Sexy. I talked about Week #1 last week. Given Manners, Etiquette and Deportment were my specialty before I started talking about sex I see a direct correlation between the two. I LOVE Judith Martin's Miss Manners book and pull references from there during the show.

A 3G Evening - (Girlfriend, Glass of Wine and Getting Your Groove on or Back.) with Lou Paget and her Twin Diane

There are times when we all need to be open to learning about things and sex is no different. The best thing about growing up is you see different ways and options to look at something you thought you already sex. Creating the Perfect Partner. Lou and Di look at How do you become vulnerable? To let someone in when you are newly dating? The Week ! of Seven Nights of Sexy Lou created for founder Orna Purkin. The power of Intimacy versus sex. And lots more.

Are We Being Drugged Out of Good Sex Lives? Madeleine Castellanos M.D. Psychiatrist

Madeleine Castellanos M.D. Psychiatrist When I had Dr. Castellanos on 3 weeks ago I knew I had to have her back to address the growing impact of medications on people's sex lives. People, we have a real problem of the lack of transparency of drugs impact on your bodies, our ability to fall in love, and this impact wave hasn't even crested yet. #1 Question I ask parents to let them know how crucial this is - " Do you want to have grandchildren?" We are medicating people out of their ability to fall in love, stay in love and know what love is. Here are some topics we'll cover, and I want to start the trend of how to get off them and return their brain and sexual function. That is a very Big Job. Chemical Imbalance. Brain imbalance. My understanding is there is no theory for this and no demonstrated state of chemical imbalance. It is a physician’s way to suggest and urge a person take prescriptions. (Stuart Shipko) According to data obtained from IMS Health, the number of children 0-5 on psychiatric drugs has increased 42% since 2009. In 2012, there were 1,085,410 children aged 0-5 on psychiatric drugs, which is the highest the number has been in the last decade. Let’s breakdown what ADHD is and is not. My understanding is the ‘diagnosing’ of ADD skyrocketed when schools were being given funding if they had children who ‘had it.’ How do teachers qualify with ‘diagnosing’ children with ADHD. What can parents do to stop a teacher insisting they drug their child?

Lou Paget covers - SEX IN THE NEWS 9/25/13

Once a month I like to look at some of the more prominent sex stories in any media. I go from Glamour magazine articles - adult star James Deen's awareness of what adult films are for and that the actors are more professional than many think, the things a $200,000 matchmaker will tell you NOT to do if you want to meet someone, dating concierge Laurie Davis of suggestions.  My thoughts on Melissa Gorga's new book Love Italian Style that that spurred Tracie Egan Morrisey's Jezebel piece saying she Advocates Marital Rape.  To me reads in part like a Rules throwback and in part her relationship and what works for THEM. I compare the Glamour article "Why No One Is Getting their Period" and a previous HuffPost Live interview I did on The Pull-Out Generation. And I am suspicious it is 'advertorial' for Merck's 4 page color spread ad for Nexplanon that followed 15 very thin pages later. The new program Micheal Russer and I are creating to refine, build and create intimacy and connection. Dr. Madeleine Castellanos will be my guest Oct. 2nd @ hormones, medications and how to Preserve Our Sex Lives and Our Children's Sexual Future

Valerie Ramsey - Author Creating What's Next Gracefully

Valerie Ramsey - Author of Creating What's Next Gracefully. Valerie began a mid-life corporate career at 53, started modeling at 63, and became a published author and speaker at 68. This is a woman on a mission with a message. We'll discuss How your relationship and sexuality are tied to all areas of your life and the changes one experiences in a long term marriage. What part is Gracefully in life, sex? in attitude? What part is the emotional connection and how to keep it. What were some of the myths that people told her as a young bride. Who are her role models and why? Sex toys and lubes.

What Would A Penis Tell A Woman? Madeleine Castellanos M.D.

As a Certified Sex Educator I am ALWAYS looking for experts in various fields who can deliver great solid easily understandable information about ALL areas. New York City based Dr. Castellanos hits that mark. We'll discuss among various subjects; Sexual fantasies, What WOULD a penis tell a Woman?, Trends she sees in her practice, Impact of stress on sex, Importance of sexuality education in Med Schools, HuffPostLive segment I did today, Pull-out Generation and more.

What do Great Lovers DO?

This week I discussed GREAT LOVER Behavior, Attitudes and Techniques from my book, The Great Lover Playbook. I also cover suggestions at the end on how to choose sex toys. After this week's casting of Dakota Johnson and Charlie Hunnam sparked more conversations @ Fifty Shades of Grey, in an upcoming show I will share How To Get The Most Out of Fifty Shades of Grey, in positions, in toys, in food, in ambience, in attitude, in music etc.

Lou does Sex in the News, Hand Job Description, Miley Cyrus Twerking??, Fifty Shades Paper rebuttal.

This is my week to talk about what I see in the news, what makes me crazy, great manual techniques women and men, info interchangeable depending on your body. Seduction meals. Starting with a gf of mine who is heading back into dating, last week's guest, Fiona Fine of had some great advice, Date Like a Man. FYI - Miley Cyrus wasn't twerking on the VMA stage, suggestive and activity that will get eyeballs on the screen which is what producers and advertisers want. Would Montana Judge Baugh have given the same sentence to a 52 yo man who raped his 14 granddaughter? Me thinks NOT!! Starting October 1st, I will be doing a NEW, invitation only, live coaching Webinar 4 Weeks to Extraordinary Intimacy with Micheal Russer. This will be a live coaching webinar for Couples and Singles who know they want extraordinary emotional, physical and spiritual intimacy. Contact me at for consideration. Myopic Vision Clouds Science. I adore science and the scientific study of sexuality. However I do see RED flags when a paper is released with only ONE side of a presentation, book or study. Amy Bonomi from Ohio State wrote a paper supporting their supposition that Fifty Shades of Grey Romanticizes Sexual Violence and Emotional Abuse of Women. I call 'Double Crap' on their article. Violence in any form is unacceptable, mental or physical. However I call their Methodology into question. To use less than 10% of the trilogy (124 pages of 1625), use a Methodology of 'consistency of interpretation", translation the lead author will tell the other two scholars what to think....they ignored and overlooked the that that this is a love story, millions of woman around the world as so not going to drawn to sexual violence as a turn on. That really insults women's intelligence. They ignore that Anastasia is not an easily influenced young woman, that when ever there is disaster in the trilogy, Red Room, or sexual encounter it is Anastasia that has initiated it not Christian. They make suppositions about Anastasia's multiple fathers (could contribute to intimacy complications) without really looking at her rock solid relationship with her stepfather. That she is well aware of flighty female relationships based on her mother's behavior. Please if you are going to use a book as an example look at the entire thing not less than 10%.

Fiona Fine - Editor-in-Chief

My guest is the entreprenuerial Fiona Fine who is the founder of two female-centric personal fact finding online magazines. and, Born of her own search for pleasure and passion when she ended a long term marriage that had neither Fiona first created GODESSCONNECTIONS.COM How To Put The Fun Back Into Dating: Bringing Joy Back Into Your Lovelife! and then Women Who Run It: Your Life - Your Love - Your Terms! was created. Fiona Fine, Editor-in-chief is a self-glorified Goddess and Dating Expert in her early 50's. After a long, unfulfilling and unsatisfying relationship and years in the corporate world, she decided to put the pleasure back into her existence and to start living life purely on her own terms. She is the founder of Goddess Connections and started the movement: How To Put The Fun Back Into Dating where she helps women turn their dating lives around. She is also the Editor-In-Chief of Women Who Run It: Your Life - Your Love - Your Terms! a magazine that advocates for women like her; 'alpha' women who want to stop the frazzled time-sucking search for information and discover the fastest path to the money, career, health, relationships, even SEX of their dreams.


I am thrilled to have my dear friend and colleague Dr. Mark Schoen of on this week's #SexTalkWithLou. As a top sex educator for over 30 years Mark has created one of the best go-to resources for sex education films. His user friendly massive collection is used by educational professionals, therapists and Joe and Jane Q Public. And I mean ALL types of films. We'll discuss What are the trends in sex education films? Which country makes the best? How are we doing here in the US? What areas need more content? Being politically correct what are some growing terms that need to be incorporated into our sexual lexicon:, #genderquerying, #genderneutral. Then I want to cover his incredible documentary TRANS, about transgender stories that will touch your heart and give anyone more insight into the journey of transgender individuals.

