Recent Episodes and Interviews

Slow Your Roll with guest Carl Honore

Carl Honoré is an award-winning journalist, author and TED speaker. He is also a globetrotting ambassador for the Slow Movement. The Wall Street Journal hailed him as “an in-demand spokesman on slowness.” His book, Under Pressure, explores the good, the bad and the ugly of modern childrearing - and offers a blueprint for change. It was hailed by Time as a “gospel of the Slow Parenting movement.” Newsweek described Carl as “an international spokesman for the concept of leisure.” Huffington Post labeled him “the godfather of the Slow movement.” AND His TED talk has been viewed over 800,000 times.

All of Life Condenses to Just 2 Choices with guest Rico Racosky

Rico Racosky is the author of Just 2 Choices and a motivational choice expert for over 25 years. Rico Racosky has condensed ALL of life for every person on the planet into one key phrase - Just 2 Choices. YES, it's just that simple. -That's the only phrase people need to remember. He is an author of 3 books for kids on positive choice, a former F-16 fighter pilot, and Olympic hopeful. He is currently a pilot for Southwest Airlines and a Life Coach. Since the 1990's, he has been a visionary in youth education in (STEM) Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math, as well as a sought after speaker in high schools. As Rico sees it, every moment as a "Just 2 Choices Moment"-a new opportunity to make a new and better choice in life-to turn ORDINARY everyday choices into EXTRAORDINARY choices everyday to live an extraordinary life...choice by choice by choice! It's a Choice Revolution!

Gratitude Comes in Small Doses with guest Lisa Cypers Kamen

Acclaimed for her engaging blend of positive and spiritual psychology coaching, workshops, and philanthropic projects, Lisa Cypers Kamen is committed to raising the happiness level around the world. Through her books, radio show, media appearances and inspiring documentary films, such as "H-Factor... Where Is Your Heart?" she facilitates happiness and cultivates greater wellbeing and awareness of what it takes to be happy. Lisa is also the founder of Harvesting Happiness for Heroes, a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit program dedicated to bringing integrated psychology coaching tools and wellbeing training to Veterans and their loved ones challenged by combat trauma and other post-deployment reintegration issues. To learn more about Lisa and her work, visit:

Tools for Stepmoms with guest Peggy Nolan

Peggy Nolan has a deep caring for stepmoms. She knows firsthand how challenging the role is. Her main focus is to help women in the stepmom role thrive, become leaders in their families, and become happy, whole human beings. She is a leading authority on self-care and personal development for women in the stepmom role. She has been referred to as the "Self-Care Queen" by her peers and clients because her strategies to reduce and manage stress work. Peggy has been part of a stepfamily for over 40 years. She knows what it's like to be a step-daughter, a step-sister, and a stepmom. Peggy is the mom of two adult children, the bonus mom of four adult children, and the grandmother of two. Her articles have been featured in The Huffington Post, Divine Caroline, The Diva Toolbox, Applaud Women, Aspire, and StepMom Magazine. Peggy has also interviewed numerous leading experts in stepfamilies on her highly acclaimed internet radio show, The Stepmom's Toolbox Radio Show. To learn more about Peggy and her work, visit:

Dad Day with guest Tim Hoch

Tim Hoch is a lawyer and the author of 50 Rules for Sons, an inspiring gift book that shares a father's wisdom with sons who are leaving the nest. He shares lessons like: Be open to and unashamed of the possibility that you might be wrong and if you show up to class on time and sit in one of the first three rows, you will succeed. He is currently working on his next book, 50 Rules for Daughters.

Chief Daddy Officer® - The Business of Fatherhood with guest Chris Efessiou

What do you get when you mix business with parenting? Would you ever consider raising your children using business principles? My guest, this week, has done just that. He says it works! Entrepreneur, Speaker, Radio Show Host and Author of CDO Chief Daddy Officer® - The Business of Fatherhood, Chris Efessiou understands first hand that the dynamics of success are the same whether you're leading a business meeting or tucking your child into bed at night. Through his own personal experiences, Chris - Founder and President of Chris Efessiou and Team - shares his discovery of how the skills critical to becoming a successful business leader can be seamlessly applied to both parenting and personal relationships with equal efficiency. To learn more, visit

Love No Matter What: When Your Kids Make Decisions You Don’t Agree With with guest Brenda Garrison

As parents, we often disagree with the decisions our children make. Even as adult children they can get on out last nerve. My guest this week knows firsthand when parents disagree with some of the decisions their children make. She has tips and advice and helps us through these tough times with grace and dignity to keep the relationship a loving one. Brenda Garrison is an enthusiastic and authentic speaker and author. She ministers to women in all stages of life but especially to moms-encouraging them by keeping it real. Brenda speaks at retreats, workshops, professional groups and government agencies that work with families. She is the author of Love No Matter What: When Your Kids Make Decisions You Don't Agree With. To learn more about Brenda and her work, visit:

