Seeing Your Spouse - Supporting His Hobbies

One of my husband’s many hobbies is bike racing.  Once snowmobiling season ends, he trades in his motorized sled for a road bike.  He wakes up before the sun rises. He rides 25-35 miles a day with his bike-racing-pack, before going to work.  On weekends, he rises early, too.  On Saturday, he’s willing to finish a fifty to a one-hundred-mile ride before getting busy with family and home.  Something I’ve learned from being married to a man with recreational hobbies is how important it is to love and support what he loves to do.  It certainly makes for a happier spouse and a happier marriage. 

On a recent “Living Room” show called “Seeing Your Spouse,” my co-hosts and I discussed the importance of staying in love with the man you fell in love with.  I’ll add my contribution here and say that supporting your spouse’s hobbies can bring both partners joy and satisfaction. 

My husband and I married in our early twenties.  Back then, he didn't own a road bike with pedals, but he had a motorcycle.  And snow skis.  And water skis.  And fly rods.  He came with  an appetite for anything with a motor or anything involving the out-of-doors.  Thank goodness I was open to adventure, because marriage to such an active guy has been an adventure!  I married who I married.  And although I didn’t know when I said “I do” exactly what I’d be saying “I do” to?  I've learned "I do" would mean that "I would" go ice fishing, snowmobiling, rock climbing, camping, hiking, biking, building, waterskiing, fourwheeling, and waverunnig.  Saying "I do" meant I WOULD ride a snowmobile in minus 10 degree weather up a Cache Valley mountain covered in four feet of powder.  To me that hill might as well have been Mount Kilimanjaro!  But I said, "I do" which meant when the time came I would try it.  And guess what?  

I loved it!      

Recently, my husband and his friend Evan raced in one of the country’s premiere bike races, LOTOGA.  It’s a two-hundred and five mile journey, pedaling through mountains and valleys, a distance from Logan, Utah to Jackson, Wyoming.  I was my husband's road support along with his biking buddy's wife, Peggy.  Together, Peggy and I enjoyed driving to and from the rest stops to provide our spouses with calorie-filled snacks.  Trust me when I say snacking on Peanut M&M’s while driving through the beautiful mountainsides, while our guys huffed and puffed for twelve hours on a bike seat the size of your palm.  Let's just say Peggy and I had the the better end of the deal!  

At the finish line, Evan, whose been married to his wife for almost 35 years said, looking at me, putting his fist to his heart, “When I see Peggy at the finish line it just hits me in the heart.  It means so much to me having her here.” 

Jodi and Peggy at LOTOGA --Support Team-- for their spouse's 205 mile bike race

Evan's comment pretty much sums up why spouses should love what their spouses LOVE TO DO!

Because having us there with them means that you really “see” him.  And even if he doesn't say it verbally.  Trust me. You're being there...means the world to him. 

P.S.  If my husband’s hobby was alligator hunting, I’d have a totally different opinion.   

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