“HARDLY BROKEN – One man’s journey to extraordinary intimacy in the face of full impotence” author Micheal Russer

Imagine a man saying “ED is the BEST thing that has ever happened to my intimate life!” Tonight's show is a very different practical message for any man or their partner who has dealt with or is dealing with Impotency. Given the epidemic of impotency men and their partners are experiencing from life and stress, injuries, surgeries, medical treatments and medications Michael Russer's upcoming book (2014 release) “HARDLY BROKEN – One man’s journey to extraordinary intimacy in the face of full impotence” is a timely and much needed book. For both the man on the street and his partner and those of us in the arena of sexual health. Our world of education expands when people such as Micheal share with others about his positive experiences. FYI - You can go to to pre-register for various benefits prior to his book being published. BIO: Michael J. Russer Beginning in September of 2011 Michael began a year-long personal transformation that included a diagnosis of prostate cancer, radical prostatectomy, follow up intensive radiation treatments and full blown impotence. He considers his resulting impotence to be one of the biggest blessings in his life. It is because of his impotence that he and his partner discovered an entirely new approach to experiencing levels of emotional and physical intimacy that far exceeds anything either experienced prior to when things were working “correctly”. It is his personal mission in life to serve other couples who struggle with emotional and physical intimacy due to ED, impotence or simply because they have lost their “spark” and use his communications skills to share what he has learned worldwide. Prior to this phase of his life, Michael was a highly regarded international speaker and author about the Internet. His media experience includes keynotes, radio and TV interviews, videos, articles for national publications and voiceovers. Media Contact Information » Phone: 805-280-8271 | Email: | Fax: 775-360-4907 Social Media Channels » Twitter | Facebook | Linked In | YouTube

So How Did You Get Into Selling Sex Toys to Soccer Moms? Karla Scott Director of Sales - Eldorado Trading Company

Karla Scott, Director of Sales for Eldorado Trading Company will give us an insider's view of the world of selling sex toys to retailers across the country. This will be a VERY fun conversation!!!! Karla and I will talk about how she creates and tailors Eldorado's marketing of adult novelties to their national and international retailers. She is the boots on the ground AKA sales reconnaissance for her company. Given that Colorado based Eldorado is one the top US based distributors and has 16,000 SKUs and over 300 different vendors she has many options to help her retailers choose the best for their customers. How does she answer, "What is the best vibe? What about this lube?" Her answers lie in education and training, gathering the best products which is an Eldorado focus and training the sales staff so they have the best possible information BEFORE they talk to customers and don't learn in a trial by error fashion. She brings her 22 years of executive background, Fortune 500 (UPS Sr. Account Exec.) and entrepreneurial skills(Landscape floral company)into her sex toy world, translation - educate your staff first!!! Good Business principles n'est ce-pas? What she sees the current market trends are. How she is constantly learning what is available. How does she balance wearing 2 hats, one serving the manufacturer and the other the retailer, and much much more……

Boredom and Cheating - Top 2 Sex Issues with Dr. Diana Wiley

Starting with Sex in The News, I mean really could there be more??? One of my favorite guests, Dian Wiley, Ph.D., sex therapist based in Seattle and I will look at two of the most common and toughest sexual issue categories: 1) Cheating and 2) Boredom. Pay attention while two seasoned sexuality experts give their best ideas, solutions and possible options for people and couples to use and consider. Let's start with how does a couple define cheating? There are as many definitions as there are people. Dr. Diana will discuss what possible cognitive (why you thought to do it) and behavioral (practical behaviors to change/adjust/add) techniques she might use to address this. That couples who remain together typically fall into one of 3 categories and which category they are in determines if they will be satisfied afterwards or just stick it out. Hardly what one wants to do for the rest of their life Boredom - so who's responsible for entertaining you???? Really if you are an adult it is about taking a proactive position on all things. Children wait adults act.

Sexy Politics, Sexy Manners, Book of the Week

Seriously there is sooo much about sex and its impact in the news from Elliott Spitzer, 'trust me with your purse strings' plea to Rick Perry's attack on Senator Wendy Davis to Weiner's run for NYC mayor. Truly for the return to politics dudes I see it as a run for money. I see that Spitzer, Sanford and Weiner have run out of money and having been on the political money train want back on. Know why they're being listened to? Their wives. George Carlin's has a great monologue that addresses their political double speak hypocrisy.

Sex in the News - Who got it Right? Wrong? and Are you kidding Me???

Sex in the News - the last two weeks has had a range of hugely impactful reports and articles on sexuality in the media. I will be reviewing a number of them and calling certain people and attitudes on the proverbial carpet. Micheal Douplas's I got oral cancer from cunnilingus, or really???? There is an association of HPV (Human Papilloma Virus) 16 with oral and throat cancers however to say it is the cause is in my opinion irresponsible. What about your other lifestyle choices? The impact of women now not getting the type of sexual pleasure that for many women is the best is just one impact. Then I'll look at the anthropological source of HPV 16. Recent article HPV vaccine cut infection by half in ten girls. GRRRRR!!!!! Seriously people look at the science and the research and follow the money. I use Dr. Diane Harper's presentation at the 4th International Public Conference on Vaccinations, October 4th, 2009. Dr. Harper was one the lead researchers for Merck's development of Gardasil and Glaxo-Smith-Kline's Cervarix and she states there is NOTHING that is as effective at preventing cervical cancer than screening...translation Pap smears. I discuss plenty more on this subject. The high end adult novelty lawsuit between Standard Innovation, We-Vibe and Lelo. The international Trade Commission ruled in favor of Standard Innovation. What this means for more and better products on the market. The collapse of Exodus International, the ex-gay organization that claimed through Reparative Therapy people could be 'cured' of homosexuality. Exodus' former head Alan Chambers who reached out last year to Lisa Ling who has a show on OWN wanting to reach out and formally apologize to all those who had been adversely affected by Exodus' practices. My guest last month Dr. Winston Wilde titled his show, Reparative therapy is neither. Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska) changes her view on same sex marriage influenced by a lesbian couple who have adopted four children. The 20 week ban passes the House. The blustering flustering men who are once again trying to raise their social media profile by challenging aspects of the abortion law. Baby's masturbate in utero rationalization. Sam Taylor-Johnson hired to direct Fifty Shades of Grey.

Meagan Andelloux - So you want to be a Sex Educator

So you think you want to teach human sexuality? Well then pay close attention as tonight my guest Megan Andelloux and I will share the inside track on how to make a living lecturing worldwide about healthy human sexuality. Megan's philosophy is sexuality can be spoken about and following the Hippocratic Oath answer the questions about sex and above all "Do No Harm", Creator of Study Sex College Tour. Megan Andelloux is a nationally Certified Sexuality Educator (CSE) through The American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors and Therapists, an HIV educator and a Board Certified Sexologist through The American College of Sexologists. Ms. Andelloux worked for nine years as a youth-focused sexuality educator in NY, RI, CT, and NJ before bringing her love for teaching at a locally run feminist sex-shop in Providence, RI. It was there that she began to notice adults did not have a space to ask questions and learn about sexuality. She also noticed adults hold many of the same questions teens do when it comes to sexual issues, and so she merged into working in the world of adult sexuality education. Ms. Andelloux was named ” Vagina Warrior of the Year” from the Vagina Monologues for her work regarding sexual communication and fear reduction. She has been labeled by the Rhode Island press as “The Princess of Pleasure” and more recently, “The Sex Ed Warrior Queen” as she is on a mission to promote sexual health, wellness, and communication. Ms. Andelloux lectures internationally at colleges, universities, medical schools, and sexuality institutions on issues surrounding sexual pleasure, sexual health, politics, and erotic justice. To date, she has taught at over three dozen higher educational institutions, including medical schools and Ivy league universities such as Brown, Yale, and Harvard. She is listed on Wikipedia as an American Feminist, Writer and Sex Educator and on the Erotic Heritage Museum’s Hall of Heroes, which showcases icons of sexual revolution. She has worked full-time in the field of Sexual Education for more than twelve years.

Shai Rotem - Surrogate Partner - Did the movie Sessions tell us the truth about Surrogate Partners?

As we approach Memorial Day I was reflecting on the service our military gives this country. I've also coordinated panels on sexuality and disability for the Coalition to Support America's Heroes (CSAH). I've seen how severly injured soldiers injuries impact these service personnel's sex lives, marriages and family relationships. Given how powerful the media's messages are I looked at, "So what recent messages has the film industry delivered about sexuality?", and top on my list to look at was Sessions. Based on Cheryl Cohen Greene's professional surrogate partnership with severely disabled poet Mark O'Brien. Did Sessions get it right? So I asked a colleague and Clinical Sexual Surrogate to give me the insider's view on this powerful and often misinterpreted part of sex therapy. And believe you me I learned plenty myself. Shai Rotem is the founder of The Center for Professional Clinical Surrogate Therapy. He is an experienced certified Surrogate-Partner since 1997. He is also a member, trainer, and supervisor in the SPTO (Surrogate Partner Therapy Organization)– the professional organization for experts in the field of SPT. In his work, he helps clients with vast variety of physical, mental, emotional, sexual, and spiritual issues. Shai was born and raised in Israel. In 2006 he moved to Los Angeles, CA where he works as a Surrogate-Partner, lecturer, teacher, and healer. He gives lectures and presentations about SPT (Surrogate Partner Therapy), and healthy sexuality on a regular basis in graduate schools and clinics in the Los Angeles area. Shai has a BA degree in Psychology, he is certified in the Energy Healing arts, Reflexology, and meditation techniques.

Lissa Rankin M.D., Mind Over Medicine Scientific Proof That You Can Heal Yourself

Lissa Rankin M.D. has a huge mission - Helping to Heal the Healers - sharing Mind Over Medicine - Scientific Proof We Can Heal Ourselves' ground breaking collection of information and scientific facts to the people we go to for health care - M.D.s, physicians, all healthcare providers. Putting back into their minds and hands information that will make them be the healers they went into healthcare to become. People….Love your loved ones? Love life? Love yourself? Then people READ this book it will put you in the driver's seat about keeping you and your loved ones alive longer and in better shape because of things the medical world never told you. In Mind Over Medicine; Scientific Proof That You Can Heal Yourself Lissa Rankin M.D. delivers clear, oftimes LOL user-friendly science based explanations and suggestions on how you can have the body and health you want, how to heal yourself and help your loved ones do the same. In Mind Over Medicine Dr. Lissa adresses the power we have by our thoughts to Heal Ourselves. Why we have to Change Health Care, How Friendship Can save your life, Go to Church live 14 Years Longer, Lonliness is the killer. Why Your Inner Pilot Light is SO important. Knowing what she does lucky me!!!! Dr. Lissa is my guest tonight May 15th 6-7 PM PDT. I CANNOT wait to pick her brilliant mind on how I can now and in the future when needed heal myself and download her information to help my loved ones and others.

