Redefining Romance to Fit Your Family’s Lifestyle with Anna Krafve Pierce
Redefining romance? If you’ve got small children, a new way to spark romance is a necessity.
I confess, I love dessert on Valentine's Day. But chocolate is not for everybody....

No time for candles? Do your children gobble up the Valentine’s Day stash before you get a quiet interlude? No problem! Anna sat down with me recently on Fireside Talk Radio to offer some sparky ideas for easy, romantic fun.

Anna and I invite you to listen in as we talk about how to inspire loyalty and faithfulness in the hearts of your children, plus all the fun romantic stuff. (More at

Personal Definition of Romance

“When we were first married I stumbled upon my own personal definition of romance,” laughs Anna. “There were some things Drew did that shocked me when I realized I thought they were really romantic.” 

For instance, her husband surprised her with some thoughtful treasures he found in the yard to add to her growing collections of leaves, butterflies, and lizard skeletons. As an artist, Anna loves to study the way flowers and insects are structured.

“I came to realize romance was about him knowing what I like. It wasn’t candlelight for me at all,” Anna says.

Redefining Romance to Fit Your Lifestyle

Anna tells of being swept off her feet by her hubby one drippy afternoon in Texas’s hill country. He wanted to stand outside in the rain with her, so they dashed outside to the huge live oak in their back yard, holding hands and laughing.

For more insight about sparking romance in a way that fits your family's lifestyle, don't miss this fun and fabulous conversation!


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