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Episode 179: Holistic Support for Healthy Perimenopause and Beyond with Leslie Bumpas

Leslie Bumpas is a Functional Medicine Nutritionist and expert in Women's Wellness. Over the last ten years she has helped frustrated, mature women overcome the hurdles of aging by utilizing science-backed protocols designed to bring energy, vitality, and beauty back so they can enjoy life to the fullest. There should be no fear about aging: no dementia, no frumpy, dumpy, and old. Leslie incorporates a unique approach to anti-aging that few in the healthcare world have access to. In this episode, we tackle all things related to healthy hormones in perimenopause and beyond. Key Topics: - Cultural misconceptions of female hormones - What really helps balance hormones - Early signs of perimenopause - What kind of tests to run for hormone support - How to consider menopause a “second spring” - The importance of managing stress for your hormone health - Maintaining a healthy vaginal microbiome as you age - Mood symptoms during menopause - Adaptogenic herbs that balance hormones - Castor oil packs for liver support Check out Leslie’s free supplement guide at

Episode 178: How Intergenerational Trauma Impacts Physical Health, Eating Disorders, and Substance Abuse with Dr. Carolyn Ross

Dr. Carolyn Coker Ross is an internationally known author, speaker, expert, and pioneer of intergenerational trauma's effect on one's body, brain, and beliefs. A graduate of Andrew Weil’s Fellowship Program in Integrative Medicine, Dr. Ross is the CEO of The Anchor Program™, online coaching for food and body image issues including binge eating, substance use disorder, and emotional stress-eating. The former head of the eating disorder program at internationally renowned Sierra Tucson, Dr. Ross is currently a consultant for United States treatment centers that want to include her unique integrative medicine approach to help clients recovering from eating disorders and substance use disorders. She is the author of three books, the most recent of which is The Food Addiction Recovery Workbook.  Key Topics: - What is intergenerational trauma and what does the current research tell us? - The impact of trauma on the HPA axis - How childhood adversity impacts adulthood - Trauma doesn’t change DNA, but it can change its expression - Racial trauma and the impact on future generations - Toxic stress versus chronic stress - The Anchor Program and how Dr. Ross’ clients move from addiction to recovery Learn more about Dr. Ross’ work at OR Thanks to our sponsor: Get started with EveryPlate for just $1.49 per meal by going to and entering the code spark149.

Episode 177: Root Causes of Adolescent Depression with Erin Kerry

The CDC reported that three out of five teen girls experienced persistent feelings of hopelessness in 2021. There are many things contributing to adolescent hopelessness, and while there are differences between the world of today and the world when Erin Kerry was diagnosed, the treatment options haven’t changed. The treatment options available in the 90s are the same being offered today, 30 years later: medication and therapy. Unfortunately, those limited options are not treating the root of the issue, and in some cases, may make things worse. Erin created a list of contributing root causes to her depression from the functional medicine lens, in hopes that it will help someone take a closer look at potential factor that are not being offered through traditional treatment. This information is not meant to treat, diagnose, or cure, and does not take the place of medical advice given by a practitioner. Key Topics: - How the oral birth control pill may increase depression - How antidepressants increase the risk of depression and suicidality in some teens and adults - Toxic thoughts and the impact of low self-esteem on physical health - The way antibiotics contribute to mental health issues - Unresolved trauma and how talk therapy rarely makes a dent in healing it - Overly processed foods and what they do to neurotransmitter function - How exercise continues to be the most powerful tool for mental health in the research Plus, other root causes and a call for parents and medical practitioners to fight for these teens! For research articles that contributed to this episode, please see the condensed article version at

Episode 176: Understanding ADHD with Dr. Tamara Rosier

Tamara Rosier, Ph.D., is the founder of the ADHD Center of West Michigan, where she and her staff work with individuals with ADHD (and their families) to learn strategies and develop new skills to live effectively with ADHD. Dr. Rosier is also the president of the ADHD Coaches Organization. She is the author of Your Brain’s Not Broken. She is a popular conference and keynote speaker is a frequent guest on podcasts and has published numerous articles about living with ADHD. This episode is dedicated the busting the myths of ADHD and how ADHD impacts the everyday functioning of those who have it. Key Topics: - What is ADHD? - What makes the brain of a person with ADHD different - How the concept of time is different for ADHD - How to use your hyperfixation as a benefit - Does everyone with ADHD have hyperactivity? - How to make the mundane tasks easier to do - The reverse sleep cycle with ADHD - How to handle habits and short term memory setbacks - Increasing self-awareness with ADHD - The importance of accurately diagnosing Find her book, Your Brain’s Not Broken, wherever you get books or at her website,

Episode 175: How to Focus Better and Get More Stuff Done with Sandra Beck, Linda Kreter, and Erin Kerry

Sandra Beck is the founder of Beck Multimedia and the host of many popular podcasts, including Motherhood Talk Radio. Linda Kreter is the host of Wise Health for Women Radio. In this simulcast episode, we give you practical tools to help you focus and get more things done! Whether you are a stay at home mom, working mom, elder caregiver, empty nester, or single, you will learn various tips to help make the stress of everyday life more manageable. Key Topics: - How to use a timer for tasks - The OHIO method for cleaning up - Breathing and transition breaks - Nature benefits

Episode 174: The Real Deal with Gluten and Other Digestive Truths with Meg Gerber

Meg Gerber is a Functional Medicine Dietitian, best-selling author, and the founder of Grounded Nourishment. Meg specializes in working with individuals who struggle with cognitive digestive issues. Through her own journey of digestive struggles and autoimmunity, Meg has learned the power of being in your body and listening to its needs. Her #1 bestselling cookbook is available for purchase on Amazon. Key Topics: - Meg’s journey with the diagnosis of celiac disease and going gluten free - How stress impacts digestive health - The process of digestion - The deal with gluten today - The problem with glyphosate and the gut - How to know if you have gluten issues - Ideas for going gluten free and gluten free bread that tastes good! Learn more about Meg at Thanks to our sponsor: Get started with EveryPlate for just $1.49 per meal by going to and entering the promo code spark149

Episode 173: How the Way That You Breathe Changes Everything with Dr. Justin Ternes

Justin Ternes is a Doctor of Physical Therapy, Mental/Emotional Health Coach, Breathwork Facilitator and Human Performance Optimizer. His work is centered on three main pillars: psychophysiology, pain science and breathwork.  Dr. Ternes is passionate about helping every patient/client address their physical and/or emotional pain, distress and life limitations in order to find long-term health and fulfilling quality of life. In his spare time he studies and practices a variety of mind-body approaches so he can continually learn new ways to help patients holistically create physical and mental resiliency.  He regularly hosts Men's Mental & Social Health Workshops, as well as Holistic Breathwork Retreats. Residing in San Diego, CA, Justin is a nature-lover, community builder, and passionate teacher of his work. Key topics: - How Dr. Ternes got into the mind-body connection - How breath impacts the nervous system - for better or worse - Why taping your mouth shut can benefit your health - Using breathwork to become more kind/body aware - How men are disconnected from emotions and overly connected to stress - The association with chronic pain and negative emotions Follow Dr. Justin at on Instagram.

Episode 172: How to Be a Calm and Connected Parent with Eli Weinstein

Eli Weinstein is a Social Work therapist (LCSW )who has worked in a psych hospital, intense outpatient clinic and currently runs his own private practice in NY + NV. He created ELIvation, The Dude Therapist Podcast and became a therapist to fill a need and create a modern outlook on mental health to create a more digestible and relatable view on mental health to help those in struggling times and add some extra inspiration and motivation into everyday life. Eli has been featured on Kelly Clarkson show, The Trauma Therapist, Mimosas With Moms, Holding Space, Breaking Taboo, Therapy Thoughts w/ Tiffany Roe and on multiple podcast ranging from parenting, relationships, mental health and infertility In this episode, we cover the topic of parenting in the modern age, how to connect emotionally with our kids instead of stressing them out, and how to be a calm and connected parent. Key Topics: - How parenting advice has changed over the years - How to look at the context of the situation for each individual child - Nervous system regulation for parents and kids - How to stay away from comparing parenting styles - Myths of connected parenting - How to be on the same page with your partner in parenting Find Eli on Instagram at @eliweinstein_lcsw, check out with podcast The Dude Therapist or work with him at

Episode 171: How Cold Therapy Can Benefit Your Health with Jono James

Jono James is the inventor and CEO of Odin Ice Baths. Jono was born with Cystic Fibrosis, a terminal illness that affects his lungs and other vital organs. When he was first diagnosed, doctors told his parents he had less than 10 years to live. Fortunately, his parents didn’t accept that prognosis and thanks to their unwavering commitment to keep him alive, he is now 34 years old and never been healthier. Jono started experimenting with different treatments and therapies when he was 14 years old because he was acutely aware of the fact that he might only have five years to live. After trying more than 150 different therapies and treatments he finally discovered the therapeutic benefits of saunas and eventually ice baths, and hasn’t looked back since. Unfortunately, like many other people, he noticed that there weren’t a lot of good quality, affordable ice baths on the market, so that’s when he decided to make his own. Hence the birth of the Odin. Key Topics: - Jono’s personal story and his health journey with Cystic Fibrosis - The many benefits of sauna and cold therapy - Why Jono launched his own ice bath company - How to do cold therapy the right way - The mental and physical benefits of a cold plunge Learn more bout Odin Ice Baths at

Episode 170: Gut Health, IBS, and Innovations in Gut-Brain Disease with Alexander Martinez

Alexander Martinez is the CEO and Co-Founder of Intrinsic Medicine and a former Silicon Valley corporate lawyer turned biotechnology entrepreneur. His thorough understanding of the industry and areas for improvement, in parallel with his own patient journey, inspired him to make a public health impact and seek novel medicines for broad patient populations that have been previously underserved by the traditional pharmaceutical industry. Intrinsic Medicine is a therapeutics company leveraging human milk biology to transform irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and other Gut-Brain Axis (GBA) disorders. Key Topics: - The gut microbiome and ecosystem of bacteria that lives there - How our understanding of “bad bacteria” is changing - Germ theory and the harm of overusing antibiotics - The gut-brain connection and understanding the vagus nerve - How the microbiome modulates genetics - How the gut lining is broken down by physical and emotional stress - New treatments for IBS and other gut-brain issues using human milk oligosaccharides - Ways to improve your microbiome now Learn more about these new gut health developments at

Episode 169: The Superfoods Wrecking Your Health with Sally K. Norton

Sally K. Norton, MPH holds a nutrition degree from Cornell University and a master’s degree in Public Health. Her path to becoming a leading expert on dietary oxalate includes a prior career working at major medical schools in medical education and public health research. Her personal healing experience inspired years of research that led to her forthcoming book, Toxic Superfoods, which was released on December 27 everywhere books are sold.  As a leading expert on oxalates in food, Sally’s work has been featured by podcasters, radio shows, and several online and print journals. In this episode, we discuss the research behind oxalate overload, the problems with promoting superfoods that contain these toxins, and how to learn to start your own low oxalate journey. Key Topics: - What are oxalates and why are they so bad? - What oxalates are in which foods? - How can you know you’re having issues with oxalates? - The gut health connection to the toxicity in these superfoods - The way oxalates deplete your body of nutrients - How to taper off oxalates - What foods to include to start to feel better now Learn more about Sally and her book at

Episode 168: Transform Your Health Using the Power of Awe with Jake Eagle

Jake Eagle, LPC, is a psychotherapist, mindfulness instructor, fellow/member/trainer of the International Association of Neuro‑Linguistic Programming. After thirty years in private practice, he now works part-time as a meta-therapist, working with people who want to go beyond the bounds of traditional therapy. He is co author of the new book, THE POWER OF AWE: Overcome Burnout & Anxiety, Ease Chronic Pain, Find Clarity & Purpose—In Less Than 1 Minute Per Day Key Topics: - The three levels of consciousness model Jake uses as a meta-therapist - The premise of the new book, The Power of Awe - The one question you should ask yourself every morning - The scientific research done for this awe method using frontline workers in the pandemic - How to enter a state of awe at home - How to reduce depression by 24% in 21 days - The way awe reduces inflammation and improves vagal tone To learn more and get the book, go to or the new page, Moments of Awe. Sponsor: proven, quality sleep is life changing sleep. Find new offers at

Episode 167: Five Things I'm Doing for My Health in 2023 with Erin Kerry

Happy new year! It's the time of year when people are setting goals, creating self-improvement plans, and looking forward to change that sticks. As a health coach, I know that creating changes that stick have to do with small, sustainable habits. In this episode, I break down the five things I'm going to be doing for my mental, spiritual, and physical health this year. Contact me for one on one coaching or upcoming programs at For the three day reset kit mentioned in the episode, head to

Episode 166: Why Sugar is a Drug and How to Quit It with Dr. Nicole Avena

Dr. Nicole Avena is an Associate Professor of Neuroscience at Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York City, and a Visiting Professor of Health Psychology at Princeton University. She graduated from Princeton University with her PhD in Neuroscience and Psychology, and completed her postdoctoral fellowship in molecular biology at Rockefeller University in NYC. She is a research neuroscientist and expert in the fields of nutrition, diet and addiction, with a special focus on nutrition during early life and pregnancy, and women’s health. Her research achievements have been honored by awards from several groups including the New York Academy of Sciences, the American Psychological Association, and the National Institute on Drug Abuse. In addition to over 100 peer-reviewed scholarly publications, Dr. Avena has written several books, including What to Eat When You’re Pregnant, What to Feed Your Baby and Toddler and What to Eat When You Want to Get Pregnant. She has the #2 most watched TED-ED Health talk, How Sugar Affects Your Brain, with over 13 million views and counting. Key Topics: - Why is sugar bad for you? - How sugar affects a developing brain - The addictive properties and the way the brain adapts to more and more - Withdrawal symptoms of quitting sugar - What the science says about the argument that sugar isn’t addictive - Practical ways to reduce sugar intake - Artificial sweeteners and the affect on the brain - How to read labels for hidden sugar - How to have a healthier relationship with sugar Learn more about Dr. Nicole and get her new book, Sugarless, on Follow her on Instagram @drnicoleavena

Episode 165: Practical Tools to Support Kids' Mental Health with Dr. Nicole Beurkens

Dr. Nicole Beurkens is a leading holistic child psychologist, as a licensed clinical psychologist with advanced degrees in psychology, education, and nutrition. She has dedicated her 25-year career to providing parents with research-based strategies that get to the root of children’s attention, anxiety, mood, and behavior challenges so they can reach their highest potential. She founded and runs a multi-disciplinary evaluation and treatment clinic in Grand Rapids, MI, and is a best-selling author, published researcher, award-winning therapist, media expert, scientific advisor, and experienced mother of four. Key Topics: - the connection between mental health and physical health in kids - The impact of adult stress on kids’ stress - Basics of bedtime and sleep hygiene - Why kids shouldn’t have electronic devices in their bedrooms - Nutrition and kids’ mental health - How to model good nutrient dense practices with kids - Swaps for healthier family eating - The power of connection Learn more about Dr. Nicole at and Instagram at @drnicolebeurkens

Episode 164: How Stress Impacts Our Physical Health and What to Do About It with Sandra Beck

Sandra Beck is owner of Beck Multimedia and Motherhood Incorporated. She is the host of Military Mom Talk Radio, Motherhood Talk Radio, and Coach Talk Radio. In this episode, Sandra and Erin discuss how stress impacts our physical health and ways to manage the constant load. Key Topics: - How stress manifests in our lives - The distinction between what is urgent/important/emergency - When stress becomes normal - How our thoughts impact stress - Finding breaks to breathe and manage stress - How to tell if you are chronically stressed and to check in with yourself

Episode 163: How to Be Happier This Holiday Season with Pamela Gail Johnson

Pamela Gail Johnson founded the Society of Happy People in 1998, created the first three globally celebrated happiness holidays, and is the author of Practical Happiness: Four Principles to Improve Your Life. She was an award-winning salesperson for American Express and Staples, and now helps leaders and teams create happier workplace cultures. - Why is the Society of Happy People even more important today than it was in 1998? - How happiness isn’t the “absence of challenges” - How to identify happiness zappers - Happiness zappers in the holidays - Why Practical Happiness is different from other happiness books - The four principles of happiness Free gift! Go to to download Pamela’s 31 types of happiness! Sponsors: Proven, quality sleep is life-changing sleep. Go to for special offers. Get 20% off your at home lab test at

Episode 162: Innovations in Psychiatry for ADHD, Depression, PTSD, and Anxiety with Dr. Brent Turnipseed

Dr. Brent Turnipseed is the Co-Founder of Austin-based Roots Behavioral Health. Dr. Brent Turnipseed, Roots’ Medical Director, is a board-certified psychiatrist with a deep interest in innovative approaches to providing behavioral healthcare. Brent is on the Scientific Advisory Board for Ninnion Therapeutics and previously practiced psychiatry in clinical and law enforcement settings in Texas. Key Topics: - Description of holistic psychiatry and what distinguishes it from more traditional forms of psychiatry - Why we are seeing an increase in ADHD and how digital use plays a role - Overuse of ADHD medications and the dangers - New healing modalities for mental health, including Botox for depression, and when medication are needed - Ketamine treatments, the benefits, and what the research tells us - How ketamine works at the brain level - Brain-derived neurotrophic factor and how to increase it Learn more about Dr. Turnipseed’s practice at

Episode 161: Mental Roadblocks on Your Health Journey and How to Move Past Them with Daniel Mangena

Dan Mangena is an International Speaker, Best-Selling Author, Broadcaster and Coach. He is best known for his highly successful Micro2Millions program, being the author of Stepping Beyond Intention and his Do it With Dan and Beyond Success podcasts. He is completely self-made and has spent decades perfecting his world-class coaching methodology. Key Topics: - What limiting beliefs are - How limiting beliefs can actually be good - How to get out of negativity - Mindfulness practices and how to be present where you are - Breaking through negative self talk habits - Having a mindset of abundance - The flow funnel and financial abundance programs Go to or listen to the podcast Dream with Dan to learn more about Dan and his principles.