Getting REAL with Ourselves and our Children's Sexuality with guest Rick Clemons

Rick Clemons is a recovering heterosexual, father of two teenage daughters, an ex who appreciates his ex and still has a relationship with her, and a partnered gay man of 12 years who's still waiting to be popped the question. He's also a certified professional life coach who's thrilled to wake up every morning and contribute to the fabric of humanity by helping people get real with themselves. Whether they're coming out of the closet, trying to pinpoint their sexual orientation, or simply trying to overcome their own crazy making, Rick's approach, while slanted to the gay way of life, actually works magic on anyone who's ready to stop making excuses for a mediocre life. Rick's been the host of his own radio show, The Coming Out Lounge, as well as a guest on numerous talk radio shows, and also appeared on the Ricki Lake Show as an expert coming out authority. His mission is to stop the madness around sexuality and just accept people for who they are - humans with unique twists on sexuality. His forth coming book is due out later in 2013 and is entitled, "Frankly My Dear I'm Gay!" He's known nationally as "The Coming Out Coach," and "Gay Man's Life Coach."

Interactive Storytelling with guest Sherry Maysonave

SHERRY MAYSONAVE is the creator of the ebook series, ManiaTales. The first book in the series is called EggMania: Where's the Egg in Exactly? Sherry is an admitted grammar enthusiast and began her career teaching third and fifth grades. In 1998, she founded Empowerment Enterprises, one of America's leading communication-image firms. A mother of three and grandmother of five, Sherry remains passionate about helping children develop positive self-esteem and achieve higher levels of success at school and in all facets of their lives.

Rock Your Inner Mama with guest Rachel Sklar

Rachel Sklar is the founder of the Parent Coaching and Education business, ViaParenting, and the creator of the new CD "Rock Your Inner Mama: Guidance for Mindful Parenting." As a PCI Certified Parent Coach®, Social Worker and Loving Mom, Rachel teaches the art of parenting from the core, which is no easy task amidst the parenting propaganda that riddles her Silicon Valley community. With her support, parents find peace, joy, and harmony in their parenting experience, rather than succumbing to the external pressures of doing it "right." In her practice, Rachel strategizes with parents toward transformational and sustainable results that honor every family member. Overwhelmed parents walk away with parenting plans that are unique to their family and experience the gift of tuning into their inner voice. Rachel calls her business ViaParenting because she believes parenting transports and transforms us as human beings. ViaParenting brings mindfulness and forward thinking into plain view for parents who are struggling with discipline issues, sibling rivalry, work-life balance, extreme temperaments and the many other curve balls that life throws parents.

The Passion Shift with guest Karen Steele

Karen Steele is a Mom, Entrepreneur, Founder of The Passion Shift and avid rule-breaker in how she lives her life. In 2008 she experienced her own Passion Shift when she held her daughter in her arms for the first time and life as she knew it dramatically changed. This experience lead Karen to create her powerful 7-step program to help other women navigate the Passion Shift they experience when they transform from working women to working mom. Karen shares her expertise and life-changing tools, tips and strategies to teach busy, overwhelmed working moms how to change the rules they live by so they can free their time and energy, find their passion and revolutionize their work life to create the fun, freedom and financial security they dream of for their families. Karen brings to her work over a decade of experience empowering women to build the confidence, courage and belief to create the lives they truly want.

Raising Empowered Kids with guest Sean Smith

Sean Smith is completely obsessed with figuring out this game of life, how the mind works, why we hold ourselves back, and teaching anyone who will listen what he learns along the way. At the age of 13, he was almost killed by his next-door neighbor, which taught him that none of us, no matter what our circumstances, is promised our next breath. He vowed to himself to live a life of greatness and never settling for mediocrity. However, despite that promise, he still struggled for the next 20 years. Until he learned about the power of the unconscious mind... Sean is now a Certified Master Results Coach and founder of where he helps parents raise happy, healthy, confident children.