Lou's Musings - What Inspires me in my field of Sexuality

Each Monday morning, Rick Davis who coordinates my social media, and I look at what is my weekly Theme. This week was Seeking / Searching. Then I started looking at all the people and events in my field that have Inspired me because people often ask me "What inspired you to work in sexuality?' Answer - the people who told me how my work had impacted them and their relationships. I am so so inspired by heart and passion. By people who don't hear "No, Can't Happen, Who do You Think You Are?" when their heart's voice says Keep going you're right. I am inspired by my colleagues who keep me accountable. My peers who have come from very disparate backgrounds to create new ground breaking toys and products that have contributed worldwide to people's sexual connection and pleasure. Tom Stewart - Sportsheets, Tiffany York of MyFixsation, Ethan Imboden of Jimmy Jane, Jackie Brandwynne of Very Private Inc, Tony Levine of Big Teaze Toys, Bruce and Melody Murison of Standard Innovatons that created the first couple's vibe the We-Vibe. From a former marine to industrial designer to consumer products guru to electrical engineer none of these people started in the area of sex enhancing products yet their inspirations were tied to them not finding what they wanted and others said they needed. I am very inspired by people who have the strength to standup even when their beliefs aren't popular. Greg Paulk who rescinded his Ex-gay Reparative Therapy stance, Matt Moore who shared he knows it's impossible to change yourself and still struggles with blending his faith and not acting on his homosexual attractions, Brain McNaught the Godfather of Gay Sensitivity who is known worldwide for his Corporate Diversity Trainings. Dr. David Satcher who would not back down on his Surgeon-General's Call to Action on Sexuality under the sexaully repressive politics of the Bush Jr White House. In closing I am inspired by the Elizabeth Smart's John Hopkins presentation this week was so powerfully highlighted that comprehensive sexual education is needed. This is one very strong, brave young woman.

Reparative Therapy is Neither - Dr. Winston Wilde

An article earlier this week about the former poster boy for Reparative Therapy Ex-gay Leader John Paulk reversing his stand on this therapy spurred me to ask my terrific colleague Dr. Winston Wilde to shine a light on Reparative Therapy. Especially in light of a California Bill SB-1172 Sexual Orientation Change efforts. This bill was signed by Gov. Brown September 30, 2012 and point 865.1 specifically states it is not to be administered to anyone under 18. Then the day of this interview Matt Moore referred to as the ex-gay Christian Blogger was exposed to have been on the gay dating site Grindr. Dr. Wilde feels it s important for our professional peers to create a policy statement about this form of therapy. What is it? Does it actually work? What is the science behind it? Are trained professionals doing this? Why wouldn't Michelle Bachmann and her husband talk about their use of it during her Presidential campaign? Winston Wilde - 1999 Doctor of Human Sexuality: Institute for the Advanced Study of Human Sexuality, San Francisco. 1997 Masters in Clinical Psychology: Antioch University Los Angeles. 1995 Bachelors in Liberal Arts: Antioch University Los Angeles. Specialization - Sexual, Erotic and Gender Minorities. Wilde has lectured on diverse topics as Love, Evolutionary Sexology, Male Circumcision, and Psychotherapy with Erotic Minority Persons across America and in Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Cuba, India and Nepal. Co-founder The Desert Center for Sexuality Awareness, Rancho Mirage CA.

Dr. Trina Read - Founder, Author

Two world class sexuality experts dish on male sexuality and trends. Join me and my guest Dr. Trina Read this Wednesday, April 17th and you'll get to be a fly on the wall and if you've got your own questions call in/online and you'll get our undivided attention. Dr. Trina and I will look at male sexuality? Specifically to debunk some of the myths about it: (1) The myths of impotence (2) The revolution in testosterone therapy (3) Why men fake it (4) Why men have an undeserved reputation for being selfish and uncaring in bed ...and THAT is just the start Gentle Listeners. BIO Dr. Trina Read Media expert, best selling author, sex coach, international speaker, spokeswoman, newspaper and magazine columnist, Sexologist, Dr. Trina Read’s mission is to show couples how to have fun and meaningful sex. Dr. Trina devotes her writing time to her numerous websites, many women’s magazines, and syndicated mommy sex blog. Her books include, Till Sex Do Us Part: Make Your Married Sex Irresistible; as well as, Everything You Wanted to Know About Sex: Volumes I, II & III. Founder & Eat Drink Love, CBC Relationship Columnist, Follow me on Twitter at:

Laura Antoniou author The Killer Wore LeatherSex Talk with Lou 04-03-2013

About The Killer Wore Leather: Cormac “Mack” Steel, Mr Global Leather, has been murdered at this year’s BDSM/fetish weekend in New York City. He was found dead on the floor of his Manhattan suite wearing only a pair of frilly, yellow panties. And the suspects who could have killed him number in the thousands. Detective Rebecca Feldblum has worked murder cases before, but none quite so exotic as this one. Suddenly trapped in a world of leather and latex, masters and slaves, pups and trainers, Rebecca has only a weekend to find who killed Mack Steel—and although she doesn’t know it, she’ll discover more about the kink underworld, and herself, than she could ever anticipate. A deliciously tongue-in-cheek murder mystery, The Killer Wore Leather is a strapping invitation for readers to join Rebecca as she explores the private, erotic world of BDSM personalities and leather kinks in search of a murderer. With biting humor and keen insight, popular erotica author Laura Antoniou creates the kinkiest game of Clue worth playing. About the Author: Laura Antoniou authored the well-known Marketplace series of erotic novels. She has also edited the groundbreaking Leatherwomen anthologies, and writes scholarly work on BDSM. In 2011, Antoniou won the Lifetime Achievement Award from the National Leather Association. Her work has been translated into Spanish, German, Hebrew, Japanese and Korean. With over 20 years of experience writing, teaching, and speaking about kinky sex communities, Antoniou has sold over 600,000 books and counting. She resides in Queens, New York.“The Killer Wore Leather comes just in the nick of time for me. Fifty Shades of Grey stopped being funny around page 34, so thank you, Laura, for giving me something that’s supposed to make me laugh!” —Kate Kingsley, author of Red

Your Wish is Your Command for Your Sex Life.

Tonight I'm going to use a powerful Success Series that I have used with terrific results in my life and use it as a template for increasing the Success in People's Sex lives. I know only too well that a person's behavior is often the same in the boardroom as in the bedroom. The simplicity of these ideas and suggestions belies how powerfully they can change your life, attract the love and success you want and do so more quickly than you could imagine.

Online Dating Tips - Successes to copy and Disasters to avoid

Around Valentine's Day I have seen many long term relationships come apart, seems people take a closer look at their relationship and if it is really supporting them. In the last week I had 2 people one end a relationship after 37 years the other 22 years. In speaking with these people they have MANY questions about online dating. My twin sister Dede and I will discuss examples of good, funny, 'you didn't' examples people have shared with us so you the listener can have an at home course on how to prepare yourself and your presentation your profile so you can have more more fun with online connections.

Charlie Glickman PhD & Aislinn Emirzian Co-Authors - The Ultimate Guide to Prostate Pleasure

We have tons of material, research and awareness about the Female G Spot and finally the Male G Spot is getting its spotlight. The Ultimate Guide to Prostate Pleasure - finally a plain speaking, solid sex education book for Prostate Pleasure. As two top Sex Educators, Charlie Glickman PhD and Aislinn Emirzian have put together an easy reading book on a subject that is equal parts prostate health and powerful sexual pleasure. Charlie, Aislinn and I will debunk myths, (You are not secretly gay if you like this type of pleasure!!!) and answer the most commonly asked 'wrong' questions and deliver for women and men the potential of Prostate Pleasure. Men are more aware of their need for a PSA test yet few are aware that Prostate health and pleasure are closely aligned. The Bend Over Boyfriend video series opened a new awareness that straight men enjoy penetrative play with their female partners. I know the sales numbers of hetero strap-on products with just one company were astronomical!!! Charlie can be found at and Aislinn , Charlie Glickman PhD has been a sexuality educator for over twenty years. He teaches workshops on a wide range of topics, including sex-positivity, sex & shame, gender & masculinity, sexual orientation, communities of erotic affiliation, and many sexual practices such as prostate play, anal sex, pegging, sex toys, BDSM, and polyamory. Charlie is certified as a sexuality educator by the American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors, and Therapists and he regularly presents at conferences and community events, offers trainings on sexuality for medical professionals, therapists, and clergy. Charlie is available for speaking engagements, in-service trainings, and workshops. You can find more information about him on his website. Aislinn Emirzian is a workshop instructor and sex coach based in San Francisco. She first became a sex educator at Smith College, and later worked with sex positive adult toy stores like Oh My Sensuality Shop in Massachusetts and Good Vibrations in California. Over the years, she has taught workshops on a wide range of topics, but prostate pleasure is her favorite! Find her at

Chris Kraft, Ph.D. - Observations of a Licensed Clinical Psychologist and Sexual Trend Behaviors in College Age Demographic

My guest is a long time colleague and friend. Dr. Chris Kraft and I are currently on the Leadership Council for Program in Human Sexuality at U of Minnesota. Chris is a licensed psychologist and AASECT certified sex therapist specially trained to achieve pragmatic and solution-oriented results for couples and individuals. His goal is to improve each person's happiness as it relates to their sexual intimacy, expression and identity. Dr. Kraft specializes in the evaluation and treatment of all sexual and gender conditions: low sexual desire, erection, orgasm and arousal difficulties, genital pain conditions, sexual addiction and compulsivity, internet pornography, marital infidelity, sexual orientation, cross dressing, gender concerns, and other unique fetishes and sexual attractions. Dr. Kraft is the co director of clinical services and instructor at the Sexual Behaviors Consultation Unit in the Department of Psychiatry at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine. Dr. Kraft is also a part-time Lecturer in the Psychological and Brain Sciences Department at the Johns Hopkins University where he teaches two human sexuality courses. So we're going to look at what he sees from a therapist's standpoint is new in sexual compulsivity, internet pornography treatment...can it be 'cured'? Any new fetishes becoming more common place? And his unique position of teaching 2 different classes in Human Sexuality.

