Living a Beautiful Life


[An excerpt from Motherhood Matters, by Connie E. Sokol]

"Playdough is scattered all over the counter. Bikes are strewn in the driveway, hopscotch drawings and bits of colored chalk litter the yard. All are joyful evidences that you are a mother.

And, you can still live an aesthetically beautiful life.

Treasure the small beauties and things that are lovely, praiseworthy or of good report. Use the nice dishes. Buy a small pot of flowers for your bedside. Each week I buy flowers for our kitchen table and look for plump, ripe fruit for the baskets. The pleasure in a perfectly ripe peach cannot be measured!

Take a moment during your week to savor the beautiful things in daily life.

Pretty placemats (easy clean are still beautiful) or a new set of glasses (that actually match, imagine!) Paper napkins add a nice touch, and even a special juice or sparkling cider with dinner.

Make your own loveliness. One woman painted a gorgeous scene on the inside of her modest brick home. Another woman used a "survival" bottle-stuffing extra money in an empty bottle and burying it for needed joy in a future time of desperation.

Find small beauties and enjoy them. Use scented candles in the entry way or lavender bath salts after a long day.

Yes, you're busy. Yes, the house looks as if children live there. Terrific. Now add to it your sparkle, your item of pop or loveliness that reminds you how beautiful life truly is."



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