Empowering our Children with guest Chrissy Harmon of Clueberry World

Chrissy Harmon, M.Ed. is an author, game designer and expert in teaching social emotional intelligence to children ages 8 to 14. After seeing a critical need for an emotional intelligence curriculum in the public schools, she left her 7th grade English classroom to form her company Clueberry World, Inc. She is the author of The Clueberry Book, a book of activities and lessons that engages educators and students to understand abstract concepts through cartoon characters, game play and following a map of their Train of Thought. Her book has been implemented internationally by parents, teacher, guidance counselors, a wide variety of at risk youth programs and family centers and embraced by the spirituality field. Recently she was invited to speak at the Agape International Spiritual Center in Los Angeles for Michael Bernard Beckwith's Youth Ministry. She works individually with groups of teens, parents of middle school and high school youth empowering them with tools to impart life altering principles to their children such as how to teach the power of positive thinking, affirmations, ego consciousness, meditation, the creative process and critical thinking processes. Her program has been accredited by school psychologists in Massachusetts and is being distributed through the public school system in the fall of 2013. She received her Bachelor of Arts in English Language Arts and Creative Writing from Boston College and her Masters in Middle School English from Lesley University.

Scream Free Parenting with guest Hal Runkel

Hal Runkel is a world-renowned expert on helping families face conflict and create great relationships. A licensed therapist, relationship coach, international speaker, and organizational consultant, Hal is the bestselling author of ScreamFree Parenting and ScreamFree Marriage. Hal is a former minister and holds two seminar degrees. He is Founder and President of The ScreamFree Institute, an international training organization that ignites hope in parents, spouses and leaders to strengthen their own relationships through the power of calm. Hal has presented the ScreamFree relationship programs to tens of thousands worldwide, including more than 5,000 US military families. In addition, he has actively trained and supervised more than 1,000 family professionals working to further the ScreamFree movement. Hal and his message have been featured on over a thousand media outlets, including serving as a regular expert on NBC's Today Show, Redbook, Good Housekeeping, and The 700 Club.

Yummy Health with guest Lisa Goldbaum

LISA GOLDBAUM is the co-founder and CEO of YummyHealth®. After years of watching her two children become junk food addicts, Lisa started searching for healthier snack options that her kids would actually enjoy eating without a fight. She was disappointed to find that most so-called "healthy" snacks on the market contain as much sugar and processed starch as the regular commercial varieties, while the truly healthy snacks weren't appetizing to kids. This inspired Lisa, a former financial and technology journalist for organizations including Forbes, Barron's and Institutional Investor, to investigate creating what would eventually become YummySwapsTM-snacks made with real-food ingredients that are better for kids but still taste great and can be swapped in for their favorite junk

Equality in Parenting with Guest Adam Dolgin

How many men does it take to screw in a light bulb? Just one, if that light bulb is the idea behind Fodder 4 Fathers, one dad's search for online equality in parenting. It's a simple story really: it's about a father trying to make sense of his new role as a parent and finding himself shut out again and again by Internet parenting forums that catered almost exclusively to moms. So what's a man to do when he wants to learn more about raising happy and healthy kids, but all he finds is opposition and ridicule?--- He creates a place he can call his own. And so the seeds for Fodder 4 Fathers were planted; a place where moms and dads could meet as equals, and talk about that which is most important to us- our kids. So they created a blog (not having a clue what one was) and called it The Evil That You Know (, because, well, it's better than the evil that you don't know. And they just started writing about their experiences as a new dad. And, oddly enough, people started to like it and relate to it and talk about it. The website has quickly become THE place for moms, dads, grandparents, aunts, uncles, parenting professionals, non-parents, and expectant parents alike to come together and share their experiences about the trials and tribulations of raising amazing kids.

Early Brain Development with guest Deborah McNelis

Maybe you already know that 90% of early brain development happens before children are 5 years old? Early positive experiences and supportive, healthy environments in the critical early years are vital. As an Early Brain Development Specialist and founder of Brain Insights, DeborahMcNelis is the award winning author of, The Brain Development Series. The series has sold all over the world and is available in English and Spanish at She has been seen in several publications, heard on numerous radio shows, and receives rave reviews for her enlightening and engaging presentations. Deborah is overjoyed with the response to all that her company provides due to her passion to create awareness of the critical importance of the early years. In addition to the brain series, she has also contributed to several books, and created a brain packet called, Naturally Developing Young Brains. Deborah has additionally created the Love Your Baby App, the valuable Creating Great Connections newsletter, and the Early Childhood Brain Insights blog and the second largest parenting group on Linkedin called, Brain Insights and positive parenting Her newest initiative helps entire communities, "Create Great Connections" and has also recently created a new exciting site dedicated to promoting the brilliance within every child at

Monkey in the Middle, Divorce from a Child's Point of View with guest Jontie Hays

Statistics show that one in every two marriages end in divorce. Do kids have Rightz when their parents are divorcing? My guest, this week, says yes. Jontie Hays is the award winning author of a book series called, Monkey in the Middle, which focuses on divorce from the kids point of view of the 12 Kidz Rightz with each book addressing a specific issue. Join us as we talk about this very common issues facing many children and families.