Carol Queen PhD, Sexuality Educator, Activist, Author and Entrepreneur

I am so excited to welcome a star peer in our field - Carol Queen. Her creds follow and they are impressive but it is her personality that is even better. A mentor, a teacher, a researcher and a museum founder all in the arena of sexuality. An award-winning author, activist and sex educator with a PhD in sexology, Dr. Carol Queen has been a part of Good Vibrations since 1990. She currently serves as both Staff Sexologist and Curator of the Antique Vibrator Museum at Good Vibrations in San Francisco ( She represents Good Vibes to the public and the press. Honored for her body of work and her immeasurable contributions to sexual wellness and awareness, she received the inaugural AVN “O” Award for Outstanding Achievement in 2009. Queen is the author or editor of eleven books about sex, including Exhibitionism for the Shy, Real Live Nude Girl: Chronicles of Sex-Positive Culture, and PoMoSexuals. She is the co-founder and executive director of The Center for Sex & Culture ( and frequently speaks at colleges and universities about sexuality. Visit her at; follow her on Twitter at @CarolQueen.

Emily Morse - Relationship Expert & Co-host on Bravo's Miss Advised

Welcome to my internet living room!!! You get to be a fly on the wall while I get to dish about all things sexual with Emily Morse, Relationship Expert & Co-host on Bravo's Miss Advised. This is my idea of real fun!!!! We'll talk about what we see are trends in sexual behaviors, our wackiest questions, following my Heroes show last week who are hers. What had her chose this field? What has she learned about herself on Miss Advised. No subject will be off limits so if you have a burning question dail our call in digits, 877-864-4869 Emily Morse is a sex & relationship expert, author, talk show host & Bravo TV star. She is the host of Sex With Emily, a radio show and podcast about sex, relationships and everything in between. Listen to the show on demand at , through itunes or Friday nights on Sirius/XM Satellite radio. As a “sexpert,” Emily is known for her non-judgmental advice, accessibility and humor. Emily launched the Sex with Emily radio show and podcast in 2005 before becoming a Bravo television personality on the hit show Miss Advised. She is a Kegel Camp counselor (check out her iPhone App: Kegel Camp) and is the author of Hot Sex: Over 200 Things You Can Try Tonight. Emily earns her doctorate in Human Sexuality next year.

My Heroes and Mentors

This week's Assignment - 1) List Your Heroes. 2) Explain why you are grateful they are in your life. 3) What are the gifts you are giving forward from them? Last week Amy Byer who handles my social media asked me to consider writing out a list of who my heroes are. That had my brain start sorting and shifting on who is a hero and how does one become someone's hero? As I started my list it surprised me what the themes were. Then today one the English speaking world's top motivational speakers Zig Zigler died and for anyone who is a student of motivation and personal development he is a godfather to the field. It had me look at why did I chose particular people. Lord knows here in California we have ALL kinds of motivational speakers and yet I have found many of them do not walk their talk. I'll talk about those that have supported my career and my life's journey. - Sandra Daughtery Internet Sex Educator

My guest this evening is Sandra Daugherty. A passionate sex educator based in Los Angeles, her irreverent humor and quirky love for details has given rise to her moniker, Sex Nerd Sandra. So how does one become a sex nerd and what does a sex nerd do??? We'll cover all those details and how Sandra started in the field. Just as there is a range of sexual appetites and desires there is a growing variety and range of sex educators devoloping to match those varying populations. Sandra is the resident sex blogger on Chris Hardwick’s She also works & teaches at The Pleasure Chest in Los Angeles and coaches individuals. She has been seen on, “Keeping Up with the Kardashians,” and the pilot episode of “The Wanda Sykes Show.” She has also lent a voice to both Playboy and Spice Radio. Often, Sandra is asked, “Why sex education?” to which she shrugs, “I can’t help it.” Since the first time 9-year-old little Sandra told a friend how babies were made (with anatomically-sound understanding), she’s had a lifelong love affair with this adorable aspect of the human condition. Sandra believes human sexuality should be a distinct field of study as it is a distinct & important aspect of our lives. And she, for one is happy, quite happy, to study it.

Sex and Our Imperfect Bodies-Dr. Linda Mona We've all got one....Sex with our imperfect bodies and their disabilities.

Dr.Linda Mona is a cherished colleague in our mutual field of sexual health. Truly she is my go-to person about sexuality and disability. From panels and hands on breakout sessions for severly injured OEF and OIF soldiers to Disability Conferences to "LInda what's new ?' Linda is my go-to girl. So let's jump into what is the definition of a disability: can be a range of things from someone with a bad hip, to chronic arthritis issues, sight impairments, respiratory issues, mobility issues they are all a part of reduced physical function HOWEVER that in no way means that one need to have reduced sexual function. Advocating for the sexual rights and expression of people with disabilities has been the primary focus of Dr. Linda R. Mona’s career. She has worked in a variety of professional settings addressing the need for a deeper understanding of the sexual lives of people with disabilities. Specifically, she has assisted with increasing appropriate educational and clinical services available to people with disabilities seeking knowledge about ways of enhancing their sexual satisfaction. Infusing notions about disability into diversity education and training has also been one of Dr. Mona's career passions. She has worked on challenging traditional medical notions of disability and reframing this life experience from a multicultural lens to further understand the unique experience people with disabilities bring to any work and social context. Much of Dr. Mona’s work has been fueled by her own personal experience living with a disability and her understanding of the positive effects and the societal obstacles faced living with this diverse life experience. In fact, Dr. Mona was selected as one of the 2009 Working Mother's of the Year by Working Mother Magazine---an award not typically granted to a working mother with a disability. She attributes this accomplishment much to the changing views of disability as a rich diverse life experience. Linda R. Mona Ph.D. is a state of California Licensed Clinical Psychologist. (310) 714-6221

Olga Cohen, Co-Creator Vaginal Renewal Complex, brand name InnerIntimates and Co-Founder Grohen Technologies

Olga Cohen went into full fledged menopause at the age of 43, as a new bride, complete with unpleasant mood swings and extreme hot flashes. She'd tried hormone replacement for ten years, but stopped after the bad press about the health complications associated with hormone replacement. She could not believe how, almost immediately, so many symptoms returned. Worse, she had a terrible new symptom: painful vaginal dryness. She started researching solutions for the problem, and she could not find anything in the market that offered long term results. Luckily, after decades in the cosmetics industry as the owner of a manufacturing company, she had knowledge and access to many natural ingredients. After having a conversation with Dr. Leo Galland, an intergrated medical doctor, she tried using GLA several times a week -- squeezing the oil directly into the vagina. It took about a month and then she started noticing a difference. The results were dramatic: a complete end to the dryness. When she visited her gynecologist, she could not believe it. Her gynecologist could actually see the difference. Olga knew that if she were having these problems, then there must be other women experiencing the same symptoms. And her gynecologist confirmed that acute dryness was one of the most common complaints she heard in her practice. They agreed it was vital to bring this treatment to other women. Since then, Olga has come to realize that painful vaginal dryness is not just caused by menopause, but can be the result of a wide variety of physical conditions. Dryness is also experienced by women who have just given birth, who have had a hysterectomy, or who are suffering from cancer or autoimmune disease. WITH THE HELP OF DR. MIRIAM GREENE AND DR. LEO GALLAND, Grohen Technologies has developed InnerIntimates™ Vaginal Renewal Complex. Vaginal Renewal Complex offers a safe and easy solution for vaginal dryness. As Olga says, " It’s my little secret that is helping countless women look, feel, and live better." Follow Olga on facebook @olgassecret.

