Becoming A Super Hero Family - Magical Moment at Universal Studios Orlando

I had the opportunity to attend Family Forward at Universal Studios Orlando last month.  It was awesome - better than I imagined and I had HIGH expectations.  We got to see every aspect of the two parks and our package included some pretty cool perks.  I have a new addiction to Butter Beer (we prefer frozen) thanks to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter and this moving loving lass loved sets and rides set to my favorite movies.  We're already talking about next year!

That said, one of my favorite nights was our first night. Our opening party was super hero themed and as a family we got to talk about what super powers our family demonstrates or would like to demonstrate.  It was fun being with my kids and working with other families as well.

In our show "Rasing Children Who Contribute" we talk about the power of teaching kids the value of work and of looking outside themselves.  I was drawn back to this night and my mind has been reeling about how they go together.  We want strong children that aren't afraid to get their hands dirty and that are willing to step in.  Whether it's fixing up the house iwth mom and dad, or standing up for a kid in school that is being bullied.  Sometimes our super hero powers take on many forms, and I want my kids to know that they can effect change and they can contribute in powerful ways.

I want to pose the question to you...What are you doing with your family to develop your super powers?  What time have you spent discussing how you as a family can serve and help the world?

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Michelle McCullough is a speaker, strategist, success coach, serial entrepreneur and show host. In addition to The Living Room, Michelle also has a solo show called Make It Happen.  She's the managing director for Startup Princess, an international organization for women entrepreneurs.  She loves God, is married, has two kids and her secret love is sugar cereals.

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