Anti-Bullying with guest Dr. Claudio Cerullo

Internationally recognized as an expert on the subject of Anti-Bullying, Dr. Claudio Cerullo has provided many workshops on issues regarding Classroom Management, Student Behavior Modification, Character Education, and School Violence Prevention programs K-12. He is interviewed regularly by media outlets on the subject of Bullying and Anti-Bullying, and is a gifted public speaker on this topic of extreme interest to parents, educators and legislators. He has written numerous articles and books on the subject, and has lectured at many local, state, and regional education forums and conferences. Dr. Cerullo delivered the keynote address at the State of Louisiana's first Anti-Bullying Conference in 2012. He brings over 20 years of professional experience in education to Teach Anti-Bullying. He has been extremely active in addressing the great need for anti-bullying awareness, and prevention, nationwide, as a result of parents asking him to help students that are being impacted academically, socially and emotionally by this silent threat. Cerullo founded Teach Anti-Bullying with $10,000 of his own personal funds, in an effort to further help raise awareness about what bullying really is, and how it can be prevented.

Healthy Yummy Food with guest Nina Manolson

As a conscientious parent you want your kids to eat less processed foods, more veggies, less sugar as well as a nice variety of healthy foods. Our guest is here to you us that it's do-able. What's the disconnect between what we want for our kids, what we know, and making it happen. It's lack of support. Our culture doesn't support it, our lifestyle doesn't support it and to be totally honest, sometimes our own eating habits aren't the best role models for our kids. So let's make the shift that changes the culture. And, let's start with the culture at home. For sure we want to change the way society feeds kids, but let's focus with your own dinner table first. Our first step is about shifting our children's thoughts about their diet. You can't force your kids on this journey of healthy eating, you have to make it a trip they won't want to miss. We can have the intention, the desire and even the tools to feed our kids healthy food, but if they are not "bought in" to the idea of eating healthy, we won't get far. Instead of being the food police, be an advocate for your families wellness. Nina Manolson is a Family Wellness Expert, is a Certified Psychology of Eating Coach, Holistic Health Coach, and the author of "Feed Your Kids Well In A World That Doesn't: An Everyday Guide to Make Healthy Food Happen in your Home and Beyond." Nina has over 20 years experience in the Health & Wellness field and is the recipient of the prestigious Integrative Nutrition Health Leadership Award. She holds a Masters degree in Counseling Psychology and is a Certified Psychology of Eating Teacher.

Halting the Negative Self-Talk with guest Thomas Gagliano

Thomas Gagliano is a life coach, published author, and key note speaker. As a child, he was abused in every way possible, was a bully, was bullied, and went through years of therapy. After this, he had two goals. One was to help others who were plagued by negative childhood messages and the other was to give his children what his father could not give him... someone they could always depend on. He has been facilitating groups in schools, churches, and in his home free of charge for over ten years now. Today he facilitates men and women's' groups as well as marriage consultations helping folks enhance the intimacy in their family. His book, The Problem Was Me, co- authored with Dr.Abraham Twerski, helps end the negative self-talk and take your life to a new level.

Mixing Business with Fatherhood with Guest Peter Shankman

PR Week Magazine has described Peter as "redefining the art of networking", and Investor's Business Daily has called him "crazy, but effective." Peter Shankman is a spectacular example of what happens when you merge the power of pure creativity with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) along with a dose of adventure, and make it work to your advantage. Peter is best known for founding Help A Reporter Out, (HARO) in 2008, which in under a year became the number one website for thousands of journalists on deadline to connect with experts and sources for their stories around the globe. HARO is currently the largest free source repository in the world, sending out over 1,500 queries from top-tier media to more than 300,000 sources each week, enabling any company or any individual to get their expertise in front of the world, entirely for free. HARO's tagline, "Everyone is an Expert at Something," proves over and over again to be true, as thousands of new sources add their knowledge at each week. In June of 2010, less than three years after Peter started HARO in his apartment, it was acquired by Vocus, Inc. Peter is the author of three books: Most recently, Nice Companies Finish First: WhyCutthroat Management is over and Collaboration is In (Palgrave-MacMillan, April, 2013), Customer Service: New Rules for a Social-Enabled World (Que/Pearson, 2010), and Can We Do That?! Outrageous PR Stunts That Work and Why Your Company Needs Them. Peter is currently the co-founder of Shankman | Honig, a global consultancy that empowers companies to better utilize their customer service to increase revenues and decrease marketing costs.