Episode 160: How to Have a Healthy Weight Loss Mindset with Sandra Beck and Erin Kerry

Sandra Beck is owner of Beck Multimedia and Motherhood Incorporated. She is the host of Military Mom Talk Radio, Motherhood Talk Radio, and Coach Talk Radio. In this discussion and simulcast episode, Sandra and Erin explore how to have a healthy mindset toward the topic of weight loss, especially as we age and different life seasons complicate things. Erin starts the conversation with a bonus seven minute coaching session with a reminder that weight gain or loss may be an indicator that something else is out of balance in the body. Addressing your body with kindness and self-compassion is a huge missing piece in most weight loss conversations. Key Topics: - Weight loss goals as we age - Benefits of daily exercise breaks - Snacks and protein hacks for energy - Habits of health and emotional eating To have your own 15 minute discovery call with Erin, sign up here:

Episode 159: How to Let Go of Trapped Emotions Using Emotion Code with Dr. Bradley Nelson

Dr. Bradley Nelson is one of the world's foremost experts on natural methods of achieving wellness. Through his studies of ancient medical practices and modern quantum physics, Dr. Brad developed The Emotion Code®, a simple yet powerfully effective method anyone can learn to release the trapped emotions that block us from wellness. Using his expertise as a computer programmer, Dr. Brad codified his techniques and created a "mind mapping" system that made his work highly reliable and repeatable. He explains these techniques along with step-by-step instructions for working with the body's energy healing power in his bestselling book "The Emotion Code: How to Release Your Trapped Emotions for Abundant Health, Love, and Happiness." In this episode, I share my personal experience with this groundbreaking therapy, and Dr. Brad explains how it works and has helped thousands of people break free from negative emotions. Key Topics: - Why our trapped emotions are causing issues in our physical bodies - What is emotional baggage? - How emotions get trapped and the protective mechanisms of the body - What a heart wall is and how it plays a role in health - How releasing baggage can lead to freedom - The subconscious impact of emotion code Dr. Nelson’s books are available wherever books are sold and find more info on emotion code at Thanks to our sponsors: Discover special offers for a limited time on a Sleep Number bed at

Episode 158: Five Things You Do Every Day That Impact Your Hormones with Amanda Hinman

Amanda Hinman is a Certified Functional Medicine Health Coach and Integrative Nutrition Health Coach who specializes in helping successful women over 40 who are struggling with hormone imbalance and exhaustion to heal naturally and gain 3 hours of energy every day so they can maximize their impact on their career and family. Amanda founded the Hinman Holistic Health Institute and together she and her team have helped 100s of women reclaim their health from the terrors of Hashimoto’s, hypothyroidism, insulin resistance, anxiety, PCOS, pituitary tumors and more. Key Topics: - Why it’s “common” to feel exhausted, but doesn’t need to be normal - It’s okay to be different and take control of your own health - Five things you can do every day to impact your hormones - How to change your morning routine to tell your body it’s safe - How beauty products and toxins affect hormones - Breathing breaks and the impact on hormone health - The magic behind chewing more and slowing down when you eat - How our thoughts play a role in our health - Where we often fall short in supporting chronic health conditions Sponsor: get 20% off an at-home lab test at

Episode 157: How to Heal Your Brain from Emotional Pain with Rachelle McCloud

Rachelle McCloud, LCSW is a Mental Health Therapist and Emotional Wellness coach. Through years of successfully helping clients move their anxiety, depression, and trauma disorders into remission, she has developed a program that empowers people to skillfully get rid of symptoms and heal. She is also the facilitator of the Facebook group Releasing the Baggage of Anxiety, Depression, and Traumatic Stress, where she delivers free training on leading interventions that work well for getting rid of symptoms, not just coping or managing them. Her mission is to empower people to do their own healing work effectively, safely, and skillfully. Key Topics: - Why we need to optimize brain function - How the brain responds to our experiences - Viewing symptoms as opportunities for healing - What happens when we suppress or avoid symptoms - How to heal emotional pain without re-traumatizing ourselves - Rachelle’s approach to thought-filled therapy - EMDR and its affect on trauma - Energy medicine and how it’s not as “woo woo” as you’d think - Practical tapping tips for kids and families Learn more about Rachelle's work at

Episode 156: The Nano Antioxidant that Levels Up Health: Personal Product Review with Christopher Burres

Christopher Burres is the owner of SES Research, the first company to deliver carbon nano materials, and MyVitalC, the world's first nano antioxidant. When Chris realized a Nobel Prize-Winning chemical tested by NASA had been proven to almost double the lifespan of mammals, he decided to make ESS60 into a household item. He's now on a mission to help people live longer, healthier and pain-free lives one dose at a time. This episode is a personal product review and follow up to Episode 147, where Chris first shared his revolutionary product. Key Topics: - Brief background on the Nobel-prize winning molecule - Why antioxidants are so necessary for our health - Why this particular product improves sleep - How this product improves skin tone and breakouts - How it supports a healthy menstrual cycle and menopausal symptoms - How peptides support longevity Try My VitalC out for yourself with our exclusive listener discount at

Episode 155: Creating Mind-Body Balance Through Ayurvedic Medicine with Dr. Ram Tamang

Dr. Ram Tamang is an Ayurvedic Physician, Master Herbalist, Educator and High Performance Coach, based in Southern California. Dr. Ram was trained as a doctor at the esteemed Ayurvedic University, MGR Medical University in Coimbatore, India, gained his Master Herbalist Certificate from GCNM in the USA and is one of 700 in the world to receive his certification as a High Performance Coach (CHPC).    As a child of nature, Dr. Ram grew up in the foothills of the Himalayas in Kathmandu, Nepal, learning about herbs and nature-based medicines from his grandmother.   Dr. Ram works side-by-side Allopathic Doctors, providing his unique perspective of how Ayurvedic Medicine can be used along with Westernized and Modern Medicine for a truly holistic and holistic approach to healing.    Key Topics: - What is Ayurvedic medicine? - The mind-body connection and need to create holistic balance - Importance of sunshine and getting morning sun as a daily rhythm - How our body systems are connected and how the body stores emotions - Ways to support healing - How to balance masculine and feminine energy - How Ayurveda helps align the body’s balance and support health - Creating health goals individualized to your needs Learn more about Dr. Ram’s work at Sponsor: Quality sleep is life-changing sleep. Discover special offers on a Sleep Number bed at

Episode 154: How to Decrease Stress Through Nervous System Regulation with Carly Stagg

Carly is a former nutritional therapist turned family nurse practitioner specializing in functional medicine. Her professional practice focuses on autoimmunity, hormone balance, and thyroid care, as well as complex chronic conditions such as mold, Lyme, PANS and PANDAS with a nurturing, gentle approach. She is passionate about the innate self-healing capacity of the body and especially practicing medicine in a way that supports the body in regaining balance rather than competing with its natural state. She currently sees patients via telehealth at Ritual Functional Medicine. She has partnered with Chelsea Blackbird in creating the upcoming School of Christian Health and Nutrition, a 9-month training program focused on empowering and equipping those who feel called to work in the field of health and nutrition. Key Topics: - What is the nervous system and what does it have to do with stress? - Why stress is impacting us more than ever before - How polyvagal theory shows how our bodies respond to stressors - What fight, flight, or freeze looks like - How to know what nervous system state you’re in - Why befriending your body is so important - How to support whole body healing - New therapies that support healing the nervous system Thanks to our sponsors: Get 10% off your first three months at Get 20% off at home lab testing from Everlywell at

Episode 153: How Adverse Childhood Events Impact Your Health with Dr. Patrick Wanis

Patrick Wanis, PhD, helps people rapidly change their behavior. As a Human Behavior & Relationship Expert, Wanis has developed SRTT therapy (Subconscious Rapid Transformation Technique) and is now teaching it to other practitioners. Wanis has also developed multiple online psychological and behavioral assessments on Emotional Intelligence, Empathy, Mindfulness, Relationship Breakups, Self-Defeating Behavior, Individual Core Values, and Authenticity. His clientele ranges from celebrities and CEOs to housewives and teenagers. CNN, BBC, FOX News, MSNBC & major news outlets worldwide consult Wanis for expert insights and analysis on relationships, sexuality, human motivation, trauma, communication, body language, and persuasion. Over five million people have read Wanis' books in English and Spanish.  Key Topics: - The definition of trauma as a real or perceived threat - Attachment styles and unmet emotional needs in childhood - Stress shrinks the prefrontal cortex of the brain, and other brain impacts of chronic stress - Adverse childhood events and the impact - How ACEs create physical issues in the body long term - The trauma and autoimmune connection - How SRTT helps people find healing For more on how trauma impacts the body, click here: To book a session with Dr. Wanis click here:

Episode 152: How to Heal Depression, Anxiety, and Bipolar Disorder with Dr. Christina Bjorndal

Dr. Christina Bjorndal, ND is an authority in the treatment of mental illnesses such as depression, anxiety, bipolar disorders and eating disorders.  Having overcome many mental health challenges, Dr. Chris is recognized as one of the top NDs to follow by two independent organizations. Dr. Chris has helped many patients achieve physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. She has written four books on mental health as well as created two courses – a 10-week course for individuals and a Clinician's Integrative Mental Health 10 week course. Key Topics: - Dr. Chris’ personal journal with mental illness - Background on the gut/brain connection - Four aspects of health and how they connect - Getting to the root of anxiety and how to control our thoughts - Psychoneuroimmunology and how all systems are connected - How to get out of a depression - The role of the nervous system in mental health symptoms - How to support kids’ mental health - How to look beyond the label or diagnosis Learn more about Dr. Chris and her work at

Episode 151: This is Your Child's Brain on Processed Food with Dr. Joan Ifland

Dr. Joan Ifland, PhD, MBA, FACN, is a Nutrition Researcher & Processed Food Addiction Counselor. Dr. Ifland is a Fellow of the American College of Nutrition and she holds her PhD in Addictive Nutrition. She has 20 years' experience in the field of food addiction and recovery. The Founder of Food Addiction Reset, Dr. Ifland is a leading expert in the field, author of the textbook on the topic. Processed food marketed to children has a powerful impact on their brain function with long-term consequences. This is a tough conversation, but it is important to be aware of the way our kids' nutrition impacts mood, concentration, focus, and overall health. Key Topics: - The effect of processed food on developing brains - How food marketing impacts kids’ brains and cognitive function - The four step process companies use to create addiction in children - What parents can do to protect their kids from addictive substances - How the need to belong factors in and creates addictive behaviors - The long-term impact of processed food on the brain Go to or to start your healing journey. Sponsor: proven, quality sleep is life-changing sleep. Discover special offers now at

Episode 150: Limiting Beliefs that Impact Your Eating Habits with Brittany Braswell, RD

Brittany Braswell is a Registered Dietitian who runs a private recovery coaching practice helping Christian women ditch food rules and negative body image so they finally get off the dieting hamster wheel and experience true and lasting freedom in Christ. She has been featured as a guest expert on podcasts, at virtual summits, in blogs, and at universities. She is the creator of two exclusive courses -- one on improving body image, and another on recovering from disordered eating on her website both of which serve women using a Christ-centered approach. In this episode, we tackle the tough topic of how our disordered relationship with food can often reflect a disordered view of ourselves and our purpose. Key Topics: - How to know if you have a disordered relationship with food - Eating issues are a symptom of a deeper issue of tuning in with your body’s needs - Limiting beliefs and themes that show up in people who struggle with disordered eating habits - Issues with worthiness and comparison - Issues with capabilities, confidence and mindset roadblocks - Control issues and procrastination - Fear of failure and what limits us Follow Brittany on Instagram at brittanybraswellrd. Sponsor: get 20% off an at-home lab test or supplements at with the code spark.

Episode 149: What to Do When Psych Meds Aren't Working with Dr. Julia Britz

Dr. Julia Britz specializes in supporting people who are struggling with mental health issues such as OCD, disorders eating and psychiatric medication tapering. Her passion for working with individuals suffering from these lonely conditions is that she too was a “hopeless case”, but got better. Dismissed by doctors, she was told over and over there was nothing else she could try beyond pharmacotherapy, and so was inspired to create, a site dedicated to documenting the daily life of OCD and related disorders. Through this project and holistic therapies, she found new levels of wellness, and in 2014 did a TED talk called “MyOCDdiary: an imperfect story.”   She utilizes natural and integrative modalities including targeted amino acid therapy, peptide therapy, micronutrient therapy, bioresonance, botanical medicine and epigenetic analysis, many of which are discussed in this episode. Key topics: - When meds are needed, when they aren’t - Why psych meds don’t seem to work long term - Long-term data on medication - Side effects of commonly used medication - How medication plays a role in dissociation - When it is helpful to name a diagnosis - What is akathisia - How to develop a healing mindset toward mental health - Foundations of mental healing - Lab testing and genetic aspects of mental illness - The immune-brain connection Learn more about Dr. Britz's work at 

Episode 148: Overcoming Cancer, Crohn's, and Other Autoimmune Disease with Amber Satterfield

Amber is an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and the Founder of Feel Good Nourishment, where she specializes in helping people who suffer from gut health issues and autoimmune diseases. She was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease in 2008, followed by rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes, Hashimoto’s thyroiditis and cancer in the subsequent years. It wasn’t until she found functional medicine that she says her life & health changed forever. After her own journey, Amber became passionate about helping others do the same in their own bodies. Amber is now sharing her personal healing story in her new book, “Thriving with Autoimmune Diseases”, coming out later this year. Key Topics: - Amber’s journey overcoming multiple autoimmune diseases and cancer - How autoimmune disease starts - The impact of stress on the body - Bringing balance to the nervous system - Chronic illness and how toxic beliefs and mindset play a role - Triggers for illness and getting to the root cause - Amber’s work with those struggling with chronic disease Amber’s website is Sponsor: Get 10% off your first three months with Ritual at

Episode 147: The Surprising Secret to Health and Longevity with Christopher Burres

Chris Burres is the owner of SES Research, the first company to deliver carbon nano materials, and MyVitalC, the world's first nano antioxidant. Chris has an extensive background in a diverse range of areas including Mechanical Engineering, Comedy Improv Artist, Oil and Gas Explosives, and Competitive Soccer to name a few. He's also the co-host of the most popular internet marketing podcast on iTunes since 2009. When Chris realized a Nobel Prize-Winning chemical tested by NASA had been proven to almost double the lifespan of mammals, he decided to make ESS60 into a household item. He's now on a mission to help people live longer, healthier and pain-free lives one dose at a time Key Topics: - The Nobel Prize winning background story for ESS60 - How Chris got started in the carbon nanomaterials industry - The problem with 50% of supplements - How aging is related to inflammation and oxidation - What antioxidants do to support healing - Migraine and menopause relief - How ESS60 improves sleep without grogginess - Who could benefit from MyVitalC Get $15 off your first order of MyVitalC with the code sparkingwholeness Sponsor: Proven, quality sleep is life-changing sleep at

Episode 146: Why You Need More Protein for Your Mental Health with Christina Veselak

Christina T. Veselak, MS, CN, LMFT, is the founder and director of the Academy for Addiction and Mental Health Nutrition which teaches practitioners around the world how to use diet, along with amino acid and nutrient therapy to help prevent cravings and recurrent use by restoring neurotransmitter function and keeping blood sugar in balance. She has been a licensed psychotherapist working in the SUD treatment field since 1985 and a certified nutritionist specializing in mental health and addiction recovery since 1993. Key Topics: - What the brain needs most to be fed optimally - Why protein is the number one thing you need for mental health - The minimum protein requirement for most people - The neurotransmitter hack that only takes 20 minutes - Amino acid therapy and medication - what can you do? - Why antidepressants stop working long-term - How stress causes nutrient depletion - How low serotonin creates cravings for junk and sugar - How to support female hormones and PMS - How to know what amino acids you are deficient in Learn more about how to support your neurotransmitters at and

Episode 145: How to Make Sure You're Getting the Best Sleep with Dr. Sanam Hafeez

Dr. Sanam Hafeez is a neuropsychologist in New York City. She is also faculty at Columbia University. Her website is     Dr. Hafeez has been a trusted and recurring expert across media channels for top outlets such as The Wallstreet Journal, The Washington Post, HuffPost, The New York Times, Bustle, Elite Daily, Refinery29, Prevention, Health, Healthline and on TV for such shows and news as Dr. Oz, The Doctors, CNN, CBS NY Weekend News, and FOX.   Key Topics: - Why 40-50% of Americans are struggling with sleep, more so than ever before - What is circadian rhythm and why it matters - How sleep impacts mental health and replenishes the brain - How anxiety starts at night - The ritual to have to prepare for sleep - Tips to try to support better sleep - The best way to calm an anxious brain at bedtime - How parents can use kids’ bedtime to take time to develop their own sleep hygiene Sponsor: Ritual vitamins - get 10% off your first three months at

Episode 144: Surprising Science on How Vision Impacts Mental Health with Dr. Lynn Hellerstein

Dr. Lynn F. Hellerstein, a developmental optometrist and pioneer in vision therapy, has authored 4 books including the Award-Winning book, See It. Say It. Do It! and #1 Amazon Best-Selling book, Expand Your Vision. For more than 40 years, Dr. Lynn has utilized vision therapy with children and adults with learning related vision problems, vision perception deficits or brain injuries, as well as enhancing visual performance for athletes. She has inspired thousands of people to improve their vision and enhance their lives. Key Topics: - How a traditional optometrist ended up focusing on vision therapy - How someone with 20/20 vision can still have vision problems - How ADHD and anxiety impact vision and concentration - The connection between vision and the brain and the gut - How visualization helps people get their focus and concentration back Proven, quality sleep is life-changing sleep at

Episode 143: Practical Ways to Improve Your Brain Health Today with Leigh Richardson

Leigh Richardson is the owner and founder of The Brain Performance Center in Dallas, Texas as well as the host of the podcast, In Your Head with Leigh Richardson. In this simulcast podcast episode, Leigh and Erin discuss how the conversation about wellness is changing in the 2020s. While wellness is being emphasized, it starts with a regulated brain. Key Topics: - The foundation of sleep for a healthy brain - How to simplify nutrition for brain health and energy - Transforming toxic thoughts and adopting mindfulness strategies - New research on using the sauna to boost mental health - Other practical tools to train the brain for wellness and positivity To learn more about Leigh and her work, head to

Episode 142: New Techniques for Healing Trauma and Chronic Pain with Dr. Andrew Hahn

Andrew Hahn, Psy.D. is a licensed clinical psychologist at Life Centered Therapy. He received his A.B. Magna Cum Laude in Social Studies/Psychology from Harvard University and his Psy.D. in Clinical Psychology from Hahnemann University. His new book, co-authored with Joan Beckett, is called The One-Hour Miracle: A 5-Step Process to Guide Your Self-Healing This episode is a thought-provoking look at new trauma therapies that are being used. Key Topics: - What is life-centered therapy? - Finding our identity in this world and how trauma impacts our identity - How trauma gets stored in the body - Chronic pain and the story it tells - The purpose of his new book, The One Hour Miracle, and how it facilitates healing - How muscle testing can be used for healing Learn more about Dr. Hahn at

Episode 141: Healing Painful Periods and Managing Moodiness Naturally with Andrea Jones

Andrea Jones is a registered nurse, functional hormone coach, as well as life and health coach. Andrea helps women with hormone imbalances experience painless, mood-free periods so they could feel like themselves again. In this episode, we cover every topic related to supporting female hormones, and the interplay with mood regulation and menstrual cycle. Key Topics: - The connection between hormones and mental health - How progesterone (or lack of it) impacts our mood - How the oral birth control pill takes a toll on our mental health and contributes to depression and anxiety - How to regulate hormones naturally - How the liver plays a role in hormone support - The prevalence of estrogen dominance, what it is, and how to support it - Endometriosis and are hysterectomies the only option? - Menstrual migraines - Targeted nutrition for hormone health - How to correct hormone imbalances - Andrea’s hormone-supportive coaching programs Follow her on Instagram at @abundantwellnesswithandrea

Episode 140: Chemical Pollution: The Silent Pandemic with Tim James

This episode is part personal journey, part information. Tim's story will inspire you to take control of your health in ways you've never thought of before. Tim James is host of the Health Hero show and the founder and CEO of, a mission-based organization that is passionate about helping everybody ignite their highest excitement in life by putting themselves and their health first. Tim’s journey led him to a shocking discovery which helped his friend beat cancer and transform every area of his life. Feeling charged with a duty to help others he started sharing his knowledge with anyone that would listen. This led him to producing his own chemical free food products. ‘Chemical Free Body’ was born. Key Topics: - Tim’s health wake up call and how he became passionate about chemicals - Health is an inside job and the colon is not a storage tank - Why low oxygen leads to high toxicity - The skincare-gutcare connection - How we are born polluted - chemicals found in baby umbilical cord blood - The toxic world we live in and how that affects us - How to clean up our environment - The right supplements to support toxin-free living Take 5% off supplements at with the code spark. Go to for the portable sauna mentioned in this episode.