Jodi Scott - Co-founder Sierra Sage Herbs and Southern Butters Quaility Handcrafted Organic Salves for your Special Parts

I met Jodi and sister Jen at the International Lingerie Show in Las Vegas September, 11th. At any show I look for what's new that I can guide people to try. 'Do It Naturally" is there two companies attitude and they walk their talk. Good, non-toxic, sex products are rare especially in the crowded market segment of lubricants and body lotions. Well much to my delight I walked into the Sierra Sage corner booth and discovered a treat!!!! Earth friendly, Never Tested on Animals, 100% Organic, product line for sex created by three women with heart and intention. Jodi has a Master's in Health Psychology, her sister Jen is a midwife and herbalist. These ladies along with t heir mother and husbands are building the Burt's Bees in the arena of intimacy, sexuality enhancing products.Check out their Tingly Mint, AKA The Baby Maker lubricant.,

Brain Alexander Author The Chemistry Between Us

The Chemistry Between Us attempts to do what no other book has done: present a grand unified theory of how love, sex, and human social bonding is created in our brains, how that creation drives our behavior, and to place these mechanisms into social, historical and even political contexts. Provocative, opinionated, and written with humor and insight for the lay reader, The Chemistry Between Us offers answers to some of the most tumultuous, joyous, heart-breaking, questions every one of us faces at some time in our lives, and asks us to consider the broader social impact of molecular events in our heads. What makes two people, strangers before meeting for the first time, conclude that they not only would like to, but must, spend the rest of their lives together? What could happen inside the brain of a sober, responsible, married man, a federal judge, to enable him to carry a loaded pistol while buying drugs for his stripper paramour? How could male violence relate to the brain chemistry of love? Why would a young woman, happily committed to her boyfriend, flirt with a jerk? What can the story of a young adoptee tell us about our current culture of parenting? What drives a mother to behave like a mother, and what does that have to do with human romantic love? How are grown men like babies? (Besides the whole whiny-with-the-flu thing.) What can we learn from rats that refuse to have sex unless they're wearing leather? What's the relationship between sexual fetish and love, and drug addiction and love? What is gender? Do brains have a gender? How can some people be attracted to others of the same sex? What causes a person with all the body parts of a man to insist he's a woman? Or a bodily female person to insist she's a man? Readers on the left and the right, people of all faiths, sexual orientations, and relationship status, are bound to find elements of The Chemistry Between Us that they'll object to fiercely, only to read on and find something to applaud. At the very least, readers will be fascinated, and likely to find themselves asking some serious, and some not-so-serious, questions about the world we're making and how that world might be affecting the very nature of human relationships.

Tiffany York Founder & CEO FixSations Non-Insertive Couples Vibe

My guest Tiffany York, Founder & CEO of Fixsation, did what any great entrepreneur does, she saw a need in the couples' intimacy market and took immediate action to create a solution. She wanted a non-insertive vibe made with all the right component parts that couples could use together during intercourse. Nothing to interrupt the connection, hands free no remotes just the two of them. Voila - The FIXSATION was born. Tiffany's dilemma was to address couple's reaching orgasm together. Not from a performance place but from an enjoyment place. Busy parents and working couples have their regular love making eclipsed by 'duties'. The Fixsation is a 1/2 inch thick ovoid disc shaped vibe, take your ring and index finger and make a slightly open circle, its silky smooth surface has ridges in just the right spots. Held in place by a very hot lace strap panty all you need to decide is which of the 5 vibe settings you prefer and the panty size. Charging is a user friendly UBS port. You and your partner can fixate on the sensation with him on top, you on top or any position that brings you together. The only limit to the fun factor is your imagination. One FixSation user swears by having him sitting on a chair and she straddles him facing and in 3-5 minutes they are both very happily taken care of.

Judy Schriener - Affairs - Dark Cloud or Silver Lining

Her show OFF THE RECORD last week about long term affairs had me reach out to host Judy Schriener. I hear about affairs and fooling around every day and sometimes they surface in a relationship and sometimes they don't. As an award winning business journalist, ever curious about how people think, she did research on why men cheat. She found that the reason men cheat isn't always a simple 1-2-3 formula of opportunity. She found there are as many reasons as there are individuals. eg) "I'm entitled to it I make all the money." So are there benefits to affairs? Does one fling lead to another? Do partners leave their relationships and marriages? We'll discuss female and male cheating, same thing or different? Does who makes the money impact cheating..I think so. Are there winners? Ashley Madison as a cultural touch stone. Judy's anecdotes will both entertain and educate you on the business world affair.

Gold Medalist Michelle Cameron - Gold Medal Inspiration

The Olympics epitomizes excellence in ideals in attitudes and in bodies. My guest Michele Cameron was Gold Medalist 1988 Seoul Synchronized Pairs and originally I wanted an insider's view on "So how much sex does go on at the Olympic Village?" Michelle's comment she didn't know she swam on the last day so was so focused she never even saw other athletes. Then I realized I wanted Michelle to share her story and how that Olympic passion and burn has fueled and been transformed into the drive behind creating her company Gold Medal Inspirations and her children's foundation, "A Gift of Love." We'll talk about the ups and downs and how the darkest often is just before a break through. Married to fellow Olympian Al Coulter and mom of four terrific children.

The Positions of Fifty Shades of Grey & Emily Prior on BDSM in Fifty Shades

The Sexual Positions and Attitudes of Fifty Shades - the best and how to make them yours. Anastaia and Christian are very active and you can get some ideas from them especially about their willingness to learn and expand what they don't know. Then my guest and colleague Emily Prior of the Center for Positive Sex will discuss the real Kink, BDSM lifestyle. 50 Shades got some things right and others not. BDSM/KINK 101 FYI Ana and Christian never had a true 'scene', they played. We'll discuss best resources, ideas, and techniques to get your kinky sex set and on its way for erotic power play.

Lou's Top Fifty of Fifty Shades of Grey

The cultural impact of this trilogy has just started to surface. Movie, product lines, music CDs. In essence it is a love story, Harlequin Romance meets kinky sex. Honestly that doesn't give you the range of nuanced and in depth material EL James has packed into her books. I mean let's be serious I know the world of sexuality and I write books. This was a LOL highly enjoyable read for me, and one I almost didn't do. I thought 'Oh I can avoid reading it, nope couldn't happen. I have two projects and I need to KNOW what's in these books. Devotees expect it. What vanilla can learn from kink. What the BDSM world really is like. What is effective about how Ana and Christian communicate, their range of toys, the eroticism of power exchange play. The sub has all the power. Next week I'll go into depth about the positions and talk with Emily Prior of the Center for Positive Sexuality about the kink, BDSM world. Why people are captivated by it.

Carol Allen Love is in the Stars Vedic Astologer

How does astrology help people find/keep love? What can they learn about why they are single? 1. Timing – there are seasons of love and seasons of loneliness 2. Compatibility – that magical “wow” feeling you want with someone (this may be great, but the person may be a bad partner) 3. Relationship capacity – the ability to be a good partner – this may be missing, in SPITE of amazing compatibility (and we’ve all been there!) 4. Late bloomers in love” – half of the population isn’t successful at partnering until they’re in their LATE thirties and beyond… and this is SUCH A RELIEF to people and encourages them to NOT quit! 5. Single Archetypes-revealed by the stars that – once understood and addressed can be OVERCOME. Check out and you'll find Carols' FREE e-book, “Becoming The Woman Your Dream Man Wants.”

Ellen Dolgen -Shmirshky - the Pursuit of Hormone Happiness

FINALLY a book that delivers THE TALK about peri-menopause, menopause and all things associated with it. Ellen Dolgen is that investigative girlfriend who fearlessly and methodically sorted through the confusing morass of information about this most natural of female transitions. This information is delivered by a woman who is so methodical and meticulous about every aspect of her life she even sorts and organizes all her drawers. You'll find the carefully organized information chapters are so user friendly, with easy to understand definitions, that this will become your go-to bible for all things about your Shmirishky...your vagina in transition. She has read the books, ALL the books, the studies, she has visited many, many physicians, the endocrinologists, and researched the sites and blogs. While researching she then asked every woman she knew, who would talk about her peri-menopausal and menopausal experiences. This revolutionary information is delivered in a go-to-girlfriend style whether it is explaining the difference between Bio-Identical vs Natural vs Synthetic hormones or how to cope with your emotional roller coaster, Ellen's hilarious delivery will have you laughing while you are learning.

Claes Lilja of Brotherhood International Retreats

Imagine taking a retreat that has the potential to change your entire life. Claes Lilja of International Brotherhood Retreats does just that for men who are HIV+. Blending his background of life coaching, guided mediation training, Enneagram expertise Claes structures a program in the Poconos region so these men can experience their own transformations in mind, body and soul. Facebook: Bro Therhood Twitter

Megan Bishop-Scott - From Hollywood to Homeless to Higher Consciousness with an Avatar

"This book Inside the Wall will be more useful to seekers on the path than Autobiography of a Yogi because it is so down-to-earth; Megan honestly, authentically presents her seeking." Paramahansa Nithyananda....... I have always loved lives that follow their passion and Megan Bishop-Scott's life is a testament to following heart and intuition. Tonight we will hear her life's and her family's history of soul mates from two completely separate worlds, in her case privileged western Canadian blonde and a homeless black vet who meet and fall in love on Venice Beach. Her passion for writing and stories has fueled her life, from Canada to US to India and beyond. Her book Inside The Wall details her life, with John Warner Scott, their son Esah. Existence has guided her entire life and lead her to her next level of enlightment as a ashramite

Dr. Diana - Singles and Dating - Dos and Don'ts

Dr. Diana Wiley and I will be Looking at singles and dating. Commitment issues…recognizing patterns in relationship being scared,inappropriate partners. Women pursuing men…what women need to pay attention to (posture, eye-contact, etc.), chemistry, need vs want, etc. What do men really want? Yes, they want sex, but many also want to enhance the emotional relationship Studies show that the odds of a man being happy in a relationship increased by a factor of three if he snuggled up regularly! Passive aggression a relationship spoiler avoid it!

Betsy Crane Ph.D, Widener University - Education and Career training in the field of Sexuality Education and Research

So How Bright is Your Future in Sex? Betsy Crane Ph.D., Professor and former Director of Human Sexuality Graduate Program at Widener University, PA will discuss the explosive growth of people seeking graduate degrees in the field of sexuality. One of only two nationally accredited institutions, in the last five years the Widener Program has grown from 30 students to 100 entering in fall of 2012 making a student body of 200+ students. Who are these students and what are their career paths? What are they focused on and what knew bodies of research are they creating? What drives them to pursue this field. Medical schools aren't training doctors about human sexuality so these students may hold a key to better sexual health programs in institutions. We'll discuss research on gender roles and the bio/social/psych considerations that impact all studies and learning about sexuality.