Science of Happiness with Guest Patrick McMillan

Patrick McMillan is the founder of , co-creator of the Happier Kids Now Expo 2010, and the author of a An Exercise in Happiness for kids. His journey began at age 15, after years of bullying from his own father, he left home for good. Patrick's relationship with his father instilled a deep fear and unwavering belief he would likely "repeat the cycle" should he ever one day become a parent himself. "I just can't do that to a kid so I will just never get married" became the words he repeated throughout most of his adult life. He was blessed with facing his deepest fear when he became a father in 1998. His quest for breaking the cycle led him to the "Science of Happiness" and he is now a highly sought after coach for parents and kids alike?

The Apprenticeship of Being Human: Early Childhood Parenting Matters to Everyone with Guest Graham Scharf

Early childhood is the apprenticeship of being human. The disproportionate influence of these early years lies in the fact that apprenticeship occurs constantly in children's most primary relationships during a period of unparalleled brain growth that has a lifelong impact on a child's character, competence, creativity, health and ability to collaborate. Graham Scharf is the husband of a developmental pediatrician, and the father of two delightful daughters, ages 4 and 9. While his wife cares for kids with developmental disabilities and brain injuries, Graham is full-time dad to their girls. Prior to full-time fathering, Graham worked in a team consulting group, and then as a second and third-grade teacher in a failing school in Brooklyn, New York. It was in that school that he first saw the intersecting strands of early childhood parenting, character formation, and the role of stories. Graham made the jump from education to full-time parenting when his wife began her pediatric residency - and he hasn't looked back.

The Great Dads Project with Guest Keith Zafren

Keith Zafren helps transform fathers into great dads. He is a fathering expert and a coach who has learned first hand how to father. For 28 years Keith Zafren has been inspiring people from all walks of life to become their best selves. Through his work as founder of The River Church Community (, a founding board member and Character Formation Coach for the Prison Entrepreneurship Program (, and now as founder of The Great Dads Project, Keith has touched thousands of lives. Keith's personal mission is to relentlessly pursue his own authenticity, healing and growth, and to create peak experiences which elevate and inspire dads toward self-awareness, receptivity and transformation through his in-depth research, compelling writing, charismatic speaking and supportive mentoring. Keith brings his enthusiasm for personal transformation to dads-and moms-across the country through speaking engagements, workshops, and his new book! Inspiring his own father journey are his three remarkable sons, the healing gifts of his life: JD, Cal, and Kai. Keith and his wife Debbie have been married for 19 years.

Children's Dreams with Guest Kelly Bulkeley

Why is it so hard to remember dreams? Scientific evidence dating back to the 1950's has shown the brain is active in various ways throughout the sleep cycle. Yet when we wake up we often can't remember more than a few fleeting images that disappear from our minds almost immediately. Why can't we recall more of what we experienced while asleep? Our guest, this week, will help us understand why we dream and how dreams can help us unlock our creativity and make sense of our lives. As a child, Dr. Kelly Bulkeley was not particularly interested in dreams, but as a teenager he experienced a series of recurrent nightmares in which he was chased and attacked by frightening antagonists, including the uber-villain Darth Vadar of the "Star Wars" movies. These nightmares literally forced their way into his waking awareness and prompted what has become a lifelong fascination. So much so, he earned a doctorate in Religion and Psychological Studies from the University of Chicago Divinity School and has written and edited several books on dream research.

The Upside-Down Mommy with Guest Amanda Johnson

As a Transformational Speaker, Bestselling Author, and Message Coach, Amanda Johnson helps aspiring and struggling speakers, authors, coaches...and now parents...change their lives and their world with powerful messages. After years of engaging, clarifying, and helping others develop powerful messages (as a Student, a Teacher, and a Master Writing Coach), Amanda uncovered her own. The decision to share it with the world launched her on a journey of personal and professional transformation that quickly made her limited life unrecognizable. In her #1 bestselling book Upside-Down Mommy, Amanda shares The Butterfly Approach philosophy responsible for her successes as a parent, a wife, a coach, and an entrepreneur.

The Anti-Romantic Child with Guest Priscilla Gilman

Priscilla Gilman is the author of the acclaimed memoir The Anti-Romantic Child: A Story of Unexpected Joy (Harper), a beautiful exploration of our hopes and expectations for our children, our families, and ourselves, and the ways in which experience may lead us to re-imagine them. Using literature as a touchstone, Gilman reveals her journey through crisis to joy, illuminating the flourishing of life that occurs when we embrace the unexpected. The Anti-Romantic Child was excerpted in Newsweek and featured on the cover of its international edition. It was an NPR Morning Edition Must-Read, Slate's Book of the Week, and selected as one of the Best Books of 2011 by both The Leonard Lopate Show and The Chicago Tribune. The Anti-Romantic Child was one of five nominees for a Books for a Better Life Award for Best First Book and in July 2012, it was awarded the Mom's Choice Gold Award, honoring the best in family-friendly media and literature. Gilman received her B.A. summa cum laude and with Exceptional Distinction in English and her Ph.D. in English and American literature from Yale University. She was an assistant professor of English at both Yale and Vassar before leaving academia in 2006. From 2006-2011, she worked as a literary agent at Janklow & Nesbit Associates, representing a wide range of literary fiction, memoir, parenting, and psychology/education books. During these years, she also taught poetry appreciation to inmates in a restorative justice program and to New York City public school students, and spoke at numerous early childhood and education conferences and events.