Episode 139: A Busy Mom's Guide to Healthy Eating

Rai Moorhead is a a Master Certified Health Coach with over 15 years of professional and personal experience with health, nutrition and fitness. She specializes in helping women reframe negative thought patterns about eating and exercise into positive affirmations. She is passionate about helping women see that true beauty is beyond the scale and the mirror. In this episode, we cover all the tips and tricks to support busy moms and their family’s health! Key Topics: - Rai’s science-based approach to health - How to make healthy habit changes - Grocery-shopping tips - Meal planning ideas for the whole family - What to know about reading labels - How to help kids enjoy healthy eating - How to wean off fast foods - Keys to improving sleep, which regulates all the above! To learn more about Rai and download her “Fresh Start Grocery List,” head to Thanks to our sponsor: Proven, quality sleep is life-changing sleep. Head to to find your best sleep.

Episode 138: Eating Mindfully for Mental Health with Erin Kerry

This episode wraps up a four part series for Mental Health Awareness Month. Eating for mental health is so much more than changing the content of the food you consume. Eating for mental health means changing the content of your thoughts toward your own body and your food. In this episode, Erin Kerry covers how to create a healthier relationship with food after a lifetime of dieting and restriction and negative body image. Key Topics: - Why your thoughts toward your body matter - How to stop treating your body like a math equation - Physiological issues with "intuitively eating" processed food - Important steps toward healing your relationship with food - Ways to eat more mindfully, enjoy food, and create optimal brain health

Episode 137: Understanding the Gut-Brain Connection with Erin Kerry

Our microbes modulate our mood. Understanding the gut-brain axis is crucial to advocating for your mental health. In this episode, Erin tackles the latest research in this growing field, based on dozens of published studies and publications, in order to give a comprehensive overview of how the gut and brain "talk" to each other, and how to support our mental health even better! Key Topics: - The five myths of mental health that were believed for years (and some still perpetuated today) - What the "gut" is and how it's connected to the brain - How neurotransmitters play a role in the gut-brain connection - How the food we consume directly contributes to neurotransmitters we create - What is enhanced intestinal permeability and why it's contributing to mental health issues - What to do to improve your gut-brain connection Thanks to our sponsor: Visit and get 10% off your first three months.

Episode 136: How to Support a Spouse Struggling with Mental Health with Richard Kerry

This episode features Richard Kerry, Licensed Professional counselor and husband to Erin. In this conversation, they break down what it is like to learn of a partner's diagnosis, how to support that person without being codependent, and how to improve communication. Key Topics: - How Richard found out Erin had bipolar disorder and how the symptoms showed up in their early married life - The times when Richard experienced depression, and how Erin supported him the last few years - Signs to look out for to know your partner is struggling - How to approach mental health when parenting together - A practical activity to create vulnerability and trust in your relationship

Episode 135: Surviving Mental Illness and Learning to Live Again with Erin Kerry

May is Mental Health Awareness Month and this episode is the first of many dedicated to practical tools for improving mental wellness. Key Topics: - The growing epidemic of mental health issues in teens - The root causes to my own mental health issues and how I struggled to find treatment that supported my mental well-being - The medication weaning process and how I was able to get off medication I had been on for 18 years - The tools I used to support healing and how I continue to prioritize my mental health to prevent recurring issues Sponsors: Proven quality sleep is life-changing sleep. Go to Save 10% and get free shipping on Magnesium Breakthrough at

Episode 134: Creating Resilience in the Brain and Body with Leigh Richardson and Sandra Beck

This episode features a roundtable discussion between three experts breaking down the topic of how to create resilience in a stressed out world. Leigh Richardson is the owner and founder of The Brain Performance Center in Dallas, Texas. She is a brain health expert and specializes in neurofeedback and neuroplasticity. Sandra Beck is a business coach, owner of Beck Multimedia, and podcast host of Motherhood Incorporated, Coach Talk Radio, Military Mom, and Powered Up. Key Topics: - How the body follows the mind - How to create balance - What triggers stress physically and emotionally in the body - The importance of sleep, hydration, and gratitude - Pay attention to the body's stress cues

Episode 133: How Movement Can Help You Listen to Your Body's Needs with Elise Carter

Elise Carter has been a student of yoga for over two decades, and a small business owner for sixteen years. She has both taught and studied with a number of inspiring yogis across the country and has accumulated additional teaching certifications in several different lineages of yoga. Elise currently holds the E-RYT 500 teaching designation, the honor given by Yoga Alliance to their most senior teachers.  She has spent countless hours in studio (both practicing and teaching), and has developed an unquenchable thirst for all things yoga. Currently, she is the owner of beFree yoga in Tyler, Texas, where she teaches several times a week and leads yoga teacher trainings. Our bodies tell us things about every day, but typically we wait for someone else to tell us what’s going on before we listen. In this episode, we talk about finding a way to tune into our unique body’s needs through both stillness and movement. Key Topics: - How to notice what’s going on in your own body - What does listening to your body look like - Using your body’s symptoms as information - Deficiency vs excess: finding balance between the two - Beneficial movement to counter our stressful modern lifestyle - How to bring balance back to the body - Determining the movement that is right for you Learn more about Elise and her company at or on Instagram at @befreeyoga. Thanks to our sponsors: Join AARP for just $12 your first year at Try Magnesium Breakthrough for 10% off plus free shipping at

Episode 132: How Your Gut and Skin Microbiome Affect Acne with Dr. Yug Varma

Dr. Yug Varma has 10+ years of microbiome research experience including an extensive background in bio-organic chemistry, microbiology, and synthetic biology. Dr. Varma received his scientific training at several distinguished academic institutions, including Johns Hopkins University (PhD) and University of California, San Francisco. His scientific work has been published in many prestigious journals, including Nature. Dr. Varma’s mission is to change the way we treat chronic bacterial diseases, and is working tirelessly to achieve this goal with a microbiome-based technology platform. He is passionate about promoting scientific literacy, and devotes a significant amount of time demystifying microbiome research and making the latest research accessible to the general public. Key Topics: - What is the microbiome? - 99% of genetic diversity comes from protective bacteria - The difference between the skin and gut microbiome - How acne is affected by the skin microbiome - The organism that people with healthy skin have - The difference in pre, pro, and post-biotics - How to minimize skin products and only use what is necessary - The skincare system that supports microbial health Head to for more information. Thanks to our sponsors: Get your free $75 credit to upgrade your job post at Get $100 off your first 3 boxes of meat at Use the code spark100.

Episode 131: How Your Brain Responds to Processed Food with Dr. Joan Ifland

Dr. Joan Ifland, PhD, MBA, FACN, is a Nutrition Researcher & Processed Food Addiction Counselor. Dr. Ifland is a Fellow of the American College of Nutrition and she holds her PhD in Addictive Nutrition. Ifland is a graduate of Stanford University and has 20 years' experience in the field of food addiction and recovery. The Founder of Food Addiction Reset, Dr. Ifland is a leading expert in the field and she’s been interviewed by The Oprah Winfrey Network, Fox News, KTLA, in Shape, Fortune, Prevention, Martha Stewart Weddings, U.S. News, and many others. Key Topics: - The hidden addictive substances in food - The connection between chronic disease and processed food - The mental health impact of processed food - How to treat the addiction to processed food - Gaslighting in modern healthcare - Understanding the primary need driving our addiction - The problem with diet foods - and how they’re not much better Thanks to our sponsors: Proven quality sleep is life-changing sleep at Save 10% and get free shipping at Use the code spark at checkout.

Episode 130: Keys to Creating Immune Resilience with Dr. Aaron Hartman

Dr. Aaron Hartman is the founder of Richmond Integrative and Functional Medicine in Richmond, Virginia. He helps his patients identify leverage points in key areas of their lifestyle & health that harness their body's remarkable power to heal and begin living the vibrant life they deserve. He has participated in over 60 clinical studies and has become the ‘go to’ doctor for difficult and hard cases in central Virginia - positively impacting his own daughter's MS with his unique, integrative approach to health. In this episode, we tackle the topic of long Covid and ways to support the immune system. Key Topics: - what is long Covid and who is affected - Mental health impact of viral infections - How to improve gut health and why your gut needs love - Fasting vs grazing - Importance of community for health - 7 keys to health and immune resilience - The new science of psychoneuroimmunoendocrinology To learn more about Dr. Hartman, go to or follow him on social media at the same name. Thanks to our sponsors: Go to to get a free $75 credit to update your job post. Go to and use spark at checkout to get 10% off and free shipping.

Episode 129: Dissecting Today’s Most Popular Diets with Author Heather Creekmore

HEATHER CREEKMORE writes and speaks hope to thousands of women each week inspiring them to stop comparing and start living. Heather's “Compared to Who?”podcast is aimed specifically at helping Christian women overcome body image and comparison issues. Her first book--also titled-- “Compared to Who?” encourages women to uncover the spiritual root of body image issues and find freedom. Her latest release, “The Burden of Better,” offers women a journey into the depths of God's grace to find a way off the treadmill of constant comparison. Heather has been featured on Fox News, Huff Post, Morning Dose, Church Leaders, For Every Mom, along with dozens of other shows and podcasts. In this episode, we have a conversation about the most popular diets out there today, and how dieting for the sole purpose of a smaller jeans size doesn’t get to the root of the issue. Key Topics: - Heather’s yo-yo dieting past and how at her thinnest, she was very unhealthy - Is it wrong to diet? - How one size doesn’t fit all - The popular diets right now and the pitfalls - The impact of exercise and restriction - How does intuitive eating play a role? Find Heather’s books, Compared to Who and The Burden of Better, wherever you get books! Follow her on social media at @comparedtowho and visit her website Sponsor: Join AARP for only $12 your first year when you got to

Episode 128: Why Glutathione May Be the Missing Puzzle Piece in Your Health with Dr. Nayan Patel

Dr. Nayan Patel is an internationally recognized expert, consultant, lecturer on glutathione, and has been a respected pharmacist for twenty-five years. Dr. Patel received his PharmD degree from the USC School of Pharmacy, where he now serves as an adjunct faculty member. He has traveled the world educating practitioners and pharmacists on advanced biochemistry and anti-aging science. His book, “The Glutathione Revolution” is available now. Key Topics - What is glutathione and what does it do? - How glutathione declines as we age - What is oxidative stress? - Glutathione and anti-aging properties - Glutathione vs Vitamin C - what do we need more of? - Disease conditions affected by glutathione - How certain food and toxins deplete glutathione and how glutathione manages the toxic load - Foods for producing glutathione - The products at Auro Wellness and how topical glutathione makes a difference. Learn more about glutathione at Thanks to our sponsors: Get a $75 credit to upgrade your job post at Save 10% off any order of Magnesium Breakthrough at and use the code spark.

Episode 127: Identifying Root Causes of Bipolar Disorder with Dr. Ellen Vora

Ellen Vora, MD received her B.A. from Yale University and attended Columbia University medical school. She’s a board-certified psychiatrist, medical acupuncturist, and yoga teacher. Dr. Vora takes a functional medicine approach to mental health—considering the whole person and addressing imbalance at the root, rather than reflexively prescribing medication. Dr. Vora’s book, The Anatomy of Anxiety, comes out in March 2022. Key Topics: - What a functional medicine approach to psychiatry looks like - The root causes of bipolar disorder - The impact of gluten on mental health - The impact of birth control pills on mental health - When psychiatric drugs are necessary - Why anxious people are sensitive - The definition of false anxiety - The impact of blood sugar on mental health - Circadian rhythm support for mental health Follow Dr. Vora on Instagram at @ellenvoramd and her website Sponsors: Go to and use code spark100 to get $100 off your first three boxes. Proven quality sleep is life-changing sleep. Go to for limited time offers.

Episode 126: How to Survive Stress Without Burning Out with Erica Cuni

Erica Cuni, known as "The Burnout Professor," is a stress and burnout expert. She teaches high-achievers how to consciously thrive through an integrative approach. Erica is the founder of "The C.U.N.I. Method" - which stands for Create Undeniable Natural Impact. She is a former Trauma Psychotherapist, Clinical Director, and Adjunct Lecturer and Clinical Professor at Central Connecticut State University. Her mission is to help make the mental health field more effective, accessible, decolonized, and non-stigmatizing. Key Topics: - Erica’s background as a crisis therapist - Why our stress capacity varies - Knowing how to rest and doing it actively - The importance of physiological sighs - Why almost every diagnosis in the DSM is a dysregulated nervous system - How to learn to regulate over time - Finding a circadian rhythm balance with your nervous system - Pandemic trauma - How we don’t have to hustle to thrive Follow Erica on Instagram @theburnoutprofessor Thanks to our sponsor: Get a $75 credit to update your job post with Indeed at

Episode 125: Mental Health Solutions: Where Are We Now? with Dr. Josh Friedman

Dr. Josh Friedman earned his doctorate in Psychology from New York University and did post-doctoral training in Psychoanalysis from the Training and Research Institute for Self Psychology (TRISP) in New York City. After working in the field for a few years, he realized that something was missing from traditional mental health treatment. Curiosity and a chance meeting led him to discover the world of Nutritional Psychology, which teaches that many psychological issues are caused or made worse by underlying biochemical/nutritional deficiencies. Dr. Josh started Alternative Mental Health Solution to help people find and fix the ROOT cause of their mental health struggles. Key Topics: - How Dr. Friedman saw a need for more tools in his psychology practice - The gut-brain connection and the chemical imbalance theory of depression - How cellular methylation and the copper/zinc balance impact mental health - What to do when medication stops working - How to move past a disordered eating mentality - How to find the best treatment plan individualized to your needs - How modern food and nutrient deficiencies impact our mental health Learn more about Dr. Friedman’s work at Get 20% off your first order of Native deodorant at or use the code spark.

Episode 124: Tips to Spice Up Your Love Life with Richard Kerry

Licensed Professional Counselor and Erin's husband Richard Kerry comes back on the show to talk about keeping the romance alive in relationships. They share tips on how to be more intentional in relationships to create a stronger connection. Key Topics: - Are butterflies and fuzzy feelings really necessary for a successful relationship? - How to know when you're disconnected - How hormones and difficult seasons impact physical intimacy - How sexual intimacy is the fullest expression of emotional intimacy - How to bring balance in a relationship in spite of differences - How to learn to be each other's number one cheerleader in a relationship - Creating time for connection during difficult seasons - Making space for affirmations for your partner Thanks to our sponsor: Start hiring with a $75 dollar sponsored job credit to upgrade your job post at

Episode 123: The Hidden Drivers of Mental Dysfunction with Shawn Bean

Shawn Bean is the founder of Matrix Health and Wellness, and is considered by his colleagues to be one the most innovative clinicians in practice today. Shawn has the unique ability to uncover hidden patterns with complex client cases, unravelling the core findings of functional medicine test results and patient histories, and to employ unique, and bio-individualized therapeutic approaches to optimize well being and minimize adverse reactions. Key Topics: - How to use gene SNPs as a road map - The popular gene SNP MTHFR - and how it doesn’t act alone - How dairy and folic acid blocks folate receptors - What’s behind neuroinflammation? - Mold toxicity and EMF sensitivity - The problem with supplementing with vitamin D on its own - The mind-body interconnection and how the vagus nerve plays a role Learn more about Shawn and work with him at Thanks to our sponsor: Quality sleep is life-changing sleep. Learn more at

Episode 122: Everyday Practices for Whole Body Nourishment with Dr. Michele Kambolis

Dr. Michele Kambolis is a mind-body health specialist, registered therapist, meditation teacher, and an acclaimed author and speaker who has been practicing for more than 20 years. Her second book, When Women Rise, was published in Fall 2021. In this episode, we discuss how Dr. Michele is an unshakable believer in our innate capacity to self-heal and thrive, while also being wholeheartedly committed to developing evidenced-based resources to help people create the consciously healthy life they were born to live.  Key Topics: - Modern women do so much but somehow don't make time for wellness - Women today are 80% more focused on external, and 70% more anxious and depressed - There are over 5000 published research studies on benefits of meditation - What meditation looks like - Why stress isn't bad and we need small doses - Food for supporting the parasympathetic nervous system of "rest and digest" - How to increase GABA for relaxation - The power of sound for healing - Re-thinking resolutions - Ways to improve gut health to improve mental health Sponsors: Get a $75 credit to upgrade your job post at Indeed when you go to Get 20% off and free shipping at with the code spark.

Episode 121: Beating Brain Fog with Sandra Beck

In this simulcast episode with podcast host and Motherhood Incorporated business owner Sandra Beck, we cover the topic of post-Covid brain fog. Whether brain fog is caused by a virus or any life circumstance, there are ways to protect the brain and support healing. Key Topics: - What causes brain fog - Food nutrients to support it - Importance of sleep - Stress management tools - Other lifestyle hacks to minimize brain fog Catch Sandra’s podcasts: Military Mom Talk Radio, Motherhood Talk Radio, or Coach Talk Radio wherever you get podcasts.

Episode 120: An Integrative Medicine Approach to Kids' Anxiety with Dr. Alina Olteanu

Dr. Alina Olteanu is the Found of Whole Child Texas in Frisco, Texas. She uses an integrative approach to pediatrics and relies on a variety of evidence-based tools to target the top medical issues in children today. As anxiety rates in children continue to increase, Dr. Olteanu offers some powerful tools that all parents can implement. Key Topics: - What is integrative medicine - How anxiety manifests in children of all ages - Underlying issues creating anxiety - The parental stress and anxiety factor and how it influences children - Family mealtime strategies and nutritional support - Supplements for anxiety and constipation - The impact of screentime on anxiety - The best way to supplement and when medication is necessary Learn more about Dr. Olteanu at Thanks to our sponsor: Get 20% off your first order of Native products at

Episode 119: Neurolinguistic Programming: The Stories We Created for Ourselves and How to Update Them with Rachel S. Heslin

Rachel S. Heslin has been immersed in the study of psychology for over 40 years. Her father, a clinical psychologist, taught his children his craft such that Rachel was first introduced to Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) concepts when she was 9 years old. Rachel is currently the author of two books: Navigating Life: 8 Different Strategies to Guide Your Way, and Rituals of Release: How to Make Room for Your New Life.  Her work through her company, The Fullness of Your Power, helps people embrace all parts of their true selves so they can live happier, more successful, and more deeply fulfilling lives. Key Topics: - What is neurolinguistic programming - How a developing brain creates neural pathways - The core beliefs we establish in childhood and how they become our stories - Why we stay stuck - Finding mental flexibility with modular systems - How to update the old stories to live more fully Rachel’s website is Sponsors: Quality sleep is life-changing sleep. Get a $75 job credit at

Episode 118: Nutritional Building Blocks for a Healthy Brain with Erin Kerry

This special New Year episode focuses on the importance of targeted nutrition for improved mental health, based on the latest nutritional research. Key Topics: - Basics of gut health - Supplements to improve mood - Staying away from diet mentality or too-low calorie - Whole foods that boost brain health - Foods that are "sometimes" foods, that could be irritating to some people - The real deal with gluten - Eating mindfully and honoring your hunger Find more recipes and blogs at In the East Texas area? Schedule an appointment with Erin at Virtual options available too.