Patti Britton, Ph.D., MPH, co-founder Sex Coach U

Patti Britton,Ph.D., MPH, co-founder of Sex Coach University is a nationally board certified clinical sexologist and former President of AASECT the largest certifying group for the sexual health and therapy professionals. She'll share highlights from last week's national conference in Austin. Our field is exploding as more people realize the importance of our sexual health as a crucial part of our over all health. Sex isn't just penises and vaginas and orgasms. Look at to see career ideas and professionals in your area.

Becoming an Entrepreneurial Sexologist AKA Have Your Brains Make You Money

This is an often requested recording of my 2010 Society for the Study of Sexuality-Western Region Symposium. I share my Entrepreneurial Tips and Lessons that have helped my create a worldwide business in the area of sexuality Eduction. AND these lessons apply to all areas of business. Before choosing to focus on sexuality my area of expertise was Manners, Etiquette and Deportment and believe me good manners are an essential business tool. I discuss 32 different Entrepreneurial Lessons and Tips that helped me build my international business.

Monogamy - its importance in today's world

Monogamy - Do You, Don't You? Whose definition do you use? A recent paper on monogamy by a biomathematician at U of Tennessee had me look at monogamy from a number of viewpoints. Who benefits more Women? Men? Children? Is there a monogamy conspiracy? What is the supposed source of monogamy? How many definitions of monogamy are there? What does evolution/science have to say? Polyamorists?Open relationships? Tara Raucci Robinson, one of the most fearless women I know about relationships will discuss "All Things Monogamy."

Dr. Gary Richwald, Herpes Sex Ed 101

Herpes viruses are a leading cause of human viral disease, second only to influenza and cold viruses. Gary Richwald and I discuss what it is, a skin infection, it's impact on how people feel about themselves, why the numbers in US are so big, (60 million of which 50 million DO NOT know they have it) what treatment options there are for this lifetime infection are. The veil of shame about any infection that involves sex. People have no problem seeing a cold sore yet that same cold sore genitally causes a reaction.

Di Paget - Stories from the Real World - Re-entering the dating world

Rather than just say "Do x, try y" I want to give people concrete examples of what are behaviors you need to put on your radar to ease you into a new social life and the next part of your life. When relationships end one goes through a mourning period and then at some point one lifts their head and looks at" Okay I want to get back out in the dating world. 1) How important do you think the 'THE LIST" is? What needs to be on it? What doesn't? Draft two lists one about them and one about you. 2) What are the mistakes you have watched your girlfriends and male friends make when looking for a partner.

Dr. Lori Buckley - Sex in the News - the good and the not so good

Chicken or the Egg??? Is your sex life damaging your relationship or is your relationship hurting your sex life? Pasadena based Dr. Lori Buckley ( I will look at the two main sources of sex and intimacy issues. What we see are the best ways for an individual or a couple to untangle their issues and have the love life and sex life they want and deserve. We both know that when people hear what others are dealing with it invariably validates, reduces their shame or stress about that issue and has them then see how others are put in the power position to create solutions that work for them as individuals.

Dr. Diana Wiley Sex Addiction Made up or Real?

Tonight my guest Dr. Diana Wiley and I will discuss Sex Addiction - Real or Made Up? This is hugely controversial topic for those of us in the field of sex education and therapy. Dr. Wiley is affiliated with the SEATTLE INSTITUTE for SEX THERAPY, EDUCATION and RESEARCH, Dr. Diana's a board certified sex therapist, a clinical sexologist and a Marriage and Family Therapist for 25 years.

Larry Garland President/CEO Eldorado

Larry Garland is the President/CEO of Eldorado Trading Company one the adult industry's top distributors which lives by the motto, Only the Best. Think Neiman Marcus of adult distributors. So he has to have his entrepreneurial eyes looking in both directions, at what the consumers are trending to buy and the supply direction of what the manufacturers are developing. We'll talk about Fifty Shades of Grey on niche product purchases, Who he feels makes the best toys, Any restrictions he may have on shipping into countries and in the US. How he chooses a new product line or manufacturer. The growth of the Big Beautiful Women category and much much more.

Pamela McKee Managing Partner Papaya Toys

Pamela McKee entered the world of adult novelty sales thru a ad 6 years ago and has been an advocate of safer and better products. A partner in Papaya Toys and representing the technologically advanced MojoWijo she walks her talk. We will discuss the new trends she sees, the benefits for the consuming market, I mean who doesn't want a better sex toy? Papaya vibes as an eco-conscious line of adult toys. We'll also talk about markets that are drastically underserved, those with chronic medical conditions, severely injured military personnel and those couples physically separated. The main reasons they are underserved and what we see as viable solutions ANYONE can put into place.

True Aprodisiacal Foods, Recipes and foods that gets things going in the Bedroom - Dr. Linda de Villers author Simple Sexy Foods

Guest Dr. Linda De Villers is the author of an awesome new book, Simple Sexy Foods. Take a serious Foodie who also happens to be a PhD Sex Therapist and you've got Simple Sexy Foods. Blending science and cuisine information she playfully and deliciously takes cooking into the bedroom and sex into the kitchen. I mean there is a reason they call meals the seduction dinner. Apparently even Dracula had one. FYI most people will not be intimate with someone they won't dine with. So listen up and you'll hear Simple Sexy ways that can make meal time and afterwards more fun and more passion.

Deciphering Sexuality Studies in the Media - Diane Paget R.N. B.N.

One of the #1 reasons women are online is health information.  My guest will be S. Diane Paget-Dellio BN, RN  Good Clinical Practice (GCP) Auditor.  As an auditor for Clinical Trials she has seen behind the curtain and can help guide you to finding and getting better sexual health information for you and your family.   Why pharmaceuticals can no longer use a placebo in a clinical trial.  Short answer - there is nothing to gauge its efficacy it means nothing.  So you read an article and find the study online, we'll help with that too, then we'll tell  what to look for to follow the money and we'll give you auditor's eyes and ears to determine if the study really helps you.    

Ally Loprete - How Busy Parents Can Have and Do it

Bringing Back The Connection AKA Parents Being Partners again. This show is for all the moms and dads who want to inject some newness, some passion, some woo hoo factor. My guest Ally Loprete walks in the shoes of mom, wife, blending 2 careers and family so she'll be my 'expert' parent asking: How do other Parents Do IT? Where can we get new ideas? Is spontaneous sex EVEN possible now? What does science say about maintaining sexual connection? Single parents and sex? Pregnancy sex, why did Jessica Simpson say those orgasms are sooo amazing?

Bonnis Gayle, Co-Founder Sex Butter

Entrepreneur Bonnie Gayle co-creator of Sex Butter, a unique organic sexual enhancement product. This is one of the best enhancement products I have seen and had my peri menopausal field researchers test in a long time. For women and men Sex Butter is made with coconut oil, shea butter, cocoa butter, jojoba oil and grape seed, it is paraben-free and hormone-free. Sex Butter isn't just for sensual play, solo or partnered it is also beneficial for your general skin's health. Bonnie Gayle

Winston Wilde DHS LMFT, The Go-To Kink Therapist

Lou welcomes Winston Wilde, Doctorate of Human Sexuality and Licensed Marriage Family Therapist. Dr. Wilde is a Beverly Hills and Palm Springs seasoned prominent sex therapist who specializes in erotic minorities. Translation, he is the go-to therapist for kinky people, modern couples and polyfolk. Those into BDSM/kink and polyamory are all growing communities. There are very different nuances and understandings that a truly kink friendly therapist has to have. We'll discuss those and more, lots more. P:323-692-9120

Jenny Tse - Icon Brands executive

Lou welcomes adult toy industry marketing executive Jenny Tse of Icon Brands to discuss the inside story on all that titillates our sensory fancy. Straight from the expert's mouth Jenny and I will discuss this industry's trends, impact on people's sexual function and perceptions of their sexual selves. Which is the best vibe? Do straight men really like anal toys? Who comes up with these ideas and how many make it into production? Where Jenny sees career opportunities for anyone wanting to market intimate adult toys.

Diana Wiley PhD Part 2

PART B with Seattle, WA based sex therapist Diana Wiley Ph.D. who is one of my favorite guests. Diana and I will discuss online dating + 40s, red flags in conversation with a date, AARP survey results for sexual satisfaction, current trends in sexuality, why masturbation is healthy, female brain vs male brain and sexual stimulation. Diana is the co-host of Progressive Radio Network’s Wiley & Sage, Sex Love and Laughter. (206) 448-5359

Dr. Gretchen Kubacky

Tonight Los Angeles based Gretchen Kubacky, Psy.D., Health Psychologist, and I will discuss what we as sexuality educators can do for the growing population of those with a chronic health condition. How we can best guide with information and validate their experiences and give this population options, ideas and recommendations so they can be sexual on THEIR terms. We will discuss erasing the idea that if you have a physical health issue it renders you asexual. Couldn’t be further from the truth., 310-625-6083

Diana Wiley PhD Seattle based Therapist

Seattle, WA based sex therapist Diana Wiley Ph.D. is one of my favorite guests. She will share her 25 + years of Best Ideas, Techniques and Practices couples can use to stay connected, begin a connection or rejuvenate a connection. An expert on AGING & SEXUALITY, Dr. Diana highlights that lust, laughter, and love need to be kept as priorities in order to improve longevity and enhance quality of life as we evolve and mature. Her comment is “Any age is a great age to strip off the sexual "shoulds" - remembering that sex is play, not work!” Now shall we add people are sexual throughout their lives and this population wants information tailor made to their needs? Pregnancy isn’t an issue, flexibility is so they want best options after hip/knee replacement. Diana is the co-host of Progressive Radio Network’s Wiley & Sage, Sex Love and Laughter. (206) 448-5359