Fight Like a Girl! with Guest Kym Rock

The amazing true story of Kym Rock's journey from abused housewife to karate world champion. Kym was a small-town high school athlete who thought she had won the boyfriend lottery when she began dating the star football player from a nearby private school. Married soon after graduation, he pursued a career in law enforcement as she took a job at a bank. It didn't take long for the dream to become a nightmare. After suffering numerous beatings, broken bones and actually being raped by her husband, and finding the local law enforcement unwilling to do more than turn a blind eye, she began taking karate lessons but lied to her husband and told him she was taking banking classes. Under Sensei Jerry Lemon's tutelage, Kym regained the self-esteem she had in high school and found the courage to leave her abusive marriage. That alone is a triumphant story, but nobody expected what happened next. Kym proved to be an amazing student of martial arts and quickly earned her first black belt and began competing as soon as she was able. She fought her way up the ladder to become Virginia State Champion, then the US National Champion and was eventually crowned World Champion, not once, not twice, but seven times, and has since been inducted into the World Karate Union Hall of Fame and the US Martial Arts Hall of Fame.

Laughter IS the Best Medicine with Guest Lynette Louise

What do you get when you combine 10 kids, 4 diagnosis's, 2 moms and a Comedian?...A Side splitting, knee slapping, truthful show about raising amazing special needs kids! That's what! Lynette Louise is a "Mom Extraordinaire" of 8, Therapist, Performer, and Comedienne Author of Miracles are Made: a Real Life Guide to Autism and the Host of A New Spin on Autism: Answers! She knows and teaches that the best therapies for autism combine science with a healthy dose of PLAY and she weaves the learnings of her lifetime with comedy and brain science in to her musical comedy show "Crazy to Sane"! Lynette is a woman on a mission to change the world view, beliefs and treatment of autism and brain disorders.

Clutter Free Your Life with Guest Vali Heist

Got CRAP? Don't we all?! Too much of anything is a hindrance on our mental, emotional, and physical health. Is all the clutter in your home stressing you out? My guest this week shares with us tips and tricks to kick that clutter to the curb! Vali Heist is a Certified Professional Organizer® and Owner of The Clutter Crew in Mohnton, Pennsylvania. She is the author of "Organize This! Practical Tips, Green Ideas, and Ruminations about your CRAP". CRAP means Clutter that Robs Anyone of Pleasure. Vali explores why we have so much CRAP in our homes, why we don't throw it out, and why we don't want to deal with it. Vali's goal is to create and share simple organizing ideas with her clients and readers and help them organize their best life. Vali has a Master's in Education and an extensive background of 24 years in Higher Education.

Life According to YOU, with Guest Amy O'Connell

Amy O’Connell is the mother of 4 and wife to “The Captain.” A self-proclaimed “boy mom”, that title changed when Madeline, born with Down Syndrome, graced their lives on earth for a beautiful 16 months. Throw autism into the mix and her boys (ages 13, 11 and 9) keep her going but not necessarily sane. She has frequently been described as: “you know who she is… the one with all the boys.” Repeatedly asked if she was writing this stuff down, she started her blog,Life According to Johnny where she chronicles her adventures in autism, general chaos, and life after loss. Amy’s writing has been featured in the online literary magazines, Exhale and Still Standing. She will appear in the Washington DC cast of Listen to Your Mother on April 28, 2013, at Syntetic Theater at Crystal City, Arlington, VA. Join Amy and I as we tell it like it is (and occassionally bust a gut) about our lives and adventures raising children on the spectrum. It may not all be fun and games, but most of the time it is some funny shit!

Easy to Love but Hard to Raise with Guest Adrienne Bashista

Adrienne Bashista is a writer, publisher and special needs advocate as well as the co-editor of the blog: Easy to Love but Hard to Raise: Real parents, Challenging Kids, True Stories. Adrienne believes that parents are the only TRUE experts on their children and that parenting children with brain based disabilities is one of the most stressful parenting situations there is. Join us as we discuss some of the biggest stressors on parents of kids with special needs and some ways to manage the stress in your life, including the importance of taking care of ourselves first, finding good support networks, and becoming your child's best advocate.