Episode 117: Simple and Easy Tips for Meal Prepping in the New Year with Author Cassy Joy Garcia

Looking for ways to freshen up your dinner routine in the new year? This interview with Cassy Joy Garcia is packed with ideas. Cassy Joy is a New York Times bestselling author, of "Cook Once Dinner Fix," "Cook Once Eat All Week," and "Fed and Fit," as well as the creative force behind the popular food blog Fed + Fit. Eager to share her healthy living secrets with the world, she started Fed + Fit in 2011. Key Topics: - Cassy Joy's background in health and nutrition - Why gut health makes a difference - Importance of food diversity and nutrient density - Cassy Joy's book "Cook Once Dinner Fix"and what makes it different - Family favorite recipes - Time management tools - The concept behind "Cook Once Eat All Week" - Cassy Joy's favorite cooking items - Tips for going gluten-free Get all her great recipes and health tips at or follow her on @fedandfit on Instagram. Thanks to our sponsors: Go to and use the code spark130 to get $130 off, plus free shipping! Go to for 15% off and your free in-depth hair consultation.

Episode 116: A Functional Medicine Approach to Restoring Mental Health with Functional Nutritionist Amy Spindel

Amy Spindel is a functional holistic nutritionist with a mission: to help moms and kids feel happier, calmer, and more energetic so that they can enjoy their best life. She applies a multidisciplinary approach, exploring and supporting mind, body, and spirit, to determine and then provide support around the root causes of why someone does not feel their best. She received her masters in holistic nutrition from Hawthorn University with additional training from the School of Applied Functional Medicine, and also holds a masters in social work from Columbia University. She is Board Certified in Holistic Nutrition, Applied Functional Medicine Certified, a Certified Gluten-Free Practitioner, and trained in culinary arts. Amy owns Food With Thought Nutrition, a functional nutrition and health coaching practice in Plano, TX. Key Topics: - What is functional medicine? - How Amy went from social work to holistic nutrition and functional medicine - The way Amy partners with clients for healing - Nervous system imbalances and the role in mental health - Testing for nutrient absorption and neurotransmitters - Mental health issues supported by functional medicine Learn more about Amy at Thanks to our sponsors: Discover your holiday love story with Audible at Save $10 on your first purchase of Storyworth at

Episode 115: You Are Not Your Feelings: How to Make Peace with Your Mind with Dr. Amy Johnson

Amy Johnson, PhD is a psychologist, coach, author, and speaker who shares a groundbreaking new approach that helps people find lasting freedom from unwanted habits, anxiety, and self-doubt via insight rather than willpower.    She is the author of Being Human, The Little Book of Big Change: The No-Willpower Approach to Breaking Any Habit, and Just a Thought: A No-Willpower Approach to End Self-Doubt and Make Peace with Your Mind. In 2017, she opened The Little School of Big Change, an online school that has helped thousands of people find freedom from anxiety and habits and live a more peaceful life. Key Topics: - Dr. Amy’s personal background with panic attacks and anxiety - How willpower and discipline are not the answer - The brain is all about survival and scanning for danger, so your mind does what it needs to do to protect you - How to lean into anxiety - No thought is the truth - Discomfort as a warning sign - What our minds do is not personal - We are more reactive when our identity is threatened

Episode 114: Creating Emotional Intimacy in Marriage with Therapist Richard Kerry

Richard Kerry is a licensed professional counselor and specializes in marriage and premarital counseling. He's also Erin's husband. In this episode, they get real about their marriage, share when to know counseling is needed, and how to be vulnerable in a relationship while doing conflict well. Key Topics: - Richard's favorite thing about working with couples - The biggest challenge in marriages today - When you should do one-on-one counseling and when you should go as a couple - Creating emotional and physical intimacy - Connecting with your partner in a vulnerable way - The importance of differentiation - Conflict styles that stall a marriage Richard is seeing clients at Thanks to our sponsors: Get 20% OFF @manscaped + Free Shipping with promo code SPARK at! #ad #manscapedpod Get a $75 sponsored job credit at

Episode 113: The Opioid Epidemic and Rise of Substance Abuse with Scott H. Silverman

Scott H. Silverman is a substance abuse expert, crisis coach (and former addict) with over with over 35 years of experience working with individuals and families dealing with addiction. Silverman is the CEO and President of Confidential Recovery and Safe Homes Coalition, and the author of several books including his latest, "The Opioid Epidemic: What You Don’t Know Will Destroy Your Family and your Life." Key Topics: - What can we do about holiday substance abuse - The opioid crisis and how it affects our society - What's behind the opioid epidemic - Misconceptions of addiction - Family dynamics of addiction - Substance abuse on the rise in youth If you or someone you know needs help, please visit or follow Scott H Silverman on social media. He’s  @scottshs on Facebook and @ScottHSilverman on Twitter.  “The Opioid Epidemic: What You Don’t Know Will Destroy Your Family and your Life” by Scott H Silverman, is available on Amazon. Thanks to our sponsors: Get 15% off your first order of cleaning products at Prose is the healthy hair regimen with your name all over it. Get 15% off your first order today at 

Episode 112: Healing Trauma: When It's Not Safe to Feel Safe, Even When You're Safe with Therapist Heather Hall

It is well-established science that "the body keeps the score." Trauma therapy is no small task, and sometimes traditional talk therapy doesn't take people to the depths of healing they need. In this episode, licensed professional counselor and EMDRIA certified EMDR therapist Heather Hall unpacks the phases of healing from trauma, and why it is important to take a whole body approach. Key Topics: - Why we need tools beyond traditional talk therapy - Somatic/attachment therapy - Polyvagal theory - how our bodies keep us safe - Coping strategies for trauma that are overdeveloped and underdeveloped - Creating awareness and learning new strategies to cope and heal Heather is on staff at Living Well Tyler, a revolutionary holistic wellness and counseling center in Tyler, Texas. Thanks to our sponsors: Get started with a $75 sponsored job credit to upgrade your job post at Preserve memories for years to come with Storyworth. Save $10 on your first purchase of Storyworth at

Episode 111: The Keys to Healthy Communication and Conflict in Marriage with Dr. Duana Welch

Back by popular demand, in this episode Dr. Duana Welch answers listeners top questions about healthy relationships and marriage! Dr. Duana Welch is the original "Love Factually" author and coach known for using social science to solve real-life relationship issues. She was a professor at universities in Florida, California, and Texas across 20 years, and has contributed to NPR, PBS, Psychology Today, and numerous other outlets, podcasts and videos. Her first book, "Love Factually: 10 Proven Steps from I Wish to I Do" (2015), is now out globally in five languages. Key Topics: - Root cause of relationship conflict - Trigger words or phrases that lead to conflict - 2/3 of problems in marriages will never be solved - The "four horsemen" that damage a relationship - Overcoming past hurts and moving forward - How to complain in a loving way - Small talk: is it a big deal? For more information on Dr. Duana Welch, head to Thanks to our sponsor: Proven, quality sleep is life-changing sleep. Discover special offers now for a limited time at your local Sleep Number store or at

Episode 110: ADHD in Children: How to Slow Down to Speed Up with Trish Wilkinson

Trish Wilkinson is a mom, parent coach, brain stages expert, and co-author of the best-selling Brain Stages book. She came back to the show for a second time to expand our conversation on ADHD and discuss what to do, as it seems more and more children are being diagnosed with ADHD. Key Topics: - ADHD family history - more than 70% of kids with ADHD have parents with focus issues - Kids with ADHD are not deficient or disordered, but we may be overdiagnosing - A brain that works differently is never a bad thing - Benefits of brain mapping and neurofeedback - Long-term effects of medication for ADHD - Differences in male and female brain with ADHD - The brain changes that happen in 4th grade - Strategies for improved focus and concentration BONUS: To access Trish's mini-webcourse, "Healthy Screen Time" for free, go to: Our sponsor for this episode is Indeed. Get your free $75 upgrade to your job posting when you go to

Episode 109: How to Banish Burnout and Start Thriving with Dr. Michelle Pokorny

Most everyone will cope with burnout at some point in their lives. Those in a helping role may be more prone to burnout than others. Instead of dealing with burnout as it arises, there are practical tools and strategies to employ BEFORE burnout hits. Dr. Michelle Pokorny is an adjunct professor at Dallas Theological Seminary whose doctoral work focused on burnout and soul-care among leaders. Her passion is to help men and women thrive, rather than survive, in their daily lives as well as work. Key Topics: - Definition of burnout - how emotional exhaustion, depersonalization, and reduced personal accomplishment play a role - The difference between burnout and depression - An explanation for the higher rates of burnout in helping professions - The impact of isolation on burnout and how stay at home moms are affected - Gender and burnout - Day-to-day practices to prevent burnout - Life-giving, soul-nourishing activities - Finding boundaries to stay away from the "tyranny of the urgent" - Burnout and the brain - Cultivating rest - Burnout and the pandemic Learn more about Dr. Pokorny at -

Episode 108: Getting to the Root of Thyroid Issues and Autoimmunity with Dr. Nicole Fujiyama

As hypothyroidism seems to become more prevalent, and those suffering face a myriad of symptoms, it’s important to ask the question: what more can we do to support thyroid health? Dr. Nicole Fujiyama is a naturopathic doctor who helps adults navigate and find natural solutions for autoimmune diseases in order to transform their health and get back to living their best life. Key Topics: - What is autoimmune disease vs autoimmunity - The growing prevalence of hypothyroidism and Hashimoto’s - How thyroid is traditionally tested and why a full thyroid panel is recommended - Lifestyle factors that trigger autoimmunity - Why you should love the liver - The process of gut healing - Is an elimination diet necessary? - Bonus: Fun facts about Chinese medicine! Follow Dr. Nicole on Instagram at @drnicolend or learn more about her work here: Sponsored by: Take your FREE in-depth hair consultation and get 15% off your first order of individualized haircare at Get 15% off your first order of Blueland cleaning products when you go to

Episode 107: Benefits of Eating Seasonally for Your Immune Health with Chelsea Blackbird

Did you know your microbiome changes along with the seasons? In this conversation with Chelsea Blackbird, we discuss how to optimize eating seasonally in order to improve overall health. Chelsea Blackbird is a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner who works with women to optimize metabolism and food peace. She uses Biblical guidance and simple strategies to keep busy women focused on more God and better health.  Key Topics: - Fall foods and the historic aspect of eating seasonally - How the gut microbiome matches up with the food we consume seasonally - Fall foods to enjoy now - Savory dishes for root vegetables that don't involved cups of sugar to turn them into pies - Herbs and spices that improve health, including the benefits of oregano, cinnamon, and rosemary, among others - Whole food nourishment for immune health - Chelsea's experiment with a carnivore diet and what she learned - Habits that Chelsea is incorporating right now for her health - The nutritional program that you should join in November Learn more about Chelsea at Listen to her podcast, The Christian Health Club, wherever you get podcasts. Join this round of Feast 2 Fast at Thanks to our sponsor: Proven quality sleep is life-changing sleep. Special offers now available for a limited time at

Episode 106: Yoga for Mental Health and Stress Resilience with Luci Davis

Yoga isn't just a "fitness trend." There is so much data to support yoga as treatment for mental illness, trauma, and stress management. In this episode, yoga instructor Luci Davis shares her love of yoga in a practical, helpful way! Luci is the founder of "Pajama Yoga with Luci." She began practicing yoga in 2006 following surgery and treatment for thyroid cancer. She believes yoga was integral to her recovery physically, mentally, and emotionally. Her motto is "practice with the body you have today." Key Topics: - How Luci fell in love with yoga - Yoga as a prescription for brain health and recovery - The science behind how yoga works - The role of the vagus nerve and gut/brain connection in yoga - How to strengthen vagal tone to create stress resilience - The importance of breathing to unite body and mind - What it means to practice with the body you have - Learning self-awareness - Trauma healing and how "your issues are in your tissues." - How to give yourself a vagus nerve ear massage and use breathing techniques for frustration Learn more about Luci and subscribe to her videos at Get a $75 job credit to upgrade your post on

Episode 105: Supporting Your Brain Health After Traumatic Brain Injury with Leigh Richardson and Sandra Beck

Each year, an estimated 2.8 million people encounter a traumatic brain injury, commonly referred to as concussions. This bonus episode is a roundtable discussion between Leigh Richardson, brain health coach and therapist, host of In Your Head podcast and owner of The Brain Performance Center in Dallas, Sandra Beck, business coach, radio host, and owner of Beck Multimedia, as well as Erin Kerry, mental health nutrition coach and owner of Sparking Wholeness. Key Topics: - Leigh's personal story of overcoming three brain injuries and how she recovered optimally each time - How brain injuries affect us - How to minimize risk for brain injury - The impact of healthy brain regulation - Nutrients to improve brain health - The gut/brain connection - The importance of stress management - The power of breathing for brain health

Episode 104: Wired but Tired: Adrenal Burnout and What to Do to Restore Your Body with Kelsey Jack, FNTP

What many women consider normal for their health is nowhere near optimal. Feeling exhausted, worn down, moody, and imbalanced is a sign your body needs help. In this episode, Kelsey Jack, a Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, shares the serious affects of stressed adrenals and the interplay in female health. Key Topics: - Kelsey’s story of hitting rock bottom and finding solutions to tackle the root - The book that changed the trajectory of her health - The role adrenals and cortisol play in health - Underlying factors that hurt adrenal health - How to take care of adrenals and the blood sugar balance - Best nutrition practices to know if we’re eating enough to restore adrenal health - How to listen to your intuition and advocate for your health Learn more about Kelsey at and the Wholly Well podcast. Sponsors: Take your FREE in-depth hair consultation and get 15% off your first order of individualized haircare at Get 15% off your first order of Blueland cleaning products when you go to

Episode 103: Caring for the Mental Health of Aging Family Members with Amanda Lambert and Leslie Eckford

Amanda Lambert and Leslie Eckford are co-authors of “Choose Your Place: Rethinking Home as You Age,” “Aging with Care: Your Guide to Hiring and Managing Caregivers at Home” and “Beating the Senior Blues: How to Feel Better and Enjoy Life Again.” Key Topics: - Amanda and Leslie’s background in elder care - The stigma of mental health and aging - Symptoms of depression and anxiety in older adults and why it manifests differently - How to advocate for parents as they age - Adapting to the role reversal of child to caregiver - Finding boundaries in caring for aging parents - Resentments that develop - Multi-generational living and all it entails - How to fully support the mental health of the elderly - The importance of regular communication To learn more about Amanda and Leslie, head to Proven quality sleep is life-changing sleep. Special offers now available at

Episode 102: What’s Really Behind Your Hunger? with Dr. Adrienne Youdim

Weight loss and hunger are about so much more than calories consumed or “burned.” When looking to make changes to our habits, it’s important to take a deeper look into our relationship with food, body image, and ourselves. Adrienne Youdim, MD, FACP, is an internist who specializes in medical weight loss and nutrition. Her mission is to transform the weight loss narrative to one that is both empowering and compassionate, inspiring people to live more physically and emotionally fulfilling lives. Key Topics: - The importance of utilizing all available resources: medical, spiritual, and emotional - Physiological reasons behind emotional eating - Strategies that impact weight loss - Modeling good food relationships to our children - How you “can’t bully yourself into change” - How to address obesity in a non-shaming way - The deep emotional hunger behind the physical hunger - Changes in the female body that affect hunger and weight - Impact of movement - The protein factor on aging - How to trust your intuition and identity food triggers You can get Dr. Youdim’s book, Hungry for More: Stories and Science to Inspire Weight Loss From the Inside Out on Amazon. Follow her on Instagram @dradrienneyoudim, her podcast, “Health Bites,” and website Get a $75 credit on when you upgrade your job post.

Episode 101: More Habits of a Healthy, Regulated Brain with Leigh Richardson

Leigh Richardson is the Founder and Clinical Director of The Brain Performance Center in Dallas, Texas. She is the author of the book “Turn Your Brain On to Get Your Game On,” and host of the podcast “In Your Head with Leigh Richardson.” She is a licensed professional counselor who is board certified in neurofreedback and biofeedback. In this simulcast episode, we both share tools and strategies that we have found to be effective personally and professionally. Topics include food for mood health, the effect of caffeine and alcohol on the brain, positive psychology and gratitude, as well as mindfulness and meditation. For more information on Leigh, go to or

Episode 100: Practical Tools for Healthy Emotional Regulation During Transition with Sandra Beck and Erin Kerry

During times of transition and stress, it is difficult to regulate emotions so they aren’t spilling out onto everyone else. However, the daily habits you take part in during stable times can impact your reactions during the chaotic times. Sandra Beck is an author, coach, speaker, radio host, entrepreneur and philanthropist. On this simulcast episode, airing on more than one podcast, we share how we regulate our emotions in healthy ways.

Episode 99: Easy Ways to Boost Kids’ Brain Power for the Best School Year Yet with Trish Wilkinson

Kids are going back to school and facing loads of uncertainty and stress - more than ever before. How can we boost kids’ brain power so they can optimize their learning potential and thrive? Patricia Wilkinson is a parent coach, mom of two, veteran teacher, and coauthor of Brain Stages: How to Raise Smart, Confident Kids and Have Fun Doing It. Key Topics: - The stress and anxiety kids are facing right now and why Trish is hopeful - The magical combo of hydration and movement for brain health - Deep breathing exercises for kids - Tips to boost kids’ brain power - Age-appropriate exposure to screens - How the brain communicates for growth - The number one thing parents/caregivers can do for kids - The importance of family mealtimes and reflecting on the day - Effect of gratitude on brain chemistry Join Trish's 5 day challenge to have your kids' best school year yet for FREE at You can grow stronger, healthier hair by going to and using the promo code SPARK to save $15 off your first month's subscription of Nutrafol - free shipping on every order.