Stephen Braveman LMFT, D.S.T., Healing male sexual abuse

My guest will be Monterey, CA based LMFT and D.S.T., Stephen Braveman. A multi-talented sexuality therapist who specializes in a wide variety of psychological and sexual issues. We will start with the heavy stuff and discuss his work with men who are Adults Molested as a Child and his part in Oprah’s final show featuring men who had been sexually abused. We’ll talk about the healing and hope in the PSA “You are Not Alone” from the Monterey Rape Crisis Center. Stephen also specializes in gender and transgender issues and also presents on the Sacred Sexuality/Tantra connection. He is the co-author of CPR for Your Sex Life which is like having a sex therapist’s reference manual in your hands. Divided into the C’s, P’s and R’s it is A Guide and Workbook for Couples to breathe life into a Dead, Dying or Dull Sex Life.,, 831-375-7553

S. Di Paget Clinical Research Auditor 10-12-2011

As an advocate for good science to support our overall general health and specifically our sexual health I rely on hand picked scientific professionals to explain to me or discuss with me impacts and or potential sexual function impacts of medical or pharmaceutical products. My twin sister Di (Dede) Paget R.N., B.N. is one of those rare few. She and I will discuss how to determine good science for you and your family, what to be aware of when you read studies, Marcia Angell. M.D.'s book "The Truth About Drug Companies", Ben Goldacre's "Bad Science", and Cochrane Group as sources. We will also discuss STD vaccines eg) Gardasil, and why I won't recommend them, Dr. Diane harper head researcher states still the best prevention for cervical cancer is screening AKA the PAP smear not a vaccine.

Marylou Naccarato 09-22-2011

Imagine being an IRS Revenue Agent for 23 years and discovering your passion is practical Sex Education for people of short stature and with disabilities. That describes Marylou Naccarato. Marylou lives by the credo, "There are those who wait for life to happen and those who make it happen." As a professional woman, mother, and short person Marylou believes everyone is disabled or differently-abled in one way or another. It is a matter of whether your condition is internal or external and regardless we all can have loving intimacy. Marylou and Lou will discuss her workshops, the most common sexuality issues for those with a disability, percentages of disabilities, acceptable terms for little people, the idea and design of her her Personal Activity Lounge, difference between and acquired disability and its impact versus a life long disability and her knowledge that you and you alone are in charge of your sexability. 818-929-5344

Sexual Shaman Kenneth Ray Stubbs Ph.D.

Ray Stubbs becoming a Sexual Shaman has been the evolution of his in depth and varied career as a sexuality educator and trained massage therapist. Ray realized there were many other levels of being able to merge, as one does at orgasm. He speaks of 4 ways to merge one's energy with another: on the physical, spirit, light and or soul planes. He describes the transcendent orgasmic levels of light, spirit and soul orgasms. His practical step-by-step seminars taught on skype worldwide can easily guide one wanting to explore sexual shamanism in the comfort and privacy of their home.

Sue Whitaker - Business Lovemaker - How to Fall in Love with Your Business

Sue Whitaker describes the parallel worlds that exist for entrepreneurs between your personal relationship and how you relate to your business. Her tips for how to fall in love with your business, how to deal proactively and constructively with competitors. The best advice her successful older brother gave her, DWGO - Deal With it and Go On. Check out her show on, or

Fertility Forum - Phyllis Martin

Through her show Fertility Forum and her counseling practice Phyllis Martin has stepped in to help guide couples and their relationships through the emotional gauntlet and unknowns of Infertility. Little did she know at 28 she would be part of the epidemic of infertility and become and expert on assisted fertility procedures, egg and sperm donors, adoption options and Child free living options. Through her own experiences she is "I've been in your shoes" counselor that couples can relate to. She is a volunteer at an organization of people who have been through fertility issue s and can guide and support those new to infertility. The impact on relationships is profound and we want to do what we both can to keep relationships and people connected through an emotionally tough time.

Susan Crain Bakos the Orgasm Loop-SexyPrime

My guest tonight is Susan Crain Bakos author of The Orgasm Loop Orgasm Loop: The No-Fail Technique for Reaching Orgasm During Sex. As a sex columnist and author of over 20 books on sexuality Susan was well acquainted with Sex Question #1. Women wanting to know how to have an orgasm during intercourse. Susan describes how she linked the three elements crucial for the Orgasm Loop recipe. Blend liberally, Fire Breathing, Contractions of the PC muscle and a martial artist's focus to move energy to one's clitoris. She had over 500 women test her Orgasm Loop process and it worked for 95% of the women.

Rev. Dr. Bill Stayton - Sexuality and Religion

Lou and Bill will discuss how he combined his Baptist clergy training with sexuality education as a result of his parishioners asking him questions he couldn't answer. In order to be a more effective minister he did his PhD in sexuality education. The importance of being able to see where people are coming from when dealing with a religious - sexuality conflict and the 3 types of sexual value systems. That we are all born sexual and spiritual. Best questions parents can ask themselves when preparing to talk to their children and themselves about sexuality. How to avoid Spiritual Abuse - when religious and sexual acts are disparate.

Mou Ghose MFT - Alternative Sex Therapy

Lou and Mou discuss how Mou has established her unique therapy practice to address non-typical monogamous sexual lifestyles. How Mou got into this work, how same sex relationships can enhance our sexuality, and enhanced hers, and what she sees most commonly with couples and dealing with sexuality within relationships, and how societal views affect and have affected all of the above. How her musical training and hypnosis training augment the impact of her therapy.

Peter Pack MD Breakthrough Vaginismus Treatments

Lou and Dr. Pacik will discuss and describe his new FDA approved study of intravaginal injections of Botox together with progressive dilation under anesthesia to treat vaginismus. Vaginismus is a condition where women are unable to have intercourse without discomfort. This is a relationship and intimacy robbing condition affecting 1 to 7 percent of women worldwide. For many women they spend years being misdiagnosed and receiving wrong therapeutic treatments. Dr. Pacik describes the entire treatment protocol that a patient and her partner would go through in his surgery center. His book When Sex Seems Impossible: Stories of Vaginismus & How You Can Achieve Intimacy details the heartfelt stories of these women and his treatment for them.

Wendy Strgar CEO Good Clean Love Organic Intimacy Peoducts

Lou and Wendy Strgar, CEO of Good Clean Love, discuss what it actually means to be an organic lubricant. Why and how she started her company. It was from a very personal focus of maintaining intimacy in her marriage and discovering she was allergic to other lubricants that were petrochemically based and contained parabens. How the consumer has to be their own ingredient sleuth. The development of her Aphrodisiac Love Oils and how immediate and important our sense of smell is to our sex lives. Wendy has great 'tell-the-truth' site

Dr. Linda Mona Sex and Disabilities

My guest tonight is Dr. Linda Mona, Licensed Clinical Psychologist who has advocated for the sexual rights and sexual expression of people with disabilities for over 15 years. Dr. Mona and I have done presentations for severely injured soldiers (female & male) on how to have them connect if single, reconnect if partnered and validate their sexual selves apart from their disability. For anyone who may be dealing with, or knows someone who is, the unique sexuality issues associated with disability, PTSD, TBI, or med impacts this is your show.

Dr. Beverly Whipple and the Science of Orgasms

Dr. Whipple is one of the leading researchers and authors on female sexual pleasure, function and orgasm. Co-author of The G Spot, Science of Orgasm and The Orgasm Answer Book. Lou and Beverly cover her naming the G spot,the wide variety of female orgasms that she wanted to validate, orgasms with spinal cord injury made possible by the vagus nerve that bypasses the spinal column, the complete lack of any published studies to support the G Shot marketed to unsuspecting women

Dr. Leonard Rubinstein, Cosmetic Surgery really an Operation on Self Esteem

Lou and Dr. Rubinstein of Sarasota Cosmetic Surgery, discuss the #1 reasons women and men undergo cosmetic surgery and how that impacts their sexual enjoyment and experiences. The blending in his practice of Allopathic and Alternative modalities to help a client's body and mind get maximal benefit. Use of anti-aging treatments and bio-identical hormones. The study of energetics when treating clients and how that impacts sexual experiences. The clients he won't treat. When labioplasty and penile augmentation are okay. That after 25 years he is equal parts therapist and physician when interviewing a prospective client. Becoming an informed consumer @ plastic surgery. 1 tip, watch how the office staff acts that is a big indicator of how you'll be looked after.

Brynne Zaniboni Coordinator and High School Sex Educator

My guest will be Brynne Zaniboni, a coordinator and presenter for Los Angeles based High School Sex Educator. She is the first line of science based responsible choice information for these students to help prevent unintended pregnancies and STIs. Small classroom interactive presentations with the 'anonymous' questions allow students to get reality-based sex education in an environment that is peer positive and comfortable for them. Free iTunes download after.

Dr. Sherri Tenpenny - Why to say no to Gardasil and Breast Health Nutrition

Dr. Sherri Tenpenny is respected as one of the country's most knowledgeable and outspoken physicians regarding the impact of vaccines on health. She and Lou will discuss why one does not need Gardasil or Ceravix vaccines to prevent cervical cancer. How nutrition may be a curative solution for breast health. Dr. Tenpenny is an outspoken advocate for free choice in healthcare, including the right to refuse vaccination. As an internationally known speaker, she is highly sought after for her ability to present scientifically sound information regarding vaccination hazard and warnings that are rarely portrayed by conventional medicine. Most importantly, she offers hope through her unique treatments offered at Tenpenny Integrative Medical Center for those who have been vaccine-injured. Dr. Tenpenny is also an expert on women's breast HEALTH and the use of iodine for disease.