Dad-Day! Stormproof Your Life with Guest Mike Storms

Mike is an author, speaker, consultant and is no stranger to storms. After growing up in a broken home, he rose above his challenges to serve in the US Marines. Those grueling years lead to a interest in the martial arts and the desire to help others succeed in life. Today, Mike helps others to StormProof their lives through empowering people young and old to overcome personal challenges and develop the skills needed to weather the storms of life.

Being a kid today is no picnic with Dorothy Wallace creator of all girl rock and roll group LadyBugs.

Obesity, behavior modifying drugs, bullies, predators...let's face it, being a kid today is no picnic! Enter Dorothy Wallace. As the creator of The LadyBugs (an animated all girl rock and roll group) she's found a way to deliver those serious messages to kids with an edgy, hilarious musical vibe they will actually WANT to hear! Dorothy is a singer, songwriter and creator of The LadyBugs (a cross between South Park and School House Rock) her series and her music teach children tolerance and safety tips- with a healthy dose of toilet humor... If you are ready to reach your kids while laughing your A** off...this is a NOT TO BE MISSED show! join us on Tues. March 26th at 11am EST.

The only thing better than interviewing a Panelist from the Genius Parent Summit

is interviewing 4 panelists from The Genius Parent Summit!!!

American Parents Raising Bullies with Guest Joe the Biker

Has America become so focused on 'Entitlements", "Rights", "Civil Liberties" and "Freedoms", that we have forgotten that kids and the institutions that teach them require RULES, RESTRICTIONS, BOUNDRIES & POLICIES that our kids may not like?! On this show, we will celebrate DAD-DAY! With our very special guest and bullying expert Joe the Biker Wojcik As an author, speaker, foster parent (to more than 100 children) and bike enthusiast...Joe has "owned" the subject of bullying and masterfully shares his message of hope and possibility in the face of what has become the biggest threat to America's Children. Listen in as Joe and I discuss: How Children Become Bullies, Why Bullying is worse today than it was 20 years ago, What parents can do if they suspect their kid is a victim of bullying, how to contact your SCHOOL about bullying, and When to step back and let your children work it out.

The Parent with the messiest house and the dirtiest kids WINS! With Guest Meryl Neiman

Organization and tidiness are important, but Meryl Neiman says parents need to loosen up and embrace the chaos to let children thrive! Listen to this show and larn the 5 essential skills your kids learn from unstructured play (and no where else) as well as how to get your kids to stop playing violent video games and what you are missing that your momma probably had that made her life easier.

Stop Raising Einstein 02-12-2013

Ignore what I say, just do what I do. With Guest Valerie Remy-Milora

The parent's credo "Do as I say, not as I do" has become the tagline of the hypocrit, and parents (and kids) are starting to realize that children learn more from watching what their parents do than they ever will by listening to what they say. If your child is showing signs of disrespect, laziness, apathy or self need to listen to this show, because it may just be that once you turn your OWN thoughts to your needs and truths as a person, your kids will begin to respect and follow your lead as a parent. Guest Valerie Remy-Milora shares her wisdom and experience as the founder of a website dedicated to providing women with the inspiration and tools to live balanced, bold and beautiful lives filled with passion purpose and joy.

When it comes to tragedy and the gunman, why is it always "The Nice Guy" who did it? with guest Travis Breeding

Too many people dying and too much blame being misplaced on our kids. It's time to talk about social skills training, it's time to get to the root of the problem and it's time to wake the hell up and stop looking for excuses outside our own front door...because we created the breakdown in communication that started this breakdown in society and only we can fix it, starting in our livingrooms.

Your child is your gift...but do you know what THEIR gift is? with guests: Susan Marcus and Cynthia Herbert

when our child comes into our life, we know we have received a gift. We want everything for our child and we give them everything we can...most times, we use our own memories and interests to choose those things we most want our little ones to experience, have and do...but what if our child's interests and passions and gifts are NOTHING like ours? Listen in as I speak with Susan Marcus & Cynthia Herbert, the creators of "The Missing Alphabet: A parents' guide to developing creative thinking in kids" about how we can and should be exploring and encouraging the unique creativity and interests in our children to help them succeed and THRIVE in life.

Who's Your Dad-Day?! With guest Scott Ventrella

Who does your kid put on a pedestal? On this show, I talk with guest Dad, Scott Ventrella about teaching kids values, integrity and what makes a person a true "Hero"! Just in time for Holiday Family conversation...this show will give you tips, conversation starters and tools to create traditions and moments that teach and inspire your kids (and you) to be the best person you can be.

Santa Doesn't Deliver Gratitude with guest Christy Whitman

Tips, advice and stories about creating gratitude and thankfulness in children. With Christy Whitman, creator of "the Enlightened Kid" program, law of attraction coach and mom of 2 boys.