Episode 98: How to Individualize Your Diet for Your Unique Body with Tracy Cromwell

Tracy Cromwell is a certified health coach and personal trainer who changed the trajectory of her health after she was told she was pre-diabetic in 2006. Today, she helps women stop yo-yo dieting and learn to create a completely personalized “roadmap to health” that suits their unique body, lifestyle, preferences, and goals. In this episode we discuss how important bio individuality is for health, how to get off the yo-yo dieting train, and Tracy’s book, Your Personal Journey with Food. Key Topics: - Tracy’s background as a yo-yo dieter and the diagnosis that changed the trajectory of her health - The importance of individualiZing food for your needs - How to get off the yo-yo dieting train - Be an investigator into your own health - How to enjoy food without falling for the dieting trap - What makes Tracy’s book different from the other health books out there - Looking at the “how” to determine next steps in your health - External factors that impact our wellness - Underlying issues that contribute to chronic health issues - The importance of testing for food sensitivities - How to accept yourself where you are Find Tracy’s book, Your Personal Journey with Food, and more information about her, at Proven, quality sleep is life-changing sleep. Offers available at

Episode 97: How to Strengthen Your Relationship by Connecting More Securely with Dr. Duana Welch

Dr. Duana Welch is the original Love Factually author and coach, known for using social science to solve real-life relationship issues. In this episode, Dr. Welch dives into some of the top issues couples struggle with and how her science-backed research helps individuals connect more securely in their relationships, whether they are already in a relationship or looking for a healthy one. Key Topics: - How family of origin impacts adult relationships - What attachment style is and why it’s important to understand your attachment style at birth shapes your adulthood - How to become more secure in your relationship - The 4 Cs of a secure attacher - How to create deeper intimacy - How to pick what you need for a healthy relationship Find more information about Dr. Welch at her website Check out the relationship app Paired, where she is an expert. Upgrade your job post at Indeed with a $75 sponsored job credit at

Episode 96: How to Train Your Brain to Beat Depression, Anxiety, and Toxic Thoughts with Dr. Caroline Leaf

Dr. Caroline Leaf is a communication pathologist and cognitive neuroscientist with a Masters and PhD in Communication Pathology and a BSc Logopaedics, specializing in cognitive and metacognitive neuropsychology. She is the bestselling author of Switch on Your Brain, Think Learn Succeed, Think and Eat Yourself Smart, and many more, including her latest book, Cleaning Up Your Mental Mess. Dr. Leaf is currently conducting clinical trials using the 5-step program she developed while in private practice to further demonstrate the effectiveness of mind-directed techniques to help relieve mental ill-health problems such as anxiety, depression and intrusive thoughts. Key Topics: - How the discovery of neuroplasticity changes the way we think about the brain - Your mind can drive the changes in your brain because what you think about the most grows - How her research supports it takes 63 days to form a habit - The negative side of neuroplasticity - Effect of toxic thoughts on the body - Viewing depression and anxiety as symptoms - How the Neurocycle method changes the brain - The brain affects the health of your whole body You can learn more about Dr. Leaf at Get $100 off your first month of online therapy at Use the code sparkingwholeness.

Episode 95: A Functional Medicine Approach to Making Changes that Stick, Without Dieting with Jennifer Pickett

Jennifer Pickett is a Dietitian turned Functional Wellness Coach. She helps spiraling moms overcome the overwhelm through Functional Wellness coaching for the body, mind and soul so they can transform their health and live a deeply fulfilled life of freedom and harmony. She believes that to make the shift from “knowing” to “doing” you must apply mindfulness, address what is driving the behavior, be intentional and practice self compassion. Key Topics: - How a functional medicine health coach is different than a dietitian - The difference between a coach approach versus expert approach - How sleep affects your sugar cravings - A functional approach to getting to the root of sugar cravings - Making small and sticky changes - How to implement mindfulness and self awareness and really listen to your body - How to know when you’re over-exercising - The calorie-counting myth - Helping kids have a healthy relationship with food - Identifying obstacles Listen to Jennifer’s podcast Healthy Harmony for more of her nuggets of wisdom. Learn more about her at Try Green Chef and get $100 off, including free shipping, when you go to and use the code spark100. Reimagine what a book club can be, and get a 30 day trial for only 99 cents at

Episode 94: Parents, It’s Gonna Be OK: Safe, Evidence-Based Tools for Kids’ Mental Health with Dr. Roseann Capanna-Hodge

Dr. Roseann Capanna-Hodge is a mental health trailblazer, founder of The Global Institute of Children’s Mental Health and Dr. Roseann & Associates, who FORBES magazine called, “A thought leader in children’s mental health”. Her new book, “It’s Gonna Be Ok: Proven Ways to Improve Your Child’s Mental Health” is available now. In this episode we discuss her book and why her information and methods have been helpful and life-changing for so many parents and children. Key Topics: - Symptom reversal and reduction in kids - Pros and cons of labels - The latest research on meds and kids - How to change the dialogue on kids’ mental health - Eight pillars of mental health - How to regulate your child’s nervous system - The foods that power up kids’ brains - How low fat foods increase depression - How 100% of people on ADHD meds have side effects - How to improve sleep habits For more information, follow Dr. Roseann on social media @drroseann or at her website Proven quality sleep is life-changing sleep. Special offers at

Episode 93: How to Regulate Your Endocannabinoid System with CBD with Sean Gale, the CBD Pharmacist

The Endocannabinoid System (ECS) is a recent scientific discovery that has many researchers digging in on new ways to find homeostasis in the body and restore balance. This episode covers all the way CBD can benefit the body and the current research on the topic. Sean Gale is known as The CBD Pharmacist. He is an American board-certified pharmacist, author, speaker, and online course creator. Sean began studying CBD over 2 years ago when he started selling it in his pharmacy. By using a combination of his pharmaceutical training and 26 years of real-life experience in retail pharmacy, Sean has formulated a unique perspective on CBD that cannot be found anywhere else. Key Topics: - Sean’s background and why he started using CBD in his pharmacy - Information on the Endocannabinoid System and how it oversees all body systems - Common myths and misconceptions about CBD - Different forms of CBD and how to use it - Side effects of using CBD - How to look for quality CBD products - How CBD can help the body heal faster, reduce inflammation - including cytokine storms - CBD use in kids Find Sean’s information at Get Sean’s book for free (only pay shipping) here: Get a FREE $75 job credit at

Episode 92: How to Make Childbirth Less Painful and Have the Best Birth You Can Have with Hypnobabies Founder Kerry Tuschhoff

Medical grade, somnambulistic hypnosis is a way to make childbirth less painful, more comfortable, shorter, and empowers women to have the kind of birth they want to have. This interview with Kerry Tuschhoff, Founder of Hypnobabies and renowned speaker and writer covers how Hypnobabies is on a mission to make childbirth less traumatic. Hypnobabies allows moms to have a less painful, more joyful experience by learning techniques through its natural childbirth education course. Key Topics: - Kerry’s background in childbirth education and how her own traumatic childbirth inspired this program - What medical grade somnambulistic hypnosis is and how it is used as an alternative for anesthesia - When expecting mothers can best utilize this program - How Hypnobabies is different from meditation or relaxation - The prevalence of birth trauma - Different types of benefits for all different moms - Religious misconceptions and hesitancies - How it helps people have more relaxed pregnancies and less painful birth - Hypnofertility program For more information on Hypnobabies, or find a class in person or online, head to Get $100 off your first month of online therapy with Talkspace when you use the code sparkingwholeness at For stronger, healthier hair, go to and use the promo code spark to save $15 on your first month’s subscription.

Episode 91: You're Not Fat, You're Inflamed - The Latest Science on Losing Weight with Dr. Tracey Stroup

Fat cells are really amazing protective organs, and contrary to what you’ve been told - you can’t burn them. New research changes the way we approach weight loss and addressing inflammatory fat cells. Dr. Tracey Stroup is a naturopathic doctor who has been in the health and wellness industry for over 25 years. She joins the show for a second time in order to break down common weight loss and exercise myths. Key Topics: - Weight loss myths (including calorie counting and the phrase “burning fat”) - What fat cells are and how they are protective - Reasons for rapid weight gain and what to do to treat the root cause - Nutrient deficiencies, medications, gut dysbiosis and the role they play in weight gain and loss - How being 15 pounds overweight or more makes your body pro-inflammatory - Stress and the impact on exercise - How to work out without stressing your body out - Optimizing detoxification and products that can aid in the detox process Thank you to our sponsor: Get 20% off your first order of Ancient Nutrition products at with the code sparking. Reimagine what a book club could be. Redeem your 30 day trial for only 99 cents at

Episode 90: How to Boost Your Fertility Through a Natural and Holistic Approach with Sarah Clark

Sarah Clark is the author of “Fabulously Fertile – Supercharge your Fertility Naturally,” “Fabulously Fertile Cookbook” and creator of the Fertility Preparation Program. In this episode, she shares how she uses a functional medicine coaching approach and natural fertility solutions in an effort to reverse infertility through natural, holistic methods! Key Topics: - Dropping fertility rates - What does it mean to be diagnosed with infertility? - The connection between gut health and fertility - Issues with the birth control pill - Best foods for fertility - Environmental toxins and endocrine disrupting chemicals - The impact of stress on fertility - Tips to de-stress and the importance of sleep and relational support Learn more about Sarah at Listen to Sarah’s podcast Get Pregnant Naturally wherever you find podcasts. Get your proven, quality sleep with a Sleep Number bed at Get $100 off your first month of therapy with Talkspace at with the code sparkingwholeness.

Episode 89: How Social Media Affects Our Mental Health with Reena B. Patel

How can we manage our minds during the social media age? How can we best support our children and monitor their time on screens? How does “influencer culture” affect our kids’ mental health? Reena B. Patel is a renowned parenting expert, licensed educational psychologist, board-certified behavior analyst, and author of Winnie & Her Worries. For more than 20 years, Patel has had the privilege of working with families and children, supporting all aspects of education, mental health and positive wellness. She works extensively with typically developing children as well as children with exceptional needs, supporting their academic, behavioral and social/emotional development. Key Topics: - The way our brain has changed from social media - The negative impacts of social media on our mental health - The impact of influencer culture on adults and children - The use of positive psychology as a solution - The impact of gratitude - How help kids identify feelings and the physical symptoms of anxiety - The effect of screen time fatigue To learn more about her books and services, visit the website at, and to get more parenting tips, follow her on Instagram @reenabpatel. Get a free $75 credit on Indeed at

Episode 88: The Science Behind Why We Eat What We Eat with Jack Bobo

Jack Bobo is the CEO of Futurity, a food foresight company that advises companies, foundations and governments on emerging food trends and consumer attitudes and behaviors related to the future of food. Recognized by Scientific American in 2015 as one of the 100 most influential people in biotechnology, Jack is a global thought leader who has delivered more than 500 speeches in 50 countries. His new book is called “Why Smart People Make Bad Food Choices.” Key Topics: - The way our brain is biased against our efforts - Why we can’t just agree to disagree - How we have less trust in authority figures about our health - Confirmation bias in excess of information available today - Why people fear certain food over others - The “naturalness” bias - Why healthy food doesn’t taste good - The history of supersizing and unit bias - The “clean your plate” method and how it works against us - How our minds can trick us with what we’re eating, and the study that confirms it - Mental fatigue and decision fatigue in eating and grocery shopping - Solutions to change the way we think about our choices - Reshaping personal food space Jack’s book is available now, and you can learn more about his work at This episode is sponsored by Talkspace. Get $100 off your first month with Talkspace when you use the code sparkingwholeness.

Episode 87: How to Get Out of Your Own Way to Have a Healthier Marriage with Therapist Bill O'Herron

Everyone knows creating a healthy marriage means putting in the work, but what work is valuable and what are some good ways to get started? This episode dives deep into all the important marriage topics - with a brain health twist! Bill O’Herron, LCSW, is a corporate executive, practicing therapist, and writer who seeks to use his 33 years of financial sales management experience, 24 years of marriage, 15 years of counseling clients, and 8,500 hours of sitting quietly to help his clients better understand themselves and deepen their relationships. Key Topics: - Male and female brain differences and how that impacts marriage - How the male brain develops differently than the female brain - Healthy emotional self-regulation instead of partner regulation - How relationships are the most important thing in life - Chronic stress’ impact on relationships - Reticular activating system: how it works and how it kills the marriage - How relaxing can trigger old memories and activity causes us to avoid self - Tuning in with your 4th grade self - why that matters - The deeper emotions anger covers up Learn more about Bill and his counseling practice at and grab his book, Waking Up Marriage. Get 20% off your first order of Ancient Nutrition collagen when you use the code sparking at checkout.

Episode 86: Integrating Eastern Medicine Tools for Better Sleep, Stress Resilience, and Digestion with Welleum Founder Jacqueline Gomez

Jacqueline Gomez is the founder and CEO of Welleum, a company that brings Eastern medicine to the modern Western World. In this episode, we dig into why more and more people are seeking out alternative health solutions, the hesitancy some may have in trying something new, and how Welleum offers a way to advocate for your health with resources and solutions that work. Key Topics: - What is Eastern medicine and why do we hesitate to utilize it? - The stress-body connection - "Pop-a-pill" culture and the need to treat the root - Why people are now turning to Eastern medicine - The resources provided by Welleum, along with their tinctures - How your boy is designed to function like a clock - Stress management tips - How to integrate Eastern and Western medicine and how it doesn't have to be either/or - Developing a schedule to benefit whole body health - Ingredients in Welleum tinctures and science behind it - Correcting digestive imbalances To learn more about Welleum and try their products, head to This podcast is sponsored by Sleep Number. Save $1,000 on the NEW Sleep Number 360 special edition smart bed. Head to to check it out!

Episode 85: Understanding and Embracing the Healing Power of Herbs with Herbalist Brittany Ducham

Adaptogenic herbs are getting a lot of buzz in the health world, so this episode is a dive into all things herbs and herbalism, with herbalist and writer Brittany Ducham. Brittany’s new book, Radical Remedies, is a great starter for anyone wanting to learn more about how to use herbs to support health and well-being. In this conversation, we discuss her new book and how to individualize your personal use of herbs to support your health goals. Key Topics: - Brittany’s background in herbalism - How herbalism is a form of empowerment and activism and background on her book, Radical Remedies - Herbal energetics and elemental forces and how different people need different things - Herbs for mental health support, anxiety, stress, and tension - Digestive support and herbs that improve gut health - Adaptogens - what they are and how they help - How to get started with herbs without getting overwhelmed - Where to find herbal tinctures and formulations that are good quality - The interconnectedness of our world with plants and nature’s healing power Find more information about Brittany and herbalism at and follow her on Instagram at spellboundherbals. Get a free $75 credit from Indeed when you go to

Episode 84: Fertility, Food, and Faith: What is the Connection? with Dr. Robert Kiltz

Dr. Robert Kiltz is a board-certified OB/GYN and reproductive endocrinologist, and Founder and Director of CNY Fertility, one of the largest and most dynamic fertility centers in the country, featured in the Wall Street Journal, Today Show, and CNBC for helping shape the future of fertility medicine. In this fascinating episode, we discuss how to merge intuition and ancestral wisdom with the latest science for fertility and overall health and well-being. Key Topics: - Myths and misconceptions of fertility - Difference in Western medicine and taking a holistic perspective - The impact of stress on our physiology - How food factors in and creates inflammation - Obesity is not the cause of disease; it’s a symptom - Plant toxins and a carnivore approach to health - How the glycobiome trumps the microbiome - Prejudice and bias in science - Dr. Kiltz’s new book, Live Your Best Life "Living Your Best Life: How to Think, Eat, and Connect your Way to a Better Flow" by Dr. Robert Kiltz is now available on Amazon or at For more information, visit Dr. Kiltz's website, or follow him on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Get $100 off your first month of therapy with when you use the code sparkingwholeness.

Episode 83: Delicious Ways to Make Lower Carb and No Sugar Fit Your Lifestyle with Good Dee's Founder Deana Karim

Deana Karim is a mom on a mission. She is bringing delicious low carb and sugar free baking mixes to the world - and they are delicious! Deana is the founder of Good Dee's, a company that makes mixes for brownies, cookies, bread, and so much more. In this episode, we cover how she started Good Dee's, and why she feels having options to individualize your health goals is so important! Key Topics: - Story behind the baking mixes - How she came up with different seed flours to use (even watermelon seed flour)! - The various sweeteners used and the impact on her blood sugar - What makes Good Dee's mixes stand apart from the others - Deana's mission with her products - Deana's favorite mixes and recipe suggestions - Tips to change things up and make it easy to fit your lifestyle! Find all the Good Dee's mixes or find a store near you that has them at Get 20% off your first order from Ancient Nutrition at - use the promo code sparking at checkout!

Episode 82: Talking About Gut Stuff Can Be Fun! with Authors Lisa and Alana MacFarlane

Lisa and Alana MacFarlane are identical twins in every way - except when it comes to gut health. They became the ‘chief guinea pigs’ for the British Gut project where they discovered that despite having 100% the same DNA their guts have only 40% the same microbiota. In their debut book The Gut Stuff, the dynamic duo offer a fun-filled, fact-packed, achievable guide to better health and in this episode we cover all the basics of gut health in a fun way! Key Topics: - Background on The Gut Project - The gut/stress connection - How this book is different from other gut health books - Your gut on alcohol - The concern for orthopedic - The importance of fiber for good gut bacteria - Individualization of eating for gut health - Importance of lifestyle factors - How to embrace fermented foods - The most surprising thing they learned about gut health Get all the best tips on having a healthy gut on their website, Get $100 off your first month of online therapy with Talkspace at and use the code sparkingwholeness.

Episode 81: How to Regulate Your Brain, Reduce Stress, and Get the Best Sleep Ever with NuCalm Founder Jim Poole

Jim Poole is the Founder of of NuCalm, the world's only patented neuroscience technology clinically proven to resolve stress and improve sleep quality without drugs. In this episode, we break down the history of NuCalm and the software built by a quantum physicist, and how NuCalm is unlike any other tool out there. Key Topics: - Background on the central nervous system and autonomic nervous system in regulating the brain - What our fear brain does to our logic brain - How the brain and body communicate - The method behind NuCalm - Types of brain waves - How brain cells affect mitochondria - What time of day to use NuCalm - How 20 minutes of NuCalm is equivalent to two hours of restorative sleep - The music used and the way it improves the vibration and stress response - How to get started with NuCalm This interview is jam-packed with good information. To learn more about how to access NuCalm for yourself, head to This episode is sponsored by Sleep Number. Introducing the new Sleep Number 360 p5 smart bed. Queen now only $1,799. Only at Sleep Number stores or

Episode 80: Are You in a Relationship with a Narcissist? with Sandra Beck

This is the first “listener request” episode! Many listeners asked for an episode on the topic of dealing with narcissists, and this one is powerful! Sandra Beck is an author, coach, speaker, radio, entrepreneur, philanthropist, and also an expert on narcissism. She has done countless trainings and written much on the subject. Key Topics: - How do you know you are in a relationship with a narcissist? - Signs of narcissism and the empathy factor - Red flags to look out for - The tools of manipulation and gaslighting strategies and how we can best respond - The villain/victim/hero triangle - Signs of narcissism in the workplace - How to raise kids who aren't narcissists - Can you recover from a relationship with a narcissist? Be sure to check out Sandra’s podcasts, Motherhood Talk Radio, Military Mom Talk Radio, Coach Talk Radio, and Powered Up Talk Radio! Get a FREE $75 sponsored job credit to upgrade your job post at Get $15 off your first visit with a board-certified dermatologist at and use the code sparkingwholeness

Episode 79: Why Are Our Kids So Anxious and How Can We Help? with Dr. Roseann Capanna-Hodge

Dr. Roseann Capanna-Hodge is a mental health trailblazer who Forbes has called "The leader in children's mental health."She has helped thousands reverse the most challenging conditions, such as ADHD, anxiety, mood, autism, learning disability, Lyme, and PANS/PANDAS using proven holistic therapies. In this episode, we discuss the anxiety epidemic affecting our children, why it has been happening, and what we can do about it. Key Topics: - School pressure on kids today - Genetic mutations that impact mental health, like MTHFR and COMT - How to tell if your child is anxious - Foods that destroy kids' mental health - How biofeedback helps - How neurofeedback impacts subconscious brain training - PANS/PANDAS and autoimmune encephalopathy - How Lyme/bartonella can be at the root of many mental illness diagnoses - How parents can support their kids to grow more resilient - Digestion issues and best supplements to have on hand Learn more about Dr. Roseann at Get her free gift of "Coping Statements" at Follow her on Instagram at @drroseann Don't forget to get $100 off your first month with Talkspace. Use the code SPARKINGWHOLENESS.