Neil Cannon DHS & Lou: Sexual Minorities, Best Ways to Introduce new Sex Play

Dr. Neil Cannon and I will discuss current media articles and trends in sexual health. Neil Cannon has a Doctorate in Human Sexuality, a Master's in Public Health and a Post Graduate certification in Marriage, family Therapy as well as a Post Graduate Certification on GLBT, Gay, Lesbian, Bi-sexual & Transgender Family systems. Demographics of kink people in US. Current online sexuality articles and what they really are discussing. Who his toughest clients are and why? The similarity Kink and vanilla couples. How a partner can introduce kink to a non-kink partner. Sex toy use introduction ideas. Neil Cannon

Psychic medium and Spiritual Life Coach Marla Frees joins Lou and guides on how to listen to your inner voice on choosing partners

Internationally known psychic medium and Spirtual Life Coach Marla Frees helps address one of the most common issues people have, How do they know they are choosing the right one? And are there lessons we need to know from spirit, God, universal source that will guide us in relationships and sex. Today's timely final Oprah show and Oprah's words and lessons that she has learned over 25 years are echoed in Marla's and Lou's discussion. At one can see her segments working with couples and guiding celebrities.

Lou talks Sex and Yoga with Gauri Brienda Ramnath

Gauri is a certified Yoga/fitness instructor and 3rd generation Indian woman yoga practioner. She has created a custom designed integration of yoga and other health modalities to better assist and guide her clients. Her self directed study BA from DePaul further expanded her mind body focus leading to her being class valedictorian. She and Lou define tantra vs yoga and they discuss yoga breathing to enhance orgasm, ways to release blocked energy in the pelvis. Different types of yoga and which style can enhance your sexual experience. Why Lou thinks Bikram/heated yoga is a joke. Exercises to help couples feel more connected. Step by step 3-4 minute way to use yoga breathing to center and bring yoga's benefits at any time of the day.

Lou Talks with Sandra Beck, Military Wives keeping connected

As the host of Military Moms Sandra and Lou look at what does and doesn't work to keep partners connected Pre-deployment, during and equally important post deployment. The military takes a huge toll on relationships. Tip no cheesy photos and know nothing they open is private. That some of the online ideas aren't what the male soldiers want it is what their wives 'think' they want. Soldiers who are mothers have a double edged impact of how cold you leave your children? Post deployment watch for undiagnosed PTSD. Educate yourself about what to look for.

Lou Talks with Lisa Kamen Sex Happiness connection

Fellow toginet host Lisa Kamen and Lou talk about how to make yourself magnetic in relationships and sex through the flow concept of happiness. As a psychologist Lisa incorporates How to create mindful happiness and use it to be more productive. Lisa also uses her custom created program "Happiness is an Inside Job" with returning warriors to help them deal with PTSD. How being grateful can create more happiness. Calmness as the key your in flow.

Dr. Ron Levine, How Does God Play into our Sex Lives?

Lou is joined by Dr. Ron Levine, a clinical psychologist, ordained rabbi and sex therapist. Dr. Levine explains that in the Torah, The Old Testament there are THREE purposes for god commanding and giving people the blessed gift of Sexuality, 1) Procreation, 2) Connection and 3) Pleasure. Many religions have dropped the last two and we know there is often a polarizing of one's understanding of their faith and one's understanding of their sexuality and there need not be. Covered his other area of expertise Talking to Kids about their body education and their sexual education.

Supporting GLBT Youth Coming Out with Al Killen-Harvey LCSW

As a LCSW working with abused children Al Killen-Harvey saw one segment of this poulation was GLBT youth at risk while going through the coming out process. maybe bullied or sexually risking while experimenting. Lou and Al discuss ways educators and general population can become more aware and better mentors as GLBT youth and others approach their coming out. #1 way assume everyone is dealing with this process and that it has to happen on their timetable not that of a well meaning other. Excellent resources are :Trevor Project and Family Acceptance Project, and Contact for Al -

To Lube or Not To Lube Lou with Jacqui Brandwynne

Lou interviews Jacqui Brandwynne an internationally known entrepreneur and creator of Very Private Intimate Moisture, an FDA approved moisturizing vaginal lubricant. The moisturizing component was the break through as most sex lubricant products just sat on the top of the skin. As a female consumer products consultant Jacqui saw a huge need for a safe, non-irritating vaginal lubricant for women of all ages who suffered from vaginal dryness and wanted to continue satisfying and enjoyable sex. Her story of how she developed the line, best ways to use lubricants and what women and men need to know to choose safe sexual lubricants.

Lou and Eli Coleman PhD, Chair Sexual Health

Dr. Eli Coleman, a colleague and icon in the field of sexual health discusses definitions of impulsive compulsive sexual behavior vs sexual addiction, sexual identity, transgender vs transsexual, and WPATH. The current crucial importance and purpose of endowed educational chairs in academia to support faculty positions of sexual health. The Chair at U of Minnesota and the fund raising for second Chair, The Joycelyn Elders Chair in Sexual Health Education.

Lou and Stuart Shipko MD psychiatrist

Lou and Dr. Stuart Shipko talk about how psychiatric meds are interrupting not only people's sexual health but their relationship health as well. Lou refers to them as the smoking gun we aren't looking at. Why Dr.s don't talk about the sexual function aspect and the permanent nature of their impacts. What one can possibly do? Anatomy of an Epidemic Robert Whitaker, FDA reporting, Libido Lost on, Dr. Stuart Shipko Pasadena, CA PSSD yahoo group

Berta Davis PhD, Sex and Couples Therapist

Lou and Berta discuss how the style of parenting can have a huge impact on a couples sex life. Dr. Davis talks about her time in Japan and how the Asian mother's focus is the child and maintaining a physical bond. The impact of having a child enter a relationship and the isolation many men feel. What some of her most difficult cases are and how she assists her clients. Her retreat center (House of Miracles) where she holds professional and couple focused retreats.

Dr. Robert Dunlap Aphrodisiacs & Xaviera

Lou and Robert discuss what aphrodisiacs actually are and how specialized they actually are. We discuss his documentary film on the sexual revolutionary Xaviera Hollander and his other film Beyond Vanilla and the increase of Kink sexual play. We finish with a review of two OTC sexual enhancement products and if there is any science for their inclusion, Virile and Women's Extenze were reviewed.

Diana Wiley A Sex Therapist's Best Sex Tips

Lou And Dr. Diana share what are their best sex tips and ideas to help couples rekindle the flame. Be they 22 or 72 couples many times have similar issues, desire differences, erectile issues and often not making their relationship a priority. What Diana and Lou see are the trends in sexual health and what the field of sexual therapy is doing to address new areas.

Hernando Chaves Students today clients tomorrow

Lou and Hernando discuss Hernando's new perspective as a young therapist building his practice. The unique cultural aspects he can address as a bilingual straight latin male. His education at the Institute in San Francisco. Also discuss the growing problem of pharma impacts on sexual function in young adults under 30.

Mark Schoen PhD Founder of

Lou talks with founder Mark Schoen. He has preserved, archived and showcases films addressing sexual health issues all with a focus to promote Sexual Literacy. The 300+ films in over 34 different categories all have a common theme, providing accurate sex information. There is content appropriate for all age groups. Subject, age group and content are used to categorize the films.

Valerie Ramsey Model, author of Gracefully

Val Ramsey is an inspiration and role model for any woman. When mot women are ready to slow down after children leave in her mid-50s Val instead started two new careers simultaneously, runway and print modeling and running PR for Pebble Beach golf course. Her book Gracefully, looking and Being Your Best at Any Age shares her best kept secrets on how to live, love and feel your best. Val's attitude is a charming breath of fresh air.

Doug Braun-Harvey Treating Sex Addiction AKA -OCSB - Out of Control Sexual Behavior

Doug Braun-Harvey and his colleague Michael Vigorito discuss the hot potato of defining and describing sexual addiction. Does it truly exist and what is it. The trouble is people are being diagnosed by the media not a competent trained professional. Dr. Drew's reality shows are train wrecks waiting to happen they aren't therapy. OCSB out of control sexual behavior. The connection of substance addiction relapse and sexual behavior.

Winston Wilde DHS - Fetish/Sexual Kink Culture

Lou and Winston discuss erotic minority people, kink, BDSM, fetishists and what really defines them and when we discuss sexual health must include all sexual expressions. Most common fantasies, old kink guard vs new kink guard. Kink power exchange. Educating about kink and kink play very deliberate. Kink world can teach the vanilla world TONS about communicating EXACTLY what one wants and how they want to feel. National Coalition Sexual Freedom

Lori Buckley PhD, Finding Love & Passion

Lou and Lori discuss her toughest sex therapy clients and how her work as an AASECT sex therapist has evolved into seminars and workshops to support people finding and communicating the love and passion they want. Lori describes her work with instructional sex therapy films she has been a consultant for. Lori loves to work with couples and finds tremendous satisfaction in knowing she's helped them heal and grow.

Dr. Patti Britton & Sex Coach U

Lou and Patti discuss how she and her partner Dr. Robert Dunlap came to create their online Sex Coach U. Given Patti's MPH and her strong background in life coaching she realized that many sexual issues people wanted to address really didn't need therapy they were more coachable life issues. Add to it that the majority of traditional therapists have little to no sexual health, function or pleasure training people weren't getting what they needed.