An Ever-Tipped Scale

I love Autumn.  And November.  And Thanksgiving.  And everything to do with Gratitude.  How amazing to have an entire month to focus on giving thanks.  For the past four years I have studied the effects of Gratitude in my life.  One thing that has become very valuable to me over the course of these years is some sort of gratitude practice.  In my practice I have a gratitude journal.  I also find that stopping—even in the middle of something—to offer thanks to God is important to me.  (If you ever see me at the side of the road looking lost, don’t worry, I’m probably thanking God for some fantastic thing I’ve just noticed.)  My children have even picked up on it and now we can be found hiking while yelling, “Thanks God!” 

I have found that gratitude practice is a scale that is ever-tipped in my favor.  As I begin to offer thanks for the obvious things around me, my eyes are opened to the not-so-obvious and I become overwhelmed with the abundance of glorious blessings that surround me.  When I am consistent in my gratitude, I see that I am even able to find things to be grateful for within my hardships. 

I’d love to issue a gratitude challenge!  Join me this month in taking to your social media and offering daily gratitude.  Your spirit of thanks will be contagious and I invite you to watch as your eyes are opened to the great blessings of your life that are right before you.  Love and Blessings to all of you in this beautiful season of Thanksgiving.

For more tips from our co-hosts on Gratitude, we invite you to listen to our show entitled “Awaken your Soul to Gratitude.”  You'll hear a tender moment Kate had with her Mom while her mom was praying mid-life.  You'll find out Connie's great tip on gratitude and the 5 senses.  You'll hear how gratitude shaped Michelle in the middle of a hard time.  You'll hear Jana's joy in gratitude.  Heather will provide you with a beautiful analogy you won't forget and Jodi will make you think about your own life's gratitude.  It's one not to be missed!

Until next time, live your beautiful life,


Christie Gardiner is a wife, mom, and friend to all.   She acts, sings, writes, teaches, reads, and sits on the board of the non-profit  Read more of her thoughts at .  ­­­




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