Episode 78: How to Find Out What Foods Are Harming Your Health with Dr. Brent Dorval

Dr. Brent Dorval is the creator of the Food Inflammation Test. He was involved in the creation of the first HIV/AIDS rapid diagnostic assay and held a number of management positions and served as an adviser to the World Health Organization committee on vaccines and diagnostics. He has several patents covering rapid assays, novel biomarkers and a novel polio virus vaccine. In this episode we discuss the patented food inflammation test that has helped many people get to the root of their health concerns, including IBS, brain fog, headaches, skin issues, and mental health function. Key Topics: - The difference between an allergy and an delayed food sensitivity - How an inflammatory response from food shows on a blood test - Why there is an increase in food sensitivities - How food sensitivities impact brain health and how leaky gut = leaky brain - Why KBMO FIT test is different than any other sensitivity test - The independent clinical studies showing the effectiveness of using the FIT test To watch the entire interview and view the PowerPoint presentation, click here: To learn more about the FIT test or set up a provider account, head to To get the FIT test for yourself and a customized plan, contact me! Don’t forget to get $15 off your first visit with a board-certified dermatologist at and use the code sparkingwholeness.

Episode 77: How to Break Free From Yo-Yo Dieting and Live Your Life in the Body You Have Today with Holly Toronto

Holly Toronto has 4 years of experience helping highly driven women stop dieting and build resilience to toxic beauty messages. She uses an intuitive and spiritual approach that guides her clients towards self trust, confidence and Sovereignty over their entire being; body, mind and soul. In this episode, we discuss how to break free from the back and forth cycle of dieting for GOOD, how to live your life in the body you have without judging or objectifying it. Key Topics: - Holly’s turning point in her dieting journey and what transitioned her to a body acceptance approach to coaching - How elimination diets trigger orthorexia - Food is more than fuel, and finding pleasure from food doesn’t have to be a morality issue - The pleasure and satisfaction factor in eating - How to improve your relationship with food and your body image - Weight as a poor indicator of health - Digging into the root of body image issues - How sexual trauma and abuse plays a role in how we see our bodies - Giving yourself unconditional permission to eat and its effect on the nervous system - Number obsession and vanity sizing Holly has group coaching available as well as many resources on her website Follow her on Instagram @holly.toronto Grab Holly’s Free Body Gratitude Meditation here: Get life-changing sleep from Sleep Number! Visit

Episode 76: How to Get Organized and Get Rid of Clutter with Dana Hentschel

Spring cleaning doesn't just help with the physical clutter, there are mental health benefits as well. In this episode, professional organizer Dana Hentschel of Arranging Joy shares her passion for organizing and how we can create spaces in our homes that reduce clutter and bring us joy! Key Topics: - Creating a warm environment for the home - Understanding the emotional attachment to our things - Creating systems that work - How to de-clutter in an ongoing way - How to stay organized with minimal steps - Dana's 3 L system - How to find the time to make it work - Finding organizational systems that kids will follow through with Learn more about Dana at or follow her Instagram for ongoing tips at @arrangingjoy. Get a FREE $75 credit to upgrade your job post on Indeed at

Episode 75: Changing the Conversation on Postpartum Depression with Dr. Walker Ladd

Walker Ladd, Ph.D. has been a thought leader in the field of maternal mental health for nearly two decades. Her writing and research challenge paradigms of motherhood and mental illness, using women’s stories to reveal the hidden truths and extraordinary dimensions of the lived experience of motherhood. In this episode, we discuss the prevalence of postpartum depression, the stigma, trauma, postpartum growth, and how the language around this time in a mother’s life needs to change. Her groundbreaking book is called Transformed by Postpartum Depression: Women’s Stories of Trauma and Growth. Learn more about her work at Get $100 off your first month of talk therapy with the code sparkingwholeness

Episode 74: Looking Beyond One-Size-Fits-All Solutions for Our Health with Del Bigtree

Is science ever settled? How can we continue to be our own health advocates, look beyond the one-size-fits-all solutions, and find what is helpful for our unique bodies? There are so many different opinions, so how do we know what to do that’s right for our health? Del Bigtree is an Emmy-winning producer who is raising awareness for body autonomy and medical freedom. His internet news show, The Highwire, is the fastest growing program in the natural health arena. His non-profit, the Informed Consent Action Network, or ICAN, is leading worldwide investigations into drug and vaccine fraud that have already resulted in multiple winning lawsuits against US Government agencies Health and Human Services, National Institutes of Health, CDC and FDA. In this conversation, we dig into some controversial topics in order to better understand all sides of the growing conversation on medical risk. Topics include: the pro/anti vaccine debate, the history of informed consent, the importance of being able to make choices for your own body, lawsuits that ICAN is involved with, chronic disease rates in kids, and how we can arm ourselves with knowledge moving forward. Watch Del’s news show on Check out the current lawsuits and information on his nonprofit organization at

Episode 73: Authentic Conversations and Communication in Marriage and Beyond with Author Cathy Krafve

Can we truly have authentic conversations in today’s world? How can we navigate the ups and downs of relationships stress in a healthy way? Cathy Krafve is the host of Fireside Talk Radio and the author of two books, Marriage Conversations and The Well: The Art of Drawing Out Authentic Conversation. In this episode, Cathy shares about her books and what she has learned about communication in marriage and beyond. Key Topics: - the importance of sharing who you are - How to be authentic in the era of social media - Communication in marriage - Navigating those tricky “conversational adventures” - How to effectively communicate when emotional - When is a time to withdraw from the conversation for a break - How to approach “bully culture” - Transforming relationships in tough times via good conversation - Why making people feel welcome is the antidote to self-condemnation This conversation is packed with good information. Be sure to check out Cathy’s website and more information on her books and podcast at Be sure to grab Amphuman’s Vitamin D+ lotion and get 15% off at with the code wholeness15. Install the Honey web browser to start saving on your online purchases at

Episode 72: What’s the Big Deal About Inflammation? with Dr. Mark Sherwood

Inflammation is a word getting a lot of attention lately, and for good reason. Many health experts consider it a major cause for chronic illness. Dr. Mark Sherwood is an ex-professional baseball player and 24-year retired veteran of the Tulsa Police Department who now is a Naturopathic Doctor on a mission to help others achieve wellness. He and his wife, Dr. Michele L. Neil-Sherwood, have a successful medical practice, the Functional Medical Institute, along with a number of books and a television and radio program. Key Topics: - What is inflammation? - The difference between acute and chronic inflammation - Foods that drive inflammation - Foods that reduce inflammation - The gut connection to inflammation - The impact of inflammation on mental health - How inflammation impacts the immune system and resistance to Covid-19 Learn more about Dr. Mark and his practice at Get 15% off your order of Vitamin D+ lotion from Amp Human at and use the code wholeness15.

Episode 71: Understanding Adolescent Addiction with Richard Capriola

As mental health issues in teens continue to rise, increased substance abuse can be a side effect. Richard Capriola spent 11 years working as an addictions counselor for Menninger Clinic, one of the top ten psychiatric hospitals in the US, before retiring in 2019. During his tenure there he worked in the Adolescent Treatment program and the adult Comprehensive Psychiatric Assessment and Stabilization program. His book, The Addicted Child, along with the workbook, is available now. In this episode we dive into the root of the addicted child, discuss how adolescent addiction differs from adult addiction, the causes of addiction, the difference between process addiction and chemical addiction, how to help your child, and how to foster an environment of understanding. Learn more about Richard at Don’t forget to get 15% off Amp Human Vitamin D+ lotion at and use the code wholeness15. Get $100 off your first month of Talkspace with the code sparkingwholeness.

Episode 70: Top Foods To Improve Your Libido with Nutritional Therapist Leslie Bumpas

Can your diet impact your sex life? The answer is yes! It involves the same function that keeps your heart and brain healthy - blood flow. For this special Valentine’s episode, I welcome Leslie Bumpas back to the show. Leslie is a certified Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner whose passion is helping women thrive in all ages and stages. In this episode, Leslie shares all the tips and tools to redeem romance in your life - using nutrients in food! Key Topics: - Superfoods every woman should include to increase bloodflow and act as an aphrodisiac - Men's health topics: foods to boost testosterone, decrease erectile dysfunction, and support blood flow - The vitamin D/testosterone connection - Herbs that improve libido in women - What spinach does for your sex drive - Improving female health through nutrients - The real truth behind "an apple a day" - What to avoid and look for with hormonal imbalances Learn more about Leslie and her approach to health at

Episode 69: How to Add Meditation and Mindfulness Into Your New Year with Colleen Long

There are so many tools to mental WEALTH! In this packed episode, we cover the importance of mindfulness and meditation, why they help, and how to incorporate them into our daily lives. Colleen Long is President of Adventum Mental Health Network in East Texas.  She is a Registered 200 hour Yoga Teacher, Master Reiki Practitioner, and creator of all things Adventum. Key topics: - Colleen’s mental health story and how meditation and mindfulness played a role in her healing - How the Adventum Mental Health Network was started - How to have a daily practice of meditation - Different examples of meditation and breathing exercises - Tuning into your body and losing judgment toward yourself - A brief intro into reiki and energy healing and why it’s not as “woo woo” as you may think Learn more about Adventum at or find Adventum on Instagram @adventumnetwork Don’t forget to get your free cup of yogurt from Forager Project at Get $100 off your first month of therapy with Talkspace at with the code sparkingwholeness.

Episode 68: A Functional Nutrition Approach to Children's Mental Health with Reed Davis

Children's mental health issues continue to rise, and now one of every four children will be diagnosed with a chronic condition by the time they are eight years old. How can we support the health of our children through nutrition? Reed Davis, Founder of Functional Diagnostic Nutrition, joins the podcast once again to offer his expertise after decades of helping thousands of clients get to the root of their health issues. Key Topics: - Why kids today experience so many health concerns - A deeper dive into the root of ADHD - How food affects mental health and behavior - The role of food sensitivities and kids' health - Sugar addiction in children - Nutritional support that heals - The function of a child's nervous system and how screen time disrupts it - Environmental chemicals and toxins that negatively impact health. To learn more about the program at Functional Diagnostic Nutrition and become your own health detective, go to Don't forget to grab your free cup of delicious, plant-based yogurt from Forager Project at

Episode 67: How Many Times a Day Should I Eat? with Nutritional Therapist Kris DeFoer

The blood sugar conversation is more important than ever. We have to understand how to manage our blood sugar before it starts managing us. Like most “common” health concerns, it shouldn’t have to be normal to have blood sugar that is on a continual roller coaster. Kris DeFoer is a Nutritional Therapist and owner of Happy Body Health. She is passionate about helping women optimize their nutrition and lifestyles to look and feel their best. She believes that healthy digestion and blood sugar regulation are critical to good health and that a healthy diet and lifestyle can address many of the chronic issues that people deal with today. This discussion with Kris breaks down why we want to fuel our bodies with food that helps to stabilize our blood sugar, and keep our brain and immune systems strong! Key Topics: - What blood sugar is and why we should care about it - The difference between hypoglycemia and hyperglycemia - Kris’ history with dieting and finding a way to regulate her blood sugar naturally - How many meals a day should I actually eat? - The stress and blood sugar connection - What to eat to support a healthy insulin response - How to eat enough nutrients - How to support a healthy immune system through food - The key to salad-building (and a listener challenge) Learn more about Kris and sign up for her informative emails at

Episode 66: Stewarding Our Focus for a Healthier 2021 with Life Coach Thomas Thompson

Thomas Thompson has led churches in Oklahoma, Texas, and Colorado for over 25 years.  He now works with a coaching ministry, Lead Self Lead Others, as well as a city focused non-profit, COSILoveYou. In this episode, Thomas shares practical ways for us to cancel out the noise and live with an intentional focus in the new year. Key Topics: - The way that 2020 exposed us all - How increasing connection with others may not be a good thing - Why harnessing our focus and being intentional is important - How to prioritize the information we receive - Dealing with overwhelm, anxiety, and worry - Daily rhythms to implement - Why we need to train our brains to direct focus - How to ask ourselves the right questions and practical tools Learn more about Thomas and his work at

Episode 65: Building a Healthy Brain for a Lifetime with Cathy Williams

In this episode we dig into all things related to building a healthy brain, in order to create stable moods and minimize risk of cognitive decline. Cathy Williams studied naturopathy and nutrition straight out of high school, and she has worked in the health industry in various ways. Now she coaches clients on how to implement healthy habits that last in order to prevent dementia and Alzheimer’s. Key Topics: - Risk factors for cognitive decline - Nutrients necessary for brain health - Easy ways to create brain-nourishing meals - Why our brains need us to build habits - How can we change our habits and start newer, healthier ones? - More tools for a healthy brain For more information on brain health and beyond, follow Cathy on Instagram at @cathywilliamshealth and visit her website:

Episode 64: Researching the Research: Are We Asking the Right Questions? with Andy Wakefield

He is a pioneer of research on the gut-brain connection and had a moral obligation to his patients. Because of it, he lost everything. Now, Andy Wakefield is an award-winning filmmaker with three thought-provoking films highlighting disparities in medical treatment for the medically injured and marginalized. In this fascinating conversation, we cover these key topics: - The gut-brain connection in autism - How the film “Who Killed Alex Spourdalakis” is the first film in American history to become instrumental in commuting a murder sentence. - How Vaxxed revealed a research coverup that impacted male children, specifically with African American males - The problem with vaccine hesitancy vs vaccine failure - The effect of antibiotics and glyphosate on the gut - How The Act in 1986 changed everything for the medically injured, and the new film that highlights the history - The importance of medical freedom and being your own health advocate - The role of biological maternal instinct and intuition To access the research and documents mentioned, go to Use the code GIFTOFTRUTH to receive 30% off all three of the films discussed in this episode at:

Episode 63: Handling Grief Over the Holidays with Therapist Michael Sweeney

The holiday season can often trigger painful memories and feelings. This year brings an unusual set of circumstances. Michael Sweeney is a Licensed Professional Counselor in Dallas, Texas and works often with people who are processing grief. In this episode, Michael breaks down the topic of grief, how grief may not take the form we expect, and ways to process and manage our grief that are helpful to us. Learn more about Michael and his practice at

Episode 62: Why Can’t I Lose Weight? Breaking Down Diet and Weight Loss Myths with Erin Kerry

Maybe you used to be able to diet and lose weight, and now you can’t. Maybe you’re setting New Year’s resolutions and trying to figure out what’s right for you. Maybe you’re sick of people trying to put you on their programs and telling you what’s best for YOUR unique body. Before you start anything new, listen to this episode! This episode is nothing but real talk from me as a health coach, talking to you about fat, weight loss, what works, and what doesn’t. And I put some pretty popular diet plans on blast - which I don’t feel bad about one bit. Topics: - Why diets don’t work and calorie counting really doesn’t work - We don’t have an obesity epidemic we have a stress and toxin epidemic. - Types of fat and how it develops - Not all calories are created equal - How gut health plays a role - How weight gain is a symptom of an underlying issue - How to learn to trust your body To join my upcoming Feast 2 Fast nutrition group that starts on January 4, sign up here:

Episode 61: Master Your Health and Know What Healthy Feels Like with Nutritionist Emily Hill

Emily Hill is a connoisseur of all things health and wellness for the better part of two decades and currently works as a holistic nutritionist in Dallas, Texas. In this episode we cover all things related to individualizing nutrition for optimal health and avoiding "diet dogma." We even get into the great meat debate! Emily is a wealth of health info, and her belief that there is no one sized fits all gives a refreshing perspective in the midst of endless nutrition debates that often make incorporating healthy habits completely overwhelming. Key Topics: - Emily's holistic health journey and various certifcations - Favorite health hacks and supplements - Why nutrition dogma is such a problem - How to individualize nutrition while staying away from diets - Emily's philosophy: "if it comes from the ground, it's way more sound." - Should we be concerned about lectins and grains? - How to give our livers a break - Meat or no meat - what's the concern with eating meat? - Movement and weight lifting for women - How "women need a constant reminder of how strong they are."

Episode 60: How EMDR Teaches Your Brain to Process Trauma and Find Healing with LPC Zach Herrin

Zach Herrin is a Licensed Professional Counselor trained in EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing). In this powerful episode, we discuss how trauma impacts our lives, the affect of grief, and how EMDR can be a powerful tool for healing. Key Topics: - Why is a trauma focus important in counseling? - How do you know if you have trauma? - The connection between grief and trauma - The history and science behind EMDR - Who can benefit from EMDR - The methodology behind EMDR - Kids and EMDR - The importance of emotional vulnerability Learn more about Zach's practice at and on Instagram @solace_counseling_and_anxiety

Episode 59: Hot Topics in Women's Health with OB/GYN Dr. Kamilia Smith

Dr. Kamilia Smith is an OB/GYN and Founder of Charleston House Gynecology, which offers a new approach to women's healthcare and wellness inspired by the needs of the modern woman. In this episode, we uncover all the hot topics in women's health today. Key Topics: - The importance of doing work from the top down - The "common" concerns that may not be normal or optimal - How women should thrive, not survive - Signs of healthy ovulation and menstrual cycles - What to do with estrogen dominance and mystery weight gain - Insulin resistance and the effect on hormones - The rise in PCOS and what we know about it - Changes in sexual desire and what to do about it - Navigating PMS and perimenopause - The brain/hormone/stress connection To learn more about Dr. Smith, head to and follow at Instagram @charlestonhousegyn

Episode 58: Stop Sabotaging Yourself: Beating Chronic Pain and the Toughest Obstacles with Jennifer Loehding

Jennifer Loehding is a health and business coach, blogger, podcast host, speaker, and author. Her memoir, Beat the Toughest Obstacles, highlights the period in her life when she was able to recover from the pain and frustration that comes with a diagnosis of Atypical Trigeminal Neuralgia. After years of getting no answers from medical professionals, Jennifer decided to find the best path to healing for herself. Her story is inspiring and encouraging and a reminder not to be limited by a label! Key Topics: - Jennifer’s health journey and her diagnosis of trigeminal neuralgia - What is the butterfly effect and how it impacts our - How to stop sabotaging self belief - How to let go of the unnecessary - Setting priorities - How a therapeutic ketogenic diet changed her life - How she maintains health pain-free - How making one small change makes a difference Learn more about Jennifer at Don’t forget to try out Swanson vitamins and use the code whole20 for 20% off your first purchase!