I'll Give You Something to be Thankful For! With guest Jan Helson

Join me and my guest Jan Helson, author of "Global Game Changers" as we give you tips on how to use digital tools to teach children about giving back and making the world a better place & discuss ways to encourage children to "Ignite Good" in their lives on this special Thanksgiving edition of Stop Raising Einstein!

It's cute that your 12 yr old has "Juicy" written across her butt...said no one, EVER! With guests Regena Garrepy and Francesca Escoto

Momma...if your 12 year old has nicer heels and a sexier wardrobe than you do...there is a problem! And we need to have a "Lunch with the Girls" to chat about it. Get clear with me and my guests Regena Garrepy of the Bye Bye Goodgirl movement and Francesca Escoto of WooHoo Radio's Livin Latina about what hot, what's not and how to teach your daughter to ditch the daisy dukes while maintaining your relationship.

It's Dad-Day! With FamZoo Creator Bill Dwight! Just show me the MONEY!

Today's parents deal with expectation, entitlement, envy and a TON of whining when it comes to their kids wants, needs and gadgets. But it doesn't have to be as stressful as our little munchkins make it...grab a glass of whatever, put your feet up and listen as my guest Bill Dwight, founder of FamZoo and I show you how to get all that spending and demanding under control...and even get your kids to give back to those in need!

In our house, my husband is the Beaver and I'm the Otter ~ with guest Suzette Brawner 10-23-2012

"Life is simple...We complicate it" What if you could solve your family frustrations, relieve stress and strengthen your relationships just by understanding the personality styles of the people around you? Would it help to know that your kid is disorganized and energetic because he's an Otter? If you are thoroughly confused...good! Listen to the show and it will all make sense!

My name is not Autism! With guest Travis Breeding

Imagine growing up knowing there was something unique and different about you, but no one ever told you what that "something" was until you were 22 years old...and then they told you it was Asperger's Syndrome. What would you feel? How would you cope? What would you share with others? Well this interview with my guest Travis Breeding, author of 4 books including "I'm a Child Just Like You." and "The Reality of Living Within Two Worlds" will open your eyes and your mind to what goes on in the head of a kid with Autism/Asperger's.

Can you tell me how to have it all, without losing my mind? With Guest Wendy Levitt

How does a passionate Wife, Career Woman and Mother commute seamlessly between Wall Street and Sesame Street? Well, according to my guest Wendy Levitt, author of At the Corner of Wall and Sesame...she would probably drive the family taxi! All things considered, a woman's role in today's society is anything but "equal", but the truth is, we, the women, are probably the cause of our own stress and chaos. Listen in to this honest and empowering show to learn what we are doing to make our lives so crazy and 5 tips to take your life from "Woe is me" to "WOW! I'm Mom!"

Who is that Person in the Locker room with my kid!? With Guest Dr. John Mayer

The horror that struck parents and schools all over the country when Penn State announced the Sandusky Sex crimes started a wave of uproar and anger that engulfed a nation. How could parents let this happen? Why didn't anyone tell? Why didn't anyone know!? Who investigates these coaches? How can we stop this from happening again? Yet millions of children started school or community sports this fall and I'd bet very few parents know about the qualifications or background of their coaches. Did you know that volunteer coaches outnumber school employee coaches 6 to 1 in this country? And the US has no regulation of qualifications for volunteers! Join in the conversation as my guest Dr John Mayer, author of Family Fit and The Parents mini-manual Series, and I discuss this very real and very scary topic of coaches and other volunteers in our children's lives as well as how to open up conversations with our kids that keep us all in the know without turning our kids into "victims" or making them feel threatened.

Sleep Your Way to Better Parenting with Guest, Maria Marinakis

Listen in as I have a sit down and chat with Maria Marinakis of 10 Minute Parenting and we talk about all things "ease" when it comes to raising kids. From the 3 Top tips that will virtually wipe out 75% of behavior problems, to How You Can Sleep Your Way to Parenting Success! Maria and I share tools, suggestions and ideas to make real changes in you and your child's behavior today!

This isn't your Parent's election...

The current Presidential election is being credited with being the most polarizing campaign in history. Friends and neighbors are feuding or not speaking at all and our kids are right in the thick of it. Schools are canceling mock elections and social studies classes will not allow discussion of politics in "current affairs". How is all of this “bad behavior” affecting our kids and their view of politics and Government? Join me and my guests Nancy Buck and Dan Gutman, author of Election! A Kid's Guide to Picking Our President, as we talk politics from a kid's point of view. Whether you're a Democrat, Republican, Independent, or none of the above, if you're a parent, this is a must listen..