How to be a FUN Mom

It is a well known fact in our house that my husband is more fun than me. He just is. When he comes home from work and is with the kids, he is fun. Bedtime is filled with extra stories and games of hide-and-go seek, and wrestling and pillowfights.

Not with me, I am all business. I have been with the kids all day and by bedtime, I am not thinking, "let's play". I am thinking about what has to be done and how fast we can do it. After all, once they are in bed, I still have a hundred million things to do. 

I say "let's clean up", my husband say's "Nah, it can wait." I say "you need to eat more dinner", he says "two bits are good". 

So naturally you can see why he is deemed the fun one. Not to mention that one day our little girl looked at me and "informed" me that she was sorry, "daddy was just more fun."

It was that day, after the conversation with our daughter, that I decided I was ready to be less stiff and more fun. I decided that even though my personality leant itself to more structure and less chaos, that I wanted and needed to be more fun.

Do you ever find yourself in this position? Needing to be more fun? Well look no farther. CLICK HERE for my tips for more fun and less frump. Simple things we can all do to earn the title of a "FUN MOM"!






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