Episode 57: Biohacking Hunger Hormones and Blood Sugar to Survive the Holidays with Steve Welch

Steve Welch is a nutrition research expert and past guest on the show. We discuss why people get stuck in the cravings cycle over the holidays and how to combat that with a few easy tricks! Key topics: - How to avoid the temptation of sugary treats - How fat keeps you full and optimizes hunger hormones - What leptin and ghrelin are and how they regulate your eating and influence your urge to overeat - The importance of nutrient density vs fueling on processed carbs - The science behind a post-meal walk - Brain-boosting benefits of exercise - Benefits of fasted exercise - Best post-workout fuel - The impact of ketones on our immune system Pick up a copy of Steve’s book that he co-authored with Dr. Lori Shemek, called The Ketogenic Key, wherever you buy books. Learn more about Steve at Don’t forget to use the code whole20 for 20% off your vitamin and supplement needs at

Episode 56: How to Make Health and Fitness Part of Your To Do List with Sandra Beck

I am joined by my good friend and mentor Sandra Beck, podcast host of Motherhood Talk Radio, Military Mom Radio, and Coach Talk Radio. In this bonus simulcast episode, we talk all about how we make health and fitness a priority in our busy lives. We chat about best workout times, how to find time for fitness, multitasking, meal prep tips, and other busy mom hacks that help us prioritize our health. This episode is sponsored by Indeed. Try Indeed our with a free $75 credit at

Episode 55: Getting to the Root of Anxiety with Nutritionist Trudy Scott

Trudy Scott is a Food-Mood Expert and certified nutritionist who educates anxious individuals about nutritional solutions for anxiety. She is the author of The Antianxiety Food Solution and host of The Anxiety Summit, an online educational platform for both consumers and health professionals. The Anxiety Summit 6: Toxins, Meds and Infections is airing November 2-8, 2020 and you can register for free here: In this episode, we dive into the root causes of anxiety. Key topics include: - Fluoride's impact on mental health and GABA levels - The health foods that hurt us - Common medications and infections that trigger anxiety - Which amino acids benefit mental health symptoms and how to use them - How hormones impact neurotransmitters - The negative impacts of Accutane and Miralax - What pthalates are and how they affect anxiety - How "fragrance is the new smoking" - Other supportive tools for healing anxiety Learn more about Trudy Scott at her website: Her Facebook page is called Trudy Scott Antianxiety Food Solution. This episode is sponsored by Swanson Health. Use the code Whole20 to receive 20% off supplements sitewide at

Episode 54: How Environmental Toxins Mess With Our Health with Health Coach Diana Edwards

Diana Edwards is the founder and CEO of Optimally You and co-owner of Revolution Health and Wellness and Against the Grain Podcast with her husband, Dr. Chad Edwards. In this episode, we learn about all the sneaky toxins we encounter day to day that impact our mental functioning, hormones, and so much more! Key Topics: - Diana’s health journey, how every traditional treatment failed her until she learned how to treat the root - Common household/environmental toxins and their effect - How these toxins overload our body - The danger of commonly used cleaning supplies - Simple ways we can reduce our toxic load in cost effective ways - How to support detoxification pathways - Why some people have a harder time detoxing than others - How you know if you are struggling with toxicity To learn more about Diana, head to This episode is sponsored by Forager Project, a company with 100% organic plant-based products like kefir, milk, yogurt, and sour cream. To learn more about Forager, head to

Episode 53: It's Not Just Your Thyroid with Reed Davis, Founder of Functional Diagnostic Nutrition

Reed Davis, Founder of Functional Diagnostic Nutrition, is a Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner and Certified Nutritional Therapist. He is the founder of Functional Diagnostic Nutrition. Having experience with over 10,000 clients, he is known as one of the most experienced clinicians in the world. In this episode, he explains why thyroid issues are symptoms of underlying issues that must be looked at as a whole. Key topics include: - Tests that determine thyroid issues - Symptoms of thyroid dysfunction - Causes of underactive thyroid - The role of TSH and the T4-T3 conversion - The role of toxicity, immune system, fight or flight - The gut health factor on thyroid - Why the most commonly prescribed medication may not be the best fit - How to be kind to your liver and what its function is in overall body health - How stress causes chaos in the body - Lifestyle medicine tools to support healing - How Functional Diagnostic Nutrition courses can work for you To learn more about FDN and to enroll, head to This episode is sponsored by Forager Project, a family-owned company that creates organic, plant-based products. Forager wants to encourage everyone to exercise democracy and vote. Check it out:

Episode 52: How to End Comparison and Release the Burden to Be Better with Author Heather Creekmore

So often in the world of wellness, we find ourselves getting caught up in chasing optimal health yet finding out that there’s always a better goal, diet, plan, solution, etc. Heather Creekmore is a body image expert, speaker, and author of “Compared to Who,” along with the newly published “The Burden of Better.” In this episode we discuss her newest book, the inspiration behind it, and WHY we need to stop comparing and set aside the heavy burden of better. Be sure to pick up Heather’s new book, “The Burden of Better,” wherever you buy your books! To learn more about our holistic health group, Re-Focus 2020, centered around restoring our perspective of health and body image, click here: Don’t forget to check out all the amazing Forager Project organic, plant-based products and exercise your right to vote at

Episode 51: Prove Yourself Wrong: How to Do Your Own Research and Fight for Your Health with Dr. Jim Meehan

In an era of information overload, it is hard to discern what is truth and what is biased. To be your own health advocate, it is important to be open to all sides, then form an assessment and make an evaluation. I dip my toes into some controversial waters to look at a different perspective in order to take a deeper look at the pre-conceived notions I have about medical research. Dr. Jim Meehan champions honest science deployed to create genuine health. He has advanced training and experience in ophthalmology, ocular inflammation and immunology, preventive medicine, addiction medicine, and endocrinology. In this episode that aims to challenge listeners, Dr. Meehan flips the narrative and calls into question many of our beliefs about medical research and encourages us to prove ourselves wrong and dig into the research in order to fight for our health. Key Topics: - Should we be allowed to do our own research? - How the studies can be biased - How to discern what is based on the true scientific method and what is pseudoscience - His background in research - The importance of trying to prove yourself wrong - How randomized controlled trials are used to determine effectiveness - How to look for research that isn’t biased - The research on wearing masks - How fear suppresses the immune system - Tips to build up a healthy immune system and take control of your health To learn more about Dr. Meehan’s work, go to

Episode 50: How to Create Natural Neurotransmitter Balance for Mental Wellness with Dr. Josh Friedman

In this interview with Dr. Josh Friedman, we take a deep dive into neurotransmitters and how to optimize them for mental wellness, via food as well as amino acid supplementation. Dr. Friedman has a doctorate in Psychology from New York University and did post-doctoral training in Psychoanalysis from the Training and Research Institute for Self Psychology (TRISP) in New York City. He also is certified as a Holistic Health Counselor from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in New York and earned a Diploma of Comprehensive Nutrition (Dip.CN) from Huntington College of Health Sciences. Key Topics include: - The importance of digesting protein to create the right neurotransmitters - The struggle with treatment-resistant depression - Why B12 is essential for mental health - How enzymes aid in digesting protein in order to benefit our mental health - Amino acid suggestions for low serotonin, low dopamine, and low endorphins - And so much more! Website: Books mentioned in episode: The Mood Cure by Julia Ross The Anti-Anxiety Solution by Trudy Scott Anatomy of an Epidemic by Robert Whitaker Questionnaire for amino acids:

Episode 49: Nutritional Psychiatry: Your Brain on Food with Dr. Uma Naidoo

Dr. Uma Naidoo is a board certified psychiatrist, professional chef, and nutrition specialist. She is the director of Nutritional and Lifestyle Psychiatry at Massachusetts General Hospital. In this fascinating episode, we discuss her new book, This Is Your Brain On Food.

Episode 48: Back to School: Dealing with Fatigue, Anxiety, and Screen Addiction with Dr. Alina Olteanu and Dr. Sandy Gluckman

Dr. Alina Olteanu is an integrative pediatrician and founder of Whole Child Texas. Dr. Sandy Gluckman is a speaker, author, child behavior specialist, and founder of Parenting That Heals. In this back-to-school special interview with both women, we discuss current health concerns for our children (it may surprise you), what screens do for our mental health, and how our emotional state as parents determines the emotional well-being of our children. Key topics: - Rising anxiety epidemic in kids - Common viruses in kids - are they still alive and well even though we’re taking more precautions? - Effects of excessive screen time on stress hormones and the brain - What screen time does to dopamine and the prefrontal cortex - Long term health effects of screen addiction and potential for other future addictions - The antidote to screen time - Importance of nature - How the science of interpersonal neurobiology plays a role in how our families handle stress - How to add meditation into your life to counteract stress CDC mental health study referenced: To learn about the screen addiction training by Dr. Olteanu and Dr. Gluckman, go here:

Episode 47: 3 Things We Need Every Day to Feel Better with Health Coach Melissa McGaughey

It is easy to get overwhelmed by all the "health" topics. Everyone has an opinion on what being healthy truly is. In order to simplify this process, I sat down with my friend, fellow health coach and former guest Melissa McGaughey, and we listed out our top 3 things we try to include in our day to day. We included our list of 3 things for ourselves, along with our list of 3 for our kids. No matter where you are in your health journey, this episode will help inspire you to keep going and incorporate tiny habits to make a big impact. For more on Melissa, head to

Episode 46: What Do We Currently Know About Covid? with Dr. Chad Edwards

All we hear from the news media is wash your hands, wear a mask, social distance. Is that really a long term solution for supporting your immune system? Dr. Chad Edwards is a former army surgeon and currently works as an Emergency Physician. He is the founder and director of Revolution Health and Wellness Clinic in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Here, he pays special attention to sports medicine and health and wellness as a preventive strategy to optimize health, minimize injury risk, and decrease disease. Viewing his patients through a holistic approach helps identify subtleties in their function that are beginning to show signs of dysregulation. This interview is a very balanced and informative take on the current pandemic, what we currently know, and what we can do to support our immune function. Key topics include: - His experience with Covid patients - What the current numbers of deaths and infections tell us, according to CDC data - The lack of data on wearing masks - The issue of asymptomatic carriers - Common sense precautions to take - Practical steps to support immune health via gut health and supplementation - The magic of vitamin c and nitric oxide - The importance of glutathione, n acetyl cysteine and nitric oxide - Should we run out to get the covid vaccine? CDC data mentioned in the episode: For more information on Dr. Edwards and his clinic:

Episode 45: Understanding the Mind/Body Connection on a Deeper Level with Matt Erb

Matt Erb is a physiotherapist, senior faculty member with The Center for Mind Body Medicine, instructor at The Andrew Weil Center for Integrative Medicine, and the Founder of Embody Your Mind, which specializes in high quality writing, teaching, and consulting in integrative and mind-body medicine topics. In this episode we discuss the powerful mind/body connection and why we need to be listening to how our bodies handle our stressors. Key Topics: - How he uses acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT) - The principles of ACT - Survival biology and the aversion response to pain or unpleasant sensations - The importance of improving our relationship to things - Biobehavioral patterns of seeking care and comfort and regulating our physiological state - Understanding emotional eating - How ACT can help us in our day to day? Who is this useful for? - Mechanics of emotional eating, autonomic nervous system development - Mind-body practices we all could incorporate right now Learn more about Matt at Watch his Youtube video on Acceptance and Commitment Therapy here:

Episode 44: Normalizing Mental Health Care with #SameHere Founder Eric Kussin and Dr. Andrew Pleener

What do you do when your mental health is suffering and nothing you try helps? Are there options beyond the traditional treatment plans? Where can you find support? #SameHere is an organization founded by Eric Kussin after he experienced 2 and a half years of suffering from a mental health crisis that briefly interrupted his career as a sports executive. In this episode, you’ll learn Eric’s story in detail, and you’ll also hear from psychiatrist Dr. Andrew Pleener, who is the leader of the Same Here psych alliance and advocates for multiple healing modalities when it comes to psychiatry. Key Topics: - Eric’s story and how he got to the root of his issues after digging through his trauma - How mental health is a continuum and the problem with using phrases like “stop the stigma” - The non-medication healing modalities that Same Here brings awareness to - The STARR exercises that improve mental fitness, as the “gym for the brain” - The importance of creating community support and awareness for mental health - Why you can’t use the same tool over and over to improve mental health - you need more! - Mental health treatment shouldn’t be a one size fits all plan. - The work Same Here is doing with schools and businesses - How you can get involved To learn more, go to Follow on Twitter: @samehere_global Follow on Instagram: @samehere_global

Episode 43: How to Make Better Decisions Without a Doubt with Anne Tucker

Anne Tucker is the creator of Business Energetics and the Authentic Expression test. Her work is designed to help you see and understand your creative purpose, and to express it through your work so that you not only feel fulfilled, seen, and appreciated, but you also unlock the success you're capable of. Anne is helping to redefine business for a spiritual age, where the work we do becomes a conscious pathway to our own spiritual development. Her book, Undoubtedly Awesome, uses the Authentic Expression test to show you how to experience less doubt in your life. We discuss decision-making and doubt and how it adds friction. Other key topics include: - the Authentic Expression test - how it is different from a standard personality test - how this test benefits decision-making - how knowing your soul type can impact your work, your relationships, and the doubt you experience - what the different soul types are and how they show up in our lives - how Business Energetics can improve collaboration Find out more about Anne’s work and take the free soul type quiz on

Episode 42: The Nutritional Program that Teaches You to Burn Fat AND Eat What You Love with Chelsea Blackbird

If you love food, hate diets, and want to learn how to support your health goals in a balanced way - this episode is for you. I am joined by past guest, Chelsea Blackbird, and we talk about the upcoming nutritional reset called Feast 2 Fast. This program aims to develop metabolic flexibility and overall health while also supporting mental health and your relationship with food through daily encouragement. Sign up for the back to school group that starts August 17 here:

Episode 41: Stop Fearing Fat with Steve Welch

Steve Welch is a NESTA certified Fitness Nutrition Coach and former publisher of the world renowned medical journal CHEST. His background in medical publishing provides him with insights into assessing medical and nutrition research, which he uses to educate others to improve their own health and fitness. He is coauthor of the new book "The Ketogenic Key," which is available in stores now. In this episode we cover: - Why we fear fat - The history of low fat diets and why the data is skewed - Why our bodies need fat to function - The cholesterol conversation - Carbohydrates, cholesterol, and inflammation - How cutting extreme calories can backfire - Individualizing the approach for YOU Learn more about Steve at or on Twitter at @ketosteve.

Episode 40: Habits of Healthy Moms with Dr. Orlena Kerek

Dr. Orlena Kerek is a pediatrician turned weight loss coach and mom of 4. Her goal is to make nutrition easy and fun for both moms and kids. In this episode, she gives practical tips to create healthy, sustainable habits. She shares her 4 keys for health and how she incorporates those things for her clients. Learn more about Dr. Orlena and access her free gifts at and listen to her podcast Fit and Fabulous at Forty and Beyond.

Episode 39: How to Break Through Trauma and Find Healing with Therapist Suzanne Simpson

Suzanne Simpson, owner of Renewed Life Counseling, is a Licensed Professional Counselor, Board Certified Life Coach, author, and speaker who works with people to help set them free from emotional traumas so they can live a more victorious life. Her newest book, Lost & Restored: Healing Your Heart with the Father, is a faith-based approach to digging into your life’s events that have significantly impacted you. In this episode, we discuss the impact of trauma, how it is stored in the cells of the body, and how to find healing through a variety of new and different modalities beyond traditional talk therapy. Listen to Blood Ties Season 2 on the Wondery app. Download it today to join Wondery+ with a free trial to enjoy ad free listening, exclusives, binges and early access. Get it here: []  

Wondery presents Blood Ties

Listen to Blood Ties Season 2 on the Wondery app. Download it today to join Wondery+ with a free trial to enjoy ad free listening, exclusives, binges and early access. Get it here: [] Wondery’s hit audio drama “Blood Ties” is back for a second season with Josh Gad & Gillian Jacobs returning as Michael and Elenore Richland. This season they are joined by Dominic Monaghan (“Lost”) as David Hammer the new CEO of Richland Health and Wayne Knight as Peter Richland. Season one was all about questions. What did Peter Richland do? How far will Richland Health go to bury the story? And when faced with the choice of telling the truth or losing billions what side would Michael and Elenore fall on. Season two is all about answers.

Episode 38: Ketosis for Mental Health with Dr. Lori Shemek

Dr. Lori Shemek is an award-winning, bestselling author of How To Fight FATflammation, Beginner’s Guide to Intermittent Fasting, Fire-Up Your Fat Burn, and the recently published The Ketogenic Key. She is a leading health and weight loss expert, has appeared in dozens of publications and TV shows, and is also known as “The Inflammation Terminator.” In this episode, Dr Shemek shares about her newest book, The Ketogenic Key. She shares what the ketogenic diet is, how ketosis benefits our mental health, benefits of intermittent fasting, how inflammation is a threat to our health and well-being, and practical ways to implement changes to your lifestyle. To learn more about Dr. Shemek, go to

Wondery presents the Next Big Idea

Hosted by Rufus Griscom, and featuring thought-leaders Malcolm Gladwell, Susan Cain, Adam Grant, and Daniel Pink, The Next Big Idea brings you the most groundbreaking ideas that have the power to change the way you live, work, and think. This week’s episode features a conversation about the power of being “weird” Listen to the full episode here:

Episode 37: An Integrative Approach to Mental Health with Dr. Noshene Ranjbar

Dr. Noshene Ranjbar is Harvard-trained and board certified in General Psychiatry, Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, and Integrative Medicine. She serves as medical director of the Integrative Psychiatry Clinic at Banner - University of Arizona Medical Center in Tucson. In this episode we discuss the changes in mental health approaches in the last 20 years, how integrative psychiatry is different, nervous system dysfunction, common underlying issues that impact mental wellness, a whole body approach to mental health, as well as Dr Ranjbar’s work with refugee and American Indian communities. Through her work as faculty at the Andrew Weil Center for Integrative Medicine and The Center for Mind Body Medicine, she continues to expand evidence-based work in integrative mental health and underserved populations. To learn more about her and her story, go to: The Integrative Psychiatry clinic where she trains and supervises residents and fellows to see patients: Andrew Weil Center for Integrative Medicine: Center for Mind Body Medicine:

Episode 36: "Put the Burden Down" - a Conversation about Racial Trauma with Rochelle Riley

Rochelle Riley is the author of The Burden: African Americans and the Enduring Impact of Slavery, as well as the Director of Arts and Culture for the city of Detroit. In this episode, we discuss her powerful book and why this is the conversation we've been needing to have for over 400 years. She shares the impact of chronic stress on people of color and why we are in unprecedented times as a nation. To purchase her book and learn more about her work, head to Follow Rochelle on Twitter: @rochelleriley Instagram: @rochellerileythewriter

Episode 35: How Food Really is Mood with Ali Miller RD

Ali Miller is a registered dietitian, integrative functional medicine practitioner, and author of Naturally Nourished, The Anti-Anxiety Diet, and The Anti-Anxiety Diet Cookbook. In this episode we discuss the concept of food as mood, how neurotransmitters play a role in gut health, and how your stress response affects your overall health - from mental wellness to reproductive function to immune health. She explains the 6 approaches she takes to restoring our bodies to their rightful state, how to biohack our bodies and create metabolic flexibility - and simple tools to reducing panic and anxiety during times of stress.

