Love is In The Air

Summer lovin' is in the air--literally. I remember a few years ago attendeding a presentation on marriage at a nearby university. The class subject matter focused on increasing the LOVE in your relationships. Little did I know the love lesson I'd learned that day would stick in my mind forever. 

My friend and I found two open seats near the front of the classroom. Within minutes, the room filled with eager students, ranging from ages 18 to 75. The instructor explained how three Greek words defined the most important word in the English language—L-O-V-E. 

The instructor explained that . . . 

“Eros is the romantic kind of love.” 

“Philos is brotherly kind of love, like the deep love you have for family members and close friends. “

“Agape love is god-like love. The unconditional, giving, serving, and sacrificing kind of love.” 

Interestingly enough, as the instructor began describing eros, I spotted a young couple (very young) across the room, sitting near the exit. They couldn’t keep their hands off each other! I watched them and thought, “Ah, ha! Eros in action.” Believe me, there was action. Fingers through the hair, back rubs, shoulder rubs, and arm tickles. For an entire fifty minutes, the strawberry blonde and her bronzed boyfriend were obviously engaged in eros. I guess you could say they were a very effective visual aid. 

Next, the instructor introduced philos as a bonding kind of love that is endearing, a love where you have another person’s best interest at heart. I looked around the room and then saw sitting to the right of me looked like a mom and daughter. They were linked arm in arm. The dark haired one looked like a younger version of the gray-haired one. They seemed very close, and at one point during the lecture, the daughter pulled out a granola bar, split it half, and gave a piece of it to her mother. 

“Okay,” I thought. There is philos love in action.” Again, another great visual aid.

Next, the instructor introduced agape love. Now, keep in mind, I’d been attending classes throughout that day. My rear end felt numb and my mind was starting to wander. When I the instructor explained agape love as God-like love, an unconditional love that forgives and endures. He added that it was a love that couldn’t be shaken or altered no matter what happens, and how it could be likened to the fullness of God's love. 

Jokingly, I thought to myself there would be no visual aid for agape. 

But then it happened. Just as I would reach into my backpack for a protein bar, I spotted the elderly couple sitting in front of me. A gray-haired man and a gray-haired woman, whom I guessed were married and maybe in their 70s. I took a bite of my bar and watched as the man pulled up the wife’s knitted sweater over her shoulders. 

How sweet, I thought. 

Then, without warning, a long, loud, bodily sound, accompanied by a gassy smell emerged from what I could only assume to be was the gray-haired woman's back side. Make no mistake. It was loud and noxious. 

Could you imagine what it must of have felt like to be her in a room full of silent students. She had tooted and everyone sitting in the near vicinity of her knew it. We heard it AND we could smell it. I shifted in my chair, feeling her pain and shame while at the same time feeling gratitude that it wasn't me. (Does that count as philos love by the way? Probably not.) 

The next thing though was touching. This woman’s husband slowly stretched his left arm around her and lovingly patted her knee with his right hand. He even pulled her a bit closer towards him, as if to say, "Sweetheart. Dear. Love of my life. It's perfectly fine what just happened. I am here for you and I love you, no matter what." 

“Ah! Agape!” I had witnessed it in action! I whispered to my friend. "Did you see that? THAT’S AGAPE!” The two of us couldn't help but giggle. I could honestly say LOVE WAS IN THE AIR! 

So, to the affectionate couple, the mother and daughter duo, and the eloving couple who attended that class on ethos, philos, and agape love, I thank you. You know, I can’t remember the instructor's name or the name of the class, but thanks to those three couples I had love lessons never to be forgotten. 

Here's to Summer Lovin'! 



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Jodi Robinson is a mother of four and dog lover of her 80 pound malamute, Yuki.  She is an author, speaker, and mentor women in addiction recovery and is also a certified mentor of the "Jonny Covey's Five Habits of the Heart" and enjoys sharing a message of hope and healing to women of all ages and stages of life.  Contact her at  Her website for service ideas is   

(Picture of couple: courtesty of

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