Bundt Cake and Angels

The following story happened almost two years ago when my little boy turned 6.

My little boy turned 6 today. I didn't cry all day and you know what? I never even had to choke back tears. I was just happy for him that he was SO happy. I took two photos today on my phone, and neither had him in it. Not because I didn't want to capture it (we did take some on the family camera for scrapbook purposes, of course), but I was just in the moment with him and it was refreshing and amazing. I put my head on his pillow at the end of a fun filled day and we talked about his favorite things. We savored it.

Six years ago today, before I was ever on Facebook, I was sitting in a hospital room. I was a new mom and didn't know what to expect, but I certainly didn't expect my 10 lb 3 oz son to be in the NICU connected to 27 wires and tubes. I sat in my room feeling helpless and hormonal and I cried a lot that day, with an enveloping blanket of peace that flooded over me all at the same time. I'm sure glad we made it through that. I can't believe how much time has gone by, I just know I'm grateful to be his mom and watch him grow.

If you're still reading, (and I don't blame you if you aren't, I'm clearly rambling now) I have to tell you the story of his cake (one of two pictures I took today).

He wanted banana cake (ala Janet Frandsen Kabeary). It's really a banana bread recipe but the outside is sugar crusted so we call it Banana Cake at our house.

I was able to mix it up and put it in the oven and take it out before I had to leave to take the kids to school and meet with a client. When I got home my heart sunk. This cake is divine, but there is a narrow window where you can get it out of the bundt pan where it's not all mangled. I was gone for 2 hours with my client and I was clearly past that finicky 12 minute window.

I panicked. Should I start over really fast (which I didn't have time for)? Should I scrape it out and pass it as good? Do I go buy something else and we spoon it out for our own good later? Should I google, "How do you get cooled things out of bundt pans?"

I took a deep breath and I got what I can only describe as divine inspiration. The thought came to me, "Put the pan in warm water in a bowl." I got a bowl and put in the hottest tap water I could get.

Then the thought came, "It's not hot enough, put it in the microwave."

I popped it in for four minutes. After it came out, I put the pan in the bowl and thought, "Well, how long do I leave it there?"

The thought came, "Five minutes." Okay then, and I set the timer.

After five minutes, I put the cooling rack on top, turned it over, tapped it with a knife for good measure and it popped out prettier than ever before.

You can call it whatever you want. I call it a little wink my way from a loving God that cares about me AND cares about my little boy. And I spent the rest of the day enveloped in gratitude and peace. It was a glimpse of heaven - perhaps my grandma whispering in my ear just what to do.

While I'm writing the longest article of my life, I feel inclined to say this: It doesn't always happen this way. There are plenty of times in my life things go "wrong" even when I'm praying the most fervent prayers. I can't explain that except to say, that I feel like we have moments like these more often than we notice. As I'm on my trek to SAVOR more and speed less, I'm noticing these little things more and more.

And I'm forever changed.

P.S. Still not crying. ;)



Michelle McCullough is a speaker, strategist, success coach, serial entrepreneur and show host. In addition to The Living Room, Michelle also has a solo show called Make It Happen.  She's the managing director for Startup Princess, an international organization for women entrepreneurs.  She loves God, is married, has two kids and her secret love is sugar cereals.

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