Episode 34: The Mental Health Impact of COVID-19 with Dr. Amelia Villagomez

Dr. Amelia Villagomez is an integrative psychiatrist at Progressive Psychiatry in Fort Worth, Texas. In this interview, Dr Villagomez addresses the top mental health concerns during this pandemic and its aftermath. She shares how the abundance of information may be negatively impacting us, as well as the trauma resulting with the current season. We discuss sleep strategies, meditation, positive self talk, the gut-brain connection, the importance of whole food nutrition in brain health, along with the importance of PLAY in our daily lives. Resources discussed during podcast:  Integrative Strategies (including nutraceuticals)  published by the Andrew Weil Center for Integrative Medicine: CMBM online groups: Guided Imagery: By Belleruth Naparstek SAMHSA Phases of a Disaster :

Episode 33: Small, Intentional Steps We Can Take to Improve Career, Health, and Lifestyle with Sandra Beck

Sandra Beck is an author, coach, speaker, radio host, entrepreneur and philanthropist as well as my personal mentor! She is also the host of multiple popular podcasts, including Military Mom Radio, Motherhood Talk Radio, and Coach Talk Radio. Her successful company, Motherhood Incorporated, was started out of a need to provide a steady income while working from home with her kids as a single parent. In this episode, Sandra shares the small steps we can take toward making a big impact, whether in our businesses or personal lives. We discuss battling negative self talk, finding motivation, healthy habits, and the ever-so-difficult: asking for help. She shares what she has learned after going through numerous cancer treatments, and how cancer was a wake-up call for her life. Don’t forget to get 50% off your first order from when you use the code spark50!

Episode 32: Ask the Pediatrician with Dr. Alina Olteanu, MD, PhD

Dr. Alina Olteanu is the founder and president of Whole Child Pediatrics of North Texas. She is the only pediatrician in the Dallas-Fort Worth area trained through the prestigious Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine, founded by Dr Andrew Weil. In this episode, we dig into all the common concerns parents have with young children: fevers, ear infections, food sensitivities, digestive troubles, common nutrient deficiencies, nutrition, gut health, and ways to support a healthy immune system... which includes a brief discussion on the importance of managing stress. This is a PACKED episode. I highly encourage all caretakers of children to take a listen. To learn more about Dr. Olteanu and access any of the resources mentioned, head to

Episode 31: Nourish Hormones, Detoxify, Improve Sleep and Boost Immune Health with Esther Blum

Esther Blum is the bestselling author of Cavewomen Don't Get Fat, Eat Drink and Be Gorgeous, Secrets of Gorgeous, and The Eat, Drink and Be Gorgeous Project. As an Integrative Dietitian and High Performance Coach, she provides 360 degrees of healing with physical, psychological, emotional, and spiritual support. In this episode, we discuss how to detox and improve hormone function, why stress management should be the starting point to health, why protein is the missing link for many women, how to support a healthy gut, and so much more! Schedule a call with her at - the first 12 people who respond get a FREE consultation!

Episode 30: How to Care for Sensitive Children with Dr. Sandy Gluckman

Why are some children more sensitive than others? What is going on inside their brains and nervous systems? "Listener favorite," Dr. Sandy Gluckman, shares all about how to care for sensitive children, the overuse of labels in psychology and education today, and how we can treat the whole child, not just address the symptoms. Learn more about Dr. Sandy and access her many resources at

Episode 29: Being Bipolar in a Global Crisis - Tools to Manage Stormy Moods with Erin Kerry

Don't let the title fool you - these tips are not just for those diagnosed with mental illness. Due to the current circumstances in our world, it is more important than ever to adopt a wide range of tools that support mental health. Change, stress, and uncertainty can be triggering for those diagnosed with mental illness. For this episode, I interviewed various friends with bipolar disorder and depression in order to gather background. I share their thoughts along with the tried and true tools I use to maintain stability during times of change and stress.

Episode 28: Busting Common Health and Diet Myths with Chelsea Blackbird, NTP

Chelsea Blackbird, aka "The Christian Nutritionist," is a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner who loves to help women optimize their metabolism and find food peace. In this interview, she shares about how she overcame her own journey with unexplained infertility, a skin condition, and digestive issues when all conventional treatments failed her. Other topics addressed: - Adrenal burnout and the effect on hormones - The importance of natural light - Creating metabolic flexibility - Pitfalls of going keto and the great carb debate - Intermittent fasting - Balancing food for enjoyment and food for fuel - How to stop obsessing over food so we can live our purpose! To find out more about her and her many nutritional programs, go to or subscribe to her podcast, The Christian Health Club.

Episode 27: How Do We Talk to Our Kids about COVID-19? with LPC Karlie Jager

"Kids need a connected adult, not a problem-solver." Karlie Jager is a licensed professional counselor and registered play therapist who works with children of all ages on a regular basis. In this interview, we discuss how parents can help their kids process all the heavy emotions related to school closures, cancelled vacations, birthday parties, prom, graduation, and all the other major disappointments resulting from this pandemic. Whether you are the caregiver of a 3 year old or a 16 year old, you will find so much hope and encouragement in this conversation with Karlie! To learn more about Karlie and download the resources she mentions in the show, head to

Episode 26: Finding Food Freedom with Casey Bonano, RD

Casey Bonano is a registered dietitian specializing in the treatment of eating disorders, disordered eating and intuitive eating. Casey believes in a non-diet nutrition approach, and strives to empower her clients to reject diet culture. In this interview, I talk with Casey about the health at every size movement, how stress can trigger disordered eating behaviors, food psychology, the concept that our bodies our on our side to keep us safe, orthorexia, the cultural obsession with clean eating, and how our bodies are not the problem. This is a very eye-opening conversation on a topic that can be confusing for so many. Don't forget to get 20% off Casey's book at with the code wholeness.

Episode 25: How We Can Manage Our Mental Health During Times of Uncertainty with Leigh Richardson and Sandra Beck

In this special simulcast episode, Sandra Beck and I speak with Leigh Richardson, Founder and DIrector of The Brain Performance Center in Dallas. Leigh offers fabulous insight into how we should be taking care of our mental health during uncertain times, such as global pandemic or orders of shelter in place.

Episode 24: Why Stress is Destroying Your Health and How to Manage It with Erin Kerry

You can eat clean, exercise every day, take all the right supplements, but if you aren't managing your stress, you miss out on true health. In fact, due to the current circumstances in our world, I'd say it is more important to manage your stress than ever before. What does chronic stress do to our immune system? Digestion? Reproductive health? Listen to this mini-episode to learn about the affects of stress but more importantly - how to manage it in practical, realistic ways.

Episode 23: Why Healthy Habits Suck with Dr. Dayna Lee-Baggley

Why can't we make healthy habits stick? Why is it so hard to eat better or make lasting changes? Why can't we control our weight and get to where we want to be? The answer may surprise you - your brain was wired this way! Clinical psychologist Dayna Lee-Baggley shares information from her new book, Healthy Habits Suck, which shares how to live a healthy life... even when you don't want to! In this discussion we cover the problem with setting goals, how you are not your feelings, and how we can learn to override our "survival brain." You can find more information about Dayna and her book at

Episode 22: Detox Your Brain to Prevent Cognitive Decline with Leslie Bumpas, NTP

Get ready to have your mind blown! Nutritional Therapy Practitioner Leslie Bumpas and I take on some semi-controversial topics on this one - how to prevent dementia, sugar and mental health, environmental toxins (why you’ll never want to use a dryer sheet again), and why your brain needs FAT, among many others. Leslie is the owner of Redeeming Wellness, and you can find more information about her, her many certifications and specialties, and everything she does at

Episode 21: Redefining Health with Laura Schoenfeld, RD

How do you define health? Is it making your body look the way you want it to, is it a feeling, or is it the presence or absence of a diagnosis? Laura Schoenfeld is a Registered Dietitian who is passionate about redefining health and empowering women to nourish their bodies, develop true strength, and ultimately pursue their purpose. Her greatest mission is to help women realize they are more than a body, so they can move past health obsession, and focus on pursuing the purpose they were created for. In this conversation with her, we cover a wide range of topics, from how to know if you’re healthy, the phrase “your body is a temple,” the purity culture of clean eating, the role of identity in behavior and habit change, how most women are actually undereating, and so much more! If you are female struggling to figure out how to best take care of your body, you will want to listen to this! Learn more about Laura and what she does at

Episode 20: Getting to the Root of Addiction with Therapist Mitchell Isle

Is sex addiction a thing? What is at the root of addictive behaviors? Meet Mitchell Isle, who is an addiction expert and certified sex addiction therapist. In this conversation, we dive deep into the multilayered topic of addiction. We learn the brain does not distinguish between substances, behaviors, experiences or relationships - they all involve the same part of the brain. We talk about how sex addiction is an intimacy disorder. We learn how family upbringing may - or may not - play a role in addictive behaviors. We discuss how false beliefs in one's identity and shame factor in. We also experienced a few technical difficulties while recording, but this conversation is so fascinating I promise it doesn't matter! You might want to take notes on this one! To learn more about Mitch and his work, head to

Episode 19: Owning Your Influence with Bobi Ann Allen

"When we own who we are, we find satisfaction and wholeness." Bobi Ann Allen is the author of the new book, Own Your Everyday Influence. Her book is for the dreamer with big goals and lofty plans feeling trapped by the demands of life. It is for the woman searching for purpose in the middle of her ordinary circumstances. In this episode, we cover everything from comparison, priorities, goals, contentment, and getting lost in what we think we should be doing instead of being content in the present. Learn more about Bobi Ann and find her books at

Episode 18: Galentine's Bonus Episode! Let's Talk about Healthy Friendships!

In honor of "Galentine's Day," my friend Sandra and I thought we'd chat about the concept of healthy friendships. What does it mean to have healthy friendships and how do we create them? Listen for a great offer from and get 20% off. Also, try out the game Best Fiends - play it with your friends - you'll be glad you did!

Episode 17: A Taste of Grace with Melissa d'Arabian

Melissa d'Arabian, Food Network host and author of the bestselling book Ten Dollar Dinners, shares all about her new book Tasting Grace. If you are feeling caught up and confused in the noise of all the food rules, Melissa offers a fresh, balanced perspective on the gift of food, how food brings us together to unite us, and how we can utilize what we've been given with gratitude - and grace. Find out more about Melissa at and check out her books at or wherever you get your reading material!

Episode 16: In Our Feelings with Licensed Professional Counselor Tiffany Feagin-Webb

Is counseling only for people with SERIOUS mental health issues? How can we learn to deal with the wide range of emotions that are part of the human experience? How can seeing a professional counselor be a powerful tool for holistic healing? This episode, featuring the amazing Dallas-based licensed counselor Tiffany Feagin-Webb, debunks therapy myths and misconceptions and takes on issues like identifying feelings, vulnerability, anger, shame, and so much more! You can learn more about Tiffany and her practice at

Episode 15: Busy Mom Life Hacks with Sandra Beck

I sat down with my mentor Sandra Beck, who knows all about balancing work life and mom life and prioritizing what matters. Whether she is coaching a company owner to a million dollar commission goal, training a stay at home mom to perform SEO on web sites or speaking to a corporate group about personal and professional growth, her message is about what is possible and how to create the circumstances of your choosing. Tune in to learn some of our tips for balancing it all, along with a special offer from Beta Brand pants at

Episode 14: Upgrade Your Brain with Leigh Richardson

Does your brain need an upgrade? Or maybe you struggle with pregnancy brain and your last pregnancy was 10 years ago? Leigh Richardson is the Founder and Clinical Director of The Brain Performance Center in Dallas, Texas. She is a licensed professional counselor who is board certified in neurofeedback and biofeedback. We discuss what neurofeedback is, how we can re-train our brains, the importance of movement, breathing, sleep, and other practical strategies to keep your brain healthy and young! Leigh's new book, Turn Your Brain On to Get Your Game On is available now on her website or on Amazon.

Episode 13: Fitting in Fitness: How to Make Simple and Sustainable Changes with former NFL player Johnathan Haggerty

Johnathan Haggerty is a former NFL player and current wellness influencer who is passionate about holistic health. He discusses digging into your nutritional identity, smart swaps to make in the pantry, how to add variety to your diet, creating sustainable fitness resolutions for the new year, and the importance of MINDSET.

Episode 12: New Year, Same Me: And That’s Okay with Erin Kerry and Katharine Elkins

In this special New Year’s episode, I am joined by my friend Katharine Elkins and we get really real about how EXHAUSTED we are by the culture of goal-setting and Instagram body perfection. Katharine shares how she went a full year off of sugar (a full year!!!) and how that has impacted her relationship with sweets now. A few more talking points that will surprise you: Weight is not always an indicator of health. How we will no longer subscribe to a “before and after” mentality. Eating less and exercising more can cause inflammation, thanks to an ancestral fight or flight response. You can be pro-health, pro-nutrition and anti-diet!

Episode 11: All I Want After Christmas Is Some CBD

Mauricio Cremer is a good friend of mine who happens to be the co-founder and brand director for Brio Nutrition, a growing hemp/CBD company. In part one of the episode, I share all about the Endocannabinoid System and why it's a big deal. In part two, we talk about the misconceptions and benefits of hemp/CBD, what it's useful for, and what Brio is doing to make quality innovative products with amazing results. Head to and use the code spark20 for your special offer!

Episode 10: Eating for Mental WEALTH with Erin Kerry

Nourishment comes in many forms beyond food, but food can still be a great tool to improving mental wealth! In this episode I share some of my favorite tips for improving mental health through nutrition - based on my own experience and all the latest research on how food IS mood.

Episode 9: Put the Weights Down: Thoughts on Chasing the Perfect Body and New Year's Resolutions with Author Heather Creekmore

Heather Creekmore is a speaker and author who shares hope with thousands of women each week, inspiring them to stop comparing. Her first book, "Compared to Who? A Proven Path to Improve Your Body Image" encourages women to uncover the spiritual root of body image issues and find freedom. Her second book, "The Burden of Better," releases in 2020. In this refreshing and candid episode, we discuss our dieting history and how we never found fulfillment in a smaller size. Heather shares some of her tips for dealing with the comparison and body image battle, and later we tackle the topic of realistic resolutions to have in the new year.

Episode 8: Natural Ways to Feel Better with Sandra Beck

I sit down with my amazing mentor and friend, Sandra Beck, and we share ways natural health has impacted our lives, why you don't want to ignore those warning signs that something is off, how to be more mindful of the impact stress has on our daily habits, and some of our easy tips for feeling better...naturally! Don't miss the amazing offer for CBD oil at

Episode 7: The Biggest Issues in Children’s Health Today with Dr. Alina Olteanu

Dr. Alina Olteanu is an integrative pediatrician and founder of Whole Child Pediatrics of North Texas. In this two part episode, I first share how integrative medicine helped my third child when he was suffering from chronic ear infections and respiratory problems. What follows is an interview with Dr. Olteanu where she discusses the changing issues in children’s health, how stress plays a role, and what kind of nutrition and supplements are recommended for cold and flu season.

Episode 6: Healthy For The Holidays with Health Coach Melissa McGaughey

It's the most wonderful time of the year! I sit down with my good friend, Melissa McGaughey to discuss how to stay healthy during the holidays. Melissa is a holistic health coach, sports nutritionist, and fitness trainer with almost 20 years of experience in nutrition and fitness. Together, we talk about our favorite tools for staying healthy - mentally and physically - during the hectic holiday season!

Episode 5: What Is MTHFR and How Does it Affect Me? with Dr. Tracey Stroup

Nope, it's not an abbreviation for a cuss word! This week's guest, Dr. Tracey Stroup, takes listeners deep into a discussion about the MTHFR gene mutation and the methylation cycle and how it affects mental health and how vitamins and even neurotransmitters are processed. She shares why it is so difficult to function optimally in the toxic storm we live in, what dietary changes, lifestyle tools, and supplements we need to include into our daily routine, and the REAL problem with wheat - which may surprise you.

Episode 4: How To Raise Emotionally Resilient, Confident Children with Dr. Sandy Gluckman

While it seems as if children are experiencing more mental health challenges than ever before, there is a way to get to the root! Dr. Sandy Gluckman has made it her mission to treat the root of child behavior - instead of just managing symptoms. She is a learning, behavior and mood specialist, author, educator and international speaker who has consulted with and trained, thousands of parents and teachers in different parts of the world. She shares about neurotransmitters and their role in emotional resilience, the science of interpersonal neurobiology, and what parents and teachers can do to raise confident children.

Episode 3: Is Your Poop Telling You Something? with Dr. Chris Jones

The health of your gut truly does determine your overall health and well-being. Dr. Chris Jones shares all about the role of the gut microbiome and how gut health plays into many common health concerns. He discusses steps to take for improvement through nutrition, specific testing, movement, and so much more! This episode is a "must listen" - whether you struggle with mystery health issues that aren't improving, or you need a few extra tools for wellness!

Episode 2: Discovering Healing from Trauma with Dr. James Gordon

"Sooner or later, trauma in one form or another comes to everyone." - Dr. James Gordon is a Harvard-educated psychiatrist and Founder and Director of the Center for Mind Body Medicine, and his most recent book The Transformation: Discovering Wholeness and Healing After Trauma, gives practical tips for dealing with trauma and living a life of continued healing and connection. In this episode, Dr. Gordon explains the psychology and biology behind trauma, how trauma can be passed down through our genes, and how we have the power to heal ourselves through the heavily researched techniques he recommends in his book.

Episode 1: Living with the Stigma of Bipolar Disorder with Erin Kerry

On this premiere episode of Sparking Wholeness, I share my story of living with bipolar disorder like I never have before. After years of hiding from the title, it is time to get real and share what it was like struggling with PTSD, depression, and finally... dealing with the diagnosis of a chronic illness that comes with such a stigma. This show will lay the foundation for all future episodes, and will offer hope for those who are also caught up in the tornado of mental illness that you CAN find true healing!