Lit Up guest Lauralee Bliss Appalachian Trail-Adding Adventure with On-the-Spot Research

Angela Breidenbach interviews Lauralee Bliss on Lit Up #talkradio about adding adventure to your story through on-the-spot research. How to research for fiction or non-fiction, and hiking the Appalachian Trail and riding the Trail of the Hiawatha as research for their novellas in the Second Chance Brides Collection from Barbour Books.

Books mentioned in the show:

Second Chance Brides book cover1. Featured book: The Second Chance Brides Collection (has 9 novellas in 1 book)

Lauralee's novella is: 

"Love in the Crossfire"
Trenton, New Jersey, 1776. Gretchen Hanson watched her beau go off to war and never return. She soon falls for an enemy scout who stumbles upon her farm. If Jake is discovered, it could mean death for them all. Will Gretchen let go of love or stand strong?

and Angela's novella is: "Fanned Embers". 

Bitterroot Mountains, Montana/Idaho border, 1910 Stranded in the treacherous railroad camp after her husband's murder, Juliana Hayes has no desire to marry a ruffian like Lukas Filips. Can she release prejudice to love again? Or will they even survive the fiery Pacific Northwest disaster to find out?



2. Mountains, Madness, and Miracles - 4000 Miles Along the Appalachian Trail (non fiction)

About our guest: 

Lauralee Bliss is a published Christian fiction author of over twenty-five historical and contemporary novels. This year marks her 20th year in the publishing industry. Lauralee has also completed hiking the entire length of the Appalachian Trail both north and south, is a noted speaker on hiking, and published her first nonfiction title about her Appalachian Trail adventure. 

Lauralee's Websites:

Social Media: Twitter - @LauraleeBliss  @blissfulhiking,

Facebook: for 14 state patches.

Talking points in the show:

  • Love in the Crossfire/Second Chance Brides.
  • Research for it as it coincided with a workshop on the Appalachian Trail she did at the same time at an area Pennsylvania library.
  • Lauralee presents professionally on hiking.
  • Going to Colorado in six weeks to do research on a Victorian concept for a full length novel. Part of it would take place in the Estes Park region. And coinciding with that she's also going to hike the entire Colorado Trail. :)
  • Besides her work with fiction over the years, she does non-fiction on her trail adventures. She's published a book on the Appalachian Trail and contracted to do a book on on the Florida Trail next year.
  • What it's like to do on-the-spot research like hiking, camping, biking to understand the setting for your book.
  • Lauralee shares about her many hikes along the Appalachain Trail.
  • Angela shares about her several bike trail adventures to research about the 1910 Big Blow Up, the largest fire in US history.
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