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Last updated 7.1.15

ALL RADIO ADS ARE EVERGREEN.  These ads will be with the show forever.  If someone downloads that show in 6 months, they will hear your ad. You pay current download value of that spot, but you get aggregate value over time. As our show grows, our prices will grow.  Lock in your rate now!

- Join the radio show that has already hit New & Noteworthy in our category in iTunes. 

- The fastest growing show on the Global Broadcasting Network.

- Has 4,000 downloads in the first two weeks - slated to have 10,000 in one month alone!

- Lock in pricing for the year with our Entertainment Center Package!

30 second commercial on The Living Room $100 per spot (only 4 available per month)

Live mention on The Living Room $200 per mention (only 1 available per month)

PREMIUM 290 x 290 Rotating Web Banner Advertising (Top spot on right hand side bar - $100 per month

STANDARD 290 x 145 Web Banner Advertising - $50 per month

Monthly Newsletter Sponsor - $100

“Commercial/Interview” - 3 Minute “Commercial” during our special event shows $350

Blog post sponsorship on $200


1 - 30 second commercial
1 - 290 x 145 Web Banner for 1 Month
1 - Blog Post Sponsorship
Value $350        Special Summer Pricing $275

1 - 30 second commercial
1 - 290 x 290 Web Banner for 1 Month
1 - Blog Post Sponsorship
1 - Newsletter Sponsorship
Value $500        Special Summer Pricing $425

SECTIONAL PACKAGE*** (Lock in show commercial prices at this rate)
3 - 30 second commercials (1 per month)
3 - 290 x 290 Web Banner (3 months)
Value $600        Special Summer Pricing $525

ENTERTAINMENT CENTER PACKAGE*** (Lock in show commercial prices at a discounted rate!)
20 - 30 second commercials
10 - Social media mentions (1 per month)
1 - Blog Post Sponsorship
Value $10,000    Special LOCKED IN Pricing $2,500

LIVING ROOM CHAT (Only 1 available per month)
Your Investment: $2,000
#livingroomchat is a sponsored online Twitter conversation.  It’s hosted and moderated by Michelle McCullough, with Startup Princess.  (with over 315,000 followers)

Living Room Chat sponsorships include:
- Mentions on Facebook and twitter leading up to the chat
- Mention as sponsor in our blog post article for the week
- Mention in our monthly newsletter with link to sponsor
- Sponsor can participate during the chat and be our "guest expert" to interact with our network which is really valuable.
We can also include sponsors hashtag (if you have one) in our tweets

** Prices and packages subject to change and will change as downloads increase.

For Advertising Information Contact:
Michelle McCullough (801.592.1101)                  

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